Best Bicycle Repair Stand Wall Mount

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1. WOOPY Goliath Adjustable Portable Maintenance

WOOPY Goliath Adjustable Portable Maintenance

ANTI-SCRATCH : The rubber on the hooks on the bike frame is soft to prevent it from being scratched or slipped. QUALITY MATERIALS Professional quality, weather and water resistance. The bike stand is made of high quality iron and plastic. The frame and base are sturdy and easy to repair. The workshop bike stand is very good. The patent is for a height and width adjustment body. The bike can be fixed stably. The telescopic bar makes the mounting brackets height adjusted so that your back won't suffer during repairs or cleaning. The rubber is strong and won't hurt your bike. RESISTANT: The aluminum alloy body is portable and easy to store. It can support a maximum of 132 lbs bicycle. The most sturdy bike workshop accessory. It's an ideal accessory for road and mtb. It is easy to install. The bike rack is easy to install and comes with instructions. It can be placed on the ground or left immobile for easy moving. One of the best things to do with a bike is to repair it. For The range of the telescopic mount is from 70 cm to 150 cm. Frame tubes with a diameter of 40 to 75mm are suitable for the accessory. Useful for both bikes.

Brand: Woopy

👤I permite colocar la bicicleta de la forma correcta para realizar el mantenimiento semanal. I permite sujetar la ebike, pero se mueve. Vale lo, se paga.

👤No le doy 5 estrellas porque algunas soldaduras are realizar. Ahora, lo dems lo encuentro perfecto. Mi e bike imagen de robustez.

👤Muy estable. The e-VTT is 25 kilo. Es caro para toda. La vida.

👤The Fixieren des Fahrrades is defekt. Bitte um Austausch.

2. CyclingDeal Venzo Bicycle Mount Repair

CyclingDeal Venzo Bicycle Mount Repair

Isirid: The repair stand is more rigid than portable or foldable. It can handle a lot of bike work, such as removing and installing pedals. The max bike weight limit is 20 kilo or 45 kilo. It isdurable: The bike repair stand is made of metal. The quality of steel construction makes it last a long time. ROTATED HEAD: Smart Design: head rotates at an angle. The teeth are heavy and well made. The wall is approximately 38 cm from the center of the clamp. There are any mounts to a flat surface. Bolts or lag bolts can be used to mount, but the mounting bolts are not included. You can watch the video in the listing. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤I have used this rack about half a dozen times to work on my mountain bike since I got it a month ago. The bike is just under 30 pounds. I like the rack. Feels strong. It's made mostly of metal. It holds my bike steady and it has a lot of adjust ability, as far as where and how you can fit your bike. I don't have anything to complain about. When I arrived, I found out that the rear of the arm doesn't clear the wall when the rack is mounted to the wall. The solution was to loosen the two top levers and remove the tube with the jaws. The jaws tube should be put into the end that was contacting the wall after rotating the tube with the two levers. It works perfect and does not contact the wall.

👤After a horrible experience with a competing orange wall mounted repair stand that I purchased and returned on Amazon, I'm happy with this stand. There is a The stand is very rugged and not like the previous stand, it has almost all metal parts. It's easy to use,adjust, and rotates with the included bike style quick release skewers and handles my not-so-light vintage bicycles with ease and a good stable grip. I was confused when I decided on this, as some of the reviews that complained of having to re-engineer parts of it, or mount a piece of wood base on the wall to space the stand mounting plate out a little further from the wall so that the section of tube that is on I got the stand in hand to look at. The only thing you have to do is remove the tube from the assembly and flip it around and put it in the support sleeve. The shorter end of the tube is pointed toward the wall and the longer end is pointed out. There is no wood spacer beneath the metal mounting plate.

👤The horizontal extension is not symmetric for reviewers that appear to be mechanically challenged. The offset is ok if you are mounting to the wall via a board. If you are mounting directly to a wall surface, you don't have to reverse the T offset, you just have to install a solid piece of blocking between the studs. Attach the bike to it with your brain, it should be very close to the center of gravity, that way you are not placing unreasonable expectations on the mechanisms to resist large torsional forces.

3. Dirza Hanger Garage Bicycle Storage

Dirza Hanger Garage Bicycle Storage

No hooks, straps, bars or other equipment is needed. Installation and mounting hardware is included. There is free up floor space. The bike rack is horizontal. It frees up garage floor space by keeping bike off the floor. It's perfect for a garage, home, orshed. Please mount on the wall. The arm is foldable. There is a foldable arm on the bike hanger. It can be folded to save space. The 888-405-7720 You don't have to worry about scratches since the bike hook covers are soft. STURDY: The weight limit for the bike holder is 38 pounds. Most of the bikes are compatible with this bike hanger. Hardware and instruction are easy to use. The bike wall mount rack is easy to install.

Brand: Dirza

👤The out of box experience for these is okay. It will work with lighter bikes. If your bike is under 30 lbs, it will be rock solid when mounted to studs. There is a My wife's bike is a tad heavier than my Giant bike. Hers looks rigid, but I angle down slightly due to being heavier. If you have a heavier bike, I recommend adding washers to the screws to stop it from going through the mount hole. A washer will help. The top half should have two screws if there is a second hold on the top below the first. Most of the weight and stress will be here. The weight of the bike will pull at the top more than the bottom. The single bottom screw is enough for stabilization and the top should have 2 mount points. You can put all screws into a single in-line stud with the Mount holes over the other. There is a It's possible to mount your bikes on the wall side by side or one over the other, and it's also possible to put them on the garage floor. Measure the distance from the base of the mount to the end of the hooks. Measure the distance of your bike's top tube to the outside of the pedal. If you add the two numbers together, you can figure out how far your bike will protrude from the wall. This is to make sure you don't hit it with your car when you pull into the garage. There is a If it's at Mid-height, your pedals or handle bar may hit your side-view mirrors.

👤I bought these to save space in the garage and get the bikes off the floor, but realized that it was difficult to lift the bikes up onto the rack. I am a very small person and that was a challenge I didn't think of. The bike racks are exactly what they are advertised to be. If you are hanging one bike above another, the top one has to be very high. I thought of mounting the bikes on a wall, but it wasn't going to save any room next to the car. I got the rope/pulley kind of bike rack with hooks that go under the seat and the handlebars, instead of these. It is easier for me to pull the rope to lift the bike up from the floor to the ceiling than it is to lift it by hand. I write honest reviews to help others make better decisions because I read reviews myself. I hope my review helped you.

👤Great value! When I first opened the box, I wasn't sure about the strength of it, but after assembling it, I'm convinced it's the best value for money. I don't think there will be a need for a different mount down the road. It folds up when the mount is not being used. The installation was straight forward. The wall needs a 10mm sockets to drive the screws into. You cannot use a drill with a drill bit to screw on a stud. It would have been better if it was a torx screw. Most households should have a 10mm sockets, it is a very minor issue. If you drill a pilot hole, your installation will be much easier. There is a For this price, you get two hanger, not one. If I was looking for another bike accessory, I wouldn't look at other ones.

4. Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Bike Wall Mount Horizontal Bicycles

Keep your garage or indoor space tidy and free up your floor space by storing your bike in a convenient location. Their wall hanging solution to bike storage is great for apartments, homes, garages and sheds. Most bike types have a storage system. The bikes can hold up to 22 kilogram. Not suitable for bikes with wide handlebars (31 inches / 78 cm) or fat bikes. It is safe and secure to store your bike in a horizontal position. The wall mount is made from strong steel. The bike arm locking mechanism uses a reliable gear system. The angle of the wall hanger can be adjusted to keep your bike level. Installation instructions and mounting screws are included. The push button lock system ensures that the frames can be secured, and the cradle arms ensure that all the frames can be accommodated. A secure push button mechanism secures the extendable beam from 8.7 inches up to 12.6 inches. The Armcradles are made from soft TPR rubber material that will not scratch your bike. The frames are protected and the tube shapes are not marked or moved. To prevent front wheel from knocking against your wall, you need a rope that is strong and elastic. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤The rack is nice. It is built out of quality materials and has a lot of flexibility. The mounting points for this rack are a bit odd. They provide you with 3 small screws and masonry wall anchors, when they should have provided a beefier faceplate and 2 lag bolts to mount into a stud. My solution was to take a piece of scrap wood and mount it vertically to a stud using 2 heavy duty lag bolts, then mount the original screws to the wood. The rack gets 5 stars from me.

👤I was concerned my handlebars were too long for your wall mount, so I sent Chris a letter. To make sure they fit, I put a 2x6 board on my wall stud and then put a wall hanger on the board. It allowed plenty of room for the handlebars. There is a I had a problem attaching the hanger to the studs behind the plaster board. There is a one and three-eights inch distance between the wall hanger's two holes. The wall thickness is one and one-half inches. There is no time to get a strong attachment with only a quarter inch overlap. The instructions give a good idea of how to install the hanger on the wall. They warn that the plasterboard won't support the hanger. Very true. The wall stud's width is insufficient. Instructions to attach a 2x6 to a wall stud and then attach a hanger to that board were added by me. There is a The cradles for the bike are red or black, which is a point of favor for the Pro Bike system. The shape of your cradles allows room for the control cables if the bike has them beneath the cross bar. Great feature. There is a Thanks for your help. I hope my experience is useful to others. You have a good product.

👤Highly recommend this bike storage system. Enough about how great it is. I want to know how to install it. You probably do as well. I installed 3 holders. The first thing to do was to find the studs. To double check the exact location of the stud, I used a finishing nail and hammer to find the sides of the stud. I was glad I did because some of the stud finders locations weren't right. There is a You can mount the 3 holes of the brackets into one stud with longer screws than those that come with the kit. Some people have said this works. It didn't seem like it would be stable. I decided to mount a 2x6 across two studs. A 2x4 is not wide enough. I cut the 2x6's 22” long so they fit over the end of each stud. I used lag screws to attach the 2x6's to the studs. I used lag screws on both ends. There is a You will need a impact driver to get the lag screws into the stud. A regular drill won't do it. If you don't have an impact driver, you can always use a sockets wrench. After I tightened the lag screws down, I had to use a sockets for the 5/16 lag screw. I measured the bikes with the holder to make sure there was enough space between them. The measurement resulted in a spacing of 40” from the top of one board to the top of the next board. It was perfect for my bikes. Different spacing is required for your bikes. The wall mounts are perfect. Unlike other systems that are horizontal, these allow you to adjust the arms to fit the different types of cross members as not all bikes are alike. I think they are worth the money. The 2x6x8 was $11 and the 12 lag screws were $9. If you decide to purchase these, I hope this helps.

5. Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Good service. They are behind their products. The bike is built to last. Their service team can help their customers. You can contact them if you have a question. They're happy to help. The bike storage system needs to be installed on a concrete wall or a stud behind it. Their racks are built to last and can hold up to 35 kilograms. Lifting the bike into the rack requires heavy lifting, but it is easy to balance the bike on its rear wheel. Their racks have a 160 degree pivot feature that saves space. FENDER / GUARD? This bike rack is not suitable for bikes with mudguards. You can check out the Steadyrack Fender Rack. The maximum tire width is 2.1′′ and the recommended wheel diameter is 29′′.

Brand: Steadyrack

👤I had taken up too much space in my garage and bought the two pack for two road bikes and the separate fender pack for two cars. Prime shipping was fast and these were shipped via UPS. The packaging was easy to open with a box cutter. I've been following this company since they were a project. When I received their product, I knew what to expect. A lot of thought has been put into everything from the design to the packaging to the website and so on. You need a box cutter, a tape measure, a pencil, a Philips screwdriver, a spirit level, a 13mm sockets, and the instructions call for a 10mm and a 8mm drill bits, but I used a small drill and a small screwdriver. I bought a stud finder from Amazon to make sure I got my holes right. Steady rack has an excellent installation video on their website, but their instructions are very clear and use metric and imperial measurements. The Steadyrack must be mounted into framing studs or masonry in order for the warranty to be valid. Fix the Steadyrack by hand. Installation took about 10 minutes. There is a This is a high quality item that is worth the price paid and I think it will last many years. It frees up valuable space, holds the bike without damaging it or putting stress on it, and is very easy to load/unload. Excellent customer service and a 100% product backing is what this company is known for.

👤When something goes wrong, I judge a company by their actions. I contacted the support line because my box was missing hanging hardware. Someone answered within the first ring. She referred me to a person in the USA. Mark shipped me the hanging hardware the next morning after I sent an email at 10pm. There were no questions about "proof of purchase", "serials numbers" or "hassles". "Just a very human apology... and swift action!" Oh yes. I love the product as well. I was looking for high quality. I'm thinking about sending my resume to SteadyRack. It's a good thing.

👤We had a handyman install because we aren't good at that type of work, and he seemed to have no problems. The garage is a bit roomier because it is holding our bikes. Definitely strong. It's not as easy to put the bike up as the video shows, but taking it off is easy. You can move the rack so it's closer to the wall. I want a cover to keep the bikes from getting dusty. It does collect dust because we don't ride ours often. We use plastic on it and it works. I was very pleased with the purchase. It is definitely worth the price.

6. Clothink Adjustable Maintenance Workstand Mountain

Clothink Adjustable Maintenance Workstand Mountain

The weight is 436g and the length is 400mm. The length is adjusted. The height of the bike repair stand can be adjusted. From 8.7 to 18.1 is the flexable width. It can be used in different ways. The bike can be held in any angle, thanks to theAdjustable Clamp. It is possible to protect your bike frame with a certain type of material. Multi-functional You can use the jaw on this stand to fix almost any bike, from a kid balance bike to a pro mountain bike, because the tubes can be from 30mm to 75mm. Save space. You should wash your bike. Make bike maintenance a priority. In store 4. Storage in the house or garage. The mounting flange is made of steel and plastic and has 4 holes. You can make a bike repair area in your home or garage by installing the fixed-clamp stand. This mount can hold up to 20 lbs.

Brand: Clothink

👤Very slippy. I could hold my bike statically. If you do any work on the bike, it twisted and slipped out of position. I couldn't tighten the knobs enough to hold it in place.

👤The welds are junk. I welded the base to the base but it broke and I hung my bike in the jaws. The welds are pulling away from the base. I'm not the only one who had this issue. If you want quality, buy it and get the park.

👤The seat post or top-tube is difficult to manipulate. The plastic knobs are not easy to tighten. I have a bike holder that uses a butterfly nut and a lever clamp and it's a lot easier to use. If you don't have the bike balanced correctly, it's not always easy. The whole thing was caused to rotate by taking one of the wheels off.

👤The bike stand works well for me. I use it frequently and installed it in the garage. It has been of solid construction and durable so far. Time will tell. It is a good deal for the price and convenience.

👤Quality control and the hassle made it one star. There is a weld between the steel mounting plate and steel riser bar. Hopefully the company will make good and send me a replacement unit. I will report back with the results.

👤It works great with a stable base to attach it to my weight rack. It's better to work on a bike in a stand. This is cheap and works well, but don't expect it to hold a bike as securely as a more expensive stand from Park-Tool or the like. It's good for the bike mechanic.

👤I put it on my work table in the garage. It's definitely a great price point. Would recommend!

👤I didn't like that someone had the right to offer this as a bike holder.

7. Conquer Bench Mount Repair Bicycle

Conquer Bench Mount Repair Bicycle

The head adjusts to any angle. Tubes from 30mm to 75mm can be cut with the Clamp. The steel construction has 4 holes. Easily attached to virtually any bench, arm extends 10 in. From the bench.

Brand: Conquer

👤July was updated. I've had a bench mount bike for almost two years. It's usable, but it's been difficult to use. The bike needs to be balanced. The bike falls out of position if the clamp tilts. The adjustment knob has stopped working. I just leave it Torqued all the way down, but if the bike isn't balanced well on the clamp, it still tilts. As soon as I remove one of the wheels, the bike becomes unbalanced and tilts down on the side of the bike that still has a wheel. I would give 3 stars to this. I'm going with 2 stars. I found my bike laying on the concrete in the garage yesterday. The steel tube's clamp fell off. The rear derailleur was damaged by the fall. I need to replace the derailleur. I would have been better off buying a better bike accessory.

👤If you have a dual suspension bike, the only way to use it is to use the seat post. The seat post isn't tightened enough to hold the bike in a position for maintenance. It does not extend far enough to allow the pedals to turn. It is better than nothing. I think a repair stand is going to be in my future.

👤I like the idea that I can have this on my workbench and not have to buy plastic parts. I will give it four stars because it doesn't stay in place when you have a bike on it.

👤The jaw opening is 2.5 with the adjusting screw. My bike has an aluminum rectangular tube frame, which is not good for my purposes. There is a This item is not sold by Amazon, so I have to pay return shipping. It's not worth coming back to get 50% of my money back. I might use it as a third hand on my workbench. It seems to be rigid enough for bikes that are not weighing a lot. There is a Not all products made in China are of poor quality. This product is suitable for occasional hobby use. Normally games try to get delivery in something resembling a reasonable time too big to fail syndrome, because the box was shipped using the United Parcel Service.

👤Works great with mountain bikes. It seems to be an amazing buy for the price. It mounts on a horizontal surface like the top of your workbench. Wing nuts on threaded bolts let me pop the whole thing on and off in a matter of seconds. Make sure the bike hangs out far enough so the pedals don't hit the bench. The front wheel is on the floor. It was perfect!

8. Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

It isdurable: The bike workstand was tested in their factory and shops for more than two years before being released to the market. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack. The cam-actuated micro-adjustable clamp can be used for seat posts of any shape and material. The jaws fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. The maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs. 36 lbs. The height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever. It is folded down to 45" x 14" (1140mm x 350mm).

Brand: Park Tool

👤The plastic clamps seem cheap. The upper arm/post is not tight and causes the bike to twist back and forth in the stand, making it very frustrating to work on my bike. It seems like it's well made, but why would you use the cheap chisel? Why did the engine stand to blow in the car? .... I have to return the package, disassemble it, and then buy a stand that won't wobble. What was the thinking of the park tools?

👤I bought this stand because of the rave reviews I have read on the internet and on Amazon. This stand is good for basic bicycle repairs. The stand is wobbly and unstable around the tripod arms, and it doesn't hold my bike in horizontal position for long. The bike turned almost vertical to the floor when I loosened the seat post last night, but I didn't notice it until this morning. I understand that this repair is geared towards the home mechanic, but don't expect anything close to the quality and stability of their professional mini-clamps. If you have a work bench or the PCS-10.3 is the same price, I think you should get the PRS-4.2.1. The mounts are more stable than the portable stands.

👤I bought the Park Tool PCS 10.3 from Amazon and then shipped it to Pennsylvania. The order was placed in the afternoon of Monday and arrived via the shipping company on Wednesday. It was brand new in its original factory thick cardboard box with clear plastic shipping tape and re-inforced with 4 bands, it was well packed and no damage was done. It was made in Taiwan. I bought a stand to do maintenance on my bike. 50 pounds of bike is on the stand if the 10 pound battery is removed. There is a The kit requires assembly with a bag of parts and all the tools you will need, with good instructions written in perfect English, there is a pictoral for assembly and an additional 7 well written detail assembly steps. I used the 7 assembly steps, went real slow, and had no missing parts or issues. I used to do my own car tune ups when it was possible, and I am no stranger to hand tools. This is as close as you can get to a professional stand for the home mechanic for the price, it is made of steel, heavy, strong, no wobble, thick and rigid plastic like components to aid its folding capability, when unfolded it locks into place, perfect blue powder coating. This stand is strong. You can see the features on Amazon. I bought the Saris bike beam to serve as a horizontal bar for my step in the Ebike for use when transporting it in a Vibrelli hitch mount bike rack. The jaws are positioned under the seat for horizontal balance, and using the Saris bike beam, it is easy to heft the bike into the jaw assembly. It was very secure and there was no wobble. There is a You can't go wrong spending dough on good tools if you spend the extra money on this stand. Happy camper! There is a I added a 10 pound battery but it didn't affect the strength of my Ebike, I hoisted it onto the stand using the Saris bike beam a bunch of times.

9. Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Storage Adjustable

Ibera Horizontal Bicycle Storage Adjustable

This large capacity vertical bike rack is made of quality steel and holds up to 2 bikes and a total weight of 80 lbs. The rubber feet keep the bike rack in place. The wall hanger's angle can be adjusted to keep your bike level. The correct height for the tyres should be at least 4 inches off the ground. The mount must be mounted on the side up. A horizontal wall mount for a single bike to save floor space. The weight limit. 38.6 pounds. The sturdy and durable construction made out of aluminum makes this hanger safe for bikes to hang on the wall. The double arm is padded to protect against paint damage. It's suitable for most bike frames. The beam length can be adjusted to fit narrow or wide handlebars. The wall has a mount on it. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall. If you have any questions about the installation, seek professional help.

Brand: Ibera

👤I am a mechanical engineer, and I feel qualified to evaluate this product. There are many reviews that praise the quality of the bike hanger, but I don't have much to say. I would have made the product from steel and supplied the frame rests or spacers for the wider frames tubing. I would like to defend this product from the many reviewers who thought it was a bad idea to fall off the wall. Did you read the directions? It says to use the anchors only in concrete walls. The complainers stuck the anchors in the wall. I advise you to stop blaming others for your fault. If you don't know what you're doing, you can either learn or read the instructions. There is a picture of a proper installation. The plywood spans between the studs, giving many options for placement. The lower side is in compression, so the 4 screws are on the upper side. There is a Good luck to everyone, and safe ride!

👤I put up three of these in my house and I am very happy. I have some advice. Don't use the screws in the package. Get something better at the hardware store. 2. If you want this thing to be securely mounted, you should put it into a board that is long enough to straddle two studs and mount the whole thing to the wall. The photo is attached for reference.

👤The bicycle hangers should work for most bikes. I like the fact that you can adjust the hangers to fit different sizes of bikes, and that is something that is common on many newer bikes. I bought two of these. The padding on the arms of my steel frame bike is fine, but I decided to add a piece of old inner tube over the grey plastic parts for the one I am using with my carbon frame, because the top tube is wider than the padded part between the hard grey plastic pieces. I will probably add inner tubing to the second cradle. I used a board that was 36 inches long and T-nuts to mount the hangers onto, I attached the boards to 2 studs each for support. It allows for a place to put clothes hooks.

👤These are the racks that I like the most. We used a mix of plaster and drywall on the wall, but the stud was located exactly where we needed it, so it was easy to install, though the spacing of the screw holes on the top might be too wide for some studs. Our house was built in 1912, so we might have had an actual 2” wide stud. I am docking it for a couple reasons. The o-ring on the included strap for stabilizing the front wheel is not the same as shown in the video. It's hard to get tight if you don't have the o-ring. There are two more There were 5 washers in the hardware pack. The instructions show the small washers being used with the two Allen screws along the arm, but there is no mention of the other three washers. We assumed they were to be used with the wall mount screws, so we added it to your instructions. The listing picture shows 3 washers. There are 3 more When you only need 2, the listing shows 3 allen screws. There are four The screws were not in working order. What reality would these work in? It would make perfect sense that the listing shows lag nuts. The countersunk screws are useless because they have to be flat against the wall mount. I found some cap screws from my own collection.

10. DADA NANA Universal Maintenance Displaying

DADA NANA Universal Maintenance Displaying

No need to ask for help because the wall mounted bike clamp acts like a strong arm with a firm grip, holding your bike in a fixed position for as long as you need so you can give both hands to cleaning, calibrating and repairing your bike. Make the bike off the floor. Allow you to store bikes in a tidy and organized way, out of mess and save more space. If you like the industrial look, you should be able to find it in your living room. AJUSTABLE SIZE & ANGLE. It has the ability to fit almost all kinds of bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, children bikes and so on. It's perfect for cyclists. A mountain bike or cruiser can hold up to 55 lbs (25KG) and is fireproof and rustproof, which makes it a heavy duty item. It is easy to install. You don't need a drill or a level, just an electric drill and a level to make sure the bike holder is on the wall. Please mount on a wall. ANTI-SCRATCH : The rubber on the hooks on the bike frame is soft to prevent it from being scratched or slipped.

Brand: Dada Nana

👤The bike rack is probably the best. The instructions were not helpful, but I figured it out. It was easy to install, just 3 screws. You can tilt it left or right, and you can determine how far away from the wall you want the bike to be. There is a I used to use a hook on the ceiling to hold my bike up, now it's easy to put it away. This is better. Definitely recommend!

👤I needed to get the bikes out of the garage and this bike rack was a great help. It's easy to put together a lot of pieces. The metal is light and sturdy and can hold an adult bike. The garage looks great and it's easy to install.

👤It feels solid but not heavy. I didn't find the instructions helpful. It's pretty simple. Everything you need to hang it. It is easy to adjust the distance to the wall. It's easy to get my bike loaded onto and I know it will stay.

👤Well manufactured and durable. It is definitely not a cheap piece of equipment. Works as intended.

11. Bikehand Bike Repair Stand Maintenance

Bikehand Bike Repair Stand Maintenance

If you're dissatisfied with this item, please contact them, they can offer you a solution. Extra heavy duty and portable. The repair stand is made of aluminum with heavy duty alloy. It is light and compact when folded. It is convenient, durable and well-designed. The bike's weight is either 50 kilo or 120 kilo. HEIGHT ADJUSTED: Quick Release is adjusted from 1m to 1.5m or 39"-59" fully extended. The height, tilt, and angle all have quick release. It's helpful to get the bike in the right position. The head isROTATED: it is smart and rotates at a rate of 350 degrees. The teeth are heavy and well made. It could hold a lot. A bike at any angle. The tool plate is foldable. Attach or remove the tool plate by hand, and it will be easy to set up and store. It isdurable: One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤I like this stand. The heavy duty model is what it is. The fit and smooth operation of all the parts is really good. It is a quality stand and holds my bike. Then I looked at something. The angle of the 2 extension legs is pointed at by the arm which holds the bike. You can see this in my photos if you look at the legs compared to the tool tray and arm. The inner slide tube clamp assembly is positioned on the top of the outer tube. The extension leg mounting holes are in the same tube as the notch. I believe there is a factory tooling defect. Their alignment measures are off. Maybe mine is an exception. Anyone else notice this? Have you noticed this? I will post this in the questions. I'm going to cut the notch wider to fix it. If you're going to make a nice stand, you should get your centers correct.

👤This thing tips quickly. While a bike is on it it is only okay stable, but when put on or taken off it flies backwards. The plastic on the clamp is cheap and likely to break under some pressure. I have a heavy duty model that I am a bike assembler. I will build many bikes a day. There is a The stand has a small tool tray. It is very flimsy and you can't fully tighten the two bolts that hold it onto the stand. The plastic bolts are useless after the first few weeks. I have grown accustomed to the instability of the stand, but it is still a nuisance and tips often. I am careful with the plastic handle of the clamp. I am not changing the stars.

👤The product did not operate as advertised despite the positive reviews. There is a The head can't be rotating when the head is loosened enough. I watched the no-help video to see if I could move the clamp further. After several hours, things loosened up a bit so I can rotate the head, but I can't clear the teeth. There is a The quick release does not work well for the legs. It acts as if it's either loose or tight, but there's no goldilocks here. The unit kept closing on itself because the legs were not secure. Very disappointing. I eventually got it to hold, but it isn't confidence inspiring. There is a There is one missing in my unit that is metal and associated with the rotating aspect, yet the head has what appears to be five screws. There was a random screw in the bag, but there was no thread in the head to determine where it was supposed to go. Again, not confidence inspiring. There is a The seller. I want to know if you will send me a returned unit next time. The box had been opened on one side and retaped on the other side. Even though the tape was on, the unit almost fell out of the box.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand wall mount?

Bicycle repair stand wall mount products from Woopy. In this article about bicycle repair stand wall mount you can see why people choose the product. Venzo and Dirza are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand wall mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand wall mount?

Woopy, Venzo and Dirza are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand wall mount. Find the detail in this article. Pro Bike Tool, Steadyrack and Clothink are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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