Best Bicycle Repair Stand Tool Tray

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1. Park Tool AK 5 Advanced Mechanic

Park Tool AK 5 Advanced Mechanic

There is a multi- funtional complete tool. The bike chain kit has a bike master link pliers, bike wear indicator chain checker, chain breaker splitter tool, and 3 pairs missing link connector. It is a perfect match for all your bike chain repairs. There are 36 carefully-chosen tools for a wide variety of bicycle maintenance. The guide to working on bikes is included. A great way to start or add to your collection of bicycle tools. A tray insert and small compartments are in the toolbox. There is a full list of tools.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I bought this kit in Summer 2020 after I broke a gear shift cable and couldn't find the right wrench. I decided to buy identifiable tools for bike repairs because I was frustrated by the fact that I didn't know what household tools were for. The kit has met most of my needs, and while I haven't used all the tools to make it a resounding great value, it has saved me the time of buying each individual part when needed. There is a Most parts are easily identifiable with either Park Tool's blue finish or their label, and the tools appear solid and have held up through repeated, although light, use. I noticed chain slippage in my usual bike as well as in a brand new bike that had a clearly-aligned rear derailleur. The local bike shop wasn't able to fix the issue on the new bike correctly after two visits after I bought the DAG-2.2 tool. I adjusted the derailleur on my old bike using the gauge, but then found the chain was worn and I had to use the CC-4 tool. After replacing the chain, slippage was limited to three gears, and I found the necessary tools in the kit to replace the rear cassette. It was easier to reach tight spaces through various adjustments. I'm very happy with the kit. If you own a bike with something other than the ones from Sram/Diore, you should check the Park Tool videos to see if you need to buy a cassette lockring tool or a chain tool. If your bike occasionally falls onto its right side, and you need to replace your disc brake pads, you should consider buying the hydraulic piston press.

👤It isn't a complete set of bike tools. It is very expensive. The Allen wrench is flimsy and could break at any moment. The picks are too small. The box has all the other tools in it. It does not come with break bleed tools. It is not worth the premium price.

👤I enjoy the construction tools. I think that Park is more expensive than it should be, but they are quality tools. The bike repair manual can be very helpful. I will be using these tools on my bike and others for a long time.

👤It seems like a great tool kit for a bike repair beginner like me. It would be great if it came with a Torque wrench. I had hoped the blue book would be helpful. Online videos are helpful to me.

2. Erfo Wall Mounted Foldable Bicycle Maintenance

Erfo Wall Mounted Foldable Bicycle Maintenance

Before leaving the factory, all bike stands undergo a professional test. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will give you a 3 years factory warranty. Heavy-Duty Construction The bike repair stand is made of plastic and steel. The wall-mounted repair rack is stronger than the portable or foldable repair rack. You can put it on any wall or column. The bicycle maintenance rack can be locked in place against a wall. Not take up a lot of space. TheAdjustable Clamp The degree of adjustment for bike frames is 1 to 1.5. There is a multi-vehicle application. There is a bike repair stand. It is a great accessory for cyclists. You can install on the wall. The repair rack needs to be on a stable wall. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall.

Brand: Erfo

👤I like that it holds my bike. I don't like that it doesn't rotation. It's fine for the price.

3. ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

The bicycle repair rack is an idea for a home or repair shop to fix mountain and road bikes. They offer a 3 years warranty on bicycle racks. If you have a question about their product, please contact them. The steel frame has a textured powder coat finish for long lasting strength. Home bike repair stand can hold up to 66 lbs. The bicycle stands are more stable because of the triangle base. Extra protection for the floor is provided by non-slip rubber feet. A fully-adjustable cradle allows your bike to hold in any position. The U-shaped gear teeth are scratch-proof and hold tubes between 1 and 2 inches. The bike maintenance stand has a quick lock set to adjust the height. Don't worry about your waist hurting due to crouching down. The work bike stand is foldable and easy to store. The portable bike holder can be put in the boot of your car or in a corner. Tools container is used to hold small parts in order to prevent them from losing. You should keep the tool shelf upright.

Brand: Onetwofit

👤The mount for the tray is missing. The tray cannot be mounted on the stand. I did email, but no reply.

👤My rover weighs 80# with all my add ons. The stand will hold the weight. If you remove a wheel, be careful. It folds up very small when not needed, and can be used to modify individual bikes. I like it.

👤The stand was great for the price. Had to reinforce the collar. It held up a 45lb bike.

👤I can say that it struggles to hold 42 lbs after a month and a half of use, even though it says it will hold 60 lbs. There is a It's not a bad item, but it doesn't match up with the specifications.

👤For a bike or frame. The frame is large and will strain it.

👤I was really impressed with how sturdy it is. Two thumbs up for the price.

👤The pros are 1. Well built and very sturdy. It is easy to setup and fold 3. My sanity was saved by repairing the bike. I saved my wallet from being easy to do repairs at home. It's easier to fold with out 2 and it comes with a "tool tray". Does take more room in the garage, but it is worth it. This repair stand is a very good build, and I have seen many "tripod" build qualities as a photographer. I don't have a fancy light bike, but I do have a heavy old school one that this stand easily handled. I wish I bought a bike stand a decade ago. Who knew this was important for people that own more than 2 bikes? I put my kids bike on this thing to make sure it works. The price of the bike stand is very competitive and I can't see what else I would need from a stand. "It works."

👤The bike stand is well priced for what you get, so you can spend more money and get a better stand. It's fairly well designed and builds up quickly, allowing for you to hold the bike at a good range of heights. It's stable while holding the bike, too, and has a solid triangular design that prevents easy tipping. It's not like you can't knock it over if you want to. The parts tray is difficult to get on and off, and the legs are blocked from folding up for storage, making it a bad design. The parts tray didn't fit in with the original design. I will probably not use the parts tray in the future since it's hard to put on and take off and it prevents folding up the stand afterwards. It's a useful stand for bike repair, and seems fairly priced.

4. Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

It isdurable: The bike workstand was tested in their factory and shops for more than two years before being released to the market. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack. The cam-actuated micro-adjustable clamp can be used for seat posts of any shape and material. The jaws fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. The maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs. 36 lbs. The height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever. It is folded down to 45" x 14" (1140mm x 350mm).

Brand: Park Tool

👤The plastic clamps seem cheap. The upper arm/post is not tight and causes the bike to twist back and forth in the stand, making it very frustrating to work on my bike. It seems like it's well made, but why would you use the cheap chisel? Why did the engine stand to blow in the car? .... I have to return the package, disassemble it, and then buy a stand that won't wobble. What was the thinking of the park tools?

👤I bought this stand because of the rave reviews I have read on the internet and on Amazon. This stand is good for basic bicycle repairs. The stand is wobbly and unstable around the tripod arms, and it doesn't hold my bike in horizontal position for long. The bike turned almost vertical to the floor when I loosened the seat post last night, but I didn't notice it until this morning. I understand that this repair is geared towards the home mechanic, but don't expect anything close to the quality and stability of their professional mini-clamps. If you have a work bench or the PCS-10.3 is the same price, I think you should get the PRS-4.2.1. The mounts are more stable than the portable stands.

👤I bought the Park Tool PCS 10.3 from Amazon and then shipped it to Pennsylvania. The order was placed in the afternoon of Monday and arrived via the shipping company on Wednesday. It was brand new in its original factory thick cardboard box with clear plastic shipping tape and re-inforced with 4 bands, it was well packed and no damage was done. It was made in Taiwan. I bought a stand to do maintenance on my bike. 50 pounds of bike is on the stand if the 10 pound battery is removed. There is a The kit requires assembly with a bag of parts and all the tools you will need, with good instructions written in perfect English, there is a pictoral for assembly and an additional 7 well written detail assembly steps. I used the 7 assembly steps, went real slow, and had no missing parts or issues. I used to do my own car tune ups when it was possible, and I am no stranger to hand tools. This is as close as you can get to a professional stand for the home mechanic for the price, it is made of steel, heavy, strong, no wobble, thick and rigid plastic like components to aid its folding capability, when unfolded it locks into place, perfect blue powder coating. This stand is strong. You can see the features on Amazon. I bought the Saris bike beam to serve as a horizontal bar for my step in the Ebike for use when transporting it in a Vibrelli hitch mount bike rack. The jaws are positioned under the seat for horizontal balance, and using the Saris bike beam, it is easy to heft the bike into the jaw assembly. It was very secure and there was no wobble. There is a You can't go wrong spending dough on good tools if you spend the extra money on this stand. Happy camper! There is a I added a 10 pound battery but it didn't affect the strength of my Ebike, I hoisted it onto the stand using the Saris bike beam a bunch of times.

5. Bikehand Bicycle Repair Stand Carry

Bikehand Bicycle Repair Stand Carry

Fit the brand repair stand. Carry and protect the repair stand.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The bag I bought was for the Bikehand E bike repair stand. The bag is very well made and they used premium materials, but there are a few cons that I would like to mention. If you put the tool tray with the stand inside, it might break due to the pressure of the stand, which is why there is no place to store it. - The design of the strap that wraps around the bag is not very smart, it's extra long for no reason and it doesn't wrap tightly.

👤The fit of the bike repair stand is snug and doesn't stretch the fabric. Stand settled to the wide bottom until the bag was lifted by a narrow top. There is no room for the tray. The bikehand tray probably folds. The bag is high quality.

👤The bag for my stand is good. The material is sturdy and the stitching is great. The strap around the bag can't be pulled tight around the bag. The quality of the zipper. It really doesn't matter. I would recommend this bag.

👤It's convenient to bring your bike stand with you. The bag is made of nylon and has decent stitching. The lack of a divider can allow the individual parts to rub and cause damage, which is why my bike stand and all associated parts fit in the bag easily. The small bubble wrap is used to protect the parts. It's a nice carry bag and worth the money.

👤Works as advertised. The Bikehand Bike Repair Stand has a glove on it.

👤A well made bag. A small tool kit has an outside storage pocket. My bikehand stand is perfect.

👤The repair stand fits in the carry bag. If you detach the magnetic tool tray from the bike stand, you can put it in the bag.

👤Thank you Amazon, the packets are right on.

6. Park Tool Deluxe Mechanic Repair

Park Tool Deluxe Mechanic Repair

The PCS-4-2 uses a Micro-Adjust Clamp. The height of the Clamp can be adjusted up to 67” (170 cm). It takes from 55 to 72 seconds. The weight is 25 lbs.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I knew I needed a top quality bike stand as I just purchased a 60 lbs Ebike. I wanted to know if anyone knew which bike stand would hold up in a challenging job. They recommended this model to me. I know why. The stand is well designed and the components are top quality. The stand is attractive because of the powder coated finish. The assembly is easy to follow. There were a couple of 7/16" wrenches, an Allen wrench, and a box end wrench needed to put it together. There is a I put my Cannondale mountain bike on the stand by attaching it to the bar and then connected it to the seat post. Both bikes were handled with ease by the stand. It is very sturdy and stable. I was disappointed in my fellow reviewers for downgrading this stand. Did the paint have scratches? Really? The vendor should be blamed but one star for scratches. It's easy to get 5 stars and then some. It arrived in perfect condition, all the parts were carefully wrapped or boxed, and it was handsome and functions as designed. You get what you pay for. The stand is worth a lot. Highly recommended. There is a The only thing needed is a handlebar holder.

👤The last Park stand was purchased in the late 90s and I needed another bike repair stand. The ability to store it was easy because the leg stands were placed together. This stand was a huge improvement over the old one. I liked the way it was adjusted off the bat. You can securely hold the bike in place by rotating the handle to the tightness you want. The plastic covers on the end of the stand legs are a con. I had to wrap some electric tape around the leg and push one of the covers over it to make it less prone to fall off. It's not worth knocking a star off. I have no doubt that this stand will last as long as my previous one.

👤This stand is very strong and will last a long time. This stand is great for tall people. I'm 6,0 I can work on my bike from the stand.

👤If you want a bike repair stand that will hold a heavy bike with out falling on the floor and damaging it, this is the one to get. I highly recommend it, it is built like a tank. The stand is heavy and hard to store. This stand holds my bike.

7. Park Tool HBH 2 Handle Holder

Park Tool HBH 2 Handle Holder

Replacement parts for park tools. The handlebars and front wheel are not able to rotation when mounted in a park tool repair stand. It has been updated to fit oversized top tubes up to 50mm. The HBH-2 works on a lot of bikes.

Brand: Park Tool

👤The other reviews gave a lot of thumbs up. There are a couple of helpful hints. Before using this tool, you should wrap the part that sits on the top tube of the bike with old handle bar tape. It will be a bit of a pad. I learned the hard way that a freshly painted frame can have the paint rubbed by this tool where it rests on the top tube. You can spin the front wheel of the bike before you take the handle bar holder off. The wheel's gyroscopic action keeps it from turning left or right.

👤When I ordered the Park stand PCS 10, I didn't think it was necessary to purchase the handle bar holder because I didn't think it would be a big deal for my front wheel to turn on me while I was working on the bike. I was wrong. The front wheel of my bike kept turning on me as I tried to work on it. I tried using zip ties to keep the handlebar in place, but it didn't work. I tried a bungee cord. I went to Amazon to see if other people were selling the same thing as Park Tool, and if I could get a cheaper one. I didn't have any success. I need this tool because I don't want to pull my hair out when I'm working on my bike because of the frustration of my front wheel turning. I had a chance to use it for the first time when I had to replace my tires on my bike. It's amazing how a simple tool like this can help. It's the best $17 and change I spent. I would have uploaded pictures but they wouldn't show that the image on Amazon doesn't show.

👤Park Tool is the go-to brand for pro-sumer and bicycle shop tools. There is a The flexible design of the handlebar holder makes it easier for the handlebars to move left or right. The rubber covers the entire surface so that you don't have to worry about ruining the bicycle you are transporting. Installation and removal are unassailably idiot proof because of the Velcro belt. There is a There is room for innovation on this accessory, but it's not cheap and the manufacturers decided to only use it for single usage.

👤The front wheel of your bike flopping around when it is on the stand is something that everyone hates. The device is simple and clever to use. I can't imagine a frame configuration that wouldn't be compatible with the device. I don't think women's cut out frame is the exception. Park tool quality is what we all love. The metal section on the bike frame should be padded so that it doesn't scratch your paint. One reviewer suggested that the problem could be solved by wrapping the tool with some bar tape.

8. Park Tool Pedal 16 Inch Right

Park Tool Pedal 16 Inch Right

These pedal taps can be used to clean out or restore damaged crank arms. The taps can be used with either steel or alloy crank arms. The set includes both right and left hand threads. It's common on one piece cranks.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This is the product you need if you damage the threads in your cranks or pedals. The taps allow you to cut new cleaner threads in your cranks, and then your pedals should tighten up just fine. If you use these taps, please make sure that you apply a light drop of oil to them. That helps with the movement of metal chips to the escape chutes. I don't give these taps five stars because they are too expensive. I might consider changing my mind if these were made from a 4.5 billion year old iridium asteroid. The truth is that the taps should be $5 to $7 each, or less than $20 for the two of them.

👤If you ever want to rethread a bicycle crank, you're kind of trapped buying this tap set since adult bicycles are generally 9/16 by 20 tpi. On the upside, they worked great, my gf backed out her left pedal, but the left hand tap fixed it, and her pedal went right in with finger pressure. It gives a warning not to cut new threads with this set, but honestly bicycle cranks are soft aluminum thats why they use 20 tpi 9/16" pedals instead of the standard 18 tpi to maximize the strength of the relatively weak and light metal. The taps are made of a very strong steel and would do just fine. A lot of the reviews on these were concerned about the set being able to cut new threads, so I put this in there.

👤At some point, you may have to remove the threads from your cranks. If it's the non-drive side, you need a reverse threaded tap. It is easy to use and a real life saver.

👤The taps seem to be either large or small. They took out some metal, which of course changed the pedal fit, after they ran them through a clean hole. The integrity of the threads is something that I am concerned about. I'm trying to clean out some french threads on a Peugeot and have better luck with an old pedal which I drilled out the minor diameter, oiled the old peddle and inserted it repeatedly to increasing depths until the job is done. The larger pedal still won't catch the thread because the tap isn't big enough.

👤The order was placed on 9/16"-20. They are too small because the stamp on the taps says 1/2-20. A wrong size could be a disaster. Go to P.O. and find a new box for the return. There is a I'm not sure if I want to do this again. For all the hassle, 1 star.

9. Park Tool PCS 9 3 Mechanic Bicycle

Park Tool PCS 9 3 Mechanic Bicycle

Universal Fit is the type of fit. A fully-adjusted, single-use, single-purpose, single The height can be adjusted from 39 to 57. All-steel structure with a powder coat finish. It folds quickly, easily and compactly for storage. Perfect positioning is ensured by the use of Teardrop-shaped tubing.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I have to admit that I am a bit obsessive. I took the pictures during unpacking because I wanted to re-pack the stand when I returned it. I couldn't find anything wrong with this product, so I looked. The instructions were perfect. All of the hardware was included and they were written in clear English. The packaging was good. There were no dents, scratches or bent parts. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all of the hardware was in line with the instructions. All of the holes were lined up perfectly. There is a The stand was as solid as I wanted it to be. It was very easy to use. It was easy to fold up for convenient storage when not in use. There is a I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone in need of a repair stand. I couldn't find a reason to return it. I will have to keep it for a long time.

👤Solid Park Tools was a great price. It's difficult to fold up and unfold due to being new. Almost needs two people. That's an operator error. It's portable. Very stable. It should last forever. It makes bike work better. It is very user friendly.

👤You pay for what you get, not what you don't. You pay for this. Stand up. It won't fall apart on me in the middle of a tune up.

👤This is useful. I use my mountain bike all the time. It is great to hold the bike while doing something to it.

👤The stand is great for fixing your bike. I like the range in height it offers, and you can rotation the bike 180 degrees without taking the seat-post off.

👤This holds my bike. At the lowest adjustment. I like to sit when I work on the lower part of the bike. I didn't want to pay $60 more for a tool tray. I am happy I got this model.

👤It's so much easier to work on my bike with this stand. Would recommend to anyone who loves bikes.

👤I think it is expensive. You always get what you pay for, even though that feels sturdy. I like buying something sturdy than buying cheap tools.

👤The repair stand is very sturdy. Excellent build quality is what it is. One M5 bolt was missing, but it was well packaged. I had to source this before I could assemble it. The packaging was machine-sealed. There is a It is overpriced, but the next step down in price range is flimsy plastic builds. There is a The 9.3 is the opening model in the repair stand range. The other models do not provide any benefits. It is built to last and has professional utility. You will get a quality product if you take the hit on price. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

👤The stand is very well built and easy to assemble.

10. BIKEHAND Bike Handlebar Holder Bike

BIKEHAND Bike Handlebar Holder Bike

60-days money-back and 24 months warranty are offered. They are confident that you will love their barbell clamps as much as they do. If you have an issue, please contact them. They will make it better by learning from your experience. The application is for something. When the bike is parked on a floor parking rack or on a repair stand, the handlebars and front wheel should not move. There is enough clearance for the displays mounted on electric bikes. There is dual protection. An elastic band is used to hold the holder in place. The holder's body is wrapped in a thick coating to protect it from being hit or scratched. The length is 385mm. The weight is 386g. The opening width is 120mm. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤I don't have to twist when I'm working on the bike. So helpful!

👤It's useful when working on bikes. I am glad I chose this because there are other free ways to stop your front end from flopping about.

👤It could be a little stiff. It works.

11. Clothink Adjustable Maintenance Workstand Mountain

Clothink Adjustable Maintenance Workstand Mountain

The weight is 436g and the length is 400mm. The length is adjusted. The height of the bike repair stand can be adjusted. From 8.7 to 18.1 is the flexable width. It can be used in different ways. The bike can be held in any angle, thanks to theAdjustable Clamp. It is possible to protect your bike frame with a certain type of material. Multi-functional You can use the jaw on this stand to fix almost any bike, from a kid balance bike to a pro mountain bike, because the tubes can be from 30mm to 75mm. Save space. You should wash your bike. Make bike maintenance a priority. In store 4. Storage in the house or garage. The mounting flange is made of steel and plastic and has 4 holes. You can make a bike repair area in your home or garage by installing the fixed-clamp stand. This mount can hold up to 20 lbs.

Brand: Clothink

👤Very slippy. I could hold my bike statically. If you do any work on the bike, it twisted and slipped out of position. I couldn't tighten the knobs enough to hold it in place.

👤The welds are junk. I welded the base to the base but it broke and I hung my bike in the jaws. The welds are pulling away from the base. I'm not the only one who had this issue. If you want quality, buy it and get the park.

👤The seat post or top-tube is difficult to manipulate. The plastic knobs are not easy to tighten. I have a bike holder that uses a butterfly nut and a lever clamp and it's a lot easier to use. If you don't have the bike balanced correctly, it's not always easy. The whole thing was caused to rotate by taking one of the wheels off.

👤The bike stand works well for me. I use it frequently and installed it in the garage. It has been of solid construction and durable so far. Time will tell. It is a good deal for the price and convenience.

👤Quality control and the hassle made it one star. There is a weld between the steel mounting plate and steel riser bar. Hopefully the company will make good and send me a replacement unit. I will report back with the results.

👤It works great with a stable base to attach it to my weight rack. It's better to work on a bike in a stand. This is cheap and works well, but don't expect it to hold a bike as securely as a more expensive stand from Park-Tool or the like. It's good for the bike mechanic.

👤I put it on my work table in the garage. It's definitely a great price point. Would recommend!

👤I didn't like that someone had the right to offer this as a bike holder.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand tool tray?

Bicycle repair stand tool tray products from Park Tool. In this article about bicycle repair stand tool tray you can see why people choose the product. Erfo and Onetwofit are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand tool tray.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand tool tray?

Park Tool, Erfo and Onetwofit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand tool tray. Find the detail in this article. Bike Hand, Bike Hand and Clothink are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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