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1. Park Tool Shop Wrench Piece

Park Tool Shop Wrench Piece

It's 100% rebuildable for everyday shop use. The Y head design puts more material where it's needed for strength and resilience. An accurate fit and consistent quality can be achieved with the use of a military grade industrialphosphate finish. Thin enough to use on the narrowest cones. The handle is vinyl-dipped and comfortable to use. Each of the three sets includes one 13-24mm, 26mm, and 28mm wrench.

Brand: Park Tool

👤The reviews that I read stated they were expensive but when you compare them to other cone wrench reviews they are better. Some sets did not hold up and had missing or gaps in the sizes. The wrenches are $6 per wrench if you do the math. Buying individual wrench sizes costs more than buying a set. Even though there are sizes I will never use, I have them and will not have to wait on another order.

👤There is a needed addition to the home mechanics toolkit. I didn't like the wrench that came with my tool kit. I replaced them with these from Park Tools. I found the larger "Bike Hand" tool kit to be the best for replacing high use tools that I didn't like with better quality ones from Park Tools. It's fine to have cheaper brands for items that you don't use a lot.

👤I needed thin wrench tools that I didn't have to remove the axel from my bike, but I was working on removing the spd. I need to regrease my Shimano spd spindle axel again and I have thin wrench tools from Park Tools.

👤Park tool is a well made and engineered stuff. You will not need all of them. I don't know which size I need. I have found a lot of other uses for the thin wrench in my shop so I want to buy the whole set.

👤I put off buying these for a long time. I have had them for a couple of weeks and they have been very convenient. All Park Tools have good quality.

👤It's a great addition to my tool box, it's right tools for the job.

👤It is well made which makes a difference when working in tight spaces. The price for 14 pc. is my opinion. The set is a bargain.

👤Good deal for all of these cone tools. The quality is just like you would expect. The packaging could be better. They get a little scratched up with shipping. I don't mind. They are meant to be used.

👤Excellent. The price was competitive at the time of purchase. The right tools for the job will speed up the job and there will be no rounded nuts or other damaged parts. If you haven't serviced loose bearing hubs before, watch Park tool videos for guides on how to use them.

👤Excellent selection that works well. I have some Lezyne ones. Accurate sizes and slim but strong. Good grip and leverage. Very happy and recommended.

2. Park Tool Professional Chain Scrubber

Park Tool Professional Chain Scrubber

The flip-top lid makes pouring easy. The CM-5.2 Chain Scrubber is a daily use shop version. A unique brush/sponge replacement cartridge makes it easy to keep the CM-25 running smoothly and correctly. Their four-sided scrubbing action makes it easy to clean chains.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I own hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of Park Tool products, almost all of which meet or exceed my expectations. This is not one of those products. There is a The handle assembly on the unit I have is laughable. A 1.5mm screw is used to screw against the unit. The screw was too small for the unit and at a ridiculous angle. The handle doesn't stay in place, so I can't hold it as intended. The handle was disconnected due to poor design. The tiny screw is next to the main part, but it doesn't screw in. There is a I don't have an issue with the part that cleans the chain. I would have bought the plastic home use version if I had known this was going to be an epic handle fail, but I am obsessed with a clean drivetrain and I wanted the professional version to be a great addition to my workshop. I wrote Park Tool again and told them of my problem, but they said it had never happened before. They haven't had any other complaints. I read the instructions thoroughly so I didn't take care to do it wrong. I think the handle needs to be re-examined. I told my LBS to not waste money on my disappointment. I refuse to write a dishonest review of a Park Tool product. They should go back to the drawing board.

👤This was purchased for a bike co-op that has a lot of users come in for chain cleaning. We have a few of the plastic Park Tool chain cleaners and have found them a little less robust than we wanted. I decided we must have one after seeing it in a few places, and I wanted to use one myself. There is a The case is made of a very solid metal and I have no doubts that it will last a long time. The design is nice and the tool does a good job. There is very little solvent that falls out. Now there are two things. I didn't like it. The pads still want to fly off, even though the system is nice. There is a The handle doesn't firmly attach to the unit. The documentation mentions a cap screw on the handle that pressed against the body, but on the unit received, only a small bolt protruded from the handle on both ends, without a head to turn it. I will probably order a new handle from Park, as I believe this may be an error.

👤The product is either as good or better than described. After 1-2 passes, my chain was clean. My old plastic system took 6 or 7 passes at 50 revolutions to get the solution mostly clean, but not perfect. The residual solution would still be dirty. The professional chain cleaner at the park looked brand new after only 30 reps. An additional rinse showed no dirt. It's worth it even though it's more expensive than a plastic product. You will never replace this, there is no plastic pollution in the trash dump, and everything is replaceable. This product is perfect. The Park Tools dummy hub does not fit disc brake bikes. There is an update on 1/12/2020. My opinion hasn't changed since I wrote it. This tool is very good. I like to clean my chain. Cleanup is much more reasonable. I wish they would include cloth and foam inserts in the head of the unit. They can fall out when you open the device and you have to be careful. It would be nice to have more. I like this tool. If you love a clean chain, you will love this. I changed my chain after a long time. The long life of the chain can be attributed to riding on a clean chain.

3. Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

Park Tool Unisexs PCS 10 3 Workstand

It isdurable: The bike workstand was tested in their factory and shops for more than two years before being released to the market. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack. The cam-actuated micro-adjustable clamp can be used for seat posts of any shape and material. The jaws fit into tight areas or on short seat posts. The maximum weight capacity is 80 lbs. 36 lbs. The height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever. It is folded down to 45" x 14" (1140mm x 350mm).

Brand: Park Tool

👤The plastic clamps seem cheap. The upper arm/post is not tight and causes the bike to twist back and forth in the stand, making it very frustrating to work on my bike. It seems like it's well made, but why would you use the cheap chisel? Why did the engine stand to blow in the car? .... I have to return the package, disassemble it, and then buy a stand that won't wobble. What was the thinking of the park tools?

👤I bought this stand because of the rave reviews I have read on the internet and on Amazon. This stand is good for basic bicycle repairs. The stand is wobbly and unstable around the tripod arms, and it doesn't hold my bike in horizontal position for long. The bike turned almost vertical to the floor when I loosened the seat post last night, but I didn't notice it until this morning. I understand that this repair is geared towards the home mechanic, but don't expect anything close to the quality and stability of their professional mini-clamps. If you have a work bench or the PCS-10.3 is the same price, I think you should get the PRS-4.2.1. The mounts are more stable than the portable stands.

👤I bought the Park Tool PCS 10.3 from Amazon and then shipped it to Pennsylvania. The order was placed in the afternoon of Monday and arrived via the shipping company on Wednesday. It was brand new in its original factory thick cardboard box with clear plastic shipping tape and re-inforced with 4 bands, it was well packed and no damage was done. It was made in Taiwan. I bought a stand to do maintenance on my bike. 50 pounds of bike is on the stand if the 10 pound battery is removed. There is a The kit requires assembly with a bag of parts and all the tools you will need, with good instructions written in perfect English, there is a pictoral for assembly and an additional 7 well written detail assembly steps. I used the 7 assembly steps, went real slow, and had no missing parts or issues. I used to do my own car tune ups when it was possible, and I am no stranger to hand tools. This is as close as you can get to a professional stand for the home mechanic for the price, it is made of steel, heavy, strong, no wobble, thick and rigid plastic like components to aid its folding capability, when unfolded it locks into place, perfect blue powder coating. This stand is strong. You can see the features on Amazon. I bought the Saris bike beam to serve as a horizontal bar for my step in the Ebike for use when transporting it in a Vibrelli hitch mount bike rack. The jaws are positioned under the seat for horizontal balance, and using the Saris bike beam, it is easy to heft the bike into the jaw assembly. It was very secure and there was no wobble. There is a You can't go wrong spending dough on good tools if you spend the extra money on this stand. Happy camper! There is a I added a 10 pound battery but it didn't affect the strength of my Ebike, I hoisted it onto the stand using the Saris bike beam a bunch of times.

4. Park Tool Accessory Collar Work

Park Tool Accessory Collar Work

The HBH-2 works on a lot of bikes. The PCS-9 can be used to accept the 106 work tray. Both are available separately.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This does not fit the stand. The Park website has a correct one.

👤The 9.3 has a tube that is not spherical. The 9.3 requires a different collar. There is a If you need the accessory collar for the 9.3 work stand, don't order it, it's well made and supported by the manufacturer. It won't work, no matter how hard you try, how many tools you use, or how hard you curse.

👤I have a PCS-1 and I have to rate this collar very poorly. I call it my sacrifice stand because it is my least expensive stand. I don't have the desire to sell or scrap my oldest stand. I have changed it over the years and replaced it with the PCS-4 version. There is a This is not a seller review. The seller did a great job and copied and pasted the company's description. This is a total waste of money because it does not fit my stands. The buyer still has to pay to return it even if the sellers fault is not theirs. This item proves that the older stands are better than the newer stands. My portable stands are larger and my animal is a different one. Either the PCS-4 PCS-9 and PCS-10 are small stands or they have serious quality assurance issues. The collar says PCS-1. Unless something is modified, it doesn't fit a PCS-1. I rate this item 1 star, but I'm very disappointed if someone can change my mind. If you email them, they will say it's for the newer PCS-1 post 1996 with the extension. There is a If you own any of the stands listed, you need to email the company to make sure they fit. I own two stands, one of which is close to the PCS-1 PRS-5 and the other of which is not. I agree with most reviews that the 106 doesn't come with this collar. Some of the stands already have one built in. There is a Since I reviewed this item, I made it work on my stand that uses a single tube. I was able to mill the single tube down to its 1.51" diameter. This was a long and painful process that I didn't intend to do. It works on the later version but not without some encouragement. I was able to make it work on my two smaller ones. This is not on Amazon or the seller.

5. CycloSpirit Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

CycloSpirit Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

The spokes in a wheel have tension. Adding this easy to use tool to your maintenance routine will eliminate ticks, clicks, and clacks from your rear derailleur. All the noise coming from your vehicle can be reduced in a few easy steps. If your rear derailleur is giving you a hard time, not shifting, chattering or jumping a sprocket, then you might have a misalignment. The source of the noise during riding can be a bent derailleur hanger. The tool is meant for home mechanics that need to fix or maintain gear shifting. This tool is compatible with 20” to 29”+ wheels and can help you move around the wheel when you need to make changes to your bikes. The USER MANUAL has step by step instructions so you can be sure you're on the right track.

Brand: Cyclospirit

👤Yes, it's true. I tested it against the Park model in the shop where I work. The length is the same as the general appearance. The Park model has the same dimensions as the Cyclospirit but is oriented 45 degrees away from it. The Cyclospirit is made so you pull on a flat surface, but you really pull on the two flat sides. The Cyclospirit has a matt finish. Which is more comfortable to use? I would say that it was a wash. I tried these on four different bikes, with each tool used on a different bike. The Park was slightly easier to slide along the bar, but the adjustment mechanism works the same. This tool has been used for a couple of years. The Cylcospirit has a slightly narrower weld. You want to know how they worked so that you don't have to choose between them. I could not tell a difference between the two screws, they both screwed into the hole. The only way to distract both was to press lightly on the end of the tool, which may be what another reviewer was saying. The force needed to bend the hanger is small. You had the tool back into alignment in no time even if the hanger was bent. I always checked an additional four times to be certain it was straight, but at no time did it require more than adjusting it 8 times. There is a Which is better? I have to give the nod to the Cyclospirit since they work equally well. I like the feel of the Park but have used one for a long time, and I admit I prefer the feel of the Park but have used one for a long time. If you didn't know that one was a Cyclospirit and the other a Park, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. The bar orientation is different now that you know. I don't see why I should spend $22 more when I can get the same results from the well made Cyclospirit. If you've ever tried to get a bent hanger straightened out, you need one of these. This tool is worth the price because of the amount of aggravation saved.

👤I bought the alignment hanger to save money. The tolerances of the axle in which it rotates have a small part to play in the differences between the two. The slop in the tool is caused by this. It is difficult to get a reliable measurement with this amount of variation.

6. Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

It's common on one piece cranks. With the quick-release handle and the turning button, you can reach every part of a bike, facilitating your work when repairing, holding tightly but not damaging the bike's finish. STEADY AND STABLE: The desk-mount repair stand is more stable than normal floor one. It can help deal with difficult bike maintenance work by stabilizing and mounting in the surface. The front or rear wheel is still stable even after being taken off. You can mount the bike repair stand on any flat surface. It is convenient to remove pedals and install pedals when dealing with bicycle maintenance. The bike repair stand is strong and sturdy. The maximum weight capacity of the bike maintenance rack is 66 lbs. The main part of the bike workstation is a premium steel tube. The size is known. The total height is from the bottom to the top. The width is from the front of the turning button to the back. The main rod height is 18.89” The support fee has a distance between it and the holes. Measure the size between the holes before assembly.

Brand: Unisky

👤The unit is sturdy. If you mount the ebike correctly, it will hold it securely. There is one fatal flaw. The arm the head is mounted to is not in line with the arm it is attached to. The arm is not parallel to the ground when you mount it. If you hold the bike by the top tube, it's not a big deal. It's best to hold the bike by the seat post. The head is not parallel to the ground, so there is no way to hold the bike by the seat tube, which makes adjusting a rear derailleur or sizing a chain much more difficult than they should be. There is a problem when holding a mountain bike by the seat post. I would have returned it immediately if I had seen this before I mounted it. I swear at it every time I work on two of my three bikes because I have already mounted it. If you want to hold a bike by the seat post, buy something else. If you only plan to use the top tube on the heavy bike, it will work just fine.

👤The stand is flimsy. The advertised weight will not be good. I don't want my bike to be on a 45* angle. If you want to return it, you have to pay the international postal service. I am not happy with their return policy. I wouldn't buy this stand again.

👤I was going to give a glowing review, but everyone else has already covered it for me. Even if it's a little redundant, I'll make this quick. It's more convenient than a stand-style, and I like the all-black industrial look. My bike cave is made of pine and iron, so this stand fits in well with the feel of the room, much better than my friend's blue and grey stand that I've been borrowing. This works in practical application as well. The rotation isn't quite as refined, but it still does the job and is just as nice as the blue and grey stand, at 1/6 the price. I can fit my seat tube on my FS and still work. It creates a weird angle, but the great thing about this is that you can raise/lower/pivot the vertical shaft, or any combination of those, and find a good angle. Since my dropper post is a dropper post, I have to wipe the seatpost itself clean before I try to fit it, or else the bike wants to spin due to the head being on a slight angle. My buddy's seatpost was fine with no rotation. The lever to release the head rotation lock is small, like someone else's tiny complaint. I can usually do it with one hand. I don't think there will be quality issues with this. We're pretty hard on tools and we'll definitely put this through the ringer because I have a couple friends that come by to ride and work on their beer and fat bikes. I will update this post if I find any quality issues.

7. Park Tool Spoke Tension Meter

Park Tool Spoke Tension Meter

10mm x 1 threaded tip. Made in the USA or imported. The spokes in a wheel are tensioned. The TM-1 works on almost any bicycle. It's used for building or fixing wheels. The spokes in a wheel have tension.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I had to return the knock off I bought to save some money. I didn't want to spend the extra but it was a better choice. The Park tool has an automated website that can be used to tension and true your wheelset. The meter is better on their website. The conversion table has many spokes. I can only complain about a few things. 1st The price is steep, but if you use it frequently it will pay for itself. The etched in numbers on the meter are difficult to read. I plan to make them easier to see with a Sharpie or something.

👤I am a wheel builder. I am not a harpist. The tension is determined by plucking tone and intuition. I own a Wheel Fanatyk Mitutoyo, which is the most accurate gauge in the world, and I also own the Park. I got the same tension indications with both tools when I reviewed them. Park is $320 less than the competitor. Dropping the Park while using it is not as bad as using a digital gauge. The Park's calibration is dependent on the position of a set screw on the tool's spring. It would result in wildly disparate indications. I can tell you that the screw can be moved with a finger and there is no position indicator on the screw itself to guide the user. Park needs to have a process for calibrating after the sale. If you can hang a known weight from a single 14 ga spoke and put the gauge on it, you can calibrate your Park for a fee. The tools ability to ensure uniform tension is more important than the precise accuracy of the wheel.

👤Do you need this doo-dad to build a wheel or keep your wheels in good working order? There is a It depends on how close you want to be to the bleeding edge. The mechanics have been building bike wheels for about 200 hundred years without a spoke tension gauge. Racing wheels have been built without spoke tension meters for decades. The fatigue limit of mechanics was far from their elastic limit because they overbuilt their wheels for the riding style. The elastic limit of the rim or the tensionedspokes are the two factors that determine if they are too high or not. If you want to build your own wheels and follow some basic safety factor limits, then a tension gauge is not important. In today's world, there is always a rider who is 200 lbs (90.7 kg) and wants a 24 spoke front wheel on a 330 gram rim. If you want to push it right to the physical limits, or if you want to save 150 grams on your carbon fiber road or mountain bike, then a spoke tension gauge is necessary. There is a The spoke diameter gauge is used to measure the middle part of a spoke and then the spoke runs between the two fixed posts with the help of the Park Tools TM-1 gauge. The arrow at the top will point to a number on the graduated scale and you can use the separate conversion table to see what the measurement is. For most wheels, you want somewhere between 80 and 130 kilogrammes. This value can vary depending on the application. I build wheels for myself and others that join our off road riding group. Over the last five years or so, I have used this gauge for about twenty wheel builds. It works well for me. My older mountain biking wheels are usually set up with a set of X517 wheels with three cross drive/radial lace non-drive in the back. My newer wheels are often 32 hole Swiss, X317 disc or Stans racing wheels. I can usually tune my wheels by hand and sound them so that they don't speak more than 20% above the average of the entire wheel, but the TM-1 really helps me to keep my older wheels at right around 100 kgf. The values are in the middle of the happy middle between allowing for a long fatigue life while maintaining ample tension so that if one spoke a break, the wheel wouldn't taco. I can return to the trail head. The long rim life is ensured by those tension levels. Are there any negatives about the TM-1? I find the spoke diameter gauge to be cheap. I like to use my Neiko digital caliper. I would like to see a standard guide for major manufacturers in the conversion table of Park Tool. The values for a generic spoke from China are different from the ones from the other side of the world. You can find these values online. I suggest that any owner send the gauge back to Park Tool every 25 wheel build so that the exact calibration can be maintained. Those are small quibbles. There is a I have never had a wheel taco or spoke break thanks to the TM-1. The gauge allows the home builder to have some idea of how their wheels are doing, even if it is not essential to wheel building for most riders who are not bleeding edge weight weenies. It means longer wheel life and no problems on the trail for me. Five stars in my book.

8. Park Tool Chain Checker CC 4

Park Tool Chain Checker CC 4

It helps prevent premature wear of your drivetrain. The tool works on any 5 to 12-speed derailleur chain and is designed to indicate when a chain reaches.5% and.75 wear.

Brand: Park Tool

👤A tape measure can be used to check chain stretch. You have to get down next to the tape to see what's happening. My eyes are not what they used to be. You put it in place, then dip it in the instructions, and you are done. It's time to buy a new chain if the tab drops too far.

👤I don't know why I didn't get one years ago. This tool could save you money in the long run if you just run your chain to the point where it breaks or is so worn out that it causes shifting problems and excessive wear on your cassettes. Net savings over time are good, because you'll likely by chains more often, but your cassette should last much longer. If you own a bike, this is an essential tool.

👤This is a good tool that is easy to use. As most of you know, it is important to replace your chain as it stretches beyond acceptable limits. Depending on riding conditions and how frequently you clean and lubricate the chain, your results may vary. Failure to maintain and replace the chain will cause damage to your rear cassette and chainwheels which are expensive to replace. Park tools are expensive, but you should get a lifetime of use from this gauge.

👤I have a chain checker that I can fit into good chains, it has two arms to allow you to add some tension to the chain for a good reading. Chain checkers are quick and convenient, but they are not replaceable by a good quality ruler.

👤You pay for the quality of the park. It is very accurate on my chains. The chain tolerances are more important than it is on SRAM Eagle drivetrains. The older Park tool that just sits on the roller and slides in as a go/no go tool is better. This tool will give many years of service.

👤The tool works well for money. It seems like it will last a long time. It's easy to learn how to read. It seems to be better to measure the chain on the bench with a ruler. Since you can use the bike to measure several spots, you can get a good idea of how the chain is stretching before it wears out.

👤I have a cheaper stamped metal chain checker, but I wanted to get a second one. I kept one in my bike toolkit. The park tool is better than expected. The tolerances should be much better because it's definitely machine-made. It takes a better sampling of the chain links because it's longer.

👤If you know how to use it, it's fairly simple. You can look at the diagrams on the back of the package. There is a video showing how to use the chain checker. There is a I hope the lightweight tool does the job. There is a Con: I hope it doesn't ware over time because I'm blindly trusting this.

👤It is simple to use. It is worth watching the instructions. I can test on a variety of worn chains. I used a ruler to measure the same chains and came up with the same results. I can confirm that it works. It takes less time than the ruler method and is more reliable, as I have to repeat the ruler method 4 times to get a reliable average result.

9. Park Tool PPL 1 Polylube Grease

Park Tool PPL 1 Polylube Grease

Marksman Twist Spout makes it easy to apply a product. PolyLube 1000 has a high shear strength. PolyLube 1000 is compatible with conventional greases. A handy 4oz. tube and a 16oz. tube are available. The tub is called PPL-2. Park Tool's poly-urea lubricant is used for bicycle maintenance and repair.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This is standard grease for bikes. I use it as my all purpose grease and lather it everywhere while singing Happy Birthday. I love spreading this grease over your axles or ball bearings, it's so smooth and gentle. It would be a good idea. There is a I am an opportunist and the innuendos are not accidental.

👤This is grease. It was very greasy. Don't eat. Put the bike in the car. It works well. I thought it would be black. It's not.

👤The only grease I use on my bicycle and all of my clients bikes are Park tool PPL-1 grease. This grease works well in extreme weather, and has no stinky smell to it. This product is worth every penny.

👤Four stars is only four because of cost. You can get a tube of Lucas Grease for five bucks and it has the same properties.

👤The quality of Park Tools has fallen in the last few months. I remember the quality of the park tools and supplies back in the day. I feel like they have raised their prices and decreased their quality control. Some tools are amazing and some are garbage. Park doesn't always make the best stuff, so read your reviews.

👤This stuff is solid. I'm not a pro biker, but I will tell you that it's better to buy a bike from the factory than it is to buy a bike from someone else. I did the "pepsi" challenge with this stuff, and it was with some of the red "high temp" grease used in automotive bearings. The wheels spun better with this grease than with the red grease, and I fully tested both of them, making sure to fully clean out all of the red before applying and testing this grease.

👤This is worth it if you plan to do your own bike maintenance. I used it to repack wheel bearings on a bike which had not been maintained in a while. The wheels spun quietly after the hub and bearings were cleaned. This tube will last a long time if you're not running a bike shop.

👤I got a free stroller with a wheel that didn't have any bearings on the right side. It was very bad! The local bike shop didn't have a cage of six bearings, so he gave me a few ounces of free bearings of the same size, and I bought Park Tool PolyLube 1000 Bicycle Grease. I had room for 11 bearings per side after throwing away the left side caged bearings. Don't need steenking cages. How can I hold 22 individual bearings to the inside while keeping the outside race to the outsides? You're looking at something. The races should be clean. Spread a coat of bicycle grease on them and it will hold the bearings while you put the outside bearing races to the inside races. The stroller is easy to use.

👤I used this recently for my first bike build and it did the job. It's thick enough to apply correctly. It should last a good while because I barely used any of the tube. I'm very happy because parts move with a very satisfying smoothness. If you found my review helpful, please click the button below.

10. Park Tool PCS 10 PCS 11 PRS 15

Park Tool PCS 10 PCS 11 PRS 15

We are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have a product issue, they are happy to give you aRefund or aReplacement. Use the accessory collar to fit the 106 tray on the PCS-9. The 106AC is required for the PCS-1 or PCS-4 when used with height extension. The Integrated tab system holds a plastic market bag. The tool/towel bar is universal. The tool/towel bar is universal.

Brand: Park Tool

👤If you are in the middle of things and not near a bench, this is a nice addition to the stand. I put a tywrap on the plastic tray to keep it from falling off when not in use. Since the tray is behind the bike, I can reach through the frame to get the tools I need, but it's just as easy and convenient to have a small folding table nearby. This would be the hot ticket if I were working on bikes in a parking lot. It usually sits on the hook in my shop.

👤The product is great in concept but there are a few design flaws. The tray sits where the seat tube or top tube is, which makes it difficult to rotation the crank arms with pedals. The non-drive side pedal can make tuning or chain adjusting difficult. If there are tools in the front, forget it. The pedal isn't making it by those. The holes in the front have their own issues. They are too large to hold a 3-way allen wrench without it leaning over and falling out, and too small to hold a handle of a wrench or cable cutter. In- I don't know what the engineers designed them for. There is a It's well constructed and not flimsy, that's what I like about it. The small hooks to hold a garbage bag and the tray off the back are great for holding small parts. It takes a lot of effort to remove the tray from the work stand, but you don't have to worry about it if you need to move it. There is a If you want the convenience of a work tray and can deal with a few issues here and there, it's worth buying, I don't think there is a better alternative.

👤2.5 stars were rounded up to 3. If you're going to leave your stand up all the time, I'd get that. I wouldn't bother if you collapse it every time you use it. It snaps at the quick release connection used to extend the legs. I put my tools on the ground or on top of a bucket when I'm working. If I'm working on the drive parts, I have to reach up and around the bike. If I left the stand up all the time, it would be a great place to keep my tools and stuff.

11. Park Tool SK 4 Bicycle Mechanic

Park Tool SK 4 Bicycle Mechanic

4 pairs of chain link, totally 8 pieces, packed in a box, convenient to carry, and avoid losing. A great way to start a bicycle tool collection. The SK-4 has more than 15 genuine Park Tool products. Extra room for spare parts and more tools is included in the custom Park tool box.

Brand: Park Tool

👤This was a gift for our grandson. He asked for a tool set so he could work on his own bikes. He assembled the bike repair stand after he mounted an older bike and pulled out the tools. The big repair book is a bonus.

👤What else needs to be said? I promise that less expensive tools will not last as long as Park tools. Park tools use high-end metal that won't start stripping bolts out after a short amount of time.

👤I have never had a park tool fail. I have used many other tools to rebuild bikes that have failed. You should spend a little more on park tool stuff. You will not regret it.

👤The cheap box is expected to be more expensive than the better brand. The tools seem to be less graded.

👤When shopping for bike tools, you can find cheaper ones, but there is something that stuck to me. Good tools and cheap tools last a long time, but you should buy good tools once and they last a long time. Most people would do most of their work on their bike.

👤You get the most needed tools to repair your own bike, plus a few extra that you use for adjusting your bike, and a nice toolbox with plenty of extra space for more tools.

👤Park Tools were made in America. China, Taiwan and the USA were the countries of origin of the components. The Park Tool sticker was falling off of the tool set. Improve your QC!

👤The starter set is great for the home mechanic.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand park tool?

Bicycle repair stand park tool products from Park Tool. In this article about bicycle repair stand park tool you can see why people choose the product. Cyclospirit and Unisky are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand park tool.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand park tool?

Park Tool, Cyclospirit and Unisky are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand park tool. Find the detail in this article.

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