Best Bicycle Repair Stand Heavy Duty

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1. Topeak PrepStand Scale Repair Stand

Topeak PrepStand Scale Repair Stand

A digital weight scale with rubber jaws. The mallet opening is 1.9 cm to 4.5 cm. The barbell heights are from 107 cm to 178 cm. FOLDING - Two QR clamps. HD folding T6 tubes. The max weight is 25 kilo/ 55 kilo. The Carry bag, rubber base feet, and the Clamp lever have been added.

Brand: Topeak

👤The thing is built to last. Sturdy. It was intuitive. It was just great. I redid my bike. I felt like a pro. It could be used as a tripod. It is that nice.

👤It was more expensive. It works well. I use the storage bag.

👤I like the design and the material is easy to use.

2. Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight Repair Stand

If you have a product issue with their tire levers, they are happy to give you aRefund orReplacement on your purchase. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Amplifying Clutch is used for precision clamping pressure. The design of the rotating clamps makes it easy to get to any part of the bicycle. The frame adjusts from 35 to 57 inches in height and 90 to 146 inches in width. The rubber-coated clamp is used to protect and secure expensive components. Large diameter frame tubes can be accommodated by a Clamp opening up to 1.9′′. Anodized T6 aluminum is incredibly durable and lightweight. The rubber-coated end caps and stiff tripod base give ultimate stability.

Brand: Feedback Sports

👤The Park Tool PCS-9 and PCS-10 were considered. My thoughts are here. There is a The Feedback Sports Pro Ultralight is made in taiwan and feels solid and sturdy, the tubes are thicker and bigger than the picture suggests, and the solid clamp mechanism feels very solid. The Park tool PCS-9 is made in China and is heavier and harder to use than the other ones. The Park tool PCS-10 is made in China and weighs 25 lbs. It is better for the price than the PCS-10 park tool. If you spend more money, you can get a high quality stand, but it works for my occasional hobby jobs. The Park tool is still recommended by me. The handle bar holder has something on it. This is important to work with the front wheel. I will keep you updated as I use this. I think it will hold up for a long time.

👤I'm pretty sure that at least one or more of the people who designed this stand is a bike mechanic, and that the unit is beautiful and well designed. The features I wanted in a bike repair stand were not what I expected. I wanted to be able to fold it up quickly and easily, so that it doesn't take up a lot of room, and I wanted it to be easy to set up and break down, since I would be using it in our garage. There is a There are many cheaper bike repair stands out there, but none that satisfied the three criteria above. It takes about 60 seconds to collapse the entire unit into a single cylinder, not higher than 1 metres, and when folded it looks like a portable tripod. It weights about 11 pounds, which is quite light. It looks like a commercial-grade rig, and it doesn't look like a " home" unit, because it is the same as the ones used in my neighborhood bike shop. I own a bike that weighs over 27 pounds and the spec for this unit says it can hold bikes up to 85 pounds, so any bike I put on this stand will be well under the max spec.

👤I decided to purchase the Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair stand because it is supposed to be one of the lightest on the market, and it is 350 degrees. The stand is made of aluminum, which is not likely to rust if I use it while I wash my bike. All of these things are true. There is a I thought I had made a mistake when I bought the repair stand because the pedal was hitting the red post. Sammy was helpful and funny when I contacted him after complaining to Feedback Sports. The black arm of the stand can swing outward when it's at 6. The problem was fixed when I spin the drive train. There is a Thanks to Sammy at Feedback Sports!

3. Pyle Keyboard Reinforced Adjustable PKST38 5

Pyle Keyboard Reinforced Adjustable PKST38 5

The install instruction will show you how to install correctly step by step with free basic tools inside of the package. The safe and rugged organ mount rack has a lock mechanism for maximum stability. It is suitable for beginners, amateur, and musicians. The unique Z-fron: The stand was designed to allow you to align your piano. The Z style stand is so versatile because it can adjust to the width of the piano and the height of the musician. There are foam pads on the arms. The foam pads on the arms of the keyboard stand hold the keyboard in place as you play. They provide a soft surface for the keyboard to rest on to prevent scratches. It is possible to adjust the wedded knot. This stand has an infinitely wide width, which is unlike many keyboard stands that only have a set of set levels. It has a sliding lock that allows the stand to be adjusted to any height. It was designed for travel and storage. The stand folds into a Z-shape for easy storage. It takes less than a minute to set up and pack your stand.

Brand: Pyle

👤Look at the video. I've never seen a worse quality. Don't waste your money. Everything is falling apart.

👤I've written a few online shopping reviews. I need to speak my mind about this one, but I don't have the time. There is a The package insert warns that the products can expose you to a chemical known to cause cancer in California. Why does a piano stand have toxic chemicals? What made this company to include a chemical? DEHP can slowly get into the environment, settle on floors and be eaten by kids and pets. The information should be on the product page. I wouldn't have ordered it if it had been provided. Even if the package were complete, I'd return it because I'm not going to put my daughter's health at risk. My first experience with your brand was a big fat zero. Very disappointing.

👤The keyboard Z-stand has a well engineered design and large range of adjustments. I got this stand to replace an X-stand that was part of a bundle with my piano and I am impressed with the price. The knobs, bolts, and holes are all aligned, and the rectangular steel frame is welded nicely. The keyboard does not move on this stand. The included headphones and keyboard safety straps are a bonus. A great price!

👤I bought this to go with the RockJam keyboard I just bought. This was a bit awkward to put together. I'm pretty sure it would be a lot faster if it was practiced. It's lightweight but sturdy and well-made. It would have been nice to include more detailed directions. I had to reverse a couple of steps and do them in a different order, which could have been avoided with better instructions. There is a The screws for the straps were too large for the holes in the keyboard. I bought some M5 screws for a bike accessory last year, and they worked perfectly to secure the straps to the keyboard.

👤This is used for a Yamaha PSR keyboard. There is a lot of space underneath. For height and length, it is adjusted. The two frames are very strong. The metal pins that hold the height adjustment are difficult to use and I can't see using them a lot. After the initial adjustment, the knobs keep it tight. The stand is doing well so far.

👤The frame is very solid and I have no concerns about it. The height adjustments are good, though the push-in nipples are a bit annoying and make it difficult to go up or down two inches at a time. The plastic cap that holds it in place after just a few weeks is not something I use often. I could glue it back on, but it's not necessary because the bolt is holding the hanger in place. I don't need to change it. The small footprint is perfect for my keyboard and the space I keep it in.

4. Topeak FlashStand Portable Tune Up Stand

Topeak FlashStand Portable Tune Up Stand

This portable bicycle stand is a reliable work stand for both traveling to events as well as performing home repairs. It folds into the supplied storage bag when not in use. The West Biking bike repair stand is reliable. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. All issues will be solved in 24 hours. The Ultimate portable tune-up stand is for 26" and 700C wheels. It's great for keeping the car. You could take it on a bike tour. It has its own storage bag. The Arm holds down the tube. The material is aluminum or plastic. MAX TIRE WIDTH is 5.7 cm. The max weight is 14 kilo/ 30.8 lbs.

Brand: Topeak

👤If you're buying this to use for your own bike, measure the downtube near where it joins with the bottom brackets. This stand isn't going to work for you if it's larger than 6 cm. Most of the bikes should fit, so I'm planning to use it at community bike clinics. This will allow us to do simple things, and I often ride to these clinics so I can't bring my full-size work stand.

👤The stand does not work as a stand for doing trivial things on the bike. The downtube hook seems to make it hard for people to do the popular paint jobs. The rubber pads on the bottom brackets don't fit large diameter tubes, and they fall out easily. I have experience with simple stands that work like this, so I have an idea of what I should expect from this. I like the idea of a stand that can fit in a drawer, and I have a small place. It's not worth it in this case. This is just an exercise in frustration. It might work as a kickstand if there is not much breeze.

👤The tool helps with minor repairs. Several people have said that turning your bicycle upside-down is just as good as turning it upside-down. It's hard to change gears or put the brakes on while driving. The tool solved that problem. It's not a permanent stand that you can ride your bike on, but it was not designed for that purpose. It's highly recommended for quick repairs, lubing your chain, or just an indoor bike stand.

👤I couldn't get this to work to hold the bike steady. I wanted this to work because I needed something easy to store but sturdy. The design will not hold the bike.

👤I paid a lot for this thing, so I'm disappointed that it's not useful. It's a sturdy build, but it's not stable enough to hold my bike. I wanted something to hold up the rear end so I could clean and lubricate the chain without having to flip it over. I always keep a hand ready to grab it if it tips, even if it's not where I want it to be. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤This is not a replacement for a mechanics stand but it works well for basic bike cleaning and adjusting. I was afraid that there would be interference, but it was not. It is small. It is great for the cost and weight.

5. Bicycle Workstand Adjustable Maintenance Mountain

Bicycle Workstand Adjustable Maintenance Mountain

It isdurable: It's made from plastic. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 1-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan. The bike maintenance rack is made of alloy steel. The wall mount repair stand can be used for maintenance and cleaning. The mount can hold up to 20 lbs. The rotating Clamp can hold your bicycle in any angle. The soft material will protect your bike frame. The bike repair stand can be adjusted from 39 to 55 cm. The bike repair rack is compatible with most bikes because of the jaw of stand. The bike repair stand can be mounted stablely with 4 screws. The wall mounted bike clamp can be used to fix your bike in the correct position. The bike repair stand can be installed on the wall or work bench. It takes up less space by locking in place against the wall.

Brand: Brynnl

👤I screwed a piece of wood into a stud and attached it to the wall. The result was very strong, I attached the base plate to the 2X6 using four lag screws. The bike is heavy.

👤I'm using this primarily as a wall rack for my son's trials bike, and it is working well for this purpose. The rack mounts very solidly to the wall, and unless I extend it far out, it is quite stable. The bottom of the bike's top tube can be used as a conduit for any brake or shifting cable. We have a light bike that would work well up to around 35 pounds. I was disappointed that the tube with the clamp is only secured in the other tube with a knob that tightens a metal bolt. It's not secure enough to keep the bike from tipping one way or the other, but it is enough to keep it from moving much. If you want to raise the front or back wheel, it doesn't stay in place. My other bike work stand has a notch that keeps the rotation of the clamp in one place. The knob that has to be screwed is the only thing that can tighten it down. The process of either unclamping or clamping takes longer than it should. My other bike work stand uses a combination of a level and a screw to allow quick tightening or loosen of the clamp, but also flexibility to adjust it for different size bike tubes. I have to go with a 3-star rating because of the pros and cons. It's not bad for a basic repair stand mount, but it won't be replacing my standing rack any time soon. It does a good job as a wall mount bike rack.

👤This is a bar with a bicycle. Consider this... Next to your chest is a cinder block. You have it, but it's heavy, right? Try to hold the cinder block away from your chest with your arms extended. What is wrong? You can't? Absolutely you can't. A few of you can. I could if I had to. The arm needs to be bolted TIGHT to a very secure post or wall to focus the energy. Don't skimp on the nuts and bolts. Quality bolts or at least a small lag bolt is required. Number 14? There is a This bike holder is for you if you do that. It's great for quick repairs but I mostly use it for storage. One bike is in front of the other. I own a lot of bikes. Need more space. There is a It seems strong enough to do the job. I highly recommend it.

6. Park Tool PCS 4 Deluxe Mechanic

Park Tool PCS 4 Deluxe Mechanic

It was designed for travel and storage. The stand folds into a Z-shape for easy storage. It takes less than a minute to set up and pack your stand. The PCS-4 has the same design as their heavy duty shop stands, but with a new leg stabilizing system that creates a rock-solid base to resist tipping. It's perfect for heavier duty home use or shop use. It takes from 55 to 72 seconds. The 100-5C is used.

Brand: Park Tool

👤One of the best bicycle tools is park. They are far and above anything else out there. Pick one up and heft it a bit. You will understand why. I have a lot of bikes, all of them have Park stands and are worked on with Park tools, so instead of talking about the merits of Park tools, I just say, I have a lot of bikes.

👤This stand is sturdy and can be used many different ways. I use it for a heavy electric assist aluminum bike and it holds the bike very steady at a wide variety of heights. This is the best home stand I've found and I can't say enough good things about it. Park is a first class company. They sent me replacement parts to make it right after the stand was scratched in shipping. Five star all the way.

👤The stand has a big one like the Electric version. It's super-solid. I have three E- bikes and this holds them all.

👤This stand is what I want in a repair stand. The bike shop uses the same thing as the clamp. That's the reason I bought the better model. Very stable. Very strong. You can turn your bike upside down or even 90 degrees and the swivel joint will hold up. The accessory for the handlebars is nice. I would have liked to have bought the tool tray accessory.

👤The product was described, but it came scratched and chippy.

👤I have been using the stand more than I expected. It's much easier to clean the bike than it is to work on it. I end up using the stand all the time because it is so easy to set up. It's solid and suitable for real work. I ordered the wrong version of the stand. It works, but is clunky and big. The stars are 4 rather than 5. The newer style Micro-Adjust repair stand is recommended by me. Make sure you choose the right version because I ordered the wrong one. I got the Micro-Adjust Repair Stand Clamp later.

👤The product is outstanding. Picture doesn't do justice. It is very stable and solid. Will handle both bikes. Excellent quality.

👤The bike repair stand has a lot of weight and is not for those looking for more mobility.

7. Bikehand Mechanic Bicycle Repair Workstand

Bikehand Mechanic Bicycle Repair Workstand

It is folded down to 45" x 14" (1140mm x 350mm). Light, strong and portable. The repair stand is made of aluminum and plastic. It is light and compact when folded. It is convenient, durable and well-designed. HEIGHT ADJUSTED: Quick Release is adjusted from 1m to 1.5m or 39"-59" fully extended. The tilt, height, and angle all have strong skewers. It's helpful when you want to get the bike in the best position. The head isROTATED: it is smart and rotates at a rate of 350 degrees. The teeth are heavy and well made. It could hold a lot. At any angle, 25 or 55 lbs bike. The tool plate is foldable. Attach or remove the tool plate by hand, and it will be easy to set up and store. It isdurable: The bike workstand was released to the market for a long time. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands is available for home or shop uses. They can keep enough parts for any claim in their warehouse, and offer a 5 year warranty on the rack.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The bike stand is cheap. It's a simple but proven design that has been copied and slightly modified from other stands. The fact that it had 3 tripod legs with disc feet was something that attracted me to this particular stand. I don't trust the V-shaped legs as much as a tripod when it comes to stability. If the mass center is in the middle, the load is spread out evenly all around. The bike mass is off the center, but the stability is there. That point is not reached when rocking the bike. There is a I had a problem with the position of the bike stand's clamp, which is positioned right in line with one of the legs. You have to work on the bike to be aware of the leg underneath. I wanted to see if I could change the position of the clamp in the center of 2 legs, even though it was intended for max stability. It worked, but at the cost of some stability. Still not enough to tip the stand. I can always go back to the old position, but I will have to decide which one I prefer over time. There is a The other thing I like about this stand is that it is easy to setup and folds up afterwards. There is a small footprint for storage for a stand that takes up a lot of space. The all-aluminum and plastic construction makes this stand light and it doesn't feel cheap.

👤I narrowed it down to the bikehand tripod repair work stand or feedback sports. The cost of bikehand, the review from outdoor gear labs which I trust, and the fact that my usage is once a month convinced me to go with the above. The construction is solid and will last years, it's not cheap. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

👤I like this stand because it folds and unfolds easily and it has good stability if you don't set the bike too high. I like the stand mounted tool tray. I've had stability issues with 2 legged stands in the past and this stand is $50 less than the Park stand. The Park stands are made of steel, but washing your bike on an aluminum stand poses no problems. There is a The gripping head works well, it's a little tricky to change the head's position, but it locks the bike frame, especially an oval frame like the one I have on my legacy Gary Fisher road bike. I've used stationary repair stands, wall mounted stands, and 2 legged stands to fix my bikes. I don't have the room for a wall or a permanent floor mount stand, so this 3 legged stand is perfect for me. There is a If I need to set the bike up high for work on a bottom bracket, I'll wedge the back leg under one of my tool boxes for extra stability. There is a The stand was a pleasant surprise and my only major con was the stability issue with a high mounted bike. I wish the main stand pole would change so I could set the 3rd leg behind the bike to improve balance. This unit is easy to use and folds down quickly. The magnetic tool tray is a bonus. Hope that helps!

8. Feedback Sports Elite Repair Stand

Feedback Sports Elite Repair Stand

Perfect positioning is ensured by the use of Teardrop-shaped tubing. There is a bike repair stand at home and on the road. A portable stand with a quick release head and rubber jaws can hold up to 2.6" tubing. Stable on almost any surface and can support bikes up to 85 lbs. Work height can be adjusted from 42" to 71"

Brand: Feedback Sports

👤Not great out of the box. The delivery would not work out. The red button was loose and the mechanism did not engage. Everything is ok after taking the piece apart and reassembling it. Something must have banged on the shipment. I wanted to post this review as soon as possible because I couldn't find any online photos of the internals. The internals are well made. Most people buying this stand will probably take it apart and put it together. I put the flat-curved metal piece underneath the threaded rod for better motion. Bike work will be done soon. After a few months, I will try to update this review.

👤This was purchased over a park tool. I wanted the small footprint when not in use. I can't say that it doesn't hold my bike steady. It holds the bike steady. It took some time to feel that the arm was going to do the job correctly. I have used this for over a month and have done a few jobs on my bikes. The piece of equipment is great. The rachet with the spinning handle is easy to use with one hand, and it's also good for holding your bike with the other. I got the bike up and did work on it the first time. I had to change the arm's position to stop it sagging. The fix was more operator error than the stand was bad. Even though the arm is seated and positioned, there is a small amount of sag. My bike should be able to handle this, but it looks like it might be. It looks great and is stable. It is easy to open and close. If you had to, you could do it with one hand. The stand is lightweight and can be taken with us on trips. I will get something to carry the bag with me when we go on road trips since it was ridiculously overpriced. I collapse down the arm and the top half and then fold in the legs. This allows it to stand on its own and not have to stand on the floor. There is a That might be the best feature.

👤This is my first repair stand and it is a sweet item. I've only begun repairing my bike. I can't speak with a comparison of repair stands. This is ready to be used right out of the box. The materials used are top grade and the components work together. I directed my questions to the manufacturer of the repair stand. They reached out to me in a timely manner. They are passionate about their products and that is what came across in the email exchanges. Thank you!

9. HERRO Maintenance Foldable Capacity Portable

HERRO Maintenance Foldable Capacity Portable

The package includes rocket scraper, rocket brush, and chain cleaning brush. A bike work stand that holds your bike while you tinker with tools and get the job done is a great way to reduce the weight of your work load. Convenient design for easy storage and transportation. No need to go to repair shops. Their portable bike stand is lightweight and collapsible, making it easy to repair and maintain bikes on the road. It's adjusted with random comb. The bike stand's height, tilt, and angle are adjusted for optimal positioning and comfort. You don't need to crouch or damage your knees while working on the floor. The bike maintenance stand is made from strong and sturdy alloy aluminum. You can easily support your bike as you work. A clean bike is a reliable bike. A bonus chain cleaner is needed to clear away road mud. Their bike work stand combo is great for keeping your bike in top shape.

Brand: Herro

👤The reviews suggested that the work stand was sturdy, so it was what I expected, and the unit did not disappoint. It's easy to assemble. The instructions are not perfect, but you will be able to put this together in under 30 minutes if you are a good writer. If you are mechanically minded. You could have this up and running in less than 10 minutes. I can only go on first impressions, but my 20 lbs Lemond, steel frame bike, loaded with my riding kit, caused the unit precisely zero problems. First impressions are really good, but I will update this review in due course. I hope I can confirm that in a month or two. There is a Adding a phone holder to the arm would make it easier for people like me to watch bike repair videos while we work on the bike. The new cycling community has grown rapidly since the beginning of the Pandemic, so it's obvious that no unit has that feature yet. I will be happy to complain if a new work stand is provided to me for testing such an innovation.

👤This is the first bicycle repair stand I have ever purchased. It was more than half the price of a Park stand, so I was a little skeptical at first. I don't do my own repairs but I wanted a stand to clean my bicycle and do some light maintenance work. It took me 30 minutes to put it together. The stand is sturdy and looks good. I used the chain cleaning kit immediately. It makes cleaning the chain much easier. I was impressed with the way it was folded back up after being used for storage. I don't have a lot of room so this was appreciated. I plan on taking it with me on a road trip this spring so folding it makes it a lot easier to do. I would recommend this stand to anyone who needs one.

👤This is a very well built product and it is a great price. The instructions are not the best. I was able to figure it out from the pictures, but I wish the instructions were more clear. I would recommend this product. I did some maintenance on my Cannondale hybrid and it was very sturdy.

👤Forget the other repair stands, forget the Herro bike repair stand. There is a My brother used to own a bike shop. He bought some stands. We used to use the Park stand. There is a The Herro Stand is much cheaper than the other Park stands. The Herro stand has more features than Park. You won't be disappointed if you buy this stand.

👤I haven't done any maintenance on it yet, but my bike is still holding up. It has rubber grips so it doesn't scratch the finish. I look like the head will be backwards, but it is not. I don't worry about it for the price because it does wobble a little when I push on it.

10. ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

ONETWOFIT Maintenance Heavy Duty Adjustable Workstands

The bicycle repair rack is an idea for a home or repair shop to fix mountain and road bikes. They offer a 3 years warranty on bicycle racks. If you have a question about their product, please contact them. The steel frame has a textured powder coat finish for long lasting strength. Home bike repair stand can hold up to 66 lbs. The bicycle stands are more stable because of the triangle base. Extra protection for the floor is provided by non-slip rubber feet. A fully-adjustable cradle allows your bike to hold in any position. The U-shaped gear teeth are scratch-proof and hold tubes between 1 and 2 inches. The bike maintenance stand has a quick lock set to adjust the height. Don't worry about your waist hurting due to crouching down. The work bike stand is foldable and easy to store. The portable bike holder can be put in the boot of your car or in a corner. Tools container is used to hold small parts in order to prevent them from losing. You should keep the tool shelf upright.

Brand: Onetwofit

👤The mount for the tray is missing. The tray cannot be mounted on the stand. I did email, but no reply.

👤My rover weighs 80# with all my add ons. The stand will hold the weight. If you remove a wheel, be careful. It folds up very small when not needed, and can be used to modify individual bikes. I like it.

👤The stand was great for the price. Had to reinforce the collar. It held up a 45lb bike.

👤I can say that it struggles to hold 42 lbs after a month and a half of use, even though it says it will hold 60 lbs. There is a It's not a bad item, but it doesn't match up with the specifications.

👤For a bike or frame. The frame is large and will strain it.

👤I was really impressed with how sturdy it is. Two thumbs up for the price.

👤The pros are 1. Well built and very sturdy. It is easy to setup and fold 3. My sanity was saved by repairing the bike. I saved my wallet from being easy to do repairs at home. It's easier to fold with out 2 and it comes with a "tool tray". Does take more room in the garage, but it is worth it. This repair stand is a very good build, and I have seen many "tripod" build qualities as a photographer. I don't have a fancy light bike, but I do have a heavy old school one that this stand easily handled. I wish I bought a bike stand a decade ago. Who knew this was important for people that own more than 2 bikes? I put my kids bike on this thing to make sure it works. The price of the bike stand is very competitive and I can't see what else I would need from a stand. "It works."

👤The bike stand is well priced for what you get, so you can spend more money and get a better stand. It's fairly well designed and builds up quickly, allowing for you to hold the bike at a good range of heights. It's stable while holding the bike, too, and has a solid triangular design that prevents easy tipping. It's not like you can't knock it over if you want to. The parts tray is difficult to get on and off, and the legs are blocked from folding up for storage, making it a bad design. The parts tray didn't fit in with the original design. I will probably not use the parts tray in the future since it's hard to put on and take off and it prevents folding up the stand afterwards. It's a useful stand for bike repair, and seems fairly priced.

11. Park Tool Deluxe Mechanic Repair

Park Tool Deluxe Mechanic Repair

The PCS-4-2 uses a Micro-Adjust Clamp. The height of the Clamp can be adjusted up to 67” (170 cm). It takes from 55 to 72 seconds. The weight is 25 lbs.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I knew I needed a top quality bike stand as I just purchased a 60 lbs Ebike. I wanted to know if anyone knew which bike stand would hold up in a challenging job. They recommended this model to me. I know why. The stand is well designed and the components are top quality. The stand is attractive because of the powder coated finish. The assembly is easy to follow. There were a couple of 7/16" wrenches, an Allen wrench, and a box end wrench needed to put it together. There is a I put my Cannondale mountain bike on the stand by attaching it to the bar and then connected it to the seat post. Both bikes were handled with ease by the stand. It is very sturdy and stable. I was disappointed in my fellow reviewers for downgrading this stand. Did the paint have scratches? Really? The vendor should be blamed but one star for scratches. It's easy to get 5 stars and then some. It arrived in perfect condition, all the parts were carefully wrapped or boxed, and it was handsome and functions as designed. You get what you pay for. The stand is worth a lot. Highly recommended. There is a The only thing needed is a handlebar holder.

👤The last Park stand was purchased in the late 90s and I needed another bike repair stand. The ability to store it was easy because the leg stands were placed together. This stand was a huge improvement over the old one. I liked the way it was adjusted off the bat. You can securely hold the bike in place by rotating the handle to the tightness you want. The plastic covers on the end of the stand legs are a con. I had to wrap some electric tape around the leg and push one of the covers over it to make it less prone to fall off. It's not worth knocking a star off. I have no doubt that this stand will last as long as my previous one.

👤This stand is very strong and will last a long time. This stand is great for tall people. I'm 6,0 I can work on my bike from the stand.

👤If you want a bike repair stand that will hold a heavy bike with out falling on the floor and damaging it, this is the one to get. I highly recommend it, it is built like a tank. The stand is heavy and hard to store. This stand holds my bike.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand heavy duty?

Bicycle repair stand heavy duty products from Topeak. In this article about bicycle repair stand heavy duty you can see why people choose the product. Feedback Sports and Pyle are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand heavy duty.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand heavy duty?

Topeak, Feedback Sports and Pyle are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand heavy duty. Find the detail in this article. Brynnl, Park Tool and Bike Hand are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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