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1. Bikehand Bicycle Mount Repair Stand

Bikehand Bicycle Mount Repair Stand

Who would give their right arm for an extra pair of hands? The Powerfly wall mounted bike clamp is a strong arm with a firm grip that holds your bike in a fixed position for as long as you need so you can give both hands to cleaning, calibrating and repairing your bike. Isirid: The repair stand is more rigid than portable or foldable. It can handle a lot of bike work, such as removing and installing pedals. At any angle, the max bike weight limit is 55 lbs. ROTATED HEAD: Smart Design: head rotates at an angle. The teeth are heavy and well made. The wall is close to the center of the clamp. It isdurable: The bike work stand has been in the market for a long time. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repairs stands is available for home or shop uses. They have enough parts for any claim. There are any mounts to a flat surface. Bolts not included. You can watch the video in the listing. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The price difference between this unit and the others is the basis for this review. For an occasional user. There is a The overall design is good. The plastic teeth that allow the bike to be pivoted will wear out after repeated use. If the teeth were low grade steel the manufacturer would have similar production costs and the price would not be different. The manufacturer should look into this option. The Eventually the Rounded over spline and subsequent loose head unit will allow the bike to rock up and down when in the clamp. No wheel alignments, etc. There is a Also. You cannot apply too much Torque. There is a lot of twists. There is a In the head unit. You can with this unit. Change the gears, wash the bike, chain clean, and inflate the tires. Also, etc. Do on bike wheel alignments Torque a bottom bracket for removal, and other things, is not possible with this unit. Conclusion This is a value based product offering.

👤I am a mechanical engineer, and always look for quality of construction, and I am impressed with the Bikehand wall mount bike rack. I think it is as good as the Amazon ad. I put it on the outside of my garage door with two long lag screws and washers. I didn't hang on it, but it seems to be able to hold up two hundred pounds of load, so I'm pretty sure it will hold up my bike. I was able to get to anything I wanted to do with the comfortable access the clamps gave me. After using it to clean up, adjust and lube my bike, I removed the rack and screwed the lag screws back into the door jamb so I wouldn't have the black base arm sticking out as a hazard and for appearance, which took about two minutes. Next time I use it, I'll put it back on the wall. If you plan to use it frequently, you would want to mount it somewhere permanently, but this works well for me. I don't think I could buy a bike stand that was more stable and portable than the one I paid for.

👤This thing is perfect for the price. I put mine on the backboard. I added a series of holes to the backboard which allow me to mount it using long bolts and metal brackets to an outdoor 4x6 post on my porch and then bolt it to my automotive engine stand with 4 bolts and wing nuts. I could take it with me to the post office. I can also use a bench vise to hold the plywood piece in place, as I found it works really well. I have a tool that holds it steady. I suppose I could attach it to the base. There is a You can put it on a wall. I like being able to use it in different places. There is a It holds my bikes well and is sturdy. The price point can't be beat, even if you pay less for a regular stand. If you add a couple dollars to the cost of the brackets and bolts, you can use them in a variety of ways.

2. CyclingDeal Full Aluminum Repair Stand

CyclingDeal Full Aluminum Repair Stand

There is a 90-day money-back policy for the convenience and warranty service. CYCLESPEED Bike Stand is a stable way to hold nearly any bicycle for adjustments, cleaning, and repair. The CYCLESPEED bike repair stand is a great upgrade for your shop. The after-sale service at their bike repair stand is reliable. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. The bike has a limited weight. It is able to hold max because of the strong alloy design. The bike's weight is at any angle. You can't deny that it can grab a large mountain bike firmly. The adjusted head allows you to adjust the bike to the perfect position and has plenty of room for fixing pedals. The premium aluminum body is ultra-stable. Quality will never be sacrificed for portability with the CyclingDeal full aluminum alloy workstand. It's foldable and stable. It is portable and foldable. It's easy to find a spot to store when not in use because the folded length only takes 90 cm. The triangular structure design will give you a super stable workflow. Enjoy the bike maintenance experience. ORDER NOW! It's free! They can provide a 2 years warranty because they're so confident in the product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤The product exceeded my expectations. It is easy to collapse and move around. It would be nice if it came with a bag, but that's okay. There was no instruction manual for me. I don't really need the tray, so I just use it as a key holder on a table near our front door, even though I wasn't sure how to attach it. I've used it to wash bikes. I use the roof rack to take off the front wheels before putting bikes on the car. I bring it with me in the car. I can't imagine how the more expensive blue product could be any better than this one.

👤I was very worried when the box arrived, it was plain thin cardboard with only some Chinese writing on it. I don't think you can beat this stand for the money after getting it assembled and putting it to use. It is light and easy to use, thanks to its quick locking levers, and it is sturdy. It has a metal work tray. My bike has no problem holding it up. 5 stars for quality and price.

👤I bought 2 of them. If you are trying to work on a bike, this isn't the stand you want. It will tip over and I have arranged every position possible.

👤The best stand for money. This one is all metal, except for a small collar that is plastic. It has full suspension and no issue. Also has a road bike.

👤I've only used it once and there are no complaints. I put the cross piece in the box and it was ready to go. I locked my mountain bike into a position and hung it on it. I adjusted the bike's brakes. The stand held the bike firmly and I was never worried that it would fall over.

👤This thing holds my mountain bike perfectly. It is pretty small and sturdy. I am very happy with this purchase. It is not too heavy. It works great for bike maintenance. The tray is very convenient. Anyone looking for a stand that won't break the bank should get this.

👤I think I made the right choice when I searched and reviewed a lot of bike stands. There is a It's sturdy, easy to fold and all the clamps are strong.

👤The stand is easy to use. My son races mountain bikers. We picked this one up for him because he needed a stand for a while. The price was good and it is a bit nicer than other options we looked at. I was very pleased with the purchase.

3. Ibera Utility Adjustable Foldable Mechanic

Ibera Utility Adjustable Foldable Mechanic

Customer service. If you have any issues with their products or are not happy with them, please contact them. Order now with confidence. The foldable bike stand is easy to setup and pack, and it's easy to store when not in use. The feature has small storage spaces. It's great for the home mechanic to adjust drive train or brakes. A bike can be displayed in a store or at an exhibition. It can hold most bikes. The distance between chainstay mounts can be adjusted. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Brand: Ibera

👤I have read all of the reviews and I don't agree with the negative reviews. Look at my pictures and you can see that the people breaking the stand are not related to this product. I had to have my rear wheel of the ground oiled for shifting and to fine tune the motor and modes on my massive e-bike. I had this bike on the stand and had to hold it with pressure when setting the speeds of the electric motor because it goes 40 mph. This worked great for me, I wanted a good stand for under 20.00 and this worked for me. It has nothing to do with this product for those who broke. The 150.00 mechanic stand is a must have. I give this product a 5 star rating and I recommend it to anyone. I can leave it in the garage because it's heavy and I don't want to stress my kickstand, it works great for storage. When a good product for a cheap price gets all the negative reviews, it upsets me because people like me will not buy it because the company goes out of business.

👤Some of the reviews trash this stand because they say you can't sit on the bike when on the stand. It's not designed for that according to the instructions. Not being able to sit on the stand should have been obvious. I have a heavy hybrid bike with large tires, 700x40C tires, and this works great for doing maintenance where you need to spin the wheels while doing the maintenance, eg, lubing the chain, adjusting the derailleur, etc. There is a The stand is stable. I don't have to bend down while doing the maintenance because I have a long folding table that I put the bike and stand on. If you work on a bike that won't work if you just tip it upside down, then this stand is a good alternative.

👤I've tried this many times and it was a real pain. I think it's better than nothing. It is cheaper than a stand. The mounts that are supposed to hold the frame don't seem to have an ideal width for my hybrid bike and even when clipped with the bands included it is very unstable. If the front tire turns too much you'll dump the bike if you don't hold it. When I flip the bike over and don't bother fiddling with the stand, it's much easier to change a tire or innertube. There is a Even if it costs double or triple, I'll buy something more stable and functional if I need to do more work on my bike.

4. CXWXC Bicycle Repair Height Adjustable

CXWXC Bicycle Repair Height Adjustable

You can install on the wall. The repair rack needs to be on a stable wall. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall. It's possible to hold your bike in a stable position with a lever and adjust the height to make sure your waist is comfortable. The intensity of aluminum alloy tested can afford a max load of 60 pounds. There is a front wheel. No knives. The package includes a tighten rod that won't let the front wheel turn when you're working. The complete bike tool kit. The CYCLISTS 23 piece bike tool kit contains everything you need to keep your bike in top shape. Bicycle repair tool kit. Chain rivet extractor, chain ring nut wrench, Crank puller, Freewheel turner&lock ring wrench, Bottom brachet wrench, 15mm pedal wrench, 2-in-1 master link chain pliers, Tire lever, Flat/phillip screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, Hex

Brand: Cxwxc

5. West Biking Bike Repair Stand

West Biking Bike Repair Stand

The floor-standing bike repair station is made of aluminum alloy to ensure its overall strength. The folding length is 85 cm and the weight is 3.6 kilograms. It's convenient to put it at home. The height of the repair bike stand can be adjusted from 85 cm to 150 cm. The maximum load is 85bls. You can easily access the bike at any angle without moving your feet with the easy rotation of the spin clip. The mechanic stand has a 90 degree fold-out knob that can be folded down to fit into your car or used for storage. The collapsible workstand delivers on every count. The park tool bike repair stand adopts the most stable tripod frame structure to ensure that the bicycle will not roll over under any circumstances, and can provide the balance you expect when using the bicycle maintenance stand. There is a limit-be fore order. The repair stand has a maximum holding capacity of 85 lbs. If you are working on heavier bikes such as mountain bike, commuter bike, fat bike, or e-bike. You have to double check to make sure your bike is in good shape. This portable bicycle stand is a reliable work stand for both traveling to events as well as performing home repairs. It folds into the supplied storage bag when not in use. The West Biking bike repair stand is reliable. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. All issues will be solved in 24 hours.

Brand: West Biking

👤There are two ways to use the bike stand. See the photos. The mounting arm is supposed to be in line with the tighten knob on the stand to make sure it works. Do not try to use the arm at the right angle. I did it the wrong way and the arm couldn't support the weight of my bike. You will get the most support when the arm is in line with the large knob, because the arm can move in almost any position you want. The stand easily handled the weight of the bike when I rearranged the arm in line with the knob. The bike stand was able to support the weight of the bike. The tripod design has good stability and the bike never felt tippy. I used a bungee cord to hold the handle bar in place.

👤I chose this item because of the manufacturer's weight eating. I started buying and selling bikes that need work and I work on everything from heavy to light road bikes. The stand held the tire bike in the picture well. It does the job well and is solid. The arm is made of aluminum. The internal locking teeth seem to work well, I have not had any issues with it slipping on me. The plastic is heavy duty. The 3 legs don't seem to be long enough to keep it from wobbling when adjusting gears, but that's ok because you don't have to crank the pedal that hard to do so. If you pedal too hard, it can spin around. There is a When I looked at this item, I knew it would have an issue. The hand screw is wheel type. If you hold a heavy bike you have to be able to hold it with one arm for 10 minutes while you tighten it. If you have a fat bike, it can become a problem if you work on road bikes or light mountain bikes. There is a I am very satisfied. I am getting my money's worth at the price I paid for this heavy duty item. Unlike other stands at this price point, I don't think this will have any broken or malfunctioning parts. I would recommend this stand to anyone who is on a budget, anyone working on heavy bicycles, or anyone who is looking to add a second stand to their workspace but doesn't want to spend a ton of money for a quality stand.

6. Doslola Storage Bicycle Maintenance Portable

Doslola Storage Bicycle Maintenance Portable

You can assemble the rack by yourself with the help of the package. The repair rack structure is made of heavy duty steel which makes it sturdy and easy to use. Simple, portable, durable, space saving and easy to use. Anti-Scratch Hooks. There are 5 holes in your bike. It will work with all types of bikes. The rubber on the hooks protects them from being scratched. The install instruction will show you how to install correctly step by step with free basic tools inside of the package. The install instruction will show you how to install correctly step by step with free basic tools inside of the package.

Brand: Doslola

👤I used the stand to drain my batter for long term battery storage, beyond the obvious uses. It's too cold to ride it outside.

7. Park Tool Mechanic Repair Stand

Park Tool Mechanic Repair Stand

The cam-actuated micro-adjustable clamp can be used for 1 to 3 inch diameter tubes and seat posts of any shape and material. The height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever. All-steel structure with a powder coat finish. It folds quickly, easily and compactly for storage using aluminum quick-release mechanisms and strong tubular support braces. Perfect positioning is ensured by the use of Teardrop-shaped tubing.

Brand: Park Tool

👤Another reviewer said the stand collapses with heavier bikes than average. After a few minutes, the main quick release on the center pole slipped and my expensive 60lb Ebike hit the concrete. I was cranking the clamp down hard. Couldn't believe it. I wiped the inside of the pole with alcohol to get rid of any lubrication and it happened again, this time a little slower. Park Tools is sending me a new piece of equipment. Excellent customer service. I might drill and put a pin in it to keep it from moving. I like the stand, color and features, but the design securing the upright position is what I like the most.

👤Park Tools are similar to tools that are used. You get what they give you when they demand premium prices. The price of this product is not worth it. There is a The Park website says that the glass filled nylon fittings and top tube internals create smooth rotation and secure positioning. These should be made of aluminum. I have had my bike dropped over 5 times by this stand. I was embarrassed in front of my neighbor as I worked on his granddaughter's bike as it collapsed as I reached for some tire levers. There are serious design and manufacturing flaws in this stand.

👤I've used this stand to put together three bikes now and I really love it, but it collapsed on me with a 50 pound e-bike on it, damaging my bike frame. I wouldn't leave the bike on the stand and walk away if I knew I was going to put something heavier on it. This stand is perfect for my bikes.

👤I have an old tripod that does not have plastic parts. Everything is made with steel and aluminum. It has been around for about 50 years and has never failed me. It will be around 50 years from now. The bike stand is not very large. It's made of some good metal parts, but I have doubts about the plastic ones because I have seen similar ones crack. They should not be welded back together. Won't work. I won't be tossing it around because it won't see as much action as my tripod. I can't do much except order replacement parts now before it's discontinued. It's strong so far. It seems to hold the bikes well. The included small tool tray can't be moved around or to the back, and can only be attached to the top of the stand where it seems to get in the way. It is supposed to slide up and down. It's too tight even without locking it down. I threw it away. I'll have to get used to it. It holds well, but only after it is fully tightened. On vertical tubing, especially. The stand had two tools for assembly. The instructions were written by someone else. The drawings were good enough to figure out what to do.

8. CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

The bicycle cover is easy to store. Also, note: If you used for transportation, please protect Breath Valves with masking tape. STABLE: The bike floor rack has been changed. The two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimal holding angle. The feature ensures bikes are held in the stands. You need to put your bikes in different directions in order to fit them in the stand. One front and one back wheel. If there is a large space, the bikes could be inserted from both sides. Strong. The stand is made of high quality steel. The black finish is long- lasting. It is best to use indoors. The upholder can't become wider because of the front and backplate holding system. The bike holding stability will be affected by the wide holder. The bike stand holders are linked together so it is easier to use. Please watch the video in the listing. COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed for all-wheel size bikes from the range of 12 to 20 kids bikes, 20 to 24 BMX bikes, 26 to 29 road bikes and 700c road bikes. The tire width is 2.5. It's best to hold on to the back tire only for kids bikes that sit in the front holder. The bike rack could not be touched by the disc rotor. The bike stand holders may be touched by bike hubs. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 5-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤I used some tubing to cut and widen the rack. There is no contact between the handlebars and the bed of my truck. I am very happy with how it worked out.

👤It's not good for mountain bikes with 2.5 inch wide tires. Returning. There is a Pulling out two bikes and pulling the rack over makes sense. There is a The rack needs to be about a foot away from the wall. There is a Not what I wanted or worked for.

👤Tengo un Honda Odyssey. Me permite las bicicletas de los nios. Igualmente reduce the visibility of maltratar o rayar in the interior of the coche. El rack has ancho requerido. Sera fijar el rack al coche, pero por el momento esficiente. El rack instalado y las llevo actualmente estn in las fotos.

👤I was tired of looking at and stepping around the kids bikes on the garage floor. It was a big trip hazard because it was driving me crazy. The 3 bike stand is an easy solution. It was easy to assemble, it is upright and does not tip over. A 5 year old can easily put their bike away. There are no bikes in the garage. This works for our kid Trek bikes, but I can't speak for adult bikes.

👤My wife and brother have medium size bikes and I have a large 27.5 inch wheel diamondback that I like to hang out by the tires. We had to flip the middle bars around but it was easy to do and all three bikes fit great on there.

👤If you don't have 3 bikes of exact handle bar height, you can use all 3 spaces easily. If you only want to park one or two bikes, it's perfect - you can put a skateboard/bodyboard or even a thin surfboard in any extra spots. I made my boys use it for a while on the garage floor loose, that got the youngest mad because it would slip on him, so I put 2 screws into the floor to hold it, and now it's really efficient! I don't think it's a good idea to put it up off the floor because the bars don't stick out enough for the tires to stay in. We tried it and didn't attach it like that first.

👤Looking forward to seeing how this unit holds up. A little on the lite side, but sturdy enough. If you are handy, you will be ok. When I opened the box, there were screws rolling around in it. One of the screws wouldn't line up. It was left out for fear of getting stuck.

👤If you have large mountain bikes, I recommend putting something smaller in between a scooter or skateboard instead of trying to fit three bikes in the rack, it is great! I haven't tried that, but I suppose you could back the middle bike and the handlebars wouldn't hit each other. I watched the video to install it. Even though I am not great at those things, it was not hard. Definitely recommend so far!

9. Powerfly Wall Mount Repair Stand

Powerfly Wall Mount Repair Stand

The front adjustment holes with measuring cylinder can adapt different bicycles wheel. If you ride frequently, you can make bike repairs easy. The Powerfly wall mount bike repair stand is so easy to use that it makes repairing a bike simple. The Powerfly bike repair stand is easy to install and can be mounted on a wall. You can create a bike repair area in your home or garage with minimal effort. The bars are strong and will hold your bike in place. The Powerfly stand has a jaw that allows it to fix almost any bike, from a kid's balance bike to a pro mountain bike. It is easy to use to fit parts for repair or maintenance. The Powerfly wall mount bike stand is a good way to save space. You can install it next to a car or bike parking spot if it folds away when not in use. Next time you need to do a repair, move the vehicle, flip the stand and you are ready to go. Who would give their right arm for an extra pair of hands? The Powerfly wall mounted bike clamp is a strong arm with a firm grip that holds your bike in a fixed position for as long as you need so you can give both hands to cleaning, calibrating and repairing your bike.

Brand: Powerfly

👤There were many reviews complaining about the mount holes. This was my solution for the moment. The garage is going to be painted soon. The 2x4 was mounted with 6 screws down. Sturdy.

👤Light duty work on your bike can be done with this product. I wouldn't recommend this for a situation where there is a lot of crying involved. There is a The spacing for the mounting holes is not something that I like. The stud in the wall is more than 2 inches apart, so only two of the 4 holes line up. The best option for wrenching on a bike would be the 2 holes with the included drywall anchors. The folding feature works well to keep it out of the way, but you lose some rigidity because of it. I used this today to clean and tune my bikes. I might change the way it's mounted and add a backing plate that will allow me to use the 4 mounting holes without anchoring.

👤Modern, wide top frames will turn the bike out away from the bracket, because it is designed for grabbing a round top tube. The PowerFly manufacturer should consider making accommodations for modern tube designs since my top bar is 2” wide. The mount on my patio made it very stable. I went to the hardware stores and bought more substantial screws with hex-heads that I could drive with my drill after I received the four mounting screws. I am confident that the brackets will not drop my bike. I put the bike chain at the bottom of my chest because I wanted to make sure it was safe for bike maintenance. A good product.

👤This is a good stand. That's all. It's good. It's not great. And certainly not good. You're not likely to get much better for this amount of money. It's easy to install, but not very sturdy when the bike is mounted. It only gets three stars from me because there is no positive stop when you fold it up. I decided to keep it because it's good. You can find a full review of it on the video sharing website.

👤I was not happy with the design. When not in use, it is supposed to fold against the wall. It won't fall back forward when you let go. I will make it work by installing a bungy cord. I'll check it out tomorrow. The bike repair stand is for the money and has a few changes. I don't feel good hanging my bike from this full-time. If this thing has more issues, I will update.

10. Venzo Bicycle Deluxe Storage Floor

Venzo Bicycle Deluxe Storage Floor

The mounting flange is made of steel and plastic and has 4 holes. You can make a bike repair area in your home or garage by installing the fixed-clamp stand. This mount can hold up to 20 lbs. The push in system is simple and easy to use. You need to lift the bike and put it in the stand. When you push the bike into the rack, the front holder will tilt. Heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain and beach bikes will be perfect for this design. Buying multiple stands and connecting them together will give you more stability. You can watch the video in the listing. Connected stands look better in the garage. The weight is either 1.72 kilo or 3.79 lbs per stand. There are three points on the bike stand that hold the tires, much better than other stands that only hold one or two points. The bike's front or rear wheel stays in the holder because it is deeper than others. The dynamic stand base makes it impossible to tilt the bike if you push hard. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, including the 20 to 24 kids bikes, the 26 to 29 mountain bikes, and the 700c road bikes. A simple one-pull-knife will allow to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second, saving storage when not in use or to carry it into the car. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤My Cannondale Trail 8 Mountain Bike is in a safe place. I'm happy with the purchase, it seems well built.

👤I was worried about how well this device would work for my KHS Sport Tandem. It does the job well. I thought it would be nice to travel with our tandem, but it is not practical. When "folded", weight and size won't do. There is a The bike is in our garage and ready to ride. You need to make sure the bike is upright or it will lose its balance and tip over.

👤I used to have a lot of room in my garage, but I used to store my bike on a bike stand. I bought this and it works perfectly. The bike is easy to use.

👤Stable with more than 30lb of MTB. If you put two bikes side by side, there is only enough space for one bike.

👤Just like it's supposed to, hold my bike up? My mtb tires are 29ers and 2.25". It fits like a glove.

👤I use it on my all mountain bike, 29 wheels, 2.4, and E-bike mullet 2.6 wide wheels. If you're looking for more stability and support, you can connect in tandem.

👤The stand takes little space and holds the bike firmly.

👤I have two of the spring loaded stand and it is easy to operate. It will go larger than the 700 x 40 c wheel.

👤Great product. I bought it to keep my bike upright. It works well. Couldn't recommend it enough, it's easy to assemble and great value for money.

11. MaxxHaul 80717 Foldable Sports Bicycles

MaxxHaul 80717 Foldable Sports Bicycles

Bicycle repair tool kit. Chain rivet extractor, chain ring nut wrench, Crank puller, Freewheel turner&lock ring wrench, Bottom brachet wrench, 15mm pedal wrench, 2-in-1 master link chain pliers, Tire lever, Flat/phillip screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, Hex The bike stand has a one-pull-knife design. The dual arm design securely holds the front wheel of the bike. It is easy to store the arms when they are not in use. The design is lightweight and compact. Stand is less than 6 lbs. A rubber handle with a powder coated finish.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤I would love to hang my bike in my apartment, but I was not allowed to. I got this instead. I found a way to secure the front wheel to the frame with a strap. The front wheel and front handlebars don't move. I put the back wheel in the stand and lean the front tire against the wall. The front tire is the only one that touches the wall. The handlebars don't touch anything because the stand is stable. It won't fall over if I throw pillows hard. It's pretty sure it will survive an earthquake. There is a The stand is strong. It's half the price of the other ones. Would recommend.

👤Sturdy construction for money. I own a Salsa 29'er. If I removed the tire holder and one of the spacers from the side, I found it fit better. It is easy to work with an Allen wrench.

👤I was worried that it wouldn't work or that it would break on me. There is a It fits my bike perfectly, either with the front or rear tire. There is a After a quick and simple modification, my tire size is 27 x 2.6 inches. I just took the plastic spacers out of the middle. I needed a wrench and Allen. Check out the pictures to see what I'm talking about.

👤It does its job for $12 less than other makes. There is a Handle it with care if you read the instructions. It will break if you try to force it in a way that is not supposed to happen. It is held with cheap, light-duty rivets. I replaced a broken rivet with a heavy-duty rivet. If you have a pop rivet tool, it only takes a minute. I'm thinking about replacing all the light-duty rivets with heavy-duty ones. The savings will probably be wiped out by that. Doh!

👤It is simple, inexpensive and works. There is a It's great for children's bikes. There is a It's not strong enough to support a men's bicycle. It was knocked over when someone walked by. If you did not balance the bicycle in the holder, it fell over. When the bike fell against my wife's car in the middle of the night, it was very annoying. There is a I made a simple modification and it works great. There is a My bike won't fall over even when someone hits it hard. I attached the hardwood supports to the bottom with screws and the metal supports to the side with screws. Very easy! It made a huge difference in the support of an adult bicycle. This modification is not needed for a child's bicycle. There are photos below.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand floor?

Bicycle repair stand floor products from Bike Hand. In this article about bicycle repair stand floor you can see why people choose the product. Cyclingdeal and Ibera are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand floor.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand floor?

Bike Hand, Cyclingdeal and Ibera are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand floor. Find the detail in this article. Cxwxc, West Biking and Doslola are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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