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The bench mount repair stand has a Micro Clamp. The PRS-4.2-2 is a bench mount repair stand that is built to last. The bench surface can be raised from 16 to 17 inches.

Brand: Park Tool

👤The stand is of solid construction and will hold 100 pounds, which is why I gave it two stars. The praise ends there. I am rare to criticize a product, but I have certain expectations when I spend close to $300 on something that is advertised as professional grade. The product is not good where it is fit and finish. One of the tapped holes should be inboard of where you want it to be. I will not interfere with function. The secondary "arm" that holds the primary bike clamp is where we move. In the second photo, I'm standing in front of the main stand. You should be able to appreciate the fact that the bike holder assembly is at 5:30 rather than 6 PM, where it should be. This has a bigger impact on function as it now places my bike at a significant angle to the workbench. This is a $300 piece of equipment that feels like it was constructed in a high school shop and I can work around this by detaching my well-centered primary post and rotating the mounting of the stand to center the holding arm. There is a The secondary arm attaching to the main post is the final salt on the wound. The secondary arm ends in a semi-circle in the back and you have to thread it into the main bench post to get the bolt. If you want to change height, you need to unbolt and reassemble. A more elegant solution would have been for the arm to be a full circle and anchor in place with a snap pin. Then you could lower the device and let the pin snap back into place. This reconfiguration would allow you to remove the bike holder assembly when not in use, so that you don't have to walk into it. There is a If you plan to spend this much money, shop wisely and consider other options. I wish I had done a better job.

👤I installed it in two places. One is on a bench on the corner and the other is on a table. A regular repair stand can't handle the weight of my 2 e bikes so I bought this stand. The repair stand is able to hold my heavy tank ebike in any position I want. That is amazing. My other repair stand would fold like a sheet of paper, it could handle 20 lbs more with no issues. Being able to move this piece to either location is very useful. The base holes are not well placed, that's the only negative thing I can say. Disappointing on the stand. I drilled mine bigger to fit my mounting needs. Park tool could do better for how much these things cost. The repair stand's performance will not be affected by this. It looks like they have low quality control. If needed, I would purchase this again. Excellent repair stand.

2. Bikehand Bicycle Mount Repair Stand

Bikehand Bicycle Mount Repair Stand

Who would give their right arm for an extra pair of hands? The Powerfly wall mounted bike clamp is a strong arm with a firm grip that holds your bike in a fixed position for as long as you need so you can give both hands to cleaning, calibrating and repairing your bike. Isirid: The repair stand is more rigid than portable or foldable. It can handle a lot of bike work, such as removing and installing pedals. At any angle, the max bike weight limit is 55 lbs. ROTATED HEAD: Smart Design: head rotates at an angle. The teeth are heavy and well made. The wall is close to the center of the clamp. It isdurable: The bike work stand has been in the market for a long time. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repairs stands is available for home or shop uses. They have enough parts for any claim. There are any mounts to a flat surface. Bolts not included. You can watch the video in the listing. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤The price difference between this unit and the others is the basis for this review. For an occasional user. There is a The overall design is good. The plastic teeth that allow the bike to be pivoted will wear out after repeated use. If the teeth were low grade steel the manufacturer would have similar production costs and the price would not be different. The manufacturer should look into this option. The Eventually the Rounded over spline and subsequent loose head unit will allow the bike to rock up and down when in the clamp. No wheel alignments, etc. There is a Also. You cannot apply too much Torque. There is a lot of twists. There is a In the head unit. You can with this unit. Change the gears, wash the bike, chain clean, and inflate the tires. Also, etc. Do on bike wheel alignments Torque a bottom bracket for removal, and other things, is not possible with this unit. Conclusion This is a value based product offering.

👤I am a mechanical engineer, and always look for quality of construction, and I am impressed with the Bikehand wall mount bike rack. I think it is as good as the Amazon ad. I put it on the outside of my garage door with two long lag screws and washers. I didn't hang on it, but it seems to be able to hold up two hundred pounds of load, so I'm pretty sure it will hold up my bike. I was able to get to anything I wanted to do with the comfortable access the clamps gave me. After using it to clean up, adjust and lube my bike, I removed the rack and screwed the lag screws back into the door jamb so I wouldn't have the black base arm sticking out as a hazard and for appearance, which took about two minutes. Next time I use it, I'll put it back on the wall. If you plan to use it frequently, you would want to mount it somewhere permanently, but this works well for me. I don't think I could buy a bike stand that was more stable and portable than the one I paid for.

👤This thing is perfect for the price. I put mine on the backboard. I added a series of holes to the backboard which allow me to mount it using long bolts and metal brackets to an outdoor 4x6 post on my porch and then bolt it to my automotive engine stand with 4 bolts and wing nuts. I could take it with me to the post office. I can also use a bench vise to hold the plywood piece in place, as I found it works really well. I have a tool that holds it steady. I suppose I could attach it to the base. There is a You can put it on a wall. I like being able to use it in different places. There is a It holds my bikes well and is sturdy. The price point can't be beat, even if you pay less for a regular stand. If you add a couple dollars to the cost of the brackets and bolts, you can use them in a variety of ways.

3. Park Tool Kaddie Bench Mount

Park Tool Kaddie Bench Mount

The wall mounted bike clamp acts like a strong arm with a firm grip, holding your bike in a fixed position for as long as you need so you can give both hands to cleaning, calibrating and repairing your bike. A multi-functional tool holder is used to keep most commonly used tools close at hand. There are slots and holders for 3-way hexes. There are slots and trays to hold tools. Park tool stands are Mounts to all generations. Also available as a repair stand-mounted version.

Brand: Park Tool

👤Quality was not what I was expecting. The metal parts were not sanded. I didn't have a wrench with the product or a Park Tools to fit the bolt. The overall product was disappointing and may reflect on future purchases from Park Took Company...

👤I own a lot of Park Tool products and have been building and repairing bikes for almost two decades. I was excited when Park announced this as part of their new tool offerings for the year, as it looked like a great storage accessory for some of the new tools they have released recently such as the PH-1.2 P handle Hex Set. The good should be the first thing we start with. There is a The Park Tool continues to innovate. Every year they come out with new tools and products and are constantly pushing the envelope with tool design and development. These people are bike riders and mechanics and they use user feedback to improve their products. The ADT-1 is a perfect example. The tool itself was a great addition to their lineup, but required the use of a wrench to adjust to the settings. Park listened to the feedback and added a knob to the adjustment knob that can be adjusted by hand. The TK-4K is an example of this type of innovation. The TK-4T adds a lot of storage to a small footprint, which is great for home shops or small spaces, as well as making tools easily accessible in a large shop. I like having a dedicated slot for my two dogs. The plastic used for the tool caddie is thick and high quality. The mold is done well. Good lines with no defects from the manufacturing process. There is a The plastic molded piece for this caddie is top notch, but the metal base and rod were not up to the level I would have expected from Park Tool. The round base had a lot of nicks and rough spots. The chrome rod that is used to support the plastic top has a lot of pitting or manufacturing defects that were chromed over. The majority of these were at the top of the rod, where the caddie is mounted, which causes it to grind a little and not spin smoothly. I have owned Park Tools since the days when they were chromed and nickel finished, and the most recent hand tools seem to have a simple brushed finish. The fit and finish of some of the hand tools have gone down in recent years. At the end of the day, it is a tool that can be used in a shop environment and will likely see a lot of daily beatings. For $65 from a company such as Park Tool, I expect a tool that performs well, is produced with quality components and care in the fit and finish of the final product. My fear is that the bean counters are taking over and margins are becoming more important that making the highest quality bike tools possible. The caddie does its job and makes the tools I need handy, but every time I spin it, it grinds instead of rotating smoothly or I move it. I can hear scratching on my workbench when I put it down, but I can't help but think about how great this could have been if the attention to detail I have come to expect from Park Tool had been applied to this product.

4. CXWXC Bicycle Repair Height Adjustable

CXWXC Bicycle Repair Height Adjustable

You can install on the wall. The repair rack needs to be on a stable wall. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall. It's possible to hold your bike in a stable position with a lever and adjust the height to make sure your waist is comfortable. The intensity of aluminum alloy tested can afford a max load of 60 pounds. There is a front wheel. No knives. The package includes a tighten rod that won't let the front wheel turn when you're working. The complete bike tool kit. The CYCLISTS 23 piece bike tool kit contains everything you need to keep your bike in top shape. Bicycle repair tool kit. Chain rivet extractor, chain ring nut wrench, Crank puller, Freewheel turner&lock ring wrench, Bottom brachet wrench, 15mm pedal wrench, 2-in-1 master link chain pliers, Tire lever, Flat/phillip screwdriver, Flathead screwdriver, Hex

Brand: Cxwxc

5. Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand

Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan. The most rigid bike-stand connection is created by fork or rear dropout mounts. You can get quick and easy access to any part of your frame on the rotating platform. Adaptable to frame standards. The structural integrity of your frame can be protected with precision mounts. The frame and fork are included. 15x 100mm / 120mm (boost front) is the Thru Axle. Anodized T6 aluminum is incredibly durable. The rubber-coated end caps and stiff tripod base make the work stand stable even on the odd surface.

Brand: Feedback Sports

👤I like this stand. The background of the story. The PCS-9 was a clamp style stand. It was a brick house, solid and heavy, but never seemed tall enough because of how the bike hung on it and it didn't fold down for storage. I like the construction of the FEEDBACK SPORTS SPRINT WORK STAND. If something on it wears out, you can replace it. It can be used with quick release and thru axles. The front and rear mounts can be adjusted for different bikes. You can work on the stand. There is a Storage was a big thing for me. I have a PCS-9 that folds down to less than 3 feet long and about 10 in wide, which is why it sat in the corner of a room. I don't like the idea of having to buy it extra, because it doesn't come with a storage bag. You can get one for under $35. You would think that the stand would be included or at least have the option to buy both at the same time. If you plan on folding it down, I recommend you get the bag, which has a storage pocket for the quick release skewer and thru axle adapters. There is a note on the bag. It's worth $35. There is a This is just nit picking, but this thing is shiny and blinged out. This stand is being used for cleaning and maintenance so I'm not a fan of that. It's like painting an off road vehicle candy apple red and expecting it to stay in pristine condition. I wonder how this shiny red finish will hold up. This is more of a matter of taste for me. Conclusions: It's a great stand, right? It's pretty close. Is it overpriced? Park Tool sells a similar stand for $340, so I wouldn't say no. I don't think any of them are enough to justify the extra cost. The feedback sports sprint work stand is a solid and compact stand that is very functional and may be the last stand you ever have to buy. Don't think and just buy the thing!

👤My fiancée's cyclecross bicycle with quick releases and my road bike with through-axles are both serviced by this stand. To use this bicycle with 12mm through-axles, you need to buy a 12mm adapter. The 15mm supplied part will scratch if there is not enough play in the axle. You have to remove the silver receiver bit to swap between the two. There is a The easiest way to mount a bicycle on a stand is to remove the front wheels from the fork, lift up the rest of the bicycle, and then either attach the dropouts to the QR or threading the thru-axle. I think the Park Tool PRS-22.2 has a better mount. It looks like the sprint stand has nicer clamps, having watched the video on Youtube. With the Blue Team standing, you would have to faff a bit with the tension on the clamps, but with this, the tension doesn't need to be adjusted and it's just a matter of closing it all the way.

6. DNC Foldable Workstand Mechanic Maintenance

DNC Foldable Workstand Mechanic Maintenance

We offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. They are certain that you will be impressed with the high quality of their fin. If you have a problem, contact them. It is sturdy enough to hold up to 45 lbs and is stable to hold up to 4 holes. You can install the wall mounted bike clamp on any post or wall. It can solve the repair needs of any angle. MAKE REPAIRS The jaw on this stand allows you to fix almost any bike, from a kid balance bike to a pro mountain bike. You can use it to fit parts for repair or maintenance. SPACE SAVING You can put it on any post or wall stud. It folds away when not in use. Bicycle maintenance space. You need to keep your bike in good running order if you ride regularly, commute or trail work. The bike repair stand is easy to use and can be used in your home or garage.

Brand: Dnc

👤The device itself is not bad, but the screws that come with it are soft, so you can't even use a power drill to install them, and it would've been better if they had some good screws with it.

👤I was excited to try it out on my new bench after receiving this product. It was made out of 2x4 pine and MDF and it was difficult to put the first screw in it. I drilled the hole first. I cannot rate the product because I have to buy better screws before I can use it.

👤The head of the arm is too large to fit in a 90 degree position on the wall, so I had to put it on a wall in my garage. If you touch it, it falls down. The arm hangs down when not in use. It's more in the way in my small garage. I'm keeping it because it does the job.

👤The bicycle workstand easily earns 5-stars. The screws that come with the mounting base are garbage, some stripped, others snapped, even with a generous pilot hole that I drilled. You should be prepared to go to the hardware store if you don't have replacement screws on hand. For a final score of 3-stars.

👤This was bolted to the wall of the barn. I used my own screws because the ones that come with it are not very good. I have had no issues with it. My son's fat tire bike is heavy and it is held by it.

👤This will damage your paint job. The little rubber caps on the ends of the clamp don't seem to do anything to protect you. Save your hard earned money and get a better one. This will only cause damage to your bike.

👤It's okay. This thing is cheap and works as described. This is a light duty workstand. It's good for short use and light bike repairs. The mount on my patio has held up well in the elements.

👤It's doable. It folds away. It is not the most secure item when holding the bike and the jaws are loose, but if I adjust them tighter, I can slip the frame through them.

7. HERRO Maintenance Foldable Capacity Portable

HERRO Maintenance Foldable Capacity Portable

The package includes rocket scraper, rocket brush, and chain cleaning brush. A bike work stand that holds your bike while you tinker with tools and get the job done is a great way to reduce the weight of your work load. Convenient design for easy storage and transportation. No need to go to repair shops. Their portable bike stand is lightweight and collapsible, making it easy to repair and maintain bikes on the road. It's adjusted with random comb. The bike stand's height, tilt, and angle are adjusted for optimal positioning and comfort. You don't need to crouch or damage your knees while working on the floor. The bike maintenance stand is made from strong and sturdy alloy aluminum. You can easily support your bike as you work. A clean bike is a reliable bike. A bonus chain cleaner is needed to clear away road mud. Their bike work stand combo is great for keeping your bike in top shape.

Brand: Herro

👤The reviews suggested that the work stand was sturdy, so it was what I expected, and the unit did not disappoint. It's easy to assemble. The instructions are not perfect, but you will be able to put this together in under 30 minutes if you are a good writer. If you are mechanically minded. You could have this up and running in less than 10 minutes. I can only go on first impressions, but my 20 lbs Lemond, steel frame bike, loaded with my riding kit, caused the unit precisely zero problems. First impressions are really good, but I will update this review in due course. I hope I can confirm that in a month or two. There is a Adding a phone holder to the arm would make it easier for people like me to watch bike repair videos while we work on the bike. The new cycling community has grown rapidly since the beginning of the Pandemic, so it's obvious that no unit has that feature yet. I will be happy to complain if a new work stand is provided to me for testing such an innovation.

👤This is the first bicycle repair stand I have ever purchased. It was more than half the price of a Park stand, so I was a little skeptical at first. I don't do my own repairs but I wanted a stand to clean my bicycle and do some light maintenance work. It took me 30 minutes to put it together. The stand is sturdy and looks good. I used the chain cleaning kit immediately. It makes cleaning the chain much easier. I was impressed with the way it was folded back up after being used for storage. I don't have a lot of room so this was appreciated. I plan on taking it with me on a road trip this spring so folding it makes it a lot easier to do. I would recommend this stand to anyone who needs one.

👤This is a very well built product and it is a great price. The instructions are not the best. I was able to figure it out from the pictures, but I wish the instructions were more clear. I would recommend this product. I did some maintenance on my Cannondale hybrid and it was very sturdy.

👤Forget the other repair stands, forget the Herro bike repair stand. There is a My brother used to own a bike shop. He bought some stands. We used to use the Park stand. There is a The Herro Stand is much cheaper than the other Park stands. The Herro stand has more features than Park. You won't be disappointed if you buy this stand.

👤I haven't done any maintenance on it yet, but my bike is still holding up. It has rubber grips so it doesn't scratch the finish. I look like the head will be backwards, but it is not. I don't worry about it for the price because it does wobble a little when I push on it.

8. Bikehand Bike Repair Stand Maintenance

Bikehand Bike Repair Stand Maintenance

Use for bike repair kit,allen key set,small tool kit,tool kits,bike tool,tool sets for men,pry bar set, home tool kit,tool kits for home,trek mountain bike,mountain bikes for all of the above. The package includes a multi-functional repair tool, bike wrench, tire lever, and delivery date by USPS. There is a dual function. The repair stand is more rigid than portable or foldable floor type. It can handle a lot of bike work, such as removing and installing pedals. At any angle, the max bike weight limit is 55 lbs. ROTATED HEAD: Smart Design: head rotates at an angle. The teeth are heavy and well made. The wall is close to the center of the clamp. It isdurable: The bike work stand has been in the market for a long time. One of the most reliable and durable bicycle repairs stands is available for home or shop uses. They have enough parts for any claim. Any flat surface or wall can have mounts. Bolts not included. You can watch the video in the listing. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤I bolted this to my workbench for about 2 years. It's easy to use, sturdy, and has enough clearance from the workbench to allow you to work on the bike and pedal the bike. I bought another one for my shed because I liked it so much.

👤It works well in terms of movement, but it doesn't hold the bike steady. It's pretty disappointing.

👤It works great, but only if you line up the cogs to lock it in place. Would prefer steel levers for their longevity and ease of use.

👤These bike hand stands are wonderful. Great products.

👤The item was great for the price. We built.

👤I have all the park tools that Ann could not use, I just got a bad one, and my e-bike broke when I tried to clean it. Pissed.

👤I ordered the wall and bench mount versions, but received the bench mount version. I accepted the vendor's offer to refund the difference. The vendor has no complaints. I can't give the bench clamp more than 3 stars. Here's why. It is not possible to place the bike far away from the bench to turn the pedals. You have to remove a pedal first. There are two more It isn't high enough on a bench. I cut the stem and welded it to the pipe. I have a sturdy mount in my basement. It's comfortable to work on our family's bicycles because it's very solid. There is a The mechanisms for the rotation and clamping are built well. They're a bit bulky compared to professional bike stands, but I can't fault the construction or ease of use. The jaw pads protect the finish from scratches. Most people won't be comfortable with all the destructive modifications needed, but I'm happy with mine.

9. ROCKBROS Workbench Workstand Adjustable Maintenance

ROCKBROS Workbench Workstand Adjustable Maintenance

Bicycle maintenance space. You need to keep your bike in good running order if you ride regularly, commute or trail work. The bike repair stand is easy to use and can be used in your home or garage. The wall mount bike repair stand can be mounted stably and easily. The wall mounted bike clamp is a strong arm with a firm grip that holds your bike in a fixed position so you can clean or repair it easier. The rotating Clamp allows your bike to be held in any angle. It is possible to protect your bike frame with a certain type of material. The height of the bike repair stand can be adjusted from 39 cm/15.35inch to 55 cm/21.65inch, perfect for mountain road bikes and small bikes. The home bike maintenance rack is made of iron. The wall beach mount repair stand can be used for general maintenance and cleaning. Hold up to 20 kilo/ 44 kilo mounted on a work bench, less than 20 kilo/ 44 kilo mounted on a wall. You can install the bike repair stand on the wall, on the bench, or even on the ground. It takes up less space and is more convenient to keep at home because it locks in place against the wall.

Brand: Rockbros

👤It will work for my needs and the price was great, but I wish the extension on the frame was a little bit longer as the pedals don't clear the workbench. I will probably make a change to correct this. It seems to work. I'm wondering if the plastic collar on the seat post will fail in the future and allow the weight of a heavier bike to pull the front wheel down, if I'm able to use the seat post to hold bikes by the seat tube or seat post. Will look into the possibility of looking into some shims.

👤I was looking for a way to use one of my speaker stands instead of buying a whole bike stand. This works well. In a few of the photos it is holding my full suspension Motobecane, and in the other photos it is holding my lighter road bike. It has enough strength and rigidity to hold both bikes. Five stars!

👤The seatpost will not hold a bike when attached to the rack. The weight... If you have an older bike that has cables under the top tube, you can't use the rack to adjust the brakes. I would like to return it but it's too late.

👤I'm pretty disappointed in this product, but the saying holds true. You get what you pay for. There is a You want to hold your bike by the seat tube. The seat tube/post is the only thing you will replace if the bike gets damaged. I mounted my bikes by the seat tube and they both moved towards the front tire. The bikes were more vertical than horizontal. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone if they were trying to store a cheap bike.

👤It was easy to install. Holds bike up, but not with ease. It would be nice if the bike was further from the wall, but it would require heavier gauge steel pipes and a better anchoring system. It works as advertised but with some limitations. You should get a stand if you have more room and money. This will have to be done if you don't.

👤I bought the product because it was cheap. It is cheaply made and does not hold the bike steady.

👤added length to it. It works as well as the professional ones for several hundreds of dollars.

👤I expect a long time of service from this stand, it is well built and made of sturdy steel pipes and good quality components. There is a As it is sturdy and stiff, you will need to mount it very firmly to a strong base that has zero flex/yield. I bolted the stand to the wall and it works.

10. Erfo Wall Mounted Foldable Bicycle Maintenance

Erfo Wall Mounted Foldable Bicycle Maintenance

Before leaving the factory, all bike stands undergo a professional test. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will give you a 3 years factory warranty. Heavy-Duty Construction The bike repair stand is made of plastic and steel. The wall-mounted repair rack is stronger than the portable or foldable repair rack. You can put it on any wall or column. The bicycle maintenance rack can be locked in place against a wall. Not take up a lot of space. TheAdjustable Clamp The degree of adjustment for bike frames is 1 to 1.5. There is a multi-vehicle application. There is a bike repair stand. It is a great accessory for cyclists. You can install on the wall. The repair rack needs to be on a stable wall. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the dry wall.

Brand: Erfo

👤I like that it holds my bike. I don't like that it doesn't rotation. It's fine for the price.

11. Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

Unisky Mechanics Workstand Maintenance Mountain

It's common on one piece cranks. With the quick-release handle and the turning button, you can reach every part of a bike, facilitating your work when repairing, holding tightly but not damaging the bike's finish. STEADY AND STABLE: The desk-mount repair stand is more stable than normal floor one. It can help deal with difficult bike maintenance work by stabilizing and mounting in the surface. The front or rear wheel is still stable even after being taken off. You can mount the bike repair stand on any flat surface. It is convenient to remove pedals and install pedals when dealing with bicycle maintenance. The bike repair stand is strong and sturdy. The maximum weight capacity of the bike maintenance rack is 66 lbs. The main part of the bike workstation is a premium steel tube. The size is known. The total height is from the bottom to the top. The width is from the front of the turning button to the back. The main rod height is 18.89” The support fee has a distance between it and the holes. Measure the size between the holes before assembly.

Brand: Unisky

👤The unit is sturdy. If you mount the ebike correctly, it will hold it securely. There is one fatal flaw. The arm the head is mounted to is not in line with the arm it is attached to. The arm is not parallel to the ground when you mount it. If you hold the bike by the top tube, it's not a big deal. It's best to hold the bike by the seat post. The head is not parallel to the ground, so there is no way to hold the bike by the seat tube, which makes adjusting a rear derailleur or sizing a chain much more difficult than they should be. There is a problem when holding a mountain bike by the seat post. I would have returned it immediately if I had seen this before I mounted it. I swear at it every time I work on two of my three bikes because I have already mounted it. If you want to hold a bike by the seat post, buy something else. If you only plan to use the top tube on the heavy bike, it will work just fine.

👤The stand is flimsy. The advertised weight will not be good. I don't want my bike to be on a 45* angle. If you want to return it, you have to pay the international postal service. I am not happy with their return policy. I wouldn't buy this stand again.

👤I was going to give a glowing review, but everyone else has already covered it for me. Even if it's a little redundant, I'll make this quick. It's more convenient than a stand-style, and I like the all-black industrial look. My bike cave is made of pine and iron, so this stand fits in well with the feel of the room, much better than my friend's blue and grey stand that I've been borrowing. This works in practical application as well. The rotation isn't quite as refined, but it still does the job and is just as nice as the blue and grey stand, at 1/6 the price. I can fit my seat tube on my FS and still work. It creates a weird angle, but the great thing about this is that you can raise/lower/pivot the vertical shaft, or any combination of those, and find a good angle. Since my dropper post is a dropper post, I have to wipe the seatpost itself clean before I try to fit it, or else the bike wants to spin due to the head being on a slight angle. My buddy's seatpost was fine with no rotation. The lever to release the head rotation lock is small, like someone else's tiny complaint. I can usually do it with one hand. I don't think there will be quality issues with this. We're pretty hard on tools and we'll definitely put this through the ringer because I have a couple friends that come by to ride and work on their beer and fat bikes. I will update this post if I find any quality issues.


What is the best product for bicycle repair stand bench mount?

Bicycle repair stand bench mount products from Park Tool. In this article about bicycle repair stand bench mount you can see why people choose the product. Bike Hand and Cxwxc are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle repair stand bench mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle repair stand bench mount?

Park Tool, Bike Hand and Cxwxc are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle repair stand bench mount. Find the detail in this article. Feedback Sports, Dnc and Herro are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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