Best Bicycle Rear Rack for Disc Brakes

Rack 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. ThreeH Bicycle Adjustable Aluminum Reflector

ThreeH Bicycle Adjustable Aluminum Reflector

The bicycle cargo rack has bars that are W-shaped to prevent pannier from hitting the tires. It does not fit folding bikes and bicycles with shock absorption. The load capacity is a durable steel rack. It is made of high quality aluminum. It's suitable for most bicycles, such as road bike, mountain bike, fat bike. The shelf length is 55 cm, the width is 14.2 cm, and the panel length is 35.5 cm. It can be adjusted for many kinds of bikes. It is easy to Mount. The side protecting frame protects your luggages from being scratched. The Elastic Cords and Red Rear Reflector Lamp can make you safer to ride at night and keep your luggage secure.

Brand: Threeh

👤I needed a rear rack for my bike. I was confident that the rack would fit my tires, and it looks great. Several people complained about the rack breaking or failing with light loads, so I went with caution. LOOSELY assemble everything. Don't tighten anything too much. Next, you need to tighten the seat post and mount it on the seat post. The carrier is mounted above the tire so that you can adjust/tighten everything else. Take your time and get everything else mounted/adjusted. I added a few lock washers in areas where I didn't want to have to tighten things on the trail if they came loose, but otherwise was able to install without issue. If you tightened one side and then tightened the other side, you would accidentally stress a tube or joint, and not know it until your load snapped something. Work from side to side. You can get a good install. I went to the grocery store for the first time with a cooler. I put a gallon of milk, a bag of apples, a family pack of chicken, and a few other things into the cooler and it was a heavy load. I'm confident in the product and installation, and no issues came up.

👤Was not impressed by the description that I put up to 120 lbs on and rode 20 miles. The frame support arms broke off as they were bolting through the rack. Went cheap and got what I paid for. Will be purchasing a more expensive rack. It would be okay for someone to just strap a lunch box to it.

👤I tested the rack on multiple frames to make sure it would fit a variety of bikes. This is a sturdy rack. I only had a few moments to put it together. If you're in a hurry, there was one extra washer and one extra nut. I'm not sure if it will hold the full weight, but it will work for 75 or so. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The side pieces and wing things don't fit in, so it's not five stars. You have to rely on this page because there is no instruction in this item. The holes don't line up on the mount. I can't use them. Trying to get in touch with the seller to get a partial refund.

👤Doesn't work well. It sways back and forth if you hit a bump in the road. The bolts on the underside of the bike were rusty when I put it on the Topeak rack. I should have returned it immediately.

2. ICOCOPRO Bicycle Frame Mounted Adjustable Equipment

ICOCOPRO Bicycle Frame Mounted Adjustable Equipment

The package includes a rack body, support bar, screws, rubber gasket, form gasket, and installation tool. 50KG/110lb. Also, note: If you don't receive the installation tool, please contact them. SOLID & STURDY: Made of high strong alumimum alloy which are strong and well built. The bike rack will support your cargo when you are popping to the shops, on a riding tour or on your commute. Even carry the people. Carries up to 120lb. It is possible to adjust the fit of most bicycles, such as road bike, mountain bike and etc. The kids' bike cannot be used. You can adjust the height as you please. Use this bicycle carrier rack for more than one thing. Ear fodder is included. If you have a bag under the bike luggages carrier rack, you can protect it from the elements. The side frame keeps the panniers from rubbing on the tire. The installation is called the Quick Release. You can change the seat height with the quick release seat post or cargo rack. Installation instructions video is in the "Related Videos" It is safe to say that it is safe minded. The red rear reflectors increase visibility on the night cycling. The bike cargo rack has a shelf length of 22 and a panel length of 14. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Icocopro

👤When I first looked at it, I was hesitant to buy it. This was definitely a win, even though it can be difficult to purchase from Amazon. I used to work as a bike mechanic and discounted my carbon fat bike. I should have gotten a steel or aluminum framed bike, but it's a killer race bike and the carbon has more to it than the eye can see. The rack can fit onto any frame and has the space to put up to 5 inch tires underneath it. When you tighten the frame on the carbon bike, make sure to snug it up tight so that there is no chance of it snapping through the frame. If you have a metal seat post, the seat post will work. This bike is ready to be used for packing and grocery shopping in the North. With a load capacity of over 100 lbs, I don't think the rack will be giving up anytime soon. There are pictures of the amount of space. It isn't hard to figure out the instructions that came with the rack setup. It took me less than five minutes to set it up.

👤Many pannier bags wont strap to the side hoops because they are short. They're not manufactured square to the rack itself, are very difficult to install, and aren't secured with fasteners, so who knows if they'll pop off over abump one day. There is no provision for mounting a rear light. The angle of my drop-outs didn't help in clearing the cabling for the rear brakes and derailleur, as the arms had to be mounted at an extreme angle. The design of the post-mount up front makes it ride higher than most hard-mounted racks which causes decreased stability. This struck me immediately because I run rack and bags on most of my bikes. It took a while to install. There is a If you don't have braze-ons for a rack, this is an option but I'm disappointed in my purchase. I have returned the item. I tried it on three bikes and all had problems. The side hoops were so bad that my bags swung into the spokes and caused the cassette to skip teeth. You won't be able to install this if you have a rear derailleur or brake cable running. I tried fitting this to two other bikes, but they had the same issue. The third bike has a seat post that's too thick and the front is too small. I decided to return it after three strikes. There is a If you have a fat-bike and want a rack for it, the good news is that it clears 4 tires. Don't forget to watch for the cables.

3. Without Reserve Mounting Aluminum Pannier

Without Reserve Mounting Aluminum Pannier

Also, note: The rear red reflectors increase visibility on the night cycling. The bungee cord can be stretched around your bag or gears for extra security. COMPATIBILITY: Outside diameter is 31.6mm and 34.9mm only. It's designed for mountain bikes with no pannier rack mounting holes. It's compatible with disc brake bikes. It's compatible with almost all bikes. Not compatible with dual suspension bikes. Extra heavy duty. The rack is made of aluminum. The maximum loading limit is 60 lbs. It's great for baby seats and luggage bags. The rack can be adjusted to fit all sizes of bikes. The top of the rack is parallel to the ground. There is a tail light mount and two spacers. The type of attachment is high-precision. A large platform. The platform length is 345 x 140 x 310mm and the platform width is 13.6 x 5.5 x 12.2 inch. There is a package with a rack and seat post. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤This is a decent rack for the price. I use it for bicycle touring. The rack has about 60 lbs on it. Very sturdy. Panniers can easily connect to it. It has clearance for disc brakes.

👤The mountain bike that this unit was installed on did not have standard mounting options. The hardware provided was very helpful and saved a lot of money.

👤The seller was good at communicating and sending missing items over in a reasonable time. It's been used for a month now with 25LBS on it for a daily commute of 40 miles. I had to make a couple of adjustments to make it fit. There is a Time will tell if the skewer will last.

👤The fit, finish and construction are very good. The qr skewer is a bit skinnier than the original. The ortlieb city roller has a rack fit for panniers. I'm satisfied, but a little worried about the longevity of the qr skewer.

👤No instructions are included. The rack is installed correctly.

👤Since my sixthreezero evryjourney cruiser bike seat sits at a deeper angle than most, I had a hard time finding a cargo rack that would fit securely in the seat post. The rack did the trick. It's nice and heavy-duty and holds my child's seat. The seat secures to the rack like it was made for them. If you own a bike, I used two small rubber furniture pads to make the post attachment more secure, since the smaller one is a little too big. It's very snug and not going anywhere. I wanted a seat post attachment, but it didn't work out. I attached the rack without the mounting bars because the rear fender was removed. If you're not hauling a small child, you could easily mount it above the fender and have it secure for your cargo. I secured the fender spokes with nuts and attached each side of the rack to the upper holes using longer black bolts. It clears the chain on that side. Also, note: I had to squeeze the sidebars inward so that the rack would fit my bike. It's not easy but you can do it, and it doesn't seem to affect the integrity or sturdiness at all. The installation video has no instructions in it.

👤The seat pole brackets didn't fit my seat pole, that's the only problem I found. If you don't know Jimmy Barnes, make sure you have a cold chisel. You can either mount to the frame behind the seat or the seat poles are similar to the products range of sizes. There is a I might know more about the construction after touring it.

4. Dirza Bicycle Release Adjustable Capacity

Dirza Bicycle Release Adjustable Capacity

MULTI-PURPOSE The bicycle basket can be used as a tote bag for a variety of items. Remove the basket and carry food or other things for a day of sun, surf, and relaxation. As a pet bike carrier, you can take your dog on the road. STURDY: The bike carrier rack is made of strong and well built aluminum alloy. Immediate release: The seat post has a quick release mount. It is easy to install and you can get installation instructions. Large load. The carrier rack is made of lightweight aluminum and can carry up to 115 lbs. W-shaped bars are designed to prevent pannier from hitting the tires. Your pannier is kept safe. The shelf and bottom rods are for mountain bike and road bike types. Is not compatible with Suspension bike,Fat tire bike, Women's cruiser bike, Bike seat,ect. The nuts are locked. The rubber inside the nut will prevent you from tightening it. Use a tool to tighten the nut.

Brand: Dirza

👤I bought this rack because my wife and I don't like riding bikes without our dog with us. He's too big for the chest harnesses and small to be able to run beside us for a long time. I wanted a rack that would support a 26 pound dog and be stable, so I wanted one that would attach to the seat and the bars would go back to the rear tire. There is a We went on a bike ride on a gravel road that paralleled the river we were fishing. I didn't have to stop or adjust anything out of the whole 12 miles because the rack stayed on and my dog was secured in the crate. The rack will only be used occasionally. Even if my dog wasn't happy to be in it, I'm very happy with how it's held up.

👤Update nearly 4 months, and only two uses, and it's an absolute piece of trash. My initial observations were that aluminum was soft and cheap. The quick release handle collapsed when I tried to attach it again. I was not using excessive force, a tool, or a lever. There is a The rest is bad. The materials are cheap, even at this price. The soft aluminum dents when the screws are barely tightened. The material gap on one side of the rack was bridged with a weld because of the loose tolerances for where the wire rim goes around the top of the rack. There is a The mount is made so that it is nearly impossible to mount a light in its place. It seems like a safety measure that management insisted on, and at the last minute, it was added to the design, or it was a small attempt at covering the end of the main tube. It is useless to me if I can not light it. There is a The welds are not perfect. Some are good and some are bad. It seems that quality control gives an easy pass. There is a The loops are useless. They are too short. I don't have a tape measure, but I guess they extend 6” down from the bolts, which isn't enough for common attachment methods. I can not use the panniers with this. I think the best word to describe the loops is decorative. You could say it's cute, but functional. No. My kit was missing something. There is a The hardware is basic, just nuts and bolts. It adds more weight. Although they include tools, it is also quite unattractive in an industry obsessed with clean looks. There is a The bad: The good If your bike doesn't have a rack, you can use this, it's a rare setup. If you choose an option other than the middle, you will need longer screws, not included.

👤I wanted a rack for my commute on an older carbon fiber road frame that doesn't have mounting points on the chainstays. The plan was to put the things I need to bring to work in a rack. There is a The seatpost mount and chainstay braces made this rack very secure. I added 15 lbs in the panniers and it feels great. There were no problems during my ride.

5. West Biking Universal Adjustable Equipment

West Biking Universal Adjustable Equipment

The red rear lamp can make you safer to ride at night. Your luggages are protected from being scratched by the wheel or spokes with the side protecting frame. The load bearing is made of aluminum alloy and solid steel. Strong load is essential for long rides. Also, note: After you have used it for a while, please check the screws in the parts. The Universal Shelf isFits 20. To 73.6 CM is the ideal fit for most bikes. The children's bike and the Trek Verve are not usable. Installation tools and instructions are included. The front and rear of the shelf are adjusted. The seat post has a diameter of 3 cm. The 3-Point Load bearing design is more uniform. A more comfortable and safe reflector. Flanks extend to protect your bag from the spokes. No more fretting about your bag getting caught in the spokes. The inner ring is held together with a shockproof nut layer which prevents the rack from shaking during rides. The rear bike rack has many different designs and can be adjusted to fit different bikes. The support rods can be adjusted in length. The width of the tires should not be greater than 4.5". It fits fat bikes.

Brand: West Biking

👤It took a bit of adjusting and figuring out where to put the mounting points, but in the end they were very sturdy and solid. Comes with all the bolts and nuts. I had to maneuver through the system on the e bike. I had to leave one arm off because there was no room. It is still very solid. I will buy another one if I get another bike. There is a Place all bolts and nuts in a way that will allow them to be adjusted before being tightened. The two dog-leg arms are molded specifically to be on the right and left, so make sure you look at each one to see which one goes where, if you tighten the bolts it will warp one of the bolt slots. When using the FOAM SPACERS, stick them on the mounts. If you need to take them off or adjust them, you can use the mounts.

👤I bought a cheap rack for my bike and it broke the same day. I rigged it to work for what I needed, but one day it broke and almost took my tire with it. I went online and found this one. I had thought it was cheap, but seeing it says it can hold more than 300 lbs, I decided it was not. My bike doesn't use standard piping so it took 30 minutes to install. I adjusted it to the height I needed and used the rubber bits to keep the supports in place. I loaded up my bags and left for home immediately after I took it out for the grocery run. It was a 7 mile round trip with 60 lbs of goods and it didn't show any signs of giving. I've transported other people on it. A friend of mine needed to get to the store up the way from where we lived and while he thought I was joking when I offered him a lift, he finally got on. He is not light. He says he's over 200 lbs., he felt like more. We got there and there was no issue with the rack. It did not bend or sway. I've tried everything I can to get it to 300lb+ capacity and my bike has shown more issues than the rack has ever had. It works great with bikes that don't have standard rack installs. This has been the best investment for my cheap fixed gear bike because it has no standard mounting options.

6. Ibera PakRak Commuter Bicycle Carrier

Ibera PakRak Commuter Bicycle Carrier

Ideally used with backpacks, baskets, and panniers. Ibera's Mini Commuter Bag can be released within 3 seconds with the Ibera pakRak clip-on quick-release. It works on most 700c and 26" frames. The weight is 1.4 lbs (64 g). It can carry up to 22 lbs. It's suited for folding bikes or small wheeled bikes.

Brand: Ibera

👤It works well on larger seatposts but not on 25.4mm seat post. If you don't move it, it will stay put on the seatpost. I was able to solve the problem by cutting an extra piece of rubber from a tube and adding it to the rubber that came with it. There is an update on 8/28/16. The system works just fine with a carbon seatpost despite the instruction not to use it. I have the Cannondale C2 Carbon seatpost and have had over 20LBS in the bag. I weighed 170LBS and sat on the seat bouncing. I like it.

👤I bought two mountain bikes for myself and my wife to commute on. My model is larger than hers at 26. Since the idea was to be able to use these for trips to work, the local markets, and general recreation in and around Minneapolis the idea was always to purchase a carrier to add to the bikes. This is a review of my wife's bike. I have posted a review for my bike that uses the IB-RA1. The challenge is that the Mongoose's have an independent rear suspension. Having one precludes any ability to mount a more classic style bike rack with supports attached to the real wheel hub, which is great for potholes, cobblestones, curbs and posteriors. The single-post units by Ibera solve the problem by mounting only to the seat post frame. There is a Since my wife is height-challenged, finding a way to install the unit on her bike was a major consideration. I was able to solve the problem by removing the seat post clamp and using the Ibera rack to do double-duty as both the support for itself and the seat post. The added benefit of this approach was that the Ibera clamp is much stronger than the original "quick-release" clamp that came with the Mongoose, and since it uses a hex-head bolt to secure the assembly, there was no chance that someone would use it. The larger down tube on the bicycle could be accommodated by the larger clamp on the rack. The rack is very stiff and has very little flex. I am pretty sure it could accommodate a bit more when secured in this way. Since it only mounts to the seat post/downtube, there is no interference with the real-wheel independent suspension, if one mounts the rack high enough not to interfere with the travel of the rear wheel. There is a The unit's construction is almost completely made of high- strength aluminum and it looks like it could last a long time. The orange trim clips on the rack are the only concern. I will be curious to see how well the plastic holds up over a long period of time, as I have the Ibera Mini-Bike Bag snapped and unsnapped from the rack on a regular basis. The rack is best used for smaller bikes. While the rack was meant to fit my Wife's Mongoose, it was a bit small and short for my unit. The IB-RA1 model has more adjustments and looks better on a larger bike frame. There is a This is a great solution for our needs. I would recommend anyone with a similar challenge to look at this rack.

7. Outtag Retractable Aluminum Bicycle Install

Outtag Retractable Aluminum Bicycle Install

It is easy to Portability. The bike trunk bag has a handle and a shoulder strap that can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag. High quality The bicycle carrier rack is made of a high quality hard aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and can bear more weight. It is equipped with screws that can help you ride in rainy or humid environments and keep your bike clean. Load Capacity and Unique Design are included. The bike luggage rack can hold up to 20 lbs, which makes it easy to transport your luggage. The seatpost's strength can be used to increase the weight. The raised front flap and slightly raised tail help to keep the cargo in place and prevent it from falling off. The black color is more resistant to dirt. It's easy to install a shelf on the sitting post of the bike rack. The included rubber pad and L wrench make it easy to install. Allow you to transport your cargo with ease and efficiency, it's perfect for use with backpacks, baskets, etc. The mounting rod is attached to the bicycle seatpost. It is easy to store and fit different bikes. This rear rack is perfect for a long cycling trip and excursions to embrace enough daily necessities. It is suitable for most bicycles. The shelf length is 34 cm (13.4 inch) wide and 12 cm (4 inch) deep and is suitable for most bicycles seat rod caliber is under 32mm/1.3 inch. The seat tube diameter is 27.2-31.8mm/1.2-1.3 inch. All customers enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee. If the purchase is not satisfactory, customers can return and get a refund. There is no risk in trying. The package includes a bike cargo rack, rubber pads, and an Allen key.

Brand: Outtag

👤It broke after 2 weeks of use. The cheap aluminum snapped under the bouncing and should never be more than about 10 lbs.

👤30 hours of road time using this rack, and only carrying a 10lb. Load. It was cleaned off where it was welded together. My wife was taking it off the stand and not biking down the road at night. Don't buy. Avoid for your own safety.

👤I converted my mountain bike to an electric one. I've only been able to ride up and down my driveway because of the weather. I had a chance to go for a real ride and it took me 5 minutes to get over a curb with the rack snapped. I had to ride home while holding the battery because my rear tire wasn't damaged. The battery and case is rated for up to 22 lbs. I'm out the money because I was too late to return.

👤This was what I was looking for. The bike I was using does not have threaded mounts for a standard bike rack. I needed a piece of furniture to hold my style. I could not find a drop down style that required me to raise the seat. I saved a few inches of height because this was straight back on the seat post. Exactly what I needed.

👤The bike rack broke in 2 months. There is a The company sent a replacement after I contacted them. I have increased my review to 4 stars for customer service. It's possible that the product I received was not good, because the seller has been so responsive.

👤I put this carrier on my bike, which is a Next Avalon Comfort Series dual- suspension bike. I chose this particular carrier because it can be mounted to a variety of different bikes. I was able to modify the arms that attach to the seat stays and use P-clamps from a local hardware store. I wish I had a better way to upload pictures of the completed installation. The carrier looks very sturdy, but I may never fully utilize the 55 pound carrying capacity. I will use this to see how it performs.

👤My son's bike has several types of bike rack. This brand is the only one that works. The rest have been wobbly. I can put a bike basket on the back of the rack. If the screws on the back of the bike rack come loose, I add a zip tie and hook the rack to the bike seat just in case.

👤The seat post held this rack well. It feels sturdy and lightweight. I chose it because I wanted to carry a light bag. Extending the sliding adjustment was necessary to fit behind the seat. The seat post mounting arrangement is not suited to heavy loading or rugged riding. If you want to haul a heavy load in the trunk, you should look for a rack that has mounts on both sides. The mounting bolts tend to loosen up gradually, probably because I did not use the shims, so I tighten them with my multitool once in a while. If you stay within the design parameters of a seat post mounting type rack, you should be happy with the product's longevity.

8. Generies Universal Adjustable Equipment Footstock

Generies Universal Adjustable Equipment Footstock

Attaching saddlebags, luggage, and other accessories is possible with the side frame. The aluminum alloy material is suitable for most bicycles such as road bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, children's bicycles and the Trev Verve bicycles cannot be used. Three-point load-bearing design. The load-bearing is more uniform. It is more convenient and safer. The frame is durable. The actual load of 80 kilogram is strong and durable. The panel length is 38.5 cm. It is suitable for all kinds of bicycles. It's easy to install. It's suitable for use with backpacks, baskets, etc. Both V-brake system and disc-brake system bikes are supported for installation, and they are easy to run long distance on.

Brand: Generies

👤Thank you for rating Andrew's video. The unit has no directions at all. The video made assembling the unit easier. It was difficult to level the rack onto the bike because of the many bolts and moving parts. Something else would fall out if I secured one section. The 2 parts that came off the seat stay were the worst. Those fell out. The rubber pieces that go on the downstays fell out. There is a I've been trying to tighten it down for over an hour. The difficulty with assembly made me give this rack 2 stars. I haven't yet used the rack. My rating can go up or down depending on how difficult it is. Get another set of hands to hold the rack. It was ridiculous to do this by yourself.

👤I like that the rack is universal to a lot of frame types, but it doesn't fit well with mountain bike frames with out the mounting screws on seat stay. I made a short video for people who would like to put one together.

👤It worked out well on our bike. The rear carrier was attached to the seat post. It worked well. We couldn't attach the rear carrier anymore because we needed a spring loaded seatpost. We adapted the rear carrier to the Mongoose Malus. It has a lot of clearance for the rear fender and can easily be used for upright support. I am very happy with it and will recommend it. Well made and strong. Thanks!

👤The quality of the rack could be better. The bike has a large hub and disc brakes. It is strong enough to hold what I carry. I wouldn't trust it with over 40 lbs. There are no screws or holes to attach my bike to the lower clamps. I am quite happy with the rack.

👤Cyclists need to carry cargo on their bike. There are panniers for short trips and bike touring. It's not complicated to install, but it takes some time. It is recommended for bicycles with front mounts.

👤The installation instructions of any kind were not provided, other than a video on Amazon. Attempted to follow along with the video and discovered that the rack is not as universal as it was made out to be. I stripped the threads of one of the holes after I failed to install the two rods that attach the bike near the seat.

9. RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

RUJOI Aluminum Mechanic Tool Free Adjuster

Comes with brake pads. The mechanical disc brake system has 2 aluminum front and back caliper, 2 sets of 160mm Rotors, and 6 bolts. The front and rear of the IMD international dimensions are 160/180mm and 160mm disc. The easy assembly includes a tool-free pad adjuster, no need for a plum six angle screwdriver, and no need to disassemble the caliper. High quality repair or upgrade part is ideal replacement. Just for you, an out of box experience. The model of the Universal Brake Pad is compliant. The Spyre is called the TRP HY/RD.

Brand: Rujoi

👤What a change. The electric bike brakes were not stopping. I was going to replace the pads but found this product. I might as well get a fresh start by replacing the rotors and calipers. There is a I took it out for a test after the install. The brakes would lock the wheel if I wanted. The bike did not do that with the original brakes. I can't believe how well they do. I feel safe riding my bike again. I would have bought these sooner.

👤I can't recommend people buy these when the brakes function as intended. I've seen these calipers have issues with caliper migration, which is when the mounts are filed down to the brackets using a file. As soon as I get my new fork, I will throw these things in the trash. I made sure they were there. I made sure they were on the same page. Stay away if you feel like adjusting your brake caliper every time you ride your bike.

👤I have Phil Wood hubs. No way this brake system will fit, it includes any other threaded hub system that I know of. I tried this with a drop-out accessory for the hubs. You will need a fork on the front. Finding a fork that also allows for the rack and fenders will be a challenge. I don't know of a system that allows the use of a disk on the rear of a road bike. There are mounts for flat plates. The smallest of these mounts is too big for a road bike and precluded the use of fender and/or rack. Without using fender/rack, the flat plate adaptor can interfere with wheel removal.

👤I bought these to upgrade the brakes on my Cannondale MTB as part of the conversion to electric. The kit came with a couple of arms. It was not difficult to get a good feel for the levers. The stock v-brakes are not as good at stopping power. Pull the arm just before the point of engagement and tighten the cable if you want to pre-load the brake. They aren't the most powerful brakes out there, but you get a lot for the money. If you decide you need more power later, your investment is not lost because they can be used with larger rotors. It is not possible to say that it is. No brake is not a substitute for situational awareness, ride smart, and pay attention to what is down the road.

👤These two stars were given to them because they were well packaged and had good instructions. The performance and stopping power of the V-brakes I wanted to replace were not as good after installation. I might try disk brakes again, probably with a known brand, since I would expect better performance. The disks seem to be okay, so I can probably use them.

👤When I upgraded the wheels on my mountain bike, I installed these. You don't have to study the instructions or pay attention to mounting the calipers correctly to install them. I think they perform a bit better than my old V-brakes, and there is no more grinding noise from the pads and wheel. I think the high pitched sound from the rear brake is temporary and caused by dust getting onto the pads.

10. West Biking Universal Adjustable Reflective

West Biking Universal Adjustable Reflective

The Easy-Ride pedal conversion kit can help you get more years out of your previous investment. You could add years to your child's riding time by adding pedals. It is suitable for most bicycles, such as road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, etc. The kids' bike and the Trek Verve are not suitable for use. Easy to install, come with tools and instruction. The rack body can be adjusted in size. Also, note: This product is sold by West Biking and will not be shipped if you buy it with caution. The panel length is 35.5 cm and the shelf length is 55 cm. The seat tube can be adjusted for different kinds of bikes. It is easy to Mount. It's perfect for use with backpacks, baskets, and more. The Unpack contains 1 rack body, 6 support bar, 7 screws, 2 rubber gasket, form gasket, and 1 installation tool. The red rear reflectors increase visibility on the night cycling. Also, note: This product is sold by West Biking, so please buy with caution. 30 day money back guarantee. West Biking customers have a 30 day money back guarantee. If the purchase is not satisfactory, customers can return and get a refund. There is no risk in trying. Also, note: After you have used it for a while, please check the screws in the parts.

Brand: West Biking

👤The nuts and bolts on this rack are terrible. The bolts on the support arm broke off and the bolts on the rack were rusted. The seatpost's hardware appears to be all aluminum. I need to find replacement hardware for all of my groceries because the clamp is very strong and can handle the weight.

👤Don't buy. Poor design can jam a tire and cause a dangerous crash. If the support bar is loosened enough it will jam your tire and cause you to crash. If you want to avoid a jam on your tire, buy a better design with a better support bar. Only buy one with a solid support bar or one with a deep well where they connect. I flew about 15 feet and rolled a few times and banged my body and took a week to get over the swelling of my knee and hip. Don't buy this because of the bad design.

👤You will not beat this product for the price. It can be installed as a simple quick release on the seat post for easy removal, but keep in mind the weight limit should be kept under 15 pounds. The arms will handle about 100 pounds. Installation: The screws sit into waterproof nuts so turning them is difficult as it should be otherwise the nuts would rattle off. Installation is very easy if you use a real wrench and an allen key. You don't want to catch clothing on the exposed screw lengths if you install all screws with screw head facing outside. I was surprised how far up my forks the connection needed to be. Who cares that the Reflector came broken? The simple passive ones are worthless if you want to install a real flashing reflector on the back. You can get 2 of them for $12 at Ascher, they are very lightweight, sturdy, and a great deal.

👤The cargo rack is very sturdy and has great adjustment options to fit just about any bike. I had to do a little bit of adjustment myself to make it fit, since the top rack can be slid back and forth and secured to new spots along the main shaft, which was a pleasant surprise for me. The parts that showed up were in good condition, but I have only minor complaints about the rack and bars. They appeared to have been dragged against a rough surface or hit with a hard object, but they didn't get in the way of construction. There are just minor aesthetic flaws. The side guards were too far apart to line up with the necessary screw holes, but a little pressure on them made them fit in the spots I needed them to. There is a I have a personal problem with the rack that uses a quick-release mechanism. I don't want to use quick-release on my bike, so I would have liked it if it came with a more permanent option. The rest of its construction is held down by screws against the rack and bike frame, so this is not really a bad thing, in the end. There is a The bungee cord is thin and flimsy, and I couldn't figure out how to secure it onto the bike. I plan on using a pannier bag with this rack, so this doesn't really matter to me. I can use smaller and thicker bungee cords if I need them for a more secure hold against the body. I almost bought a rack from Walmart that could carry up to 20 pounds, but I decided against it because it was worth the extra cost.

11. Blackburn EX 1 Bicycle Rack Black

Blackburn EX 1 Bicycle Rack Black

It's wide and narrow. The grids were designed with 29er or 700c wheels in mind, but will fit most wheel sizes. The product is light weight and strong.

Brand: Blackburn

👤I wanted a rack that didn't add a lot of weight to my bike. This one is a little lighter than most of the others, but still retaining strength. It is a minimalist design. I like the black finish. It was easy to install and a perfect fit. This rack fit on my disk brake bike even though it is not advertised as a disk brake rack. There is a I deducted a star because I couldn't get my Planet Bike blinky light with the rack attachment to attach tightly to the little reflector clip on the back, but I did find another one that bolts on to the back bar.

👤It's a great rack, sturdy, and easy to install. The new bike looks great. It took me about an hour to install. I had to bend the extenders to attach the rack. I didn't need a new hole. The frame has screws that attach to it. I didn't need the instructions to do it. BOUGHT. There is a rear pack. Carol F.

👤The mounting brackets do not work on hybrid frames, which is awesome as always. It will take more time to get the right brackets than it did to get the rack, because the seatpost adapter couldn't be made to work with the hardware supplied. Common bikes should be included with this product. It was bad. The rack is black and what's with the mounting brackets? Not good.

👤The only compatible rear rack is this one. The rear rack is sturdy and light weight. Cyclists helped me install it on my road bike. Choice Cw-E1. The Monostay rack brackets are Monostay style. The rack is worth it even though it is a little expensive. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤I mounted a chair for my daughter on this rack, which is really sturdy. It was a big pain to install. I had to bend the mounting hardware up a bit.

👤I was unable to find a disc model that fit my bike. It was a little heavier than I wanted, but hey... I decided to get a bike. The CoPilot baby seat works perfectly with this rack.

👤Excellent bike rack. It's useful for road bikes without rack or fender mounting threads. I bought this bike rack for my partner, who wanted to use saddlebags for her bike. The load bearing member is acted on by this rack. It was very easy to set up.


What is the best product for bicycle rear rack for disc brakes?

Bicycle rear rack for disc brakes products from Threeh. In this article about bicycle rear rack for disc brakes you can see why people choose the product. Icocopro and Cyclingdeal are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rear rack for disc brakes.

What are the best brands for bicycle rear rack for disc brakes?

Threeh, Icocopro and Cyclingdeal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rear rack for disc brakes. Find the detail in this article. Dirza, West Biking and Ibera are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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