Best Bicycle Rear Light Rack Mount

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1. TeamObsidian Bike Light Set Headlight

TeamObsidian Bike Light Set Headlight

Order now with no risk. The products are promised to be of the top quality. Share one set with a friend or family member. Every purchase comes with friendly customer service from the manufacturer. There were a couple of atches in the second and stood on the bar. The head lamp and warning tail light holders have a screw that can be manually handled. There is no tools required. They have a pair of rubber brackets that can be adjusted on any handlebar size, even if it is a road motorbike or e-bike. It is easy to release and take with you, making it a theft proof pack. High-QUALITY! The torch is made of aluminum and plastic. It won't rust. The light bundle will keep you safe and illuminate your path longer. It's a perfect combo of urban and mountain with its powerful white front light and red rear light. 200 Lumen of high efficiency and long lasting bulbs operated by 5AAA batteries, 3 in the headlamps and 2 in the back flashlight, and they never fail, because they are strong. The water resistant case is designed to hold up in the most extreme weather conditions. There was no damage here. First of all, please be safe! The bicycle lighting kit is very visible to motorists. Don't ride in the dark. Drivers can't see you. The flashing modes will grab their attention in any weather conditions. There is a 2 year warranty against all manufacturer defects. They have you covered for the years to come, because they are so confident that you will love their best seller light set. If you're not happy with your purchase, you can either get a replacement or a full refund.

Brand: Teamobsidian

👤Did I get a bad one? I bought this in the first place because it has great reviews. It runs through batteries and is not usable. I tried both Duracell and Amazon's batteries, but in both cases, I get one that's useless before the light dims, and in the other case, I get one that's useful before the light dims. The flashlight doesn't stay in the holster. The holster has to be pointed down toward the ground so that the flashlight won't fall out if I hit a road or sidewalk with it. This has happened to me a few times. If you turn the holster around, there's no way to get the flashlight in so that it points to the ground.

👤The light set is great. I've purchased a few bike light sets in this price range but this one is the best yet. The wrist strap attached to the front light makes it a flashlight that you can walk with. It has a better build quality than others in this range. The light radius is another plus, it can be seen in the pictures I added. Other lights I've bought don't really illuminate your way, but they do alert cars of your presence. You can easily adjust the width of the beam to suit your preferences. There is a The first set I ordered was faulty. I contacted the company by email and they responded within 15 minutes and sent me a new set.

👤The handlebar clamp works well and comes with 2 different thicknesses of rubber shims so it will fit a wide range of handlebars. The quality of the build appears excellent. I chose theremovable battery operated type over theusb charge type because in inexpensive products, theusb connection quality is usually poor so it's just a matter of whether the built in battery works or not. I have been using the headlight for a week and am very pleased with it. I can't comment on that because I haven't used the tail light. There is a spec. The headlights on the market show a lower illumination than this one, but it is bright enough for street riding. I'm only using it to be seen. I tried it out with a fully charged set of batteries, and it worked out well. The strobe mode ran for over 6 hours with good illumination, but after that it ran for several more hours but not very bright. I got about 4 hours of good illumination in the other two modes. I use rechargeable batteries for most of my items, even though I would expect better performance from disposable batteries. There's a lot of junk being sold online, but this isn't one. Maybe my standards are lowered because of recent purchases. I think this was one of my better purchases.

👤I love this package. The bicycle light has tail lights. If you're camping in the dark or raising a tent, you can use this flashlight on your own, even if the post attached to your handlebars isn't compatible with it. It's bright and has 3 modes. There was a rapid flashing bright. The flashlight has 3 batteries and it's focus can be changed from pencil thin to super wide. I tried it the minute the package arrived on a rainy night and it performed well and all expectations about the flashlight are met. I haven't tried the rear flashlight yet. The flashlight combo is priced right so I highly recommend it.

2. Ascher Silicone Cycling Bicycle Rubber

Ascher Silicone Cycling Bicycle Rubber

The bike light is durable and anti-drop thanks to the aluminum alloy body and the optical lens. If you have a problem, please feel free to contact them. Replacement Silicone Bands for the Ascher bike mount. The mount straps have two openings that fit around seat posts and handlebars to keep lights secure. They can be loosened and fastened with no tools required.

Brand: Ascher

👤Two sets of replacement rubber "mountig bands" were bought for my Aacher bicycle. I had to use one of the extra bands provided by Ascher after I rearranged one of the lights for charging. The light broke when the band was stretched to put it back together. The rubber material seems to be heavy duty, and good quality, but just doesn't hold up when removed and re-installed, which requires some force beause the maaterial is thick. I gave the product two stars because of that. The lights are bright. The band isdurable. Otherwise, a great product. I would recommend buying again.

👤It works great for my road bike's front light.

👤These are replacements for seat post lights. These did the trick when I misplace a couple bands.

👤They are very small in the picture. They will be great if you need small ones.

👤I lost a strap and didn't know what to do. There is a Those are exactly how my original strap is.

👤I have been a fan of the mount band for a long time and these are the best I have ever seen.

👤It's not much to say. It was a perfect replacement.

👤So far they are reliable. It is easy to use.

3. CYGOLITE Tuneable Resistant Flexible Rechargeable

CYGOLITE Tuneable Resistant Flexible Rechargeable

It was designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Cygolite was founded in 1991 and is a bicycle light experts with exclusive designs and innovations crafted into quality products that are on the leading edge of safety. The tail light is extremely bright and can be seen on busy roads. The patent pending flash tempo and brightness is easy to use and maximize motorists awareness. The Aero style compatible flexible mount is designed for maximum compatibility with Aero shaped and standard seat posts and is easy to use. Daylighting flash mode lets you stand out in broad daylight. The flash mode acts as daytime running lights for cyclist safety. A patent pending mode helps motorists gauge their distance with a steady beam while also keeping them alert. There are 6 modes: steady, zoom, triple flash, day lightning flash, steady pulse and random flash. The run time is wide range and can be adjusted.

Brand: Cygolite

👤The older units used to last for 3 weeks, but the new unit with adaptive lighting will last for 3 weeks. The 150 watt light was a disappointment. The new light has a 50% longer battery than the old one. The unit was definitely out done by Cygolite. Highly recommended! There is a You're in the cheap seats if you're not using Cygolite for your taillight. The newest model of lights they have made are very bright. The Cygolite Hotshot Pro 200 is a quantum leap forward since it's 200 lumens and has adaptive lighting to help with battery use. Well done, Cygolite. You can't believe how bright it is. You're after a bicycle taillight, and no one would fail to see it. Don't be fooled by the new brackets. The previous generations all used the same interchangeable brackets, and I've used the same one for several generations of lights. That is no longer true with this light. The light is attached to the bike with a rubber band. Since a screwdriver isn't needed for the rubberband, it's easier to get on, but there are a couple of changes. When you put it back on the bike, you're going to have to realign the light. The old brackets had an easy connect for the light and it just slid up. There are two more The old lights on my son's bike were not compatible with the new ones. Why? He has an under the seat bag that has a horizontal fabric hook that the old light could attach to. It would slide through the fabric and stay on. The light without the rubberband has a much meatier plastic bracket and there is no way that it can be mounted with his under the seat bag. One of the new lights I bought is going to have to be returned.

👤I've used previous versions of the Hotshot and I was excited to see a 200 watt version. They seem to have taken a step back in their mounting options. The old version was able to fit onto a seat bag. This version is no longer possible. The old version had a mount that I could clip on and off. This version has a rubber band like attachment that may break over time. I wish I hadn't bought two of the new 200 lumens.

👤Many users have already described this device. Excellent features. I've been using different tail lamps for years. I'm very satisfied with Cygolite. The Hotshot Pro 200 is a great taillight, but it has the same mounting system as all the other models I've mentioned. I've never trusted my gadgets to a rubber band. I have given myself the task of adapting each of the designs to my needs. I've solved it for all my devices and never lost them. There is a I share with you what I did with some of the accessories I used. My daily cycling gears are my helmet, my hat, and my bike's seat-post. I can't believe that brands like these can't integrate a solid and reliable fastening system to their products, however it's something we can solve ourselves. I encourage you to find a solution for your needs, creativity was used to improve the situation. The previous hotshot model (150 watt) has a significant difference with the current model (150 watt), and the drivers behind me are very careful to watch the power that is emitted in a busy city like Mexico. Is it an investment?

4. West Biking Universal Adjustable Reflective

West Biking Universal Adjustable Reflective

The Easy-Ride pedal conversion kit can help you get more years out of your previous investment. You could add years to your child's riding time by adding pedals. It is suitable for most bicycles, such as road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, etc. The kids' bike and the Trek Verve are not suitable for use. Easy to install, come with tools and instruction. The rack body can be adjusted in size. Also, note: This product is sold by West Biking and will not be shipped if you buy it with caution. The panel length is 35.5 cm and the shelf length is 55 cm. The seat tube can be adjusted for different kinds of bikes. It is easy to Mount. It's perfect for use with backpacks, baskets, and more. The Unpack contains 1 rack body, 6 support bar, 7 screws, 2 rubber gasket, form gasket, and 1 installation tool. The red rear reflectors increase visibility on the night cycling. Also, note: This product is sold by West Biking, so please buy with caution. 30 day money back guarantee. West Biking customers have a 30 day money back guarantee. If the purchase is not satisfactory, customers can return and get a refund. There is no risk in trying. Also, note: After you have used it for a while, please check the screws in the parts.

Brand: West Biking

👤The nuts and bolts on this rack are terrible. The bolts on the support arm broke off and the bolts on the rack were rusted. The seatpost's hardware appears to be all aluminum. I need to find replacement hardware for all of my groceries because the clamp is very strong and can handle the weight.

👤Don't buy. Poor design can jam a tire and cause a dangerous crash. If the support bar is loosened enough it will jam your tire and cause you to crash. If you want to avoid a jam on your tire, buy a better design with a better support bar. Only buy one with a solid support bar or one with a deep well where they connect. I flew about 15 feet and rolled a few times and banged my body and took a week to get over the swelling of my knee and hip. Don't buy this because of the bad design.

👤You will not beat this product for the price. It can be installed as a simple quick release on the seat post for easy removal, but keep in mind the weight limit should be kept under 15 pounds. The arms will handle about 100 pounds. Installation: The screws sit into waterproof nuts so turning them is difficult as it should be otherwise the nuts would rattle off. Installation is very easy if you use a real wrench and an allen key. You don't want to catch clothing on the exposed screw lengths if you install all screws with screw head facing outside. I was surprised how far up my forks the connection needed to be. Who cares that the Reflector came broken? The simple passive ones are worthless if you want to install a real flashing reflector on the back. You can get 2 of them for $12 at Ascher, they are very lightweight, sturdy, and a great deal.

👤The cargo rack is very sturdy and has great adjustment options to fit just about any bike. I had to do a little bit of adjustment myself to make it fit, since the top rack can be slid back and forth and secured to new spots along the main shaft, which was a pleasant surprise for me. The parts that showed up were in good condition, but I have only minor complaints about the rack and bars. They appeared to have been dragged against a rough surface or hit with a hard object, but they didn't get in the way of construction. There are just minor aesthetic flaws. The side guards were too far apart to line up with the necessary screw holes, but a little pressure on them made them fit in the spots I needed them to. There is a I have a personal problem with the rack that uses a quick-release mechanism. I don't want to use quick-release on my bike, so I would have liked it if it came with a more permanent option. The rest of its construction is held down by screws against the rack and bike frame, so this is not really a bad thing, in the end. There is a The bungee cord is thin and flimsy, and I couldn't figure out how to secure it onto the bike. I plan on using a pannier bag with this rack, so this doesn't really matter to me. I can use smaller and thicker bungee cords if I need them for a more secure hold against the body. I almost bought a rack from Walmart that could carry up to 20 pounds, but I decided against it because it was worth the extra cost.

5. Vincita Rear Carrier Light Batteries

Vincita Rear Carrier Light Batteries

It is easy to install, use rubber bands to secure the taillights. You can mount it on a seatpost, on a stroller, on a dog harness, on a backpack, on a safety belt, or on any other place you want. The tail light is an essential item to ensure your safety during a night ride. You can turn it on in steady mode and off easily with the button on top of the light. The package contains 2 batteries. Hold the control button until the light comes on. Don't have to remember to turn off your rear light again. There is a perfect balance of convenience, battery life and riding safety. There is no flash mode. The SPARK rear carrier light has a built-in reflector to make it easy to see in the dark. The bike rack is small and compatible with 2 screws. Installation is easy. It's easy to mount on a carrier rack. A high visibility item. They understand cycling and deliver bike accessories online that no other provider can. They have used their experience in the industry to refine their bicycle accessories brand to ensure it delivers the look and function needed by cyclists.

Brand: Vincita

👤I needed a rear bicycle light. I wanted a light that could be used as a reflector and also used regular batteries, so I didn't want to mess with having to take the light off frequently to charge it. I wanted one that would bolt on, because lights being stolen off of bicycles is a problem in my area. The reflector is bright and reflective. It is larger than most rear lights. It feels very solid. Customer service was very responsive. There is a It has all the features I was looking for. There is a Why not 5 stars? 1. It is a steady light. There is no mode for rapid flashing. The ad mentioned flash, but not flashing mode. I didn't read the description very closely. 2. You need to buy an adaptor to attach it to my rear rack. There are other rear light brands that require that, but nothing was said about it in this one's description. I had to go with a different light because I couldn't attach it to my rack. The company immediately paid me back. I would only buy from this company again if I was sure about the language in the descriptions.

👤I was surprised to see that the light only had one mode. I have never used steady red on my other tail lights, so this will be new to me. There is a I don't think it's clear that there is only one mode. There is a The light seems to be working. The study mode uses a ton more battery than a flashing mode so I'm worried about battery life. There is a There are two bolts on the light. I had to mount the light to a rear rack because it wasn't in the right position. I had to make my own mount.

👤I like that it's bright and does what it's described. It would be better if it blinked and turned off on its own.

👤It's perfect on the rear bike carrier rack.

👤It was easy to install the perfect light on my bike rack. This bicycle light is a good one.

6. Ascher Rechargeable Headlight Resistant Included

Ascher Rechargeable Headlight Resistant Included

The bike rack adds extra space to your bike, used to fix bike lights, speedometers, gps devices, smart phone racks, etc. The bike light is built in a 650mAh battery. Four different lighting modes are available with the one-touch switch on the taillight. Fast flashing and slow flashing are included. Easy installation. The mount straps are designed with two openings that fit around many seat posts, handlebars, seat risers, backpacks, helmets and stretch to keep lights secure and firm. They can be loosened and fastened with no tools required. There is a function. The bike light set can be used as an emergency flashlight and can be used for any outdoor activity. It is great for cycling at night in places where visibility is not good. Start your next adventure with them. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. They are dedicated to making sure their customers are satisfied. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you email them.

Brand: Ascher

👤These lights were wonderful. I talked my husband into getting them. We both have electric scooters and they were perfect for added safety. I have had mine since November 2016 and he bought it in March of last year, but both of us are having issues with the battery in the red tail light. The tail light dies within minutes after charging for 3-4 hours, even after I used the included cord. The person was very pleasant to deal with. Because the light is part of a set, they can't be replaced individually or the battery can't be replaced. They offered us a $7 refund for the tail light, which we accepted, but we would have preferred a light that worked. We bought the lights 4 months apart and have the same problem. I hope it is addressed because they are very good lights and I was very happy with them. In case of emergencies, I bought a set to keep in the car. I am not happy I have to look for something else. The white light on the head is working. After seeing the review, Ascher contacted me and offered to replace the set or give me a full refund. I thought both of them were very nice. I declined the set because my headlights are working well. I told them I would accept the money back. If I deleted my review, they would do so. That seems shady and not very honest to me. I read reviews to help me make decisions regarding products at Amazon. They asked me to remove my review because it said I liked the lights very much and was very happy with Customer Service. I told them I wouldn't be getting their refund, and that they should know that the tail light could die.

👤These little lights do what you want them to do. I read a lot of reviews about what they are and how to use them. The rubber bands are just rubber. Don't stretch them too hard or they will break. Attach the plastic lip on the clip to the light and wrap the bar around it. One of the plastic clips broke. Again, don't pull the clip too hard. You need to pull it out so that the rubber band can be put in. It's going to break if you pull too hard. The materials used are plastic and have lights inside. Chances are they are going to break if you drop or mishandle. I didn't expect high quality materials at this price. They work well. I set them to the slow blink mode because I think it creates the best visibility in traffic. They stand out if you are riding at dusk or in darkness. I have noticed that oncoming cars notice them and move over a little earlier. I charge once a week but can go longer. Since a bike is basically nothing but tubes, you can put them where you want. Very happy with the purchase.

7. Topeak Tail Lux Helmet Light

Topeak Tail Lux Helmet Light

Order now with a 100% money back guarantee. Eugar are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't like the product, you can get a 100% refund. Extra small with red led for excellent visibility. It is easy to mount to a helmet or any topeak bag. The lamp has a red led. injection-molded plastic lamp housing Control and burn time are divided into 2 modes. 50 hr constant and 100 hr blinking.

Brand: Topeak

👤I tried a similar, cheaper helmet light and found it to be one of the better compact helmet lights on the market. It has a nice button interface that allows me to operate it reliably without having to look at it, and the presses have a strong sense of touch which makes it easy to operate. The light modes have only the essentials which are great, with nothing fancy or distractive that you have to do. There is a The button mechanism could use a little improvement, which is why it's not 5 stars. When pressed, it doesn't always give me a strong feedback. It's not a deal-breaker. I've been using it for about a month now, and it seems to be holding up. Great job! I want a white light version so I can put it on my helmet.

👤Being a Topeak product was one of the reasons I wanted to try it out. It's not very bright and it mounts to a helmet. It can be seen in low light, but it is hard to see during the day. The main reason for my poor review is that I noticed a crack in the light housing when I tried to replace the battery. The battery lasted less time than the packaging suggested. The whole thing fell apart when I removed the battery. I have had many Topeak products that have been great. I don't like to give a poor review. I thought I would try to save $20 for someone.

👤My previous light was too big so I bought this light for my new helmet. Being small with a low-profile mounting system made it a perfect choice for me. The battery life is still to be determined since I've only used it on a few rides. There is a The on-off-mode mechanism is the only down-side. Pressing the face of the light will change it from off to on. It sounds simple but it doesn't give feedback like a clicking sound. If you want to change the mode, you need to remove your helmet and look at it while you press the light to make sure it's on the right mode.

👤I was hoping for a bright light. The light is bright from about dusk until dawn, but not bright enough in the daytime. I got creative with some straps and made a permanent solution to the mounting problem of my helmet. I will give it a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I'll be looking for something that's easier to attach to. The most attractive element was the price.

8. BrightRoad Lumens Bike Headlight Rotation

BrightRoad Lumens Bike Headlight Rotation

Simply place the seat post on the ground and secure the rubber strap. The strap can be used for any seat post. The bike taillights greatly improve your safety. The days of deceptive manufacturers pushing out inferior products are over. The original FL1 US standard approved flashlight is the reason they created it. The 5-mode LEDs in the bike headlight light up even the darkest roads with its 800 lumens, and 650 ft. visibility. The front light of a mountain bike can be Mounted without a single tool. The lightweight headlight is kept in place by the latch because it is clasped tightly to your handlebars. Cyclists don't have to stop because of bad weather. The headlight is encased in high-quality aluminum and lasts through the 800-273-3217 They want the best for their customers. The best customer service is included. You will receive tail and headlights that do their job with the 1-year warranty.

Brand: Brightroad

👤I bought this light after I broke a plastic one. The screw-type mounting brackets are more secure than bungee ones. The taillight and headlight are made of metal. The mounts are very snug and don't move when riding. The tail is very bright. There is a yellow plastic piece in the headlight which shines as side markers. The markers on the taillight are red. The tab on the backside of the hook makes it easy to mount the taillight brackets. I worry about accessories walking off from my bike when it is parked on a college campus. They can be carried with me. Would definitely recommend this product. There is a 2 year update. The light never fails. I still enjoy it. It is still as amazing as before.

👤I purchased the BrightRoad BR-800 to replace the old Bell bike light. I don't know why I didn't get an LEDs light a long time ago, but this is the most bright bike light I've ever had. The lights give me peace of mind. I'm not sure if you can see them from a certain distance, but when I ride at night, other cyclists and pedestrians know I'm approaching from behind at a distance of about 30 yards. I haven't yet come across someone who didn't know I was there because of the lights on my bike. There is a It was easy to install, no tools were needed, and the front light tightened onto the handlebars with a heavy-duty plastic clamp, similar to a cinch or a hose clamp. The seat post has a heavy rubber strap. The front light and the rear light are removed from the strap after that. They charge with a cable. The bike lights are bright, and it feels like driving at night. Make sure to aim the light at the road. I haven't ridden long enough to kill the front light on the medium, low, or pulse settings, but I have killed the rear light on one ride. The power button on the front light illuminates blue until the battery is dead. I will probably get another hour out of it when this happens. The rear light is always on when I'm done riding, and I don't pay much attention to it. There is a The front light's battery life of four hours on high is not bad for a bright light, but it is not good for me. It limits my rides to four hours. It's easy to switch between high and low depending on the lighting. The lights are housed in aluminum. I dropped my front light on the road and the case took it very well. It was a relief to find out I didn't just blow my light. I don't recommend being a butterfinger. The lights are still functioning well two months in. I thought I broke the tail light on a rough ride, but the unit wouldn't charge unless I held the cable in the port firmly. Fortunately, the lights have a one-year warranty, but even more so, it turns out my charging cable was the one that was dying. The lights survived another trial. It's still a five-star product.

9. Planet Bike Tail Light Bracket

Planet Bike Tail Light Bracket

You can use it right out of the box with 2AAA batteries. It was made using sustainable methods. It was made using high quality materials. Quality andDurability are tested. Attaches to the rear rack. The tail lights are compatible.

Brand: Planet Bike

👤I love my rear light. I bought this one because Blitzu doesn't have a tail light mount. The holder where the light slides in is too large for my dog. I attached 2 faced tape to the back of the insert and it held up. I will have to replace the tape as I take out the light to charge it, but it works. The mount is plastic. I roll over bumpy city streets with my light shining bright, but it doesn't pose a safety hazard. A less intense light could be a problem. You have to be careful not to over tighten the screws. There is a I was surprised that it was hard to find a mount that worked. I would have thought the mount latch would be universal in size. If you want to get the same configuration, you have to remove the strap from the seat post and then remove the latch from the vehicle.

👤I attached it upside down with the locking tab pointing upwards. Someone noted that it would interfere with the bag sliding in on the Topeak rack. The tab is attached with the photos showing it down. There is a If you have a long vertical light, it could get close to the wheel once locked in. I have an inch and a half of clearance with my road bike, which is more horizontal than the photo shows.

👤I lost my light. It was hung from the loop on the back of my Topeak bike bag, which was the only place to mount it on my bike frame. It fell off before. I didn't notice this time. If someone finds my light intact, they will benefit. There is a I bought a Planet Turbo light and a bracket. I mounted this to my Topeak bike bag. I drilled through the flap. I made a backing plate from a broken Hefty tote to hold the nuts and washers inside the bag. The light is locked in place because it does not look dorky. Ride on!

👤It was what I needed for my Portland Design Works light and my wife's Planet Bike Light. If it has four holes, why not have four mounting bolts? Why only two? I have a Topeak rack that has four mounting holes that are in perfect alignment with the four holes on the clip. If I had been able to use all four, I would be more secure, but I had to make a choice between the two horizontal holes. The two vertical felt a little more robust than the other way around. I will have to find small bolts at a hardware store to fit in the other two holes.

10. Rechargeable Intensity Accessories Helmets Flashlight

Rechargeable Intensity Accessories Helmets Flashlight

If you don't like their lights, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. There is noticeable technology during daytime hours. 75 percent of cycling accidents happen in the dark. The latest technology in the 168t keeps you visible at both night and daytime. Keeping you and your family safe. Usb has a battery. It's a good idea to replace batteries every week. Don't waste money on batteries again. It comes with a cable that can be used to charge your computer, power bank, or device. Make it the best rear light. To keep you safe. The 260 degree wide angle visual design provides more visibility than any other light on the market. These safety lights will keep you safe while you are running, walking, skateboarding, or hiking. It was easy to use. You can put it on your belt, running gear, reflective vest, backpack, dog collar, harnesses, or anywhere on your clothing. It's possible to put a mount on your bicycle, helmet, skateboard, scooter, stroller, wheelchair, or anywhere you want. Order now with no risk. The products are promised to be of the top quality. Share one set with a friend or family member. Every purchase comes with friendly customer service from the manufacturer.

Brand: Blitzu

👤At first, I liked this light. It stopped working after a few months. There is a At the end of my 10 minute commute, it would turn off. After the first few times, I thought it might be a battery issue, but after being fully charged, it would do this again. There is a Yeah. It's not safe to not have your back light working on busy streets. I let him know. They said they would be happy to replace it. I had to pay to ship the broken one back to them. It seems like a great way to not have to back up your warranty. Who makes you send a product back? If it was a smart phone or something that cost money... Most manufacturers would eat the price of shipping. For a light of $20. It seems like a bad taste. There is a I paid for it and took the time to ship it back, so who will say that the USPS will get it to you and I my replacement? No thanks. I'll buy a light somewhere else.

👤I would like to give this light 3.5 stars, but since I can't, I will give it 4. It is bright enough that it will get the attention of drivers, cyclists, and other people. I have attached a few images from behind the bicycle. I attached a video clip of the highest flash setting. I ride my bike on a path most of the time, as well as on dimly lit streets. There is a Inexpensive. It seemed hard to beat the money. It was easy to mount. Strapped to the seat post tube. It could be mounted in 4 different orientations. It was easy to use. Press and hold to enter flash/strobe mode. It is not difficult to navigate. There are 6 total modes. The average brightness was a cons. I think it is 168 lumens. If you want something brighter, look elsewhere. This light is used for illumination. It feels a bit cheap. I can feel the flex of the port cover if I apply pressure. It's a decent tail light, at the $20 mark. It seems like it is not bad. I will keep you updated with the run time. I use it on the High flash when I ride, so that should give a good estimate for how long it will last. There is a * Average time has been about 2 hours. It emits light after 2 hours, but not to the point that I would consider it effective to use. I've been using it in flashing mode. I have no reservations about this light. It's great as a safety light. You won't run the risk of blinding people if you are seen. The charging works well. Don't spend money on lights that have replaceable batteries. It isn't worth your money. You can get one that can be used. There were no issues with recharging. There is a There is a method for this.

11. Electric Taillight Bicycle Carrier Install

Electric Taillight Bicycle Carrier Install

The package includes a rack body, support bar, screws, rubber gasket, form gasket, and installation tool. Also, note: If you don't receive the installation tool, please contact them. The work voltage is DC6V 12V 24V 36V 48V, which is universal to all electric bikes. Easy to install: Ebike taillight with one female and one male. The e-bike tail light is powerful and will increase your visibility in the dark. The light is visible from the rear but also on almost all sides. The design is great. Even when your ebike has no power, this rear light can let you be seen in dark.

Brand: Cyc Tree

👤The design of the taillight made it hard to install on a standard rack mount. Extra strain on the mounts will be put on by up or down force on the light's body. There is very little contact between the rack mount plate and the back mounting area. The cable comes out between the two mounting bolts, which will cause the rack mount plate to contact the light's body. To mount it, you need to drill a hole below the cable hole and cut the plastic between it. Maybe this is designed for a specific rack.

👤It says it fits every electric bike on the market. Make sure your electric bike has a plug for this, and make sure it's this kind. I have seen some that have similar plugs.

👤The light would blink and then go off. I guess it's not usable for my application.

👤I use this on my non electric bike with the 8.4V battery pack that comes with the lights. It is bright. I added a switch that allows me to control the light intensity and speed.

👤It was working great for 200 miles. I put it in the controller head light wiring. No worries because of multi voltage. The solution for my ebike is perfect.

👤6v wire from an ebike is being worked on. I rigged the am 18v ryobi battery charger head to use its wire to power the light.

👤Excellent product. Woks with a lot of power. Very bright color.

👤The Ecotric Hammer rear rack has holes.


What is the best product for bicycle rear light rack mount?

Bicycle rear light rack mount products from Teamobsidian. In this article about bicycle rear light rack mount you can see why people choose the product. Ascher and Cygolite are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rear light rack mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle rear light rack mount?

Teamobsidian, Ascher and Cygolite are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rear light rack mount. Find the detail in this article. West Biking, Vincita and Topeak are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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