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1. LEZYNE Strip Drive Tail Light

LEZYNE Strip Drive Tail Light

The design, intelligent engineering, and functional completion are Exquisite. The tail light is powered by long lasting and brightLED bulbs. The integrated battery is rechargeable. No cable is required to use the integrated stick. After turning off the light, the memory function returns it to its previous position. There are eleven unique modes, including two high-visibility daytime flash modes. Enhanced lens with built-in side visibility.

Brand: Lezyne

👤The battery lasts a long time for a bright light. There is a It is hard to choose the correct setting for the length and type of your ride with 12 settings, which is one reason I didn't give 5 stars. Lezyne needs to figure out a way to give that information. There is a If it breaks or comes loose, it's gone. The other taillights I have used have two straps, which gave me more confidence. I can't get the strap around my seat because it's on my chain stay. A longer strap would be appreciated. There is a There is no green light when you charge it. I was told by Lezyne that it is green, but with a red filter over it, it is amber. Then call it an AMBER light. It's a good thing. I would still recommend it, even though I can live with those things. I hope Lezyne listens to the next iteration.

👤I have lost two of them. The band is designed for a bar. It's a risk to try to mount it on any surface other than a round bar. The run time for the bright flash mode is 3 hours. You need to have a backup for longer rides. The light should have a larger battery and provide all day run time for less than 50 dollars. It is bright. This is the most bright light I have found and it is visible in the daytime. It's great if you don't loose it when you hit a rough road. The light will no longer charge after about a year and a half. I replaced it with a bike tail made of Cygolite. Credit: The Lezyne light is brighter than the Cygolite light. The Lezyne light isn't worth the money.

👤I bought this product on 5/26/18. The directions are not very good. It is clear that there are two charge lights, one green and one red, and both indicate 25% or less charge. The problem is that I never saw two lights, but was able to use the light all of last year, even though the plug it uses is a bit glitchy and inconsistent. You should see the charge light working before leaving it. I felt safe all year because of the nice and bright patterns that it recommended. There is a I never had a gauge as to the state of charge because I never saw two lights. I put it away for the winter and then charged it for a ride. I put it on the bike and thought it was fine. I can't get it to flash even after plugging it in for multiple days. The charge indicator won't turn on after three days of flashing. There is a bit on the Lezyne web site that says batteries should not be allowed to run flat over the winter, but there is also a FAQ that says you should try and run the battery from fully charged to fully discharged with every cycle. I am disappointed that I spent good money for something that seems to last less than a year.

2. LEZYNE Drive 1800I Black Gloss

LEZYNE Drive 1800I Black Gloss

The construction is made of aluminum. The LEZYNE LED Ally phone app can be used to modify and personalize.

Brand: Lezyne

👤I used to use a Bontrager 700 light that was not bright enough for my early morning commute and had to be changed daily. I switched to a Magic Shine 4,600 light that only needed to be charged twice a week, but had a bulky battery and a wire wrapped around the top tube. There is a The Lezyne Mega Drive 1800 is a nice one piece unit that has a decent battery life. I use it on the high setting for my commute and strobe setting for my ride home. The battery needs to be changed every 2 days. I hope to use the port to connect an external battery in the future. The rubber mounting strap allows for the light to be swapped from one bike to another. There are two things I don't like about this light. The stretchy rubber mounting strap must be stretched around the handlebars and then locked on the hook on the back side of the handlebars. The rubber strap is more difficult to lock on than it should be because the hook is too close to the light's body. After the red light/low battery indicator comes on, it takes at least 8 hours to fully charge the battery. I recommend this light to others who need a light for similar purposes.

👤The box has the number 1800 on it and the light has the number 1100 on it. What kind of scam is this? I was disappointed that the light wasn't as bright as my 1600 lumin night rider. I went back to the box and was shocked because it should have 3 led's. I thought Lezyne was a good company.

👤I bought two of them for my night riding. The Lezyne lights provide a ton of light and are much more compact than the Serfas 1500s, which I used with the separate battery pack. I decided to get two of them because I ride a lot at night, and for the price, one would probably be enough. I only ride trails on my Mtn bike for exercise, so I can't comment on road riding. They would recommend them to anyone who needed lights.

👤The light output from this 1800i is very bright. I started with a Lezyne 600, then a 1000, then a 1300, and finally this 1800. The 1800i is the crown jewel of all of them. A great run time, a clean looking, compact and lightweight. I run the Lezyne 1000 on my helmet and the 1800i on the handlebars. I ride a 180mm travel freeride type e-bike at night and it makes me light enough for 35 mph downhill blasts in the dark.

3. LEZYNE Bicycle Headlight Runtime Rechargeable

LEZYNE Bicycle Headlight Runtime Rechargeable

It has eight output modes, with a class-leading 1000 watt daytime flash mode. 180 degrees of front visibility

Brand: Lezyne

👤Light works well in many situations. The modes should be a little more intuitive. It goes from bright to dim. I have to cycle through each because my commute needs dim. The mode only gives you two cycles between bright and dim. It would be great to have some middle ground. The "smart" version of the lights appears to have that.

👤One of these was bought a year ago and it lasted almost a year, but it wouldn't hold a charge past three hours. The new one held a charge for three hours after I bought it. The item was not returnable. I was very disappointed in the quality of the item and even more disappointed that it was not returnable. I'm going to research to get another bike light.

👤I bought a second bike. It was more visible during the day. I have received positive feedback from cars that the lights make us very visible. I used a lightweight orange safety vest for maximum visibility. There is a I fell from my bike after I went too fast on a gravel turn. Bad decision making is not covered by the safety devices in the world. Be safe!

👤The 800xl was purchsed a couple of years ago. I have used the light on at least 100 rides. The 2 quick modes are mostly used by me. It lasted about 2 hours on a single charge. It lasts 10 hours on a single charge. I am confident with this light even after 2 years of use. This light is enough to purchase a second for dual lights and a backup for ultra endurance races. It is a rechargable flashlight for walking the dog at night.

👤The light is great. The design is great. It is easy to fit on any other bike because it is easy to attach. It can be adjusted to shine in the right spot on the road, as well as being able to rotation on the mount. It is bright as the sun out.

👤I got another Lezyne light for my helmet and red light because I liked this so much.

👤Great light. Solid build. I use it for daytime visibility. I can see that it reflects off street signs that are hundreds of feet in front of me. Attaches and removes from handle bars.

👤This light has a lot of light. I like the different settings for the light that you want to use. Great battery life!

4. LEZYNE Drive 1000Xl Front Cycling

LEZYNE Drive 1000Xl Front Cycling

Burn Time: 3.5-15.3hrs. A powerful, multi-purpose front light. It mounts to a variety of bar shapes and sizes. It has eight output modes, with a class-leading 1000 watt daytime flash mode.

Brand: Lezyne

👤The first light I received was not in flashing mode for about 2 weeks. I returned the bike light to Amazon for a new one and within a half months, it no longer went into flashing mode. Amazon charged a $10 restocking fee after accepting the return. The second return was outside of the 30 day return window, so the fee was charged. Don't buy this bike light. I am not happy with Amazon.

👤I have been flashed by cars more than a few times with this light, it's no joke the beam spreads all the way across the road. The battery life at the highest setting is a problem for me because I get just a bit over an hour. I stopped using it on that setting and now have a 1000 watt light with the battery back. If you are trying to shave weight on your bike, this light won't help. If you want to see it, it's close to perfect.

👤Been using for about six months. The brightness can't be beat. Have heard people say how bright it is. Very visible. There are pros and cons. There is a strap. It's difficult to keep the light stable. As you ride, it slowly rotates around the handlebars. You have to push it down no matter how tight you are. Don't buy polished metal versions. I have no aluminum. When the sun hits the right angle, it creates a bright light in your eyes. No matter how dark your sunglasses are. Get the dark color. The battery doesn't seem to last very long. I keep it on the fastest flash mode because I ride mostly during daylight. It was very bright and fast. It will only last me two rides. There were 3.5 hours of riding. The minimum of 8 hours was not claimed on the highest setting. There you have it. It would be perfect if Lezyne made a few changes to this light, like better mounting, discontinued bare metal versions, and improved battery service. If it weren't for the cons, I would give it 5 stars.

👤It works well during the day. Many drivers and walkers said that it was very visible to them. Changing light patterns can be confusing. I don't know that yet. I have a degree. I may need more.

👤I like the light. I don't know who needs that many different settings, but it's powerful and has more settings than I need. The mounting system is something I don't like about it. There is a The mount is not easy to release. The strap is so small that it's difficult to attach it to the last hole on the handlebars of my road bike. I don't understand why they can't make it bigger. It doesn't fit on my helmet. It would be great if it came with a quick release system and mounting strap options. I could use this one light on a variety of bikes and helmets and not have to buy expensive lights for each application.

5. LEZYNE Laser Drive Light Black

LEZYNE Laser Drive Light Black

180 degrees of front visibility There is a 17 hour run time. The design is unique and compatible with both aero and round post. Light and durable construction. It was waterproof. The light has four ultra bright LEDs. Two safety strips are on the ground. The lens is extended for 180 degrees of visibility. The Micro-USB design is convenient.

Brand: Lezyne

👤Ok. This thing is bright. The lasers are bright. I got home at night and was excited to open my package, but I was warned not to look into the light, and it was so bright that it filled my living room. She thought an ambulance was in our driveway. This is the only bright rear light that you will want.

👤I commute in NYC and wanted a light that did everything. This thing does it all. The modes are practical. My girlfriend didn't like being blasted by my light. When my bike was stolen, I looked for a light that had a dim mode for group rides, and this has it! I like the different pulse modes. The fact that it's rechargeable is a huge plus. The batteries are new. The lasers. The lasers don't function as advertised because my legs block the light. The light moving around on the seat post makes it annoying when the lasers cast a crooked beam. It's a cool idea. I would recommend this light to anyone. Solid build quality is also present.

👤The light and its options are excellent. It's easy to see. The rubber hook strap broke after use. There is a regular sized bar below my seat. I was able to use it for a few more months because I was careful not to stretch it too much. That one is also broken. The light is useless because of the terrible design on the strap. Why do producers not think of this stuff when they make a $60 product? It's pretty basic.

👤This is the first time I've used this. I was very impressed. You can see that this is a quality product from the bag. It was the best and easiest fit for an aero seat post, and was very snug with the large band that straps the light to the post and seems to be of similar high quality. There is a nice channel that runs along the spine of the light, and it works well with the non-round shape of an aero post. I think a thin piece of rubber between the light and the seat post may give additional grip and stop any movement. I had plenty of juice even though I was in the dark for 2 hours. Thanks to the LEDs, this light is not a lot of weight. I'm really pleased with the way things are so far.

6. LEZYNE Zecto Drive Headlight Black

LEZYNE Zecto Drive Headlight Black

There are 8 settings for your ride, from a low economy setting that lasts for up to 24 hours to a bright 250 Lumen day flash mode. The Cnc aluminum headlight is made from aluminum and can be used for many years. A powerful, built-in Lithium-Ion battery is easily recharged via Micro-USB and will provide hours of superior lighting. Up to 250 lumens of lighting power can be seen from the front and sides with the help of 3 Ultrabright LEDs and a specially designed lens housing. You can choose the perfect amount of brightness for your ride with multiple modes. This headlight is lightweight and will provide maximum illumination without adding excess weight to your ride.

Brand: Lezyne

👤One way to be noticed is to have an obnoxious light. I had begun to notice which bike lights I wanted to turn off. I ended up at a stop light with a cyclist who had an obnoxious light. I got this one because he told me to.

👤If you run bar tape close to your stem, the silicone strap will not fit under cables. You have to pull the light off with the strap every time you use it. It interfered with the signal of my Cateye Padrone computer, which was on an out front Cateye brackets. The problem was solved by moving the computer to a stem mount. I had to return home after 4 miles because I kept losing my signal on my computer and it took a while to figure it out. There is a The light has seven different modes, which is confusing at first, as you have to play around and decide which mode you prefer. Depending on which mode you are in, the time before the charge is from 3:30 to 15:30. I used day flash, but it will last me for just one ride. There is a It has a light that tells you how long you have left. It makes you visible in traffic and puts out an excellent light. It was built to last. If it had a solid pastic band that clips onto your bars, I would give it stars. The light is a good chance of falling off if clipped onto a saddle bag.

👤The build quality is nice, it feels solid, but I'm surprised by the mounting option. The rubber/silicone band is not very flexible and not very long. The light is hard plastic and I plan on buying foam tape to keep it in place and from being able to rattle. It can be hard to find the right option with so many flashing options. It's a bit annoying to click through different modes when I switch from full beam to flash depending on how bright the road is. Not enough to lose more than one star. A good battery life makes this a great option.

👤I have a high level of trust in Lezyne products. This light is not normal. It seems as if it could be much brighter for the price. The flash modes are dim in bright sunlight, but the pattern should flash more times per second/minute to be visible to vehicle drivers. I ordered an alternative. I have waited past any reasonable return time window as well as destroyed original packing materiel. I would send it back. Weak sauce is not bad.

7. LEZYNE Zecto Drive Light Black

LEZYNE Zecto Drive Light Black

This headlight is lightweight and will provide maximum illumination without adding excess weight to your ride. Microusb cable is convenient to charge. The daytime flash is a mode that increases user safety during daytime commute. Lezyne lights are manufactured to deliver extreme weather and water resistance. EndURO: 15 light bulbs, BLAST: 25 light bulbs, FLASH 1: 10 light bulbs, FLASH 2: 10 light bulbs, FLASH 3: 10 light bulbs, and DAY: 50 light bulbs.

Brand: Lezyne

👤The flexibility of the light and its features made me excited about using it on multiple bikes. The light has a number of lighting options that should fit any type of riding. The design of the unit is a complaint. The light has a plastic clip that can be used to attach a saddle bag, but my two year old Lezyne bag lacks a place to attach it. The light has a rubber strap that is supposed to be used to secure the light to your seat post or frame. The light on my bikes is either left or right depending on the location of the saddle post, which is why the clip doesn't allow for a clean fit. This doesn't have much impact on the lights intended purpose, but it doesn't look good. I expect more from Lezyne.

👤Many of the concerns were presented in the reviews. The battery meter indicator is legible from the side windows, the instructions are well written and explain the functions correctly. If you have a seatpost that's D-shaped, the part with the integrated clip could be a problem. There is a The light modes are great, the light quality is top notch, and the bright setting is eye opening. Construction is strong.

👤I use this light day and night when I drive on traffic. The light sometimes shifts to the side because of the way the strap pulls it and the way the base is made.

👤Very bright, nice choice of flashing patterns. It is easy to attach a variety of bikes.

👤This is a decent light. If I ordered it again, I would get even larger lumens.

👤The rubber strap that it brings is garbage and the clip on it wouldn't stay on the back of the jersey because it fell off into a sewer.

👤I've had 3 of them. I will not get a 4th. It's not up to the task for wet winter rides.

👤Very bright. Stays charged for a long time. The design is very attractive.

👤I just bought this light and thought I should do a quick review. If things change, I will update this review. The manual is not correct. The light is green when charging. The green light is behind the red filter so it doesn't look green. The power indicators are tiered in different colors and are behind the red lens so you're on your own with that one. You can make out the blue, but it's pretty hard. The power indicator doesn't show all the time. The light should be displayed all the time, according to the manual. For what it's worth, it only displays it for a few seconds. Since learned links are not allowed in reviews, here is the link that explains this. They improved light life, but not at the expense of everyone returning them, only to have it replaced with another light that doesn't work, but seems faulty. I have given it 3 stars because of this. If the instructions are wrong, it's not very good. If I get any issues down the line, I will update this. Hope this helps someone with their issues.

8. BLITZU Rechargeable Headlight Waterproof Flashlight

BLITZU Rechargeable Headlight Waterproof Flashlight

Includes self-leveling helmet mount, seat post and seat stay mounts. The usb is rechargeable and long run time is extreme. Don't buy batteries again! The taillight and headlight are powered by an electrical current. The only thing you need is a power source and ausb cord. The best bike light in the market is the gator 390, which has a runtime of 2 hours on the highest setting. Get yours today! The tail light is included for a limited time only. You can be seen and commute in confidence. Improve your visibility and safety. You will be amazed at how bright it is. The gator is powered by the latest cree led that provides an ultra bright output and up to 300 feet beam length. Buy it now! It's easy to install, just leave your screwdrivers in the toolbox, and the gator 390 bicycle light will install in under 2 seconds. You can keep it in your emergency kit. Can be mounted almost anywhere, it fits on your stroller, mower, snow blower, skateboard, wheelchair, motorcycle, trike, bbq grill, scooter, ebike, boat, kayak, and more. The add to cart button is on the screen. When reliability matters and every gram is critical, gator is your priority choice with only 56 grams and ipx4 rated, meaning you're 100% covered in all types of severe weather. Don't wait, get it now! Order now with no risk. Keep one set for yourself and share it with a friend or family member. Every light purchase comes with a one-year hassle-free warranty.

Brand: Blitzu

👤I bought this light for my girlfriend because she won't use the light I gave her. Light s30R. She said it was too nice to use a convoy. It has visible pwm on 'low' (100 lumens) and much better, but still there on medium and high. There is a The color temperature is 6000k, so it's not as harsh as the cheap stuff. I think the gator gets closer to 300 OTF compared to the convoy of L6 3C. It has a spotty optical system, which is great for bikes. The light will be burning at 3 watt or so if we use a 1200 mah 1s lipo battery on the inside. Don't expect more than 1.5 hours out of high mode. There is a The housing is made of plastic. The only defense against water from the rear is the little rubber thing. Don't take it swimming, it should survive a downpour. There is a I was too lazy to open the taillight, which has a generic 40 light brightness, but has blinky and l/m/h solid. Since I don't have a multimeter, I can't check how much current the circuits draw. The main light's battery is probably around 500ma, which is low enough to not harm it.

👤If you've been shopping for daytime running lights for your bike, you know that the more well-known brands typically charge about 3x - 5x this price just for the front light. If you're anything like me, you're a little skeptical about the quality at this price. The short review states that you need to buy this before they raise the price. They're bright, well-built, and have good battery life. There is a There is one minor exception to the fact that mounting is a piece of cake. The rubber straps wrap around your bike's frame and do not move until you release them. The strap is not going anywhere if you hook it into the light. The lights have not been caused to slip out of position by anything. It's difficult to strap the tail light to a backpack. Once you strap it in, it quickly rotates out of position. My light would be in a down-facing position under my pack. If you strap the light to your seat stem and don't have a pack obscuring the light, it's not a problem. This isn't a problem for me on my Trek Verve 2, but it's something to be aware of. There is a During the day, the front headlight is visible, and the flashing mode makes you jump out to oncoming traffic. It has plenty of light at night. The rear light is easily visible during the day. The lights have different levels of intensity. The front light has a single blinking mode, and the rear light has three additional blinking modes. You can re-charge using the two included cables. The charging port is compatible with most of the phone cables out there. The front light is harder to read than the rear light. There is no indication that charging is done; the indicator is on even if it is not plugged in. It's possible that it will change from red to green, but I can't see it. I've been letting these charge overnight and they've so far lasted all of my rides. There is a I would usually knock a star off for these small things. I bought a second pair for my wife's bike because these far exceed the quality I'd expect for the price. You can't go wrong with these. I've been using these for a few months now and there have been no reliability issues. The mount is built in a way that makes it hard to pivot the light. It means that if you mount it off-center on your handlebars, or if you bend away from the center fork, your light is going to shine off-center. There's no need to make a change here. I can't bring myself to dock a star for this since 98% of my riding is during the day. The tail light finally gave out after two years of heavy use. The button wouldn't turn off. It wouldn't turn back on after the battery ran down. I replaced it with another model, but I'm still very satisfied with the performance and longevity. This pack is the best for cheap lights.

9. LEZYNE Drive 1000XL Strip Black

LEZYNE Drive 1000XL Strip Black

The front has up to 1000 lumens of output and the rear has 300. The front and rear of the machined aluminum body are lightweight and rugged. Co-molded construction can be mounted to a post. The battery has increased in length by 11 hours. For up to 53 hours.

Brand: Lezyne

👤The lights work well. The light works on my bar. The front light is expected to last longer than the tail light. The headlights is bright on it's highest setting and lights up the road well. The taillight on the flashing setting can be seen in the evening.

👤The lights are bright. The head light is set and does not have a light beam. The way each light mounts and the way the head light is adjusted are things I like. It is easy to remove. The head light works for 2 hours on different settings.

👤The front light is a bit heavier than the other lights, but it is bright and will satisfy all your light needs. The rear is small and has a lot of different lighting modes.

👤I wouldn't trade this for anything else, it's too bright for most of my riding.

👤I love my lights. It has a long lasting battery life and is very continental for night time.

👤The taillight is bright. Vehicles pass in a bigger arcs. The headlight is very bright and durable. The package deal is great.

👤The light is bright. The battery does not hold up. I wouldn't risk more than an hour if I ran the high beam. On a two hour ride, I run the flashing light for an hour, then low beam for 30 and high beam for 30. It needs a charge for at least 8 hours. The mounting system is equally bad. You have to strap and unstrap the mount every time you need to charge it, which is the reason for the quick release. It was way overpriced.

👤Other road uses can't say they didn't see you. It's a must for keeping safe cycling at night or early morning if you have poor delivery from the retailer and waiting times.

👤J'utilise quotidiennement. Je rentre souvent de nuit, et j'avais besoin de mieux voir le obstacles sur la piste cyclable. Deux produits sont top. L'√©clairage avant est puissant, et permet de voir la nuit. La lampe arrire is visible, because of its diff√©rents modes. Je recommande vivement.

10. Lezyne Compact Aluminum Bodied Lumens Cycling

Lezyne Compact Aluminum Bodied Lumens Cycling

EndURO: 15 light bulbs, BLAST: 25 light bulbs, FLASH 1: 10 light bulbs, FLASH 2: 10 light bulbs, FLASH 3: 10 light bulbs, and DAY: 50 light bulbs. A safety light with an On/Off switch is part of the machine body. Made with a durable aluminum body to make sure your light won't let you down. The front light can be seen by everyone. There are two output/ flash options for the rear light. 180 degrees of visibility is provided by the side visibility lens. The Femto lights have replaceable batteries that power up a single bright light. The lights can last up to 60 minutes. Weather and water resistance are delivered by the durable aluminum body, which is precision engineered and manufactured with quality to deliver extreme weather and water resistance. The multi-position strap can be moved to angle the headlight. The Femto light has a clip that can be used to attach lights to bags, belts, pockets, etc.

Brand: Lezyne

👤I picked up the Lezyne Femto lights for my bike because I don't ride a lot, and I prefer replaceable batteries instead of rechargeable ones. If you don't use them, you need to babysit so that they don't get drained completely and you don't leave them charged for a long time. The fact that most bike lights don't have an easy way to replace the batteries made them the most popular of all the fancyusb rechargeable lights. These lights have 5 different modes, and are capable of putting out a wide circular beam. Similar lights only have 2 modes, but that gives me more flexibility. The rear light is mounted to a seat post. The beam is bright enough to be seen in the dark, but I would probably want something brighter if I commuted on busy streets. I use a more powerful light for illuminating the road, and these are strictly a "be seen" kind of lights. I like that the stretchy strap is not integrated into the light, so in case it breaks, I can replace it or use another way to attach the lights. The lights have a clip that can be used to attach them to other gear. There is a These lights are exactly what I wanted.

👤I'm surprised they don't perform well in the cold, they have a previous set for older bike and worked great in both heat and cold. It's hard to turn on/off or switch setting when you get stuck in the cold. I will just avoid the brand if I return them.

👤I added bike lights to my Luggie mobility scooter to keep up with my special needs grandchild on their fast mobility scooter. Both of us now have highly visible lights as we ride. They fit perfectly and go on quickly. They look stylish and easy to operate. You just press down the front lens. I wanted something that was small but powerful and it delivered nicely. For safety, light up your life!

👤I was looking for a bike light that was bright enough to be seen but not blinding others, and that was simple and clean. After finding Lezyne, I decided to purchase it. The design and manufacturing quality of the product was obvious when opening the package and un-screwing the lens. I am very pleased with the 5 different modes you can use to change the blink rate. I'm a mechanical engineer and understand good/ efficient/functional designs when I see them, and these lights serve as a great example of this.

11. LEZYNE Zecto Max Drive Taillight

LEZYNE Zecto Max Drive Taillight

The rear bike light run time can be up to 30 hours with the built-in premium rechargeable lithium battery. The cycling light can be connected to a power bank, car charger, or ac outlet adapter for a quick charge. There are 8 settings for your ride, from a low economy setting that lasts for up to 24 hours to a bright 250 Lumen day flash mode.

Brand: Lezyne

👤I always use the mode that flashes the most bright when using this light. I have been told by other cyclists that a bright light will make me more visible to drivers. It's nearly impossible to fall off the rubber strap I use to attach it to my saddle bag. I charge my battery after about 8 hours of riding to be safe.

👤Buy a Cygolite Hotshot. I was very excited about the light I bought. The different flashing modes work well. While riding my road bike, the design of the brackets failed because they were poorly made. The poor design of the light caused me to lose a brand new $50 light. Maybe my idk was faulty. I am going to try to get Lezyne to send me a new one, and I will update the review later. I encourage everyone to not buy this light.

👤Light worked well in dry conditions. The flash is very bright. After riding in the rain, the light stopped working. The cover must have been sealed properly. It was drying out in a bag of rice. The light is dead after only a month.

👤Have you ever driven your car on a sunny day and passed a bright road bike that stood out because of its bright tail light? If you use the Lezyne Zecto Max Drive, you will be that biker. The MAX 250 model is the higher power one. The MAX 250 is three times brighter. It is an extra$15 but it is worth it. The light is very dim. I'm a little squeamish about riding on the road with cars. I really like the extra safety this light provides. The setting is more than twice as long as I need it to be with a full charge. The light is great. This light is highly recommended if you want to be safe. There are nine different modes from normal to eye piercing.

👤I wanted a bright rear light. I've never seen a rear light project a spot of red light onto distant surfaces. I use it on the middle setting because I'm worried that the max setting will cause drivers behind me to careen blindly into the back of my bike. There is a The attachment mechanism works well for mounting to a seat post or a random tube. It's not ideal for that because there's no angle adjustment and the beam is narrow, so you have to get the angle right. I'll be trying to get the right angle by wedging things under it. I've owned several Lezyne lights and they've all been top performers.


What is the best product for bicycle rear light lezyne?

Bicycle rear light lezyne products from Lezyne. In this article about bicycle rear light lezyne you can see why people choose the product. Lezyne and Lezyne are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rear light lezyne.

What are the best brands for bicycle rear light lezyne?

Lezyne, Lezyne and Lezyne are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rear light lezyne. Find the detail in this article. Lezyne, Lezyne and Lezyne are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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