Best Bicycle Racks for Trailer Hitch Swagman

Hitch 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Swagman Traveler XCS2 Towing Bike

Swagman Traveler XCS2 Towing Bike

It's free of charge to protect your bikes with locking hitch pin and locking ratchet hooks. 2 inch towing receiver is needed. 35 lbs per bike. Push-button arm adjusts to secure your bike. The bike's finish is protected with a soft frame coating.

Brand: Swagman

👤I've been using the Traveler XCS2 for the last 4 and half years and it's the best bike rack I've ever used. Bikes can be transported between motor home and tow vehicle. The bike rack square tubing sleeve is on the Road Masters dingy tow arms' draw bar. The bolts are only to keep the sleeve in place, do not over tighten, inspect rack before use and when you take a brake tours your destination, just like any other towing. The rack has been trouble free all along. Keeping it cover while not being used is important, it still looks great and works well. There is a It's convenient to unhook the CRV with out having to take the bike rack off or drive around with a mirror blocked. I'm looking forward to seeing a bike rack designed like the XCX2 for fat tires electric bikes.

👤I ordered this rack to replace the one I used on my Honda CR-V tow vehicle. I wanted the bikes behind the motorhome because the hitch mounted rack was blocking my vision while driving the tow car. I didn't like having the bikes attached to the car when we traveled to different cities. There is a The hitch receiver slides through a square box in this unit. The tow bar slid perfectly through the square boxed area. The extension arm keeps the bikes a safe distance from the back of the motorhome. So far, so good. The problem came when I tightened the set screws. One of the hitch section broke. It still feels secure. If the second set screw is needed, I will let you know in 2,000 miles. I will be returning this on my return home in a couple of weeks. Make your welds stronger.

👤I bought this rack to be able to tow our car behind our motorhome, because I wanted to mount it on the back of the vehicle. It has held our bikes securely and without incident from San Antonio to Dallas and now from Dallas to Tucson. The vertical bar can be pivoted out of the way to allow access to the engine compartment of the diesel pusher, which is a great design. I had no problem mounting it on the short section of the hitch that extends from the back of the MH, and the 90 degree bend in the mounting brackets gives it enough clearance to not rub on the back of our MH. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone.

2. Swagman XTC2 Hitch Bike Rack

Swagman XTC2 Hitch Bike Rack

STURDY: You can be sure it will stay put with a telescopic adjustment. It is easy to exaggerate. The instructions for the hitch mount bike rack are easy to follow. Simply place your bikes on the rack and start cruising. You can save yourself space. You can conveniently store it when you're done using it. It's free of charge to protect your bikes with locking hitch pin and locking ratchet hooks. It'sTILE: It is compatible with a Class 2 or higher hitch receiver. It fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles. The maximum weight capacity is 35 Ibs. per bike.

Brand: Swagman

👤I hoped for every single thing. Completely built. There is a The top bar hooks have a mechanism to keep them from sliding. A few weeks ago I had a bike fall off of my rack. If you forget to tighten the knob on the set screw, the wheel hoops will slide off the end of the bar, which is why it's important to have a set screw. There are openings to allow the use of a cable to secure the rack and bikes. The plastic on the bar hooks is hard. It would scratch or wear a finish. I added foam pipe insulation to them. I added the Hitch Tightener for 2 Inch Hitch Extenders from Everything Automobiles on Amazon. TheRET-HTC-TGHT is from everything automobile. There is a This also fits 1 square stock. I put it between the receiver arm and the bike rack to remove the wobble from the rack. I had a 5 ft kylon cable and a pad lock on hand, so I used that to save on the additional cost. I keep it on all the time so I can get the rack to the receiver hitch. The cable loop end can pass through the large openings in my receiver hitch. There is a The cable and padlock combo is more substantial and is always on my truck, even though the top bar hook has a small padlock placed on it to prevent theft. There is a The rubber strap is held down between the bike tire and wheel hoop. It was easy. There is a There was a sticker on the rack that said it was not appropriate for use on the back of a fifth wheel. I plan to have a receiver hitch welded to our pop up camper for a big trip out West this spring if the RV shop says it's not a good idea.

👤I wanted to purchase a bike rack that would make me feel good about the securement of my expensive road bike when transporting from one place to the next. It was important for me to break free from the traditional racks that allow your front wheel to spin free while you drive. The price was fair, but I have noticed that some things need improvement or should have been included in that price point. Doesn't give me warm and fuzzies in transit. The bars that go into the hole are difficult to get in, and need to be wiggling to fit perfectly. They are not acceptable for paying $200 for a rack because they have already started rusting. The frame of your bike should be secured with padding on the elbows. If you don't, your expensive carbon bike will get scratched, damaged or worse. I was able to fix this by affixing pipe insulation, but I think the manufacturer should fix it. I would be happy to hear from the manufacturer.

3. Swagman Cross Country Receiver Anti Wobble Threaded

Swagman Cross Country Receiver Anti Wobble Threaded

Arms fold down when not used. Carries up to 2 bikes. It fits a hitch reciever. 35 lbs per bike is max load capacity. For use with the threaded receiver bar. The key is tubular and easy to access with a half turn. 8 feet long security cable with hitch pin is triple chrome plated.

Brand: Swagman

👤It has held up well since we bought it several years ago. The wheel holders can be adjusted to fit different bikes and to offset them so that they fit together on the rack. My biggest issue is that you need to push down on the hooks in order to get the bikes to not wobble as much. I can't get them off again. My husband is the one who has to do it. If they are not pushed down so hard, I can get them off. We are going to buy a new rack that tilts so I can work more easily. There is a It's very easy to adjust for multiple sizes of bikes, not as heavy as some rack, and it's an older design from before that was common.

4. MARVOWARE Foldable Platform Bicycles Carrier

MARVOWARE Foldable Platform Bicycles Carrier

The bicycle car carrier rack is easy to install. There are hooks to protect car paint. It is easy to set up a cradle clamps. Due to customizability, some assembly is required. PLATFORM STYLE 2-BIKES CARRIER Up to 2 bikes can easily be transported with the Sturdy Steel Structure and Stable Platform. The car fit type is universal. The bikeRACK HITCH is aTILE. It is designed to fit the trailer hitch receiver. 90 lbs is the maximum weight capacity for a bike. It fits most bikes frames with 17 to 47 inches. There is a distance between two bikes. There are two moored hooks. Two foam-padded hooks can be slid down over the vertical frame to fit a different size bike frame for safe and reliable transport. Four wheel cradles with knobs can be adjusted along horizontal bars to accommodate bikes of different lengths. Bike wheels are secured into a wheel cradle with tire straps. The rack folds in to a compact size to access the car rear boot or easy storage when not in use. The rack folds in to a compact size to access the car rear boot or easy storage when not in use.

Brand: Marvoware

👤The bike rack is heavy. The materials are solid and don't feel like they will break soon. It comes with everything you need to set it up, and you can even get extras if you need them. It is heavy and looks overwhelming, but it is easy to put together. I like that it can be adjusted to fit different bike sizes. This is a good find.

👤It's difficult to find a good quality bike rack. I took a chance with this one, and it works perfectly. It is made of thick steel and has a stabilizing plate that will keep the hitch from wobbling. If you can tolerate their briefness, this is not a deal breaker. This bike rack is an excellent one that is comparable to some costing over two times more with the addition of 4 strategically placed washers. I added these parts because I like assembly. You don't need the extra washers to make it usable. I only have one bike. The bar can be extended from the truck hitch to the vertical support bar to open SUV hatches. I haven't found any bar flex carrying my bike. The bike retaining assembly and the bike holding rack are both 30 inch long and can be removed from the main support bar. I was very pleased with this purchase.

👤We decided on this rack because we needed a better way to haul our bikes. We can use it on both of our vehicles. We used a padlock and cable to secure the bikes to the vehicle, and an additional CZC hitch tightening plate to take some of the slack out of the brackets and bar. I traveled from our home in Louisiana to Tennessee in my SUV with the bike rack secured and loaded up. 500 miles of highway to get there, up and down mountains, rough roads, rain, and left unattended many times. We had peace of mind that our bikes were in place, and the rack held up. The back up camera was used. This is not a big issue, but we can still see behind us and use the mirrors. There is a We purchased an additional hitch plate. The hitch bar and the bike mounting brackets were not fastened into the bar. I felt better eliminating the slack and making the connection tighter. There is no swaying or rocking on the bikes. Everything is locked up. Replacing the hitch pin with a locking pin eliminated the concerns of a thief or vandal. No one will remove a bike from the rack if there is a 6 foot plastic coated cable and padlock. Added protection.

👤We were unable to use the products because of the missing parts. We had it all put together and then realized they were not in the box. The 2 hook brackets are labeled " Two Padded Hooks". The hooks can be slid down over the frame to fit a different size bike for safe and reliable transport. They weren't in the box. The bike rack needs hook brackets to work.

5. Swagman Park City 6 Bike Stand

Swagman Park City 6 Bike Stand

RV approved can be used with a hitch on the back of the RV. Stores with up to six bikes. It is quick and easy to assemble. The zinc and powder is coated with something.

Brand: Swagman

👤The fit/finish is first rate and it's a sturdy rack, made with heavy gauge steel tubing. I'm very happy with this part of the product. I chose this rack because it allows me to put bikes on both sides, so as to fit the long shape of the garage available space. It takes about 10 minutes to assemble, just 8 bolts and nuts. There is a The reason I gave it only 3 stars is that it does not fit all tire sizes. The six thinner slots will not fit tires wider than 2.2", so I wish they could have spacing the vertical bars evenly. There are only two wide slots for mountain bikes with tires larger than 2.2", and they will have to go into them. Two of my bikes are too wide to fit in the family's car. It's not something one should have to worry about when changing tires for other bikes, as the rack will limit tire width. I took away a star because of this. A star is lost because a tire does not fit. The rack is too small. I can jam the bike into one of the wider slots if I tilt it, but this is not a proper fit. The rack will fit a 29er tire if they make it taller. It takes a bit of planning to stack the bikes. The handle bars shouldn't interfere with each other so you would alternate front-back-front. You have to be careful that the wheel of one bike doesn't hit the brake rotors of the other bike. It takes a little planning, but evenly spacing vertical slots would have alleviated this issue. I use disk brakes on 5 of the six bikes I own. Had I known about the limitations, I probably wouldn't have bought it. A different rack would have meant more space to hold the bikes, but at least many of those rack have no wheel size limitations because they don't have a top cross bar. I will live with it.

👤The bike stand is solid. We have two adult bikes and three kid bikes in the garage. It could hold four bikes comfortably, but one of ours is a small child bike that sits out of the way of the other bikes' handlebars. There are bikes on the stand. There is a I knocked it out on my own in 15 minutes. The box arrived completely trashed, with parts of the stand jutting through the sides. The box is not sturdy in the least and the parts are not well packed, so shipping damage would be easy. No parts were damaged or missing when it arrived, but others might not be so lucky.

6. Swagman Approved Around Spare Deluxe

Swagman Approved Around Spare Deluxe

The 2-inch receiver works with vehicles. The rack is sturdy and does not wobble easily, thanks to a 12 inch anti-wobble pin and a key lockset. Not for any kind of Class B vehicles, trailers, or RVs. Carries up to 2 bikes. Most spare tires have mounts around them. Bike-to-bike contact is prevented by anti-sway cradles. Attaches to a bumper that is 4-1/2" high. Attaching the bumper to the bike and carrying it with all the hardware included.

Brand: Swagman

👤I am very impressed with this bike rack. We have not loaded the bikes yet, so my review will be for the construction and ease of assembly. We will have a bike loaded for our next trip. I wanted a bike rack that was stable and wouldn't bounce around while attached to the camper bumper. I've seen a few that attach through a standard hitch type of accessory, but they tend to move in the receiver. They bounce a lot. There is a The way the bike rack was attached to the square bumper was appealing. It seemed to have more stability. And it does! I am very pleased with this rack. It fits around the spare without rubbing or crowding. If we needed to access the spare, you would remove the bikes and remove the two pins that hold the upright arms in place. You don't have to remove the base section of the rack to access it. The rubber bike mounts are factory installed. The mounts have two heavy-duty rubber straps. They seem to be a very secure way of mounting each bike. After our next trip, I will post an update. The bike rack is sturdy and well made. It is worth the money compared to others I researched.

👤I was frustrated when I first installed the rack because it was too narrow striking the tires and forcing the bars to lean inward to meet the narrow joining bar. See my 4th photo. I found a review where someone had the same issue and had their spare tire moved a little higher. The spare tire was remounted in the 3rd photo. The top hole of the tire is now above the bolt. The uprights are notangled too much so the Swagman bumper mount U-Clamps can be brought inward. It's a bit tight as it's touching the tire at the bottom. I'm satisfied with the install. My suggestion is to give the horizontal joining bar with more length and holes. It would be helpful to give more separation around tires. The narrow bar is better suited for child size bike frames, and it would be better if the bar was wider. Installation of the upright poles into the braces was a problem as I could not get them to slide into the square holes. I was tempted to return the set because of the issues. 1. It wouldn't fit the tire. 2. The uprights wouldn't slide into the brace holes. 3. There is missing hardware. The missing hardware was a result of the frustrated buyer returning the unit without all the bolts, but having purchased an open box set. I overcame all 3 issues after finding the review for the tire fix. I had to pound the uprights into the square brace holes, it will be hard to remove it. I had to purchase a set of 16 nuts and a bolt for the horizontal crossmember in my spare hardware box at the house. I did not get any support from Swagman via the link from Amazon. The support is only for the first purchase. If you purchase the open box, you are on your own, but it was a savings for me with only a ride to Home Depot. There are negative reviews about uprights bending when loaded with bikes. I plan on using straps to secure the bikes and rack to the tire as I believe the tire mount to be stronger. There is a I am happy with the purchase of the bike rack, but believe the company could make improvements to their product. The wide horizontal support bar with multiple mounting holes would be the first thing on my list. The tolerance of the square uprights should be improved to make it easy to install and remove the product. It was almost impossible to change the tire if I had to pound them into the holes because they were too tight. The gauge of the upright tubes needs to be increased as buyers have reported bending when used to support 2 bikes with what appears to be normal use. The increase of gauge would increase costs a bit but should make for a more robust product and better customer satisfaction.

7. Swagman Cross Country 2 Bike 2 Inch Receiver

Swagman Cross Country 2 Bike 2 Inch Receiver

It only takes a few minutes to assemble and the upright ratchet arms can be adjusted to different bike frame sizes. Keeps your bike stable. Sturdy design includes a built in anti-wobble hitch device. You can save yourself space. You can conveniently store it when it folds in to a compact mode. It'sTILE: It's compatible with 1-1/4" and 2-inch receiver Hitch. The maximum weight capacity is 35 Ibs per bike. There are separate accessory sales. The fat tire wheel trays have a Locking Hitch Pin or Security Cable.

Brand: Swagman

👤I bought this rack 4 years ago. This is a capable and reliable carrier. It is light and well made. It looks like the picture. I won't be able to add anything new to the reviews, but I will give you better pictures so that you can make your own decision on the construction. I still use a strap to hold the wheels to the metal loops, even though I think it will probably not go anywhere once the top tube is pulled down. I only use the rack for one bike and it only weighs 21 pounds. It's easy to carry in one hand when it's not on the car.

👤I just bought this and broke it during assembly. I am hopeful that the company will replace the broken parts because the instructions were not clear and I used a magnifying glass to see them. If you purchase this, I've learned 3 things you might find helpful. The set screw on the 2" sleeve is difficult to remove, as well as several other reviewers. I needed a small pipe to slip over the allen wrench to turn it. The instructions don't say where the various washers and lock washers go. The lock washers go on the two large set screws, the 4 flat washers go on the quick adjust knobs, and the other washers go on the two large set screws. Match them up with the right size screws. If the "quick adjust" does not tighten easily, do not turn harder as that will strip them. They will tighten easily if you switch them to the other side of the tire holder rack. I stripped 2 of the quick change knobs before figuring out my mistake. I hope he replaces them.

👤Just returned from the road trip and had a vintage Schwinn Hollywood women's bike. I bought a cross-bar accessory for the bike so that the hook on the rack could be tightened. I used straps on both wheels, but I don't think that's necessary, the bike rode solid as a rock. I think you're doing something wrong if your bike falls off the rack. I'm going to take this rack on a 4,000 mile road trip and will update this review after I'm sure there are no issues. I can't see how there will be problems with it. The assembly instructions are so bad that I'm going with four stars. If step 1 is meaningless, you're going to have trouble putting this together. If yours comes like mine, you will also have left-over parts. I called the helpful customer service people in Canada to make sure I had it right after figuring out where they should go. There is a You will probably have 4 washers. The sliding wheel trays are locked down by those under the knobs. When you put them on, they won't be left over. There is a You are likely to have two lock washers. The factory left the upright arm and the two side arms off if yours comes with them. The two nuts hold the two bolts on the brackets. You will have to disassemble and reassemble them. Make sure to get the bike back together if you want to avoid the risk of dumping it on the road.

8. Swagman Upright Roof Mount Bike

Swagman Upright Roof Mount Bike

Before purchasing, please check the authenticity of the timepiece. It is easy to exaggerate. The UPRIGHT roof rack is easy to install and can carry one bike without wheel removal. It'sTILE: Multiple units can be used on a single vehicle and the rack can be used on square, round and oval bars. The maximum weight capacity is 35 Ibs. per bike. The sleek design looks great on any vehicle. It is made from sturdy plastic and steel. There is free security. With tie down straps for wheels and locking feature included you will have peace of mind knowing your bike is secured to the rack whether on the road or parked.

Brand: Swagman

👤You can't beat the features for the price. There are things to know. The product is not tools. Think about how you will keep this out of your car. The whole rack can be removed with no tools. I used steel cable to stop anyone from taking it. 2. Lock when not in use. The rack locks will work in the wind. The part can be purchased from another website. You can get a nut from the hardware store. There is a This works for my needs and is a good price when buying multiple bikes.

👤I feel secure putting my bike on this rack. I drove for 7 hours with a $3000 bike. I don't know what the reviewers are expecting from it, it's flimsy or wobbly. I used two bungee straps with this rack, but I wouldn't have done that with a $200 rack. This is a great purchase. I lost one of the tie-down straps. They couldn't have been friendlier when I called their customer service. They sent me more straps in case I lose another one. Thanks!

👤I put these on the roof rack of my camper for a big road trip. We had our bikes in place for 4,700 miles. They were easy to install, although the package had an extra screw that I was worried about, but customer service said it was a hold over from their previous model. There is a The bike racks are great for the price. My kids' $50 bikes were not going to be dropped on the racks. I would like to have the straps permanently attached so I don't have to worry about keeping track of them when the bikes aren't on. It's not easy to climb up on the camper and bend over to unlatch 4 bikes. I can't tell you how easy it would be to steal a bike, there's a lock on the part that Attach to the bike, but the part that Attach to the roof rails could be easily removed by hand. When we parked at hotels, I used an additional heavy duty cable lock. Even if I do see room for improvement, I would recommend these racks.

👤It actually works. It looks cheap, but for 40 bucks it will do. I was not sure how to install it. After I realized what I was doing it was a piece of cake. I was hoping it would be easy on the off. Unless I absolutely have to, I won't be removing it from the car. The lock for the bottom bar of the bike is a bit tricky, but it is easy to put my bike on there. It works and keeps the bike in place. I can't lock down my mountain bike with the added straps because it barely fits on the rack and the front tire is too small. The back one has straps on it. I found a long strap that will work for now and it was an easy fix. I am a bit paranoid about it since I have had a kayak fall from the top roof of the car, but so far it works well and keeps the bike mostly in place. The last thing I want to say is that I am afraid of going fast. I have reached speeds up to 55mph so far. It doesn't feel different from driving a car without a bike on top. I went to a bike park at a ski resort and did 80-90 mph with the bike on. I say that money was well spent.

9. Swagman Mount Bike Rack Storage

Swagman Mount Bike Rack Storage

It'sTILE: It is compatible with a Class 2 or higher hitch receiver. It fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles. The maxium weight capacity is 45 Ibs. per bike. The locking Hitch Pin is included. There is a bike rack wall mount. The 2” and 2” receiver style bike racks are compatible with the universal adapter. Bike racks can be found in the store when not in use. When not in use, folds against wall.

Brand: Swagman

👤If you have a 4 bike rack, this mount will not hold it, even though it is rated for 100LBS, and I sent an email to support, but they ignored my request. It is bent to the point that it is very flimsy.

👤I used this for a vehicle. I went with this because it was more cost effective. Huge mistake. This thing is very thin. 1 star for strength. I returned it because it was flexing badly. It creates a higher center of gravity when it swings out. It would be fine if they made it out of thicker metal, but it is so thin, no bueno! I went with a rack stash after paying a little more.

👤It's better to keep my Kuat Transfer 3 off the floor than it is to have it fall over and hit my car. It works well and allows easy movement between storage and my car's hitch. The Transfer 3 is a big rack and I haven't had any issues with the Swagman holding it. When you mount it, make sure you hit the studs. Since I know how heavy my bike rack is, I used heavier lag bolts. There is a The slot to hang the hitch was nice. I went with this over the Rack Stash because of the price difference.

👤I have been watching this bike rack storage for a while. The reviews were good. I was waiting for the price to go down. It came down a bit. I was tired of tripping over my bike rack in my garage. I put it on the wall of my garage to make sure it was mounted on the wall. I gave it four stars because I didn't like the mounting screws. I bought lag bolts and washers instead of using the included screws. The larger lag bolts prevent the mount from folding to the side, but I have it in my garage. I have a wall mount that holds my bike rack in place, it folds open to hold the bikes under the wheels. I wanted to have it hold my bikes while mounted on the wall, but it was too much for me.

👤The bike carrier mount is perfect. The bikes were hung on the wall of the garage using the available bike hooks and the Rubbermaid Fast Track. The bike rack was collecting dust, dirt and scratches as I leaned it against the wall. I found this bike carrier mount and am very happy about it. I was debating between two brands. I went with this one because of the better price. I mounted the plywood against the plywood in the unfinished garage because it was attached between 2 studs. It was easy to install and went up in about 5 minutes. There is a I was concerned about the size of the screws that were included because I was mounting a heavy bike rack to the wall and worried that the screws would be a bit light weight. I used larger lag bolts and drilled larger holes in the X Mount. I think the walls will fall before this thing happens. There is a The bike carrier is off the ground and it looks great. The mount is very neat. I can keep my ball hitch on it as well. 5 stars for price and build quality... I would recommend anyone.

10. Swagman Bike Standard Inch Receiver

Swagman Bike Standard Inch Receiver

When not in use, folds against wall. Up to 3 bikes can be carried on the back of your vehicle. Sturdy cradles with vinyl padding help protect frames and offer additional gripping power. Many bikes have alternative frames and frames with large tubing that work with single-arm design. The anti-rattle hitch bolt reduces the movement of the rack. RV approved can be used with a hitch on the back of the RV.

Brand: Swagman

👤3 bikes were on the back of the RV. There are a lot of challenging and bumpy roads in the RV. It becomes very efficient to use when you find the best angles for your bikes. It takes 5 minutes to remove the bikes and place them on the device. I used bike locks because they don't have a lock. Great purchase.

👤I was looking for a bike mount because my wife and daughter wanted to ride bikes. I came across this one. It was great. I recommend it only if you want to open the trunk, it sits one position, and it took all 3 bikes and no shaking. It is good for the price and to take the bikes where ever you need to go serve it.

👤I decided to buy a Swagman rack after I found that my local bike shop carried it. I've used it a couple of times, and I'm happy with it. It only took a few minutes to put it together. The "pin" is threaded so that I can be tightened down. The pin only works from one side of the receiver, so there is a caveat. There is a The top plate is held down by nuts. The benefit is that this creates a "clamp" effect, holding the bike securely and preventing any swings. You have to remove both of these to add the bike to the rack. It's more time consuming than a "strap" that holds the bike, and if you don't pay attention, the nuts roll all over the parking lot when you screw it up too quickly. There is a The top plate isn't symmetrical. It is one way but not the other. There isn't anything on the top plate to tell you which is front and back. I will be adding something to make it clear. I haven't used my lock yet, but there are holes on the top plate. You will need a flexible lock that you can run through the top plate, around the bikes, and then back through the second hole in the top plate. I could use a standard lock with an hasp if there were holes in the top and bottom. Just a thought! There is a The two bolts that hold the top plate down are old and could cause a problem if you load your bike onto the rack. I don't think I'll be tired when I put my bike on the rack, so I won't do anything like that. That's the only concern I have. I like it. It seems to be quality material and construction, and can't beat the price. I could have given this 5 stars and begged to give it a 6th, but I didn't.

11. Swagman Chinook Hitch Bike Rack

Swagman Chinook Hitch Bike Rack

It'sTILE: It is compatible with a Class 2 or higher hitch receiver. It fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles. The maximum weight capacity is 35 Ibs. per bike. It is easy to exaggerate. The instructions for the hitch mount bike rack are easy to follow. You can load and unload the rack in under 2 minutes. CONVENIENT: The bike rack tilts down to allow easy access to the rear of the vehicle. It saves you time and energy for biking. The frame is secured to the rack with the help of the locking ratchet hooks. It'sTILE: It is compatible with a Class 2 or higher hitch receiver. It fits most frame sizes, shapes and styles. The maxium weight capacity is 45 Ibs. per bike. The locking Hitch Pin is included.

Brand: Swagman

👤This was purchased a month before I was going to go on a road trip. After the trip, I decided to give it a little more merit. There is a It can be removed or installed in one minute, and it holds bikes securely with locks on the hitch and on each bike. When no bikes are mounted, it folds up close to the car. I don't remove the carrier when the bikes aren't mounted because it's so small. There is a It doesn't block my back-up camera when folded. The red markers in the camera were in perfect alignment with the back of the folded rack. The back-up camera is still usable with one bike in place. The yellow markers in the camera align perfectly with the back of the bikes. There is a It is a little awkward to mound a bike between the bar and the car with the vertical bar raised. The release pins for folding the carrier do not have lubricating properties. I had to lubricate the pins because they didn't snap back in place after a few days of wind, rain, and sun. Thankfully, there was 3-in-1 oil at one stop. If you change bikes with different tire sizes, the pads on the tire straps are a little difficult to use. There is some minor rocking of the bikes on bumpy roads because the carrier tilt mechanism is not as tight as I would like. There is a You can take the car to the car wash if you keep a wrench in the car. Mount. The smallest bike is close to the car. The bike rack needs to be loosened when installing the inner bike. It's easier to put the bike in place without the locking hook. If the inner bike faced left or right, I couldn't easily get into the lock. Both locks were easy to open. Roll the bikes forward and back while pressing down on the hook. The bikes are mounted tightly. Before using the tilt lock pins, you should put a little oil on them. When no bikes are mounted, put the wheel straps into the strap. I compared several carriers before buying this one. The bikes are supported under the wheels. It could be tilted so that the bikes are in place. It was reasonably priced and it was locked at the bike and hitch. All of my goals were accomplished by the Swagman carrier.


What is the best product for bicycle racks for trailer hitch swagman?

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