Best Bicycle Racks for Trailer Hitch Hollywood

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1. Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Electric

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Electric

Attaching the bumper to the bike and carrying it with all the hardware included. The maximum capacity of the bike rack is 80 lbs per bicycle. Any bike with up to 5 tires can be fitted with a universal wheel holder. The lock on the bike frame hooks is to deter thefts and includes a locking hitch pin. It's not compatible with 1-1/4" to 2'' hitches, and cannot be used with any trailer, towed vehicle, or fifth wheel. When not in use, the rack folds flat against the vehicle, making it easy to access cargo. Before mounting and transporting bikes on ebike rack, batteries on electric bikes must be removed.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤The rack has strong wheel loops. The bikes are held down by the zip straps on the loops. The hitch receiver, hooks, and a heavy locking cable are all similar to a key, and the rack has four keys, which are useful to cover all the keys in your car. We use an SUV and an RV for carrying the bikes. There is a Our two bikes are 20x4 fat-tire Lectric XP Step-Thrus, weighing 63 lbs apiece with their batteries, which we leave in for short trips. The rack is a little heavy with all that weight stuck out of the hitch receiver, but it doesn't seem to have a problem with the steel or welds. There is a If you have 20 tires and a derailleur, you will need a small tire adapters. The loops have a derailleur out of them. The rack hooks are not cheap, and you will need an additional adapter for step-thrus. The end result is worth the two unpleasant surprise expenses of about $120 per bike. Don't worry about your babies hanging on the back, because there is nothing cheap about this place, and take your batteries out for long trips.

👤I used the rack on my truck before I submitted the review. I have two bikes. I had to make sure they were evenly spacing when mounted on the rack. It is not as easy to position/reposition the wheel adjusters. The rack handles both bikes well. I take off batteries and locks for travel. I was surprised to see that the bikes were not visible on either side of the car, just something to keep in mind, they are about a foot taller than the car. It is not a concern for a truck. The rack is very well made and higher priced than the competition. The hitch is slightly bent upwards for better clearance, which is important when mounting on a low-sitting sedan/hatchback. I can use my truck's bed and the sedan's lift back when the rack is in use. The rack is worth the money.

👤We have had a carrier for over 7 years. We have electric bikes. It's not rated for that much weight and it's getting old so we're not really trusting it. 'metal fatigue' is what it is. There is a The Saris Freedom Bike Rack is rated for the weight and we ordered it here in July. The upright bar and straps make it difficult to get the tires to stay in while you strap. The straps are ridiculous. We sold it for half what we paid after we kept it past the return date. We were skeptical about this one. It looked like it was close to the old one, but it was rated more than our bikes weight. There is a It folds, which is a really good feature for us. This is a perfect replacement because of the other upgrades. The way it goes into the receiver is amazing. There is a It took about an hour to put it together. The Humane Society Gift Shop has the old one. We love this one! There is a If you don't have heavy bikes, this is a great carrier.

2. Hollywood Racks Traveler 4 Bike Hitch

Hollywood Racks Traveler 4 Bike Hitch

There is an optional 2 bike add on kit or cargo basket. The cradles hold up to 4 bikes. Arms fold when not in use. Not to be used on a trailer or towed vehicle. 35 lbs per bike is max capacity. Kids bikes and ladies frame bikes may need a top tube adapter to fit on the rack.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤I would usually give this rack 5 stars. It's inexpensive for a 4 bike rack, made of sturdy steel, relatively lightweight for a 4 bike rack, has anti-sway straps, and has a door. The hanging style is more expensive than the tray-style racks. The need to carefully figure out a load configuration and potential need for adapter bars is something most people would be fine with. Even supports both of the hitches. There is a I'm taking away a star from the advertising. The Hollywood Racks page on the site does not include the manual or any information about the support of Class 2 hitches. Hollywood Racks will confirm this if you contact them. Class 1 is the most common type of hitch. I had to return it for a larger hitch because I didn't know if it was a liability issue or a real physical problem, but I ordered a hitch and it was better safe than sorry. I'm not the only one who missed this claim. Please be honest about your product's support.

👤This is a well design and made of good quality material. I will use it on my hitch on my car. The rack was moving a lot to the left and right around the hitch axis. I attached a thin metal sheet strip to this carrier that restricted the movement of the carrier. Since I don't want the carrier to stay on my car forever, I drilled a 1/2 inch threaded pin hole through which I can insert a regular 1/2 inch pin with a lock. If I need to remove the hitch from the bike rack in 1 minute, I can do that with a quality bike rack that is not wobbling too much.

👤The bike rack was purchased in 2012 and is still being used. We only have one complaint about this rack, which we use all the time. The rubber mount that the bike rests on can slide backwards if the tire extends out past your vehicle. When we travel on the freeway, this happens only on our tandem. The problem was solved by running the strap from the vertical post to the ends of the bike. The supports are not able to slide back. The rubber hold-down straps hold our bikes in place. We have never had an issue loading our bikes on this rack. It is important to tighten the bolt that holds the rack into your receiver and the thumbscrew at the base of the rack to minimize sway and bounce. Over time, the thumbscrew can loosen.

3. Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning fluid is plant-based and will not harm plastic, rubber or carbon fiber. Patented simple push in design is easy to use. You need to lift the bike and put it in the stand. When you push the bike into the rack, the front holder will tilt. Heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain and beach bikes will be perfect for this design. The most stable bike stand has three points on the tires, which is better than other stands which only have one or two points on the frame, rim, disc rotor and derailleur. The bike's front or rear wheel stays in the holdder because it's deeper than others. The dynamic stand base makes it impossible to tilt the bike if you push hard. It is possible to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second with a simple one-pull-knife. Your bikes will not be lying on the ground anymore. The steel is heat treated and has a fantastic powder coated finish. If used correctly, this stand will last forever. All bikes are compatible. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, but only those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤After years of leaning my bike against the wall, some serious smudges had developed. I bought this to store my bicycle upright, but not against the wall. There is a It works, but not well. The rack is too light to support my bike with my panniers, and it doesn't have enough weight to stay in place as I attempt to roll my front wheel into the well. When I try to put my bike in it, the rack scoots away, and unless I'm very careful, it leans into the wall. There is a I recommend the procedure if you've purchased this. To orient the rack, drag it away from the wall. 2. Use your foot to tilt the mechanism. Roll your front wheel into the slot and secure the rack with your foot. 4. Lift the back of your bicycle and orient it straight behind so that it has the best chance of standing up. 5. If you have a weight on your bike, you should turn your front wheel and rack towards the weight so that you can form a triangle with the ground. There is a How to remove the bicycle from the rack? I haven't found a way to keep the rack in place. There is a It seems like the greatest improvement would be to weight the base of the rack so that it's more stable.

👤I was afraid that my road bike wouldn't be stable in this storage stand. There is nothing to worry about. It keeps the bike stable and holds the skinny tires. It was well designed. Excellent product.

👤I was tired of putting my expensive road bike up against the wall and hoping it wouldn't fall over, and also scratching up the walls and possibly the bike. I wanted to keep it standing up without having to lean it against a wall. I agreed after reading a post that said your expensive bike deserves a quality bike stand. I initially ordered a different stand. It was $5 cheaper than this one. The one that popped up on my screen had an extra component that they call the "push-in simple design and the wheel sits deeper." I ordered it from Bikehand after I saw that it had a lifetime warranty. The stand works well and the wheel slides in so the bike stays up. The bike has 700c x 23mm tires and works as advertised.

👤I bought a bike stand to help organize my garage and not have a bike leaning on it. My bike does not take a kickstand very well. I needed something to keep it upright. The rear section of my bike is very heavy and this stand balances it very well. The stand stays planted even if the bike is moved or worked on. The bike I have weighs a good deal. The stand was worth every penny if it could keep my bike up. It collapses when you don't use it.

👤The stands seem to be well made. The manufacturer has no fault in the fact that they tend to move when you push the bikes into them. You can use your foot to support them. The stands shift when the bikes are taken off the stand. I thought about it and did the following. I thought I could use the wall to keep the bikes from shifting. 1. I bought a plank of 8 feet. 2. I parked my car at the wheel parking stop. It's 6 feet long and is sold on Amazon. 3. The lumber was cut to 6 feet so that it would be the same length as the stop. 4. I bought a lot of deck screws. 5. I drilled small holes in the parking stands and then moved up to a bit to fit the deck screws. 6. I marked off the wood plank where the stands would be installed. 7. I made small holes so the screws wouldn't split the wood. There are 8. I took a battery powered driver and drilled them through the plank. Don't overtighten. The stands are secure. No shifting at all.

4. BENETA Bicycle Tightener Foldable Carrier

BENETA Bicycle Tightener Foldable Carrier

The front tire cradle system is adjusted. The dual carry arms design was created. The spacing accommodates mountain bikes and road bikes of different frame sizes and designs, based on dual-arm bicycle car rack and horizontallyadjustable mounting saddles. Sturdy heavy duty steel construction carry up 4 bikes max load to 220 LB. The nylon straps that keep the bicycle stable and the bicycle carrier powder-coated to prevent bicycle scratches are very durable. The tilt-down system has been changed. Convenient vehicle access. Even when your bikes are on the rack, the gates can be opened easily. The rack can be unlocked with locking pins. A hitch stabilizer and installation tool kit is a bonus. Premium iron with a thickness of about 7mm is the thickest on the market, stronger and more stable than other brands. Bikes are safe and secure even on bumpy roads thanks to the heavy-duty anti-rattle stabilizer. BENETA bicycle car racks can be set up in a minute. Warm tips. It is recommended to install the straps on the bicycle. Backed by a lifetime warranty. BENBTA bike frames are backed by a professional consulting service. Cars, Minivans, Cars, Truck, etc are car models that are applicable to the BENETA bike rack. Mountain bikes, Road bikes, and other types of bikes can be placed on the BENETA bicycle car rack.

Brand: Beneta

👤The Beneta bicycle car rack with 2'' hitch tightener is heavy-duty and can hold 4 bikes. The bike carrier rack is for cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. It has a pin, and safety knows to open the gate on the back of the SUV with a rack. The spacing between the mountain bikes and road bikes of different frame sizes and designs is accommodated by the design of this 4-bike dual carry arms. The bike rack is very sturdy and can carry up to 4 bikes max load to 220 lbs. There is a The nylon straps on the bikes keep them stable. The bike rack is powder-coated to prevent bicycle scratches and the straps are easy to release. There is a The most important feature to talk about again is the tilt-down system, which makes it very convenient to have complete vehicle access with tilt-down feature, even when your bikes are on the rack. The rack can be quickly released with locking pins. The hitch stabilizer and installation tool kit are included in the rack.

👤The best! This is the best bike rack I have ever owned. I used to have a bike rack that held 2 bikes, but it was hard to get them on and off. The rack is great and takes care of that problem. The rack is high quality and well made, and the assembly is very simple. You can't beat the price. It takes less than 60 seconds to put the bikes on this rack. The feature that allows the rack to lay down is my favorite. The tailgate can be put down all the way to make it easy to get in. If you are looking for the most secure, high quality and easiest to use bike rack, we recommend this one. You will love it.

👤The setup for this rack is very easy and holds my e bike perfectly. There is a I can put groceries on the rack if the arm swings down 45 degrees. There is a plate that bolts down to prevent the rack from vibrating. There is a The unit is sturdy and light. I use a locking pin to make sure the rack isn't stolen. A good investment for my bike.

👤This is a great product. It works better if your adapter sticks out a few inches. The photo of mine is only 1/2 inch. I had to put it on backwards. Not as suggested. This is not a fault of the product. I'm just making sure you know that it works better if you stick out a bit more.

👤I needed a bike rack heavy enough to carry two e- bikes. I put it together and I am a female. My bikes don't affect it at all because it's so heavy duty. The bikes are not enough to discourage me because they are difficult to put on. The main reason is that they have battery holders in the way of the clamps that hold it in place.

5. Hyperax Approved Mounted Carrier Receivers

Hyperax Approved Mounted Carrier Receivers

Aonkey is a professional brand seller that committed with cell phone accessory, including bike phone mount, cell phone stand, and car phone holder. If your product has a problem within 18 months, please contact them. This model has an exclusive design that gives you extra safety on the road, it has a carrier designed to fit Class 3 or higher hitch receivers. Hitch Receivers must be crucifix mounted. The bumper of the RV may be torn off if the hitch rack is placed on it. Caution: Please do not install the RV between the vehicle and the trailer due to the tight space. Their rack is compatible with mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes with up to 5-inch fat tires, and up to 58-inch wheelbase. The bike accessory is required for step thru or lady bikes. The frame of your bike is safe and secure with co-injected soft rubberized ratcheting hooks. There are dual key locks that prevent bikes and bike rack from being stolen. You can easily accommodate bikes of different sizes. The reflective straps help improve visibility in the dark. Your bike stays firmly on the rack with additional security straps included. When the rack is folded up and removed from the vehicle, you can carry it with a carrying handle. You can save a lot of space by hanging the rack on the wall. Works with vehicles with 2 inch class 3 receiver. The rack is built to last and secured by an anti-wobble pin and a key lockset. Works with vehicles with 2 inch class 3 receiver. The rack is built to last and secured by an anti-wobble pin and a key lockset.

Brand: Hyperax

👤The delivery was done in two days. The back of the camper has a 2 inch hitch mount. The hitch and bike rack meet and we put the stabilizer on where the hitch and bike rack meet. The rack is made so it doesn't wobble. The tie downs on the wheels were reinforced with additional straps. It didn't have to have either of these additions because the bikes are very heavy and expensive and we travel long distances. We purchased the bars for the step through bikes from Amazon to make sure we could properly lock them down. Adding the stabilizer to the hitch, the straps and the bars to the bike rack would have added more security. This is a nice rack that holds our bikes. We secured the cover for the bikes with bungee cords. Works well!

👤I gave up waiting for a Hollywood Rack Carrier after waiting for over half a year. It was highly recommended for use on a 5th Wheel RV, so I tried it out. The order was filled and I received it four days later. Assembly was fairly easy using the instructions, but there were two questions: first, the reflectors on each side of the bottom tire bars when installed face upward, which would not reflect and second, the headlights on the wrong side of the vehicle, which were stuck on the wrong side. Doesn't matter if bike cover goes over them. The only way the Velcro works is after you loop the strap around the tire, you need to twist it to get it to stick on the fabric, again, no problem. The lock to secure your rack to your RV and the two locks to secure bike to rack are all locks with one key. The locking key can be tight at times, but the movements on the holding bar will solve any issues. When depressing the locking lever and moving the securing hook, be aware that pitching can occur. There is a If you want to prevent up/down/side movement from the play in your hitch, buy a hitch tightener on Amazon, it is very inexpensive and could save you a lot of money. The upper bar on men's bikes is not included in our eBikes. It will not work on step through or women's bikes without a bar adapter. If you want to protect your investment in your eBike, strongly suggest a transportation bike cover. I always go one size larger than what I have, 2 bikes, 3 bike cover, I purchased a Team Obsidian three bike transportation cover. All of these items can be found on Amazon. The handlebars on my bike have different configurations and I need to tie a towel around my left one to keep my side mirror and brake lever from scratching. Do your research to find out what is best for you. Hope this helps. The biking season in northern Michigan is almost over. I have taken a few trips with the above items and have not had any problems. You don't need to buy a separate cover if you take the cover off. There is a Update 10/12/21 The photo above might help you answer your question about attaching the small wire pigtail.

6. Hollywood Racks Sportrider Hitch Black

Hollywood Racks Sportrider Hitch Black

Kids bikes, ladies frame bikes and some mountain bikes may need a top tube adapter to fit on the rack. The platform style bike rack can hold up to 2 bikes. 50 lbs per bike; patented no wobble-no tools hitch tightening system for fast and secure installation. There are locking frame hooks to secure the bikes to the rack. Not to be used on a trailer or towed vehicle, but only for hitch receiver only. The bike rack can fit up to a 60" bike, and folds flat against the car when not in use. There is an optional 2 bike add on kit or cargo basket.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤The rack is heavy duty and well designed. I was torn between buying this or the cheaper one. I've used a Swagman XC before, so I knew what it was like. If you have a vehicle that has a 2 inch receiver, I highly recommend that you get this rack. There is a There are pros and cons to heavy duty construction, top quality construction, and 2 inch tube construction. Most bike hitch require a wrench to tighten the bolt so that it does not rattle, but no tools are needed to bolt it to the hitch. The hitch lock and cable are worth $30 by themselves. Nothing is filmsy. It can be pivoted to make it easier to get to the trunk or truck bed. The man can't do this. You don't need a threaded bolt to mount this, you can use a regular hitch pin. This also comes with a locking hitch pin. There is a It's a bit heavy due to its construction. It's not as heavy as the Swagman XC. There is a It's large in size and consumes a lot of space compared to a Swagman XC, but it's locked with a cable. The construction of this rack was designed to be heavy duty. It is not easy to bend or flex. If you tighten the bolts too tight, the metal on the rack will bend and flex. There is a The anti-rattle device on this rack does not require any tools, compared to a Swagman rack that requires you to have a wrench to tighten the anti-rattle bolt in the hitch receiver. There is a The metal hoops of this rack have a stronger construction than the hoops of a Swagman XC rack. I don't mind putting my bike on this rack. There is a It is a much better value than the Swagman XC, even though it is slightly more expensive. I bought this rack and have no regrets.

👤This is a nice rack. I am more than impressed. It looks good mounted. It takes me about a minute to secure my bike. The features of this rack are amazing. The anti-wobble mechanism is a game changing mechanism. I have seen bikes being transported that look like they are on a carnival ride. The bikes are secured with this rack. There is still a small wobble side to side. The middle mounted stabilizer hook is very efficient and quick to use. There is no problem opening the hatch when the rack is empty. The tilt feature on the bikes allows me to open the hatch. It takes 15 seconds to reposition the rack into, closed, carry or tilt function. It was smooth and easy. The finish of the rack is very good. The components are made from high quality materials. If you over-TIGHTEN the holding hook, you will have a hard time unfastening it. I put a microfiber rag in between. I can pull the rag out if I need to. There is a This rack is an excellent value. I would buy it again.

7. HYPERAX Mounted Carrier 2 Inch Suitable

HYPERAX Mounted Carrier 2 Inch Suitable

Any trailer, fifth wheel or towed vehicle has a slight side to side motion that's very low Frequency and that fatigues the steel from which the rack are manufactured. There is a tieredRACK. It's easy to access your car trunk. Remove the safety pin and allow the bike rack to tilt downward, giving you access to the rear trunk. Their rack is compatible with mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes with up to 5-inch fat tires, and up to 58-inch wheelbase. The lady bikes required a bike accessory. The rack is capable of carrying two super 73 E bikes if they are less than 70 pounds. Soft hooks that are co-injected with rubber are safe and secure. There are dual key locks that prevent bikes and bike rack from being stolen. You can easily accommodate bikes of different sizes with the help of the wheel holders. The reflective straps help improve visibility in the dark. Your bike stays firmly on the rack with additional security straps included. If the bike rack is in the storage position, you can carry it around with the carrying handle or hang it on the wall with integrated wall mount hooks. The 2-inch receiver works with vehicles. The rack is sturdy and does not wobble easily, thanks to a 12 inch anti-wobble pin and a key lockset. Not for any kind of Class B vehicles, trailers, or RVs. The 2-inch receiver works with vehicles. The rack is sturdy and does not wobble easily, thanks to a 12 inch anti-wobble pin and a key lockset. Not for any kind of Class B vehicles, trailers, or RVs.

Brand: Hyperax

👤The bike rack was great and I was able to use it one time, so it would have been a 5 star review. I tried to remove the locking hitch pin from my hitch receiver. It was very difficult to remove the rack from my car because it was locked. The hitch pin lock is locked indefinitely and the only time I was able to open it was that. One of the arms that holds the bike in place will not turn the lock. The fat tire e-bike had a great rack. The rack can no longer be attached to my hitch because of the poor locks. This bike rack would be great if it had better locks. Only one of the three locks works.

👤I own two e bikes. They are 70 lbs each. The rack has enough wheel supports for both fat tires and both. This is the right rack for heavier fat tire bikes.

👤The quality of the entire rack is very good. I have no problem getting my Fat tire bike in the rack even with my limitations. Strong mating surfaces are easy to assemble. It folds up nicely for storage. Design flaws: 1. I recommend a cable lock through the car frame because the locking hooks can be defeated by letting the air out of the tires. 2. The pin lock and anti rattle bolt design are excellent, but make sure the lock fully opens before installing it. It took a half hour to get enough leverage to remove the defect, and you have to risk pliers on the key to do it. He sent me a new one. 3. The bike support assembly can be stolen if you remove the one bolt that secures it to the tongue. I would like to know if they use the same PIN lock for this. There is a This is an excellent device. Added later. I received a new lock and pin from Hyperax. Excellent.

👤All part seems heavy duty. There is a The bolt that secured the receiver was too short. The lock wouldn't work. It had to be locked down so that it could catch. I haven't used yet, but I'm looking forward to trying. The company immediately corrected the issue after responding to it. A new lock and a longer pin are sent. I was very impressed with the immediate reaction and remedy. They said they will have longer pins. Great job!

8. Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy 4 Bike

Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy 4 Bike

8 feet long security cable with hitch pin is triple chrome plated. The trunk/bumper system can carry up to 4 bikes. It folds flat for easy storage in your trunk or garage. 35 lbs per bicycle is max capacity. Kids bikes, ladies frame bikes and some mountain bikes may need a top tube adapter to fit on the bike rack. The bike rack should work for your vehicle. The hooks are coated in rubber. Sport type: outdoors.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤This was used on a small car and a large SUV for cross-country driving. Excellent quality. I didn't worry about the rack coming loose. I used zip ties to secure long straps, but they stayed put for the duration of the trip. I had to take the rack off at some point to get something I forgot to put in an easy access place, because I tried to arrange things so we could just leave the rack on the back and retrieve things from the back seats of the cars. It took only a few minutes to take the rack off and put it back on. I wrapped an old towel around part of the rack to make sure that the metal wouldn't rub against the car or scratch it. If I had taken more time to adjust the rack, it would have been unnecessary.

👤The plastic on the top portion of the hatch makes it hard to get a good fit on a 2010 or a 2014 Chevy Traverse. It is difficult to position the ties where they need to go and tighten them up after you get the bikes in the carrier. If you don't have someone hold the rack in position while you stand on something to place the straps where they need to go on the top of the hatch, the rack will fall. You will need someone to hold the rack while you place the other 4 at least 2 of the remaining straps. Since the rack flips easily out of position, it's important to have at least 2 people place it since the bottom buffer needs to be turned in a certain way to make sure that you don't rub your hatch or scratch it. If you need to load something through your hatch, you will need to take the hatch off and two people to take it off. I think that this could work for other vehicles, just not the one that I or my husband own.

👤It does fit on a Dodge Journey, but don't clip the top two straps to the top of the rear hatch, instead attach the two straps to the left and right roof rack rail. The back hatch is made of fiberglass, so they don't suggest you use this rack to get into this vehicle. If you tie the straps to the rails on the roof, it will support.

9. Destination Lightweight 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Destination Lightweight 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. The lightweight platform hitch carrier is a great way to transport up to 4 bikes. The hitch pin has a locking mechanism. Each bicycle has a wheel tray and uses straps to secure it. The bikes frame is secured with a sliding and rotating attachment cradle. When not in use, folds up against the car. It's ideal for storing or parking in a garage. It only works with 2 hitch receivers. Not to be used with a Hitch receiver accessory. Not to be used on a towed vehicle. This lightweight rack has a max tire width of 3 and a max wheelbase of 48.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤I'm confident that this rack will have its share of reviews describing disastrous outcomes during transport, and I'm sure that it will do so as well. There is a Common sense and human intervention are required to prevent accidents from happening when using a rack. I believe failure can be attributed to one or more of the following. The rack was not being used for its intended purpose. The RV/Trailer 2 was installed. There was a lack of inspection prior to the transport. The bike rack is connected to the hitch. The rack should have no failures given that you take appropriate measures to address 1 and 2. There is no way for the pin to loosen on its own, so the pin is secured with an R-clip/cotter pin. The straps on any rack are guaranteed to break. Each bike on this rack is secured with a strap, tire and frame at the same time. There is a The bike will remain on the rack if one strap breaks. I wanted a rack that could transport 4 bikes with a minimal failure rate and this rack seems to be the best. I have 3 adult bikes and a youth bike. The other bonus features such as the weight and ease of assembly have already been mentioned in posts as has the downside to the rack in that it's relatively easy to take the entire rack with a few tools as the locking mechanism preventing this is relatively weak.

👤I have been a biker for the last 35 years and started with upright roof mounts, fork mount roof mounts, and platform hitch racks. The easiest platform rack to use is hands down. The HR Sportrider 2 is a great rack, but it doesn't fit all frame types very well. I bought a brand new platform rack that was heavy and awkward to install and remove, but it was also as solid as it could be. I decided to try it out because of the low cost. There is a I am now all smiles. The rack is only 20 pounds. I don't have to break my back installing and removing it. There is a Sometimes I leave it on the car for a ride the next day, and it folds up flat against the vehicle. There is a Hitch lock and key is an optional accessory which I never understood why locking your rack from theft would be an option. It works on any frame size, even bikes with fenders. There is a The bike is mounted to the rack with no jumping because of the 3 mounting points. There is a This rack is 1/3 the cost of my heavy duty platform rack and does everything just as well. There is a This is a viable contender if you are hesitant to spend $500 on a bike rack.

👤I needed a 3-bike rack and found this one from a Thule Pro2. This rack is not as good as a Thule or a Yakima. I bought it even though it was available. Double-checking the instructions is a must when assembling it. It is easy to mix up the inner and outer sections. The bolts that hold them down are cheap, and tend to strip. First, get everything in the right place, then snug the bolts. The rack on the car is very secure. There is a little bounce but every rack has that. There is a It will hold four mountain bikes. The loading and securing of them is different than the Thule. You have to be precise with placement, pedal position, centering, and angle the frame strap just right. I'm sure it will get easier with practice, but the Thule was just slap it in and go. It takes a while. The bikes were secure after a long trip. The rack does its job. There are better and worse racks out there. If the directions were clearer, I would give it a star.

10. Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack

No more special adapter is needed for your equipment from now on, it can be tied with a Silicone strap, and there is a Lifetime warranty. Two bikes weighing 65 lbs are held by Ebike compatible. The V70 Hitch Rack is for fat tire bikes. The tow hitch receiver is compatible with SUVs and cars. Not for use on Class B vehicles. The easy tilt down and fold up feature allows for easy trunk access and also folds up out of the way when not in use. The Universal Wheel Cradle can fit bike tires up to 5” wide. The straps hold the wheels in place. Triple Lock Security is a way to keep your bikes safe. Feel confident with your cargo with the safety strap. The Anti-Wobble Hitch is a patented invention. Enjoy a smooth journey! It is important. Not for use on vehicles with less than 12 Inches from the bottom of the hitch receiver. The 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects is part of the Ironclad Warranty. The 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects is part of the Ironclad Warranty.

Brand: Vibrelli

👤There are a lot of great features on this rack. There are security features that lock the rack to your car and lock the bikes to the rack. Everything can be changed. I was able to get the bikes to fit together without touching them. It looks great when you fold it up against the car.

👤I have spent over $500 on Yakima and Thule rack and I use them 3-4 times a week. I decided to give the rack a try because I was impressed by the wall mount from the Vibrelli. It arrived on Thursday and I was impressed with the quality and features that I had 2 bikes on the back, each worth more than my car, doing a 300 mile drive for a weekend of riding and racing with friends. I put this thing through hell this weekend and it is now my primary rack. No problem with fat tires. No problem with rough fire roads. I-95 and 85 MPH, no problem, last minute repairs to your rig before go time, no problem. I only had to use the dropper on one of the 2 MTBs. This thing is solid. It's easy. It took about 20 minutes to assemble, with good instructions and quality materials. I would recommend putting your money in the bike. Unless you have a brand name piece of jewelry hanging off the back of your vehicle. I will be posting a video soon.

👤I replaced my roof-mounted bike rack with a hitch-mounted one and I am very happy. Overall quality is great. The instructions and how-to video made assembling the rack easy. My fat tire bike and road bike fit on the rack. You can access the truck with a press of the foot. The included cable lock and rubber pads are some of the things that really impressed me. Cyclists designed this. Would definitely recommend.

👤It took me a couple of days to figure out what type of bike rack I wanted. I looked at price, brands, reviews, aesthetic design, weight, and features. The features of the most recent and expensive ones were all present in the bike rack that I came across. I was not sure if it had only one review. It was put into the market recently. I think it's perfect for my needs, especially the aesthetic ones, there are some expensive racks that look bad when you leave them on, and they might obstruct the license plate and rear camera view. The 2 bike tray style rack was very nice. The parts and finish of the product look very good and the price is fair, as a Quality Manager I can tell. Positive reviews will start to show up soon, as it will soon be one of the most popular bike racks.

👤Wow. I'm new to the bike rack market. My wife has a 15lb rock Hopper and I have a 60lb ebike. We're going to get another ebike soon. A Kuat or Thule is just so expensive, because we just installed a hitch on our outback. I understand. They're very nice. Then I came across a book. I'm very happy. It is incredibly sturdy. It was easy to use. For me. There are multiple locking features, sold to me. You can save a few hundred dollars and support a good cause. I bet you will also love this rack.

11. Hollywood Racks Trail Rider Hitch

Hollywood Racks Trail Rider Hitch

Sport type: outdoors. The bike frame hooks are locked to deter theft. The bike rack can hold up to a 60" wheel base bicycle. Not to be used on a trailer or towed vehicle. The bike rack has foldable wheel support tubes. Kids bikes, ladies frame bikes and some mountain bikes may need a top tube adapter to fit on the rack.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤I got a bike rack today. This is the second HollyWood rack I have owned. The locks from the rack to the car were improved. Also locks on the bike. This model has some disadvantages compared to the last model. You have to fold the rack down each time you go into the car. The product will eventually rust. Maybe I can get a rust proof paint. There is a It is very easy to put a bike on a rack.

👤Be careful! The HR200 is different than the previous versions. The Center mast/support arms are folded away from the vehicle on this version. The first photo is the model sent to me, the second photo is from the item's Amazon page, and the third photo is the length of the arm. If someone is parked behind you on the street, it's impossible to lower the mast in a hatch because the length of your vehicle would be extended by a few feet. The center mast of the other version of HR200 was folded so there was no need for more space. I don't know why they would mess with a design that was fine or why they are using the same model name. Not happy. I bought the HR200 because I liked the way the platform held the wheels better, even though it was more expensive than the Swagman. The center mast issue is the only one that is affecting this rack. If you plan to always have 4 feet of clearance behind you, and you don't care about getting into your hatch, then this rack will do what it's supposed to do.

👤It is a solid rack. I think it is well made and gets the job done. If you want the best user experience, you will pay for it. This is just good enough and if you don't want to leave it attached to your vehicle all the time, this will do fine for a third of the cost of the other rack. There is a The Hollywood Racks 2 Bike Trailrider model rack was received quickly. It has a locking bolt to attach the rack to the hitch, and it also has locks to fix the clamps when a bike is mounted. It is not theft-proof but it should deter the more determined thieves. This will be adequate if you don't leave the bikes unattended. It takes about 15-20 minutes to put it together and has a nice aluminum hitch insert that will lock the rack in to eliminate play at the hitch. It does a decent job there. There is a The rack works well. I took my wife's Klunker to the shop today and it was fine, even on the bumpy service road streets. It can handle both of our bikes. Since I remove it and store it in the garage, it shouldn't get rusty, but other buyers' mileage may vary. When I don't intend to use it in the immediate future, the rack is off the back of the truck. I take it off to make sure the finish is preserved. It is easy to do with a wrench or sockets, and I can lift it out of the hitch one-armed so it is not heavy. There is a The sled straps for the tires are still fastened on my 29er and my wife's 27.5 with wider tires. The unit will rattle/bob when a bike is not mounted. I didn't think it would come loose or the brackets would unfold. It was not loud. It is not as refined as something that costs 3-4x as much. It seemed to lock in more solidly with a bike in place. I am not happy that you have to fold the mast down to the side. I can see how it would make using this in parallel park situations a bit more challenging, but most lots around here are normal lots where parallel parking isn't recommended or needed. I paid a lot of money for this rack, but I think it is a good one. There are a few complaints about the experience. I was not ready to spend $600 on a bike rack at this time. I plan on using it to go explore other nearby trails and visit other towns, but I live on a trail system so I don't rely on using a rack all the time, and I live in a relatively dry hot place so I can lean on this a little more. $400 can be put towards a fork upgrade. I might eventually get a OneUp, Kuat, Yakima or Thule, but for now this will work well since my 29er is an XL and many racks won't fit the wheelbase. It's versatile for those long wheelbases, like Hardcore HTs, Enduro sleds, etc. With more space and longer lengths.


What is the best product for bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood?

Bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood products from Hollywood Racks. In this article about bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood you can see why people choose the product. Bike Hand and Beneta are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood.

What are the best brands for bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood?

Hollywood Racks, Bike Hand and Beneta are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle racks for trailer hitch hollywood. Find the detail in this article. Hyperax, Hyperax and Vibrelli are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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