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1. MARVOWARE Foldable Platform Bicycles Carrier

MARVOWARE Foldable Platform Bicycles Carrier

The bicycle car carrier rack is easy to install. There are hooks to protect car paint. It is easy to set up a cradle clamps. Due to customizability, some assembly is required. PLATFORM STYLE 2-BIKES CARRIER Up to 2 bikes can easily be transported with the Sturdy Steel Structure and Stable Platform. The car fit type is universal. The bikeRACK HITCH is aTILE. It is designed to fit the trailer hitch receiver. 90 lbs is the maximum weight capacity for a bike. It fits most bikes frames with 17 to 47 inches. There is a distance between two bikes. There are two moored hooks. Two foam-padded hooks can be slid down over the vertical frame to fit a different size bike frame for safe and reliable transport. Four wheel cradles with knobs can be adjusted along horizontal bars to accommodate bikes of different lengths. Bike wheels are secured into a wheel cradle with tire straps. The rack folds in to a compact size to access the car rear boot or easy storage when not in use. The rack folds in to a compact size to access the car rear boot or easy storage when not in use.

Brand: Marvoware

👤The bike rack is heavy. The materials are solid and don't feel like they will break soon. It comes with everything you need to set it up, and you can even get extras if you need them. It is heavy and looks overwhelming, but it is easy to put together. I like that it can be adjusted to fit different bike sizes. This is a good find.

👤It's difficult to find a good quality bike rack. I took a chance with this one, and it works perfectly. It is made of thick steel and has a stabilizing plate that will keep the hitch from wobbling. If you can tolerate their briefness, this is not a deal breaker. This bike rack is an excellent one that is comparable to some costing over two times more with the addition of 4 strategically placed washers. I added these parts because I like assembly. You don't need the extra washers to make it usable. I only have one bike. The bar can be extended from the truck hitch to the vertical support bar to open SUV hatches. I haven't found any bar flex carrying my bike. The bike retaining assembly and the bike holding rack are both 30 inch long and can be removed from the main support bar. I was very pleased with this purchase.

👤We decided on this rack because we needed a better way to haul our bikes. We can use it on both of our vehicles. We used a padlock and cable to secure the bikes to the vehicle, and an additional CZC hitch tightening plate to take some of the slack out of the brackets and bar. I traveled from our home in Louisiana to Tennessee in my SUV with the bike rack secured and loaded up. 500 miles of highway to get there, up and down mountains, rough roads, rain, and left unattended many times. We had peace of mind that our bikes were in place, and the rack held up. The back up camera was used. This is not a big issue, but we can still see behind us and use the mirrors. There is a We purchased an additional hitch plate. The hitch bar and the bike mounting brackets were not fastened into the bar. I felt better eliminating the slack and making the connection tighter. There is no swaying or rocking on the bikes. Everything is locked up. Replacing the hitch pin with a locking pin eliminated the concerns of a thief or vandal. No one will remove a bike from the rack if there is a 6 foot plastic coated cable and padlock. Added protection.

👤We were unable to use the products because of the missing parts. We had it all put together and then realized they were not in the box. The 2 hook brackets are labeled " Two Padded Hooks". The hooks can be slid down over the frame to fit a different size bike for safe and reliable transport. They weren't in the box. The bike rack needs hook brackets to work.

2. BENETA Bicycle Tightener Foldable Carrier

BENETA Bicycle Tightener Foldable Carrier

The front tire cradle system is adjusted. The dual carry arms design was created. The spacing accommodates mountain bikes and road bikes of different frame sizes and designs, based on dual-arm bicycle car rack and horizontallyadjustable mounting saddles. Sturdy heavy duty steel construction carry up 4 bikes max load to 220 LB. The nylon straps that keep the bicycle stable and the bicycle carrier powder-coated to prevent bicycle scratches are very durable. The tilt-down system has been changed. Convenient vehicle access. Even when your bikes are on the rack, the gates can be opened easily. The rack can be unlocked with locking pins. A hitch stabilizer and installation tool kit is a bonus. Premium iron with a thickness of about 7mm is the thickest on the market, stronger and more stable than other brands. Bikes are safe and secure even on bumpy roads thanks to the heavy-duty anti-rattle stabilizer. BENETA bicycle car racks can be set up in a minute. Warm tips. It is recommended to install the straps on the bicycle. Backed by a lifetime warranty. BENBTA bike frames are backed by a professional consulting service. Cars, Minivans, Cars, Truck, etc are car models that are applicable to the BENETA bike rack. Mountain bikes, Road bikes, and other types of bikes can be placed on the BENETA bicycle car rack.

Brand: Beneta

👤The Beneta bicycle car rack with 2'' hitch tightener is heavy-duty and can hold 4 bikes. The bike carrier rack is for cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans. It has a pin, and safety knows to open the gate on the back of the SUV with a rack. The spacing between the mountain bikes and road bikes of different frame sizes and designs is accommodated by the design of this 4-bike dual carry arms. The bike rack is very sturdy and can carry up to 4 bikes max load to 220 lbs. There is a The nylon straps on the bikes keep them stable. The bike rack is powder-coated to prevent bicycle scratches and the straps are easy to release. There is a The most important feature to talk about again is the tilt-down system, which makes it very convenient to have complete vehicle access with tilt-down feature, even when your bikes are on the rack. The rack can be quickly released with locking pins. The hitch stabilizer and installation tool kit are included in the rack.

👤The best! This is the best bike rack I have ever owned. I used to have a bike rack that held 2 bikes, but it was hard to get them on and off. The rack is great and takes care of that problem. The rack is high quality and well made, and the assembly is very simple. You can't beat the price. It takes less than 60 seconds to put the bikes on this rack. The feature that allows the rack to lay down is my favorite. The tailgate can be put down all the way to make it easy to get in. If you are looking for the most secure, high quality and easiest to use bike rack, we recommend this one. You will love it.

👤The setup for this rack is very easy and holds my e bike perfectly. There is a I can put groceries on the rack if the arm swings down 45 degrees. There is a plate that bolts down to prevent the rack from vibrating. There is a The unit is sturdy and light. I use a locking pin to make sure the rack isn't stolen. A good investment for my bike.

👤This is a great product. It works better if your adapter sticks out a few inches. The photo of mine is only 1/2 inch. I had to put it on backwards. Not as suggested. This is not a fault of the product. I'm just making sure you know that it works better if you stick out a bit more.

👤I needed a bike rack heavy enough to carry two e- bikes. I put it together and I am a female. My bikes don't affect it at all because it's so heavy duty. The bikes are not enough to discourage me because they are difficult to put on. The main reason is that they have battery holders in the way of the clamps that hold it in place.

3. Tow Tuff TTF 2762KR Steel Carrier

Tow Tuff TTF 2762KR Steel Carrier

Please consult the ManUFACTURER web page for specific vehicle fit. The Tow Tuff Cargo Carrier is 27” x 62” x 3” deep, giving you plenty of room to haul. The Tow Tuff product can hold 500 lbs. The product is made of heavy-duty steel. The unique design allows this 2-in-1 carrier to function as a cargo carrier or bike rack by simply removing the pins to turn the bike rack into a cargo carrier or vice versa; it fits 2” receiver on your vehicle. The bike is secured in place with the help of the wheel holder and tie-down holes. The wheel cradles can hold up to 4 bikes. A limited manufacturer's parts warranty is included. A limited manufacturer's parts warranty is included.

Brand: Tow Tuff

👤I picked this up six months ago, after bolting on a towing hitch to my Odyssey. When I turned in my man card to buy a minivan, a tow hitch and rack made my life a living hell of fighting off women, as if I didn't have enough problems fighting off women. I have used it to: Haul 3 large storage bins full of about 80-100 lbs of camping gear 800 miles to the beach and back, Haul 2 adult bikes and 1 kids bike all over the place, and Haul a lion carcass. It has held up very well, even when I pull out of my drive way, since my van has the ground clearance of your average skateboard. I have figured out how to remove it solo after a number of attempts, even though I'm a strong individual. There is a Before loading your vehicle with stuff, make sure to check the tongue weight and towing capacity of the vehicle. I recommend against using lawn chairs with straps on it and telling your kids that it's a safe 4th row seat with a view because kids are dumb and less durable than you'd expect.

👤The Tow Tuff 2 was delivered 2 weeks ago. The packaging was damaged in delivery. All pieces were in a box and there were no dents. It's heavy for me, but with the help of my husband or son, it's not bad. The instructions are too small to read. The picture on the back has too many lines and numbers that are hard to understand. They don't know which bolt to use. I looked at the other people's photos and tried to assemble. I took pictures of the bolt I used, hopefully it will help someone else. I recommend getting a hitch tightened and a pin to lock it, it only fits on my Chevy Silverado. I like the straps, I put 3 cruiser bikes on it and the straps were secure. It seems to be a great item so far. It's a good quality cargo/bike rack. If you can't afford a brand that costs $400 or more, I recommend it. Do your research.

👤I feel like I have to write a review because of all the poor reviews. There is a The rack works well. It's perfect for what I need: bikes and camping gear. There is a It has cheap paint. Who cares? It's a cargo rack. If you find spray paint unpleasant, use some dollar cans. It moves. Get this and stop complaining: If you store it upright, the reflectors will break because they are mounted to the outside of the rack. When storing or getting reflective tape, flip them around to the inside. There are non-flaws. Assembly was difficult. It took me half an hour to build. It will take a lot of work to get the pieces in place. If you can't see a picture and how it meshes, then you should ask your daddy. It's not a toy. 2. It's made out of metal and it's heavy. If you can't lift it, look for an adult. If it were pre-assembled, you'd be complaining about shipping costs. 3. The tie-down strap is not strong. It is false. The tie-down strap is made of a material that should weigh hundreds of pounds. The cargo rack is heavy. The strap is used to hold the weight in place. There is plenty of space for 4 bikes with the tie down strap. 4. The loops that attach the tires are weak. The loops are not supposed to carry the weight. They are to keep the tire from being damaged. There is a It's a nice bike rack. It can be used as a cargo rack. Assembly will be fine if you've built erector sets. If you have fat sausage-link fingers and man-boobs, then you will be lost because there is no pause button at the start menu. If you plan to use this behind a BMW X5 you should save yourself a lot of money by buying a pretty one from the dealer.

4. KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

KAC Platform Standard Electric Bicycles

IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site. The patented Anti-Wobble System keeps bikes safe. The hitch pin and locking knob add security. The rear reflector makes it easier to see. CONVENIENT: The tilt design makes it easy to access the rear hatch when not in use. It'sTILE: 2 bikes up to 60 lbs each with durable powder coated steel tubing. Heavy duty 5” wide trays can be adjusted to fit most bikes. A KAC Bike Frame Adapter may be required for low Y-frame bikes. Only 2” hitches are allowed. Most parts are easy to use. The hitch pin lock, instruction manual, and all installation hardware are included. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤I like this back rack. It came in a big box with well written instructions and assembly went with a hitch. That's right. There are three locks on this rack, one on each bike center tube hook and one on the hitch pin. If you don't have any bikes, it can be folded up on the car. I use a regular hitch pin that doesn't need to be screwed in and the rack feels really solid going down the road. Highly recommended.

👤It had everything I was looking for, and it didn't cost me more than $400, which was great. I wanted a rack for my bike. My E-bike is 60 lbs. and most rack couldn't carry it over 35 lbs. You would have to buy a tray just for 4 tires to get the $400 that the racks had. The price is unbeatable for what you get and everything about this carrier is exactly what I was looking for. Also works well. I'm confident that I'll be able to carring my bikes anywhere.

👤I needed a bike rack since the better trails and roads are an hour or so away from home. I was initially shocked by the high prices of bike Racks on the market such as the $750 Thule aluminum & plastic carrier. There is a All load bearing parts are steel and heavy duty. The bike is hanging from the top tube rather than sitting securely on the bike wheels. The bike frame is secured with a hook. There is a Lift gate access and easy loading are possible with the tilt feature. There is a The construction is well designed. There is a If you only have one bike, you don't need to use a lot of wheel carriers. There are pros and cons. There are straps on the wheel that are designed to prevent any bounce and the hook that holds the bike down. I already had better and heavier duty motorcycle wheel tie-down straps that would hold on to the bike in the event of a catastrophic failure of the hook, which is why they were a bit short for 4 tires. There is a This rack was very pleased with itself. I think it's the best for the price and features.

👤This is a let down. Everyone likes this rack. The issue I had with the stand was that it sits at a 100-115 degree angle towards the back of the car not allowing a second bike to fit without the handle bar edging the back window of my van. It's crazy. I was going to buy a 7 inch hitch extension to seat the bikes further out from the window. There is a But... On my second local outing with my bike, the turn knob broke free and I didn't turn the screw because I was spinning freely. I had to disassemble my bike to get it out from under the arm which held it. Why was it lucky? The second bike is locked into a lower point of contact because the knob that broke is on the upper arm. The lower arm is trapped by the upper arm. I would have to cut the metal to get the second bike out. There is a There is a problem with PLASTIC. It's never a good idea to make anything that requires tightening and securing plastic. The plastic being so open to the environment and in a vital point of usage will cause the racks to be stripped out or rotted within 2 years. Everyone will have an incident like this, and it will happen to them later on. The rack is smart and people are giving great reviews. They will not be happy later. There is a It was disappointing to say the least. The rack is poorly constructed and designed.

5. Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Receiver

Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Receiver

The 4 bike rack is only for vehicles with a 2 inch trailer hitch. This product requires a Class III or IV 2 inches hitch. Allen's patented tie down system secures bicycles with 22 inch long carry arms. When the rack is not in use, the carry arms quickly fall out of the way. It is necessary for minor assembly. The rack is set up and installed in less than 5 minutes. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤I took some time to use this product before I wrote my review because I wanted to be able to help people decide if this was right or wrong for them. Here is how I use the bike rack. We only travel about 10 miles to where we ride when we have it attached to the hitch of my truck. There is a The pros are as follows. The rack I bought was cheap. I paid $68.00 for it and it has doubled in price. It will come down again, so my suggestion is not to pay more than $68.00 for it. I've seen this happen recently. There is a I can't say how it will hold up in the weather because I only put it on the truck when I need it. This is made from heavy steel and it is not light weight so that should be a plus for its longevity. The cradles that hold the frame of the bike in place are padded so that they fit girls and odd shaped frames without having to buy the extra support bar. It uses a bolt and nut to remove the rattle instead of a locking pin. The mounting system is both pro and con. The pro is that it stops the bike rack from rattling inside of the hitch. There is a If you keep the bike mounted to the vehicle, the frame support arms fold down to make it easier to store away when it's no longer needed. The bikes have been secured with the straps and buckles. I don't know how they would hold up in the sun and weather. The bike support arms fold down, as well as the lower joint. If you need to open the SUV rear door, this is the place to go. There is a Cons. I don't think this particular rack is terrible, but I think you can only design any hitch mount bike rack to do so much. I don't think this design will improve some of the cons I have listed. 1st. The bikes are close together. You have to manipulate pedals and handle bars as you stack the bikes together after the first one. You will need extra bungee cords to secure the spinning wheels and handlebars. Not because the bikes will come loose, but to prevent everything from hitting together and scratching all of your bikes up. The bottoms of the bikes swing back and forth if not bungee strapped. You will get scratches even if you mount things carefully because pedals and handle bars stick out. There is no way to avoid that. The pivot feature is useless when bikes are mounted. If you need to open a car on an SUV, the rack is too heavy to be lowered. Maybe its not supposed to be lowered with bikes mounted. I'm not sure if it would be heavy enough to clear an SUV door with bikes mounted to it. I have it on my truck. There is a The tension bolt isn't as quick to remove as a hitch lock. It is an aircraft style locking nut and you need 2 tools to loosen it. If someone wanted to take the time they could unbolt your rack and steal it. I tried mounting it with a hitch lock, but it allowed too much play in the bike rack to happen. The tension bolt will have to be replaced. The bike support arms can be mounted to the upright. I don't think it would be an issue with breaking if they had designed this area to be a bit more solid. There is a Those are the main points I've noticed. I could see some improvements, but I'm not sure how you could make this type of rack better. If it's right for you, read the review.

6. Allen Sports Locking Release 820QR

Allen Sports Locking Release 820QR

The locking hitch insert is quick to install and includes 2 keys. When not in use, the quick set carry arms fold out of the way. Patented cradles with strap and buckle are individually secure and protect bicycles. Lift gate access can be made easy with the internal tilt away release. Accommodates a wide range of bicycle frame designs. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤Do not let bad reviews keep you from ordering this bike rack. There are bike shops with bike rack costs. I read that the hitch sleeve was loose and that the rack didn't fit into it. Not true! Anyone with half a brain can do this. You just have to make sure the bolt is tight and you may have to use some muscle to get it through the hole. You would have a trailer hitch. The hitch doesn't just snap on. It would sway and be loose if it did. My wife and I use a bungie cord around the front wheel of our bikes to make sure it doesn't move, because we have used this rack to travel with both of our bikes. The rack is worth the money. I would recommend it. This is not an endorsed review, I bought this item myself. The bad reviews kept me from buying this. When I installed it, I thought that the people making bad reviews should not even be trying to drive a car. " Maybe I'm being too harsh, but the reviews are simply inaccurate.

👤Wait until they figure out the lock before buying this. It works great once you install it. I can't get the rack out of the receiver. There is a The button to push in for release was difficult but I got it after one of the keys snapped off. The rack is stuck in the hitch and the release button won't push in the second time. Not sure what to do next. I contacted Allen Sports because I need to get this off my car so I can return it. I received an email from Allen Sports in the morning after I wrote my first 2 star review. The first thing to do was to make the situation right. The night before, I had some family members look at it to figure out what we needed to do. The final solution was to have some WD40 around the hitch's release button. I think the button was too big for my hitch, and that there was not the right slip to get it out. They offered to cover the cost of the 2 stronger keys I had made, and will look into the keys and what may have been the issue with my rack. I am going to try it again to see if it works. They do a lot of product testing and were interesting in my problem since it never happened in their product testing. If this continues, they would replace the rack with another one from Allen Sports. There is a The quality and function of the rack is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good product.

7. MaxxHaul 70210 4 Bike Deluxe Hitch

MaxxHaul 70210 4 Bike Deluxe Hitch

Mountain bikes, V brake bikes, and Disc brake bikes have different lengths. Transport 4 bikes securely. The rear of the vehicle can be easily accessed with the swing down feature. It's for 2 inch receivers. All steel construction. The added safety includes a reflector. The bike cradle has hook and loop straps. Not for use on fifth wheels. The 70210 bike rack is designed to handle bikes with a horizontal top bar. Adding or installing a horizontal cross bar is not included in the bike frame.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤I was a little worried since I had seen some concerns about hitch type racks being flimsy. This thing is solid. Even over rough streets, it keeps my bikes in place. It doesn't seem to move around at high speeds. Not sure if you could fit 4 adults bikes on it, but three plus a smaller bike is fine. Really pleased with this. It is easy to attach and remove.

👤This will haul 4 bikes as advertised. The reason that it gets 1 star is that the grooves that the bike sits in is a thin piece of rubber and the screw that holds it in place is in the bottom where the bike weight will rest and also completely uncovered and only 1/16 of an inch from sticking out and rubbing the paint I don't trust my bike. I wasted my money because it is too late to return it.

👤The bike rack feels solid. It folds down so that you can still open your trunk. I was worried that it would be cheap but it is heavy duty and not flimsy. It is a simple process to assemble the rack. You have to attach the parts that hold the bikes to it. I made sure to tighten all the nuts and bolts that came with the car. The included hitch bolt is threaded and comes with a pin. I used a wrench to tighten it so it can't be easily removed by hand. I can't complain for $35 bucks. It was worth giving it a try, even though I was a bit worried about the straps breaking, but for $35 it was worth it.

👤The bike was mounted on Aug. 6, 2020. Not driving yet. Review. There is a The 4 bike rack system feels very tough. The metal is roughly the same size as the part that goes into the receiver. The not so clear instruction booklet was not a factor inAssembling it. The two parts fold easily. The cotter safety pins are tight. I only have one bike to test with, but it fit onto the rack well, sat on the rubber part well and snug, and was very light. Well balanced. The tie down is strong and tight. The bike is in place on the rack. When the rack is tilted back, the bike can touch the ground on its wheels, vertically, and stay there, while the rack is out of the way to access your car from the back gate. It's nice to have that flexibility. It's easy to lower the rack while the bike is on it. If I need to lower the rack with more then one bike, I would ask someone to help. It will work well for my needs. The mountain bike's wheels hang off the ground when it's on the rack. The bike is on the ground on my SUV. This might be different for different cars. There is a I expected it to be smaller once it was folded. About 3 feet long. That's nice. It's not too heavy to carry short distances. I can't see the hitch in my mirrors when it's in the folded position. The view through my rear window is completely unimpeded. I can still see it on my camera when I back up. It takes a bit to get used to. There is a The first obvious thing is the use of a proprietary pin that keeps the rack attached to the hitch receiver. You can place a cotter pin on the male rack if the pin screws into it. Only from the left to the right. The male part of the rack has threads built into it, so it can't be bypassed by simply not using the pin that comes with it. I wish they had left it a regular size hole so people could use their own pins. The no lock problem has been solved. I bought a chain that was 2 feet long. There is a padlock. I locked the chain down after taking the chain through the chain loop welded below my hitch receiver. It's not the most elegant solution. The hitch pins have locks on them. I bought chain at a hardware store. Padlock can be anything you want it to be. It feels like the rack is a bit jiggly at the hitch receiver. On a dirt road, this could be an issue with rattle and noise. I need to test it out before I say anything. I found a solution. It's called a Hitch Tightener. It is available for $10 and up. The girl's bike won't hold a cross bar. There is a solution called a "Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor" that can be used for $17 and up. There is a Despite the threaded pin, it feels like a good value. It has the flexibility to lean out of the way. There is a I did a short drive with the bike on the rack. It worked well. I made it work better by doing a few things before the event. I taped foam to the upright bar because I noticed that the bike swung and hit it. I wrapped a bungie around the upright bar to keep it from swinging. It made for a smooth drive. I am quite satisfied with this bike rack, it has solved the security issue, the rattling issue, and the bike swinging issue.

8. IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. The bike hitch rack is made of all steel and has a protective powder paint finish. The dual-arm bike carrier rack is more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle with tilt-down feature. The easy fold-down Arms are great for transporting and storing bikes that are not in use. IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site.

Brand: Ikuram

👤We needed a bike rack to get into mountain biking. The features that I have not seen before make this rack convenient to use. There is a Most of the metal was very thick and heavy duty. Sturdy and strong. The free hitch stabilizer means very little wiggle. When not in use, folds compactly. The tailgate can be adjusted to open without bikes. There is a There are rubber latches for attaching bikes. A very good deal. There is a The rubber is a bit stiff at first, but becomes easier to work with after a few uses.

👤Assembly was easy. The product is well made. We took four bikes on a trip and drove over 600 miles. The bikes weigh 95 lbs. This is rated at 140. There is a ThePivot function to utilize tailgate is nice and works as designed, the straps are easy to use, and it came with an extra replacement strap. The arms seemed to be too short. The brackets for the last bike were very close to the end of the tubes, meaning bikes were crowded on each other. If you care about the finish of your bikes, you should probably use tape or something similar to protect them from rubbing. The loop for the pivot pin retaining wire came loose after a few uses. See the photo. This was being used in a normal way. This shows a rush in the manufacturing process. It's easy to crimp this. I am confident I can fix it with a pair of pliers in about 10 seconds, but it was a small annoyance after so little use. It doesn't make the product non-functional as a bike rack. Attaching the bike rack to the hitch receiver requires a nut and bolt. There was not enough room for the bolt head to be tightened. I don't think most people will install a bike rack to their hitch, so a hitch pin is more appropriate and should be supplied. I bought a locking hitch pin. It's harder for someone to remove the rack. I was always aware of it when we went over speed bumps and rough roads with this type of rack. It was difficult to tell if there was flex in the rack or if it was just moving with the vehicle. I checked the welds when we got home. There is a This is a good product.

👤The entire top section bent downward when I traveled 65 miles. After several weeks, the company sent me a new top section. I took a 23 mile trip and the top broke, the rubber straps broke at 65 miles an hour, and the green wheels were smashed all over the interstate. If you don't have money to spend, don't buy this company. If you have to, throw the bills out the window so the people following you don't kill the family. I will never buy anything from this brand again. I don't want a free replacement, I threw it in the scrap metal pile. Trash is dangerous. The company contacted me and gave me a full refund after reading my review. The strings were attached to the bottom line. They sent me something and I copy and pasted it. There is a Jody, I'm here. Thanks for your reply, please check it in your account, I have full refunds for you. Can you help me revise your review? This is important for our store and I need your help. We will keep improving the product quality. I am so sorry for the situation again. This was next after the revised review. There is a Jody, I'm here. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to change the review star to 4 or 5 stars? This is very important for our store and I would like to not talk about the refund or revise the review content. There is a I need your help. Thanks in advance. They need to pay for my son's bike. Guess what no more responses from them will be. You are the judge.

9. Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. All types of dual-arm bikes are compatible with this accessory. Please check the listing picture for any exemptions. A sturdy and handy construction with 4 bike capacity. The buckles are easy to use. A cable lock, hitch lock, and security strap are included. Black color E-Coating is used for rust resistance. Convenient vehicle access with tilt down feature and foldable carry arms. The cradles and protection pads are designed to protect your bike frames. Installation is easy. There is a package with instructions included. Also, note: Safety straps must be installed to keep bikes stable. Any damage or accident that results will not be covered by warranty. TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers! TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers!

Brand: Tyger Auto

👤The rack is moving. The top fork folds down to make it easier to open a car. Both of these are secured by a long bolt and a nylon insert. There is no pin or clip. On our way back from vacation, the lower bolt vibrated out and the rack tipped down, dragging our bikes on the road. The front wheels on two of our bikes were destroyed by the tip-stop. Kids bikes were too small to reach the ground. We were in the middle of the bay bridge when it happened and we could not stop, which created emotional stress. Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? I'm pretty happy with this thing. I will use it, but I will secure the bolts. It's easy to do, and I did it for the rest of the ride. I ran zip-ties through the holes in the knobs to prevent them from turning. I think clothes-hanger wire would work. If you buy or own this rack, I recommend you do something similar. The included straps were used, and despite all of the abuse, everything stayed firmly attached to the rack.

👤We decided to purchase this rack as we liked the appearance and reviews and were not going to spend a lot of money on a different rack. We're very happy with our decision a month in. The hitch lock, and straps are included, and the rack is rock solid, the clasps hold bikes firmly in place, and the hitch attachment is solid metal. We took two bikes from Virginia to Ohio and they didn't move an inch. I was somewhat concerned that there was no quick release to lower the rack so you could open the hatch quickly, but I disagree with that assessment. It's true that you have to remove it, but it takes 30 seconds and there is a plastic knob for the job. The advantage to this is that the screws make sure the rack doesn't jiggle. All in a great deal!

👤The straps that hold the pins and bikes are made of cheap plastic and break at installation. There is a If you have a hide-a-hitch, the receiver may not work. If you want to return it, you will have to pay return shipping and you won't get your money back. I tried contacting customer service, but they said the transaction was complete because I got it at Amazon. Do not purchase this piece from this company.

10. Overdrive Mounted Standard Electric Bicycles

Overdrive Mounted Standard Electric Bicycles

Features: Universal hitch works with 114” and 2” hitch receivers, and the arms pivot on case hardened brackets for superior strength. The patented Anti-Wobble System keeps bikes safe. The hitch pin and locking knob add security. The rear reflector makes it easier to see. CONVENIENT: The tilt design makes it easy to access the rear hatch when not in use. It'sTILE: 2 bikes up to 60 lbs each with durable powder coated steel tubing. Heavy duty 5” wide trays can be adjusted to fit most bikes. A KAC Bike Frame Adapter may be required for low Y-frame bikes. Only 1.25” hitches are allowed. Most parts are easy to use. The hitch pin lock, instruction manual, and all installation hardware are included. There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel.

Brand: Kac

👤I got the rack 4 days late. All parts were present when the box was opened. The first problem was discovered when Began assembling per good written directions. The bike rack is locked with a key. This is a good feature of the carrier and it is over $200. The lock on the bike was not compatible with the bolt provided by the kit and would not turn. I might have had to call the company and get a replacement lock or bolt. I was able to identify the problem andTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, I filed down the tip of the bolt so it fit into the lock and the key turned. Most people wouldn't be able to do this. I put the rest of the carrier together. I discovered how heavy the bike was when I lifted it onto the carrier. I strained to get it onto the carrier. If you only plan to use one of the carriers, this would be a problem. Lifting your bike into the inner slot will be difficult if you don't use the outer one. There is a I tried to remove the carrier when not in use. There was another problem encountered. To remove the carrier, I had to lie down under my car and unlatch the hitch lock, use a sockets wrench and stand up and carry the carrier to a place of storage. The thing is heavy. 40 lbs is like a sack of grain. I'm 72 years old. It took me a long time to move it. I have used the carrier twice and it has been great. After removing the outer rack, I was able to maneuver my single Ebike onto the inner rack. The carrier is heavy and difficult to carry, you may have to lie under your car to get it on and off, and if the hitch lock doesn't turn, be prepared to call the company for a working replacement.

👤Everything I was looking for was what I was looking for. You tighten the threaded bolt, the hitch doesn't wobble again. The bolt has a key lock to prevent theft. It doesn't require wheel holders to be mounted, but I can put one bike or two. If you need to open the trunk, the rack folds up or down. The assembly is made of metal and it is very sturdy. I like the straps for the wheels. Also comes with a strap. The price is not the cheapest, but it is a great value. There were a lot of pictures and rack on Amazon. This one was the best.

👤It was great for the price. It's a little heavy when storing but it holds the bikes well. It tilts for easy bike removal. I don't have to tilt my trunk because it clears it.

👤I just bought a bike. It took a lot of searching to find a rack that could support the long wheelbase and 73 pounds and not cost a lot of money. So far, I love this rack. The bike was very secure and I only used it once over 10 miles. It is a challenge to life the big bike on the rack, but that is not the fault of the rack. The Hidden Hitch is tucked under the bumper of my Mazda 5. The hitch hit the bumper and was not long enough to fit in the bolts. I put a notch in the angle brackets to make it fit. The rack was not able to slide in far enough because of a bump inside the receiver. The rack shaft was cut off. It is still stable and solid. I probably won't carry a second bike. The mount is closest to the car. I don't see a way to post pictures. Overall, very happy.

11. MKING Platform Tightener Foldable Suitable

MKING Platform Tightener Foldable Suitable

TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers! If your vehicle has a 2-inch receiver, you can easily install the platform bicycle rack on your vehicle. The bike hitch rack is made to fit a trailer hitch. The vehicle must have a Class II or III hitch. The design of the platform bike rack makes it stable and firm. The hitch tightener can make your car more stable when it's installed. The structure of the bicycle rack is more scientific. The bicycle rack shakes less when used. The compact folding design allows the bicycle rack to fold flush with the car, saving space when not in use. In order to make your journey safer, they have prepared two extra straps and a hitch tightener for you. You should use the extra devices to fix your bicycle. In order to make your journey safer, they have prepared two extra straps and a hitch tightener for you. You should use the extra devices to fix your bicycle.

Brand: Mking


What is the best product for bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4?

Bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4 products from Marvoware. In this article about bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4 you can see why people choose the product. Beneta and Tow Tuff are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4.

What are the best brands for bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4?

Marvoware, Beneta and Tow Tuff are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle racks for trailer hitch class 1 1/4. Find the detail in this article. Kac, Allen Sports and Maxxhaul are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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