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1. Delta Cycle Home Stand Basket

Delta Cycle Home Stand Basket

The maximum tire width is 2.1′′ and the recommended wheel diameter is 29′′. The Canaletto four bike rack garage is safe for up to 4 bicycles. The Canaletto garage bike rack is easy to install, you just need a screwdriver. Assembly hardware is needed to build a bike rack. Arms can accommodate any bike size or style up to 40 lbs. This rack is easy to adjust once assembled because the support arms are repositioned with a simple twist. This large capacity vertical bike rack securely holds up to 4 bikes and a total weight of 160 lbs. The rubber feet keep the bike rack in place. Over 200,000 cyclists trust Michelangelo bike storage racks. Delta is the brand you can trust with best-in-class U.S. based customer support.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤This item works well, I needed it to help with my bicycle storage. I saw a "Wobble" when I removed the bike from the top. Otherwise works well. I'm 6'3 I have between 40 and 61 cm bicycles. All fit on the rack. I had enough space to work on my road bike. Would buy again.

👤The 4 bike version is stable, easy to put together, and is easy to improve with anti-slip wrap. The weakest point in this design is the low quality screws strip after first install.

👤The spare room of my apartment was cluttered with bikes, which is why I got this bike rack. This has given me more room. I have a mountain bike, road bike, hybrid bike, and 29” mountain bike all on the rack. They all fit. It is easy to load. I don't feel as if my bike is sturdy when I ride it. It is best to get all of the bikes on before you decide where the little basket is located. The hooks that hold the bike are not screwed in, instead they hook around the uprights and can be moved wherever they are needed. I had to move the basket because it was where I needed one set of hooks. I am very happy with my purchase so far.

👤I put all of the bikes on it myself. I like it. It frees up some space in the garage. I got the one with the basket that fits two helmets, but you could put other items there. I didn't give 5 stars because it isn't fully flat on the ground, and the "O rings" that they give you to level it weren't enough. I'm not afraid that it will tip over, it's still sturdy. Overall, I am happy.

👤I wasn't sure about this rack, but it was easy to assemble and hold our bikes. I put a 10lb weight on the rack because it gets bumped in the garage and it doesn't need any extra bracing. Really good rack. Would recommend.

👤I love it! I'm happy I bought this. There was a lot of space for all of our bikes. I'm very happy!

👤This is a great space saver. There are no holes in the wall that can hold up to four adult bikes. We had to drill a hole in one of the pipes to get a screw. We put it together. Highly recommended! It's easy to move around with no bikes on. If they were on the floor against a wall, would they take up more room?

2. PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Hanger

The Space Saver is designed to free-up your valuable floor space, keep your garage or indoor space tidy and cluttered-free with their stylish bike hanger. Their wall hanging solution to bike storage is high quality and will last a long time. The storage system is suitable for most bike types. It's also suitable for bikes with their fender. It's not suitable for deep rimmed wheels where the tire and rim are more than 3.54 inches. Hang and store your bike in a vertical position, which will allow for convenient storage and removal. The hook is wide and high quality. Theangled design of the hook makes it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. The bike can hold up to 30 kilograms. Bike Storage For Congested Areas allows a bike to be stored in either a center, left or right-angled position, making it a convenient storage solution around parked cars and congested areas. The front wheel should be put in the middle position of the wheel stop and the rear wheel should be put in the left or right position. The front wheel can be locked into place in either the center, left or right positions. Easy To Install is a 5-minute installation. There are mounting screws for concrete, masonry or stud walls. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤It took 10 minutes to install. Instructions were very clear and only involved 4 drill holes and 6 screws. There is a It comes with a full set of sturdy hardware, so whoever was complaining that the screws weren't long enough must either have 2” thick drywall or be using the masonry/concrete anchors. It comes with those as well. Again, top quality. There is a It is a game-changing change for a small apartment with minimal floor space and no storage. I tucked the bike against the A/C and water heater closet to make it fit. I don't have enough floor space to take up the floor space caused by leaning against a wall. There is a You can hang the bike front end up or down, which means you can keep the dirty gears away from clothes. There is a I can get into the closet by swinging the bike against the wall. Don't have to take it down. The pedals/handle bars will let it fold as flat as it can be. Why haven't you clicked on the "Buy" button yet?

👤I can't believe the positive reviews for this thing. It's hard to get the wheel centered on the plastic bit that extends below the hook because of the motion of the swiveling motion. The tire tries to walk off the edge of the top part when it does not turn smoothly. The bike slammed into the wall when it first happened. The second time it happened, the bike fell off the hook and almost hit me in the head. It doesn't stay in the "folded" position, and it is also super vulnerable. I was careful to install it with a level, yet it still wants to swing back away from the wall. There is a piece of garbage. I have to fix the huge screw holes in my wall.

👤I bought these to keep my bikes out of my garage. They let you turn the bike to the side after you hang it. There is a I'm not happy with them for a number of reasons. It is more difficult to hang the bikes. The design of the hooks could be improved to make hanging easier. The guide at the bottom doesn't hold the bike well when turning it. There is no way to keep the bike out of the turned position. It would be great to have something to keep the bike in its place. There is a The hooks work, and they saved me some space. If I could design the perfect hook, it would be great if it could be lowered to make hanging the bike easier, but I think that would make the cost much higher. It would be great if the hook could be further away from the wall, so that when turning the bike, it would be easier to use less space. It would be great to be able to lock the bike. I'm satisfied with the hooks, but they aren't perfect.

👤Even with my 33 Lb MTB on there, it's nice and sturdy. I like how the mount allows me to turn my bike around. Even though the bike is not there, the lower piece still holds and gets the job done, even though it is too small for my fat tires. Get more than you pay for.

3. Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

Bikehand Floor Parking Storage Bicycle

ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning fluid is plant-based and will not harm plastic, rubber or carbon fiber. Patented simple push in design is easy to use. You need to lift the bike and put it in the stand. When you push the bike into the rack, the front holder will tilt. Heavy bikes such as downhill, mountain and beach bikes will be perfect for this design. The most stable bike stand has three points on the tires, which is better than other stands which only have one or two points on the frame, rim, disc rotor and derailleur. The bike's front or rear wheel stays in the holdder because it's deeper than others. The dynamic stand base makes it impossible to tilt the bike if you push hard. It is possible to fold the stand into a flat shape within a second with a simple one-pull-knife. Your bikes will not be lying on the ground anymore. The steel is heat treated and has a fantastic powder coated finish. If used correctly, this stand will last forever. All bikes are compatible. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, but only those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤After years of leaning my bike against the wall, some serious smudges had developed. I bought this to store my bicycle upright, but not against the wall. There is a It works, but not well. The rack is too light to support my bike with my panniers, and it doesn't have enough weight to stay in place as I attempt to roll my front wheel into the well. When I try to put my bike in it, the rack scoots away, and unless I'm very careful, it leans into the wall. There is a I recommend the procedure if you've purchased this. To orient the rack, drag it away from the wall. 2. Use your foot to tilt the mechanism. Roll your front wheel into the slot and secure the rack with your foot. 4. Lift the back of your bicycle and orient it straight behind so that it has the best chance of standing up. 5. If you have a weight on your bike, you should turn your front wheel and rack towards the weight so that you can form a triangle with the ground. There is a How to remove the bicycle from the rack? I haven't found a way to keep the rack in place. There is a It seems like the greatest improvement would be to weight the base of the rack so that it's more stable.

👤I was afraid that my road bike wouldn't be stable in this storage stand. There is nothing to worry about. It keeps the bike stable and holds the skinny tires. It was well designed. Excellent product.

👤I was tired of putting my expensive road bike up against the wall and hoping it wouldn't fall over, and also scratching up the walls and possibly the bike. I wanted to keep it standing up without having to lean it against a wall. I agreed after reading a post that said your expensive bike deserves a quality bike stand. I initially ordered a different stand. It was $5 cheaper than this one. The one that popped up on my screen had an extra component that they call the "push-in simple design and the wheel sits deeper." I ordered it from Bikehand after I saw that it had a lifetime warranty. The stand works well and the wheel slides in so the bike stays up. The bike has 700c x 23mm tires and works as advertised.

👤I bought a bike stand to help organize my garage and not have a bike leaning on it. My bike does not take a kickstand very well. I needed something to keep it upright. The rear section of my bike is very heavy and this stand balances it very well. The stand stays planted even if the bike is moved or worked on. The bike I have weighs a good deal. The stand was worth every penny if it could keep my bike up. It collapses when you don't use it.

👤The stands seem to be well made. The manufacturer has no fault in the fact that they tend to move when you push the bikes into them. You can use your foot to support them. The stands shift when the bikes are taken off the stand. I thought about it and did the following. I thought I could use the wall to keep the bikes from shifting. 1. I bought a plank of 8 feet. 2. I parked my car at the wheel parking stop. It's 6 feet long and is sold on Amazon. 3. The lumber was cut to 6 feet so that it would be the same length as the stop. 4. I bought a lot of deck screws. 5. I drilled small holes in the parking stands and then moved up to a bit to fit the deck screws. 6. I marked off the wood plank where the stands would be installed. 7. I made small holes so the screws wouldn't split the wood. There are 8. I took a battery powered driver and drilled them through the plank. Don't overtighten. The stands are secure. No shifting at all.

4. Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Steadyrack Classic Rack 2 Pack

Good service. They are behind their products. The bike is built to last. Their service team can help their customers. You can contact them if you have a question. They're happy to help. The bike storage system needs to be installed on a concrete wall or a stud behind it. Their racks are built to last and can hold up to 35 kilograms. Lifting the bike into the rack requires heavy lifting, but it is easy to balance the bike on its rear wheel. Their racks have a 160 degree pivot feature that saves space. FENDER / GUARD? This bike rack is not suitable for bikes with mudguards. You can check out the Steadyrack Fender Rack. The maximum tire width is 2.1′′ and the recommended wheel diameter is 29′′.

Brand: Steadyrack

👤I had taken up too much space in my garage and bought the two pack for two road bikes and the separate fender pack for two cars. Prime shipping was fast and these were shipped via UPS. The packaging was easy to open with a box cutter. I've been following this company since they were a project. When I received their product, I knew what to expect. A lot of thought has been put into everything from the design to the packaging to the website and so on. You need a box cutter, a tape measure, a pencil, a Philips screwdriver, a spirit level, a 13mm sockets, and the instructions call for a 10mm and a 8mm drill bits, but I used a small drill and a small screwdriver. I bought a stud finder from Amazon to make sure I got my holes right. Steady rack has an excellent installation video on their website, but their instructions are very clear and use metric and imperial measurements. The Steadyrack must be mounted into framing studs or masonry in order for the warranty to be valid. Fix the Steadyrack by hand. Installation took about 10 minutes. There is a This is a high quality item that is worth the price paid and I think it will last many years. It frees up valuable space, holds the bike without damaging it or putting stress on it, and is very easy to load/unload. Excellent customer service and a 100% product backing is what this company is known for.

👤When something goes wrong, I judge a company by their actions. I contacted the support line because my box was missing hanging hardware. Someone answered within the first ring. She referred me to a person in the USA. Mark shipped me the hanging hardware the next morning after I sent an email at 10pm. There were no questions about "proof of purchase", "serials numbers" or "hassles". "Just a very human apology... and swift action!" Oh yes. I love the product as well. I was looking for high quality. I'm thinking about sending my resume to SteadyRack. It's a good thing.

👤We had a handyman install because we aren't good at that type of work, and he seemed to have no problems. The garage is a bit roomier because it is holding our bikes. Definitely strong. It's not as easy to put the bike up as the video shows, but taking it off is easy. You can move the rack so it's closer to the wall. I want a cover to keep the bikes from getting dusty. It does collect dust because we don't ride ours often. We use plastic on it and it works. I was very pleased with the purchase. It is definitely worth the price.

5. Organizer Bicycle Storage Vertical Mountain

Organizer Bicycle Storage Vertical Mountain

It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included. The heavy-duty garage bike rack is able to hold up to 66 lbs. It depends on the strength of the wall. The bike hooks are light-weight and durable. All wheels should be fit in the range of 14 to 29" The max rim depth is 50mm. Assembly is not required to install the bike rack. Place studs, tighten screws, and drill hole. You can hang and detach the bike with the wall bike rack hook. The screws and studs are included. Four mounting points and side design make fastening sturdy. The metal hook is covered with rubber which makes it harder to fall on your bike. The holder has a protective plastic coating and is soft. The safety hook has a locking mechanism. Practical and save space. All types of bikes are suitable for the Steady Rack Bike Rack. When you are ready to ride, a garage bike rack ceiling mount is the best way to store your bike. It's great for a home or apartment with limited space. Hanging the bike on the wall is a good idea. Lifetime warranty, including 4PCS bike wall mounts, 4PCS bike rack straps, 16 x screws, and 16 x plastic expansion. They will spare no effort to make you completely satisfied. Lifetime warranty, including 4PCS bike wall mounts, 4PCS bike rack straps, 16 x screws, and 16 x plastic expansion. They will spare no effort to make you completely satisfied.

Brand: Smallrt

👤It's easy to set up and comes with straps to hold the wheels and handlebars in place. I have four bikes in my garage. I drilled a pilot hole into the cleat I mounted on the wall, and used the existing screws without a problem, and it stayed put. I used a small wrench to tighten that screw. There is a The bike mout has a hook. The lock is secure and the strap helps keep my bikes in a row. The bicycle's wheels are against the ground. There is a If you use them to hang multiple bikes side by side as me, you will need to leave enough room between them to get a bike to the right. I have the hangers up sixteen inches apart. The kids can put their bikes up. The bike rack gets 5 stars from me.

👤The wall mounts look good. When using a driver to install the screws, the heads snapped off because they were low grade. You can get some decent screws for $4 at a hardware store.

👤The mounts are easy to install and can hold a lot of weight. The hardware they come with is terrible. More: The mounts work very well, as you can see from the attached photos. I use them to store large and small bikes close to the ceiling in the garage, this keeps them out of the way and frees up a lot of space. You should mount them directly into your studs. I wouldn't feel comfortable using the anchors. You should get your own screws. Quality screws can be found at any hardware store. The screws they provide are complete trash. You can twist the screw head to get it into the wall stud. I'm not sure if the screws would be strong enough to hold a bicycle. The included hardware is cheap and could be dangerous.

👤The hooks are five stars and I will buy more, but the supplies screws are criminally negligent. The screws break near the head when screwed into regular 2x studs. I have never seen screws that brittle. The screws are too small for the wall anchor. There is no holding power when you try to attach these without a stud behind them. The supplies anchors need two sizes of screws to work. I can only give a three-star rating for a product which is useful but dangerous through negligent accessories. The straps are very long and they don't make sense. When the hook is at the right height, where the bike puts slight downward pressure through its weight onto the hook, stabilizing the bike by itself, they are not needed.

👤There was no documentation upon hanging the first hanger, two of the four screws snapped in half under the power of a screwdriver, and three of the four screws on the second hanger snapped. This is not the captain America's shield, it is the wood studs that were being used to install it. I got back from the hardware store and reinstalled the first two hangers and the third using screws that are supposed to be used for wood rather than pudding, which is what I think the others screws must be used for. The fourth hanger had to be installed in the wall. I used the anchors. After returning from the hardware store a second time, I was able to hang the fourth one in the wall with the help of the anchors. There is a My five year old will play with the straps until one of the bikes does something bad and has to be grounded, which is the only thing I can think they are for. Save your money. Don't buy it.

6. Wallmaster Garage Bicycles Storage Vertical

Wallmaster Garage Bicycles Storage Vertical

An awesome gift for Father's Day is the best after-sale service. The Remiawy garage organizers come with a one year guarantee. If there are any garage hangers that are found to be faulty, please contact them. The customer service executive will be at your service willing to help resolve your issue. You can mount the bike rack securely with 4 screws. Before you start, please find the correct height. Valuable space in your garage can be freed up. The rubber-coated hooks prevent bikes from being scratched. HEAVY DUTY The maximum hanging weight is 50lb. It's strong enough for most bikes, like mountain bikes, road bikes, adults bikes and kids bikes. The fixed hook design can prevent accidental release. The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch. The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch.

Brand: Wallmaster

👤They were easy to install. The hooks came with hardware that I did not use. It's a lot easier to install with TapCons. I was disappointed when I went to hang the bikes. If you have a bike with a fatter tire, you might not be able to use these. I had a hard time hanging the flat tires on my bikes. I was able to get the second bike on the wall because I did not drill the hole deep enough on the top screw.

👤The hardware is very good, and the fact that the racks are not on a rail provides a lot of flexibility. It's easy to take bikes off. I could not be happier with this product. If you're looking for a single bike storage solution or multi-bike storage, it's definitely recommended.

👤Great product. If you mount on the wall, please use a dud finder. The stud must be mounted on in order to hold the weight of the bike.

👤The small footprint of the rack is what I like about it. They barely have room on the wall. The stands are not built with thick metal which is easy to upgrade and it is not easy to mount bikes on the rack due to the design and curve of the hook. There is a I would buy again, but I would look at other options before making a purchase of future bike racks.

👤Not much to say about these other than they work well. They are very sturdy, but I did not trust the wall anchors they came with, so I attached them directly to the studs. I don't want to have to fix the drywall in the garage. They were a great value since they were a two pack and I and my wife have bikes to hang. It freed up a lot of space on the floor in my garage, more than I expected. It's very easy to install. These were a great purchase.

👤Not for someone who bikes +3x a week. Taking the bikes off and on is tiring. You have to clean the tires after each ride because they are on the wall. The hooks have very little room. To get the wheel stuck in, you need to go on an angle. My girlfriend won't even bother with getting the bike in and out because I have to wrestle with it. It gets tiring. I used the hardware that came with them and did not mount to studs and they are still hanging, but I think that is why it is more sturdy than other reviewers. I will go back to ceiling hooks if I have any problems with the mounts.

👤I'm surprised nobody mentioned the smell. It smells like a plant. They smell the same after three days in the sun as they did when I opened them. It smells like citronella and burning rubber. I don't want to use these in an enclosed space when they smell so bad.

👤I had a pair of vertical wall bike holders from "Transit" that worked fine for several years but I noticed that the metal hook was getting bent a bit. I had to get a better replacement for that bike after it broke in the middle of the night, and the one next to it fell onto our cars. The Wallmaster product is similar to install, and it looks like the hook that the front wheel is held by is stronger than the other product. If you have a couple of studs to go into, they are trivial to install, but not recommended if you don't have a stud. The screws are not very strong. I used construction screws that were not included in the package. The Wallmaster units are never coming off of my wall, and I hope the hook is stronger and doesn't break like the "Transit" product.

7. CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

It's compatible with most trailers. There are trailers. STABLE: The bike floor rack has been changed. The two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimal holding angle. The feature ensures bikes are held in the stands. Please put your bikes in different directions so that they fit in the stand. One front and one back wheel. If there is large space, the bikes could be inserted from both sides. Strong. The stand is made of high quality steel. The black finish is powder coated. It is best to use indoors. The front and back plates hold the up holder. The bike holding stability will be affected by the wide holder. The bike stand holders are linked together so it is easier to use. Please watch the video in the listing. COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed for all wheel size bikes, from the smallest to the largest. The tire width is 2.5. The back of the bikes should be inserted into the hold so that they sit in the front. The bike rack could not be touched by the disc rotor. The bike stand holders may be touched by bike hubs. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 5-year warranty on their product.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤I don't usually write product reviews. I only give feedback when a product goes above and beyond. This deals with the latter. The product is a functional bike rack. The downfall is that you have to understand that you are buying a bike rack and they are not free. There is a It was extremely difficult to get the anchor nuts back in place when I put the rack together, as they became loose from the get go, or from the ends of the wheel holders. I am an aviation engine mechanic and have dealt with many messed up anchor nuts. It took me 30 extra minutes to get them re- seated. One of the spring loaded buttons decided it wasn't going to work anymore after I got it completely assembled. If I didn't bolt the thing down in my garage, it could come apart. There is a If you understand that you are paying for a $30 bike rack, then you will be fine. The rack does work, but don't expect anything else. Quentin.

👤I disagree with the reviews that this rack is not worth the cost. If you tighten the screws tightly, the rack is very sturdy. The rack can fit as many bikes as you need. My bike is 29" and has disc brakes. There is a We ride a lot and are a family. The bikes are in and out of the rack. It's a great addition to my garage. My wall bicycle rack is useless for biking. The product is great for the price.

👤I bought it because I wanted to store the old bikes my kids had from elementary school, even though I was skeptical after reading the reviews. I was shocked when I saw the instructions on how to put it together. A sketch, no directions. There is a video here. I watched the video and it was very easy to put it together. There is a I placed the bikes and they fit right. There is no extra room for the wheels to fit correctly. Stand with bikes looks like it was supposed to. I have them in the basement. Overall, very happy with the purchase.

👤When you consider the price, this rack is excellent. I have 5 bikes and I was getting tired of leaning them against each other. The bike is a carbon fiber bike. I don't want to scratch it. I went to buy a bike rack. I was right that this rack met all my requirements. There is a The assembly was very easy to do. The funny thing is that when you put a bike in this unit, you think it will collapse. This is not correct. It is sturdy once it is all built. There is a I recommend this rack for its price.

👤It is surprisingly sturdy for the weight. It's easy to figure out the instructions. The included Allen wrench is all that is required. The end of the bike's fork hits the rack, metal-on-metal, so damage to the bike's paint is inevitable. I tried to back the bike out of the upright part of the rack, but it kept rolling forward. Not a problem for the larger wheels on adult bikes, but it would've been nice to know about it. I had to order again. The first package was lost by the USPS. The seller sent it to me again.

8. Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

Vertical Mountain Standing Adjustable Space No

If you have any questions during use, please send an email to them at any time, they will help you solve the problem in the first time. The bike floor stand is made of high quality steel and has 4 corners covered with rubber cap to avoid scratch ground and reduce noise. It looks like it matches your bike. It can make your bike stand up. All bikes are fit. The bike stand will fit almost all bikes, except those with the tires more than 2.4" in width. If the fender is too long, just swap the front and rear position wheels. There is space. The bike stand is free of floor space. It's perfect for an apartment, dorm room, a garage with too much stuff in it or other limited space. The length is 21.65in, the width is 20.86in, the height is 44-50in, and the width of the tire track is 3.93in. The weight is 3.8 kilo. The portable multi-functional bicycle parking rack is easy to carry and install. The bicycle can be parked vertically or horizontally with the product manual. The length is within 1240mm. The bicycle storage stand height can be adjusted up to 50” after assembly. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you. If you have a question about the product, they will try their best to help you.

Brand: Eocik

👤It allows your bicycle to take up less space. There is a It seems like it is stable holding my Cannondale Quick 4. The price was reasonable. There is a Shipping was fast. There is a It wouldn't fit together because of the bent lower brackets. The box the manufacture shipped it in was in perfect shape and as hard as it was to bend (hammer and a block of wood) back into the correct shape leads me to believe it was packaged already bent. Many people would have exchanged it. There is a I suggest you buy the LuBanSir Cinch Straps, which are 2 x 18 inches, to secure the wheel to the stand. If it had arrived undamaged, I would have given it five stars.

👤I ordered 4 of them. The item works well and does not require drilling into the wall. It gives flexibility. Some manufacturers have quality problems. The screw may not line up, the metal may not be removed to make a hole, and in one package a shorter screw was provided instead of a longer one. The plastic bag was made poorly. The produce's function is not impacted by these issues. The design is good. They did not find a good manufacturer.

👤The old stands wouldn't work with the new bikes, so we bought 2 new stands. They were one of the few that could hold the weight of the e bikes. The stands could accommodate the bikes with the handlebars facing to the back or the front. There is a A cap wouldn't stay on the intended piece when one of the stands arrived. I gave the company the order number and a picture, but they haven't heard from me after 3 weeks. I would have rated this bike stand a 5 star if it wasn't for this glitch.

👤The bike is extremely unstable due to the poor illustration of instructions and the fact that the 2 piece pole was put into wrong position when drilled. One tap and it falls down. I have a smaller version of this bike stand that is different from the one I have now. All the parts are the same. It sits perfect but not for a 29" tire which is what this one does, and it is very disappointed on just one part that could make or break this stand. I'm returning it because of the lack of support from the manufacturer.

9. LYCAON Ultimate Bicycle Vertical Storage

LYCAON Ultimate Bicycle Vertical Storage

The arm hanger is made of soft red rubber to protect against paint damage. It is strong enough to fit most bike frames, and large enough to fit children's bikes. Before you start, please find the correct height placement. The exclusive high-class gray makes bike Racks not only a wall mount but also a decoration. The rubber-coated hooks prevent bikes from being scratched. The maximum hanging weight is up to 68lb. It's strong enough for most bikes. Bicycle Wall Mount, Bike Tire Tray, Screws. Bicycle Wall Mount, Bike Tire Tray, Screws.

Brand: Lycaon

👤I have a tire that barely fits on the frame of my 29er.

👤It seems easy to install and deliver.

👤Well built. There were no cold joint welds.

👤Terrible experience! There is a It was like new. When new, $3 Cheeper. The bike hangers are the only things that come with it. It should be in the description. There is a It was a bad experience.

10. CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

CyclingDeal Bicycle Floor Parking Stand

The bicycle cover is easy to store. Also, note: If you used for transportation, please protect Breath Valves with masking tape. STABLE: The bike floor rack has been changed. The two holding plates with tire grooves are at an optimal holding angle. The feature ensures bikes are held in the stands. You need to put your bikes in different directions in order to fit them in the stand. One front and one back wheel. If there is a large space, the bikes could be inserted from both sides. Strong. The stand is made of high quality steel. The black finish is long- lasting. It is best to use indoors. The upholder can't become wider because of the front and backplate holding system. The bike holding stability will be affected by the wide holder. The bike stand holders are linked together so it is easier to use. Please watch the video in the listing. COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed for all-wheel size bikes from the range of 12 to 20 kids bikes, 20 to 24 BMX bikes, 26 to 29 road bikes and 700c road bikes. The tire width is 2.5. It's best to hold on to the back tire only for kids bikes that sit in the front holder. The bike rack could not be touched by the disc rotor. The bike stand holders may be touched by bike hubs. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 5-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤I used some tubing to cut and widen the rack. There is no contact between the handlebars and the bed of my truck. I am very happy with how it worked out.

👤It's not good for mountain bikes with 2.5 inch wide tires. Returning. There is a Pulling out two bikes and pulling the rack over makes sense. There is a The rack needs to be about a foot away from the wall. There is a Not what I wanted or worked for.

👤Tengo un Honda Odyssey. Me permite las bicicletas de los nios. Igualmente reduce the visibility of maltratar o rayar in the interior of the coche. El rack has ancho requerido. Sera fijar el rack al coche, pero por el momento esficiente. El rack instalado y las llevo actualmente estn in las fotos.

👤I was tired of looking at and stepping around the kids bikes on the garage floor. It was a big trip hazard because it was driving me crazy. The 3 bike stand is an easy solution. It was easy to assemble, it is upright and does not tip over. A 5 year old can easily put their bike away. There are no bikes in the garage. This works for our kid Trek bikes, but I can't speak for adult bikes.

👤My wife and brother have medium size bikes and I have a large 27.5 inch wheel diamondback that I like to hang out by the tires. We had to flip the middle bars around but it was easy to do and all three bikes fit great on there.

👤If you don't have 3 bikes of exact handle bar height, you can use all 3 spaces easily. If you only want to park one or two bikes, it's perfect - you can put a skateboard/bodyboard or even a thin surfboard in any extra spots. I made my boys use it for a while on the garage floor loose, that got the youngest mad because it would slip on him, so I put 2 screws into the floor to hold it, and now it's really efficient! I don't think it's a good idea to put it up off the floor because the bars don't stick out enough for the tires to stay in. We tried it and didn't attach it like that first.

👤Looking forward to seeing how this unit holds up. A little on the lite side, but sturdy enough. If you are handy, you will be ok. When I opened the box, there were screws rolling around in it. One of the screws wouldn't line up. It was left out for fear of getting stuck.

👤If you have large mountain bikes, I recommend putting something smaller in between a scooter or skateboard instead of trying to fit three bikes in the rack, it is great! I haven't tried that, but I suppose you could back the middle bike and the handlebars wouldn't hit each other. I watched the video to install it. Even though I am not great at those things, it was not hard. Definitely recommend so far!

11. NEAT SPACE Bike Rack


It's easy to install. The bike rack has holes in it. Installation can be done in a few minutes with the included hardware. There are 6 bicycle hooks and 3 tracks in the bike storage hanger. Any type of bike can be held. The modular hanging bike rack can be mounted to any wall and holds virtually any bicycle, including road, mountain, mtb, cruiser, hybrid, kids and most fat tire. Do you have any bikes? Adding a second bike rack will double your bike storage. Strong! There are brakes on the fat tire bikes. Their bike rack holds bikes up to 50 lbs and a total of 500 lbs when supported by 2 wall studs. The most reliable bike hook on the market! The garage is great for parking. Why climb into a hot or cold car? The bike rack on the wall keeps your bikes in one place and the temp inside your car is just right. Not to mention theft and vandalism, your car is protected from sun damage by being parked in the garage. The bike garage storage system makes parking your car easy. Great space saver! ] The bike hooks are popular with customers. I love this product. This is a great bike rack. It's easy to put up your bike. Highly recommended! The review was done in the United States on July 26, 2021. It lasts a lifetime! For a LIFETIME, they GUARANTEE your SATISFACTION. If you don't like the bike storage rack for garage at any time, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Next week, next month, next year, next decade, you can choose. Contact their customer support team. It lasts a lifetime! For a LIFETIME, they GUARANTEE your SATISFACTION. If you don't like the bike storage rack for garage at any time, they will replace it or give you a full refund. Next week, next month, next year, next decade, you can choose. Contact their customer support team.

Brand: Neat Space

👤It's perfect for my fat tire bike. It's easy to install. I needed to park my car in the garage for the winter. Very pleased!

👤It took me 5 minutes to install it.

👤After drilling 8 holes in my wall, I discovered that the rack didn't fit my rim and tire clearance. The hooks don't seem to be very secure.

👤It's easy to install. It only took a couple of minutes and works as described. I was able to get into 2 studs to be safe. Sturdy, well built, and even holds the helmet.

👤These are the best bike hooks I have ever used. The strength and ease of use are topnotch. I have used other brands and they are usually the least expensive and have always been repairing the bike or walls due to the suspect quality. This product is very good.


What is the best product for bicycle rack storage?

Bicycle rack storage products from Delta Cycle & Home. In this article about bicycle rack storage you can see why people choose the product. Pro Bike Tool and Bike Hand are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack storage.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack storage?

Delta Cycle & Home, Pro Bike Tool and Bike Hand are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack storage. Find the detail in this article. Steadyrack, Smallrt and Wallmaster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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