Best Bicycle Rack for Garage Swivel

Garage 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. RaxGo Mounted Bicycle Adjustable Universal

RaxGo Mounted Bicycle Adjustable Universal

The material for resilience is powder-coated steel. The sleeves are scratch- resistant. The steel construction has a finish. InDOOR Bicycle Storage holds 6 Men's or Women's bikes up to 300 lbs. It's perfect for mountain biking, road biking, BMX, racing, cruiser, hybrid, and other bike styles. Space saver lets you store your bikes in a garage, shed, porch, apartment or other indoor area. Super Strong Anti-ScraTCH Hooks feature rubber cradles to prevent against cracked paint and scratches, and are great for difficult-to-mount bike frames. Rock-solid steel construction. There is a Heavy-Duty, Shock-Resistant Hangers and Smooth Black Powder-Coated Finish are included in the design. Installation is easy for both novices and pros. Have a question? The RaxGo Customer Support Team is available to assist you. Installation is easy for both novices and pros. Have a question? The RaxGo Customer Support Team is available to assist you.

Brand: Raxgo

👤It only comes with a small amount of wall anchors. The instructions state that the anchors are for brick/concrete installation, but they are actually plastic sleeve anchors which are fine for drywall as well. I didn't have to go to the hardware store because I have a bucket of other anchors. It would have been nice to include more anchors. There is a The brackets are a little too easy to slide. I'm not sure what to do about that. When I lift up a bike to put it on it's really easy to push a bit to get the hook on it. It got too close to the brackets next to it. I had to take the bike back down and fix the spacing before I hung up the 2 bikes I had used that day. It's a good solution.

👤They don't send enough mounting hardware to fully mount this thing. I had to get some. The screws they send don't match the anchors. They don't fully expand. I can see where they fell out of the wall. I was able to get either side of the plate into the beam so I think it will hold up. There is a The hooks make me nervous. I have two adult mountain bikes and two kids mountain bikes, but I'm worried about the adult bikes because the kids seem to be fine. Time will tell if the hook droops once I hang the bikes. There is a The 6 bike mount was purchased by me. I don't see how 6 bikes can be on this thing unless they are all road bikes or fixies. Don't use their mounting hardware and get your own. If you put up bikes that you ride all the time, you should get a bigger one to give you more room to get them off and on.

👤The product is good, but 6 bikes are tight. The metal rack should be a few inches or a foot longer. The bikes would be easier to hang. There is a Installation of the rack with space in between will help accommodate it.

👤It's perfect for holding my bikes. Very strong.

👤Our family has 6 bikes, but the garage WAY is cleaner. There is a It isn't easy for my kids to use it, but I do it. If we used our bikes every day, it would not be practical, but for occasional use it is great.

👤It works well. The product description doesn't say that you can assemble this in two separate shorter racks if you like. The price is great for this product.

👤It was easy to install. You can hang together in two separate places.

👤Hardware for concrete installation should be included. The hardware only covers the installation of the wallboard. I used my own hardware to install the two brackets on concrete. There is a Also, plan on jamming your bikes on this rack. I hung 4 bikes and it was very tight. If I hung 6 bikes it would be very crowded.

2. Bike Wall Mount Commercial Diameter

Bike Wall Mount Commercial Diameter

Prime some day with the deal code: WXAOW9V8. The bike wall mount is stylish and keeps your home in order. The bike hanger keeps your walls clean from tire marks. Heavy-DUTY and Rust Proof. The bike hooks for garage are made of durable steel. It can hold up to 65 lbs. Holds almost any bike. Their bicycle storage can hold up to 3” tires. Fat tire bikes are not stable. It's a breeze if you INSTALLING. The bike holder has upgraded hardware and a great manual. Only on sturdy walls can you mount. It's a breeze if you INSTALLING. The bike holder has upgraded hardware and a great manual. Only on sturdy walls can you mount.

Brand: Hang Your Bike

👤The bikes were in the garage. Hanging them was our next best option because they were never in the right place. The bikes are in the back of the garage and not in the way.

👤The product is easy to install and the shipping was fast. I'm happy with them.

👤Three of the bikes needed to be hung from the wall. We have tried many bike mounts and have found one that works for us. This is the best one we have tried. It stays on the wall. You can put the bike back when you are done with it. Thank you for the mounts.

👤These are great for saving space and keeping your wall clean. It was easy to install and improve our garage organization. It was recommended to be 200%.

👤It is easy to install the Sturdy Materials within a few minutes. The rear wheel has a wall guard.

3. Auwey Bicycle Storage Vertical Adjustable

Auwey Bicycle Storage Vertical Adjustable

Installation is easy. Independent mounting wall bike brackets can be used. The hook is easy to use. No assembly is required to save space. You can hang and detach the bike with the fixed hook. It's great for shed corner and garage storage. Safety The hook on the bike rack is rubber coated to protect it from scratches. The maximum hanging weight is 66lb. It's strong enough for a road bike. When you are ready for a ride, a vertical bike rack is the ideal way to store your bicycle. Lifetime warranty is provided by them and they stand behind their product. If you don't like it, just return and they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Auwey

👤The construction is very sturdy. I don't recommend using the hardware it comes with to mount to the wall. Other reviews have said to use differnt screws to mount the wall studs. I bent one of the hooks so I could hang our Fat bike with wide wheels.

👤These are cheap wall racks. You have to twist the bike sideways on the wall to release it from the rack because the hook is so long. It is very hard to do for adults. What is the solution? I cut the hook tip to make it easier to store and release it. It is doing the job, but don't buy it. I will eventually replace these.

👤The bike rack works well for street bikes and kids bikes with skinny tires, but not for bikes with fatter tires. The hook is too short for fat tire bikes. I had to cut the tip off the hook to get it to work on one of our bikes, and the other had to be turned sideways to get it into the hook. There is a The hinging action of the hook makes it difficult to get the bike into the hook. It would be better if there was a spring that held it in the right position for loading. I like the idea of these. The padding of the hook, the runway to put the tire into, and the hinging are all good ideas. They missed a few things that would have made it work better.

👤I trust the hooks to hold bikes up. There are two things that kept this from being five stars for me. The default screws are hot garbage. You will have to use your own because any drill you use to install them will strip the heads like they were made of plastic. You have to hold the hook up while hanging the bikes because of the lose in the swivel. It's fine for me, but my kids can't hang their bikes on their own.

👤At the bottom. Went from 2 to 3 stars. There is a The screws that come with the hangars are junk. The screwheads were broken using a typical drill andPhillips screw bit. The screws snapped right off. Buy at your own risk. I bought my own screws after they snapped. They're holding up well. A photo was included. Getting to middle bikes is not that bad because they allow the bike to pivot in the brace. You should buy your own screws. Get the same diameter, but longer and better metal. The hooks would be better if they were a little bigger. Sometimes getting bikes on/off mounts is difficult. If screws were better, they would get 4 stars. 5 stars if hooks were larger.

👤Poorly made stuff. The screws supplied for installation are so soft that the heads can be sheared clean off. The hooks are not straight. If you need two hands to hold your bicycle, you will need your third hand to adjust the hook.

4. Organizer Bicycle Storage Vertical Mountain

Organizer Bicycle Storage Vertical Mountain

It's easy to install, you just need an electric drill and a level to make sure it's lined up in a row for mounting on the wall. The wall collapsed in 16 inches. Installation of paneled wall sheeting must be located to solid structures. All installation hardware is included. The heavy-duty garage bike rack is able to hold up to 66 lbs. It depends on the strength of the wall. The bike hooks are light-weight and durable. All wheels should be fit in the range of 14 to 29" The max rim depth is 50mm. Assembly is not required to install the bike rack. Place studs, tighten screws, and drill hole. You can hang and detach the bike with the wall bike rack hook. The screws and studs are included. Four mounting points and side design make fastening sturdy. The metal hook is covered with rubber which makes it harder to fall on your bike. The holder has a protective plastic coating and is soft. The safety hook has a locking mechanism. Practical and save space. All types of bikes are suitable for the Steady Rack Bike Rack. When you are ready to ride, a garage bike rack ceiling mount is the best way to store your bike. It's great for a home or apartment with limited space. Hanging the bike on the wall is a good idea. Lifetime warranty, including 4PCS bike wall mounts, 4PCS bike rack straps, 16 x screws, and 16 x plastic expansion. They will spare no effort to make you completely satisfied. Lifetime warranty, including 4PCS bike wall mounts, 4PCS bike rack straps, 16 x screws, and 16 x plastic expansion. They will spare no effort to make you completely satisfied.

Brand: Smallrt

👤It's easy to set up and comes with straps to hold the wheels and handlebars in place. I have four bikes in my garage. I drilled a pilot hole into the cleat I mounted on the wall, and used the existing screws without a problem, and it stayed put. I used a small wrench to tighten that screw. There is a The bike mout has a hook. The lock is secure and the strap helps keep my bikes in a row. The bicycle's wheels are against the ground. There is a If you use them to hang multiple bikes side by side as me, you will need to leave enough room between them to get a bike to the right. I have the hangers up sixteen inches apart. The kids can put their bikes up. The bike rack gets 5 stars from me.

👤The wall mounts look good. When using a driver to install the screws, the heads snapped off because they were low grade. You can get some decent screws for $4 at a hardware store.

👤The mounts are easy to install and can hold a lot of weight. The hardware they come with is terrible. More: The mounts work very well, as you can see from the attached photos. I use them to store large and small bikes close to the ceiling in the garage, this keeps them out of the way and frees up a lot of space. You should mount them directly into your studs. I wouldn't feel comfortable using the anchors. You should get your own screws. Quality screws can be found at any hardware store. The screws they provide are complete trash. You can twist the screw head to get it into the wall stud. I'm not sure if the screws would be strong enough to hold a bicycle. The included hardware is cheap and could be dangerous.

👤The hooks are five stars and I will buy more, but the supplies screws are criminally negligent. The screws break near the head when screwed into regular 2x studs. I have never seen screws that brittle. The screws are too small for the wall anchor. There is no holding power when you try to attach these without a stud behind them. The supplies anchors need two sizes of screws to work. I can only give a three-star rating for a product which is useful but dangerous through negligent accessories. The straps are very long and they don't make sense. When the hook is at the right height, where the bike puts slight downward pressure through its weight onto the hook, stabilizing the bike by itself, they are not needed.

👤There was no documentation upon hanging the first hanger, two of the four screws snapped in half under the power of a screwdriver, and three of the four screws on the second hanger snapped. This is not the captain America's shield, it is the wood studs that were being used to install it. I got back from the hardware store and reinstalled the first two hangers and the third using screws that are supposed to be used for wood rather than pudding, which is what I think the others screws must be used for. The fourth hanger had to be installed in the wall. I used the anchors. After returning from the hardware store a second time, I was able to hang the fourth one in the wall with the help of the anchors. There is a My five year old will play with the straps until one of the bikes does something bad and has to be grounded, which is the only thing I can think they are for. Save your money. Don't buy it.

5. Sahi Storage Vertical Bicycle Scratch

Sahi Storage Vertical Bicycle Scratch

The locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Unless there is a wood stud behind the wall, don't mount the hanger on the wall. The fixed hook design can prevent accidental release of bikes. Solid walls should be installed on wood, brick, concrete and other materials. There was no drywall. The MAX Load-bearing Capacity can be obtained. DOOR SPACE SAVING- You can save space by hanging the bike vertically on the wall mount. Heavy duty and suspenders. The maximum weight is 66lb. It's strong enough for most bikes, like mountain bike, road bike, folding bike, adults bike and kids bike. It's easy to start. The installation guide will help you understand the bike rack garage. All you need is an electric drill and a spirit level to make sure it is lined up for installation. 100% risk free purchase. If you are not happy with the Torack garage storage system, they are happy to give you a no questions asked replacement or a refund. It is risk free to order it today. 100% risk free purchase. If you are not happy with the Torack garage storage system, they are happy to give you a no questions asked replacement or a refund. It is risk free to order it today.

Brand: Sahi

👤The plastic flexes and bent out shape of these are junk for adult bikes, so don't purchase them, and the steel wall mount kits are guaranteed to fall off the wall. They fall off the wall with heat, so plan on putting them in the wall with new holes, and the hook closes on you if you try to put your tire in a PIA, not for the weak armed to get your bike in. You can see the marks it has put on my garage walls by looking at the pics. I wouldn't look for a good solution.

👤It's a nice product design in principle, but the plastic they used to make it is too soft, so the top bends far away from the wall under the weight of a standard adult bike. I made it usable by running a quarter-inch dowel through the hinge and fastening it to the wall with pipe-hanging brackets. I would have been better off buying one of the more expensive metal bike hangers if I had finished it sooner.

👤This item was installed by me. Looks good. That is it. The install was poor. The screw head snapped off. Couldn't get the screwdriver to fit in the top holes. The bike wheel did not fit in the opening. Don't have an English micro tire or a fat tire. The mid size. What a waste of time. I can return it.

👤I was installing it when one of the screw heads snapped. I don't like the amount of flex the rack has. There isn't enough clearance to put the top 2 screws in straight.

6. Wallmaster Garage Bicycles Storage Vertical

Wallmaster Garage Bicycles Storage Vertical

An awesome gift for Father's Day is the best after-sale service. The Remiawy garage organizers come with a one year guarantee. If there are any garage hangers that are found to be faulty, please contact them. The customer service executive will be at your service willing to help resolve your issue. You can mount the bike rack securely with 4 screws. Before you start, please find the correct height. Valuable space in your garage can be freed up. The rubber-coated hooks prevent bikes from being scratched. HEAVY DUTY The maximum hanging weight is 50lb. It's strong enough for most bikes, like mountain bikes, road bikes, adults bikes and kids bikes. The fixed hook design can prevent accidental release. The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch. The quantity is 2 pieces and the Rim is 3.3 inch.

Brand: Wallmaster

👤They were easy to install. The hooks came with hardware that I did not use. It's a lot easier to install with TapCons. I was disappointed when I went to hang the bikes. If you have a bike with a fatter tire, you might not be able to use these. I had a hard time hanging the flat tires on my bikes. I was able to get the second bike on the wall because I did not drill the hole deep enough on the top screw.

👤The hardware is very good, and the fact that the racks are not on a rail provides a lot of flexibility. It's easy to take bikes off. I could not be happier with this product. If you're looking for a single bike storage solution or multi-bike storage, it's definitely recommended.

👤Great product. If you mount on the wall, please use a dud finder. The stud must be mounted on in order to hold the weight of the bike.

👤The small footprint of the rack is what I like about it. They barely have room on the wall. The stands are not built with thick metal which is easy to upgrade and it is not easy to mount bikes on the rack due to the design and curve of the hook. There is a I would buy again, but I would look at other options before making a purchase of future bike racks.

👤Not much to say about these other than they work well. They are very sturdy, but I did not trust the wall anchors they came with, so I attached them directly to the studs. I don't want to have to fix the drywall in the garage. They were a great value since they were a two pack and I and my wife have bikes to hang. It freed up a lot of space on the floor in my garage, more than I expected. It's very easy to install. These were a great purchase.

👤Not for someone who bikes +3x a week. Taking the bikes off and on is tiring. You have to clean the tires after each ride because they are on the wall. The hooks have very little room. To get the wheel stuck in, you need to go on an angle. My girlfriend won't even bother with getting the bike in and out because I have to wrestle with it. It gets tiring. I used the hardware that came with them and did not mount to studs and they are still hanging, but I think that is why it is more sturdy than other reviewers. I will go back to ceiling hooks if I have any problems with the mounts.

👤I'm surprised nobody mentioned the smell. It smells like a plant. They smell the same after three days in the sun as they did when I opened them. It smells like citronella and burning rubber. I don't want to use these in an enclosed space when they smell so bad.

👤I had a pair of vertical wall bike holders from "Transit" that worked fine for several years but I noticed that the metal hook was getting bent a bit. I had to get a better replacement for that bike after it broke in the middle of the night, and the one next to it fell onto our cars. The Wallmaster product is similar to install, and it looks like the hook that the front wheel is held by is stronger than the other product. If you have a couple of studs to go into, they are trivial to install, but not recommended if you don't have a stud. The screws are not very strong. I used construction screws that were not included in the package. The Wallmaster units are never coming off of my wall, and I hope the hook is stronger and doesn't break like the "Transit" product.

7. PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Hanger

PRO BIKE TOOL Swivel Hanger

The Space Saver is designed to free-up your valuable floor space, keep your garage or indoor space tidy and cluttered-free with their stylish bike hanger. Their wall hanging solution to bike storage is high quality and will last a long time. The storage system is suitable for most bike types. It's also suitable for bikes with their fender. It's not suitable for deep rimmed wheels where the tire and rim are more than 3.54 inches. Hang and store your bike in a vertical position, which will allow for convenient storage and removal. The hook is wide and high quality. Theangled design of the hook makes it easy to mount bikes and takes the pressure off the wheels, rims and spokes. The bike can hold up to 30 kilograms. Bike Storage For Congested Areas allows a bike to be stored in either a center, left or right-angled position, making it a convenient storage solution around parked cars and congested areas. The front wheel should be put in the middle position of the wheel stop and the rear wheel should be put in the left or right position. The front wheel can be locked into place in either the center, left or right positions. Easy To Install is a 5-minute installation. There are mounting screws for concrete, masonry or stud walls. If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤It took 10 minutes to install. Instructions were very clear and only involved 4 drill holes and 6 screws. There is a It comes with a full set of sturdy hardware, so whoever was complaining that the screws weren't long enough must either have 2” thick drywall or be using the masonry/concrete anchors. It comes with those as well. Again, top quality. There is a It is a game-changing change for a small apartment with minimal floor space and no storage. I tucked the bike against the A/C and water heater closet to make it fit. I don't have enough floor space to take up the floor space caused by leaning against a wall. There is a You can hang the bike front end up or down, which means you can keep the dirty gears away from clothes. There is a I can get into the closet by swinging the bike against the wall. Don't have to take it down. The pedals/handle bars will let it fold as flat as it can be. Why haven't you clicked on the "Buy" button yet?

👤I can't believe the positive reviews for this thing. It's hard to get the wheel centered on the plastic bit that extends below the hook because of the motion of the swiveling motion. The tire tries to walk off the edge of the top part when it does not turn smoothly. The bike slammed into the wall when it first happened. The second time it happened, the bike fell off the hook and almost hit me in the head. It doesn't stay in the "folded" position, and it is also super vulnerable. I was careful to install it with a level, yet it still wants to swing back away from the wall. There is a piece of garbage. I have to fix the huge screw holes in my wall.

👤I bought these to keep my bikes out of my garage. They let you turn the bike to the side after you hang it. There is a I'm not happy with them for a number of reasons. It is more difficult to hang the bikes. The design of the hooks could be improved to make hanging easier. The guide at the bottom doesn't hold the bike well when turning it. There is no way to keep the bike out of the turned position. It would be great to have something to keep the bike in its place. There is a The hooks work, and they saved me some space. If I could design the perfect hook, it would be great if it could be lowered to make hanging the bike easier, but I think that would make the cost much higher. It would be great if the hook could be further away from the wall, so that when turning the bike, it would be easier to use less space. It would be great to be able to lock the bike. I'm satisfied with the hooks, but they aren't perfect.

👤Even with my 33 Lb MTB on there, it's nice and sturdy. I like how the mount allows me to turn my bike around. Even though the bike is not there, the lower piece still holds and gets the job done, even though it is too small for my fat tires. Get more than you pay for.

8. Steadyrack Classic Rack Wall Mounted Solution

Steadyrack Classic Rack Wall Mounted Solution

If you have a problem with your purchase, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with them and they will be more than happy to help. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, beam, masonry or concrete wall. Unless there is a strong wooden stud behind the wall, do not install on it. Most road, hybrid, cruiser and mountain bikes have tire diameters of 20” to 29” and width up to 2.1 inches. The bike is up to 77 lbs. Or 35 kilo. Lifting is not required, simply balance the bike on its rear wheel and push it into the rack. A minimum clearance of 20mm between your bike's front tire and down tube is required to load your bike into the Classic Rack. All time trial bikes with less clearance will require a Fender Rack. Please check your bike. It is not suitable for bikes with permanent or fixed front fenders. Their racks have a unique design that allows more bikes to be stored in less space and still be accessible. It is possible to pivot up to an 160 degree angle. The whole family can use the user friendly racks.

Brand: Steadyrack

👤Excellent product! Why is it 1 star? Installation instructions. Pre-drill your holes and fix your bolts for installation into timber, according to the instructions. This is incorrect. If you follow the instructions and use the correct size drill bit, they are too large if you are mounting the rack into timber or a stud. The rack is mounted to masonry with a 3/8” bit. I was forced to fill the hole with a wood dowel and re-drill with a 7/32” bit after I had drilled my first hole. The lag bolts have enough bite to anchor into wood. The rear tire mount is the same. If installing into wood or a stud, use a smaller bit than the instructions suggest.

👤Couldn't be happier with the bike storage systems... spent a lot of time researching and testing them. They cost more than rubber-coated hooks. These are rock-solid and don't make loading and unloading your bike easy. The ability to swing the bikes allowed me to mount them 16" apart, perfect for attaching to studs. There is a The installation instructions are the only gripe I have. The method for calculating the mounting height is off for bikes with large tires. I had to add 1.5 inches for my dual sports with road tires. It's important that the rear tire doesn't touch the ground or roll off the rack for bikes with big tires. There is a It's easy to roll on and off due to the swinging mount. It feels like it's worth more than it costs, and it isn't cheap. They belong in a pro bike shop or the lobby of a trendy Silicon Valley start up. Installation instructions may only be for road bikes, so your mileage may vary.

👤It's great for saving space without compromising accessibility. Dad used to have to get the bikes down on the ceiling hoist. The Pros: - Easy to use - Quick access saves time - saves space - allows bikes to swing or pivot against the wall - Bikes can be mounted as close as 14” apart and still pivot against the wall I use the fender racks to hold my beach cruiser. The bikes are held up with the rear tire off the ground. Roll the bike onto the rack by tipping it up on its rear wheel. Then swing the bike to the side until the handlebars are against the wall. Installation instructions state that bikes can be mounted as close as 14” The handle bars can interfere with each other on different types of bikes. You need to move them farther apart or staggered one higher off the ground because the Drywall anchors are not adequate. Don't use them to mount into Sheetrock without a stud. I used snaptoggle anchors. One reviewer thought this product was bad. This isn't unique to this product, included anchors are usually junk. The weight bearing items are usually mounted to a wall stud. I don't mind paying extra for a quality product, but if I need it, I'll buy my own. If you want to maximize space and convenience, look at this rack. The ceiling rack I used was too difficult for my family to use. The bikes were not being used. I hope this review helps me choose a bike storage solution.

9. Sunix Storage Hanger Garage Bicycles

Sunix Storage Hanger Garage Bicycles

Installation is easy for both novices and pros. Have a question? The RaxGo Customer Support Team is available to assist you. The heavy metal bike rack can hold up to 5 bikes and can hold up to 300 lbs. There are more options for installation in the customization installation pack. They can be installed in your garage to make your bikes more organized. There areRemovable Hooks. The hooks are designed for bikes so they won't slide and you can put your bikes on and off the rack. The hooks of the bicycle rack can support up to 55 lbs, which is more than enough for most bikes. Save your space by organizing your garage. They take full responsibility for their product and customer dissatisfaction, comes with 30-day money-back, and they are friendly customer service if you have any questions.

Brand: Sunix

👤It's easy to install. I mounted the 2x4 to the wall well. The hooks seem too narrow but the wheels fit in them. The rails are a bit shorter than I expected. I would have liked them to be a little longer. You can't fit three bikes on one rail. This is more of a four bike rack. There is an update. This is the first thing we bought for our new house. The bike rack is awesome!

👤The only thing that I am not satisfied with is the hardware, the wall anchors are starting to pull out of the wall after I hung just 2 bikes, these are not heavy Walmart bikes, these are light bikes, specialized and a diamondback in total not even 50.

👤To fit into a stud. The mounting hardware doesn't support more than one bike. After 1 minute. The mounts won't hold the weight of 2 mountain bikes. It would work if it was sizer right.

👤I install the product according to the instructions. The rack couldn't handle the weight of the bikes. I hung up my mountain bike on this rack. It seemed as if it would work, but not even 5 minutes after it was supposed to, one rack came crashing down. The product will not be used for tools or something like that. Looking for a bike rack that is reliable.

👤They won't come down if you find a beam. I use 2 racks to hold a dozen bikes, including a 26" bike. It does its job. You have to figure out how the tires won't stain the wall. You can buy clear film and stick it on the wall.

👤We used the anchor that came with it, but when we added two children's bikes the rack pulled out of the wall, I knew we were well below the weight limit. We had to drill a larger hole into the actual rack in order to get the heavy duty anchors we needed.

👤The design of the bike rack is great, but it's not wide enough to hold as many bikes as there are. The handlebars are broken. I suppose it would work for kids bikes.

👤The product is great, but I wish the anchor spacing could be adjusted so the rack is fastened to the studs on both ends. I put one end to the studs and the other to the dry wall because it looked like it might be too much. It works great for now.

👤It appears to be well made, but there are many fundamental problems with it. Two of the four screws are in a stud 2. The second side has to be mounted into the wall. One adult bike was failed despite using correct size drill bit. Not unexpected. 4. Can only mount brackets at the ends of the rail. The bikes fall off because of a slight nudging on the open side of the hook. There is a The implementation of a simple design with serious safety issues was poor.

10. Vertical Storage Bicycle Cycling Bicycles

Vertical Storage Bicycle Cycling Bicycles

1. Patented design. The fish bone structure is painted. It is a decoration. Is a bike mount also. It's useful and cool. 2. You can save space rotation design over 120 degree. The bike hunger is the best room saver. 3. Securty, Stronge and Safe Bike mount. It is made of good quality steel and has two kinds of nails for wood and cement wall. A plastic hook keeps the bike in position. 4. It can be installed in 3 minutes and show you how to do it. 5. Quality assurance. If you have a problem with their products, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, Wood Wall, masonry or concrete wall. Don't install on unsupported wall surfaces. 5. Quality assurance. If you have a problem with their products, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. Only install bike wall hanger on a solid stud, Wood Wall, masonry or concrete wall. Don't install on unsupported wall surfaces.

Brand: Anivia

👤The idea of a bike hook is great. It isn't as practical as I had hoped. The wheel mount's claws/teeth make it difficult to attach the hook to the rim. The system works well with a light roadbike. Getting used to lifting your bike to meet the wheel holder and then manipulating the hook onto the rim takes a bit. It is difficult to mount a bike wheel of 2 inches. To clear the hook and teeth of the wheel mount, the wheel needs to be loaded in a certain order. I think it's worth the time and effort to go with a vertical bike system like Steadyrack, that won't frustrate or hurt you in the process!

👤When not in use, it can be used as a bike mount. It allows it to rotation 120 degree. It can be hung in a garage or basement or home because it has two different nails for wall and cement wall. The hook keeps the bike in the correct position. It is easy to install and can be done in 3 minutes. If you're unhappy, they will replace orRefund the item, but I've been using it and I love it.

11. JRS Storage Bicycle Hanger Capacity

JRS Storage Bicycle Hanger Capacity

We are committed to do their best to make sure their customers are satisfied with the purchase of wall mount garage utility hooks from them. If you have a question, please contact them. They want their customers to be happy. Hang a bike vertically with the 4 Bicycle wall mount hangers. Light-weight and durable, it is made of strong solid steel. Can handle a bike of up to 66 lbs. The hooks are rubber coated. Accommodates tires with less than 2.17" It's suitable for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, kid bikes, etc. If you're not satisfied, return to them. If you're not satisfied, return to them.

Brand: Jrs

👤I hang 4 cars in my garage. They used to take up a lot of room on the ground, now they only take up a small amount on the wall. The pictures are of my install. 1. Home Depot, Lowe's, and Local HW store 2. The photo shows my board which is 5' exactly, so cut the stud down to 2x12". Attach 2x12 to the wall with wood screws or long drywall. I offset each rack and flipped each bike to hang the racks. Your bikes used to be on the floor where you are now.

👤The design seems to hold. I put mine in the garage walk. ThePhillips head was chewed up in the package and one of the screws was not usable. The screws heads snapped when I was installing them. I used my own screws to secure it to the wall. My aluminum framed 26 inch bike is quite well held. It created more floor space in the garage.

👤For the price! I think they are great. They seem strong. I bought some mounting screws that were mounted directly to the wall studs and they have held up well, I followed the advice to not use the screws that came with it.

👤The hooks work well and hold the bikes. Lift the bike and hook it up. The "curb" to keep the tip tire in place isn't necessarily keeping the bike straight, but it is a small problem. I used good deck screws to securely mount the included screws, they are terrible and I deducted one star for them. I threw the deck screws away after the first two crews snapped off the screws. I don't think the screws would hold in sheetrock.

👤Sturdy and can be easily mounted to the wall. I wouldn't use the anchors. I put them in the wall. If you hang the bikes from the rear tire, they will hang better. The front tire makes it difficult to hang.

👤Installation of the bike wheel around the hook is difficult because of the length of the hook. I shortened the hook to 1.75" so that the wheel could more easily grasp the hook and sit within the stand.

👤The mounting hardware does not hold up. There is a The screws provided do not hold the anchors onto them. The bike came crashing down onto me after the 4 screws popped out of the wall. After trying it with another, all the screws were pulled out, with two snapping in half. I bought this because I want to hang my bike outside. There is a The mounting plate is sturdy, if you mount it to studs and don't use the provided screws, it will break.

👤The product is very good and the bikes hang perfectly. It's easy to take them out from the base. I drilled the holes into the wall and put the anchor and screw in. The product is made of pure steel and deserves a 5 star rating.

👤El producto una vez instalado, la bronca es intalarlo. Son una verdadera PORQUERIA, con los productos. I vino encima con la pared y la bicicleta, para el vendedor. Tengan mala calificacin, lo peor, as a las personas. Shame on you. No poner ni una sola estrella, la verdad fui.


What is the best product for bicycle rack for garage swivel?

Bicycle rack for garage swivel products from Raxgo. In this article about bicycle rack for garage swivel you can see why people choose the product. Hang Your Bike and Auwey are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack for garage swivel.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack for garage swivel?

Raxgo, Hang Your Bike and Auwey are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack for garage swivel. Find the detail in this article. Smallrt, Sahi and Wallmaster are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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