Best Bicycle Rack for Car 4 Bikes

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1. Allen Sports Locking Release Carrier

Allen Sports Locking Release Carrier

It installs in seconds. The insert fits either 1 1/2 or 2 inch receiver hitches. A quick install hitch secures and tightens a rack inside of a receiver hitch. When not in use, the arms fold out of the way and the rack tilts back. Individual tie downs are used to protect bicycles. Accommodates a wide range of bicycle frame designs. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤I had a bike rack that failed on my first drive. I did not go over 60 mph on one of the bent down bars. They were not helpful when I contacted them. The won't help resolve the issue. They won't sell me replacement parts. They said it was a liability. Allen Sports customer service issues are similar to what other reviewers have said about them. Stay away from the bike rack. Adult bikes should not break a bike rack. I need your help to resolve this issue and turn this bad experience around. I would be happy to update this review.

👤I thought I should write a review for the Allen bike rack that we purchased 3 years ago. It's aging well and handling the constant sun exposure very well, so look at my pictures to see how well it's doing. We leave the bike rack on all year long. The red handle has finally succumbed to the sun and a piece broke off recently, but it hasn't affected the function of the item. We ride our bikes three times a week. The hatch door of the SUV is used a lot for loading groceries, gear, etc. During the snow season, we use the bike rack with the ski/board rack. Everything is holding up well. I like the simplicity of the bike rack. I like that it doesn't have seat-tube stabilizers, they always got in the way when I took my bikes off and on with previous racks. If you want to keep your bikes out of the air during the car's braking and acceleration, you can leave a bungee cord in the vehicle and use it to put the bikes on the rack. It's easy. The top swing arm has a little play on the down position so you can hear it clanking when you accelerate from a stop light. There is a This is an easy 5 star rating from me. Feel free to ask any questions you have.

👤I would like to give this a 5 star rating. But... The bike rack is of the highest quality. We can easily and securely haul two bikes. The lock broke when we locked the mount into place. The knob will not loosen or tighten. It's been stuck on the back of my SUV for a long time. Allen Sports has reached out to us. Allen Sports will return our calls. We haven't received any call backs. If you pay the extra money, you can get a Thule brand. I think they have better quality and customer service. I would have liked to have gotten a Thule.

👤If it weren't for the locking version, this would be a 5 star review. If you only need to remove one bolt to lock the hitch, you can take the bikes. You will still have the hitch receiver. The rest will be gone. I used the safety chain slots on the hitch after buying a chain and lock. You can run a chain through the bike.

2. IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

IKURAM 4 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

Universal Fit is the type of fit. There is a patent pending. ROLL DOWN AND BROWSE THE A+ PAGES FOR MORE INFORMATION. Quick hitch pins assist in accommodating different size bike frames for safe and reliable transport. The bike hitch rack is made of all steel and has a protective powder paint finish. The dual-arm bike carrier rack is more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle with tilt-down feature. The easy fold-down Arms are great for transporting and storing bikes that are not in use. IKURAM Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site.

Brand: Ikuram

👤We needed a bike rack to get into mountain biking. The features that I have not seen before make this rack convenient to use. There is a Most of the metal was very thick and heavy duty. Sturdy and strong. The free hitch stabilizer means very little wiggle. When not in use, folds compactly. The tailgate can be adjusted to open without bikes. There is a There are rubber latches for attaching bikes. A very good deal. There is a The rubber is a bit stiff at first, but becomes easier to work with after a few uses.

👤Assembly was easy. The product is well made. We took four bikes on a trip and drove over 600 miles. The bikes weigh 95 lbs. This is rated at 140. There is a ThePivot function to utilize tailgate is nice and works as designed, the straps are easy to use, and it came with an extra replacement strap. The arms seemed to be too short. The brackets for the last bike were very close to the end of the tubes, meaning bikes were crowded on each other. If you care about the finish of your bikes, you should probably use tape or something similar to protect them from rubbing. The loop for the pivot pin retaining wire came loose after a few uses. See the photo. This was being used in a normal way. This shows a rush in the manufacturing process. It's easy to crimp this. I am confident I can fix it with a pair of pliers in about 10 seconds, but it was a small annoyance after so little use. It doesn't make the product non-functional as a bike rack. Attaching the bike rack to the hitch receiver requires a nut and bolt. There was not enough room for the bolt head to be tightened. I don't think most people will install a bike rack to their hitch, so a hitch pin is more appropriate and should be supplied. I bought a locking hitch pin. It's harder for someone to remove the rack. I was always aware of it when we went over speed bumps and rough roads with this type of rack. It was difficult to tell if there was flex in the rack or if it was just moving with the vehicle. I checked the welds when we got home. There is a This is a good product.

👤The entire top section bent downward when I traveled 65 miles. After several weeks, the company sent me a new top section. I took a 23 mile trip and the top broke, the rubber straps broke at 65 miles an hour, and the green wheels were smashed all over the interstate. If you don't have money to spend, don't buy this company. If you have to, throw the bills out the window so the people following you don't kill the family. I will never buy anything from this brand again. I don't want a free replacement, I threw it in the scrap metal pile. Trash is dangerous. The company contacted me and gave me a full refund after reading my review. The strings were attached to the bottom line. They sent me something and I copy and pasted it. There is a Jody, I'm here. Thanks for your reply, please check it in your account, I have full refunds for you. Can you help me revise your review? This is important for our store and I need your help. We will keep improving the product quality. I am so sorry for the situation again. This was next after the revised review. There is a Jody, I'm here. Sorry to bother you. Is it possible to change the review star to 4 or 5 stars? This is very important for our store and I would like to not talk about the refund or revise the review content. There is a I need your help. Thanks in advance. They need to pay for my son's bike. Guess what no more responses from them will be. You are the judge.

3. Venzo Bicycle Platform Style Carrier

Venzo Bicycle Platform Style Carrier

Safety is the first priority. Driving, pulling, vibrating and swinging are some of the tests that the rack passed. TUV Test Standard passed with 1.5 times of max load weight, no bending or cracks after testing. Not for RV. It's much easier to put your bicycle on with a platform carrIER. The bike is sitting in the tire holders, so there is no load on the top tube compared with other carriers. There are no swinging handlebars or spinning wheels that can cause scratches on a car or bike. AJUSTABLE FOAM PROTECTION. There is a foam protection for bicycles. It is foldable. The arms can be folded to make it easier to access the car rear boot. The weight of the bikeRACK is 35.5Kg. The max load is 15 kilo or 33 kilo per bike. They can offer a lifetime warranty because they are so confident in their product quality. Replacement or refunds could be given if you are not happy with the products. Product liability insurance covers up to 2 million for each claim. They can offer a lifetime warranty because they are so confident in their product quality. Replacement or refunds could be given if you are not happy with the products. Product liability insurance covers up to 2 million for each claim.

Brand: Venzo

👤The bike rack is great. I don't give reviews but this deserves one. A family of bikers. I used a top rack before but it got harder to lift 4 bikes as they get bigger. It is very strong and easy to use. I looked at many before picking this one. Excellent purchase and highly recommend. Thanks.

👤There was a review that said there was a lot of movement with this bike rack. The hitch was not the rack. The rack is sturdy. It does not fold up.

👤The rack does what it should but there are some things that need to be improved. I'm not able to securely lock it to the hitch because the screw connecting it to the rack is locked. It seems like there is a missing mechanism to get things tight. 2. The metal ends have plastic caps. I had to glue things together. 3. The internal paint is missing and the metal is rusted. The metal parts are already rusted. There is a The rack is good for the price, but lacks some nice features. This isn't a bad deal if you can live without bikes and secure locking.

👤There are a lot of different names for this rack. It is strong. The bike won't leave the house. The 2in hitch has a screw instead of a pin clip. There is no way to install a hitch pin lock. This screw was missing from my order. I contacted the seller and waited for a response. There is a The bar that holds the bike frame is great but anyone can loosen it. The locking knobs on this bike rack are similar to those on other bike racks. I thought I could replace the existing locking knobs but they don't fit. The threaded bolt was too small. The instructions for assembly were vague. There is a If you don't want to leave the bikes unattended, it is a great bike rack.

👤I bought this rack to carry my fat tire bikes. The loops that the tires rest in are not wide enough for fat tires to rest in. The bike tires are fine in the loops. My fat tire bike tires are too wide to rest in the loops, they ride more like on top of the loops. I would not have bought this rack if I had known this. Extra straps were added for my bikes. I will try to bend the tire loops so they are a bit wider. It is an excellent rack. You don't carry fat tire bikes.

4. MaxxHaul 70210 4 Bike Deluxe Hitch

MaxxHaul 70210 4 Bike Deluxe Hitch

Mountain bikes, V brake bikes, and Disc brake bikes have different lengths. Transport 4 bikes securely. The rear of the vehicle can be easily accessed with the swing down feature. It's for 2 inch receivers. All steel construction. The added safety includes a reflector. The bike cradle has hook and loop straps. Not for use on fifth wheels. The 70210 bike rack is designed to handle bikes with a horizontal top bar. Adding or installing a horizontal cross bar is not included in the bike frame.

Brand: Maxxhaul

👤I was a little worried since I had seen some concerns about hitch type racks being flimsy. This thing is solid. Even over rough streets, it keeps my bikes in place. It doesn't seem to move around at high speeds. Not sure if you could fit 4 adults bikes on it, but three plus a smaller bike is fine. Really pleased with this. It is easy to attach and remove.

👤This will haul 4 bikes as advertised. The reason that it gets 1 star is that the grooves that the bike sits in is a thin piece of rubber and the screw that holds it in place is in the bottom where the bike weight will rest and also completely uncovered and only 1/16 of an inch from sticking out and rubbing the paint I don't trust my bike. I wasted my money because it is too late to return it.

👤The bike rack feels solid. It folds down so that you can still open your trunk. I was worried that it would be cheap but it is heavy duty and not flimsy. It is a simple process to assemble the rack. You have to attach the parts that hold the bikes to it. I made sure to tighten all the nuts and bolts that came with the car. The included hitch bolt is threaded and comes with a pin. I used a wrench to tighten it so it can't be easily removed by hand. I can't complain for $35 bucks. It was worth giving it a try, even though I was a bit worried about the straps breaking, but for $35 it was worth it.

👤The bike was mounted on Aug. 6, 2020. Not driving yet. Review. There is a The 4 bike rack system feels very tough. The metal is roughly the same size as the part that goes into the receiver. The not so clear instruction booklet was not a factor inAssembling it. The two parts fold easily. The cotter safety pins are tight. I only have one bike to test with, but it fit onto the rack well, sat on the rubber part well and snug, and was very light. Well balanced. The tie down is strong and tight. The bike is in place on the rack. When the rack is tilted back, the bike can touch the ground on its wheels, vertically, and stay there, while the rack is out of the way to access your car from the back gate. It's nice to have that flexibility. It's easy to lower the rack while the bike is on it. If I need to lower the rack with more then one bike, I would ask someone to help. It will work well for my needs. The mountain bike's wheels hang off the ground when it's on the rack. The bike is on the ground on my SUV. This might be different for different cars. There is a I expected it to be smaller once it was folded. About 3 feet long. That's nice. It's not too heavy to carry short distances. I can't see the hitch in my mirrors when it's in the folded position. The view through my rear window is completely unimpeded. I can still see it on my camera when I back up. It takes a bit to get used to. There is a The first obvious thing is the use of a proprietary pin that keeps the rack attached to the hitch receiver. You can place a cotter pin on the male rack if the pin screws into it. Only from the left to the right. The male part of the rack has threads built into it, so it can't be bypassed by simply not using the pin that comes with it. I wish they had left it a regular size hole so people could use their own pins. The no lock problem has been solved. I bought a chain that was 2 feet long. There is a padlock. I locked the chain down after taking the chain through the chain loop welded below my hitch receiver. It's not the most elegant solution. The hitch pins have locks on them. I bought chain at a hardware store. Padlock can be anything you want it to be. It feels like the rack is a bit jiggly at the hitch receiver. On a dirt road, this could be an issue with rattle and noise. I need to test it out before I say anything. I found a solution. It's called a Hitch Tightener. It is available for $10 and up. The girl's bike won't hold a cross bar. There is a solution called a "Tension Bar Bicycle Cross-Bar Adaptor" that can be used for $17 and up. There is a Despite the threaded pin, it feels like a good value. It has the flexibility to lean out of the way. There is a I did a short drive with the bike on the rack. It worked well. I made it work better by doing a few things before the event. I taped foam to the upright bar because I noticed that the bike swung and hit it. I wrapped a bungie around the upright bar to keep it from swinging. It made for a smooth drive. I am quite satisfied with this bike rack, it has solved the security issue, the rattling issue, and the bike swinging issue.

5. Allen Sports Premier 4 Bike Trunk

Allen Sports Premier 4 Bike Trunk

Please remove the protective film from the mirror. The vision of the mirror will be clearer after removing the film. The patent pending design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV's. The patented quick snap set up design allows for super quick set up right out of the box. The 21 inch long carry arms are easy to fit up to 4 bicycles 140 pound max capacity. Two patented sure strap lower straps keep bottom hooks in place during use of individual dual compound tie down cradles. Extra-large car pads help to distribute bicycles load and protect vehicle finish. Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit.

Brand: Allen Sports

👤Our bikes crashed down to the highway after the top strap broke. We abandoned our bikes on the side of the road. The only way for the strap to break is if they were installed wrong. This wasn't the case. They never accept responsibility for faulty products in their other claims. We provided all of the required information to the company and they have replied with nothing but short error ridden messages. The replacement for the broken Premier 4-Bike rack was a $39 rack. I would suggest you go with a company that will stand behind their products.

👤I almost passed over this bike rack because of the price. I was worried that the lower price in comparison to other brands would mean lower quality and that was definitely not the case. The piece of equipment was ready to go when it was taken out of the box. It was easy to fit my husband's Nissan Altima and not move. We just returned from an extended road-trip to visit family and it carried 2 adult and 1 youth bike for a total of more than 2,000 miles and the only issues we had were (1) that it took about 20 miles to get the straps adjusted so they didn't vibrate and (2) that it Have no other complaints, had no issues, and would recommend this bike rack. Explanation: 1. Get up to speed to see how the straps respond when you put bikes on. You may need to tie them off, tighten them or find a way to keep them together. If you're carrying a sedan, it will likely only fit 3 because it's a 4 bike rack. It would be better to hold 4 3 if it was mounted from a van or SUV. If you have a women's bike, you will need a bar accessory. You may be able to get away without a bike. 4. Smaller, lighter bikes should be placed closer to the car. When the youth bike was on the outside, the weight of the other bikes bumped it off of the holding cradles, though the straps still held the bike to the rack.

👤I would give this bike rack a 4.5 out of 5, but since there is no half star rating, I'm bumping it up to a 5. There is a It comes pre-assembled so you can take it out of the box and install it in 30 minutes. It takes some time to figure out where to put the bike rack, but once you have figured it out, it's easy to install and attach your bike. It's pretty simple! The product is sturdy and it feels like it will last. We were able to fit 4 bikes on the rack without any issues, and we did not have to change the handles. It is easy to install, one person can take the bikes off the rack, and put them on. Even with the weight of the rack and 4 bikes, I didn't feel like my jeep was being weighted down. There was minimal swinging during our drive, and I was pretty comfortable driving with it. We haven't taken it on a long road trip yet, but it's a huge plus that it's not restricted to just one car. There is a The metal clips were concerning, but I bought pads for $10 and they protected my SUV. I'm going to try other hacks. If you need access to your trunk, you will need to remove the rack and replace it. If you're small like me, you're lifting the bikes above your head to place them on the rack, because it's not that bad if you have a carbon fiber bike. There is a You still need to make sure that you have additional bungees and zip cords to tie up the extra strap lengths so that they don't bounce into each other, and that you secure your bikes together so they don't bounce into each other. We forgot to bungee the bikes after our last trail ride because we were in a hurry to get home and the bikes were secure, but it would be a shame to have your bikes rubbing on each other ruining the frame. It wasn't very clear how the bottom clips were going to be inserted into the trunk, but once we figured it out, it was pretty simple and stayed secure. If someone really wanted our bikes, they'd either have to have the materials or bring a lock, because the rack doesn't have a security feature. The pros outweigh the cons for the price. The bike rack is a great value. Will post pictures from the time we use the rack.

6. Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Tyger Auto TG RK4B102B Receiver Protector

Allen's warranty doesn't cover third-party sellers. All types of dual-arm bikes are compatible with this accessory. Please check the listing picture for any exemptions. A sturdy and handy construction with 4 bike capacity. The buckles are easy to use. A cable lock, hitch lock, and security strap are included. Black color E-Coating is used for rust resistance. Convenient vehicle access with tilt down feature and foldable carry arms. The cradles and protection pads are designed to protect your bike frames. Installation is easy. There is a package with instructions included. Also, note: Safety straps must be installed to keep bikes stable. Any damage or accident that results will not be covered by warranty. TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers! TYGER No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty for US customers!

Brand: Tyger Auto

👤The rack is moving. The top fork folds down to make it easier to open a car. Both of these are secured by a long bolt and a nylon insert. There is no pin or clip. On our way back from vacation, the lower bolt vibrated out and the rack tipped down, dragging our bikes on the road. The front wheels on two of our bikes were destroyed by the tip-stop. Kids bikes were too small to reach the ground. We were in the middle of the bay bridge when it happened and we could not stop, which created emotional stress. Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? I'm pretty happy with this thing. I will use it, but I will secure the bolts. It's easy to do, and I did it for the rest of the ride. I ran zip-ties through the holes in the knobs to prevent them from turning. I think clothes-hanger wire would work. If you buy or own this rack, I recommend you do something similar. The included straps were used, and despite all of the abuse, everything stayed firmly attached to the rack.

👤We decided to purchase this rack as we liked the appearance and reviews and were not going to spend a lot of money on a different rack. We're very happy with our decision a month in. The hitch lock, and straps are included, and the rack is rock solid, the clasps hold bikes firmly in place, and the hitch attachment is solid metal. We took two bikes from Virginia to Ohio and they didn't move an inch. I was somewhat concerned that there was no quick release to lower the rack so you could open the hatch quickly, but I disagree with that assessment. It's true that you have to remove it, but it takes 30 seconds and there is a plastic knob for the job. The advantage to this is that the screws make sure the rack doesn't jiggle. All in a great deal!

👤The straps that hold the pins and bikes are made of cheap plastic and break at installation. There is a If you have a hide-a-hitch, the receiver may not work. If you want to return it, you will have to pay return shipping and you won't get your money back. I tried contacting customer service, but they said the transaction was complete because I got it at Amazon. Do not purchase this piece from this company.

7. Thule Camber Mount Bike Carrier

Thule Camber Mount Bike Carrier

There is a limited lifetime warranty. The quality and design of the Bike Rack products are what they stand for. There are a lot of mishaps covered by their Lifetime Warranty. It is against the law to use an RV or 5th wheel. The hitch-mount bike carrier is hanging. The rear of the vehicle access is where the rack tilts down. It is designed to fit the hitch receiver. The bike is fit and stable. The cradles prevent bike to bike contact. Attach and secure bikes with straps. A wide variety of bike sizes/frame styles can be found in the compact design.

Brand: Thule

👤The bike car carrier I had before was great. It was built with thick rubber straps that made it easy to load and lock down bikes. I accidentally backed it into a tree and it survived several hard impacts. I was disappointed that they don't make the same rack anymore. I bought the 2020 version. There is a The good first. The frame and core are heavy duty. It is easy to attach to a tow hitch. The mechanisms to raise and lower the bars are easy to use. It can hold the weight of 4 bikes, although hanging 4 adult size bikes on it would require a Tetris expert. I usually only carry two mountain bikes. The rubber rests can be adjusted to fit different bike frames. The bad and annoying parts. The straps for holding bikes down are difficult to use. They are thin, with plastic teeth, and tighten down by threading through small locking boxes. The straps have to be run through the boxes. It can be difficult with bike frames. The thin straps on my bike don't have my confidence for holding up over time, elements or bumpy roads. There is a The plastic release lever is supposed to raise off the teeth so they can be pulled out. The straps have to be straight in the boxes to be released. You have to lift and adjust the bike to get it out if it has shifted during the drive. When the bike shifts en route, the release lever tends to flip over, but fortunately it doesn't release the strap, but it gets stuck, and the release lever has to be pushed back into place. To do this again, you are having trouble with the bike and the strap. Getting the straps out of the box can be difficult. The straps are an annoyance but they are a problem for many women and people with a slighter build. I left the bikes on the rack for the night, rather than fight to get them off. There is a The rubber straps on the previous model were more efficient and easy to use. You pulled and hooked them. I never had a problem getting them on or off. It was a bad idea to switch to this overcomplicated strap and lock box design. There is a This works well as a bike carrier. The frame and its workings are strong. The straps will be a problem for many women and people with a slight build, but it will be difficult for them to get bikes connected and disconnected.

👤I purchased this rack because of the reputation of the brand. I was disappointed with how weak it was. The rubber/plastic straps that keep the frame in place on the first trip almost made me lose 2 bikes on the highway.

👤I received a bike rack. Quite disappointed so far. There is a The portion shown on the picture was damaged when opened. I received an email back. I haven't received any more communication from them. There is a The plastic straps are cheap and unlikely to survive South Dakota Weather. The straps on the bike rack are rubber, which is more reliable and flexible. I would not recommend this product.

8. Destination Lightweight 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Destination Lightweight 4 Bike Hitch Rack

Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. The lightweight platform hitch carrier is a great way to transport up to 4 bikes. The hitch pin has a locking mechanism. Each bicycle has a wheel tray and uses straps to secure it. The bikes frame is secured with a sliding and rotating attachment cradle. When not in use, folds up against the car. It's ideal for storing or parking in a garage. It only works with 2 hitch receivers. Not to be used with a Hitch receiver accessory. Not to be used on a towed vehicle. This lightweight rack has a max tire width of 3 and a max wheelbase of 48.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤I'm confident that this rack will have its share of reviews describing disastrous outcomes during transport, and I'm sure that it will do so as well. There is a Common sense and human intervention are required to prevent accidents from happening when using a rack. I believe failure can be attributed to one or more of the following. The rack was not being used for its intended purpose. The RV/Trailer 2 was installed. There was a lack of inspection prior to the transport. The bike rack is connected to the hitch. The rack should have no failures given that you take appropriate measures to address 1 and 2. There is no way for the pin to loosen on its own, so the pin is secured with an R-clip/cotter pin. The straps on any rack are guaranteed to break. Each bike on this rack is secured with a strap, tire and frame at the same time. There is a The bike will remain on the rack if one strap breaks. I wanted a rack that could transport 4 bikes with a minimal failure rate and this rack seems to be the best. I have 3 adult bikes and a youth bike. The other bonus features such as the weight and ease of assembly have already been mentioned in posts as has the downside to the rack in that it's relatively easy to take the entire rack with a few tools as the locking mechanism preventing this is relatively weak.

👤I have been a biker for the last 35 years and started with upright roof mounts, fork mount roof mounts, and platform hitch racks. The easiest platform rack to use is hands down. The HR Sportrider 2 is a great rack, but it doesn't fit all frame types very well. I bought a brand new platform rack that was heavy and awkward to install and remove, but it was also as solid as it could be. I decided to try it out because of the low cost. There is a I am now all smiles. The rack is only 20 pounds. I don't have to break my back installing and removing it. There is a Sometimes I leave it on the car for a ride the next day, and it folds up flat against the vehicle. There is a Hitch lock and key is an optional accessory which I never understood why locking your rack from theft would be an option. It works on any frame size, even bikes with fenders. There is a The bike is mounted to the rack with no jumping because of the 3 mounting points. There is a This rack is 1/3 the cost of my heavy duty platform rack and does everything just as well. There is a This is a viable contender if you are hesitant to spend $500 on a bike rack.

👤I needed a 3-bike rack and found this one from a Thule Pro2. This rack is not as good as a Thule or a Yakima. I bought it even though it was available. Double-checking the instructions is a must when assembling it. It is easy to mix up the inner and outer sections. The bolts that hold them down are cheap, and tend to strip. First, get everything in the right place, then snug the bolts. The rack on the car is very secure. There is a little bounce but every rack has that. There is a It will hold four mountain bikes. The loading and securing of them is different than the Thule. You have to be precise with placement, pedal position, centering, and angle the frame strap just right. I'm sure it will get easier with practice, but the Thule was just slap it in and go. It takes a while. The bikes were secure after a long trip. The rack does its job. There are better and worse racks out there. If the directions were clearer, I would give it a star.

9. Retrospec Lenox Rack Mount Hitch

Retrospec Lenox Rack Mount Hitch

It's for the standard 2 inch trailer hitch. The lenOX CAR BIKE RACK is a car. The call to adventure shouldn't be the most difficult part of your cycling journey. The convenience you need when looking to take on your next two-wheeled conquest is what they have designed their Lenox Car Rack 4–Bike Hitch to provide. Class II or IV is a two-tiered hedging scheme. The bike rack is made to fit a trailer hitch. The vehicle must have a Class II or IV hitch. Carry arm spacing is designed to be safe and sturdy. Their tie-down cradles and straps are made to protect your bicycles from damage. There is a limit to the weight. Sturdy steel construction. 2-bike - 80 lbs, 3-bike - 120 lbs, 4-bike - 140 lbs, 5-bike - 170 lbs. It is necessary for minor assembly. There is an accessory included: an Adapter. The bike is being moved and the Lenox comes with an accessory to reduce the wobble of the bike. When not in use, Lenox can be used for simple storage. There is an accessory included: an Adapter. The bike is being moved and the Lenox comes with an accessory to reduce the wobble of the bike. When not in use, Lenox can be used for simple storage.

Brand: Retrospec

👤I was a little skeptical about the bike. It exceeded my expectations. It folds down to open the tailgate when mounted on a Toyota Sienna. It is very sturdy. Good purchase.

👤It's a bit to get used to. I love it so far. When bikes were on for the tilt option to hatch, I couldn't get the pin out. It's good. It is hard to get used to straps at first, but you get the hang of it.

👤The bike rack bends down when you put more than one bike on it and the screws that tighten the bikes in are terrible. They are stripped and easily over tightened. The rack was worn out after I used it twice. The company does not cover shipping of the new parts. I don't recommend buying this rack.

👤It took about 15 minutes to put it together. I only used it for 3 bikes. I traveled 600 miles with the bikes and no trouble at all. It worked out great, but I feel like it bounces a bit. I would definitely recommend it.

👤I did a lot of research before I picked this rack. The rack is sturdy. The metal is heavy. The instructions are easy to follow. The finish is clean and uniform. The company support is outstanding. They are very helpful. I love this bike rack.

👤The bike rack is made to be easy to load and unload.

👤A well made bike rack is a great value.

👤It is simple and easy to use.

👤I was disappointed by the state of the product when it arrived, it had a bit of paint chipping, dirty rubber holders and sticker ripped. It should be checked before shipping. Things got worse quickly. I didn't notice until the rack was on my car that one of the plastic ends of the holders had been broken off. Many would not hold the nut when tightening the bolt with the Allen key because the hexagonal holes on each holder are not consistent in size. The bike slid while driving. I noticed rust on the second day of use. I can't imagine getting more than 3 adult bikes on this, because a Tetris expert might be able to fit 4. I regret going with a generic brand to save money. Will return and buy a quality product.

👤The product is good. I gave a rating of 3 because there are certain pros and cons. It fit my Nissan Path Finder 2020 trailer hitch receiver and was easy to install. The pin that goes in the middle gets stuck a lot and I have to move the bar up and down to get it out. The plastic holders get loose with time and the bike rack keeps making noise when the bikes are not on it. It's not certain if the rubber straps on the holder will break off eventually with weather and rain, but it's quite sturdy when it comes to putting the bike on it and requiring some force to put that on to its button.

10. XCAR Bicycle Foldable Minivans Receiver

XCAR Bicycle Foldable Minivans Receiver

Please consult the manufacturer's web page for a specific fit. Heavy duty steel construction. 2.5mm carry arm tube max load to 150LB The folding carry arm design allows the rack's arms to be folded up quickly. There are saddles that can be adjusted. Please make sure mounting saddles are tightened. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle. It's for the standard 2 inch trailer hitch. It's for the standard 2 inch trailer hitch.

Brand: Xcar

👤It was easy to install this rack. This was purchased for a road trip and had no issues at all. Like it!

👤The product is very good at a great price. The sockets are made easy to use and the tools are supplied with a rack. I use the rack on the back of my SUV a few times now. The rubber straps for securing the bike on the rack are included. The bike mounts can be adjusted to fit different bike frames, so it's important to keep in mind the correct angles of the mounts to the frame. Installation and removal from the car hitch is easy because the rack is light. The pins are easy to remove. The rack can be lowered by removing the lower pin. You will not be disappointed if you get this rack.

👤I thought I'd save an extra$40 by using this bike rack over a Thule. The screws are as tight as can be. The rack isn't stable and it's difficult to move from left to right. The lack of stability on the bike causes problems because the cradles take a beating. The original cradles that came with it and a better after-market replacement set were already done. The bike slipped off the cradles and hit the metal in transit. The cradles won't last because of the instability. Go with another brand.

👤I didn't have to take my heavy Yakima on and off because I wanted something cheap and small to keep on the car. This rack is perfect for the bill. I didn't think much of it at this price point. It is a pretty good rack. There is nothing to keep bikes from swinging, and they are hanging from the top tube. I end up bungy cording. Every time, a cotter pin is needed tohinge the rack to open the trunk. I would have paid a bit more for a different locking mechanism, but nothing I wouldn't expect.

👤The bike carrier took a bit to assemble, but no major problems. It's not an easy on/off because it's hard bolted to the hitch receiver. I've lugged bikes several times now and come away with full confidence in its performance and security. I use a long cable lock and a velcro strip to keep the front wheel in one place, if I'm worried about leaving the bike on the carrier. Overall very pleased with the purchase.

11. Bike Rack Adjustable Receiver Capacity

Bike Rack Adjustable Receiver Capacity

There is a one year warranty. You can contact them with any questions. They will reply to you as soon as possible. The bike capacity is up to 140 lbs. 2. It works with Class III and IV 2-inch receiver hitches. 3. Heavy-duty all-steel construction. 4. The powder coat finish is durable. 5. The cradle straps are UV resistant and can be used with a wide range of tube sizes. 6. The swing-down backward design allows for rear vehicle access. 7. An anti-rattle hitch tightener can be used to solidify the connection so that it doesn't jiggle or clank.

Brand: Kranpop

👤It has enough straps to keep everything secure.

👤This is a nice bike rack. It is very stable and easy to use. I replaced it because it didn't seem stable while driving. The connection to my tow hitch is very secure and heavy weight steel. I like that it has a lynch pin that I can use to open my trunk hatch. I have an electric trunk hatch in my SUV. The bar is lowered for my hatch to raise and lower. The brackets to hook the bikes on are made of rubber with straps to keep the bike in place. They are rubber straps. I worry about their longevity and their ability to weather the sun. I only use the bike rack a few times a year and store it out of the sun and weather so I am not really concerned. I have bike brace bars for our girls bikes, they are easy to use and securely sit in, and they are strand cruiser style. The ones we have are on Amazon. This is a great rack and it's a good price.

👤I took off a star because of the damage to the paint in the first picture and the fact that one of the reflectors fell out of the end of the carrying arm. I had black paint and glue and was able to fix the issues. It doesn't seem like they used enough glue to secure the reflectors. The first picture clearly shows 8 straps, but there were only 4 straps for the wheels. The seller uses the same picture for the two, three and four bike carriers, even though 8 straps wouldn't make sense for the 4 bike carrier. There is a The bike carrier is built to last. It is easy to put together and you can do it in a few minutes. I was able to put my children's bikes on the rack. It took a bit of time to figure out how to put the kids bikes on since the top tube of the bike is not long enough to fit over the carrier's arms. I was able to put the top tube on one cradle and the bottom tube on the other cradle. Since my wife has not gone with us, I have only put 3 bikes on. yet. I need to buy a cross bar adapter since her bike doesn't have a top tube. The last picture shows that there is plenty of room for her to put her bike on when I get the bike accessory. There is a The U-shaped arms on the inexpensive carriers tend to come on the bike rack. Each position has rubber straps on each arm to hold the bike in the cradles. You slip the closest hole over the plastic stud by pulling the strap tight over the bike tube. The cradles are made of plastic and should work for most bikes. I wouldn't use this style of carrier for expensive bikes. 24 inches in length, the straps are used to keep the bike wheels stable. The first picture shows 8 straps, but only 4 were included. I will update the review when the seller returns to me. It has a 6 foot safety cam strap. The cam strap is supposed to be used to secure all of the bikes to the carrier in case the rubber straps come off on one or more of the bikes. There is a If you don't go all the time or go long distances, this bike carrier is a great option. If you are going a lot and going a long way, you may want to invest in a different type of bike rack since the bikes can shift and rub together with this type of carrier.


What is the best product for bicycle rack for car 4 bikes?

Bicycle rack for car 4 bikes products from Allen Sports. In this article about bicycle rack for car 4 bikes you can see why people choose the product. Ikuram and Venzo are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack for car 4 bikes.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack for car 4 bikes?

Allen Sports, Ikuram and Venzo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack for car 4 bikes. Find the detail in this article. Maxxhaul, Tyger Auto and Thule are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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