Best Bicycle Rack for Back Of Bike

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1. Ibera PakRak Commuter Bicycle Carrier

Ibera PakRak Commuter Bicycle Carrier

Ideally used with backpacks, baskets, and panniers. Ibera's Mini Commuter Bag can be released within 3 seconds with the Ibera pakRak clip-on quick-release. It works on most 700c and 26" frames. The weight is 1.4 lbs (64 g). It can carry up to 22 lbs. It's suited for folding bikes or small wheeled bikes.

Brand: Ibera

👤It works well on larger seatposts but not on 25.4mm seat post. If you don't move it, it will stay put on the seatpost. I was able to solve the problem by cutting an extra piece of rubber from a tube and adding it to the rubber that came with it. There is an update on 8/28/16. The system works just fine with a carbon seatpost despite the instruction not to use it. I have the Cannondale C2 Carbon seatpost and have had over 20LBS in the bag. I weighed 170LBS and sat on the seat bouncing. I like it.

👤I bought two mountain bikes for myself and my wife to commute on. My model is larger than hers at 26. Since the idea was to be able to use these for trips to work, the local markets, and general recreation in and around Minneapolis the idea was always to purchase a carrier to add to the bikes. This is a review of my wife's bike. I have posted a review for my bike that uses the IB-RA1. The challenge is that the Mongoose's have an independent rear suspension. Having one precludes any ability to mount a more classic style bike rack with supports attached to the real wheel hub, which is great for potholes, cobblestones, curbs and posteriors. The single-post units by Ibera solve the problem by mounting only to the seat post frame. There is a Since my wife is height-challenged, finding a way to install the unit on her bike was a major consideration. I was able to solve the problem by removing the seat post clamp and using the Ibera rack to do double-duty as both the support for itself and the seat post. The added benefit of this approach was that the Ibera clamp is much stronger than the original "quick-release" clamp that came with the Mongoose, and since it uses a hex-head bolt to secure the assembly, there was no chance that someone would use it. The larger down tube on the bicycle could be accommodated by the larger clamp on the rack. The rack is very stiff and has very little flex. I am pretty sure it could accommodate a bit more when secured in this way. Since it only mounts to the seat post/downtube, there is no interference with the real-wheel independent suspension, if one mounts the rack high enough not to interfere with the travel of the rear wheel. There is a The unit's construction is almost completely made of high- strength aluminum and it looks like it could last a long time. The orange trim clips on the rack are the only concern. I will be curious to see how well the plastic holds up over a long period of time, as I have the Ibera Mini-Bike Bag snapped and unsnapped from the rack on a regular basis. The rack is best used for smaller bikes. While the rack was meant to fit my Wife's Mongoose, it was a bit small and short for my unit. The IB-RA1 model has more adjustments and looks better on a larger bike frame. There is a This is a great solution for our needs. I would recommend anyone with a similar challenge to look at this rack.

2. SIHEJA Waterproof Commuter Adjustable Reflective

SIHEJA Waterproof Commuter Adjustable Reflective

The bicycle saddle bag is widely used for most bicycles, like mountain bikes, road bikes, and folding bikes. Buckle design, nylon belt, integral sewing, maximum compatibility, and rear rack security are some of the things that are included in quick fastening and removal. It's suitable for most bike cargo racks and won't loosen when the road is bumpy. SAFE PROTECTION. The bag is made of hard material to prevent it from collapsing. The base and inner sides of the rear bike rack bag are made with mesh bags and elastic restraint straps to give you peace of mind and to make it easier to keep your items safe. The rear bike rack bag with 900D Oxford, cloth surface coating PU is high quality and easy to clean. A waterproof zip was used to prevent rain. The sides and accessories are included. 10L CAPACITY: The main compartment of the bicycle duffel bag maximizes the use of storage space, and the side pockets can expand the bag capacity to accommodate multiple small items and sundries. A multi-purpose scenario application. You can switch between a handbag or a cross-body bag if the wide shoulder straps are removed. The bike frame bag is a great choice for a short ride or daily commute. It is a great gift for cyclists.

Brand: Siheja

👤Everything is safe and secure with it.

👤Not the best quality for heavy use.

👤There are lots of bags for the top of the bike rack. There is a I like this one the most. I might get another trike. Most other people have a pocket for water bottles, but most of them don't fit in any of the ones I have tried. I don't want to put my water bottle that far back. I can't get to it while riding a trike. The bag has a logo but it is subtle because it is black text on a black background. Most other bags use straps that are not long enough to fit around most rack, and you have to reach under the rack to get to the attachment point. The strap and clip design used by this one is better. You attach it above the rack where you can easily reach it. It is difficult to use a shoulder bag with side bags that unfold from the side pockets. I would rather use the side pockets to hold a battery pack for my phone, gps, tailights, headlights, etc. This seems to be waterproof. There is a cover layer on the Zippers. I haven't tested it in the rain yet. There is not much padding, so you might want to use a towel or something. The other top bags are the same size as this one. I would like to see a version of this bag that is slightly taller, slightly wider, and has more room on the rack on a recumbent since the butt of the seat is not right there.

👤The bike bag includes waterproof bike rear rack bag, bicycle trunk storage carrier, bicycle rack rear carrier bag, commuter bike luggage bag, and reflective trim. The bag is better in person than it is in the pictures. There is a My husband can carry a large load on his electric bike because of it. I don't think he will ever have it full. The bag looks very sleek when mounted on the bike. There is a It stayed dry after being tested with a hose. When the bag is full or partially empty, elastic straps keep everything secure. It also had reflective straps. If you want to carry the bag on your person, it can be mounted or removed. Great design and quality.

👤Where can I start? The bike bag is perfect for my neighborhood. I have been cycling so much more in and around my neighborhood that I have found myself using poorly-recycled bags and satchels to carry water, snacks, and my wallet as I have expanded my perimeter of where I can confidently go and friends to meet up with. I wanted a bag for my bike. I was surprised to find that this one is also waterproof and has a crossbody strap to carry it. It has great reflective safety features. The material is strong but flexible and has lots of pockets. I would recommend it for a gift.

3. UFANME Panniers Aluminum Adjustable Reflector

UFANME Panniers Aluminum Adjustable Reflector

The Elastic Cords and Red Rear Reflector Lamp can make you safer to ride at night and keep your luggage secure. If you have a problem with the installation, please email them or check the video in the front page. The rear bike rack carrier is for bikes. 50KG/110lb. capacity The seat is 35.5 x 14.2 cm. The measurement is 5.6 in. The rack is 53 x 17 cm/20.9 x 6.7 in. It's applicable for most bicycles. The kids' bike and the Trek Verve can't be used. The material is aluminum. Light weight but strong, UFAN ME rear bike rack carrier made of premium aluminum alloy. More light, more durable, and more resistant tocorrosion. The luggage cargo rack can be protected from rust and scratches with black paint. It's possible to fit a load capacity up to 50 KG. Simple installation. The seat tube can be attached to the rear bike rack with a screw. The bike rack carrier is well organized. Attach the part to the bike with no need for holes. The bike rack can be installed by anyone. The light is safe. The luggage bag can be protected from scratches from the wheels with the help of the barriers on the sides of the bike carrier rack. Panniers bags, luggage, and cargo can be fit. The package includes a rack body, support bar, screws, rubber gasket, form gasket, and installation tool. 50KG/110lb. Also, note: If you don't receive the installation tool, please contact them. The package includes a rack body, support bar, screws, rubber gasket, form gasket, and installation tool. 50KG/110lb. Also, note: If you don't receive the installation tool, please contact them.

Brand: Ufanme

👤It was easy. It can be adjusted to fit any bike. I needed one that wouldn't cause a problem for the back disc brakes. The actual rack can be adjusted for personal preference. There is a I wouldn't recommend it for two reasons. I don't think it can hold it safely because it's an awful lot of weight and can make your bike very unstable when you turn, and number two, it can throw your balance off a bit. There is a I went to my local sporting good store and checked out the almost $90 version of the same product, which is the exact same thing as the other rack that is 2 to 3 times the cost. There is a You don't want to wait until you hear a crash behind you and wonder what happened, so you might want to check the screws every so often and tighten them up a bit. I would buy again. There is a A gift card in exchange for 5 stars was not part of the review.

👤The product is a bull. Don't spend your money on it. There is a I bought a third bike rack in a month from this brand, and I am fed up with Amazon bike rack products. I keep running into problems because this project should have been done a lot sooner. The bolts that don't fit the screws were the problem with this rack. The bolts/nuts didn't fit and the rack was loose because of the long screws. There is a It doesn't fit right, my second problem. It is not my bike style that is wrong. There is a I will be returning it for the billionth time. I took a chance with a cheap rear end bike rack that holds 20lb at Walmart and installed it with ease. I spent 30 minutes trying to get it to work, but I was so determined to not return it that I only spent 10 minutes. I spent up to $16 on a cheap rack, but it cost me almost $30 after taxes and shipping, which is combined with another product. That shows you how bad this product is.

👤There are no instructions for this product, which is ridiculous. This should be in the product description. You are on your own trying to figure this out.

👤The delivery was delayed because of the order not going through. The seller was very responsive when I contacted them, and they shipped the bike rack to me within a week. The product is a bit heavy, but that is what makes it strong. The installation how-to video on the Amazon product page was very helpful. If you want a bike rack that can hold a bike, this is the product for you. The leg brackets don't reach all the way down to the rear bicycle frame rack mount holes, but because it is adjusted, it is possible to adapt as in the installation video. It has screws on the bottom of the rack, which is nice, because my next step is to find a piece of vinyl siding or aluminum that I could bend into a hidden fender to catch rain back splash.

4. Comingfit Universal Adjustable Accessories Equipment

Comingfit Universal Adjustable Accessories Equipment

For V Brake and Disc Brakes, almost bikes, road bike, mountain bike, etc. Please do not include paper instruction in the package, you can download the picture instruction from Amazon. When every part is properly seated, the capacity is tested in any condition. TheShelf Length is 22 and the Panel Length is 14 and theSeat Tube is 1.3. The red rear lamp can make you safer to ride at night. Your luggages are protected from being scratched by the wheel or spokes with the side protecting frame.

Brand: Comingfit

👤A lot of "honest" reviews are written by people who received the product at a discounted rate. I bought this as I'm converting my high performance road bike to a commuter bike. The drawbacks should be out the way first. I enjoyed the challenge of figuring it out, I could see how this would bother some people. They say in the description that they can email instructions. It's pretty difficult to install. I could see how this product would be adjusted to most bikes, it's universal design. It's great on my road bike, which doesn't have any eyelets for racks, mudguards or anything else. There is a The good stuff will follow. It seems like a good deal for $23. I got it, installed it, and went for a road test all day, so I can't speak to longevity, but I didn't load it very heavy. I could see how it would handle the load. It's a simple design, but smart, and I can see how it would be able to handle heavy loads. There is a If you're looking for a strong rack or one that will fit a bike without mounting spots, it's a good deal. This is it. I'm impressed. I'm happy that I'll be updating this review if I have any negative experiences.

👤I read the product title, saw it had a good rating and ordered it without reading the reviews. The play is by play. I check the mail and see a poorly taped box that looks like it was kicked out of the distribution center. I usually don't care if the items are damaged because I don't care if they are post office or Amazon. In this case, it didn't. There is a I opened the box and found a plastic bag with all the pieces of the thing, held together with a ziptie. There is a There is a link to a PDF document that will show you the instructions. The link is dead and no instructions are available. Either return it or keep it and make the most of it. I think I should have read the comments. I bring up my tools and try to assemble it as best I can, after all it's just a few nuts and screws, right? One clap on the seat post and two claps on the seatstay are what the thing is made of. The placing of the first is obvious, but the other's aren't: if it's too high the thing will slip under it's own weight and if it's too low the screws will hit the cassette. I attached them to the place I think is best. There is a The rod in the tube that goes from this thing to the seatstays is secured by a screw, because the rods that go from this thing to the seatstays are adjusted. There is a Between the seatstay claps that are in an unsure location, and the load bearing rods that are held together by friction, I have doubts that this thing will hold over 100 pounds. I had considered throwing saddlebags over this, but I'll just limit myself to lashing my backpack on to this and hope for the best. There is a If you need a rack to carry a light load, you can get it from any big box store, it will come with instructions and be backed by a brand name. If you need to carry a medium load, you can get a real rack at your local bike shop. If you need a bike that can carry a heavy load, you might want to get a specialty bike or permanently modify your bike with the help of a welder. There is a If this item bends, breaks or fails it is easy to replace, but if it does so it will likely do so while carrying something more valuable and potentially dangerous.

5. Outtag Retractable Aluminum Bicycle Install

Outtag Retractable Aluminum Bicycle Install

It is easy to Portability. The bike trunk bag has a handle and a shoulder strap that can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag. High quality The bicycle carrier rack is made of a high quality hard aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and can bear more weight. It is equipped with screws that can help you ride in rainy or humid environments and keep your bike clean. Load Capacity and Unique Design are included. The bike luggage rack can hold up to 20 lbs, which makes it easy to transport your luggage. The seatpost's strength can be used to increase the weight. The raised front flap and slightly raised tail help to keep the cargo in place and prevent it from falling off. The black color is more resistant to dirt. It's easy to install a shelf on the sitting post of the bike rack. The included rubber pad and L wrench make it easy to install. Allow you to transport your cargo with ease and efficiency, it's perfect for use with backpacks, baskets, etc. The mounting rod is attached to the bicycle seatpost. It is easy to store and fit different bikes. This rear rack is perfect for a long cycling trip and excursions to embrace enough daily necessities. It is suitable for most bicycles. The shelf length is 34 cm (13.4 inch) wide and 12 cm (4 inch) deep and is suitable for most bicycles seat rod caliber is under 32mm/1.3 inch. The seat tube diameter is 27.2-31.8mm/1.2-1.3 inch. All customers enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee. If the purchase is not satisfactory, customers can return and get a refund. There is no risk in trying. The package includes a bike cargo rack, rubber pads, and an Allen key.

Brand: Outtag

👤It broke after 2 weeks of use. The cheap aluminum snapped under the bouncing and should never be more than about 10 lbs.

👤30 hours of road time using this rack, and only carrying a 10lb. Load. It was cleaned off where it was welded together. My wife was taking it off the stand and not biking down the road at night. Don't buy. Avoid for your own safety.

👤I converted my mountain bike to an electric one. I've only been able to ride up and down my driveway because of the weather. I had a chance to go for a real ride and it took me 5 minutes to get over a curb with the rack snapped. I had to ride home while holding the battery because my rear tire wasn't damaged. The battery and case is rated for up to 22 lbs. I'm out the money because I was too late to return.

👤This was what I was looking for. The bike I was using does not have threaded mounts for a standard bike rack. I needed a piece of furniture to hold my style. I could not find a drop down style that required me to raise the seat. I saved a few inches of height because this was straight back on the seat post. Exactly what I needed.

👤The bike rack broke in 2 months. There is a The company sent a replacement after I contacted them. I have increased my review to 4 stars for customer service. It's possible that the product I received was not good, because the seller has been so responsive.

👤I put this carrier on my bike, which is a Next Avalon Comfort Series dual- suspension bike. I chose this particular carrier because it can be mounted to a variety of different bikes. I was able to modify the arms that attach to the seat stays and use P-clamps from a local hardware store. I wish I had a better way to upload pictures of the completed installation. The carrier looks very sturdy, but I may never fully utilize the 55 pound carrying capacity. I will use this to see how it performs.

👤My son's bike has several types of bike rack. This brand is the only one that works. The rest have been wobbly. I can put a bike basket on the back of the rack. If the screws on the back of the bike rack come loose, I add a zip tie and hook the rack to the bike seat just in case.

👤The seat post held this rack well. It feels sturdy and lightweight. I chose it because I wanted to carry a light bag. Extending the sliding adjustment was necessary to fit behind the seat. The seat post mounting arrangement is not suited to heavy loading or rugged riding. If you want to haul a heavy load in the trunk, you should look for a rack that has mounts on both sides. The mounting bolts tend to loosen up gradually, probably because I did not use the shims, so I tighten them with my multitool once in a while. If you stay within the design parameters of a seat post mounting type rack, you should be happy with the product's longevity.

6. Voilamart Release Universal Aluminum Adjustable

Voilamart Release Universal Aluminum Adjustable

Simple installation. The included rubber pad and L wrench make it easy to install. Allow you to transport your cargo with ease and efficiency, it's perfect for use with backpacks, baskets, etc. The rear bike rack is made of high strength aluminum alloy material, a strong and well built bike rack for carrying lots of weight and keeping the panniers sturdy. Immediate release: The rear bike rack comes with tools and installation instructions that are easy to install. The rear bike rack is lightweight but durable enough to carry up to 115 lbs, perfect for carring some stuff on your commute. The design is w-shapped. The rear bike rack is designed with side bars that can be used to protect your bags from getting into the spokes or scratching the wheels. Most bikes like the mountain bike, road bike have an adjusted design. It's great for cyclists, can be used with pannier,backpacks,briefcase,trunk bags, even the baskets.

Brand: Voilamart

👤The little bargain was installed and boy what a deal. I can already tell that it will do everything I expect it to do, it is quite solid and can hold 30 lbs of groceries in two-wire baskets. You will not be able to pull out your battery if it is pulled out behind your seat. It took me a while to install. I'm 67 and slow. The purpose of the rubber gasket is to keep your frame from scaring and I don't care. The first time, the top rack is adjusted. I own a Fat tire, so I didn't have a rear reflector.

👤Installation instructions, tools and a bungee loop are 5 stars. The gear side brackets should be installed high so they don't hit the chain. Before installation, I recommend putting the bike on its largest gear. The bungee loop had to be removed to make it permanent. I recommend using tape during the install of the gasket and taking the bungee loop apart to make it easier. There is a I was happy with my purchase.

👤I bought this for my dog. I used a few washers to put the support bars away from the tire. I've had seat post mounted racks in the past, they tend to move around a little no matter how tight you tighten them. The downward supports on this rack are great. They allow the rack to support more weight and stiffen the whole rack so it doesn't twist at all.

👤It was very easy to install. The screws need to be checked every week to make sure they are strong. The seat post bar was not fully fit for the screw gasket, just a slight slack of fit. The screws from the back side bars will keep the rack sturdy. The price is fair for an economical rack. It could be a perfect fit, but there is a slight slack off the main bar. It works for me.

👤This one is superb for anyone who needs this type of rack. It's light, well designed and works well. There is a Installation is easy if one uses a bit of contact cement to hold the rubber "gaskets". I used a paper punch to put holes in the rubber gasket. It is a good deal. I highly recommend it.

👤It's easy to install on my bike. I put my spare ebike battery and backpack on there. If you have a broken or routed cable, you may have to use a different type of cable.

7. RockBros Bicycle 110 165 Capacity Mountain

RockBros Bicycle 110 165 Capacity Mountain

It is easy to adjust the angle between mudguard and bike tire, no repair tools are required, and it is easy to install and remove. You can easily change the seat height by using Quick Release Curb. You can come with tools and instructions. Most of the bikes are not compatible with rear suspension bikes, soft-tailed bikes, carbon fiber bikes, and folding bikes. FENDER under the seat provides more protection for your bag and other items. You can remove the rear fender when you don't need it. The fit is for mountain bike frames. The SOLID&STURDY bike rear rack is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and has steel screws to help you ride in rainy days or humid conditions. Two W shaped side bars protect your bag from being scratched by the wheel or spokes. Functions: The upgrade loading system cargo rack can carry up to 165 lbs, perfect for carring some stuff on your trip, work commute, or carry the people. The telescopic rods can be stretched to fit your bike frames and the rack lenth can be adjusted as you please. The rear red reflector increases visibility on the night cycling. The bungee cord can be stretched around your bag or gears for extra security.

Brand: Rockbros

👤There is no warranty listed on this site. They know that their products will fail quickly. There is a The weight limit is a lie. The entire thing broke at the mounting point after the welds broke on my load. It's unacceptable. How many people have issues with a product before Amazon does something about it? There is a It should be illegal for manufacturers or sellers to offer discounts for good reviews. You're paying people to lie on your behalf so you can screw over more people in the long run. Don't buy RockBros products. They're not worth the time or money it takes to deal with them.

👤First, no rigging instructions. I like to have when things go wrong. The parts were in a box. If you don't have mechanical skills, using the tools provided will be hard. You can make adjustments if you don't tighten the hardware. Suggest a level and something to measure the placement of the side struts. The outside tube has screws going through it to tighten on the inside tube. The good parts are "SELF LOCKING HARDWARE" Doesn't make the bike look cheap. The rack made the journey on the Katy trail carrying saddle bags filled with my stuff if there was no review added to it.

👤This product works. It does exactly what it says it does. It includes all the nuts, bolts, washers and tools to complete the job. I put things together and took them apart a few times to assemble the rack. If you want to save time, put the pannier rack on last, the swing arm goes on the outside of the rack body, or things don't align right, and you have to tighten things up gradually. The first setup took 2 hours to complete. There is a It's worth the time to get it dialed in because now I can just break the handles loose and just screw the bolt down and attach it. Attach as advertised. Once you build the rack, you don't have to disassemble it or adjust it, just wrap the mounting clamps around the frame and tighten them down. If you aren't overtightening the bolts they're optional, but if you include rubber gasket they're a must. It's a pain to keep properly aligned in the clamp. This feature is useful, because you're going to want to take this thing off when not in use. It is close to three pounds. That doesn't sound like much, but the weight distribution on a bike is everything, and that 3 pounds is more than 10% of the weight of my bike focused on the rear of the bike that I have to pull behind me. If you need a rack but don't have mounting points on your frame, this is a great option because it's lighter and more expensive, but I'll look into it in the future. Overall, 4 stars. You're getting what you paid for and the price point you paid for. Extra points were given to the company for responding quickly to a problem I thought I had.

8. West Biking Universal Adjustable Equipment

West Biking Universal Adjustable Equipment

The red rear lamp can make you safer to ride at night. Your luggages are protected from being scratched by the wheel or spokes with the side protecting frame. The load bearing is made of aluminum alloy and solid steel. Strong load is essential for long rides. Also, note: After you have used it for a while, please check the screws in the parts. The Universal Shelf isFits 20. To 73.6 CM is the ideal fit for most bikes. The children's bike and the Trek Verve are not usable. Installation tools and instructions are included. The front and rear of the shelf are adjusted. The seat post has a diameter of 3 cm. The 3-Point Load bearing design is more uniform. A more comfortable and safe reflector. Flanks extend to protect your bag from the spokes. No more fretting about your bag getting caught in the spokes. The inner ring is held together with a shockproof nut layer which prevents the rack from shaking during rides. The rear bike rack has many different designs and can be adjusted to fit different bikes. The support rods can be adjusted in length. The width of the tires should not be greater than 4.5". It fits fat bikes.

Brand: West Biking

👤It took a bit of adjusting and figuring out where to put the mounting points, but in the end they were very sturdy and solid. Comes with all the bolts and nuts. I had to maneuver through the system on the e bike. I had to leave one arm off because there was no room. It is still very solid. I will buy another one if I get another bike. There is a Place all bolts and nuts in a way that will allow them to be adjusted before being tightened. The two dog-leg arms are molded specifically to be on the right and left, so make sure you look at each one to see which one goes where, if you tighten the bolts it will warp one of the bolt slots. When using the FOAM SPACERS, stick them on the mounts. If you need to take them off or adjust them, you can use the mounts.

👤I bought a cheap rack for my bike and it broke the same day. I rigged it to work for what I needed, but one day it broke and almost took my tire with it. I went online and found this one. I had thought it was cheap, but seeing it says it can hold more than 300 lbs, I decided it was not. My bike doesn't use standard piping so it took 30 minutes to install. I adjusted it to the height I needed and used the rubber bits to keep the supports in place. I loaded up my bags and left for home immediately after I took it out for the grocery run. It was a 7 mile round trip with 60 lbs of goods and it didn't show any signs of giving. I've transported other people on it. A friend of mine needed to get to the store up the way from where we lived and while he thought I was joking when I offered him a lift, he finally got on. He is not light. He says he's over 200 lbs., he felt like more. We got there and there was no issue with the rack. It did not bend or sway. I've tried everything I can to get it to 300lb+ capacity and my bike has shown more issues than the rack has ever had. It works great with bikes that don't have standard rack installs. This has been the best investment for my cheap fixed gear bike because it has no standard mounting options.

9. Bushwhacker® Mesa Trunk Bag Black

Bushwhacker%C2%AE Mesa Trunk Bag Black

The load size is 12.75x7x8". The fabric is 600 denier. The interior is fully insulated. There is a rear light clip attachment. 4 point mounting system for secure attachment The main compartment has a dimensions of 12 L x 6 W x 7 H.

Brand: Bushwhacker Usa

👤I have been using this bag for a month. I'm happy with it. The construction is high quality. The main compartment is insulated and has a cold drink in it. I don't have a problem with it leaning to one side on my Bontrager rack even though it's strapped on tight. There is a I ordered a second one. It's different. The material feels stiff, the logo is larger, and the pulls are different. The main compartment of this newer one has a tag that says made in Vietnam. My other one doesn't have a tag that says where it was made. I don't know if there is a difference in quality between the two. I'm uploading pictures to show the differences. There was an update on 8/12/16. The first bag I bought has lost its structural shape. It hangs off to one side when it has any kind of weight in it. This makes the bag worthless. I had to change it. The rating has been reduced to 3 stars. The second one was for a friend. I know of no problems that he has had.

👤The bag seems to be well constructed with stiff sides. The side pockets and top pocket are similar. Put tire pump and tools in one side pocket and some first aid stuff in the other side pocket. The tie down straps keep it secured. There is a large main compartment. It was much better than the bag I had. If you don't know how they attach, you will be confused. After reading another review, I found out that the straps attach under the side pockets. The straps are hidden under the side pockets. I was able to attach all the straps. It comes with a strap for carrying it. I did not have experience on how it will hold up.

👤I am a police officer and started a bike patrol in the downtown area. I bought this bag based on the recommendation of another officer. I am not disappointed. The bicycle bag that I have is perfect for my needs. It holds the shape of my belt and holds some gear that I don't wear on my belt. I put a light to the back of the bag. The officer who recommended the bag showed me a way to loop a rubber band around the light clip on the bag. This prevents the light from moving side to side, and also keeps it from falling off the bag when you go over curbs or hard bumps. Other officers have lost their lights in the road. I will probably buy a Bushwhacker bag for my bike. I can tell you that the bags hold up well to abuse since there are officers who have been using them for years without any problems. There is a The main compartment has a lot of space for larger items. You can easily fit other items in the 2 side pockets. I have ticket books, sunglasses, gloves, and small items. It would be great if it was also used for phones and mp3 players. The top compartment has a couple of items that you want to put on top. I have a notepad and another small book there, but it could be useful for a wallet, id, or keys as well. There is a I would get this one again if I had to purchase another bag after using it.

10. WerkWeit Capacity Adjustable Aluminum Accessories

WerkWeit Capacity Adjustable Aluminum Accessories

Wide and robust elastic strap made with premium-grade rubber and long- lasting PP with weaving engineer to last for all your biking conditions. The bike rear rack has a maximum weight capacity of over 100 lbs. The shelf size is 22 inches wide and 5.7 inches long. The panel is 14 inches in length and 6 inches in width. It is available for most mikes with seat posts that are between 0.85” to 1.3” in diameter. The bike cargo rack is made of high quality aluminum alloy and is strong and durable. Light and heavy duty are what the material becomes after heat treatment. The smooth surface is coated with an anti rust coating, so that you don't have to worry about rust even in rainy and wet days. The innovative design of the bicycle luggage rack allows you to put longer objects. The bike rear can be used for V-brake and Disc brake bike. If you are going to a sporting event or an outing, you can fix your bags or other things on the bicycle, then you can travel without any worry. The bike rear rack is only 2.4 lbs and won't affect your ride. It is easy to install and work with. You can install the rack quickly. There is a red rear lamp at the tail that can be used at night. It has elastic cords to make sure your luggage is safe. TheWorry-free After-sales service. The after-sales service of WerkWeit is friendly. If this bike rear rack doesn't meet your expectations, or if you encounter trouble during installation, please let them know and they will do their best to solve your problems.

Brand: Werkweit

👤Installation instructions are notexistent. The first time I rode, most of the screws came out. The price was right and the unit served its purpose after I figured out how to tighten.

👤My daughter lost one of the brackets that attach to the rear rail of the bike after she rode around the first mile. The nylon treaded style nut was changed. I wish the manufacturer would send me a replacement for the one that fell off due to hardware issues.

👤I don't think I'd load this with the rated weight, but it's sturdy enough to hold an e-bike setup. It's easy to install.

👤We put the jacket on the bike and opened the rack, but it broke when we put it on the bike. Not very desirable.

👤The rear light reflector mount is not compatible with most rear lights and this rack has held up well.

👤It could be made of a stronger material.

11. ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

ROCK BROS Bicycle Carrier Commuter

The embedded body frame. It was hard to use. Protect clothes, shoes, phone, clothes, shoes, phone, cameras, kettle and other items in the bike trunk bag. There are multiple condominiums and pocket rockets. The main compartment of the bike trunk bag has a board and some pockets to help with organization for small things. There are pockets on each side that can hold a lot of side items. This is a good choice for a day ride. The structure and protection are stable. The trunk bag is filled with thick foam to hold it's shape and protect items. Even if nothing is in it, it won't fall to one side or the other. It's accessible. The package has a carry strap. If you go on a stroll and don't need to worry about it being stolen, you should take this trunk bag with you. The water bottle holder is helpful for avoiding the water bottle falling out on the ride. There are reflective straps on the bike luggage bag and the strap at the back for attaching the rear light. If you're a night rider, you'll want to add reflective items. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes. It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I recommend the bag to other ebike friends until it starts unraveling. The bag should be better.

👤I have a bike lock in the bag. There is plenty of room for a jacket and gloves with the 12V&5V battery. If I need them, this is a sturdy bag. It was perfect.

👤After a month of use, the zipper failed. The bag is well designed. I can't close the bag because the zipper began to separate after I bought it. Don't buy this product. The seller sent me a new item after I contacted them. Hopefully this one will hold up better than the broken one. The rest of the bag is not affected by the weakness in the zip. The new bag has been fine for the past month after being replaced for free. I am going to upgrade my rating. Hopefully an exception.

👤The main bag seems sturdy enough for all of its features. The main bag lid is difficult to access and operate when closing the attachment straps, there is not enough velcro contact area, and the Buckle used for looping the attachment straps is sewn.

👤The pack seems to be in good shape. The straps on the front of the bag had to be extended. There was no way it would fit securely without an extension. I have an e-bike. The rack is not new. The straps were not long enough to hold the pack in place. I would have returned the pack if I had not been given some extra velcro. A pack that can't be attached to the bike is not good.

👤This trunk is good. The side pockets hold more items. When one makes an online purchase, they hope the item is what they are looking for. I was expecting a bigger bag, but it is smaller than I thought. I commute and also use my bicycle for touring and tend to take more items than I do. I will probably have to get a different bag when I do, but for casual day rides and commute it is a good choice.

👤I bought this with a rack and 2 water resistant bags in hopes that this small guy can hold my spare water, my camera and other small stuffs for easy access. It won't hold on to the rack for more than a second. There are 2 hoop and loop tapes at the bottom of the bag, and 2 pathetically tiny tapes facing the seatpost. I thought shifting my rack to the back would help the small bag get on. I couldn't trust it to my camera. I put it in a small compartment in my water resistant bag. The pictures were taken after I returned from the trip. I took a bag with me on my bike trips. If I expose it to the environment and let it wear down, I will be surprised if it breaks after a week. The middle compartment is small and narrow, I filled it with a sun screen, my DSLR, and my journey log book. The side bags are not as big as I have had. I used to have a bag that could hold 2 days clothing. I don't think this one can hold up. I don't use it. There is a I won't use it anymore because it came intact and survived two weeks of protection. It's not useful for my purpose.


What is the best product for bicycle rack for back of bike?

Bicycle rack for back of bike products from Ibera. In this article about bicycle rack for back of bike you can see why people choose the product. Siheja and Ufanme are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack for back of bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack for back of bike?

Ibera, Siheja and Ufanme are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack for back of bike. Find the detail in this article. Comingfit, Outtag and Voilamart are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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