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1. Roswheel 14024 Convertible Bicycle Pannier

Roswheel 14024 Convertible Bicycle Pannier

It's fastened securely to the rack and doesn't shift, it has 2 straps on the front of the rack, 2 long straps going across the rack, and a fixed buckle. The bag is for fat bikes, e- bikes and other commuter bikes. The whole bag is padded with PE cotton for better shape and protection. A bottle case and 3 side pockets for better organization of cycling essentials are included in the 6 liter capacity. 2 of them are suitable for the most mountain, road and commute bikes' rack. As a shoulder bag with the included shoulder strap, it is portable and versatile. All around reflective trims and logo increase visibility for the motorists in dark or reduced light. One year against materials and workmanship defects.

Brand: Roswheel

👤The entry-level Pannier trunk bag has a bottle holder end that will hold a small disposable water bottle but not a full-sized bike bottle, a fully padded wall and a fully unzipping perimeter. The "Roswheel 14892 3 in 1 Multifuction Bicycle Expedition Touring Cam Pannier" was equally thoughtful in design and features. It fit well on the extra large rack. There is aRear available on Amazon. Work around it. We tried to use the bag on the R151 "Front Extra Large Rack" but the bottom 1 1/2 wide straps were too short for mounting the bag on the frame rack. The bag's overall length was good for the rack's length. There is a The below work-around was a better option than returning the bags. The tail is stopped. We used the VELCRO Brand - One-WRAP Roll, Double- Sided, Self Gripping Multi-Purpose Hook and loop at most home centers and hardware stores. To shorten the straps. Attach the new strap extension through the buckle and give it a 1/2 twist to properly align the hook, by cutting two 7" long strips of the "One-Wrap" material. You don't need the whole roll of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP, but it is useful to make re-usable straps for hoses, extension cords, wall mounting tools, etc.

👤I ordered 2 for my fat bikes. I thought I measured carefully, but there was no mention of how long the straps on the bottom for attaching to the rack were. I don't know how the manufacturer expected these to work. The eye loops that are let along loop through the straps are barely long enough. If you loop the straps through the eyelets, the bag can not be expanded to it's full width. They were not sure what they were thinking.

👤This was the best bang for my buck. Not one to write bad reviews. I needed to let you know. The straps that are used to hold this on your bike are very short. I don't see what they were thinking. They aren't wide enough for the pack to be fully expanded, less than ideal for my bike. It was a universal fit and removed tags before realizing it would need to be returned. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤I have a small collection of bicycles and wanted to add a rear bag to one of them. I wanted a decent bag, but it was a good price. I liked this one so much that I decided to try it. I like the individual pockets because they allow me to keep my tools and spare parts organized, and still have the main compartment open for other things. I keep a spare tube in one of the compartments, and it's nice to know that it won't get damaged. There is a The water bottle holder is on the back of the bag. Due to other accessories on my bikes, I only have room for one water bottle cage on the bike frame, so this bag lets me carry a second water bottle for longer rides, and then I just switch them out once the first bottle gets empty. I bought a second bag to replace an older bag because I liked it so much. I had to put the second water bottle in the main compartment of my older bag because it didn't have the extra water bottle holder. If you read the reviews of other lower-cost bags, you'll see that they don't have enough rigidity to it, so if it's not full, it collapses and flaps around. It has good padding in the sides to keep its shape even when empty. There is a The one thing that I don't like about this bag is the lack of a strap with a clasp on it for attaching your keys. I have forgotten to zip a bag a few times in my life, but the keys were always secure because of the internal clasp. It's not a big deal to remove a star from the rating, but it's something to be aware of if you like that feature. A great bag at a great price.

2. Naiyafly Bicycle Insulated Reflective Shoulder

Naiyafly Bicycle Insulated Reflective Shoulder

There are reflective straps on the bike luggage bag and the strap at the back for attaching the rear light. The bicycle bag has a protective padding, insulated lining, and reflective elements to keep you visible. The large capacity of the bicycle bag makes it convenient for long-distance riding. The bicycle bag is easy to install and remove, and the bungee cord on the top can keep your clothes or maps safe. It also has a safety taillight, but it is not included. The elastic cord keeps your water bottle in place. It is easy to carry the bicycle bag because of the shoulder strap.

Brand: Naiyafly

👤I love this bike cooler. It's the perfect size and very functional. There is a beverage holder, a small storage compartment on top that holds my phone, and small bungy cords on top of the cooler. It looks great on my bike. It's a good thing.

👤The first pull had a broken tab. I had to make my own pull tab. It's an okay bag. I thought it was a little bigger.

👤Okay bag. Enough room for four 16oz water bottles, but not much room for ice or cold packs. Not well insulated. If ice is used, it will leak quickly.

👤My husband likes to take a cold water bottle with him on his rides and he couldn't be happier with this bicycle bag's insulation.

👤A great bag for a bike ride.

👤This is a great bag. I was wondering if it would be small. It was perfect.

3. Rhinowalk Pannier Bicycle Trunks Multifuction

Rhinowalk Pannier Bicycle Trunks Multifuction

The bicycle rear rack storage bag has functions. It can also be used as a handbag and shoulder bag. It is suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, and also for daily use, such as commute, go to school, etc. This is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Unique 3-in-1 design for Panniers for bicycles. Two side bags are built together and the top is removed. A backup bag can be used for extra space. It can be changed into a shoulder bag with a shoulder strap. The bike trunk bag is made of 1680D polyester material with waterproof PVC layer on both sides, it is super durable, anti-tear, wear resistant and heat resisting, protecting your items perfectly. It's easy to install, you just have to increase the combination with six buckles to make three bags into a whole. The rear bike rack bag is mounted with three starting rivets. The rubber layer on the outside of the metal hook will protect the bicycle paint. It can be used in the rain. The bag has a big capacity of 20L and a backpack of 30L.

Brand: Rhinowalk

👤The lower mount strap buckle was mounted and the stiching failed. Quality control is the only issue. These will work great if I re- sew it. Only for the quality control.

👤I can use the carter bay as a backpack because of the perfect fit on my LECTRIC e bike.

👤The bike bag is very good. It fits well and is easy to attach. The materials look great and function well.

👤I haven't used yet. I'm looking forward to using them on a trip as soon as the heat breaks, they are well built and spacious. There is a The side bags have nice mounting brackets.

👤I mounted them and used them a few times. The quality is even better than in the pictures. Think it will be a good deal for the money.

👤These bags are easy to distribute and flexible.

👤These are lightweight and have lots of pockets. If you only want one bag, you can use them all.

👤Had to install. It still works!

4. JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

JXFUKAL Waterproof Reflector Adjustable Commuter

It'sTILE: Easily transports up to 2 bicycles and is compatible with a Class 3 hitch receiver. Also comes with a bumper accessory. Water retention and reuse: The bag for the bicycle rack is made of PU leather and is easy to clean. It comes with a rain cover that protects the trunk and stuffs in it from the elements. 7L CAPATITY: Their bike carrier bag has a main compartment, a top pocket, and elastic cord, which help keep your riding essentials organized. The 7l capacity is enough to hold wallet, phones, power bank, small speaker, towels, T-shirt, food, drinks, bike locks, sunglasses and more. Retention spikes are related. The rear belt for taillight and reflective strips make riding more safe. The trunk is easy to install and has thin PE foam for better protection of the gears in the bag. It could collapse if you don't use it. Your great clown. The bag is portable and lightweight. It will be your good partner no matter what the occasion is.

Brand: Jxfukal

👤I bought this for my ebike build and it works perfectly. It fits perfectly on the rack that I have. It seems to be very durable so far. The purpose of this bag is to protect my battery. I have a UPP 52v 20ah battery for my ebike and the measurements are 11.3 x 5.9 x 2.76 when looking for a bag, which caught my eye. I thought it would fit in the wiggle room. It took a bit of time and effort to get it in, but it is very snug around all sides, and it is less than an inch on top. The battery doesn't move inside the bag, so this seems to work out better for me.

👤The bag traveled through the Erie Canal Trail. It held my lunch. Bike tools, map, phone, and first aid kit are included. I colored it up because I didn't think it was reflective. I think it would be less likely to be floppy if there was a stiff board on the sides. There is a I think it is a good product and would recommend it.

👤It works great on my new bike.

👤I returned the bag because it wasn't big enough for me. I wanted something that would fit in my rack. On the small side is this. Check the dimensions. The volume inside. The bag is small.

👤The size is not as big as I thought. There is a It's still a nice bag. I can put 2 1/2 gallons of milk in it. There is a That's on me, not them. There is a The material is solid but thinner than I would like.

👤I like the product. We made a water proof cover that fits over the bike rake bag to keep water out and items dry in rain storms. I would recommend it to my friends.

👤This is easy to install. It is small so make sure you think about the right size. I got an iPad, a water bottle and some headphones and they were all full. It was big enough for what I needed.

👤The bag is on the bike rack. The bag is small and holds only a few bottles of water, which makes it light weight for traveling. I'm pleased that I don't want to take more with me as I ride the bike trails.

5. ZRVATO Shoulder Reflectors Separate Commuter

ZRVATO Shoulder Reflectors Separate Commuter

The bag can be used as a bike rack bag and also as a commuter bag with a shoulder strap. Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday is a great gift. The trunk bag is firmly in place with the help of the 4 velcro straps. The bag doesn't move to one side or the other. Their bike rack bag is large enough for a one day ride and roomy enough for a gym membership. Their bike bag is made of 600D Oxford cloth, reflective PU, shock-resistant cotton bottom and waterproof zippers. It protects your items well. There are four compartments and 3 mesh pouch for small items. There is a main pocket for repair parts. Three sides are reflected. The large reflective PU on 3 sides makes you safer on the night ride and home from work. Three sides are reflected. The large reflective PU on 3 sides makes you safer on the night ride and home from work.

Brand: Zrvato

👤The ZRVATO Bike Rack Bag is well made and inexpensive. It was easy to install and has a lot of storage. For its size, it stores a lot. Even though it looks rainproof, it comes with a plastic cover in case of rain. The compartments have a strong opening and closing mechanism. I would recommend it to my friends.

👤The material is waterproof, but it breaks on day one and day two, so it's not cheap. I use wire to sew it. Did I get a refund or did it hold? A return. This piece of shit is not mine to use as a collector.

👤It is made of good materials. It has an extra waterproof cover. The size fits perfectly and the straps hold it down. There is no dedicated point for the carrying strap to clip onto. Outside pockets are good for electronics.

👤I like that the bag sits nicely. It is sleek. It holds a coiled cable lock, a bag of bike tools and lubricant, maps, trail passes, gloves, phone, and a light jacket. It is easy to remove. Some reviews said that the zipper broke. I have not had a problem with my treatment so far.

👤A good bag. There are two outside compartments and one small one in the flap. It holds its shape well. The big virtue is that the bag is not under the bag. It is easy to remove.

👤It is the perfect size for my extra water bottle, wind jacket, and snack bars. It is easy to put on and remove.

👤There is a good bag of room. The straps to attach the rack are designed well.

👤This bag is perfect for my bike. I highly recommend! You can carry it over your shoulder with the strap.

6. Bicycle BicycleStore Panniers Waterproof Accessories

Bicycle BicycleStore Panniers Waterproof Accessories

The carrier handle and shoulder strap are easy to carry. There are 3 insert pockets and a bottle pocket in the large capacity-7L. Can be used to plant luggage, maps, food, and other outdoor products. The elastick band quick release design is easy to install. It is very strong and durable. The saet bag can be used for all bike models. The bags have reflective tape, this makes them safer to ride at night. It uses waterproof material. It can be used as a regular bag after parking the bike. It can be carried by hand or shoulder. Seat bags are checked before they are shipped. If you have any other problems. Feel free to contact them, they will reply as soon as possible. Hope can help you in some ways, my store has other bike accessories.

Brand: Bicyclestore

👤I received this bag today. Want to carry a watter bottle and some other things. There is no support for the sides of the bag. I was going to send it back immediately, but I pondered a solution for the problem. See the photos. The second problem was that the way it mounts to my bike rack would shift around side to side. The solution for the first problem seems to have solved both problems. I would give this item a 4 if it had some support for the sides. I went to The Dollar Store and bought the item in the photo. You guessed it was $1.00. I put it upside down until the legs were about 1/2 inch below the line. The bag was stiffened so that it could be secured firmly and flat. If it's worth the extra trouble and the $1.08 including tax, I would recommend that you try it.

👤We use a combination of handlebar and under seat totes to carry our things, and we have a couple of older Cannondale Adventure 400's. We picked up a trunk bag because there wasn't enough room to carry everything. We decided to give it a try after reading good reviews. I felt it after using it for long rides. I would give this bag a good review. The bag is decent. That was easy. It's a decent bag, but it's not a good bag because you get what you paid for. The rear rack is easily attached to the pro's. There are a lot of pockets and the center compartment has a decent amount of kit. The material looks decent and it might hold up over time. It doesn't feel cheap like the other bags I've seen. There is a It's formless, without any internal support, and it tends to "slouch" over. I put the repair kits in the side pocket. Souffle is what you should think. I would love to see the internal stiffeners and make my own wire stiffeners. The rear water bottle holder is not important. The water bottle was thrown out on all the bumps. Half drunk bottle, perfect! The two front straps that keep the bag forward are just long strips of fabric. It's not a bad bag, it looks good, and it holds a decent mount. It doesn't affect the bike, the ride or the contents, but it does stand "square" all the time. The bottle holder is useless with a full bottle. I can recommend the bag to you if you're good with all that.

👤This fits on the back of my bike rack. Other bags were too long. I think I have a standard rack. Half of the water-bottle holder is on the rack, the other half on the back. I'm fine with that because I don't put a bottle in there. The pocket can be used for other things. I put my old bag in this one. With room to spare, it all fits easily. It holds my spare tire tube, my bike lock and cable, my cell phone, and the gadgets that I use to inflate a tire. That is in the main compartment. The side pockets can hold more. There is a There is a loop on the back that can be used to attach a light.

7. Rdffensy Bicycle Commuter Taillight Traveling

Rdffensy Bicycle Commuter Taillight Traveling

There is triple security protection. The reflective straps on the side of the panniers are to make sure you are safe in the dark. You can hang a rear light on the back of the taillight strap to enhance your visibility. The bonus fluorescent green rainproof cover helps others find you when you are riding in rainy or humid conditions. There is a tool free installation. Rdffensy. The bike trunk bag can fit on most bike carriers thanks to the adjustability of the straps. Please order the new version if you have a rack over 5.6” 21L Large capacity and great organizer. The bike rack bag has a main compartment and two side pockets. The rack bag is large enough to hold all the essentials. It's a good commuter bag because it has enough room for lunch. Good quality and durable material. The bike pannier bag is made of 800D Oxford fabric and has a PU coating. The zip is very smooth to access. The Rdffensy bicycle trunk bag has foam-Padded sides and strong Velcro for maximum protection and stability. Even empty, it stays upright and doesn't move to the side with the supportive sides. The bottle holder and taillight holder are compatible. The side water bottle case is made of strong material and can hold water bottles, energy drinks, shakes, and coffee cups. The back of the bicycle rack bag has a small taillight hanger that you can attach to a rear light.

Brand: Rdffensy

👤The bag seems to be well made and has the ability to hold a lot of items. The bag on the rear bike rack tends to shift towards the side where the plastic fastenings are located, which is a problem. The straps that go under the bag could have been longer. If you want to make sure the bag doesn't shift, you should install a third strap with a plastic fastening that is located on the opposite side of the bike rack. A bag with longer attachment straps was provided by Rdffensy to fit a fat tire bike. The bag is securely attached to the bike rack with the longer straps. The longer straps show that Rdffensy listens to the consumer and will improve its product to make it better. The bag's storage is very good, as each side compartment can expand to provide additional storage of about three feet. This additional storage capacity combined with the middle portion of the bag allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to what you bring along with you. The bag is well made and has good storage.

👤There are many great things about this bag. It stands up even when not filled, so you don't get a weird flat look. It holds a lot. The main compartment is large enough to hold everything you need for a bike ride or commute to work. It can be difficult to figure out the large side compartments. The top has a zip code that goes underneath. The sides fit nicely along the outside without making it look bulky. It is easy to remove a bike rack so you can carry it. The bag's hold on it can't be seen until you put it underneath the bag. It holds a water bottle. I have found no negatives in the bag.

👤I wasn't sure if this bag would work on my Planet Bike Eco rack, but it does! The bag's two front straps and two bottom straps keep it in place even if the end sticks off the back of the rack. I'm glad to have the bottle holder at the end of the bag because I don't have a place to put it on my bike. The main part of the bag is large enough for most of my needs, but it's nice to have the pockets on each side in case I ever need them. Even though the side pockets are closed, there is a flat pocket on each side that is great for carrying small items like my foldable bike trail map. The bag is sturdy and well constructed. I'm happy I found this bag, and I recommend it to everyone.

8. Insulated Bicycle Storage Luggage Reflective

Insulated Bicycle Storage Luggage Reflective

The 600D twill fabric is water resistant and has soft padding. The insulated lining keeps your beverage cold or food warm. Night safety includes reflective elements for improved visibility. Installation is easy with the use of mounting straps. The bungee cord on the top of the bag will increase storage space. The bike trunk bag can be used as a shoulder bag.

Brand: Lixada

👤We have had e- bikes for over two years. We made trunk cases to hold the spare batteries and added a spare battery to each bike. If you only want a trunk bag for normal stuff, they aren't useful. I've been looking for a long time for a trunk bag that's long enough to hold a battery but still useful for day rides. The ticket is just the thing. They have room left over for a light jacket, gloves, and a spare water bottle. The insulation is nice, but it may shorten the life of the bag. For less than $20, why worry?

👤I returned one of them for a new one and both have the same problem. You can only open and close it with a single zip on one side. If you use it, the other side will split. This was the case for both the returned item and the second bag. There are very few thermal biking bags to choose from, so I kept the replacement. I thought it would be useful if I remembered the side that was working. After using it a few times, the side pocket split and wouldn't close. The top thermal piece stitching is no longer sewn to the top of the bag.

👤The box design is simple. The foil-like lining is silly because it's thin and not enough to hold the bags upright and you can expect anything delicate to slam against a rack below. The small plastic coil zippers had difficulty turning the corners and the foil sewn close to them did not help. After a bit of use, use one zip up. I only used the one that worked for a while but it was always a slow and tedious process to zip the bag closed even when both of the zippers worked. I stopped using the bag after enduring that for a long time. There is a The straps holding the bag to my rear rack worked well, and the outer fabric is quite durable. This was a very low cost bag, and you get what you pay for. There is a There are two photos, one of which will no longer close the bag and the other of which is still functional. That is not a fabric flap, it is a small piece of metal called a zippers. I like to write good reviews of good products. I felt obligated to warn others of the bad experience. I wouldn't recommend this bag to anyone.

👤This bag is everything I wanted it to be. It keeps drinks very cold for hours with an ice-pack. When I took my last can of soda out of the fridge in the morning, it was as cold as when I rode my bike for 5 hours yesterday. The bag is easy to put on my bike rack. The bag has elastic straps on top that make it easy to carry things. In case of a break down, the side pocket is useful. Well-made!

9. Lixada Bicycle Waterproof Cycling Carrier

Lixada Bicycle Waterproof Cycling Carrier

It can hold up to 26 pounds. This bag has a main compartment, 2 side pockets and a back pocket that are large enough to hold your essentials. The space is used effectively by the internal patch pocket. Higher visibility and safety. The reflective strip increases nighttime visibility and the hanger on the strip can hold a taillight which can enhance cycling safety at night. Easy installation. Fastener strap for easy and quick installation on all types of bicycles with a rear seat. There are multiple functions. The bag can be used as both a handbag and shoulder bag. Good protection. The elastic band on the top of the bag can be used to keep your items safe. Your items are protected with a high quality construction made of polyester and PE cotton. It's convenient to take out your items.

Brand: Lixada

👤The bag is small. I have only taken 3 or 4 rides this season because it is cold. I have an issue with how it is secured. It has the straps and won't fall off. It will shift if you carry heavy weight. I sewed a strap around the seat post after cutting the carry handle. It is a really tight and secure. You could mount it close to the front of the rack, remove the seat, and then slide the seat post into the handle. If you want to remove the bag, you need to remove the seat post.

👤Please see the picture to see how bad it is. Not secure at all. I made a big effort to make sure the bag was on the rack as tight as possible and that the bike was not leaning towards the side of the stand. A different kind that has more straps to hold it onto the rack and not lean so much is returning.

👤The rear pack is nice. I cut a piece of corrugated black plastic and molded it inside a pack on the bottom to give it a more stable platform and the straps can hold it in place.

👤I have a pannier carrier rack. I was riding a bike and the pack slipped off the top. I can pull the strap tighter, but it's not long enough to tighten that far. I'm going to make sure the handle ties to the seat post. Making it difficult to remove. Too bad. I got caught in the rain on its first outing, but I like the size, pockets, and waterproofness of it.

👤The bag is convenient. Love it but only for two issues. The styles of the bags are not just the colors, as shown in the reviews and listing. I own the blue one. It doesn't have anything. I was good either way. The straps are the second issue. I knew this was going in based on the reviews. I am going to add extensions because they are short. I don't think they would work on a bike. This would be a great product if you added 3” to each one. I am happy with my purchase and I think it is a good value.

👤The bag has been perfect for my needs and I have been using it for several months. The bag is the same length as the bike rack, and there are two straps to attach it. All summer, the velcro has worked well. One of the side pockets has a cable lock in it. There is a reflective piece on the back pocket. I can put all the other items in the middle of the room because there is lots of room. The bag is lightweight, looks decent and has a carry strap and small handle. I was hesitant to buy this brand, but it turned out to be everything I needed at a great price.

👤There are plenty of storage compartments. It works well on the rear rack, just use a couple zip ties on the left side carefully pierced through the tie down webbing, and use right sides straps as-is.

10. Sparkfire Cycling Insulated Storage Luggage

Sparkfire Cycling Insulated Storage Luggage

The Elastic bungee cord on the top of the bag is perfect for carrying groceries, and the bike pannier with reflective elements for improved visibility at night are versatile, quality, and service. 14.96*6.1*7.08in is the size. 10L capacity. The large capacity of the bicycle bag makes it convenient for long-distance riding. The insulated lining keeps food and beverage cold. The bicycle bag has protective padding. The reflective elements keep you visible and the protective padding reduces shock when riding on the road. The elastic cord keeps your water bottle in place. The bicycle bag can be carried on the shoulder strap. The bag does not move, shift or budge easily, because of the front and bottom straps. Installation and removal of the mounting straps are done with the use of a special glue. Most of the electric bicycles are fit. The bicycle bag is easy to install and remove, and the bungee cord on the top can keep your clothes or maps safe. It also has a safety taillight, but it is not included.

Brand: Sparkfire

👤Our bag is great for holding our snacks and bike items.

👤There are nice mounting points. Good stitching, good storage, good tools.

11. Patgoal Bicycle Insulated Reflective Shoulder

Patgoal Bicycle Insulated Reflective Shoulder

There are reflective strips on both sides of the bike luggage bag to make it safer to ride at night. The shoulder strap can be changed for carrying. The bicycle bag has protective padding and is insulated to keep the beverage cold. It's large capacity makes it convenient for long-distance riding. The elastic cord keeps your water bottle in place. The bungee cord on the bag is elastic.

Brand: Patgoal

👤The rear bag is very nice. The last bag I tried didn't fit. It deflated on me when I took anything out of it. The bag is really nice. It has insulation so you can keep your drinks cold for a picnic. I keep things cold by putting a small freezer ice-pack in it. It has a lot of space. I can keep all of my stuff in it and it has a pocket on the outside that I can use for a few things, and it has a strap on the top that I can use for a sweatshirt or a top layer. The bottle holder is on the back. I keep a third bottle in the bottle holder on my bike because I bring a lot of fluids with me. Even though there isn't anything inside, it keeps it's shape. There is a My bike's rear rack is covered by the long straps. I attached wire ties to the underside of the bike rack frame so I don't have to take it off when it's being transported on top of my car. I like this bag. If I don't have food in it, it can easily hold my things in my pockets with room to spare. It can hold about six cans of soda and some sandwiches. I love using this bag on my bike rides and I'm very happy with my purchase. It is recommended.

👤For my purposes. I just carry a few things in this bag. So far, they have been reliable. I don't use insulation much anyway. A plastic bag was used to hold this bag. There was a second plastic back with a Chinese address on it. My address was on that bag. There is a lot of packaging. It arrived 2 weeks later than promised.

👤This looks great and fits my carrier perfectly. Good value!

👤My husband and I both got one of these. They look nice on the back and have enough space for lunch and an ice pack. There is a jacket, gloves and hat.

👤We keep our water bottles, tool kit, and other gadgets in a safe place. The bike is secured with two straps on the bottom. It serves its purpose well.

👤It's great on my Schwinn rear rack. I kept my food and drinks cold with an ice pack. For the price, you won't regret it.

👤The bag was too small to meet my needs. I would recommend it to someone who needs a small rear rack.


What is the best product for bicycle rack bag?

Bicycle rack bag products from Roswheel. In this article about bicycle rack bag you can see why people choose the product. Naiyafly and Rhinowalk are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack bag.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack bag?

Roswheel, Naiyafly and Rhinowalk are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack bag. Find the detail in this article. Jxfukal, Zrvato and Bicyclestore are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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