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1. Lixada Waterproof Cycling Carrier Pannier

Lixada Waterproof Cycling Carrier Pannier

The bike rear rack bag can be used as a bike cooler bag, a shopping bag and a shoulder bag. You can take the bike rack bag with you after parking the bike, so you don't worry about it being stolen. The hidden capacity to be a two side pannier for more stuff and improve the stability of the bike rack are things that can be improved. It's large enough to keep your essentials organized. It is easy to install. Installation of the bag is easy with two tape at the bottom. There are mountain bike, road bike, etc. The bag can be a handbag or a shoulder bag. Good protection. The elastic band on the top of the bag can be used to keep your items safe. The design was for the outdoors. It's waterproof and wear resistant for cycling, fishing, camping and picnic.

Brand: Lixada

👤I'm very pleased with this bag. It is larger than any of the other rackbags that I've used, and it holds its shape well because of its rigid sides. I can't vouch for how waterproof it really is, but the zippers are very similar to the ones on my expensive rain gear. I will never use the rain-cover that came with it. If you purchase this one, you'll be happy. The bag is held firmly in place by 2 straps across the bottom and one at the front.

👤It's waterproof. After riding 20 miles, I have to put a thermos full of ice water in the rack bag and zip it up. I took a break. I didn't tighten the cap all the way. There is a I was surprised the bag held the water. Not a single leak at all. I smiled and said it was true. That's a nice bag.

👤The ability to take it off the bike rack made it a good purchase. I have used it on several bike rides and have not disappointed. The velcro isn't loosened so far. It's large enough for me to keep two mountain bike inner tubes, tool kit, couple of CO2 cannisters, bike lock, small pack of handwipes, wallet and cellphone.

👤The sides are very easy to attach and have lots of room. The construction is very nice and covers for heavy rain. There is a strip in the back that holds the tail light. The bag is a great value.

👤I ordered the 10L bag and it's not 7.7" wide as stated on the Amazon page, but it is 6.25 inches wide. The bag will not fit on my bike because the strap is too short. I had to return it because I had to wait almost two weeks for it to be shipped.

👤If you're looking for a good insulated on rack storage item, I made one that is good and worth the price.

👤The bag was great, but could not be used, so it was returned for a full refund. There was no refund. 5 stars for the product and zero for the company.

👤This was more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it. Sturdy, classy and stylish. Everything you could want. Highly recommend this one.

👤A nice bag. It is water resistant. It suits me to carry a 2 liter container of milk.

👤I really liked the quality of this bag, but it was not good for my bike rack. It only has four straps, two long rear straps and two short front straps. The bag's footprint meant it should fit, but the straps are too short. I couldn't get the straps on my carrier to back up to the bag. They would need to be double the length. If the straps were longer they could be cut if they were too long to accommodate more users. I had to return it.

2. Bicycles Waterproof Shoulder Adjustable Commuter

Bicycles Waterproof Shoulder Adjustable Commuter

Installation and removal are easy. You can secure the bag with the help of the 2 straps at the bottom of the bag. Good stability on a bumpy road. There is a full waterproof. The bike bag is made of 1000D polyester material with a waterproof PVC layer on both sides, it's anti-tear, wear-resistant, and heat-resisting, so don't worry if it rains suddenly while riding! Harder and submissive: that's what they are. All-in-one design with 3D die-casting process make frame bag hard and waterproof. It won't be easily damaged by pressing, falling, and squeezing. Don't crowd everything together! The bag has multiple compartments inside and can hold up to 17 liters. Put your belongings in the bike trunk bag confidently. It's a temptation to a tote bag. You can use the bike bag as a tote bag, travel bag, bike tool bag, or grocery bag with the included shoulder straps. It's with you whenever. Easy tool free installation. The bicycle rear seat bag has a hook and loop strap, which makes it easy to install and unload in seconds, suitable for most bicycle racks.

Brand: Kinikiss

👤The prices have gone up so much that I have been unable to find another bag to add to my existing one. I found this and thought it looked like what I had. It was almost an exact copy when it arrived. The front pouch is a bit larger but the rest of it is the same as it was intended for. I will see how long it lasts as I use it. It seems well made.

👤I have a phone that is very stable. It seems to be rain proof so far.

👤Excellent quality, highly recommended.

👤It seems good quality material and has enough space for carrying a lot of stuff.

3. COTEetCI Mountain Bicycle Cycling Shoulder

COTEetCI Mountain Bicycle Cycling Shoulder

Their rear bike rack comes with a waterproof cover and a free elastic bungee cord. Use the bicycle rear rack accessories to hold extra cargo on your next mountain biking adventure, camping trip, or morning commute; cover your cargo, parcels, and luggage for extra security! A picnic basket, groceries, a pack, and a pet are some of the things that are protected. The 600D fabric has a waterproof liner inside and is in good shape. There are two ways to carry: as a bike rack bag with straps and buckles, or as a commuter bag with a shoulder straps. There is enough room for bike accessories and biking tools in the storage compartment. It's safer to drive at night with reflective tapes on. The bike light can be attached to the taillight. The strap design is durable and easy to install. The bag is essential for a short bike trip.

Brand: Coteetci

👤I had to figure out how to put it on the rack. The straps look like they are part of the bag. I found the straps inside the bag while looking for them. My first ride was with a heavy chain and a lock inside a bag. It is almost 10 lbs. The bag didn't move when leaning around the corners. The bag is not big enough to hold a lot of capacity. A tool kit with spare tube, wallet, phone and keys would probably be close to maxing out the capacity. It's exactly the size I wanted, but I don't have expectations of putting notebooks or groceries in there. I was surprised by the quality and appearance. It's a keeper!

👤I haven't ridden with this yet, but it's good quality. I have two bags that are made well. I put this on my bike's rack. It seems like it will be safe. It is low profile. It was roomy enough for a day trip. It has pockets for small items and bungee on top. It will prove to be a useful purchase. I ordered another bag from the same listing because I love my one. This one was smashed in the bag when it arrived. There is no way to fix it as it is crooked. The bag is garbage quality. I will return it.

👤The problem is getting the bag delivered without it being damaged. I know why some reviewers said it was sturdy. It was shipped in a plastic bag and the postman crammed it into my mailbox, and then they re-mailed it and it was crushed in shipment. The original shape of the bag will never be regained once the cardboard like material that supports it is crushed. It would be a good purchase if this bag was shipped inside a sturdy box.

👤Awesome carry bag, not too big or small. The straps keep the bag in place. The bag doesn't move to one side or the other. There is enough room to put spare parts, tools, and extra items. It doesn't look bulky at all. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I liked the bag. There is a lot of room for a bike ride. It is easy to put on and take off the bike. It does not affect the balance of the bike.

👤The top of the pouch has a place for the water bottle and bands support added stuff. I'm very happy with the product.

4. ANMEILU Bicycle Accessories Urethane Waterproof

ANMEILU Bicycle Accessories Urethane Waterproof

The weight is 1.2 and the size is 13 x 13 x 5.9. It's kg. The AN MEILU cycling bags are waterproof and water resistant. Further protection for things inside is provided by the rainproof cover. You can watch their video to learn more about their bag. The capacity is 11.6 in. This bike bag can meet your daily travel needs, and it can also carry various tools. The bike trunk bag is folded. Easy installation. The bicycle bag does not move or budge easily because of the two straps at the bottom. Installation and removal of the mounting straps are done with the use of a special glue. Most of the mountain bikes and electric bicycles are multi-functional. You can use bike bags for bicycles rear rack as e-bike battery bag,bike saddle bag,bike carrier bag, bike rear basket,breakfast/lunch box bag, bike tool bag, or to place your mini pump, wallet, mobile phone, power bank, etc. There are reflective strips on both sides of the bike luggage bag to make it safer to ride at night.

Brand: Anmeilu

👤A bag with room for an ebike battery, tools, and supplies was what I was looking for. This one was the right size. I got what I was looking for. There is a The material looks like a coating. I think the bag might be enclosed with an elastic slip cover. The zippers are not strong and will probably break if stressed.

👤This is on the back of my bike. The contents stayed dry even when we had the bike on the car rack.

👤The bag is nice but the straps are short. I have to return it because it wouldn't fit around my bike rack. If you have a small bike rack, this might be great. Well made and looks nice.

👤The bag is perfect for me. It sits on the back of my bike and holds small items that I need protected. I have been pleased with it.

👤This is the one that is sturdy, big enough and economical. It doesn't come with straps, so if you plan to take it off your bike and walk around with it, it can be annoying. I solved this by keeping a mini foldable backpack inside of my mini backpack, so I just put it inside if I need to. It works better than bags 8 times the price. Buy with confidence.

👤The trunk was great and made well. I always improve what I buy. The trunk would stand tall if the supports were there.

👤The bag is ok but not very large for a bottle of water. That is all it has.

👤Came quickly. It has everything I need. I have a camera, a cell phone, a poncho, and more. It looks good.

5. ZIMFANQI Bicycle Carrier Resistant Silicone

ZIMFANQI Bicycle Carrier Resistant Silicone

The InterIOR MESH bag and key holder are used. Their saddle bag is roomier than the competition, yet still aerodynamic for speed-obsessed bikers. The main compartment is perfect for everything from snacks to tire levelers, while the extra mesh pocket is perfect for cash and small valuables. Can you not lose your house keys? The built-in key holder is a lifesaver. The bicycle rear rack carrier bag has a main compartment, a top pocket and a water bottle pocket, which can help you store the essentials on the road. There are reflective strips on the rear bike rack bag to increase visibility at night. The safety of riding can be improved by installing taillights at the back of the bag. The bike commuter bag is made of water- resistant fabric. The insulated lining keeps your drinks and food fresh. The bungee cord increases storage space. The bicycle saddle bag is easy to install and remove. It's convenient to carry when you're not cycling. The bike backseat storage bag is suitable for most bicycle racks, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. A bag can be a bike rear rack bag, a shopping bag or a shoulder bag.

Brand: Zimfanqi

👤There is a need for pantyhose that hold the dollars. The company is going to use heavy duty VELCRO STRAPS to keep the bag from falling off. The lengths of the strings are related to the length of theRACK. I can put this bag on the bike and use it for a short ride. The bag would be gone in 4 miles. It was very upsetting. Simple. To fit into a specific type of VELCRO, you need to measure it. They have cheap BUCKLES. I encourage people in America to start making and designing products in the USA. We don't trust government.

👤The bag slides around because the straps are poorly designed and placed. Also had a problem with the zip. This goes back again.

👤The phone holder was never delivered. 3 stars. The bag is what I needed.

👤I returned the bag because it was going to fall off and I will look for something that doesn't move around while riding my bike.

👤We were looking for a small bag. I love how this one is insulated. It works well for a quick trip to the beach. I keep things cold with an ice pack. If it is too full, it gets a little unbalanced.

👤I use this bag when I'm going to workout or cycling. I can get easy access to things I need in a split second if I free up my backpack.

👤The saddlebag is attached to my Pugsly. I don't need insulation but for those who plan to carry cold food for a day ride, this will work well. There is a A good purchase.

👤The bike has a secure system. Sturdy, lined with metallic material to keep items cool inside.

6. ROSWHEEL Cycling Bicycle Pannier Backseat

ROSWHEEL Cycling Bicycle Pannier Backseat

The size is 13. W x 5. 1”(H) The top bag has 12. 2 inches x 11 inches. W x 5. The bags are 1 inch in diameter. It is easy to collect items. It's easy to mount all types of bicycles. With carrying handle and shoulder strap. It is suitable for a variety of models. The structure has PE cotton padding. It's difficult to fade and out of shape. To make sure that the package space is used effectively. Your small items are protected by the inside sandwich layer.

Brand: Roswheel

👤I paid more for this bag than for the last one I had, and I like it just as much. The last bag was not worth the extra cost. One word of advice for a bag with this design is to take an extra minute to open the main compartment, rather than just pull the flap back and open both of the zippers at the same time. I ruined the zippers on a number of bags with the same two-zipper design.

👤The bag is too large to fit on my bike rack with the straps provided. I zip tied it for added stability, but it doesn't help much. The bag will not fall off my bike.

👤The hooks on the bag broke and fell off, causing the bag to rub against the tire. I have to hold it on with zip ties. The place that is supposed to secure it to your bike is very shotty. The most durable area should be that one. In my picture, there is no left of velcro. If you sew, then you should add your own. Don't buy this product if you're not sure.

👤I bought my wife a Trek Verve+ 2 ebike. I wanted to add a bag to it. I was surprised at how much the bag cost. They started at $130 on Trek's website. The bag was about $20 and used straps. I was able to find a Basil MIK adapter plate on Amazon. I cut a thin piece of plywood to fit inside the bag because it does not have a rigid bottom. I made a template and mounted it. My wife thought it looked good, but wondered why I bought it. We went for a ride at Callaway Gardens. She appreciated the storage. The straps work well, but taking the bag off of the bike is more difficult than the straps would suggest.

👤The bag in the photos is different. The side branding and the zip ties do not have the name of the company on them. The quality of this design is better than others. A newer 2020 design with a larger reflective strip on the back of the bag is being offered by some. Inside dimensions are shrunk. For easier access, reverse the mounting. After trying many approaches, I thought I would mount OK. The side pocket is good for my phone.

👤There are a lot of great features in this bag. The padding will keep beverages cool. The large size and many storage compartments make it easy to store items on a ride. There is a All of this is ruined by the top zip up. It broke a few weeks in. The stitching, teeth and handle all failed. I looked into what it would cost to replace the zipper, and I'm better off buying something else. It is a shame, but be warned. The bag will last a month or two before the top zips up.

👤So far... it's a great bag. This is the second one I have owned. After a few weeks, the first had seams that separated. The large size of the bag makes it an ideal battery bag for my ebike. I bought another one. My original experience with one of the same bags was the basis for docking one star. There is a My first bag's seams began to split as a result of frequent attachment and removal on my bike. After a month or so, the straps on the mottom side of the pack split. This time, I am using straps to hold the bag down and onto my rack to keep it from being put under pressure.

7. BV Panniers Adjustable Carrying Reflective

BV Panniers Adjustable Carrying Reflective

The weight is 130 grams (0.29 pound) and the capacity is 60 to 80 inches. Panniers with large pockets, reflective trim, and a carrier handle on top. The angle of the pocket design ensures pedaling space. Night time visibility is ensured by 3M Scotch lite reflective trim. There are four shelf straps and two height bungee hooks for mounting. Each pannier has a rigid back panel that makes it easy to access and off the bike.

Brand: Bv

👤I've used a tailbag on my mountain bike for a long time. Swinging a leg over that obstacle is dangerous at 71. $60 seemed like a big investment for something I might not need or use, but my grandson put a Roswheel saddlebag on his e bike and liked it a lot. The $20 for the bag was not much of a gamble. The design and quality of this bag is really good. I was happy with the amount of groceries I could carry without overloading the bags or making the bike nearly impossible to mount, because I've done a couple of grocery trips. It is difficult to use the 4 buckles to attach the bags to the rack with my arthritic hands. I made the ends of the straps look like "arrows" to make it easier to use. The bags turn into a suitcase with the center section handle. I can easily take valuable items with me without unloading the bags. Even though they are not waterproof, the zippers seem well-made. The small side pouch is useful for books, laptops, and tablets. The bags are water resistant.

👤This is the 3rd set of saddle bags. The first 2 were terrible. I took it on a 72 mile trail ride from Chicago to Gurnee. They worked well. Very strong. I had a lot of weight in them and they held up. I was stuck as the luggage carrier for everyone else. The clip at the bottom of each bag is very convenient and holds them in place from flapping or getting into your spokes. Is the water proof still not sure? I read all the reviews about how the bags are not good in that area, but other things are better. I sprayed on some shoe water proof after buying them and it seemed to work. We just drove through the underpasses that were flooded. Nothing got wet in the bags? Some parts of the trail were muddy. The bag did not have any moisture in it. The bags have a flap over the zippers to protect them, so not sure how that would be possible, but reviews said the bags leaked when it rained. The bags can be easily removed from the handle. The only reason I am writing this review is because these bags are a great buy, and for the price, you will not find any saddle bags better.

👤We love our new stuff. Our rescue dog does the same. Would you like to see a picture of her enjoying her time with you?

👤They were taken on a ride on the Great Allegheny Passage trail. Despite dropping the bike a couple of times, I was held up well, and I was unkind to my new panniers. The small pocket's zip up was not a complaint, but the zip up on the larger pocket was. I tied it closed with a piece of string.

👤The grey was cheaper than the black. It took about 3 or 4 minutes to connect the hooks. I got groceries. I squeezed everything in with just a single panier of kale, as predicted. You can be happy for under $20. I will fit my candy and appetizer in these, and if I decided to serve wine or other party offerings, I could also fit some of them. This is made well if I don't try to squeeze too much in. The quality was much better than I expected.

8. CROSSGEAR Suitable Backpack Waterproof Reflective

CROSSGEAR Suitable Backpack Waterproof Reflective

Easy tool free installation. The bicycle rear seat bag has a hook and loop strap, which makes it easy to install and unload in seconds, suitable for most bicycle racks. The bicycle bag can be used as a pannier bag, laptop backpack and inclined shoulder bag. The shoulder straps have cushions on them. The material isFULLY WATERPROOF. This bag is made of high density Tarpaulin Vinyl which makes it safe to use on rainy day or wet weather. The bag's surface is easy to clean and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth without fear of muddy roads. There is a point allocation system. The bag can be adjusted to the right position with the help of two buckles on the back of the bag. It's easier to install and more secure than the old version. New practice design. The bag can't get into the bike spokes if the fixing plate on the back of the bag is not changed. The roll up closure design is waterproof. The old version had three side reflective design, but the four side design is safer. ORGANIZED STORAGE DESIGN The interior has a 14 inch and 15 inch laptop liner and a zip pocket on the outside for small items. It's suitable for multiple occasions, like outdoor long-distance cycling.

Brand: Crossgear

👤This bag is for biking to the grocery store. I can say that it does its job, even though I haven't owned it for a long time. There is a It is light and compact and has the capacity to hold a decent-sized paper grocery bag. There are only a few pockets for storing supplies, with a slim pocket and bottle holder on the outside and a mesh pocket and laptop pocket on the inside. It appears to be water resistant if the roll top is rolled and buckled down. There is a The backpack straps are tucked into a secret pocket at the top, which is a bit tricky to stuff back in, but you can do it with a little patience. If you want to wear it as an armbag or as a backpack, you can use one strap or both, but hide them when not in use. When you wear the pannier on your bike, the pocket that holds the clamps for securing it to the side of the bike acts as a back or shoulder pad. You have to use a black handle to open the clamps. You can stop pulling on this handle after the clamps close. This is a good design for keeping the pack locked down when you're on the road, and doesn't require hanging or manually tightening down. With the same tugging motion it can easily detach from the bike when you want to take it with you. Is it the best bag out there? Maybe not. It is a good value for its price point. I have no complaints so far.

👤No reviews will have to get something else.

👤The clips that hold the bag to the cargo rack broke on the first ride. Very disappointing.

9. Bicycle Panniers Waterproof Reflective Accessories

Bicycle Panniers Waterproof Reflective Accessories

It's a universal for most of the bikes. There is separate storage. There is an extra compartment on the top of the bike rear rack bag that you can put your phone, wallet, and other items. The bungie straps on top are a nice extra storage option for a water bottle or sunscreen. The main compartment of the bike trunk bag can hold a camera, gloves, and sunglasses. The bicycle trunk bag can also be used as a tool bag. The bike rear bag is made of high quality PU, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, tear- resistant and easy to clean. You don't need to clean the rear bike rack bag with a rag when it's dirty. The bicycle rear rack bag has a free rain cover and high-quality zippers to further protect it. The bike cargo rack bag is easy to attach to the rear bike rack and get it off again. You don't need to install the two touch fasteners at the bottom of the bag if you follow the steps in the picture. After you install the bicycle bags, you can decide if you want to keep the extra touch fasteners. The rear of the pannier bike bag has reflective strips on both sides to make you safer when riding. Product colors may be different due to display or resolution issues. You need to use items to support the bag after it is folded, and the straps of the car bag can be trimmed and adjusted by you. If you have any questions about the bag, please contact them and they will do their best to answer them. Product colors may be different due to display or resolution issues. You need to use items to support the bag after it is folded, and the straps of the car bag can be trimmed and adjusted by you. If you have any questions about the bag, please contact them and they will do their best to answer them.

Brand: 通用

10. TOURBON Roll Up Bicycle Panniers Waterproof

TOURBON Roll Up Bicycle Panniers Waterproof

There are nylon straps on the bottom of the bag that will help secure the bag and protect the carrier bag from falling. The canvas is made of quality waterproof canvas. It's perfect as a bicycle storage for the market or a travel companion. There are 2 large compartments and a shoulder strap. It can be rolled up or easily released. The weight is 1.2 and the size is 13 x 13 x 5.9. It's kg.

Brand: Tourbon

👤These are two canvas bags. There is a plastic insert in the bottom that holds the shape, but it bends in the middle to allow the bags to be rolled up. There is no panel on the back so the bags can't interfere with the spokes. The bags are attached to the rack with snaps. The snaps are not strong enough to hold heavy objects. There is not enough taper to the bags to avoid interference with the cyclist's heels. I bought Lone Peak Millcreek Bicycle Panniers.

👤You can leave the saddle bags on the bike and roll them up when not in use. I got them because they make my ebike look like a normal bike. They are poorly designed to make them unsafe. There is a They are held onto the rack. If the bags are carrying any weight, these are not secure and will come undone. I ziptied one of the metal d rings to the back of my rack to make it attach with webbing straps and side release buckles. The bags can roll up, so the backs are unenforced. There is a small foldable base on each side of the bags. You have to load them carefully to make sure they don't bend into your spokes, because this isn't enough to prevent them from twisting on the rack. They may shift when you stop or go over abump. I think they're better with a touring rack with arms that stick out. My rack is built into the bike and does not have this feature. There is a You can do better for the cost. The design of these is unsafe and ineffective, but they are attractive and seem made of high quality materials.

👤I was looking for a bike for my girlfriend. She has a blue bike that is cruiser style, so I had a strict criteria for a pannier that would match and work well. 1. Not like material 2. She can take the bike off and carry it with her wherever she goes. It doesn't make sense to Panniers without that feature. Why would you leave a bag and stuff on a bike? 3. The bottom 4 is strong. Vintage/authentic material 5. It is easily storable 6. There is plenty of space 7. There are two bags in this set. It's affordable. All eight are provided by this pannier. If you're looking for a pannier for going to work, for grocery shopping, or just for being around town, this is it. I have not seen what adverse weather is like. I would definitely buy this product. It arrived a day early.

11. West Biking Waterproof Multi Function Detachable

West Biking Waterproof Multi Function Detachable

It is easy to carry the bicycle bag because of the shoulder strap. It has excellent wear resistance, scratch resistance, and water resistance. The stable structure of the bike luggage bag makes it difficult to bend. It will not collapse even if there is nothing inside. The pockets on both sides of the water bottle bag are designed with reflective strips to increase visibility and safety at night. Large Catechism- The capacity of the bicycle rear seat storage bag can be increased to 35L. The pockets on both sides can hold other sundries. Internal pockets to organize small items. The large capacity bike rear seat bag is ideal for most cyclists. Their bicycle pannier bag is made of high density nylon fabric with excellent abrasion and water resistance. There is a thick foam at the bottom of the bag that protects your items from damage. The bicycle rear seat bag should not be put in the rain. There are two straps on the front and two straps on the bottom that can be used to fix the rack. The rear seat frame of the bicycle can be easily and quickly installed with the velcro and buckle straps. It is easy to be shaken and fall if you don't pull in the straps. The bicycle rear rack storage bag has functions. It can also be used as a handbag and shoulder bag. It is suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, fishing, and also for daily use, such as commute, go to school, etc. This is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brand: West Biking

👤I had a situation where I wanted to fit something in my bag, but didn't have the space to do so. I wanted to try it out after seeing the bags with the pop out side. The first thing I noticed was how much room there was. If I brought a handle bar bag with me, I could fit all my camp supplies in my camp bag. It fits my daily gear and what I already had in my other bag, which is great if I want to pick up more items. They are lined inside. It could be good for food or drinks. If you carry a 6 pack or get groceries, you shouldn't mess it up. The bag has a rain cover to keep it out of the rain. There is a The handle and strap are huge benefits. I just have to un attach it and carry it over my shoulder or hand. It's great for camera gear, flashes and smaller tripods. If you want to add padding or put another bag in the bag, there is extra space. It's a great bag for a camp trip, it can hold almost everything I need, and it can be taken off at the site. I'm sure that groceries will be a necessity at some point. There is a If yours has an indention in the middle, it could be that my rack curves up in that area as well, so I'm only sure that the back pocket is short for my taller water bottle. It's perfect for a cup, mug, can, or like a camp cup, but taller bottles might need some modification or a different placement as the drawstring will likely not "draw" over them. My bike does not have a bottle holder cage. I grabbed the bottle with its storage pockets because I was wearing a jersey. I would like to have the option to make the bottom stiff, with an insert or something similar, as I like that this folds and is flexible. Something to keep the bottom from falling in the rack. I'm very happy with it. It folds down so it can be easily tucked away, roomy, and light which was important to me.

👤Poor design. The method of securing the bag is terrible. The bike rack is secured with straps that are at the end of the Velcro. There is no way to tighten it. You can't get a tight fit if you pull it tight. It would have been a lot more secure if there had been a few cents worth of Velcro in the manufacturing. It flops from one side to the other. I am sorry I bought it. Another case where the manufacturer saved money and ruined the product. Modification of the bike rack will make this fit on a regular bike rack. There is a I don't think they test their product after manufacturing.


What is the best product for bicycle rack bag rear?

Bicycle rack bag rear products from Lixada. In this article about bicycle rack bag rear you can see why people choose the product. Kinikiss and Coteetci are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle rack bag rear.

What are the best brands for bicycle rack bag rear?

Lixada, Kinikiss and Coteetci are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle rack bag rear. Find the detail in this article. Anmeilu, Zimfanqi and Roswheel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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