Best Bicycle Quill Stem for Mountain Bike

Stem 30 Jan 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. CXWXC Adjustable Stem 31 8mm Degree

CXWXC Adjustable Stem 31 8mm Degree

The safety is certified by the EN. Can't get comfortable on your bike? Did you try too many bike stems? For touring where you spend a lot of time in the saddle, this is a useful way of adjusting your handlebars height and reach. The best bet to get comfortable is their stem. Only fit for Handlebar diameter 31.8mm (1-1/4''), front fork stem diameter 28.6mm (1-1/8") and is available in a range of lengths. Before purchasing, please confirm your size. The material is. The 3D forged alloy construction of the MTB stem gives it strength and control. The stem is very durable with an angle of 70. It's easy to connect up the original fork stem. The four bolt bar is in position. It's suitable for most bikes. Their bike stems can be used for a wide variety of bikes. It's ideal for people who take off road biking very seriously.

Brand: Cxwxc

👤This is a nice stem. It's tight and easy to adjust. It has bigger 5mm bolts than the smaller 4mm bolts that are used. The cheap Chinese risers I had had so much slop in it, the handle bars were rocking back and forth. I couldn't get it out. This one looks more expensive than it is. The rise degree indicator is accurate. The quality of some of the "name brand" risers is probably the same. All of it was made in China.

👤I put this on my Fatboy to raise my handlebars. There is a The unit looks amazing, matches the bike's finish very well and has a very solid feel to it. I'm a new bike maintenance person, but I recommend that the handlebars be screwed on during the installation process. The screw holes didn't line up exactly when I attached the handlebars, because I removed that immediately. Less than half a millimeter off. I loosened the angle adjustment screw and took some plastic wedges between the sides to allow me to secure it with screws again. I like how it turned out. If I want to go back to the trails, it is totally changeable.

👤The hassle of changing everything over on new handlebars was thrown into the mix when these brought my stock handlebars up 4 inches. Everything was kept tight. The length is 5 1/2 ". The stock stem was 1 1/2 inches.

👤The handlebars had to come up to relieve the pressure on my hands. The riser helped a lot. No issues so far. I put butterfly bars on this bike. What a change! The bars and riser worked well together. The best bike mod I have ever done. This riser gave me a lot of options and angles to work with.

👤After 3 tries, this one actually fits real mountain bike bars. The only downside is that you will need an extra spacer to make the neck fit the stem and be tightened from the top properly. I had one laying on the floor. If you plan on using this neck, I would recommend buying some. Thank you.

👤It was easy to install on the gray Vista bike. I wish I didn't have to return the bike because of the poor transportation. The steam would make the bike look better and more comfortable.

👤I used this to increase the height of my handlebars. It worked out great. It is easy to assemble. You should know the diameter of the handle bars. Originally purchased for my wife. She had 1” in diameter.

2. FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. The front fork stem has a diameter of 1-1/8" and a length of 70mm. The angle is 35 degree. Light and durable. The weight is 140g. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc.

Brand: Fomtor

👤It was lightweight and perfect. The functional length of a 70mm stem with a riser is less than 70 degrees. You need to use a geometry calculator to figure it out. The center of the bars/tube are points, and the hypotenuse is 70mm. The functional stem length is 57mm and the rise angle is 35 degrees.

👤I used this on a spare-parts build I've been working on. There is a While most people seem to be buying this is a 35-degree riser stem, it appears to be a -35 drop. The reason for this is that all of the figures on this stem are upside down when used in the upright position. The main "UNO" logo is upside down, but the thin outline is right side up. It's a decent looking stem. The finish quality seems to be good, and it's about as lightweight as you could expect for the price. I bought this after buying a similar stem that weighed almost 100g more and was ugly. If you're shopping for stems on Amazon, you're probably not a weight weenie, but consider that the difference is almost a pound, I paid no more for this lighter one.

👤It's perfect for old guys with sore backs.

👤The stem was easy to install and did what I needed it to. If your bearing is tight between the down tube and the fork, you should rock the front of the bike. If the stem is loose, crank the top bolt to snug it up. Then use a Torque wrench to tighten the stem bolts.

👤I bought a 70mm stem to shorten the reach on a Lauf Weekend Warrior. A gravel bike. Sometimes stems I buy are a little off on size or have poor finish, and I have purchased inexpensive stems before. This one did not have any of those issues. It looks good and is precisely sized. It was a simple install. There is a picture of the original stem and Fomtor. Highly recommended.

👤The stem was a replacement for a Felt stem. The stem was not stable enough for continued use and it was good for my position, but not perfect. The correct position was found in the Uno 31.8 35 degree. The finish is very nice. Everything fit right. The noise that I had with the stem is gone. The solution is very tight and stable.

👤I have been riding a lot on dirt roads and rail pathways on my Trek X-caliber 9 mountain bike. I have been riding in the saddle most of the time, and as a result my neck and lower back have been bothering me, so I thought I would give this stem a try. The stem is finished perfectly and looks very well made. After 2 rides, I am feeling better and my neck is no longer bothering me. I would recommend this stem to anyone looking for a little more comfort on their cross country ride, it just puts the bars in a much better position for me, I might go back to the stock Bontrager stem when I start doing single track, but for now I am loving this stem

3. UPANBIKE 22 2mm25 4mm Aluminum Gooseneck Length

UPANBIKE 22 2mm25 4mm Aluminum Gooseneck Length

Most mountain bikes, road bike, fixed gear bicycle, BMX, and MTB have a universal bicycle stem. The handlebar is 25.4mm in diameter. The fork tube has a diameter of 22.2mm. The stem length is 40mm or 80mm. There are millimetres. The stem rise angle is 30.

Brand: Upanbike

👤The bike I bought was too large for me. The handlebars were brought down to get the right fit. If you want to mount the handlebars, you will have to remove the levers on the other side. It was very easy to install.

👤It's easy to install. When the stem is raised to about a half inch lower than the max, there is no flex. The upper position. There was no side slip. Our new Schwinn trike is perfect. There is a Ps. I have been working on bikes for 50 years. I usually don't like these kind of stems because of the flex, but the price on this one is right and the bike fit is perfect. Great deal.

👤I had to raise my handlebars to take some of the stress off my shoulders. The bike stem worked well. It was easy to install, and seems like it was good quality.

👤The stems put you on the bike so you can enjoy your ride without neck and back problems. It makes your ride more efficient.

👤The stem was too small for me. The finish and design are very nice.

👤The stem's wedge wouldn't grip the inner steerer tube, which allowed the handlebars and front tire to be moved in opposite directions, so I wouldn't give it a 4 star rating. The old wedge worked after I replaced it with a new one. The rest of the stem was advertised and works.

👤My kid's bike has more life because the handlebars can now be raised, so it will fit him for a few years.

👤It isn't a nitto. It is also not $70. It does its job perfectly and doesn't look bad.

👤I bought this because I wanted to get more height in my handlebars and move it closer to the seat. I question the quality. I think I might have gotten a returned item as the finish had some scratches near the mount, but it's not important for me as my bike is vintage and scratched. The plastic cap does not fit, I had to use the one that came with the bike, the shaft wedge function is questionable, and the handlebars came off center while riding on bumpy ground. I may have to use the stock stem's wedge to get around it. I found that the Torque on the handlebars needs to be tighter than I thought it was, and I am afraid that it might break, so I needquing specs to help. If it breaks, I will tighten it and ask for a return. For the price, and re-using of existing parts, it is okay.

4. Sumind Pieces Carbon Headset Bicycle

Sumind Pieces Carbon Headset Bicycle

The bike can be upgraded. Downhill, Chongshan, climbing, are very comfortable. The package contains 7 different sizes, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and a small size of spacer headset. Automatic cutting, smooth edge, and delicate texture fit most of the road bicycles. The material of the bike handlebars is woven carbon, it has a nice look and is light in weight. The carbon fiber bicycle headset spacer is more resistant to corrosion, harder than aluminum alloy, and lighter than aluminum alloy. The inner diameter is approx. The total weight is about 45 g.

Brand: Sumind

👤It should be possible to accommodate most any need with lots of thin to thick spacers. Also, note: The wall width is thick and probably not the lightest carbon option, and the diameter is larger than stock if that matters to you.

👤These aren't doing anything other than looking cool. They do. The OD is larger than the stock ones on my Marin, so you have some unfinished edge sticking out from the cap.

👤These are good. They are light and fit snug on the stem. There are lots of different sizes to get your spacing right. I have only been on one ride with them installed and they are very durable. I don't have any immediate concerns about durability. If needed, I would buy these again.

👤I like the look of the spacers. I had an issue with the spacers being too thick between the stem and the mount. Most people don't have to worry about that, because you don't need to add anything on top of the mount. I was trying different bar heights to find the most comfortable riding position after purchasing a Delta Pro Long Edition Stem. These are a good value, but be aware that they are slightly thicker than most aluminum spacers, which might affect your installation.

👤These aren't square, they're 3mm on one side and 3.2 on the other.

👤Light weight and high gloss. There are lots of sizes for dialing in fit. I needed to squeeze a slam on a short fork. The smallest sizes were the lightest carbon spacers they've ever seen.

👤These are built to last. When you tighten up your stack, the wall thickness is great and the resin/layup are correct so they won't start to compress. They are only 1 g lighter than the aluminum ones I took off, so you aren't going to be saving much weight, but at this low of a price who cares! Might as well go carbon!

👤I changed my stem on my bike. I had to change the carbon rings after I removed the present stem. I didn't have the right height because the spacer I had wouldn't stack up. The new carbon spacers I used look really nice.

👤You look good, thank you. If this was for a storm like my Norco storm, it would not work but I'm using it on a beach cruiser so it fits perfectly. Yes, it is carbon fiber.

👤The look is good. It is very hard. Spacers can be used to adjust your handlebars in different levels.

👤I am very happy with this product, it is top quality, the only thing I would say is a negative is the shipping time taken to deliver my goods, however with the cover 19 epidemic I do understand the delays are not your fault. Thank you for the good work.

👤The flat edges need some sanding to be smooth.

👤Good quality, what I was expecting.

5. Wake Extender Handlebar Aluminium Adjustable

Wake Extender Handlebar Aluminium Adjustable

Handling more flexible, light weight is easier to do. 1. The maximum height extension is 180mm. There are 6 gaskets, 2 x 20mm, 3 x 10mm, and 1 x 5mm. You can adjust the gasket to fit your height. 2. Simply connect the original front fork stem to the new one. 3. The forged aluminum material has a polished anodized finish. 4. It is suitable for most bike with threadless headset. 5. Handling more flexible, light weight is easier to do.

Brand: Wake

👤The spouse and I took the bikes out today. It was noticeable that there was no wrist, hand, shoulder, or back pain after about 14-16 miles. I might even buy a stem that can be adjusted to fit my body, and maybe even buy upright grips, since I am going to try some more rides. The benefits are well worth the minimal cost of experimentation. Do you want to come back from a long ride achy or do you prefer to spend money and make your ride comfortable? There is a The product arrived in two days. I had looked for videos on the internet before the event. Installation was not good. It took about 10 minutes. I bought two of these for my spouse and myself because I had just bought two e bikes for them. The handle bars on the bikes were too low and caused us both to lean too far forward which resulted in wrist, hand, shoulder and back pain. The ride is much more comfortable now that I raised the bars up. If you have a mountain bike, you might want to consider one of these.

👤This is what I needed to stop my hands from feeling numb. It wasn't too long for me. The handlebars were the same height as my seat when I adjusted the pedals, but I'm 6'2” and on a large frame fat-bike. The poor geometry was fixed by this. There is a It's very sturdy with no creaking. I weigh over 300 lbs. It holds up well with me. I'm very happy with it.

👤This product does what I need it to. I can ride without hunching over. There is a There is one thing to note. The front brake line has a limited amount of slack, so it is a good idea to buy a much longer brake line or cable. The item allows for a big change to the handlebars.

👤Awesome. It doesn't raise the handlebars to the max. The total length of this product is that. It doesn't take into account that you have to use about 50mm or 2 to bolt it on. It's about 130mm or 5. It's still great. If you need more, put some above. It would stick up 130mm. I think you could remove the top spacers and cut the bolt if that bothered you.

👤I am happy that it raised my handlebars. I needed extra ones, so I had the previous one. It was fine. I didn't try to tighten it. It comes with a spider, a spider web, pumpkin, and a white cloud, but the rest didn't make sense to me. Someone in the comments or question area noted the same thing and wanted to remove the decals. I used cotton pads to apply finger nail polish. I removed the top layer, but you can still see the white over the black ground. I am going to use a tooth brush and fingernail polish this week. I think I can get it all off. I am happy with my purchase. I bought another extender a month earlier, which was about 2.75 inches shorter than this one, and it was good. When I bought this one, I had to replace all my cables because my old ones became too short, and I couldn't get my brake and shift levers back onto my handlebars. I bought Jagwire cables that are longer. I had to buy new housing and cable for both the brakes and shift, and each cost me about $30 or $35. I watched a video on how to adjust a front and rear derailleur. I would recommend buying the orange Klunker Commuter Urban Bicycle Handlebar and the Champ Oversized Comfort Bike Seat. I can ride a 25 mile ride now that I can sit up straight.

6. FOMTOR Riser Handlebar Extender Mountain

FOMTOR Riser Handlebar Extender Mountain

A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. The maximum height extension is 70mm. There are 4 spacers, 1 x 10mm and 3 x 5mm. The height can be increased up to 70mm. Simply connect the original front fork stem to the new one. Light weight. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. Handling more flexible, light weight, easier to force is comfortable. It's suitable for 1-1/8" 28.6mm Fork Mountain Bike, Road bike, Track bike, Folding bike, MTB BMX...

Brand: Fomtor

👤The stem riser extender worked well. Before this extender, I could have raised my seat to the proper height for my legs, or I could have put my seat too low for my legs, with good upper body posture. The performance of the extender is good. The bolts are smaller than the original neck bolts. I gave the extender 5 stars because they are holding. I will look for an extension with beefier bolts if they fail. Installation took longer than expected, but not because of the product. The nut in my stem was a little crooked, but it wasn't noticeable on the short bolt. I wonder if those people had a crooked stem nut assembly like me, because I read a number of reviews that the long bolt was bent. The graphic I attached shows what I found. I lightly tapped the head of the bolt with my finger to make sure the stem nut was straight. The stem bolt on my bike is held in place by 2 star shaped pieces of steel. It was not very precise, but easily straightened. The long bolt worked perfectly when the nut was straightened.

👤The stock steer tube on the 2012 Trek 3500 was too low for the current rider, and the handlebars were too low for the original 2012 Trek 3500. Those in need of an elevated handlebar need a stem extender. There is a The FOMTOR stem extender is an excellent quality aftermarket bike doodad. It has nearly four inches of vertical position. It includes a long titanium bolt to reach the distant star nut, six aluminum spacer rings, and a matching cap. There is a The FOMTOR stem extender was perfect for the existing steer tube. The titanium stem bolt is stout enough to hold the entire headset in place, and appears to resist dynamic loads and stresses under normal use. Black powder coat finish is what the stem extender, cap, and spacer rings are made of. There is a It's annnnnd... I bought the last one on Amazon. I need two more.

👤I used these for my bike. It made a huge difference in my riding position. The height to the bikes handle bars was increased by the spacers. I liked that it was all plain black and not colored. The end was very clean.

👤The bent bolt makes it hard to install with the new cap. The stock cap is not centered because it was not used without the recess. The bolt would be 5 stars if it wasn't bent.

👤It was my fault that I didn't double check the measurements for the bike I am fixing up. I won't be returning it because I am hopeful it will fit on another family member's bike. I was sad it didn't fit on my body, but it looks like it's very high quality. Will update this review if it works for the other bike.

👤The extender tightens down when it connects to my fork tube. I had the right amount of spacers and the extender fit my new stem perfectly. I am happy with my purchase and would purchase again.

7. Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc. The handlebar diameter is 25.4mm (1"), the Stereer Tube diameter is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), and the length is 32mm. Simply connect the original fork stem to the new one. The four bolt bar is in position. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes.

Brand: Wake

👤It hasn't broken off, so that's a great start to the review. I can see how these don't give you much wiggle room when it comes to over tightening them. If you try to feel it out, be careful if you ate spinach before. They use soft metal. It is mounted to a 29er hardtail that is used weekly and it has the ability to secure the handlebars from moving safely. I am gaining a full piece of mind while riding it. Some people said it fell apart worse than Charlie. I'm alive to give this update because it hasn't snapped off yet.

👤I used to do a lot of it. There is a The quality of this is exactly what you would expect. There is an error in the program, one of the machines has some worn items, the work piece wasn't fixtured correctly, or something else happened because there are two nice "flying-V" cuts on both sides of the stem. The end mill grazed the sides in error and it looks hilarious. I'm not going to swap out for something else. It seems to be a solid unit. The 60mm version is as heavy as my old 90mm stem with bolts. Not much has been done to reduce weight. I wouldn't expect it to be very well designed. This is probably not going to break. Unless I huck this gravel bike over a 50 ft gap. There is a The screws are the same quality as other low end screws. I can't complain much. The pockets the heads and washers are supposed to sit in are not made properly. Some of the heads are more proud than others. I'm pretty sure that the clamping forces are good enough, it just looks funny. I wish the threaded holes were tighter, but it works. Is it actually anodizing? I'm afraid to ask at this point. It has a different fit and finish than the high end stuff. There is a It got my handlebars where they needed to be, and it probably won't break, so good, right?

👤I've put these on two of my bikes. It doesn't get any better for the price. It's inexpensive and doesn't stand out, which is a good thing. There is no benefit to higher priced stems. Unless you need to save a couple ounces, don't waste money on a carbon stem and just use one like this. I bought these because it's short. It will make the bike more responsive when turning. There is a If I need another short stem, I will buy them again.

8. OSAGIE Aluminum Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

OSAGIE Aluminum Mountain Handlebar Bicycle

Old and vintage bikes are for bike. The bike stem only fit for the Handlebar diameter. The lightweight and durable MTB stem is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. The easiest way to install a bar is to connect up the original fork stem with a four bolt bar clamp. A universal short bicycle stem is suitable for most road bikes. The bike can be upgraded. Help riders find the right position.

Brand: Osagie

👤The Wake stem has a 30 degree rise and 50mm length, which made it a perfect match for my bars. I can now ride in comfort without feeling like I'm going too far forward on my 1999 Specialized FSR Sport. The stem was easy to install. It's time to shred it with the kids.

👤It does a good job. The awful brick design doesn't work for me, but some people like it. I bought it to try the size. I'll buy a better one now. It works well.

👤This stem works great with my Wake bars, as I upgrade my hardtail to a more down country/ trail setup. I needed to rise a little more in my stance.

👤The item was damaged when it arrived. The paint quality is low. I'm going to give this item back for something better.

👤The $10 wake stem is lighter in weight and has more screw holes, but it's not as strong as the $10 stem, and it's not as cheap, but it's better for it's design and I would trust it with rough conditions. I would recommend this over any of the other $20 stems because I am very pleased with my use of this.

👤The product was very good. The shipping estimate was not correct.

9. TRIWONDER Aluminum Extender Extension Mountain

TRIWONDER Aluminum Extender Extension Mountain

The material is 6061 aluminum with a polished finish. The base diameter is 1 1/8” (28.6mm). The total length of the steerer tube is 150mm. The height of your handlebars should be raised. It is easy to convert a threaded quill setup to threadless. It's perfect for most bikes. The quill riser extender can be used on most bikes with a threadless steerer.

Brand: Triwonder

👤Needed to install a pro scooter stem on a 49cc scooter.

👤This is what you need to put a thread-less stem on a threaded fork. Plug and play works great.

👤The ottimo is called qualita'-prezzo. There is a Per modifica l'attacco manubrio per piantoni da 25,4mm.

👤Para poner una potencia, el manillar en uncuadro

👤C'est facile monter.

👤Decid probar el extensor de vstago de manillar para bicicleta de montaa. Tenia para desmontar la horquilla, pero se pueda introducir el adaptador. No le hizo demasiada gracia. Quiz sea porque est enfocado. Ahora, lo bueno, ha sido para sutituir el manillar de una bicicleta. The original de la bicicleta istituir el vstago. Potencia y manillar, con los, ms a gusto. The tubo is 22.2mm in diameter. Con lo. The encaje is perfect. There is a En resumen, el vstago. No lo aconsejara, hay otros modelos that son ms sencillos de colocar. Vstago sustituto para modernizar una bicicleta ms antigua is una excelente opcin. La calidad del vstago es una. Mucho ms caras hay opciones. Tengo aprovechar las vacaciones para actualizar la bicicleta.

10. Sunlite Piston 2 Bolt Clamp Silver

Sunlite Piston 2 Bolt Clamp Silver

The bike can be upgraded. Downhill, Chongshan, climbing, are very comfortable. The stem is 250mm x 22.2mm. x 40mm The forged alloy body is made of material.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I wanted a hybrid bike to jump on for family rides, without having to use my road bike or mtb bike. It wasn't enjoyable to just cruise around on a road bike. I was going to either spend $500 on a decent hybrid or find a way to modify the beater. For $16 and another $10 you can get a longer front brake cable. It is really nice to ride and it looks rediculous. The stem is not twitchy when out of the saddle and there is no flex in it. I'm very happy with the stem. I did this because I wanted a bike.

👤It worked perfectly for a month and 700 miles. It fit an inexpensive mountain bike with a standard cruiser fork, headset, and handlebar. It doesn't need to be retightened. Grease was added to the bolts. It made a new bike feel comfortable. The long stem helps tall riders sit upright. The product photo made the stem clamp look thin, but it completely covered the handlebars with only a small amount of lines visible on either side. The product is appealing and has a great value.

👤This is on a stout stem. It was easy to cut down. This is for an older 90s hybrid. It handles it with some force. If you like handling your whip quickly, this is it. It is very long. I had to find another shorter wedge bolt after cutting mine down.

👤A steel stem with a cast aluminum handlebars. I was expecting all aluminum, but it was much heavier than I thought.

👤I have been using this for two months and have not had any problems.

👤I needed to raise my handlebars for a more upright riding position. I installed it backwards. It's nice to have a two bolt setup for the bars. The weight is not nice. This thing is very heavy. It's not something that one would want to install on a light weight bicycle.

👤The Sunlite TCO will get you into a comfortable position. There is a It's a position that lets you keep your eyes up. It has been reliable for me, and I have traveled thousands of winter miles in Boston.

👤I wanted a tall stem. It works well. It's heavy, but it's used for a specific purpose -- I adapted an old road bike to a flat bar fast bike and wanted to have an upright riding position. It seems well made.

11. Bicycle Adaptor 22 2mm 28 6mm Threadless

Bicycle Adaptor 22 2mm 28 6mm Threadless

The safety is certified by the EN. The new Stem Adaptor allows the use of a 1-1/8" threadless stem on a bike. Mountain bike, BMX, road bike, and city bike are some of the bike types. The size is 22.2mm to 28.6mm. The weight is164g.

Brand: Bavel

👤I used this on a Univega bike. It fit perfectly. There is a It was short for me. If you're doing a road conversion or something like that, be aware of this because it's possible that you'll use this in an older bike. I would like it to be a bit longer. I had to use an additional accessory. The road bike stem is a bit shorter after you secure it in the stem. There is a It may be ok for your ride, but please be aware of it. Measure first, I suggest.

👤The product is great, I only needed the screw and the locking piece, never the extension. It was a bit big for my bike, so make sure to check the measurement. I was lucky that I did not need it.

👤The delivery was not good, it was 3 days after the delivery date, but I blame the delivery company, they always deliver late, I recommend the items.

👤It works, but not the best option. I should have thought about it, but I would prefer an accessory that can fit with my headset. It looks odd that there is a big gap between the 1 and 8 section. It limits my drop as well. I'll be moving this option to a city bike soon. There is a Drop aside, or works well. If you want a cheap one, this is it.

👤The old threaded headset was adapted to one where you can upgrade to the new stems. Great product. I have some on hand.

👤Poor quality and loose fit. Better options are available for the same price.

👤The stem is worthless. Even if you only go for a ride in a small village or go downhill, it is very dangerous because it slips out of alignment.

👤Exactly what I needed.

👤This is what I got after 2 weeks of waiting. I'm disappointed if I could not give a 5 star rating. I would.

👤Simple and easy way to change the stem on a bike.


What is the best product for bicycle quill stem for mountain bike?

Bicycle quill stem for mountain bike products from Cxwxc. In this article about bicycle quill stem for mountain bike you can see why people choose the product. Fomtor and Upanbike are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quill stem for mountain bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle quill stem for mountain bike?

Cxwxc, Fomtor and Upanbike are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quill stem for mountain bike. Find the detail in this article. Sumind, Wake and Fomtor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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