Best Bicycle Quill Stem 1 1/8 Inch Black

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1. FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

The relentless pursuit of innovation and passion for design is what Under Armour is all about. The front fork stem diameter is 28.6mm and the Handlebar diameter is 31.8mm. The angle is 35 degree. Light and durable. The weight is135g. It is made of high- strength aluminum. It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc.

Brand: Fomtor

👤It was lightweight and perfect. The functional length of a 70mm stem with a riser is less than 70 degrees. You need to use a geometry calculator to figure it out. The center of the bars/tube are points, and the hypotenuse is 70mm. The functional stem length is 57mm and the rise angle is 35 degrees.

👤I used this on a spare-parts build I've been working on. There is a While most people seem to be buying this is a 35-degree riser stem, it appears to be a -35 drop. The reason for this is that all of the figures on this stem are upside down when used in the upright position. The main "UNO" logo is upside down, but the thin outline is right side up. It's a decent looking stem. The finish quality seems to be good, and it's about as lightweight as you could expect for the price. I bought this after buying a similar stem that weighed almost 100g more and was ugly. If you're shopping for stems on Amazon, you're probably not a weight weenie, but consider that the difference is almost a pound, I paid no more for this lighter one.

👤It's perfect for old guys with sore backs.

👤The stem was easy to install and did what I needed it to. If your bearing is tight between the down tube and the fork, you should rock the front of the bike. If the stem is loose, crank the top bolt to snug it up. Then use a Torque wrench to tighten the stem bolts.

👤I bought a 70mm stem to shorten the reach on a Lauf Weekend Warrior. A gravel bike. Sometimes stems I buy are a little off on size or have poor finish, and I have purchased inexpensive stems before. This one did not have any of those issues. It looks good and is precisely sized. It was a simple install. There is a picture of the original stem and Fomtor. Highly recommended.

👤The stem was a replacement for a Felt stem. The stem was not stable enough for continued use and it was good for my position, but not perfect. The correct position was found in the Uno 31.8 35 degree. The finish is very nice. Everything fit right. The noise that I had with the stem is gone. The solution is very tight and stable.

👤I have been riding a lot on dirt roads and rail pathways on my Trek X-caliber 9 mountain bike. I have been riding in the saddle most of the time, and as a result my neck and lower back have been bothering me, so I thought I would give this stem a try. The stem is finished perfectly and looks very well made. After 2 rides, I am feeling better and my neck is no longer bothering me. I would recommend this stem to anyone looking for a little more comfort on their cross country ride, it just puts the bars in a much better position for me, I might go back to the stock Bontrager stem when I start doing single track, but for now I am loving this stem

2. UPANBIKE Bicycle Adapter φ22 2mm Mountain

UPANBIKE Bicycle Adapter %CF%8622 2mm Mountain

The base diameter is 1 1/6” The fork stem diamater is standard. The steerer tube has a diameter of 22.2mm. A threaded setup is converted to threadless.

Brand: Upanbike

👤It was a perfect fit. The size that came is the size that was ordered. There were no issues. Functions perfectly.

👤The stem was short and wanted a longer stem.

3. ZOOM Aluminum Alloy Handle Stem

ZOOM Aluminum Alloy Handle Stem

It's easy to connect up the original fork stem. Two bolts hold the bar in position. Installation is easy with the fito twin-bolt design. You don't have to remove the shifter or grip in order to install the handgun bar. The material is light weight and anti-rust. For 1 inch (25.4mm) hands. The center measurement of the hand bar might be different from the end measurement. Before purchasing, please make sure you know the measurement of where the stem is located on the handle bar. The measurement is 7/8" (22.2mm). Also available in black. Please search for the ASIN number "B00N2IIWVQ".

Brand: Fito

👤My body wasn't handling the low, crouched riding position on my vintage Trek very well at 45. I almost went with a newer style. I am very happy with my decision after receiving this. It is high quality and improves my stance dramatically.

👤We'll build this aluminum stem. It has a nice look. It's light. I didn't understand the size, it was just 1mm. This item is definitely recommended by me.

👤The item was in a bag that didn't fit it. It was scratched and dirty. I think this was installed on another bike. I don't know.

👤The ZOOM handlebar stem is exactly what I wanted it to be, it's nice, smooth finish, appears to be quite solid and strong, and it's clean. It alleviated strain on my back, wrists, and palms, and allowed me to safely raise the handlebars on my vintage Peugeot AO-8. It is attractive and functional.

👤I would order it again. It works well on my bike. My son was taught how to install it.

👤I raised my seat position. The rides are more enjoyable.

👤Good stem. There is a The replacement part could not be tightened. There is a I could tighten the bolts to secure the handle bars because the stem gripped them very well. The product was very good.

👤A nice stem. Exactly what I was looking for. No issues with the fit of the bar. It's easy to change bars. The beach cruiser is a part of the movie "Frankenweenie". It's a happy day.

4. Bavel Aluminum Cycling Mountain Handlebar

Bavel Aluminum Cycling Mountain Handlebar

If you want, you can put the hidden storage box in the seat. Brand new and high quality. A short handle bar stem is suitable for a bike. Made of high quality aluminum alloy. The front fork has a diameter of 28.6mm and a length of 35mm. The package contains a bicycle short handle Stem.

Brand: Bavel

👤1st. It is very heavy. It should work well if you don't mind the extra weight. 2nd That is possible if you get one with threaded holes. Don't force the screws if they aren't easy to screw in. They can break off as others have done. Several screws wouldn't turn by hand and were sticking out when I got mine. 3 of the 6 holes were not tapped all the way after further inspection. The threads at the beginning were damaged when I removed one of the screws. I tapped the handle bar side threads with a M5.8 tap instead of sending it back and putting a hold on my build. The paint was applied to the threads on the fork side. I was able to throw a screw to clean them up. You get what you pay for. There is no quality control. You might need to tap the treads. It's a good buy for under $9.

👤I think this looks to be a really big stem. The weight difference above a higher-end stem is worth it to not have it break on you at the worst time. The length is long. Your bike should handle downhill better with the combination of wide handlebars and your bike. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because the one I received could have been bad. The four bolts that held the stem together were difficult to tighten with an allen wrench, and I suspected some of them were cross- threaded. The bolts which secure the stem to the steerer tube were very strong. I chose to chase the threads with a tap instead of waiting for the exchange because I really needed this stem right away. The bolts will be easier to fit now, but still require an allen. I think that the cast stem will be good for the larger bolts, but it won't handle the fine threads. I'll be using loctite on the bolts and trying to keep the handlebars out of the way. If you're willing to chase threads like I did, or wait for an exchange, this stem is worth the money.

👤This was a replacement for a stem on my wife's bike. We weren't expecting much for the price. There is a She needed to do her job for a few weeks before her new bike arrived. There is a The good first. It is cheap. I mean cheap. The handle bar is held well by it. It holds the fork tube. There is a The bad. It is very heavy. There is a We were not expecting much for the price, but the stem it was replacing was a low end bike. It's not a bike with lightweight components. There is a The stem was three times the weight of the stem we took off. The original stem was twice as long. So. This isn't light.

5. Origin8 Quill Adapter 22 2 Black

Origin8 Quill Adapter 22 2 Black

A bolt with aluminum. A threaded setup is converted to threadless. Stem height can be raised by one-tenth of an inch.

Brand: Origin8

👤I don't have a lot to add to the other reviews, other than I wanted to add a note to prospective buyers about the height adjustment capabilities of the adapter, if you want to have your handlebars raised up a bit. You can see what I'm talking about in the photo I uploaded. There is a There is a height adjustment in the description. This means that you can slide the accessory up from the top of the head tube, and still have enough for a secure fit. If you don't want your handlebars to be low and you want the height to be added, push the adapter all the way down. There is a There isn't a "do not raise above this line" type of marker on the adapter, but there are some short vertical marks that I thought were the max-height marker. There is a I only got 0.75" of added height because my stem is a bit taller than many others. You can see it in my photo. You can get about 0.75" - 1.0" of height adjustment if you use the height of your stem clamp. If you need more height, you'll need a stem with a higher angle. I'll get a black stem headset spacers to slide over the silver part of the accessory so it looks better. There is a I'm docking my review to 4 stars because of this. It would have been nice to have another inch of height. The product is easy to use and install and looks to be well made. I installed mine on a mountain bike. I got the small to large size. You can see the "top review" from PRS4 for more explanation of the different sizes.

👤It works well, does what it says, and looks good. This little guy can help you update your stem and handlebars. Antiseize or grease should be used during the installation to keep the rust at bay.

👤I was a bit leery of the quill accessory, which was part of the upgrade to the old road racing bike. The new bars needed a stem that was modern, and the old bike needed a quill to fit it. The new setup feels more rigid, solid and responsive than the old one, and I am pleasantly surprised by it. The bars are nicer to my hand.

👤Just as advertised. I got the 28.6 to 28.6 size and thought it was an adapting sleeve. I can't tell from the description if the picture changes to show the sleeve or not. I didn't know that when I swapped the pictures. I can always use the sleeve on another bike if I need it. I recommend this on any threaded bike since it's so easy to swap the old style stems for the new style ones without the need to disassemble the brakes.

6. Bicycle Adaptor 22 2mm 28 6mm Threadless

Bicycle Adaptor 22 2mm 28 6mm Threadless

The safety is certified by the EN. The new Stem Adaptor allows the use of a 1-1/8" threadless stem on a bike. Mountain bike, BMX, road bike, and city bike are some of the bike types. The size is 22.2mm to 28.6mm. The weight is164g.

Brand: Bavel

👤I used this on a Univega bike. It fit perfectly. There is a It was short for me. If you're doing a road conversion or something like that, be aware of this because it's possible that you'll use this in an older bike. I would like it to be a bit longer. I had to use an additional accessory. The road bike stem is a bit shorter after you secure it in the stem. There is a It may be ok for your ride, but please be aware of it. Measure first, I suggest.

👤The product is great, I only needed the screw and the locking piece, never the extension. It was a bit big for my bike, so make sure to check the measurement. I was lucky that I did not need it.

👤The delivery was not good, it was 3 days after the delivery date, but I blame the delivery company, they always deliver late, I recommend the items.

👤It works, but not the best option. I should have thought about it, but I would prefer an accessory that can fit with my headset. It looks odd that there is a big gap between the 1 and 8 section. It limits my drop as well. I'll be moving this option to a city bike soon. There is a Drop aside, or works well. If you want a cheap one, this is it.

👤The old threaded headset was adapted to one where you can upgrade to the new stems. Great product. I have some on hand.

👤Poor quality and loose fit. Better options are available for the same price.

👤The stem is worthless. Even if you only go for a ride in a small village or go downhill, it is very dangerous because it slips out of alignment.

👤Exactly what I needed.

👤This is what I got after 2 weeks of waiting. I'm disappointed if I could not give a 5 star rating. I would.

👤Simple and easy way to change the stem on a bike.

7. Satori Bicycle Tool Less Adjustable Extension

Satori Bicycle Tool Less Adjustable Extension

The handlebar has a diameter of 25.4mm. COMPATIBILITY: Only the 1-1/8" / 28.6mm THREADED fork steerer can be compatible with this stem. Make sure to double check the fork size and type. It'sATURE: Simply press and open the safety button, then pivot the stem to any angle between 0 and 80 degree to adjust the height and reach of your handlebars. Serrated and precisely made handlebars for more powerful clamping. It's difficult to find a stem that fits a 1-1/8" threaded fork nowadays, and this specific stem will do the job. The material is made from one-piece forged alloy. It is easy to wipe off and clean with matt black finishing. There are some things that areSPECS. The stem length is 120mm. The handlebar's size is 31.8mm. The angle is 0o to 80o. The height is 180mm. The insert is 65mm. The weight is 606g. The material is forged alloy. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Satori

👤There is a hole in the rotating hub that needs to be bored in order to pass an Allen key down and access the long bolt that tightens the stem. The hole in the stem was too small. I couldn't use the key wrench to tighten the stem. The hole I drilled out was an unnecessary modification.

👤The handlebars are great, but it took me a while to figure out the basic workings of the unit. It will be amazing when I dial it in. Does anyone know how to put the handlebars on? Is it better to tighten them down once everything else is shut down?

8. Adjustable Degree 31 8mm Handlebar Mountain

Adjustable Degree 31 8mm Handlebar Mountain

The original setup in the shoulders, arms, and back had to be corrected to achieve a more comfortable riding position. The stem and riser handlebar allow you to sit upright on the bike, which is better for your back. Only fit for Handlebar diameter 31.8mm, front fork stem diameter 28.6mm, and Length: 120mm. The only handlebars that this fit for are 31.8mm. Do not fit bars larger than 25.4mm. Measure the diameter of your bandlebards before you buy them. The angle is 0 60. The height extension is 90mm. The weight is made of high-strength, high-quality aluminum. Before you buy it, please confirm your handlebar is 31.8mm. It's easy to connect up the original fork stem. The four bolt bar is in position.

Brand: Fomtor

👤My seat was making me uncomfortable. I was able to tease out that my handlebars made me lean forward, because they were set that way. I was forced to sit on my seat because of that leaning forward. There was no way to adjust the handlebars on my Giant Commuter bike. I found this post after a lot of research. I used a simple procedure to change out the old handlebar post for this one, and it is perfect for me now. A new bike is much more expensive. It works very well. I'm no longer leaning on the handlebars. That was very painful. The only concern with any part that is variable, changeable and handles the total steering of a bike, plus handles your full weight against it, is to make sure the screws are tight. The bar will not have any issues if they are tight. It would be disastrous if the bar moved on you because of regular checks. This item is a must have for me. When ordering, there are choices in length. Take the time to analyze what you need to fix your issue. This was a relief for me. My biking world has changed completely. I give it 5 stars.

👤It was installed on a Cannondale aluminumCAAD8. I ride 6,000 miles a year, but use multiple bikes. There is a The only drawbacks to this item are that it is heavier than many road bike stems, it is a little less aerodynamic, and it looks a bit clunkier. There is a If you can get past those things, you will like the way it is made and reliable, and you can adjust your riding position for comfort. That is what makes it worth it. There is a I am unwilling to test a stem that is so lightweight I can go down a roller at 35 mph. I need to know that my bike will hold up even if I hit something. I'm probably buying one for my wife. She says she needs to reach a little further for her reach.

👤I was uncomfortable on my bike because I had to lean forward too much. I found this and it made me feel better about how I ride. I wish I had found this years ago.

👤I bought this to make my bike more stable. The stem is skinnier than the Bontrager that came on my Trek Roscoe 7 and that is the only issue with the install. The fork wiggled when riding and braking. I dropped in to my bike shop and bought a set that allowed me to take over. The bike shop said that fish should be extended beyond the top tube to have something to press on. The answer was not to crank down on the top cap bolt. I did break one of the bolts, but it may have been a torgue wrench user error. It was easy to drill the bolt and get it to back out. I set it at 60 degrees so that I can play with it to find the best setting.

9. UPANBIKE Bicycle Adjustable Aluminum Φ25 4mm

UPANBIKE Bicycle Adjustable Aluminum %CE%A625 4mm

It was made from light, stiff, and durable 3D-forged alloy. Standard for 1 fork is 28.6mm. The bar bore is either 31.8mm or 25.4mm in diameter. The angle is adjusted upward to raise the handlebar position. You should ride comfort, steering control and bend less. Lower the handlebars, reduce wind resistance, ride faster. It's for road bike, mountain bike, and other bike.

Brand: Upanbike

👤It worked out as expected. I used it to try out different geometries.

👤The ability to have any angle or position for your bars is priceless and saves a lot of time.

👤The head is shorter than the one I replaced so I had to grind the stem to get it to work again. The stem is nice.

👤I wish it would adjust to 90 degrees. The angle you see in the picture is not much different than the one you see in the movie.

👤No issues after 6 mos., it seems very sturdy and durable. Of use.

👤I wish I had these a long time ago. You can adjust to your flexibility.

👤Excellent idea. It's great. Thanks.

👤This is what you need if you are leaning too far on your bike. The stem and grips helped to improve comfort. The value is easy to install.

👤I appreciated the detailed dimensions in the posting.

👤It fit my bike perfectly. The standard post has a handlebar. Lifted the whole unit up 2 inches and made it much more comfortable for me. Fast shipping and a good product. Good job.

👤Product arrived on time and appears to be good.

👤It looks like it is well made and sturdy. I had to send it back because it wouldn't fit my GT Aggressor.

10. Origin8 Classique Sport ATB Stem

Origin8 Classique Sport ATB Stem

Sunlt Stl 10x.833 is a Amer Size. The construction is lightweight. It's great for builds of Classic ATB and Touring Bike. The safety is certified by the EN.

Brand: Origin8

👤I have used similar parts before. Probably from the same company. The forgings look the same. These work well. The reasons I have purchased them is very important. It fits in a steer tube fork. The bars can be disassembled without removing tape/brakes/brifters. If you remove the 2 sockets head cap screws, you can remove the whole bar without stripping it or messing with the bar. The weight is something I don't like. It is large. This doesn't really matter if you are retrofitting a hybrid or department store bike. The weight of this product is a problem if you want to change the control geometry and fit at light weight. There is a display card. At the price point, finish is acceptable. You will not be disappointed if you don't expect high end attention to detail. There is a The brake cable stop hole was thoughtfully added by the designer. If your bike's headset stack isn't long enough to accept a steer tube brake cable hangar, it's useful. I think the route is better than nothing. There is a There is a supplier of 1" risers. Profi... I bought a stem for my project. The one going into the bin is the one that is going into the spare part bin.

👤The dimensions appear to be the package dimensions. The minimum height stop is provided by the stem that is almost 5 feet long from the bottom of the nut to the shoulder. The overall length from the bottom of the nut to the cap is about 7.5". There is a handlebar. It's about 3.35 inches from the center of the handlebars to the center of the stem. It looks like it will fit on my Trek mountain bike. I was looking for something with more vertical height, but this looks to be a good quality, so I will give it 5 stars and try it out.

👤The stem is the right balance of cost and craftsmanship. I was looking for a stem that had been made well enough to smooth out the rough welds that some other companies leave. The stem transformed the commuter bike I was building out of an old cannondale ten speed into a modern Dutch style. I highly recommend Origin8 products for converting older bikes into a less agressive position.

👤The stem is fine despite the description being a bit confusing. It was well made and lightweight. It works perfectly with my old Raleigh Super Course Mark II. There is a The tolerances are good and the bolts are difficult to line up. There is a To be clear. There is a The stem is long. There is a The handlebar is 25.4mm in diameter.

11. Black Ops Alloy 21 1mm Silver

Black Ops Alloy 21 1mm Silver

A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. The bar force is spread by the 4-bolt top clamp. For lightweight applications, there is an alloy top clamp. 21.2mm dia. Most 1" steerer tubes are compatible with the quill.

Brand: Black Ops

👤Great find! I should have checked the stem size for my bike. It was a cruiser bike with ape hangers. The piece from the original stem was used for a snug fit. The size is stamped at the base of your stem when you remove it. 21.2 but needed 22.2.

👤Mi son abuses his bike. He loves to pop willies. This has held up so far. I refuse to buy a whole new bike.

👤I fully customized the kids bike that was given to me, and replaced some of the bad parts. I picked this up because I lost one of the parts I lost during the break down of the bike. This is an excellent quality, fit perfect, and looks great on the bike. It's very easy to install. I have never put together a BMX bike before. I am very happy with the purchase so far and would definitely recommend this slick looking Quill to anyone looking to upgrade their BMX bike look.

👤This is a well built building. This is the replacement for a diamondback gooseneck that failed. It looks like it belongs on the bike.

👤I use the stem for the money and it's great. There is a The handlebars are kept from moving while curb hoping and jumping. There is a Also, note: The stem was advertised as 1 inch. Not correct. The actual size of the quill is 21.2mm. The size of the clamping is. To self. The handlebars are 22.2mm in diameter and 7/8" in diameter. There is a The stem is too large to fit a one inch handlebar.

👤This was added to my car. It holds my ape handle bars well. It was easy to install.

👤Looks ok and the price is good. The cheap gooseneck kept slipping. Would be happy to get another.

👤I was a little disappointed that the center bolt is a hex. The cap would have been better looking. Pot metal squeezes up into the sleeve inside the post. It should have been a bit stronger. It's a good looking addition.

👤It works well as a replacement for my kids bike.


What is the best product for bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black?

Bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black products from Fomtor. In this article about bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black you can see why people choose the product. Upanbike and Fito are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black.

What are the best brands for bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black?

Fomtor, Upanbike and Fito are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quill stem 1 1/8 inch black. Find the detail in this article. Bavel, Origin8 and Bavel are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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