Best Bicycle Quick Release Skewer Spring

Skewer 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Platt Quick Release Skewers Mountain

Platt Quick Release Skewers Mountain

The package contains a pair of bike hubs. It is a high strength and anti-corrosion material, made ofStainless Steel +CNC machined aluminium alloy, and it has STAINLESS STEEL rods. The size and weight are listed. The Skewers are front and rear. It comes in a variety of colors and is lightweight and stylish. The set of hollow shaft and hub quick release lever is easy to install. The application is for something. Universal for most road bikes.

Brand: Platt

👤There are great items for the mountain and road bikes. Excellent quality and fit. Nice selection of colors.

2. DEERU Bicycle Release Seatpost Releases

DEERU Bicycle Release Seatpost Releases

The quick release lock design makes it a great tool. The cam action lever is smooth. The nut was Extruded. A quality quick release seat skewer. The diameter is about 8mm. The skeewer is 50 millimetres. The Skewer weight is 38 grams. The material is suitable for Stationary Bike and other equipment. Do not use the 25.4mm/31.8mm.34.9mm Bike Seat Clamp. The seat binder bolt needs to be M8 and this Seat Clamp Quick Release Lever is a simple replacement. It allows you to adjust the seat height without using tools. The seat binder bolt needs to be M8 and this Seat Clamp Quick Release Lever is a simple replacement. It allows you to adjust the seat height without using tools.

Brand: Deer U

👤The vise is easy to open and move, it is on the offset corners. This has held up well so far because I'm not doing any industrial sized projects. I have seen reviews that said they were bad for having plastic parts. You should replace the plastic with metal nuts and washers if you want it to fit your drill press. I had them on hand and installed them quickly.

👤I use these to mount my drill press vise. It was perfect for what I needed. I added a few washers. It was perfect.

👤I used the interchangeable accessories on my ryobi to modify it. The screw was stripped and the nut was twist on. I had to remove the original screw and drill out the holes for the quick release clamp. So far, so good. I bought a replacement for the original one. I believe it would strip again in the future. These should be standard from the factory.

👤Seat replacement for a bike. If you are reading this, it is most likely that the plastic seat bolt that came with the original equipment has failed. The DEERU is better than the original parts. See the provided pictures for comparison.

👤I bought these to fit a drill press vice. These guys allow me to move my drill press quickly and then crank it into place, which is much better than wing nuts. Awesome!

👤This works for one bike, but not another. It depends on the collar on the bike. I would recommend buying a collar rather than a pair of clamps. I don't see how you can know if these are compatible with an existing collar.

👤The product looks good, but beware, they are thick. Too thick for what I needed. They don't fit through my seat post, so I had to find a thinner version. I should have measured the fit.

👤I used these to hold my drill press vise. Works great after getting some fender washers.

3. Nova NOVATEC Bicycle Release Skewers

Nova NOVATEC Bicycle Release Skewers

The package includes 1 x front Skewer and 1 x back Skewer. The Skewer is Rear. Strong and safe. Their first priority is your safety. The skewers are very strong because they are made of heat treated Cromoly alloy. The front weight is 0.08 kilogram. The weight of the rear is 0.25 lbs. Immediate release: In a few seconds, you can remove or install wheels. There were no tools needed. Long lasting. The skewers will not rust or break. Apply some grease first. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤The skewer springs are useless. I bought it because it wasn't the cheapest one. I assumed it would come with all the parts.

👤It's the right fit for my mountain bike.

👤The price looks great on the bike.

👤I needed a set of wheels that did not include R or F Skr-axles, and this was what I got.

👤I had to return them because they are not what I needed, but I rated them 5 stars because I saw nothing wrong with them. 5 stars, no hassle returns.

👤The diagram was very helpful.

👤It was a perfect fit. I could use my bike on the trainer.

4. Release Bicycle Mountain Standard Spacing

Release Bicycle Mountain Standard Spacing

The quick release parts are made of alum and are practical for most bikes. The axels are usually used on a road bike, but they can also be used on a bike. The lever for the rear wheel has a hollow shaft. Approx. 5.7" 0.35", quick release. 7.48" The hollow shaft size is approx. Approx. 4.33", quick release. 6.3" The quick release skewer weight is approx. The 270g is black.

Brand: Aituitui

👤The pieces were not what I needed. The pieces are great and easy to fit in. These are great if you need quick release component pieces. If you are a larger rider, you should get a solid axle. I cracked 3 of them before the mechanic told me that I would crack hollow/ quick release axles. It's not as convenient, but the hollow tube doesn't hold up. I have never looked back after I switched to solid. I hope to save someone time and hassle.

👤I was not worried about quick change on the road. I need to remove the front tire to get the bike in my van. I replaced the frontaxle but it fit fine. Measure carefully before you start. I used the original equipment bearing cones and nuts to make sure I had the same spacing. The threads were indistinguishable from the original. I will change my rear cassette soon so I will wait until that time to install the rear axle, but I am not expecting any issues because it was easy to do the front. You will need to twist the finger nut a couple times to make sure you fit the fork, because there isn't a lot of travel with the cam lever. I was hoping for a simple one pull lever action, so I knocked one star for that. This does the job.

👤It works well. If you're buying because your cones or dust covers are damaged, look for a different set or separate parts. You will probably need to reuse your cones, spacers, and dust covers more than once. The parts look mishandled. There are little nicks here and there. There is a The bike is called Hyper Havoc Fs.

👤The bearing race was not close to straight and will cause the wheel to bind every revolution. The finish is poor and there are a lot of scratches and ding that go through the paint. The item is not returnable. This is the first negative review I have ever written, and I have had an Amazon account for 10 years. I will have to find another product for this part.

👤I ordered this set to fix my broken rear axle. I was able to use parts from this kit for the other end because the bearing cone on the cassette side was different from the one in the bike. It was possible to remove the cassette from my bike and install the axle without it, but others may need a cassette wrench and chain whip. You will need grease. The shifting was terrible when my axle broke, as the derailleur to ding against the spokes in the lowest gear caused the shifting to be awful. I adjusted it back to its original position, where it worked without having to adjust the derailleur. It rode a new bike after that.

5. ONIPAX Quick Release SKEWERS Black

ONIPAX Quick Release SKEWERS Black

The thread is suitable for most of the bikes mentioned. There are bicycles stored in small spaces. Special design The springs on the nuts are fixed. Great Quality Hub quick release ensures long time use. The front and rear are both 112mm. The weight is 50g front and rear. 59g. Steel Axle and aluminum alloy Clamp are made of material. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Onipax

👤The quick connections look nice. For me to be able to use them, I have to replace the axle. I'm in the process of doing that.

👤The product met expectations. Definitely recommended.

👤The thread wouldn't work because it was shorter than my originals. It wasn't important that it was black instead of red. It seems like quality is good.

👤Good skewers, feel and look good. My 2008 Giant MTB is perfect. The locking lever works well.

6. Alpcour Replacement Skewer Stationary Accessories

Alpcour Replacement Skewer Stationary Accessories

The safest quick release system on the market has two independent cams. You should keep your bike. It is safe. The Alpcour skewer is your bike trainer's new best friend. This product is small and fits perfectly on your bike's rear wheel axel, keeping you upright and stable while riding the bike. The Hasse Free Setup is a rear wheel replacement skewer that saves you time and effort. You can install and remove it at any time. The Alpcour rear axel skewer has a quick release feature so it is easy to lock into place. Beginners will be able to set up their bike trainers easily. It is securely fastened so that it can hold up during hard trainings for professionals. The skewer is compatible with most bike trainers. For the best fit and compatibility, use it with Alpcour bike trainer stands. The rear axels have a diameter of 4.92”. The material is known for its high levels of strength and resilience. The bike trainer skewer will last for a long time. It's perfect for Road and Mountain bikes in any weather or climate.

Brand: Alpcour

👤I bought a quick connect skewer to solve an issue I created when I installed a front bicycle rack. The rack added 1/2 inch to its overall length to make sure the rack struts were secure. I wasted time going to one of the bike shops that the manufacturer recommended after I contacted tech support of the bike manufacturer. No luck. I used my engineering skills and bought a 3/16 diamater skewer as my front skewer. The rear skewers are usually 1 inch longer than the front ones. This worked well. The silver color of the release mechanism made me like it. The price was good and the part was delivered in a day. Sometimes one has to think outside of the box. No thanks to the manufacturer or the cycle shop.

👤This is a great skewer and it is made well. I have not had any problems with cracking or breaking on rides indoors or outdoors. I know that other skewers have broken on rides, but this one has remained in great shape so far. There is a This is a great skewer and has had no problems so far.

👤I bought this for a cheap trainer and it works. The metal is not as high-quality as I would expect, but it hasn't broken yet, so I have no complaints. It does the job.

👤This piece is good for most trainers. Does the job find my original and they are nearly the same?

👤This is not for mountain bikes.

👤The size and quality were great. It's perfect. I use this with my trainer. The piece is great and cheap.

👤The quick release was delivered before expected. It fits my Cannondale mountain bike very well. This product is definitely recommended.

7. Quwei Release Skewers Trainer Bicycle

Quwei Release Skewers Trainer Bicycle

The lightweight and portable waterproof raincoat is perfect for daily work, golf, fishing, hiking, camping, cycling, mills, Road construction, timber harvest, agriculture, mining, shipyards, forestry, utilities, hunting, food processing etc. It is great for all occasions. The trainer Road MTB bicycle has a quick release cycle skewer. The cycle rear wheel is held in the clamps. All rear cycle wheels with hollow axle have a standard rear skewer size. The trainer is profiled to secure into a cylindrical shape. If you've been riding indoors for a while, you've probably fallen over or tipped your bike out of the trainer. Skewer made a Trainer Skewer that was specifically designed for trainers to make sure you're always upright. It fits most rear wheels and is shaped to fit in the rear wheel mount of the trainer.

Brand: Quwei

👤I was riding at 20 mph when this broke. I didn't get hurt when I fell into the stair. My husband is a mechanical engineer and he found that this was broken from a brittle fracture and that it was a poor quality material or an improper heat treat. Don't buy this and save your money.

👤I ordered a different one at first. It never showed up. I blame the USPS, but not the manufacturer. They are terrible. There's usually trouble when I order from the USPS. Tracking is when we have no idea where your stuff is, so it's running late. You need to stop doing business with them. Quwei Quick Release Rear Wheel Skewer is a product. I received it the next day and it was delivered by an Amazon van. It worked perfectly on the bike trainer. The bike trainer is from Amazon. I lost the skewer and this one. Good luck with USPS when it comes to delivery. Even though I was home all day waiting for it, the best one I got from the USPS was "Attempted delivery, no one home".

👤The product is garbage. The first time I tightened it, it snapped, it was purchased to set my bike up on the trainer. I'm thankful that it didn't allow me to put it on the trainer. A failure after setting up a trailer could cause serious injury. Do not buy this product if you want to hurt yourself.

👤The rear wheel of my car was installed and stayed in my basement for 3 days. I found it broken and on the ground. It could cause a serious injury if I was riding my bicycle. I would warn people about this product.

👤The skewer is being manufactured in a way that is not in line with the material selection or process used, which causes the skewer to break on the quick release side. I needed a longer skewer to attach the burley hitch to the child trailer. I was trying to align the trailer with the hitch when it broke, there was no load applied at the time. I was not pulling my children down the road when this happened. I wouldn't buy this product because your life depends on it.

👤This is being used with an older Kurt trainer. I bought another skewer from KurtKinetic for less than the one I bought. This one is about 4mm longer. My bike has 135mm rear dropouts. I think it would work with 130mm spacing, but I don't think it would make 142mm. If you have 142mm or higher, you would need a thru-axle and an accessory.

8. ABSOAR Bicycle Release Skewers Mountain

ABSOAR Bicycle Release Skewers Mountain

It was made in Taiwan. The majority of the bike is fit for the Black / Silver Pole and Blue Lever. The front and rear Skewers have a 4.5mm diameter. Fit mountain bike, road bike. The replacement has five colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gold and Silver. The majority of the bike parts are made of Steel and aluminum and are machined to fit the bike. It's easy to fit a mountain bike and training bike.

Brand: Absoar Cycling

👤I've used it on the radio flayer wagon to take the handle on and off. I replaced the existing bolt with a longer one and it worked well. I wouldn't install it on mountain bikes that put a lot of pressure on the wheels, I'm pretty sure it will work on compatible simple bicycle wheels. There is a The built quality is pretty good and the color is nice. It's recommended for non off road use.

9. CYCEARTH Titanium Bicycle Ultralight Ti Axis

CYCEARTH Titanium Bicycle Ultralight Ti Axis

The material is carbon and titanium. The fit for the Road and the MTB bike is 100/135mm. Limit ring instead of mechanical spring. The package contains a pair of bike hubs.

Brand: Cycearth

👤These must be the lightest ever. The quality is good. I don't think you should tighten them. The leverage is good, so you need to be aware of how much force you are cranking, so not to strip any threads. This is expected when you are using Titanium. But not as strong as steel. To lighten it up, I used on my wife's Specialized MTB. It is used more as a gravel bike so no worries on strength issues, there will be no jumping tests, and it will be running with the Swiss 350s. I dropped 75 grams off the bike, the best option.

👤I have had issues with other brands having too short front end skewer and not having enough thread left to attach the front wheel. These were perfect. Also very light. There are no issues coming undone so far.

👤I guess that is the reason they are called risk? It's funny. Light weight.

👤I need another 10mm in length for my non-boost 29er because the rear QR is too short. Don't buy them for your bike.

👤The skewers were in use for one month. The rear wheel is moving. They will make terrible noises and stay tight. It was used on a frame. Not recommended.

👤The price was good and the bike was blinged out. The weight is 80 grams lighter than my old skewers.

👤The carbon wheels I bought for my bike were heavy and bulky. These are not as heavy and have a lower profile. I've been on them for 6 weeks and have no issues. The product is good and the price is good.

👤It fits my road bike perfectly.

👤I couldn't hold my rear wheel in place while riding because my get was not secure enough. It would slip out of the dropout with the pedalling pressure. I don't recommend it.

👤L'articolo come sempre con Amazon puntualissimo, ma al di l'aspetto gradevole e ben costruito, nonché leggerissimo, non offre una buona presa sui forcellini della bicicletta, tend. The prossimi giorni far degli altri test di uscita.

👤No sujeta,lo he usado 1 vez. El rueda se frena, no sujeta. He was at the dinero.

10. Alomejor Bicycle Release Mountain Accessory

Alomejor Bicycle Release Mountain Accessory

The front and rear wheel hub with quick release is suitable for most bicycles with a 26 inch wheel. ? The front fork has a quick release lever of 100mm and the rear fork has a lever of 135mm. There are two colors to choose from. ? The quick release bar is easy to use and suitable for almost 99% of mountain bikes. ? The quick release rod has a lot of strength and light weight. ? The quick release lever can be removed, making it more convenient to use. ? The quick release lever is easy to set up and install, and can be used to replace old or damaged ones.

Brand: Alomejor

👤There was random branding on it. Not blank.

11. RealiNice Stainless Mountain Professional Replacement

RealiNice Stainless Mountain Professional Replacement

The hub quick release lever is longer for the rear wheel. It's suitable for Mountain bike, Road Bicycle, Trainer Machine with 9mm quick release skewer. Simply release and tighten the quick release skewer. The material is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. Replacement parts are professional grade. 10 skewer springs are included.

Brand: Realinice

👤One was lost in travel. It's nice to have extras that fit perfectly.

👤The Delta Cycle Bike Hitch Locking Fork Mount has a 9mm skewer. The springs do not fit. At the thin end they are 6mm and at the thick end 9mm.

👤I don't know if I like them or not.


What is the best product for bicycle quick release skewer spring?

Bicycle quick release skewer spring products from Platt. In this article about bicycle quick release skewer spring you can see why people choose the product. Deer U and Cyclingdeal are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quick release skewer spring.

What are the best brands for bicycle quick release skewer spring?

Platt, Deer U and Cyclingdeal are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quick release skewer spring. Find the detail in this article. Aituitui, Onipax and Alpcour are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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