Best Bicycle Quick Release Skewer 150mm

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1. CYSKY Release Skewer Bicycle Mountain

CYSKY Release Skewer Bicycle Mountain

Repels humidity and protects it from the elements. It is made of iron and is practical for most bikes. The hub quick release lever is longer for the rear wheel. Short release lever for front wheel has a hollow shaft. The lever for the rear wheel has a hollow shaft size. You can use it to fix your mountain bike. It's the best choice for cyclists.

Brand: Cysky

👤If I return the old one, I'll be off the road until a new one arrives, since I'm only 175 lbs. and an axle should never bend with such light use. It's better to pay more and do the job again.

👤Not the size that was advertised. It would be a 9mm axle. They don't fit in bike dropouts because they measure close to 9mm on the front and close to 9mm on the rear. Just ordered a new one. Hopefully this was a one off. The second set was the same size as the first and the races were bent as described by other reviewers. Unless you can not find any other set, I wouldn't buy these.

👤Today, it was installed. The 135mm dropout is the most common size. I can use the spacers from previous builds. I was lucky to get it adjusted to within. I decided to test ride it after installing the wheel back on the bike. I weigh about 200 lbs and am riding a bike casually up the street when I hear a rubbing sound and feel resistance pedaling. I inspect the bike on my bike stand after walking 200 feet home. I just installed a new axle and it was bent all the way until it hit the inside of the freewheel. I should have done that, but I saved myself some headaches by buying good axles.

👤I needed to remove the dust cover to swap out solid axels. I nicked the cone after tapping on the dust cover. The cone should not be soft. I hit the original cone to make sure it wouldn't nick. I hit it hard, but it didn't hestitate to hestitate. I used the old cones, but I had to use the axle. Hopefully it does not kill someone. I installed one of the cones from this set on another person's bike because the other ones were taking a long time to arrive. He had it on his bike for a while. I wanted to change it so there wouldn't be any issues. I wiggled the rim to see how it was after he stopped to talk. The cone was very badly warn when I removed the wheel to check it out. I replaced it with a better one. A good quality set of bamboo kitchen axels. The alta is junk soft metal. If you see any marks on the metal, hit the corner of a cone wrench. I use a lot of grease so it's not a lube problem.

👤You would think that you can go wrong, and perhaps I'm just unlucky. I received the parts in good time, but I couldn't get the rear wheel to spin right because of the rear skewer. I replaced and regreassed the ball bearings that had fallen out. I tinkered with it for a couple days, as the wheel was crooked and touching the frame. I pulled the axle out and it was bent. I checked the front and rear of the vehicle. The pro's to this product are obviously the price, and that's it, the material quality isn't great, the plastic on the locking lever after little use is starting to degrade, the springs on the skewer are fragile, and of course, the threads wanted to strip easily Not happy.

2. Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Pack

Pinhead Bicycle Locking Skewer Pack

Ensure the security of your wheels at a fraction of their replacement cost. The solution to bicycle wheel theft. Each lock is operated using a unique multi combination key, with a front and rear wheel locking skewer. Ensure the security of your wheels at a fraction of their replacement cost.

Brand: Pinhead

👤My lost bike was found with these locks. I installed the skewers on my Trek bike a week after I got it. I lost all hope of finding the bike after it was stolen from my garage. There is a Then a miracle! I got an email from a local bike shop saying that someone brought in a bike for a flat tire and didn't have the keys to the wheels because they had bought the bike from a pawn shop. The bike shop looked up the bike serial number after I reported it stolen. I was able to take my bike back home after I went to the bike shop to prove it was mine. It was a small investment to keep my bike safe, even if the thief was too lazy to break the locks.

👤These are built to last. I bought my wife a nicer bike and she doesn't like feeding a cable through the quick release wheels so I got them. I knew they would get jacked. There is a You can register with a unique key that comes with these. The key has a bottle opener on one side, but you can't use it on the other side. The key is hard to use if you have big hands, and it is difficult to get them really tight, in fact, the front wheel became loose a couple times and I had to use vice grips on the tool to get it fully tightened. I haven't had any problems since that. There is a The rubber cover on the pin makes it stick out a bit. My wife lost the rubber cover on her bike when she pulled it out of the rack and I am sure one of us will get an ankle bite from the pin sooner or later. This is a solid product that will definitely deter bike thieves in Chicago. I have already recommended them to others.

👤This is the best solution I could find for protecting your bike. If you need to protect your wheels from being stolen in a high crime area with no addition work or thought after installation, this is the way to go. There are a couple things that bother me and would make me switch if there were another option. I have never had my spokes come loose while riding, but it has happened twice with these. That could be a big safety risk factor. The key is bulky and makes it hard to add it to my keychain. If I could detach the handle to loop the main part onto my keychain, that would be perfect, as there's not really another option. The front of the vehicle is a little too short for the size I chose and the rear is a little too long. It is desired that the size is better here. There is a It's a great idea that has kept my bike wheels safe in a high bike theft area but a couple points worth considering and hopefully improving on in the future.

3. SRAM Quick Release Pair Black

SRAM Quick Release Pair Black

It's easy to fit a mountain bike and training bike.

Brand: Sram

👤A bike is being rebuilt. Replacing parts.

👤The quick releases were needed for my second wheel set. It's a purchase of convenience.

👤They are well made and work well. Steel skewers are still used. The handle is made of alloy. Replacing your rusty old ones with these is easy.

👤The fit on my epic is perfect and it looks better than the worn out stuff on it. The inside of the ends look aggressive and hold well.

👤It's not the lightest but it's not the most expensive. They worked well for my bike.

👤These are better than the junk skewers that came with my set. They hold the wheel tightly. Imagine that!

👤Very high quality. Replacing cheaper front and reading quick release axles on a Diamondback Trace is a must.

👤They looked good on my mountain bike.

👤It was teurer, Obwohl. Ihren vollstens ist bin. There is a Sie ist die schicken und hochwertigen Eindruck. Die Achsen ist dick und stabil. The bestens geeignet. Nat ist gut aus an und hochwertigen Bike. Marken ist hier.

👤Comprati per sostituire quelli montati sulla mia mtb. ricomprerei subito.

4. Delta Axlerodz Bolt Bicycle Skewers

Delta Axlerodz Bolt Bicycle Skewers

If you've been riding indoors for a while, you've probably fallen over or tipped your bike out of the trainer. Skewer made a Trainer Skewer that was specifically designed for trainers to make sure you're always upright. It fits most rear wheels and is shaped to fit in the rear wheel mount of the trainer. These skewers are used for quick-release wheel hubs. Anodized aluminum heads. A 5 millimeter allen key is used. The weight is 69 grams. There is a lifetime on original defects.

Brand: Delta

👤The product is well designed and aesthetically great. The execution is not perfect. There is a The Allen head side has a decorativewasher that isn't sufficiently counterunk to accommodate the axel bolt. The teeth of the "washer" grind into the dropouts when the bolt head is bind a little. You can deepen the countersinking by hand with a drill bit. There is a The steel insert on the far end of the axel can pull through even if you use a good wrench. When there is active tension on the insert, it's a bad idea to hold the insert in place by an interference fit. The nut is useless when the insert starts to sink. I used the nut from the set of quick release skewers to replace the Axelrodz. There is a I'm still using these, although with some modifications and mix-n-matching of parts.

👤I have a travel bike box with wheels in one side of it. I've flown with this case three times and found it to be more safe to hold my wheels in the side rather than in the back. I used the bike's original skewers on my last trip of 2020. The lock mechanism of one of the skewers was bent by the TSA when they roughed up my box. The hub on the wheel was a little loose, but my bike and wheels were okay. I decided to order these heavy duty aluminum/steel ones that have a little smaller lock cap when I traveled to DC this past month. They worked well for what I needed. They did not get bent or fall apart, and they kept my wheels secured against the box. I wouldn't use these on my Tri bike because they are heavier than my tri skewers and I like the ability to change a tire quickly. If you are looking for a heavy duty skewer that won't come loose during some rough handling, these are for you as well. Happy biking!

👤I bought the "Axlerodz" to swap with my quick release skewers. The skewers with customlocks are more expensive than the skewers without them. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a way to beat the triangle bolt variant that this brand produces. I don't have expensive wheels. I need to deter, not prevent, theft. I watched a video on the internet to get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I left my bike up with the kickstand and made sure not to hit the wheels. They are well-machined and look shiny. I haven't seen any bad effects while riding. If they had a black color, I'd pick that up to match my bike.

5. CyclingDeal Bicycle Wheel Release Skewers

CyclingDeal Bicycle Wheel Release Skewers

The accessory is great for cyclists. It's suitable for mountain bike, road bike, etc. For road bike only. Strong and safe. Their first priority is your safety. The skewers are very strong because they are made of heat treated Cromoly alloy. The weight is equal to 0.15 lbs. There is no quick release. Remove wheels by hand. You need a 5mm wrench to remove the wheels. SPECIFICATION: Front and Rear Axles are 5mm x 112mm and 5mm x 144mm, respectively. Long lasting. The skewers will not rust or break. Please apply some grease first. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤It looks good and seems to be a very good product.

👤Only once did it work, it was great looking.

👤The product is very nice. The basement light is clean.

6. CyclingDeal Bicycle Release Skewers Replacement

CyclingDeal Bicycle Release Skewers Replacement

10 skewer springs are included. COMPATIBILITY: The Skewers Front and Rear Axles are 112mm and 144mm, respectively. Most of the road bikes have front 100mm and rear 130mm. Strong and safety. Quality material of heat treated CR-MO is used. Good performance and strength ensure a tight grip on your wheels. The product weight is 87g. Light weight and easy to use. The quick release is designed for effortless wheel removal or installation. There were no tools needed. The flip-type lever is designed to be in the right length. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 1 year warranty on their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤The lever will close the bike parts at any angle you want. The pain would be scratched if the QR was closed at the wrong angle.

👤The old and rusty chrome ones on my 1990's Univega hybrid were replaced by these skewers.

👤The little nut that goes on the end is what I really needed, but at 2 units for 8 dollars, I am satisfied. I have been riding on them for a couple weeks now.

👤Better than I anticipated. Good finish. I would recommend it.

👤It works great, well constructed and true.

7. CyclingDeal Bicycle Release Skewers Removing

CyclingDeal Bicycle Release Skewers Removing

The quick release total weight is approx. 96g / 3.39oz is black. Strong and safe. Their first priority is your safety. The skewers are very strong because they are made of heat treated Cromoly alloy. The weight is 73g. There is no quick release. Remove wheels by hand. You need a 5mm wrench to remove the wheels. SPECIFICATION: Front and Rear Skewers are 5mm x 112mm and 5mm x 148.5mm, respectively. Long lasting. The skewers will not rust or break. Please apply some grease first. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤They look better than the tool. Who wants to be the only one at the trails who still rides on the old-school quick-release hubs? You have to get an allen wrench to remove them. It would have taken more time to put them on with the original that had the tool built in.

👤They look sleek and sexy. One time I left my bike out over night and it was stolen. You can get these off with the right size allen key, but not with pliers. I will not leave my bike outside overnight to test them out.

👤They are a little flimsy, but they get the job done. The original skewer for my back wheel broke after I traveled to Puerto Rico in a bike box. I'm pretty sure the airport personnel saw a bike box and wondered how much weight could be put on it. I bought these to have a quick replacement. I don't know if I'd race with them. They work on my indoor trainer to hold my weight up while locked inside. I'll probably buy a new quick release for my back wheel once the bike shops open again. Thanks for the easy fix!

👤The quick release on the front wheel of a cheap Schwinn bicycle was replaced with this. The purpose is to make it difficult for someone to remove a wheel without tools. It is not for securing expensive wheels. I was worried that it snapped when tightened. If you don't have a Torque wrench, you have to use care. Use a low strength thread locker if you are concerned.

👤The rear skewer broke at the threads on the second time they were installed. It wouldn't be a good idea to recommend anyone.

👤The upgrade will make a difference. I believe that having a tightly set rear wheel will improve your overall look and feel of the bike, as well as give you more confidence since you know that the wheel isn't going anywhere at all. You would have to be an animal to break it off. It's easy to install and it's made of good quality.

👤I had problems with the skewers coming loose as I was riding so I replaced the quick release levers on my tires. I haven't had any issues since installing these. They don't get caught on other bike spokes when in storage.

👤I took a few minutes to try them out. I love it!

8. RuiLing Skewers Mountain Bicycle Accessories

RuiLing Skewers Mountain Bicycle Accessories

Good quality made in Taiwan. The type is 1 pair. Bike Wheel Hub Quick Release Bolt Lever Axle Set includes front and rear bicycle Quick Release Skewers. The front quick release length is about an hour. 15 cm, Rear Quick Release length. 18 cm. Made of high quality aluminum alloy and iron material, durable iron construction, and not afraid of grinding, is not afraid of grinding. Practical parts for your bikes, fine workmanship, and a smooth cam action lever. Can be used to repair your mountain bike quickly. It is the best choice for cyclists.

Brand: Ruiling

👤I got a new bike in the mail and it was my first time assembling it. I broke the rubber part when I tightened the quick release. It was fined. I looked for a replacement because I didn't like how it looked. I found this one. It looks amazing. It fit perfectly. You get it for the front and back. It doesn't break under pressure.

👤It fit perfectly on my mountain bike.

👤It looks high end but is not a rip off. These were an easy upgrade to the old rusted sun tour skewers. years

👤These are inexpensive and durable. I just installed my bike.

👤One that works for front wheel is shorter.

👤We had no problem installing the part.

9. PETIT MANON Release Skewer Mountain

PETIT MANON Release Skewer Mountain

Ensure the security of your wheels at a fraction of their replacement cost. It's made of high-quality iron and is suitable for most bicycles. Short release lever for front wheel has a hollow shaft size of approx. 10.8 cm. The lever for the rear wheel has a hollow shaft size of 14.5 cm. The 19 cm is 7.48in. The road mountain bike and BMX can be worked on with the same axle. The wheels with quick release can be removed from the bicycle frame and replaced without tools. It is the best mountain bike parts.

Brand: Petit Manon

👤The parts are pretty standard. I'm guessing from China. It won't fit my hubs. The bearing race is not the right diameter. It's not going to fit into a nicer hub, but I'm pretty sure it will fit your Huffy. I think I'll throw it in the trash.

👤It broke less than a week after it was professionally installed.

👤The metal part was soft.

👤It was easy to install and would buy again.

👤It's cheap. The springs are cheap. If I were to do some heavy mountain biking, I would upgrade to something better, but I think it would work out fine.

👤I think my bike was just big, but they were rotating with the wheel.

👤The product looked great but was not the right size.

10. Axle Release Classic Adapter 3 8 Inch

Axle Release Classic Adapter 3 8 Inch

The complete quick release is 163mm. It is possible to convert a solid axle bicycle hub to a quick release hub in seconds. Remove the axle nuts and replace them with two devices. It makes wheel removal easy. It's great for flat tire repair or wheel removal. It has 26 threads per inch for most common sizes. There are conversion kits for other sizes. The safest quick release system on the market has two independent cams.

Brand: Axle Release

👤It is almost perfect. They need a way to be in position when unlocked. Otherwise, very good.

👤Don't be afraid. A Sondors bike is over 65 pounds. I was worried that the size and weight of the bike wouldn't work out. I popped a few curbs and rocky trails. It is solid. Make sure you use the spacer. I only needed one 90 degree piece of equipment. If you want to have the flexibility to put your bike in the back of the car, I would recommend the Sondors Original. 3 years ago, I wish I'd known about them.

👤It is very difficult to get both handles to tighten in a way that is parallel to the frame so handles can't catch on something or another bicycle, so I should have listened to other reviewers. I mean more than a few minutes. Who wants to spend ten minutes adjusting one side, the other side, and then again when the trail is waiting? Going back to nuts.

👤I bought an old Nishiki that had skewers in the front, but not in the back. The solution was installed in 5 minutes. I wouldn't call it a problem because they stick out a little. Not much more than a skewer. I'm happy with that, if it's the trade off for not having to carry a wrench. Highly recommended!

👤These are larger than a typical skewer. I couldn't get the adaptors to fit in the way I wanted them to. They seemed to make things more complicated. I bought an axle kit to replace the whole thing after returning them. It was easier to mulch than it was to mess with them.

👤So far, so good. It seems to hold up and do a good job. Instructions were clear. Will use for a few days and if everything goes well I'll buy a second pair. If I have an emergency, I need a way to fix a flat tire on the road.

👤These are great. I had a hard time putting my bike in my trunk because I always had a wrench handy. It was a lot easier to modify my wheel than it was to replace it. They hang out more than a standard quick release nob, but still an acceptable amount. I can't give it 5 stars because the levers don't seem to stay put when locked tight. I've used these about 7 or 8 times and they have not opened on me, but I don't feel as confident in them as I would a regular QR.

11. Ventura Alloy Quick Release Bike Silver

Ventura Alloy Quick Release Bike Silver

The seat post tube diameter is not the seat post diameter. The weight is 30 grams. The usable length is 30mm.

Brand: Ventura

👤I was trying to find a quick-release pin that would allow me to switch seats on the exercise bike with my wife. She likes the big seat that came with the bike and I like the small seat that I bought later on. The pin isn't long enough or strong enough to hold the seat in place and keep it from wobbling or shifting. The plastic nut on the pin limits its strength. Back to the drawing board.

👤I gave up after a year of trying and realized this is not worth anything. Son's mountain bike came without a seat release. There are no quick release brakes and other nice components. The drill was used to install this. The seat just goes down a bit whenever we ride. I decided I needed to tighten it. Vice grips were used to tighten it. The seat is still moving and the bolt is bent, which is probably the reason it is not tightening. I think it will work for certain bikes. Others aren't so much. If you have a mountain bike, I would avoid it.

👤I had a standard bolt before I bought this product. I didn't have the right tools to adjust my seat post. The nut couldn't be tightened properly. Went all the way down. It's not comfortable to say the least. The quick release style was replaced with not bringing tools. No tools are required now. Resetting pin is necessary to tighten. Works well on aluminum frames. M-Wave, thanks for the great option on my mountain bike.

👤This adds another measure of security. It's nice to have a quick release pin for your seat since it allows you to take your seat and seat post with you when you ride your bike. You have two deterrents to bike theft. There is no seat-post or seat on the frame.

👤The installation was easy. It's holding power isn't its strength. Getting it tight enough to hold a kids bike seat was enough to rip the end off and snap the bolt in half. I wouldn't recommend it.

👤The seat post-quick-release pin is more sturdy than the flimsy ones you see on bikes. The bolt and nut configuration on bicycles is a pain. Changing seat height is easy with this seat-quick-release pin. There is a The seller said that the ground service was amazing. Thank you!

👤I bought these to use as quick release hold downs. They work well. I'm deducting a star because the whole thing is made of alloy and not plastic. I don't know how long it will last in my case as I'm constantly removing it and reinstalling it.


What is the best product for bicycle quick release skewer 150mm?

Bicycle quick release skewer 150mm products from Cysky. In this article about bicycle quick release skewer 150mm you can see why people choose the product. Pinhead and Sram are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quick release skewer 150mm.

What are the best brands for bicycle quick release skewer 150mm?

Cysky, Pinhead and Sram are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quick release skewer 150mm. Find the detail in this article. Delta, Cyclingdeal and Cyclingdeal are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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