Best Bicycle Quick Release Mount

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1. Hollywood Racks T970 Block Bicycle

Hollywood Racks T970 Block Bicycle

The quick release skewer weight is approx. The 270g is black. There are mounts for a truck tool box, trailer, or a home-made rack. The body is made of aluminum and has a 9mm quick release skewer. The front wheels are 100mm O.L.D.

Brand: Hollywood Racks

👤There is a 2008 Honda Ridgeline. The mount is very simple and cheap. The mount uses a small piece of hardware. I used a flat bar to reinforce the area after removing the bed panel. Plan to buy more to avoid using a hitch rack. I use this one to supplement a Kuat Transfer 2 bike hitch rack. The only downside is that it is a bit wider than the forks on my 20 y/o Murray. The forks can be spread to slip on the mount.

👤If you don't know what's under the sheet metal of your truck, you should probably ask a mechanic to put it on for you.

👤We secured the hooks by the tailgate after we installed ours to a wood post. The bikes can be reached from the tailgate. Very strong. Tired of using a bike rack on the back of a travel trailer... The passing driver let us know. This seems like a safer way to travel. We fit bikes. We were able to mount the bike closer to each other because it is 2” smaller. There is still room for more bikes.

👤I mounted them on the board for each one I purchased. It's enough to keep the bike stable in the camper. Two bikes with their own mounts stacked next to each other use very little space. This keeps them safe in the locked camper instead of on the bike rack in the elements.

👤I mounted two of these to a pine 1x6x36" in order to create an interior bike holder for my 2006 RAV4. The second photo shows the hook strips that hold the carpet in place. My bike works. It would be necessary to lower or remove the saddle for bikes for tall riders. The bike is held securely with an interior bike holder. It's well protected from theft, vandals and the elements. There is a These fork blocks are great, no need to go with a fancy brand name fork block.

👤I bought a fork mount for my truck. I bolted down the 2 by 8 using bolts. I use it about 10 times a week, and it has held up well. It has seen a lot of rain and humidity, but no rust or corroding. Hollywood Racks is comparable to the biggest name brands in bike mounts. Most people that use mine like it better, and I paid half of what the more popular names asked for. The quick release lever seems to hold up well against the weather and exposure to the sun in the back of my truck. The "axis" is lower than the handle according to a few reviewers. At first, I understood. Then thought about it for a second. The threaded cap should be spun on the other side to tighten the lever. I ordered two more because I was happy with this. This is a great bicycle fork mount.

2. KOM Cycling Computer Release Adapter

KOM Cycling Computer Release Adapter

One bike mount is all it takes to make a difference. The kit includes a bike mount, a mount for cameras, and a mount for something. This universal bike mount can be used for any mount you need, whether it is a Garmin Edge or a Wahoo Elemnt mount. The GoPro quick-release undermount is compatible with bike lights. These things are easy to release and expensive. The locking system on this bike mount is unique and never lets go. A quarter-turn quick release is all it takes to remove the bike light from the undermount. The combo kit includes a universal Wahoo mount and a bike mount from Garmin. It is easy to fit large cycling computers like the Edge 1030, Elemnt, and more with 35mm compatibility. The GoPro is compatible with a lot of the best bike lights. Nobody wants to build a weight weenie dream bike that adds unnecessary weight back on. The combined weight of the KOM cycling universal bike mount + GoPro undermount combo kit is 56 grams. That is what they call form and function. They designed this universal mount kit to look good no matter what you ride. The universal bike mount kit is both stealth black and carbon print, and it does its job perfectly.

Brand: Kom Cycling

👤I saw a review by Paul that said the head of the GoPro will be in the wrong direction if it is attached to the Wahoo Mount. There is a I bought the product because I knew there was a chance my mount would be in the wrong place. I attached the mount to the product and found out that you can move the mount back and forth with the Allen key, which is provided with the mount. The mounts on the bike are used in photos. Someone is quick to say a product is faulty. There is a The product is sturdy and well made. It is a well worth product, and it is half the cost of most competitors. The best bang for the buck is usually $60+ for high quality products that have both Garmin/wahoo mount and GoPro mount. Tools are provided to make the mount your own. The product is made in Taiwan.

👤The product is very sturdy and well made. The quick release part is very thought out. I returned it because it held the Elemnt Bolt too far out in front of the stem. The buttons on the side were different than the buttons on the stock mount. It was not terrible but always took a little extra care. The mount's stack height is a bit high, and the light hangs far below the computer. I don't see how they could make it so small. It would be better if they could.

👤I put 35mm handlebars on my Giant Trance mountain bike and I got this to hold my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. The design of the mtb has not been an issue. I'm not sure why the mount has tilted down, but it has worked perfectly on rough trails and drops. I rolled over on the bike and held it in the mount.

👤I love them so much that I have purchased 2 of them. This mount allows me to mount my computer on top of my bike with the help of a quick quarter turn GoPro accessory. If I don't need the light, a quick quarter turn is all I need. Half of my handlebars is taken up with all the gear. A simple mount is all that is needed to solve it all. After reaching out to the customer support of the company, they offered to send me a replacement for the broken one. Within hours of sending my initial inquiry, I had an email conversation with them. I'll order another product from the same company again with that kind of customer service.

3. DEERU Mountain Bicycle Skewers Release

DEERU Mountain Bicycle Skewers Release

Click here to see more product details for the complete list. The cam action lever is smooth. A wide color range with a deep color finish. The hub nut was Extruded. The diameter is about 4.5mm. The front skewer has a size of about 150mm. The weight of the front Skewer is 46 grams. The rear Skewer weight is 51 grams. Most road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMX are compatible with steel and aluminum alloy. It is easy to set up and install, and you can use your bike like new. The application is for something. The majority of the bike is compatible with the axles.

Brand: Deer U

👤The product lengths did not fit as expected. The length of the skewer and the pivot washer is provided by the seller. If you measure the distance you need to span on your bike frame/fork that will not correspond to the measurement this seller provides. My bike has a 170mm distance from the outsides of the frame slots. The 180mm length is not accurate. The skewer is too long. It is only 160mm. The length of the skewer should be known by the seller.

👤The front skewer is smaller. The functional length of the shaft is 123mm. There is a I needed an accurate measure to work with a new suspension fork, but the skewers seem to be made well. There is a I went back to shopping instead of riding because these skewers went into the spare parts drawer.

👤Returning. The looking mechanism is made of plastic and metal. Brand name skewers are about half a millimeter thinner. There is a They are shorter than normal. For a critical component like this, you should spend $10 more for a brand name.

👤The skewers have a defect. I didn't notice it at first because they seamed well made, slid through the wheel easily and tightened up nicely, but I noticed the skewer was about. The thickness of the metal on the skewers causes the wheel to jiggle because they are thinner than the original ones. I had to give this product a 1 star because of the wheel wobble.

👤I bought these for a friend who needed me to fix their bike hubs. I had to return them because they were off to the point where they weren't usable. They were off by 12mm or 1.2 cm.

👤When the bike nut was lost, I was worried that I would have a hard time or have to spend a lot of money on replacement parts, but this piece did the trick for a low cost.

👤I think these would work, but they are more orange than gold. I ordered a seat post clamp from the same vendor and thought the color should be the same for both items. The seat post clamp was the correct gold color, but the picture of the skewers on Amazon looked like seat post gold, not orange. I can't use these because the color is not the same.

👤The front of my bike needed to be replaced. Went ahead and got the rear set as well. They fit right. I'm happy.

👤A picture shows a metallic gold, but it is closer to a pumpkin.

4. Release Skewer Carrier Chariot Trailer

Release Skewer Carrier Chariot Trailer

The child carrier can be used on a second bike. You can switch your bike trailer between 2 bikes with this Hitch attachment. Move your carrier from one bike to another. The hitch cup and extra long quick release Skewer are included. Works with child carriers that have a hitch arm. A double Thule child carrier has a maximum capacity of 100 pounds including children and cargo. If you have an internally geared hub, you will need an internal hub hitch accessory. Their product can be installed on bikes with solid and quick-release rear axles. The bikes with the 12mm Thru Axles will need an additional accessory. Bikes with internal hubs may need to be replaced. If you have an internally geared hub, you will need an internal hub hitch accessory. Their product can be installed on bikes with solid and quick-release rear axles. The bikes with the 12mm Thru Axles will need an additional accessory. Bikes with internal hubs may need to be replaced.

Brand: Bikegear

👤If it had fit my mountain bike, it would have been easy to install. The axel was too small.

👤I could only find it in one place. It works great.

5. Delta Cycle Hitch Locking Mount

Delta Cycle Hitch Locking Mount

The most versatile transportation and storage solution for your bike, the Bike Hitch Pro mounts to any flat surface. It's easy to create a van or truck bed bike mount solution. The Lockable Bike Fork Rack has a patented cam lever design that allows you to lock any standard 9 x 100mm dropout bike with a padlock, providing added security while transporting or storing your bike. Attach the bike block fork mount to any flat surface and you can create your own bike rack. The 9mm quick release skewer provides easy in/out access, while the integrated alignment gasket provides quick and easy fork alignment. You can securely transport your bicycle with peace of mind, thanks to the steel 9mm skewer axle with rigid, heat-treated & anti-rust aluminum body. Delta is the leader and brand name in the bike hitch market, with more than 400,000 units sold, they offer a limited lifetime warranty on their bike mount system.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤Good quality, but not universal! The fork mount is only for the "drop out" old school skewer or "open slot" style forks. I thought they had some sort of accessory to make the mountain bikes fit any bike, since their description says it will fit "any" bike. One of our mountain bikes has a 15mm diameter x 100mm wide opening and the other has a 20mm diameter. The opening is through the axle. Both of our sizes are fairly common. The difference is that through axles go through holes in the bottom of the forks, versus dropping out of slots in the bottom of forks.

👤Good quality and a good price. I've been very pleased with the fork mounts. They work well. The little red loops that come with the fork mounts should be left on the quick release. It is difficult to hold the quick release. I put them in the bed of my truck. I attached the 2x6 to my bedliner with head screws. This will hopefully make it less likely that there will be theft. I run an eight foot cable through the bike frames, then lock the two cable ends at the two quick releases. The 2x6 is screwed into the bedliners and this will attach both bikes together. I drive up through the winding mountain roads of Appalachia without fear. I trust the Delta brand to hold $2500 worth of bikes in the bed of my truck.

👤I bought this in hopes that it would make transporting my road bike in my truck bed easier and more secure. I used to use multiple straps but they were difficult to use and not very secure. I had my bike fall over while I was driving, but luckily it didn't fall out. I bolted it to the back wall of the truck bed after buying this and using two large sheet metal screws. It makes a difference. 15 min used to take 2. I put the forks on the mount, put the bike in to the bed, and then popped the front wheel off. I was worried that I might need to do something to the back of the bike, but I found a mount that I didn't need. My truck isn't the smoothest riding truck in the world and my bike doesn't move an inch. There is a The locking feature seems to be a novelty. A determined thief would have to remove the nut on the other side to get out of a lock, but seeing a lock might deter an opportunist thief. I don't use the lock feature, but it's been a perfect solution for my problem, so I'm not going to knock it. If your bike is going to be unattended for a long period of time, then this is not the best option for securing it.

6. CYSKY Release Skewer Bicycle Mountain

CYSKY Release Skewer Bicycle Mountain

Repels humidity and protects it from the elements. It is made of iron and is practical for most bikes. The hub quick release lever is longer for the rear wheel. Short release lever for front wheel has a hollow shaft. The lever for the rear wheel has a hollow shaft size. You can use it to fix your mountain bike. It's the best choice for cyclists.

Brand: Cysky

👤If I return the old one, I'll be off the road until a new one arrives, since I'm only 175 lbs. and an axle should never bend with such light use. It's better to pay more and do the job again.

👤Not the size that was advertised. It would be a 9mm axle. They don't fit in bike dropouts because they measure close to 9mm on the front and close to 9mm on the rear. Just ordered a new one. Hopefully this was a one off. The second set was the same size as the first and the races were bent as described by other reviewers. Unless you can not find any other set, I wouldn't buy these.

👤Today, it was installed. The 135mm dropout is the most common size. I can use the spacers from previous builds. I was lucky to get it adjusted to within. I decided to test ride it after installing the wheel back on the bike. I weigh about 200 lbs and am riding a bike casually up the street when I hear a rubbing sound and feel resistance pedaling. I inspect the bike on my bike stand after walking 200 feet home. I just installed a new axle and it was bent all the way until it hit the inside of the freewheel. I should have done that, but I saved myself some headaches by buying good axles.

👤I needed to remove the dust cover to swap out solid axels. I nicked the cone after tapping on the dust cover. The cone should not be soft. I hit the original cone to make sure it wouldn't nick. I hit it hard, but it didn't hestitate to hestitate. I used the old cones, but I had to use the axle. Hopefully it does not kill someone. I installed one of the cones from this set on another person's bike because the other ones were taking a long time to arrive. He had it on his bike for a while. I wanted to change it so there wouldn't be any issues. I wiggled the rim to see how it was after he stopped to talk. The cone was very badly warn when I removed the wheel to check it out. I replaced it with a better one. A good quality set of bamboo kitchen axels. The alta is junk soft metal. If you see any marks on the metal, hit the corner of a cone wrench. I use a lot of grease so it's not a lube problem.

👤You would think that you can go wrong, and perhaps I'm just unlucky. I received the parts in good time, but I couldn't get the rear wheel to spin right because of the rear skewer. I replaced and regreassed the ball bearings that had fallen out. I tinkered with it for a couple days, as the wheel was crooked and touching the frame. I pulled the axle out and it was bent. I checked the front and rear of the vehicle. The pro's to this product are obviously the price, and that's it, the material quality isn't great, the plastic on the locking lever after little use is starting to degrade, the springs on the skewer are fragile, and of course, the threads wanted to strip easily Not happy.

7. Lixada Mountain Bicycle Adapter Release

Lixada Mountain Bicycle Adapter Release

COMPLETE ACCESSORIES There are 4 rubber O-rings. Made of aluminum alloy, it is light and durable. Powerful. The standard 9mm hub can be converted to the 12mmQR hub. Just insert the adapter into the hub and you're good to go. Great accessory for your bike.

Brand: Lixada

👤This was everything I wanted it to do. The Cannondale's rear hub was garbage. Finding a replacement hub or wheel with the same standard spacing is nearly impossible. I decided to take the chance on this simple little conversion axle after doing a lot of research and measuring. It is not noticeable when it is inserted into the hub. I wanted a cheap way to convert a boost 148x12mm rear hub to fit a qr without spending money on more expensive hubs like Hope or DT Swiss. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to upgrade their wheels.

👤The part wasn't drilled all the way through. This flaw causes the QR axle to be stopped mid way. Attached is a video.

👤I knew this would be difficult. The rear hub is being converted to fit the bike frame. After getting the 135mm version, I proceeded to file off 3.5mm from each side of the hub. Everything is made of aluminum, so I was able to check the correct amount with the adapter. The alignment of the brake disks was fine, and no need to adjust the rear derailleur. Even though it was a lot of work, and even though it was a cheap one, I couldn't throw it away. After an hour of messing around, the wheel works perfectly and should get some good miles out of it.

👤If I bought this to fit a thru-axle hub to a bike, I would have to give it a lower score because it is much smaller and relies on the o-rings to keep it in place. If I tried to put the wheel in a bike, it would fall out and I would have to use the truing stand again. I bought it to make building 142mm hubs easier. It allowed the wheel to move, but only if a delicate touch was used.

👤I have some ZTR Arch wheels for my Cannondale and it works well. My frame is quick release. These fit the size really well, but do be aware that the measurement for the length is for the fatter part of the adapter, not the whole length, but some work on the lathe helped with that.

👤I need to get a better wheel for TREK ROSCOE 8, so I order a regular wheel and use the Adapter to convert to QR. The alternative.

👤It does what I need it to do. 12x148 to 9mm skewer.

8. EVO Mount Alloy Quick Release

EVO Mount Alloy Quick Release

Great accessory for your bike. It is possible to mount a bike rack to any surface. The quick release alloy construction allows the bicycle fork mount brackets to be strong and light. It is easy to install in a truck bed or van, on a trailer or RV, or in a garage, home, or shed. The fork mount bike block can be mounted vertically or horizontally. 100mm black quick release bike fork mount is the standard size.

Brand: Evo

👤There are a variety of mounting options for fork mounts. You could mount your bike on the floor or on the wall of the garage. I used this mount to mount the forks onto the horizontal beam and then put the bike tires on the side rails to convert our utility trailer into a toy hauler. There are two bikes mounted on the trailer front and sides with kayaks and paddleboards strapped inside, but you can't see them in this photo. I have one of these mounted to a piece of smooth plyboard in the back of my SUV. I use it all the time to transport a single bike, and I think you could fit 3 or 4 road bikes this way.

👤The mount seems solid and functional, but I had one major issue and one minor issue with the design. The hub axle is too wide to fit 9mm dropouts. The hub axles were measured using a pair of vernier calipers. The hub needed a lot of force to get into the dropouts. I didn't want to have to return the product to Amazon and have the same risk with a different item, so I sanded off the paint from the hub axles, and they fit the dropouts perfectly. It's clear that the design was not taken into account by the designers, and that the surface treatment of the final product was not taken into account. There are only two holes for mounting bolts. It would be better if there were more than one hole offset from each other so that the mount doesn't work loose.

👤I drove around my neighborhood at low speeds. The fork was not secured when I arrived back home. I wrapped the front fork with tape so that it wouldn't happen again. I strapped the bikes together to make sure they wouldn't fail. The bike bounced all over when the clamp loosened. The bike was kept from falling over by the strap. I can't recommend this for travel, maybe a wall mount at home. I was able to confirm that the fork was the correct size.

👤Excellent product. If your truck or SUV doesn't come with a mountable bed, Homedepot or Lowe's can help you install it. Put the mount on the lumber in your trunk to find the best position, then use a pencil to draw a dot through the screw hole, then drill two deep holes with a 3/16 drill bit. Then drill the lag screws into the hole.

9. CyclingDeal Trainer Quick Release Skewer

CyclingDeal Trainer Quick Release Skewer

The wheels with quick release can be removed from the bicycle frame and replaced without tools. It is the best mountain bike parts. The quick release skewer is easy to install and disassemble, making it a good replacement for the original skewer. The design of the cam lever cap and retainer nut helps prevent scratches to the dropouts on your frame and is compatible with most of the cycling trainers in the market. Universal fit: Most of the rear cycle wheels with quick release are fitted for the 130mm road bike spacing. Quality material was used. The sekwer is strong enough to hold the weight of the bike and the rider. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 1-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Cyclingdeal

👤Not long enough for a road bike.

👤It was easy to switch out the bike. I could use my present.

👤The product was listed on the website as 198mm, but it was not. It is so useless for me. I bought it because of its size. When I received it, it was 190. The delivery was fast.

👤It works perfectly with my used Wahoo Kickr snap.

👤Very good product, perfect fit, solidly built.

👤My wife can use our trainer as well.

👤It was easy to install and so far so good.

10. EIRONA Basket Bicycle Handlebar Release

EIRONA Basket Bicycle Handlebar Release

It can be used for mountain bike, folding bike, and other bicycles, and can be a basket for shopping, storing, and other purposes. More product details can be found here. If the basket comes with straps, there will be another way to hang it. The handlebars are between 22.2 and 31.8mm. The basket can be removed in a few seconds.

Brand: Eirona

11. Garmin Mount Quick Release Quarter

Garmin Mount Quick Release Quarter

It's designed for road and fixedgear bikes. The unit is secured to the handlebars. The bar is a one inch diameter.

Brand: Garmin

👤The garmin mount is a great one, but since it is not angle, the Varia points downward, and thus your rear wheel is what it's radaring. I could change it up with a shim, but that could cause a dangerous situation. I'm purchasing a mount for the seat post because I don't want to use it. When they say it's varia compatible, they mean the little head unit you use when you don't have a Bolt or Edge. It's not right for my Rear View Varia. I MzE I wasted my money. I rated it based on what it is and it's fine for a handlebar mount, but I always worry about the o-rings breaking. Don't buy it for a Varia. I would have realized this immediately if I had been looking closely.

👤It is easy to install. During long mountain bike rides, the mount tends to drift out of position. I'm not going to use it anymore because it's annoying, but I have to move my 510 back into position at the end of each ride or on long rides mid way through the ride. The price point of this unit is acceptable. My current bike has brake lines that interfere, so I need to use an on handlebar mount for my computer, even though I have out-in-front mounts that I like better. I don't trust the industrial rubber bands. I have a backup in case the mount fails or the rubber bands come off, because I loop the lanyard from the computer around the handlebars.

👤The unit is strong and can mount twists. There is a It's difficult to attach the mount to your bike. The rubber bands work, but they rot and give way. It's not good to lose your $300 investment in gear. There is a My job is to attach a lanyard to the head unit. 2 mounts have to fail before I lose something. I lost an expensive unit because of a mount failure. I went with the lanyards. I would like to see a way to use zip-ties with these mounts. It takes years to get zip-ties to break, and you need to stress them to do it.


What is the best product for bicycle quick release mount?

Bicycle quick release mount products from Hollywood Racks. In this article about bicycle quick release mount you can see why people choose the product. Kom Cycling and Deer U are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quick release mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle quick release mount?

Hollywood Racks, Kom Cycling and Deer U are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quick release mount. Find the detail in this article. Bikegear, Delta Cycle & Home and Cysky are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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