Best Bicycle Quick Link Chain Connector

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1. Partstock Mountain Bicycle Connector Missing

Partstock Mountain Bicycle Connector Missing

5 Pairs Bicycle Chain Master Link Joint is suitable for BMX bike, folding bike, mountain bike, road bike. The color is suitable for 10 Speed Chains and a usage counter of 3-6 times. Sturdy and durable to use, it is made of high steel with fine treatment and precision machining. The quick release link design is easy to install and use. When you have a broken bike chain, a magic chain buckle can be used. The chain cleaning and maintenance process can be a lot more difficult.

Brand: Partstock

👤There were 10 and 6 speed links. I only needed 3 pairs to fit in my various tools, like my chain break tool and multi tool that fit in my handle bar. I have enough, but I'm not sure what to do with the 6 speed sets. I will donate them to my bicycle collective. It's not worth sending them back.

👤Emergency use will be appropriate for these. Not for long term use. These are used on a ten speed chain. I wouldn't use other chain sizes. The partstock links are very delicate and susceptible to separation, and I think the 10 speed and above chains are too.

👤I like the overall appearance of these. There is a The only thing I don't like about these links is that they don't snap into place when you lock them together. They come apart when they slip together without the tool. It had me worried at first, but I began to trust em. I've put about 300 miles on this chain. So far, so good.

👤I don't know what other people are receiving, but what I got clicks together firmly, you can't just remove it with your fingers. I use the KMC 9 speed ones on my 10 speed chain and they work just as well as the wider ones. They are just as good as the KMC and fit perfectly.

👤The link worked well. I got back to the car after it made the repair. I did not change it when I came home. The link broke in the middle after about 50 miles of riding. I guess you get what you pay for when it's an emergency.

👤My chain flew when one snapped on a hard pedal stroke. It is a 5 pack and they are easy to replace. I put a new one in. Only one of the 5 of them has broken so far. It might be a problem. If you don't bring spare ones with you while riding, you will have a huge safety problem.

👤These are not good links. You can pull them apart by hand. The slot is larger than the pin, so it's not holding the quick link together, even though it's the same size.

2. SHIMANO 410N CL Master Single Piece

SHIMANO 410N CL Master Single Piece

There are 4 pairs in the package. The bike chain link is 7.8mm. It was built to last. It was made of high quality material. HJC Northeast Inc. manufactured it.

Brand: Shimano

👤The clips are on for easy removal. It was sealed in plastic to protect it from the weather. The "Z" is a sign of a genuine KMC product. The Master Link is for single speed bikes. The roller diameter is.302" Between the Inner Plates is a Pin Diameter of.141.

👤The stock bicycle chain links are much narrower than this link. If you are dealing with any type of derailleur, it is too large. It can't go through. I wish I'd known this before I bought it.

👤It was a very tight fit and we didn't think it would work, but we were able to get the pieces to link into the chain.

👤I didn't have a tool to install the master link that came with the new chain, because it apparently needed a tool to do so. Either buy a tool or a new link. The link was purchased by me. This one popped right on. It works perfect.

👤Exactly what it is supposed to be.

👤Excellent product. It was easy to use. It's a matter of fact. I limit my rising distance because it went on so easy. The summer is almost over and my bike is still doing well.

👤I was happy they had the correct size. It was frustrating to get the wrong size three times. This was the one I needed and it worked out great. I had to fix a gate chain.

👤The master link won't work for a single speed bike because it hangs up.

👤The garage door opener and chain drive came back together within a week. Would order again.

3. Shimano Quick Link Connector SM CN900 Ziplock

Shimano Quick Link Connector SM CN900 Ziplock

HJC Northeast Inc. manufactured it. It's compatible with all 11 speed chains. The quick link is for tool-free chain repair. It allows for quick and easy maintenance. The link plate is from the SIL-TEC. 2 pairs of Quick-Link are packed in a transparent bag.

Brand: Shimano Chain

👤It didn't fit my chain.

👤Only eleven speed chain are used. They don't need tools to do it. You should get the missing link tool. It's important that the arrow points in the direction of rotation. I'm not sure if missing links will hold. It may be necessary to find a tighter link. If not carry a fresh one. When a chain fails, the result is catastrophic.

👤I keep these spare parts in my hydration pack and saddle bag just in case, I have a chain break on my miles from the car. These parts work well with chains. They are easy to use and don't require any tools to install. I have been with riding buddies where it has happened, and a quick link can be the difference between peddling out of the mountains or hiking back to the car.

👤I like to add a master link to my chains so I can clean them quickly. I keep one in my bag in case of a chain break.

👤The arrows on the quick link are pointing in different directions. They don't run smoothly over the cassette. The bike mechanic laughed at me and sold me a genuine quick link. I feel like I have been raped by this seller.

👤The product from Shimano is always good. The links are cheaper to buy in a bag. My friend got the boxed edition and it was the same as before. It's yours to make, it's cheaper if you choose. Pay a little more. You both get the same item. There are missing links for 11 speed.

👤I compared them side by side with the one that came with my chain. They are correct under the microscope. Who needs a stupid blue box? A baggy is fine to save money.

👤It's never a good idea to leave home without it. You should walk home when a simple on- trail repair gets you pedaling again.

4. MISSING Bicycle Chain 8 Speed 6 Pack

MISSING Bicycle Chain 8 Speed 6 Pack

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan. Bike Chain Link is 7.3mm. It was built to last. It was made of high quality material. HJC Northeast Inc. manufactured it. A card of 6 is needed for the unit of sale.

Brand: Kmca0

👤They were thought to be original KMC manufacture, a precision item. The seller says "Manufactured by HJC Northeast Inc." The metal has a stamped KMC on it. The Park chain link pliers and the correct KMC chain had to be given up after an hour of using them. One was bent out of the bag. A mistake. No returns is what it says when you look at your order. Can't imagine why. It's a good thing. I had to call Amazon to get a refund. Buy them from a major online bicycle seller.

👤These are added to every bike I own. I repair and resell bikes as a hobby and I always add a missing link. It makes it much easier to repair a chain. I use these on my mountain bike and on my touring bike to get me to places I don't want to get stranded and be unable to fix a chain. One time, I broke a rear derailleur on my mountain bike and was able to remove the missing link and ride out as a single speed. I have a spare on my bike.

👤I replaced my master link with a quick release link. Love it. I used to clean my chain with a cleaning tool I bought on Amazon. I can remove the chain completely and let it soak in the cleaner. The chain is so much cleaner after I installed the quick release link. After re-lubing it, shifts improved. The link is holding up well after a couple of rides. I removed the chain again to see how easy it was to remove it without any tools, just push the link ends together with your hands. Being able to easily remove the chain will be useful in the future. Great purchase.

👤This is the first time I've used a quick-release master link, and I've been very pleased with it. With this link, I can easily remove the whole chain from the bike, drop it into a plastic bottle with solvent, and shake it up to clean it. After the dirty and dirty lube is cleaned off, I rinse it off, dry it, and put it back on the bike. I will use one on every chain I install. There is a I have no problem using a pair of needle-nose pliers to release these types of links. I push the chain by hand after squeezing the side plates together. There is a I used this on a bike with a 7-gear cassette and a KMC Z50 chain. The link runs smoothly and I don't see any difference in performance compared to the solid chain that was installed before.

5. SHIMANO Speed Chain Connector SM CN900

SHIMANO Speed Chain Connector SM CN900

WEAR INDICATOR: Their bike repair kit comes with a chain wear checker and indicator that will allow you to quickly assess the condition of the bike chain and know if it's time to replace it. The device can be used to check if the 0.75 or 1.0 tooth passes through the chain. It is to replace it with a new one and save time. The package has 2 pairs. Genuine parts from Shimano. For 11 speed chains.

Brand: Shimano

👤The quick links were in a zip top bag. They were going to be taken out and used. They were stamped with the name of the chain I ordered. They do not fully lock. I could never get them to lock with what I had. The reason I purchased 2 pair was because they couldn't be used in the field of chain breaks. One for now and one for emergency. I ordered the quick links and had no problems.

👤Not original packaging is suspect. The return was initiated. I see that others have the same issue. I don't trust my life to anything that comes in an un-marked plastic baggie.

👤I keep my tool bag in case of a chain break. They go on quickly, don't add much weight and will get you back on the road.

👤The 10 speed version is easier to install.

👤The material seems to be thinner than in the past.

6. Aunocy Bike Chain Removal Tool

Aunocy Bike Chain Removal Tool

The colors are brown and silver. There is a Universal solution. Don't worry about missing teeth and broken bike chains ruining your cycling experience! The bike chain tool repair kit contains everything you need for a quick and easy fix so you can pedal the way you want. The bike chain tool kit comes with everything you need to get your bike working again. You will get a bike link pliers, chain wear indicator and checker. The bike chain splitter with chain hook is easy to use and will secure the bike chain at the same time. The tool works with a lot of bicycle chains. The top quality. The chain breaker bicycle tools are made with high quality materials. The bike link pliers have a comfortable grip. You can save time and space by using a single tool for two jobs with this bike chain tool. WEAR INDICATOR: Their bike repair kit comes with a chain wear checker and indicator that will allow you to quickly assess the condition of the bike chain and know if it's time to replace it. The device can be used to check if the 0.75 or 1.0 tooth passes through the chain. It is to replace it with a new one and save time.

Brand: Aunocy

👤There are three types of tools: cheap junk, value tools and rugged precision. Aunocy bicycle chain tool is a value tool. It's perfect for the home. I wouldn't recommend it for use in a bike shop. The design of the chain pliers, pin remover and measure/holder all work well. There is a If you're like me, you'd use these tools a few times a year. There are quite a few of these tools sold on Amazon under different names. Go for the best price.

👤All of my chains have pins. Pressing the pin back in works well with the pin extractor. The tool has an extra slot so you can expand the link to get a precise factory setting, however it is not easy to expand on chains with curved plates. The teeth on the tool are too small to hold the chain in place. This is a problem with vintage chains, like the Unglide, which have curved plates. The alignment goes off when the chain rides up on the small teeth. I cannot recommend this chain tool for the Uniglide or the Sedis chains because of the serious defect. The old Cyclo tool from the 70ties worked better and faster than the chain link expansion I got, because I was careful not to bend the plates. The chain tools were crude but they worked better on thicker chains. 8mm Something the Chinese need to learn. I don't recommend this tool for chains with curved plates unless you are an experienced mechanic that has worked on many chains. Most of the chains had flat plates and the tool worked well on them.

👤The product is cheap, lightweight and useless. The link removal does not work. After one use, it was broken and bent. A quality park tool will cost $30, but will last forever.

👤Me gust el producto, creo, deja, con respecto a la calidad.

👤Excellent set. Highly recommended.

👤Quick links do not fit a standard chain.

7. Oumers Breaker Splitter Bicycle Professional

Oumers Breaker Splitter Bicycle Professional

This tool can be used to determine if a chain is good or bad. The bicycle chian repair tool set is perfect for all your bike chain repairs. 2-in-1 master link chain pliers are used for quick removal of joining links and are an advanced tool for both open and close. The bike chain rivet extractor is designed to remove and install pins in 7, 8, 9, 10 and single speed bicycle chains, it is easy to break, and it has a unique grooves on the top that make it easy to remove the cut. The bicycle chain is missing. The 6/7/8 speed missing link is compatible with all 7.1mm wide 6/7/8 speed chain of bike. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their bicycle chain repair tool kit, they will either give you a replacement or a refund within 24 hours. If you need more professional bicycle maintenance tools, you can find them on the product catalog.

Brand: Oumers

👤I broke a chain on my bike and wanted to fix it myself. Everything I needed was in this set. There were no links included that would fit my chain. I tried to get the links to fit. I took my chain to my local bike shop and they had the correct link. All chains are not equal. The link was snapped into place. I have ridden the bike since and have no problems. The link splitter works well. Well made tools.

👤I need this set for the chain as I rebuild my bike. I had to add some links back to the chain after taking too many. The tools in this set worked great until the spring came off the pliers, which was quite a bit of chain work. I was able to use them, but it was a lot easier when the spring kept the pliers open. All is good, as Amazon is sending me a replacement. I wanted to report it. I tried to get the spring back on the pliers, but couldn't. I requested a replacement from Amazon.

👤I didn't know if I needed everything included in the kit. I only needed the removal/inserter pin tool and the chain replacements. It was very easy to use, but I needed a bit of magnification for pin alignment. The chain for the bike kit was a few links shorter. The replacement links and other tools will hold up over time in the heat and humidity of Florida, but only time will tell. If things don't hold up over time. I will revise this review. I am pleased with my purchase as of June 22, 2021.

👤I needed a chain tool to remove the chain from my daughter's bike so I could convert it to a balance bike while she learns to ride. The tool was perfect for removing the chain. I am going to have to get a master link from the local bike shop because none of the master links included will fit her chain. I chose this one because of the included matter links, but I am removing a star for the lack of size.

👤I ordered this to work on bikes. The chain tool worked. The quick links for 7-speed chains were too narrow. I put a caliber on them and they measured at the widest spot. The 3 chains were not 7mm. I had to get a link from my local store. The package of links have even narrower options for other types of chains. Someone working on multiple bikes would benefit from that. I threw the links away because other people have said they were junk. If you want to buy this product, you should only buy it for the chain tool. When it's time to remove the links, the pliers are a good choice.

👤I got this tool because I needed to replace the chains on a couple bikes. Even though I had never used a tool like this before, the tools made it very easy to break a bike chain and set a new one in place. They were what I needed to change the bike chains, but I don't plan on using them much.

8. Bicycle Missing Chains Repair Professional

Bicycle Missing Chains Repair Professional

3 pairs of chain link, totally 6 pieces, well packed in a bag, convenient to carry, and avoid losing. The bike chain tool set is perfect for all your bike chain repair, including bicycle chain removal plier, bike chain wear indicator tool, 6 pairs bicycle missing link, and 10 speed chain link. The chain master link removal tool is used for both open and close chain link removal. A bike chain wear checker can allow you to quickly assess the wear and stretch of chains and help you decide if you should change them or not. The bike chain missing link is made of durable steel material and can be used for mountain bike and road bike. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their bicycle chain repair tool kit, they will either give you a replacement or a refund within 24 hours. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with their bicycle chain repair tool kit, they will either give you a replacement or a refund within 24 hours.

Brand: Qkurt

👤pliers broke after the third or fourth time they were used. I only had this for a month. I was not injured. I contacted the seller for a warranty but he didn't reply. Don't be deceived by Amazon Choice because it isn't a quality product or customer service. Safety is an issue when using.

👤The chain stretch tool is.75 and 1.0 It is too late. I should have looked at the pictures. The standard for 'time to change chain' is.75. You are damaging your drive. It is late. There is a The link works on a 7 speed and a 9 speed. I didn't try them on a 10.

👤The levers that pull the chain together or apart are too thick for a 10 speed chain, so I used a master link that came with the pliers. These teeth are going to be filed. A little thinner. I think it will work. When ordering, keep this in mind. They work on a wider chain.

👤The handles on the plier are wrapped in plastic and feel like hard plastic. It did work on my son's mountain bike chain, but squeezing it to lock it can be uncomfortable on your hands. The chain-wear guide isn't bad, but I still don't know how accurate it is. I haven't used any of the links, but they seem to be of decent quality. The kit is best suited for home use or the occasional bike repair, as it is at a budget price range. The quality of the build is not for heavy duty or professional use.

👤My grandson's bike chain broke at the beginning of summer. We were unable to purchase a new one because of the virus. I ordered the repair kit and it arrived in two days, but my son had to wait 15 minutes to have the chain fixed, because my grandson was riding down the driveway. Since then, there have been no problems. The product was easy to use and well made.

👤I decided to replace the chain on my wife's bike as the wait to repair bikes had gotten so long. The links and plier were what the tester told me I needed. I needed the tool to push the old chain link off the new chain as it was a little too long. The chain size should be ordered using the correct rear sprockets. Too long is better than short.

9. Park Tool Master Pliers MLP 1 2

Park Tool Master Pliers MLP 1 2

Their bike chain cleaner kit allows you to have a clean bike that looks new and is enjoyable to ride. If you have a problem with using the product, please contact them and they will provide you with a solution as soon as possible. It can be made in the USA or imported. All of the derailleur chains use a master link.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I have gotten by without any master link pliers, but finally broke down and bought one. There is a I would have a hard time removing the master link when I removed a chain. This would lead to her kicking my ass and me crying in the bathroom waiting for the cops, so I could embarrassingly tell them how my 120 pound wife whipped my ass, but conveniently leave out the part about me starting the fight. Don't judge me. There is a This can happen to you as well. Do yourself and your spouse a favor and quit getting by without it. If you don't get a master link before you have to remove a chain, you'll get kicked. It could keep you from getting beaten up and having to explain to the police why your nose is bleeding.

👤I have a chain with a missing link. I've switched to waxing my chain with a clean and awesome powder. I need to be able to take my chain off and on. I've been told that Connex Master Links are the best because they are able to lock and unlock with no tools. I've been warned by many bike repair technicians that mixing one brand of chain with another brand of Master Links can lead to failure and accidents. I don't want to find out if this is true or not. The Connex Master links are longer than the missing link and links on the chain. I don't know if this matters, but my instinct is not to mess with it. There is a The Park tool is needed. You can lock andunlock the KMC missing link with your hands, but it's a pain. The two different tools that KMC makes are unlocked and locked. This is crazy when you can buy the Park tool for less money than the two KMC tools. It works perfectly for both locking and unlocking the master link. There is a If you have any brand of chain with a Master Link, this is the tool to have. It's well designed, sturdy, and works perfectly. Don't hesitate to buy it.

👤I almost didn't believe it. I have been using a bike tool for a long time and I felt inspired to buy a new one. I like this thing. Is it possible to live without it? If you are looking at a tool like this, you probably have a lot of things in your basement or garage that you could live without. The sweetest thing about these little pliers is that you can get a master link on without accidentally letting go of the chain and then having to fish it out of the front derailleur for the third time while you think about how tight your knees are getting from crouching. Are you cleaning your bike today? You can pop your chain off in about 3 seconds and clean around the pulleys with degreaser, which will make people wonder if you have a new drivetrain. Is this tool going to give you more power? No. Is it going to allow you to spend more time with your family? Yes. It was justified.

10. Missing Bicycle Chain 9 Speed 6 Pack

Missing Bicycle Chain 9 Speed 6 Pack

The master link plier has a safety pin and a return spring to keep it ready for work. The clasp can be closed to keep the bike tool small. The package is 0.762 cm long. The package width is 8.89 cm. The package is 17.26 cm high. The product is outdoor rejuvenation.

Brand: Kmca0

👤I have used chain rivet removers and not flimsy newfangled links for many decades. The missing link on my x9e mid drive ebike chain has held up perfectly, I decided to use the links on it. There are a couple of moves. I use a Park MLP 1.2 and it works perfectly to open and close the missing link again. I have a bike toolbag and I bought a second Park tool to keep in it. I don't have to use the chainbreaker again. I hope so.

👤They are easier to install than pins. They work well. A pair of quick link pliers would be good for me. It makes the job easier. Get the ones that open and close the link. I think they are a great idea. I don't think I'll go back to pins again.

👤I didn't think I would break the chain on my bike. It was right up to the moment that I actually did it. I had a chainbreaker built in my toolkit, but it was difficult to fix a chain without a spare link. The rider gave me a 'Missing Link' and we fixed my chain. It would have been a long walk home if he hadn't stopped. There is a I have carried KMC missing links and I have also fixed my own bike. There is a My tool pack has links for 9sPD and 10sPD chains in case... I left the original one in for hundreds of tough miles and never had an issue, even though some are worried about using a missing link for more than an emergency. I no longer use that chain but it still lives on, along with a second missing link, after I transferred the entire drive train to a spare.

👤I carry these on rides in case a chain breaks. They are easy to install on a trail and will save you from walking back to the truck with a broken chain. They are small, light, and like insurance that you will be happy to have if the occasion arises.

👤If you're in the middle of nowhere, snapped chains can happen and you could be stranded. You can get back on the road quickly if you have a chain tool and one of the links. These are easy to work with. There is a These do wear about twice as fast as the rest of the chain so you'll need to replace them as needed. Shifting is slowed if you are changing gears at the moment the link is passing through the area, which is a real downer. I'm running a mountain bike that sees a lot of road miles and a lot of shifts. There is a A lifesaver on the road, but probably not something you want to install unless you have to.



The package contains 8 pairs of chain link and 16 pieces in one pack. It's convenient to carry a bag and not lose. It's compatible with the KMC, 10 speed chains. Chain Color: Silver, Chain width: 5.9 millimeter, card size: 6

Brand: Kmca0

👤The KMC Quick Link makes it easy to install the chain on my bike. There is a A quick link is much easier than a pin that needs to be driven with a chain tool, and this particular quick link is also re-usable. A quick link makes it easy to remove the chain. The Park Tool MLP 1.2 Master Link pliers can be used to open and close the quick link. There is a My quick link closed quickly. If it doesn't, position the quick link between the top of the cassette and the top of the crank, hold the rear brake lever, and step on the pedal. The link will be closed when you hear a snap. The quick links were shipped as three cards. The links are genuine. See the photo.

👤I tried four different links and none of them had a positive lockout, they closed with simple pressure with the fingers, and they opened again with no real effort. I would use them to get me home if a chain broke, but not as a regular master link. Good for the trash is not worth purchasing.

👤The link snapped when I stopped at an intersection. It was living up to its name. It was useless when it broke because it bent one of my front teeth. The quick link had not been opened. I am a heavy rider, but I have been using quick links from Shimano for thousands of miles in harsher conditions. You don't have to pay a lot more to fix the components that are damaged if you pay a bit extra for a link.

👤I don't want to have to break chains in order to clean them. The KMC Missing Links are the ticket for two reasons: They are nickel covered so that they don't rust into place, and they assemble and disassemble without a special tool. I usually use Wipperman chains when I replace my bike's chain. They are expensive. I had to break the chain on my Fargo bike in order to do a rear derailleur changeout. I couldn't get the link out even though I used a Park tool. I purchased the KMC since it says it is compatible with both KMC and Shimano chains, and I had to purchase another chain. The logic is carried over since Shimano is compatible with SRAM. I attached the chain and master link. I couldn't get the master link to fully open on the old chain because I purchased a new one. I'm happy that the link is available. I have a chain with a missing link on a Specialized Roubaix with a SRAM chain that has at least 5000 miles on it and no problems with the link. The chain is getting to the point of having to be replaced because the shifting is starting to have problems, but the link is still doing its job. I don't know why those who write say that the link doesn't last, I would suggest that it's not the link that is the problem, but the whole chain. The chains on a bike need constant care and it's not something you do once a year. You should clean it every month to get rid of road dirt. If you ride on a dirty street or road, you should wipe it off and then re-lube it after spraying it with some WD 40. The problem with chains is that they stretch over time. You will need a ruler to see how stretched it is.


What is the best product for bicycle quick link chain connector?

Bicycle quick link chain connector products from Partstock. In this article about bicycle quick link chain connector you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Shimano Chain are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle quick link chain connector.

What are the best brands for bicycle quick link chain connector?

Partstock, Shimano and Shimano Chain are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle quick link chain connector. Find the detail in this article. Kmca0, Shimano and Aunocy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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