Best Bicycle Pump Replacement Hose

Pump 17 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. PEPRMROE Extension Bicycle Inflator Accessory

PEPRMROE Extension Bicycle Inflator Accessory

The stroller pump nozzle needs 1.5 inches of clearance from the tube pin to the wheel rim center. Approx. 155mm The material was made from rubber andalloy. The hose is durable and efficient to protect. It is easy to connect the air pump.

Brand: Peprmroe

👤It's not a good value if they don't work.

👤They didn't work. The air escaped as soon as you attached it because they didn't have a valve inside.

👤There was a pump that was missing. These seem to work well.

2. Presta Valve Adapter Schrader Inflatable

Presta Valve Adapter Schrader Inflatable

The ball needle and inflation cone are included. Do you have a bike Presta tire? You need to convert Presta to the air valve pump. The fixie bike pump and air compressor has a great inflator. There are a variety of tires for bicycles, road bikes, folding bikes, motorcycles, and automobiles. There is a kit that includes a Presta Valve Adapte, a metal basketball needle, plastic exercise ball needle, and an Air pump hose accessory. There are yoga balls, exercise balls, kick balls, soccer balls, basketball balls, and toy balls. The Perfect Air Inflator Nozzle Kit is for bicycle pump, ball inflatable pump, balloon inflater pump, basketball pump, and football pump.

Brand: Turnonsport

👤I bought this for the small hose so that I could use it as a screw-on valve for bicycle tubes, rather than the snap-on one I use for my hand-pump. The small hose's knurled connector is so useless that it rotates reluctantly. The second time I pulled the small hose from the hand pump's connection, the end of the extension hose was ruined. The whole kit was thrown away. Money is in a toilet.

👤I don't know what's wrong but the pump extension doesn't allow air to be pumped into the tire I'm using. The bottom line is that I can't use this product as intended because I can't explain it.

👤There is a short thick adaptor for floaties. This is great. I use my bike pump to blow up my inflatable toys. I wish it had its own case, but a plastic baggie works great.

👤I used it with our bike pump to fill a small wading pool for the kids and they worked just as expected. It came with a little baggy storage and I loved it. I won't lose them.

👤My son needed a science experiment for school and I needed this kit. The kit was not expensive at all. The items in the picture were displayed with it. The ball needle and different pump adapters are easy to use. I only use it for a soccer ball, but it seems like it would work for any type of ball and pump.

👤I needed sports ball needles, but thought the other attachment might be useful. The package has needles. The first needle broke. I think the second needle won't survive another use.

👤I got these to use a bike pump to inflate a pool float. Finally, I found the single adapter that works. You have to push it into the blow-up nipple to get the pump to work. It saves time and effort.

👤The value was described and the couple that I've tried so far worked as intended. I use a black one to blow up inflatable tubes for the kids. These should last a long time. The nylon is flexible but doesn't last as long. I bought it for the adapters and was happy with them.

👤Bombas de aire para todo tipo de pivotes, un kit. Ahora calidad y rapida. There is a Volvera is a good rating.

3. Eccotemp I12 LP Water Heater Black

Eccotemp I12 LP Water Heater Black

We will deal with your questions asap. Whole home gas powered tankless water heaters, rated at 4 GPM, are only activated on demand and do not need a pilot light. The front panel is black and easy to use. Features fully automatic temperature controls and child lock technology. Plugs into a standard electrical outlet with a cord that's not listed on the website. The horizontal vent allows for a convenient and quick installation. The horizontal vent allows for a convenient and quick installation.

Brand: Eccotemp

👤This unit developed a pin hole leak in the heat exchanger after 11 months. The warranty will not be honored by Eccotemp. They are blaming something. Neither happened. There are 2 more leaks before the second year. The email "helpdesk" will not honor the warranty. People who have recently installed one should not be used as a basis for buying. It was great until the 11th. All the way down the hill. The tenants were patient.

👤I need to return it to you. The manual says it won't work above 2000 ft. This was not indicated in any of the add/discriptions. I suggested to the agent that it would be a good idea to make that clear. He said that was suggested by other customers and nothing had changed. He told me it would work and be fine. My architect said it wouldn't work and I told him again. I have never taken it out of the box. Please tell me how to return it. There is a This is the first time I've ever bought something from Amazon. I live in a cabin in the woods in Ruidoso NM. A hot shower is nice when it is 12 degrees. I made another purchase and that was delayed for 3 weeks. I need to get the paperwork so I can return. It might work well below 2000 ft. Someone needs to know what the customer wants. Put all the information in the sales pitch. There is a Thanks for your help. Dan Stewart.

👤I had a learning experience with this product and I'm very happy with it. This guy will install your new gas heater in no time. But... If you plan to replace a tanked gas water heater with a tankless one, you will need to make a lot of trips to Home Depot. The unit is mounted on an outside wall and the vent is through the wall. The vent pipe is small and long. My initial plan was to remove the gas heater, install a guy on the wall, and use the galvanized pipe to vent. No, no! This will violate the warranty, local building codes, and possibly the fire insurance claims department. Due to the high heat output and the condensation issues that occur with this heat, it is necessary to have a steel piping. Try to find someone that sells 2 piece vent pipes. The manufacturer sells a vertical vent kit for more than $200, but the pipe can't fit inside of your current roof vent. The old vent needs to be removed and the new one installed. It was easier for me to cut the pipes and relocate the heater to an outside wall.

👤It seems to fit our needs perfectly after a little adjustment. The water temp in Northern Michigan is about 40'. We needed to turn the water inlet down to give the heater enough time to do its job and raise the temp to 115'. It does it at a rate of about 2.5 to 2.6 gallons per minute. It's enough for 2 things to use hot water at the same time. We'll see how it holds up. 3/01/2019 Update; still working. Not a single problem. Very happy with the unit.

4. LEZYNE Classic Drive Floor Metallic

LEZYNE Classic Drive Floor Metallic

The VERENO bike floor pump come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is ever a need, please reach out to them. They are committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers and are dedicated to address any product/service issues. 220psi is designed for Road Bike Tires and other low-volume tire applications. It isdurable: Made from durable machined aluminum with steel barrel and Piston. The materials are high-quality. GAUGE: There is an Analogue gauge for clear and accurate tire pressure readings. There is a human in this picture Extra Long High-Strength Hose with Couplers is also included. The Presta and Sharrer are related. The Chuck System is equipped with the Pro Flip-Thread System. The chuck is quick to flip for Presta or Schrader valves.

Brand: Lezyne

👤I buy a lot of pumps and this is my favorite one, sturdy and reliable. I own three of them. There is a One of the reasons I like this pump is that the head screws on to your tire valve threads. It's similar to a lot of other pumps where you push the head on and then flip up a lever to lock it in place. I prefer the screw-on method, but not everyone does. Tubes with long valve stems are used in deep-dish rims. The pump won't work because a few of the long stems don't have threading. If you ride a deep-dish rim, you might want to double-check before buying this pump. There is a To switch from Presta tires to Schraeder tires, you need to remove the pump's head with your fingers. All of my bikes use Presta valves, so it doesn't bother me. If you have to switch back and forth frequently, you may prefer a different model.

👤I wanted a consistent connection and the screw-on head gave that. It doesn't open Presta valves. The Presta connection doesn't mechanically engage with the valve. When you thread it on, the air pressure in the tire holds the valve closed until you equalize the pressure in the pump. The air bleed button doesn't bleed air from the tire, and the pump's pressure gauge jumps around and reads 10 to 20psi too high when pumping to 90psi. To set the pressure accurately, you need to connect the pump and use a secondary pressure gauge.

👤The lever attachment on my old floor pump was where you push it down on the valve stem and then raise the lever to tighten it. It is not easy to remove the valve stem from the tire, and often it comes off before the tire is pumped. I decided to look for a better method after many years of this nonsense. I found the Lezyne floor pump while searching. It is fastened with a stable, secure and defined connection. It stays on! The air hose is longer than my old one, which is a good thing, and it is very flexible, almost limp, which is also a good thing, because you can snake it around the spokes or other bike parts to get it easily to the valve stem. There is a You wonder why anyone would use anything else when you find a product designed well. I feel that way about this pump. Every bike owner should own one. The valve core can back out when you remove it from the valve stem, which is one of the concerns cited by other reviewers. I haven't had that problem. If the user screws the attachment onto the valve stem too tightly, that could cause a problem. The concern was that the pump does not depress the valve core, but forces it open with air pressure. That would cause an inaccurate reading on the gauge. I haven't seen that either. I double check my pressure when I'm done, and it's very accurate. I think the fact that it uses air pressure during the downstroke to open the air core contributes to its accuracy. When you detach with a lever-style, the air in the tire leaks out for a few seconds until the valve core closes. The air coming from the hose, not the tire, is the only thing that leaks out with this pump. When you disengage, the valve core is already closed. The tire has air in it.

5. Sunlite Universal Thumb Lock Hose

Sunlite Universal Thumb Lock Hose

The package weight is 0.041 kilograms. Sunlite Thumb Lock End Pump.

Brand: Sunlite

👤The air fitting at my Black & Decker Air Station 9528 was slipping off the tire valves for at least 25 years. The pump works well, but it needs a replacement fitting. This unit will keep my pump working, instead of being replaced.

👤I need to fix the hose on the bicycle pump. I installed it, and it did work, but barely. The thumb lever to lock it down is so stiff that you have to really work it, and it feels like the thing is going to break before it locks down. It doesn't help. It does not seal on valve stems very well. It was cheap and not much was expected, but it's a tool and a tool that doesn't work well is worth less than nothing. I bought a decent dual-valve hose end and threw it away.

👤I bought this thumb lock hose end on Amazon. The original hose end on my bike is definitely an upgrade. This thing works very quickly and effectively. I had problems with the original hose end. The pump is 10 years old and very good. The fitting for the two tire valve stems on the old end unit was terrible. The pump is now first rate. I recommend this very much.

👤I was able to restore function to my compressor after the original end broke, and I saved my AC powered air compressor. It was tight to the tire air fitting and I was hoping it wouldn't break the lever when folding it. I left it attached to the fitting and folded the lever to break it in. As of 7/6/18, there was an update. The pivot pin was on me for 4 months before it vanished. It's cheaper to replace the entire compressor.

👤The small compressor I ordered on Amazon had a screw on connection. The pressure had dropped too much when I tried to remove it. The compressor can be used with this snap-on type of connector. I was worried that the tip would be too large, but it fit well.

👤The thumb lock on my Black and Decker Air Station Model 9527 broke for the first time in 30 years. I could only find plastic ones like this one. It has a metal shroud and works well, but it is hard to close. I don't think it will last 30 years like the original, but it works great.

👤It was used to replace the air chuck on my old air station. It seems to work like the original. I used a clip on the chuck but it didn't work out and I have replaced it with this one. I replaced the original hose clamps with pliers.

👤This was a replacement for the leaking hose end on my bicycle hand pump. I attached the barbed fitting to the hose end with 2 zip ties and cut off the old valve. The tire pressure on the small front tires needs to be in the 80's. I've seen no issues with this valve.

6. Planet Bike Floor Pump Auto

Planet Bike Floor Pump Auto

It's compatible with Planet Bike ALX, STX, and Comp Pumps. The package width is 9.5 cm. Planet Bike floor pumps have an accessory for fixing them. The product is an air pump.

Brand: Planet Bike

👤It's perfect for the Topeak Joeblow floor pump. See the photo. The plastic construction is very high quality. A very simple, smart engineering design. I only needed the pump head. No tools are used in the installation. There is a The best part? The valve is secure with the Clamps on. When the pumphead lever is released, there is no loss of air. There is a The Topeak Joeblow pump is better now than it was before. An upgrade to the original pumphead. I only use the pump for PRESTA valves, so I can't attest to its effectiveness.

👤I got sick of using the little schrader to fill up my presta tires so I bought this. I attached it to my compressor because it was supposed to go with a brand of floor pump. I got the compressor at harbor freight for less than the pump head cost, and it has a guage on it. I'm very happy with this set up. The only thing I dislike about the pump head is that they have different locked and unlocked positions, so I can't remember which one is which. I would like the lever to show which position is locked and which is unlocked. It would get 5 stars all day long.

👤After looking for a replacement for my old and tired double shot, I came across this Planet Bike hose and head. I thought I could make it work, it's a quick and easy replacement for their own pumps. I had it the next day thanks to the quick Prime delivery. I could see that the Planet Bike head could fit my hose if I took it apart. The hose insert allows for a leakproof fit without the need to crimp the hose. I put the inner piece of my hose in after cutting off the crimp on my old hose. The only problem I had was that it was hard to get the tightening part over the hose, it was a little bigger. I'm lazy and figured I could get it on, so I didn't enlarge the hole. I did it without a big deal. I screwed the head together after installing it. Voila! There is a I didn't know how well the Planet Bike head fit my Presta tubes, how easy it is to tighten the head lever, and how well it seals completely and easily. It was very difficult to attach a tube to my original head, and many times I had to do it over as it would leak. Sometimes it would initially seal and then leak as the pressure builds up while pumping, which would require a complete removal and reattachment in order to finish inflating the tube. There is a I would have cut off the old head if I had known how easy it was to use, I'm happy with the new head, but I would have stopped using it if I'd known how easy it was. The power of pulleys and levers is pure physics. There is a Happy pumping! The pics are 1) The Planet Bike head has a broken Zefal head.

7. Topeak Blow Sport Pressure Floor

Topeak Blow Sport Pressure Floor

Their frame mount is safe and secure and has an extra security strap. Installation of a pump mount requires pre-drilled holes in the bike frame. A new gauge. The new hammer style TwinHead is able to work with all tire valves. The max pressure is 160 psi. Includes ball and bladder needles. The handle is oversized.

Brand: Topeak

👤I have been using a Nashbar Earl Grey pump for the last few years and will be using it as a comparison to the Joe Blow 3. There is a Although I liked the Earl Grey for its general use, I never liked it for presta valves. I felt like there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether it was attached or not, and it would leak frequently, so it would take a few tries to get it attached to the valve. I probably bent a few valves because of this. The Joe Blow 3's head is better than the Earl Grey's because it's made of metal and it's easier to inflate presta valve tires. The Joe Blow's biggest strength is his head. There is a The hose on the Joe Blow is a little shorter than the Earl Grey's, which is an issue if you have your bike on a stand where a shorter cord won't reach. I think the Earl Grey has a slightly faster inflation rate per pump, although I can't say for sure, but it's not a big deal. The large size of the head is a problem for the Joe Blow. It is difficult to fit between the spokes of my bikes with 20 wheels. I can wedge it in, but it's hard to put the locking lever in place. There is a The gauge is easy to read on both pumps, but the brighter colors of the Joe Blow give it a slight advantage. I haven't tested the accuracy of the gauge. The Early Grey has a plastic base, but I have never had an issue with it after 3 years. There is a I love how easy the Joe Blow is to use on Presta valves, and absolutely recommend it if you're looking for a pump that's a step above the Earl Grey's. If the head were less bulky, I could use it on bikes with smaller wheels. The spokes have less space between them than the Earl Grey's head. My plan is to use the Joe Blow 3 on my road bike with presta valves because it is so much better than the EG at that, and the EG is more of a utility pump for everything else. There is a If you want a 5 star pump, you need to inflate your tires with your bike on the ground and have larger wheels with enough space between the spokes. I give it a 4.25.

👤This appears to be a product that you will be able to rely on for a long time. I used it to pump up 120 lbs. in one month. The presta valve tires are presta tires. So far, so good. It does what it is supposed to do. The presta valves that I have recently converted from schrader valves to are just as easy to use and retain the pressure better than the inner tube valves. I'm a different person. Thirty years ago, shoulda done this? The pump is made of steel and plastic. I bought a portable Topeak to carry on my bike because I liked it so much. It is also well made. I remember a time when products were made to last a long time. I am delighted when I see a company that makes products that are durable, comfortable, and perform well. The product seems to be one of those. The most expensive pump on the market is not this one. It's a good sign! I have had this pump for three years and it is as good as the day I bought it. I don't think I'll need to buy another pump in my lifetime.

8. Topeak SmartHead Bicycle Floor Upgrade

Topeak SmartHead Bicycle Floor Upgrade

The air hose is open. This design can be used to inflate the tire and also to release the tire's gas when it's over inflated. Presta / Schrader valves are compatible with the SmartHead. The weight is 140 g / 4.93 oz.

Brand: Topeak

👤I put this on my pump. The double ended head broke and I debated buying a new pump or fixing it. The decision to fix the old one was the right one. The single head for Presta and Schraeder valves is my favorite. The valve stem is easier to put on than the old head. I don't have to put the valve stem at ground level because the new hose is about a foot longer. Buy it. You will not regret it.

👤I bought this head to replace my head. The pump has a. The head is better at not losing air when attaching and removing the valve stem. It's more convenient that it works with both Presta and Schrader valves, without having to think about it. The head and lever are made of metal. The lever on the TwinHead is very difficult to flip. There is a The TwinHead has a button to release air if you over-inflate, but the SmartHead doesn't, so if you do, you have no way to release air without poking the valve. It's best to use the pump to get the inflation you want and avoid overshooting. Every other inflator I have has an air release button, so I have to remind myself. There is a The TwinHead is an upgrade kit, and some people swap their SmartHead for a TwinHead, and I did the opposite, so I guess to each their own. If the SmartHead had an air release button, it would be a clear winner. It turns out there is.

👤I have an old and reliable pump that I could not use anymore due to the pump head having to be screwed onto the stem. I have arthritis in my hands that makes it hard to move. In the past, it didn't bother me. I was looking for an exact replacement for the screw and flip lever. I didn't want to cut the hose and add another length. The Park tool pump rebuild kit would have fit the hose exactly. The size of the Park Tool pump head is great for people with arthritis. It is easy to grip and leverage. There is a The Topeak SmartHead upgrade kit allowed me to attach the 3 foot hose using a hose clamp and one of the 4 provided adapters, and then tighten everything and use the pump immediately. Modification was required but it was provided all the necessary pieces. A bargain to use my old pump. Even if I had to amputate a piece of my old friend, I'm happy because we keep working.

👤The kit comes with a number of things. The ad said "Auto adjust to Presta/Schrader". Not much. It worked well for Presta, but not great. It's not deep enough for a Presta valve, so it doesn't seal well, especially at high pressures used for road bikes. I could only get it to work on 20% of the time, but I couldn't get it to seal/pump at all. It worked well with a valve. I should have known that getting one interface to work for both would be a compromise since the diameter of the Presta valve is very different from the Schrader valve, so it would need to be sealed against. It was past the return date that I gave up on trying to get it to work, so I bought a Sunlite Twinhead Pump Hose Kit to replace it, which works better for both Presta and Schrader valves. There is a link to the Sunlite Twinhead on Amazon.

9. Bell Windstorm High Floor Pump

Bell Windstorm High Floor Pump

A rubber band strap is included to hold the pump in place. The wide barrel design pushes air to quickly inflate tires. The pump head can be reversed. A steady wide base, a comfortable handle, and a steel barrel are all that's needed for a reliable bike pump. The ball needle and inflation cone are included with the bonus.

Brand: Bell

👤Amazon has a bad habit. I input floor pump with gauge, and saw all sorts of off-brand floor pumps and foot pumps, so when I saw Bell brand, I didn't realize they had a gauge. Returned it and ordered a different brand.

👤The small pumps that attach to bike frames are our regular bike pumps. I decided it was time to get an adult pump because I was using one to refill a soccer ball and wheel on my kayak cart. I got this one from Bell, and it's almost an adult one. The handle is so low that I have to bend over to use it. The pump is easy to use, comes with almost everything you need, and works well. There is a This pump does not have a pressure reading, which is uncommon in a pump at this price. There is a I'm happy to recommend it if you will check the pressure other than with a pump and if you will ensure you have the correct pressure.

👤The pump doesn't compare very well to my pump. The Bell pump seems to have some obstruction that is blocking some of the air flow. I wouldn't feel confident that I could seat a tubeless tire with this pump while I have seated all of my tires with the Crankbrother's pump. I don't mind that it doesn't have an air pressure gauge as they are notoriously inaccurate. You should use a handheld gauge to measure your pressures. I don't know what the retail of this is right now. I wouldn't pay $10 for it. A decent pump would cost $50 to invest.

👤Bell Windstorm 400 high volume floor pump was reviewed. I see people bashing Bell pumps in reviews, but in this case they're justfied. The yellow color is cons of this one. No gauge! You can't see what the preasure is. You have to squeeze things so they don't blow up to X psi. It's the same thing. The pads for your feet to keep it in place are very small. The pump is very short, meaning you have to bend down more than other ones. Pros is what they are. I'll be giving this away.

👤I should have paid more attention to the specifications of this one. There is a My foot pump has seen better days. There is a I thought it would be better if I tried this one out. There is a It really isn't much better. It doesn't seem to keep a tight seal. There is a It takes a long time to pump up a bike tire. I don't know why it is taking so long to pump up, it almost seems like it is leaking or jammed up. Will either use my other one or take it to the gas station.

👤I already have a floor pump that works the same as this one. Can't tell a difference between the two. I'm partial to the floor pumps if you're choosing between them. The metal on our foot pump is bent sideways, which makes it hard to pump with your foot. The floor pump is easier to use than the foot pump, but it takes up less room. I would buy this again if I could.

10. SKS Bike Accessories Multi Valve Header

SKS Bike Accessories Multi Valve Header

It is very convenient to carry and can be placed in any backpack and ball bag with side pockets, it is not easy to lose, it has a box and manual. Germany is the country of origin. The package height is 3 centimeters. The package length is 13 Centimeters. The package width is 10 centimeters. The product is only the head. The hose is not included. After several years of use, the Grommets may need to be replaced.

Brand: Sks

👤I have used a lot of pumps in my many years as a bike mechanic and this pump head is perfect. The Pros of this head are that it's good on both presta and schrader valve, it's well built and robust, and it's easy to connect into any standard size pump hose. The cam locks on the valve in the DOWN position, which is a personal preference, and it doesn't take much to use. I really don't see any of the positives. Being in a shop for 6 years doesn't last pump heads. We would be lucky to get 6 months out of a single pump, spread between many pumps and a compressor. If this pump head can be used twice a week at my house, I think it's a win. I don't see how this head wouldn't do that.

👤I bought a replacement pump head for my Avenir floor pump. It appeared to be the correct size after I installed it. I had to cut off the end of my pump's hose to get it onto the internal gripping connector. When I first used it, I had trouble opening the presto and schrader valves on two different bike tires. The air was not flowing into the tire, as the pump was pressuring up very quickly. I got the tire valves to open properly and inflated the tires with both types of valves after a bit of juggling and taking the head off. The problem was solved. The same problem persisted after I went to pump up my bike tires with presta valves. I took the head off each valve until the valve opened and I could inflate the tire. The head of the pump hose blew off when the air pressure reached between 100 and 120 psi. One of the problems that this head has is that the picture on Amazon shows nozzles for presto and schrader valves, but the one I received had only one nozzle that fits 888-349-8884 I need to get my tires pumped up so I used the hose collar from my old head and stripped the threads from my old head, hopefully they will go into the trash as soon as I order and install another. I don't think it's the problem because my hose is a standard size 10mm outside diameter.

👤This product is a replacement for my bike pump. The pump head's hose fitting was coated with Silicon to make it easier to insert. The rubber hose will not be degraded by Silicon. The locked position for the pump head is great. Most modern pump heads are designed to lock onto the valve when the lever is lifted up. This is not intuitive. Press the head down onto the valve and then press the lever to lock it. It's easier to lift up on the lever than it is to press down on the head. The pump head will work for lawn tractor with small diameter rims. There isn't enough room for a lever that locks in the vertical position.

11. Bell Glide Pressure Floor Gauge

Bell Glide Pressure Floor Gauge

The extra long hose makes it easy to reach valves. The Thin barrel design inflates all tires. The Presta head has a dual Schrader head on it. The volume is 430 cm.

Brand: Bell

👤This pump was disappointing. I should have checked other sites before buying it because it had good reviews. For some reason, this has great reviews on Amazon, but if you compare it to other sites, it has poor ratings. The presta valve hookup is terrible. I couldn't get the lock to work properly, causing air to leak while pumping, and when I finally got a good lock on it, air started leaking out of the pump itself? I was not able to get my psi over 20. I don't have high pressure tires. This product was very disappointing.

👤Had high expectations that it was only a "pump" but it was pure junk. I bought it for my bicycle tires. When you push down on the handle to pump up the tires, you don't get much air. There is little air pressure going into the tire when the cylinder is pushed down into the pump, because there is either no seal or a bad seal at the top. You can hear the air escaping at the top before it gets to the tire. I had to quit because of both exhaustion and frustration after blowing up one tire for 30 minutes. Unless you want to work out for one hour per tire, stay away from this pump.

👤The pump works well. It feels flimsy when you pump up the bike tires. The pump is light in weight. I am worried that it will only last a short time. The last Bell bike pump broke. The one that broke feels less durable than this one. This is an example of what you pay for. We purchase other Bell brand bike accessories and don't usually have issues with them, so this purchase surprised us. Oh well. Maybe you will feel differently if you purchase this item.

👤I don't think I'm manly enough, but I find the pump's mechanism almost impossible to attach to. It's very stiff and requires a lot of Torque to get past resistance. By positioning myself in the right way to get the best possible grip, pressing with all my might and after several frustrating attempts to get just the right leverage required, I can squeeze the clamp down. Doesn't seem to loosen up over time. The difficulty makes pumping up your bicycle tires hard. The base stand is too small and the pump can fall over if you don't hold it in place with your feet. It's a bit awkward to work with and crashes against spokes or guards. It's not heavy so little damage is likely, just annoying, after all the sweaty effort needed to squeeze the clamp to closed position. It's a decent pump. It's fairly efficient to bring tires up to pressure. It took 20 pumps to pump up a deflated 700c.

👤This is difficult to pump. I thought my wife was doing well, but it turns out she's not. Good luck going past 100. It's tough to use.

👤The perceived quality of this pump will depend on what you use it for. This is perfect for thin tire road bike tires. I would consider another pump if you plan on using this for a road bike. It takes a lot of effort to get there, and it will max out at around 100psi. The entire pump failed after 3 months of normal use. Save your money by not using this pump.


What is the best product for bicycle pump replacement hose?

Bicycle pump replacement hose products from Peprmroe. In this article about bicycle pump replacement hose you can see why people choose the product. Turnonsport and Eccotemp are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pump replacement hose.

What are the best brands for bicycle pump replacement hose?

Peprmroe, Turnonsport and Eccotemp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pump replacement hose. Find the detail in this article. Lezyne, Sunlite and Planet Bike are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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