Best Bicycle Playing Cards Limited Edition

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1. Gent Supply Bicycle Mythical Creatures

Gent Supply Bicycle Mythical Creatures

A deck of playing cards features mythical creatures from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and East Asian traditions. The United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) made the card in the USA. Hand drawn artwork, custom face cards and custom pips. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. There are 52 cards, two unique cards, one double backed card, and a card identifying all the mythical creatures.

Brand: Gent Supply Co.

👤There are two things that are poor about this product. They are thinner than typical Bicycle cards. It's more difficult to identify things if they are in dark maroon suites. There is a The artwork is interesting. I would give them a 4-star rating, but I think they could have gotten a more durable deck for less.

👤The deck of cards is smooth and beautiful. The face cards are from mythology. Diamonds are Egyptians, hearts are Chinese/Japanese, spades are Greek and clubs are Norse mythology. The two villains are from the same place. The colors of the deck are easy to play.

👤My favorite deck is currently mine. Some of the creatures are out there. The back design has an Asian look but also Celtic. The only thing that is good and bad is the drawback. The red isn't as bright as it could be. They changed them with a cutout design. No design that is specific. Each suit has something unique.

👤Beautiful cards with bicycle quality. The six clubs were missing. I got seven different packs of bicycle cards just for the look of them.

👤I wanted something a little nicer than standard playing cards, so I got these. I was surprised at the amount of cool playing cards on the market when I looked for something nicer. I ordered the two that looked the best after narrowing it down to three. I use this one for the game. The cards are of a good quality. I'll probably use them in my next game.

👤I was expecting more cards to have animation.

👤This was a gift for my niece. She liked it. I bought the 'Mythical Creatures' for myself. I had to buy another deck for myself. She loves playing cards with me.

👤I bought the black set for another person because I liked the white ones so much.

2. Bicycle Green Trace Playing Design

Bicycle Green Trace Playing Design

The perfect gift for card players, card collectors, magicians or just another way to impress the kids with a deck of cards for family Game night. Any standard 52 card game can feature a Green trace of the Traditional 808 Designed Back. There is a magic card trick called Million Dollar Monte. Both of the Green Alien's are Jokers. The Alien Head has the ace of spades on it. The spades and clubs are done in green.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle playing cards are known for their quality. The bonus of these is that they have an alien theme. It's great for playing with friends, but watch out for facehuggers.

👤It's a cool gift for the alien loving family and friends.

👤The extra cards are for a trick.

👤A very nice deck of cards to add to my collection. I was expecting it to take a while, but it arrived quicker than I expected.

👤Good quality, looks good and we'll make it.

👤Bad printing is an interesting error on these cards. The ace of diamond in the corner is red and the 2 of club in the corner is diamond. The deck is not usable.

👤My son says that. There is a It's nice for sleight of hand due to the easy separation and texture. My boy said that the ones I bought from "Now that's a deal" are the real deal. I would take his word for it, because he has about 60 different decks of cards.

👤The novelty gift was the joker cards.

3. Theory11 Playing Cards Silver STAR WARS WHITE T11

Theory11 Playing Cards Silver STAR WARS WHITE T11

It was manufactured by Ellusionist. There are 52 standard cards and 3 gaff cards. Lucasfilm and Disney collaborated on a new white Star Wars playing card. Become a Resistance or Rebel hero by joining the Jedi Knights. Made in America using the highest quality paper stock derived from sustainable forests. The package weight is 0.25 pounds.

Brand: Theory11

👤Everything was great until I got to kylo. I bought the silver and black version to collect the original 3 series or even 6 themed version. Tiny details were amazing. Every other character is amazing.

👤Excellent quality cards to give to the Star Wars collector.

👤Compre un mazo de cada color para regalarlos, ami hermano. Tener ilustraciones de ms personajes, adems de hubiera ms diferencias. De todas formas totalmente.

👤The cards play well, shuffle well, and get a "worn in" feel pretty quickly. They are easy to read and the artwork is good. Not over the top, just enough to enjoy playing a Darth Vader card.

👤This is a simple deck of cards with Star Wars characters you know and enjoy.

👤Exactly what I paid for was over priced. The cards are great.

👤The weight and texture are nice. It is easy to read and artwork is nice. It's a great addition to our display case when not used for game play.

👤Adems de ser de una excelente calidad, el diseo y dibujo de las cartas.

👤Adems de tener la temtica de Star Wars. Sin duda Theory11 hasta los materiales. Producto para coleccionistas. los amantes de las cartas.

👤The husband loves the same as the regular ones.

👤I am grateful.

👤No hay, no decir, no detalle impecable.

4. Bicycle Karnival Playing Cards Redux

Bicycle Karnival Playing Cards Redux

Joe White designed it. There is a new twist on the deck. Artwork by Sam Hayles. MFG is a playing card company. The bicycle air flow finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤There is a custom deck of bikes. However. I've heard other reviewers say that it was damaged when it arrived. It was also mine. I'm a magician so I may be being a bit picky, but I'm going to complain about it when I pick these up in the future because I want to do a few card tricks. The tuck case was damaged but the cards were also. If you want a deck of custom playing cards like this one, please let me know. There are many places online that care about how they ship things.

👤I collect cards and this deck is not very good. The face cards are terrible. Save money.

👤The initiative is a bit bloodier with these cards.

👤Quality cards with great designs.

👤The cards are pleasing to the eye, but the boarders are stained way to easy. The backs of the cards have bumps that cause the paint to come off. I shuffled the deck once and the paint came off.

👤These cards are pretty cool. The theme is what I was looking for.

👤The case was damaged. The tuck case is important to me because I'm a card collector. Someone in charge of shipping should be careful. There was no complaint about the cards.

👤One of my top 5 decks at the moment has a great design on the front and back, with a couple of cool reveal cards for tricks. And for a great price. The seller has acted on the damage to the packaging and provided them with a secondary protective case so I am 100% positive.

👤A good deck of cards. Excellent quality and design.

👤The bicycle standard finish is perfect for the collector.

👤The deck was what I expected. I think it's a shame that it was tattered in the corners when it arrived. Great purchase, but not Otherwise.

👤Ihren viel ist da. Ich ist das schne Karten. Alles is so wie. Sie kamen pnktlich an und meiner empfehren!

5. Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Bicycle 1044948 Architecture Amazon Exclusive

Embossed details and foil add to the beauty of the deck. 54 hand illustrated architectural marvels from across the globe. The package is Premium Embossed and Foil. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish is used for ease of Shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The location of Frank Lloyd Wright's Robi House is incorrect. Robi House is located on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park, which is a neighborhood in Chicago. In the past, it housed the Theology Dept. I think so. There is a The community of #2 Oak Park has a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. There is a One hopes this is the last mistake. I haven't looked at the other cards. I know the neighborhood and the building.

👤The most beautiful and creative playing card has ever been made. As a Brazilian born and a true "carioca", opening the box and getting the card with Rio de Janeiro Central Station noted on it was a great thing. Way to go bycicle! You have to make a second edition with more architectural wonders. There is a lot around.

👤The faces are not symmetrical. This is obvious from the pictures, but something to keep in mind. The backs are average, but the bevels are too large. There is a The box was disappointing to me. The box has too much extra space, it has a cheap finish, and it is very basic, so maybe my expectations were too high. I want to set expectations for people since the card designs are so unique.

👤I was appalled when I opened the deck. My niece is seven years old and I ordered them for her. I probably didn't read very carefully. These are not typical playing cards. I can't tell the 4 suits. There are no icons to show the number on the cards. The deck of playing cards should not be called this. They would be very difficult to use for traditional games. Solitaire is next to impossible. This purchase was disappointing. My niece is three years old and she found the pictures fascinating so we will keep the cards.

👤I have enjoyed playing with this set. There is a They include international architecture, not just the US, as well as cultural treasures. The FLW Robie House is in Oak Park, not Hyde Park. There is a It's as good as normal quality playing cards. After a couple months of casual play, mine are showing wear. Enjoying them thoroughly.

👤The deck looks great, but I haven't opened it. The first deck Amazon sent was Asteroid, and I had to order this again. I had to wait for the 2nd attempt to get the correct deck to arrive to get my Christmas package together. It's Amazon. Get it together! The deck of cards has 3 stars for it.

👤The pack shows just about every important landmark. There is a The quality of the cards is excellent. I will most likely buy more of them as they are an excellent gift for anyone.

👤The history of key architectural landmarks around the world. There is a The cards were sturdy. They held up well and were used for many games.

👤The deck of cards is very smooth and easy to shuffle, and they retain their shape even though I beat them. The different architecture on each card is a great show piece and they are also great for playing cards. No complaints yet, definitely worth the money.

6. DeckONE Playing Cards Industrial Edition

DeckONE Playing Cards Industrial Edition

Drawing from over 30 years of television and movie production, playing cards with industrial inspiration. The paper used in the box is 25% thicker than the standard boxes. The paper is printed and packaged in the USA using vegetable based inks. This deck of cards is protected by a varnish. The playing card box has a metallic shine.

Brand: Theory11

👤The first deck I go to when I want to perform a magic show is Deck One. The metallic box, unique pattern, and stylized faces make for an incredible feel. Even after some use, fans and flourishes are easy to use. There is a If it's not in your collection, buy it.

👤These were great cards to play. It is easy to read and deal with.

👤The cards are of the high quality stock used by the USPCC. They have an industrial design on the back that reminds me of an internal combustion engine. The ace of spades has an industrial feel and is worn. The face cards are dull and lack in color except for the suit. The deck is awesome and like most Theory11 decks. The suits are shown in vivid color, but the rest of the cards are basic. You will see what I mean. The deck is cool.

👤Excellent deck for intermediate cardistry. This is a perfect deck if you have a little experience.

👤It is a great gift for a collecter. The cards are beautiful.

👤These cards are easy to use and have an excellent finish. I would recommend these to a serious magician.

👤The item was exactly what it was described as. I would do business with them again.

👤The quality and detail of the Theory 11 decks are superb.

👤These cards are suspect of being fakes and not authentic Theory11 branded cards because of their poor printing quality. They are labeled an Amazon Choice, which is disappointing. I will have to get these from Theory11 website.

👤La calidad de las cartas. Sin duda de las mejores.

👤It's eleganti! Particolari! Avere propria collezione.

7. Decks Bicycle Presidents Playing Cards

Decks Bicycle Presidents Playing Cards

The deck consists of 52 traditional suited playing cards and 2 jokers, great for all card games including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. One Democrat blue and one Republican red exterior box. Both card decks are the same. The poker decks have an air con finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The person who shipped the cards taped the decks together, which is what I wanted. This offer is not for people who collect decks. I ripped it in two places.

👤The set comes with 2 decks. One red and one blue. There is a The decks are the only thing that keeps this from being 5 star. The box is the same color.

👤I have never had a better playing card. It was perfect in every way.

👤I would like to know the artist's identity. Well done.

👤Young children are interested in knowing more about U.S. Presidents.

👤They feel great for collecting or playing.

👤The quality of these cards is great. Thanks to the seller for a good price and fast delivery.

👤Die Rckseiten alle blau, rot und blau!

8. Bicycle 1025459 Archangels Playing Cards

Bicycle 1025459 Archangels Playing Cards

Tom Lane illustrated the piece in the United Kingdom. The patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction make for an enhanced game play.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The rating is poor because of how Amazon packed the parcel. The cards are of good quality and you would expect that from a USPCC deck. The parcel arrived with 4 decks of cards and nothing else, there is nothing to stop them from moving inside and the corners are ruined. It is not ideal as a collector.

👤I didn't think I'd have to publicly review a deck of cards, but I felt Bicycle and Theory11 did a nice job with them. They're just cards at their foundation. They're very nice looking cards. The cardback design is very cool, as is the Ace of Spades. The face cards have gold colors that make them look more sophisticated than they are, and the cards are Bicycle quality. I'm certain that to a true card playing enthusiast, I've missed many positive qualities of these cards, but these were my naive impressions. I'm okay with it, but it's a bit pricey. This is a good stocking-stuffer for people who enjoy nice things and card playing.

👤The backs of the cards are nice. Good feel for using the cards. The $5.39 was worth it.

👤I have purchased several decks of cards now, and this is my absolute favorite deck, hands down. The front face of the cards is stunning and I love it. Everyone I show this deck to, falls in love with it. What's better? A good quality deck costs 5 bucks. I will buy another deck of Arch Angel when this deck gets too greasy and needs to be replaced. This is the best looking deck of cards for money.

👤They are very cheap, don't last long, buy a different deck.

👤Nice cards! It was the vibe I was going for. It feels and plays like a normal Bicycle deck of cards.

👤Nice cards were given to friends.

👤The cards are beautiful, smooth and have a great feel to them. I got a miscut 4 of clubs, but I love the design. It worked out great for me because I used it as a mark to help with some tricks.

👤Tom Lane ist die Karten in wei gehalten. Die Karten bieten die blichen sehr ntzlichen Eigenschaften wie den von Bicycle. There is a The Handlin ist top. Close Up magic is perfekt. Tom Lane verndert, die beiden Joker, die Vorderseite der Karten bieten. Kartenhandling bringst absolut tolles. Close Up Magic is perfekt.

👤Sono un novizio. E cercavo da qualche giorno un mazzo di ricambio. Un qualcosa di pi dettagliato, raffoscinato, insomma diverso dal solito, in questo fantastico mazzo di Archangels non ho esitato ad acqui. All'attivit dell'illusionismo, al suo esercizio, hanno una scorrevolezza notevole. 8 ben spesi.

👤I was quite impressed with the deck for the first week or so, but they quickly started to clump badly. I keep my hands clean when handling cards. I use these occasionally as I practice with regular Bicycle decks. These are not as good as my regular Rider Back Bicycle decks that I use for a couple months before retiring. They feel heavy in the hand and you can feel the cards rubbing against each other even though they are in excellent condition. The price was reasonable and they looked amazing. It was disappointing that my deck did not include a double backer.

9. Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

You will get a deck of cards, including 52 playing cards and 2 Joker cards, with the package and Joyoldelf full warranty. They will give you a one year warranty and a lifetime customer service. The next hand in style is with showstopping Cyberpunk-themed playing cards. The artwork shows a combination of the high tech and the dystopic industrial through street scenes and dark futuristic characters. The presentation box has brilliant foil highlights. Say goodbye to flimsy and boring standard playing cards in the casino grade. They finish their cards with a smooth, luxurious embossing so they feel and handle just as good as they look, beginning with A-grade card stock and world-class printing techniques. It is durably made to resist humidity and hold up through intense game nights. If you're going to perform your craziest tricks, you need a deck of cards that can keep up. The elephant playing card is made from a 310 GSM paper cut with laser-sharp precision for superior flourishing, shuffling, handling, and dealing. It was made in a standard poker card size. The Game Night E-Book covers 10 classic, fun card games with step by step text and video instructions. Rummy, Crazy 8's, and more can be learned. There are fun card games that both adults and kids can enjoy. The great gift deck. Their unique playing cards are a great gift for the players and collectors in your life. They are great for all cardistry and magic tricks. A great addition to someone's Cyberpunk collection.

Brand: Elephant Playing Cards

👤The tuck box is great, but the cards are dull. The blue can be hard to read in dark lighting. I wish the company would use foil printing on the cards.

👤I really like these cards. They are very detailed. They are printed on a card stock. They are not as bright as the pictures make them out to be, but I love the colors. The clubs and spades have one shade of blue throughout the Royals clothes, while the hearts and diamonds have 2 shades of blue. I like that detail because it distinguishes the typical red and black suits. The Elephant Playing Cards brand is very popular. Please check out the other cards of anyone who reads this. The Pipmen and Prism series is one that I love.

👤I was really excited to get these for my brother and although he loves them, I was a little disappointed to see that they were flat in color and did not have the metallic detailing that is on the box.

👤The colored foil accents on the card faces were nice, but I wish they were on the card faces.

👤My son said that he loved the ability to connect the cards to his phone. This is what it says and what I've done. My son used a couple colorful words.

👤They are plastic coated. They are dull and crease easily. The pictures and description are not accurate.

👤My cyberpunk card collection is complete. I have all the colors they make so far. The cards are decent. I feel like I got my money's worth with the art and not the cards.

👤My 9 year old daughter likes playing card games with me. She loves the fact that she has cards in her favorite colors. She likes them so we play with them often.

10. Mecha Beasts Playing Cards Supply

Mecha Beasts Playing Cards Supply

Fun Party Favor Supplies are great for creating great moments with friends or family. If you love to play card games like pinochle, hearts, blackjack, euchre, canasta, bridge, and any other card games, it's an ideal gift for your lover, family and friends on children's day, christmas day, birthday, bar, new A deck of playing cards with mechanical beasts. The suits represent creatures from different parts of the world. Hand-drawn artwork, custom face cards, and custom pips. A tuck box with a purple design. There are 52 cards, two unique cards and a card identifying all the Beasts. The paper was printed using a traditional cut in Taiwan.

Brand: Gent Supply Co.

👤The card stock for art work is very sturdy. It's great for playing games or a beautiful piece in a card deck.

👤To difficult to see. The letters are not placed correctly.

👤I wanted these cards to be perfect for playing cards.

👤The cards were beautiful. I would recommend them to people who collect cards.

👤My son loves them and I bought them for him. I wish the print was a little brighter. I'm half blind.

👤The deck I received was missing cards from 2 suits and had extras of the other 2. The cards are not usable.

👤The deck was easy to shuffle.

11. Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

All mounting hardware is included. Bicycle standard playing cards have a mix of red and blue. The Historic Rider Back is featured in Bicycle Standard playing cards. Each bicycle deck has a standard deck of playing cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The standard playing cards are not the subject of this review. The front of the cards are larger so that people with vision problems can see what they are playing. The cards are regular playing cards. The recipients were very happy with the gift as there are elderly members in the family. I can't comment on whether the cards are durable or slippery. Will update if I find out from the recipients.

👤The cards were received today. The pack only has 52 cards.

👤The third box of playing cards is being worked on. Why so many? Every day of the week, my husband and I play cribbage. We play a deck of cards for three months. Bicycle is one of the two brands that I will never purchase for regular play. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy one deck at a time. Some decks go faster than others because we might accidentally fold a corner or get something on them that makes them impossible. We'll keep buying Bicycle as long as we can because it's a great brand.

👤The cards are great, what I expected. They arrived with a banged up red pack and a few bent cards inside. I bent them back, and I think they will be fine, but it's kind of a shame that they are on a new deck. I don't think I'll take a star away again, but I will probably get a card from a local store to make sure they're not damaged.

👤Some reviews for Bicycle Cards said that some decks were incorrect, short, double carded, etc. I matched up all the suits in all the decks. There are no problems here! They are well-made, and I needed them for playing cards with friends.

👤If you've received one pack, double check that you're in the correct one. If you click on more quantity, you'll know if you're getting one pack. If you would prefer more than one. There is a The price for 2 packs is $5.99. There is a The first option I presented was for my personal order. I received 2 packs of cards after I clicked for 2 quantities. Hope this helps anyone. Stay safe and enjoy your card games.

👤I am surprised I like the cards as much as I do. I didn't know where to buy cards at poker night. I was aware that Amazon would have some. I picked a random pack of cards that were high quality. The cards are very sturdy and the "air cushion finish" makes them float across the table. Everyone thought I had some fancy cards because I had the official Bicycle seal. It comes with a "free app" so you can learn to play alone. I would definitely recommend them for a deck of cards.

👤The packages arrived today. I ordered Jumbo index playing cards. I should see 2 packs. I only see one pack in the box. The second one is missing. I looked at 2 packages to make sure I didn't overlook anything. There was no sight of the second pack of cards. I read it. It indicated 2 packs. I think there should be 2 packs of playing cards.


What is the best product for bicycle playing cards limited edition?

Bicycle playing cards limited edition products from Gent Supply Co.. In this article about bicycle playing cards limited edition you can see why people choose the product. Bicycle and Theory11 are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle playing cards limited edition.

What are the best brands for bicycle playing cards limited edition?

Gent Supply Co., Bicycle and Theory11 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle playing cards limited edition. Find the detail in this article. Theory11, Elephant Playing Cards and Gent Supply Co. are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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