Best Bicycle Playing Cards Jumbo

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1. Bicycle Euchre Playing Card Deck

Bicycle Euchre Playing Card Deck

Bicycle prestige is the only plastic card that has a paper-like feel. This pack of playing cards is specifically made for EUCHRE and includes two decks of playing cards. Run two games at the same time. There are two full Euchre decks and four sets of scoring cards in each pack. Each pack contains four sets of blank scoring cards. A premium card play experience can be experienced with the printed on bandana cotton card stock. Bicycle Playing Cards has been trusted for 135 years for an exceptional playing card experience. The classic air-cruchion finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards were a little wet. It's nice to buy a few sets of euchre cards.

👤A grandson is going off to college.

👤Every week, play cards with the girls.

👤A little slick but good playing cards.

👤The listing was not read correctly by us. These are not regular cards.

👤Excellent price for great quality cards.

2. Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards Pack

Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards Pack

The Classic Air-Cushion Finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. The Bicycle Jumbo Playing Cards have 12 Decks of Red and Blue. Jumbo playing cards are the same size as traditional playing cards, but the numbers are larger and easier to read. To see. There are 52 traditional suited playing cards and two additional ad cards in each bicycle deck. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The standard playing cards are not the subject of this review. The front of the cards are larger so that people with vision problems can see what they are playing. The cards are regular playing cards. The recipients were very happy with the gift as there are elderly members in the family. I can't comment on whether the cards are durable or slippery. Will update if I find out from the recipients.

👤The cards were received today. The pack only has 52 cards.

👤The third box of playing cards is being worked on. Why so many? Every day of the week, my husband and I play cribbage. We play a deck of cards for three months. Bicycle is one of the two brands that I will never purchase for regular play. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy one deck at a time. Some decks go faster than others because we might accidentally fold a corner or get something on them that makes them impossible. We'll keep buying Bicycle as long as we can because it's a great brand.

👤The cards are great, what I expected. They arrived with a banged up red pack and a few bent cards inside. I bent them back, and I think they will be fine, but it's kind of a shame that they are on a new deck. I don't think I'll take a star away again, but I will probably get a card from a local store to make sure they're not damaged.

👤Some reviews for Bicycle Cards said that some decks were incorrect, short, double carded, etc. I matched up all the suits in all the decks. There are no problems here! They are well-made, and I needed them for playing cards with friends.

👤If you've received one pack, double check that you're in the correct one. If you click on more quantity, you'll know if you're getting one pack. If you would prefer more than one. There is a The price for 2 packs is $5.99. There is a The first option I presented was for my personal order. I received 2 packs of cards after I clicked for 2 quantities. Hope this helps anyone. Stay safe and enjoy your card games.

👤I am surprised I like the cards as much as I do. I didn't know where to buy cards at poker night. I was aware that Amazon would have some. I picked a random pack of cards that were high quality. The cards are very sturdy and the "air cushion finish" makes them float across the table. Everyone thought I had some fancy cards because I had the official Bicycle seal. It comes with a "free app" so you can learn to play alone. I would definitely recommend them for a deck of cards.

👤The packages arrived today. I ordered Jumbo index playing cards. I should see 2 packs. I only see one pack in the box. The second one is missing. I looked at 2 packages to make sure I didn't overlook anything. There was no sight of the second pack of cards. I read it. It indicated 2 packs. I think there should be 2 packs of playing cards.

3. Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Completely custom illustrations are not found anywhere else. Bicycle poker cards are genuine. The United States Playing Card Company made the cards. The deck has red hearts, blue spades, green clubs and yellow diamonds. The classic standard look is maintained by custom card faces. Blue and Red Standard Bicycle Rider Backs are available. A list of Texas Hold'em Poker Hands is included in dual purpose Joker cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle (USPCC) branded decks are the ones I collect playing cards from. The Hesslers deck is part of my collection. The tuck box design is the only one that many card designers work on. The faces of the cards are being looked at. This helps set their cards apart.

👤If that makes sense, this is a unique deck. The design is the same as the original blue deck. This deck is for people who want to increase their card game. The traditional 2 colors are red diamond and hearts-black spades, but it has 4 different colors. This makes game play more enjoyable. These cards have been used for spades and Rummy. It always makes a conversation. There is a It's a shade lighter than the regular blue bicycle deck, but it's pretty much the same. You have to add this to your list if you're a playing card collector. You never know when they will run out.

👤I picked my cards first on looks. The design is classic suits, and pips, but what makes it so delightful is a full-color courts, and suits in green, yellow, red, blue, shades of grey to compliment the black and white. The spades are blue, hearts are red, diamonds are yellow, and the clovers are green. The colored suits are within a black spade with a kneeling skeleton. There is an extra card with a quote on the side of the bike backs. There is a I want a good deck. These are air-cushioned and play very well. There is a I want a good price. This deck is the only one that can meet all three.

👤These cards are very nice. Nice colors, don't feel flimsy or rigid. It is visually interesting.

👤I like the different colors. It's a great addition to my collection.

👤The cards look better than the pictures.

👤I have recently gotten into playing cards and card games as a hobby. I picked up copag and desjgn plastic cards and realized I don't like them all. Good Bicycle paper cards are what I prefer. Some brands were tried. These are my favorite cards. The colors are striking. Absolutely gorgeous. The goodies are nice. It's the same bicycle you expect. I wish they had it in the bridge size. What are you going to do? The ace of hearts is ugly but that's my only complaint.

4. Bicycle Playing Cards Designed Parker

Bicycle Playing Cards Designed Parker

These Bicycle Playing Cards have illustrations of your favorite feline friends. This deck of Bicycle Playing cards is fun, premium and will make a great addition to your collection. It's suitable for any card game or as a decorative piece in your home. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for many card games. Bicycle Playing Cards has been the trusted brand for over 135 years. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table.

Brand: Bicycle

👤It means cats. It doesn't say that you can read tarot cards. Cats have nothing to do with darkness but with light. They should have told the Christians that it was a bad idea to buy it in the first place. We don't play games or toy with witches. It's time to send it back for a refund.

👤There are a lot of evil symbols on these cards. They were thrown in the trash.

👤The deck of cards is a witchy theme and the cat is hovering over a crystal ball. There are symbols and images associated with witchcraft. If you think that witchcraft is evil, you may find these cards offensive. I love them! They are good for a party.

👤Bicycles have good quality plastic coated water resistant cards. There are different kitty images on the faces of A, J, Q, and K. Black cats and diamonds are in spades and clubs. These are images. The kitties are pictured with things like brooms, magic, planets, crystal balls, Celtic knots, and a wand. I think they are cute, but I know people that wouldn't like them. I put a picture up so you can see it. Cheers.

👤This was what I was looking for, based on the other reviews. Some of the images in these cards have "witchy" elements to them, and I love cats. The cat on the front of the box has a crystal ball, so I don't know why other reviewers were surprised. The art on the face cards is very colorful. Bicycle cards can be slippery at first, but I have played lots of cards for years, and all of them can be used. They tend to be less slippery after being handled for a while, even the regular red and blue versions. If you like this type of artwork, these can be a great addition to a collection. The brand I've always bought for my card games is the same excellent quality that I've always known from this brand, and they seem to last longer than other brands to me. The deck is not for people who are bothered by imagery. This is not a tarot deck, it is a standard playing card deck with beautiful images of mystical cats. I love it! I bought the deck because I was looking for a way to use it for cartomancy. This is perfect!

👤I bought these for my husband. He is a person who is open minded and loves all of the artwork on them. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous, even though they have some common cat art. The cards look good. Can't wait to play with these!

👤Excellent quality and beautiful art work. The cards are very nice. It's a great place for cat fans.

👤Hice el pedido con mucho entusiasmo para agregarlas, pero lastimosamente al llegar me doy. There is a La caja estaba abierta y totalmente destrozada. Esto le doy baja calificacin. There is a No puedo recomendarlas, alguien desea ordenarlas sin intencin de coleccionar. I placed the order with great enthusiasm but unfortunately upon arrival I realized the condition in which they arrived. The box was open and completely destroyed, but the cards inside are in good condition, but as a collector, I will not be able to add it to my collection. I gave it a low rating. There is a If someone wants to order them without the intention of collecting, I recommend them, they are good quality cards, but for the rest, I cannot recommend them.

5. Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black

The famous rider design is on the standard playing cards. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. The deck is perfect for Poker and other games.

Brand: Bicycle

👤One star was deducted due to "rider" and "standard" confusion. I think they don't know what's different. The label says "Rider". It's the same card. The black version is more expensive than the standard version, but I love it. I think this is as good as it gets. Delivery was fast and well packaged.

👤I ordered Rider Backed cards and was expecting Rider Backs. I got the standard backs. The cards are mostly the same, but there are subtle differences. I will have to look for another pack that is what is advertised. Very disappointed.

👤I wanted Rider Back cards, not Standard. The description said "Standard Rider Back". I assumed the Rider Back pack was shown in the photo. I did not get what I wanted.

👤The deck of cards that I got were standard and not black that I was hoping for. I didn't get what I paid for.

👤They are playing cards. If they are like the ones I have now, I will use them. I like playing cards on the bicycle.

👤The title is Bicycle Standard Rider Back Black. The standard was what was received. I can get the standards at my local Target. Returned.

👤The USPCC Bicycle is playing cards in black. They shipped fast from Japan. The deck has a sticker in Japanese that can be removed. There is a You can find a better price on Amazon.

👤Great cards to add to my collection.

👤I have used regular bicycle cards for a few years but bought these for poker because they are so durable and easy to shuffle and slide across the table, and I will buy another pack.

👤The cards were of good quality. They were slippery at first, but wore out quickly. I have an issue that these are not the cards shown in the picture. These are a standard size, standard type, and standard pack of cards, not the rider back poker size cards mentioned. It is a very good brand. I didn't get what I wanted. You will see what I mean if you compare the picture of the product box and the picture I have attached.

👤They. Are. Not. A rider. There are backs. There is a Why are you advertising them? There is a That is false advertising. They are not a pure black bicycle, they are just blue standard bicycle cards that have been put through a black and white filter. Don't buy this.

👤I received a black bicycle "standards" and thought they wererider backs. I prefer the rider back tuck case. I have never been a fan of the standard tuck. There is a These cards are fine if you don't mind.

👤I will buy again. I'm new to it. I know a few decks won't last long for me.

6. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Colors

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Colors

The Classic Air-Cushion Finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. Bicycle Standard playing cards have the same size deck. Bicycle Standard playing cards have a historic rider back. The deck of playing cards in the Bicycle deck is 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, hearts, Blackjack, go fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I'm not sure how these cards hold up. I sent them to Senator Walsh, who said that nurses have time to play cards and sit around. The senator received over 3000 playing cards. She may need them when she is out of work. Don't upset the person holding your pain med. Have a great day and keep playing your card games. I left my soapbox.

👤When ordering, be careful. The product has one deck of cards, but the photo shows two decks. My bad that I didn't catch this. This is not a good price for a deck.

👤I thought I was getting a 2 deck pack.

👤I used these cards for a week and the color of the back of the cards is transferred to the actual card. There is a Not good. Not enjoyable. Probably going to need new cards very soon.

👤The picture is misleading in how it shows two decks, and you won't find that information until you get into the deeper details of the item. I was a little disappointed that I didn't catch this level of deception from the seller.

👤I bought a pack of Bee cards from a local store the same day I ordered them from Amazon. The Bee cards feel thicker and more substantial than the other ones. The Bicycle cards are fine to use, but Bee is more expensive.

👤I paid for one pack. I am happy with them because they look like they will hold together for a few good games. They are comfortable to hold and see, even though they are not large prints.

👤We are in a Canasta group and need lots of cards. We have multiple tables playing at the same time. I knew Bicycle cards would hold up over time, so I ordered these instead of an off brand. Very happy. All the cards would be the same size and style.

7. Bicycle Aureo Black Playing Cards

Bicycle Aureo Black Playing Cards

This deck of Bicycle Playing cards is fun, premium and will make a great addition to your collection. It's suitable for any card game or as a decorative piece in your home. Bicycle playing cards have a touch of luxury. A beautiful card back, and specially designed court cards were utilized. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for many card games. Bicycle Playing Cards has been the trusted brand for over 135 years. The Classic Air-Cushion Finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table.

Brand: Bicycle

👤My cards are not cut on the center. This brand usually has better quality. The two decks I bought were the same off center cut. I am a fan of the design and colors.

👤These cards are very smooth. It's easy to deal with and beautiful. We adjusted to shuffle a little lighter as one card did bend but we were careful not to shuffle like a madman.

👤The box is made of metal. The card backs are dark.

👤A set of playing cards was what I was looking for. I liked the design and thought the gold would be on the back of the cards. The card design is dull. Disappointed.

👤A great gift is a beautiful card. My daughter is 35 years old.

👤Me encant el diseo minimalista. There is a Podran tiene un diseo mscido.

👤I enjoy playing the cards. I have added them to my collection.

👤The cards were easy to read, shuffle and move, but I was disappointed that the gold leaf like material used in the box was not on the cards.

👤He visto de bicycle. Es una baraja elegante, el color dorado y las ilustraciones. Mantiene el resto de caractersticas. La recomiendo sin duda.

👤Desgaste prematuro, el diseo is original. No. o hacer magia.

8. Bicycle Playing Cards Jumbo Size

Bicycle Playing Cards Jumbo Size

The great gift deck. Their unique playing cards are a great gift for the players and collectors in your life. They are great for all cardistry and magic tricks. A great addition to someone's Cyberpunk collection. There are 12 decks of cards. Patented air-cushioned finish, softly beveled edges, and sandwich construction for enhanced game play.

Brand: Bicycle

👤These cards are used for our euchre games. When we first started, we went through the decks of cards in a matter of minutes. They are holding up well after being bought. We do not go through decks as fast as other brands. If you want a card that will hold up for a long time, I would recommend them.

👤The US Playing Card Company Cincinnati has made these cards forever. There is a No one has made a better product. Graphics, printing, and card stock are useless. The card of choice is the club poker game. You can buy them by the 12 pack on Amazon. A true classic slice of Americana. The one to use is the Jumbo Index Face. The US Playing Card products are the same quality and are used by almost all casinos. I wish the USPCC would offer Hoyle Jumbo Face for this price. The USPCC is made in the USA and is located in Kentucky. The mini size is great for children.

👤It's nice to have the option of using these cards, that are the same size as normal cards, but with larger fonts, as I get older and my vision declines. The quality is good and it's easier to read.

👤I've only opened a few decks. Maybe I should open them all. There is a The cards seem to be A0k. There is a cushion finish and clear printing. There is a These are really good knock-offs and worth the price. I bought mine from the Amazon Warehouse. The box was described as damaged. I risked it for $1 a deck. There is a The outer box had been ripped open and re-taped, but I can't see anything wrong with it. A deck for $1? Oh yes. I'm happy. I became an old person and hated these old people decks. The "App" is not a sticker. The art is on a box. There is a Oh well. I said it was a minor gripe.

👤Bicycle playing card is something that you should like. It's so durable. I bought 6 decks 18 months ago. We play hand and foot for about 6-7 hours a week. We use an automatic shuffler as well. This was a good deal, I only bought more cards. There are 12 decks for $12.58. I am going to recycle the old Bicycle cards to the weekly night time poker group. They are still good.

👤My family plays a lot of cards. I sent this box to my dad because he was blind in one eye and it was hard for him to see clearly. Not being able to see standard print cards was depressing for him, he's always been an avid card player. The cards got him back at the table. There is a I told my dad that there was a larger print available if he had a hard time seeing the cards. They were large enough that we didn't have to go up in size. The family has gotten together to play cards at my house since my dad passed, and I just have the regular-sized print decks. They want to play with these instead of looking so small. They're a win for the elderly and vision-impaired. If you play cards with your family, Bicycle is the brand to go with, and these Jumbo print ones are perfect.

9. DuraFlex Plastic Playing Cards Bicycle

DuraFlex Plastic Playing Cards Bicycle

It's easier to see your matched sets when there is extra pips across the top. Quality plastic playing cards. The poker size is regular. It's great for poker, blackjack, or any other card game. There are 2 single decks in plastic cases.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I mostly bought these for the case, but thought it would be nice to have a couple more decks of plastic cards. These cards can be difficult to shuffle. My experience with plastic cards is limited, but this is the 3rd set I've used, and I have to be much more careful when shuffling these so as to not make a mess of cards on the table. There is a The case was what I was going for, as I had a couple other decks of plastic cards that I really enjoy with a case I couldn't really use. Most cases cost more than this item and it did not seem as nice. The weight of the cards would push the cap off if the case was held upside down so that they would fall out. I ran black duct take around the ledge at the top to give the cap more movement.

👤This is the second time I've ordered this two-pack set of playing cards. I love them. They are not difficult to shuffle if you are an avid card player. I have one deck at the beach so that we don't have to deal with the humidity. I have had these for six months and we have not had a problem with them. I think it's just pure quality. I ordered another 2-pack set to give as a prize in a local Spite and Malice tournament because I was so impressed with them. I would never go back to paper cards. Standard Bicycle cards are plastic. I know how to shuffle, but mine have never done that.

👤I have had these cards before and they are definitely on the higher end of other playing cards. The box that comes in to store the cards is very secure and snug so you don't have to worry about bending or having your car be flimsy. The cards are a great gift to give to someone who is big and playing cards, it comes with a blue deck and a red deck, and is easy to store. Highly recommend this product! Hope this helps!

👤I swear by these cards. The first time I purchased this deck, I stumbled upon them in a Walgreens. I use my cards at least 10 hours a week, we play Euchre almost every night at my house, and they work great, and were just as good 2 years later as the day I opened them. They are great when there are messy players. I don't have to worry about them getting wet because they are water proof, you can just wipe them off. The only reason I'm buying a new set is because a corner broke off one of my cards and gave away clues while I was playing the game.

👤The cards are showing wear after only 2 weeks. The paint is coming off a chip in a corner. They are very slippery, but you get used to it. I don't understand how paper cards last longer. Maybe I got a deck made on Monday. I don't want to go through the return process, so I hope the manufacturer sees this and sends me new ones. I am a bit salty about this.

10. Bicycle Lo Vision Special Playing Cards

Bicycle Lo Vision Special Playing Cards

It's great for children's card games. There are special playing cards for bicycle LO-VISION E-Z. Quality plastic coated paper. The poker size is regular. Poker, blackjack, or any other casino games are available.

Brand: Bicycle

👤This is the 4th time in the past 5 years that these have been purchased. They are that good. My gramma has bad eyes and the colored suits help her see the numbers and she is able to see them. We like a fresh deck because they get sticky from us so often. If you plan to mix the decks, this pack has 2 colors so be aware.

👤The blue and green colors are easy to mix up for people with vision issues.

👤I play blackjack at home for fun.

👤It was perfect. My mom can only play cards with this type. There is a They were here in 3 days.

👤Love them. My mother is legally blind in one eye. She takes them with her when she travels.

👤It's great for the visually impaired.

👤They helped by buying his eyes are really dim, but they allow him to play with friends.

11. Bicycle Vision Playing Card Deck

Bicycle Vision Playing Card Deck

It was bought from Amazon in 3 days. Great playing cards for the blind.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The colors of the numbers and letters make them hard to read. The cards would be better if they were all red and black. The colors of the numbers are a mistake.

👤The print on these cards is small. They will probably last a long time. I don't like the blue and green color they use for some of the suits. It makes it hard to play card games because of the distraction. It's almost impossible to play a game like Solitaire. I wouldn't recommend them.

👤Good cards but not perfect. Diamonds should not be green. The clubs should be green. There are two more The cards are missing some words. These can't be authentic bicycle brands.

👤You would expect goods cards to be bold. They have a lot of numbers. They tried to make it easier for low vision people by changing the clubs to blue and green. The spaces are black and the hearts are red. Sometimes the blue and green look similar to me is the only issue I have with them. I have low vision so colors are often the same. It is a great deal for the price and quality.

👤The cards are easy to read if you play a game that doesn't require you to hold more than 10 cards at a time. The numbers are large, so you have to fan them out twice as much as you normally would in order to tell what you are holding. It is a challenge. I like the colorcoded suits, but I think the colors are hard to read for low vision people.

👤My father has some vision loss from a stroke and these would be great for him. If you hold the cards in your hands, they are too large for a card holder. They seem to be of good quality. If your dad is colorblind, the red and green color scheme is terrible. He couldn't use them because he couldn't get a cribbage set. I thought they would be black and red. These didn't work for us.

👤I like these cards but they take some getting used to. My mom doesn't like them because she can't focus on the large numbers and letters of different colors and she keeps trying to look at the small icons with the suits. These are easy to see and might be enjoyed by the right people.

👤The product is fine. But. I only received 2 of the 3 decks I ordered. Both of the decks I got were red. It would have been expected that one would be blue. I am not happy with the way my order was handled.

👤I didn't know there were 4 different colors for the suits. This made it more difficult to use.

👤One could imagine that they are getting two decks of cards with suits in the standard black and red. It would be better to put an image of one deck rather than two. It would be great if people could see that there are other colors which may make them hesitant to wear the suits. A single deck of cards is very expensive.


What is the best product for bicycle playing cards jumbo?

Bicycle playing cards jumbo products from Bicycle. In this article about bicycle playing cards jumbo you can see why people choose the product. [brand2] and [brand3] are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle playing cards jumbo.

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