Best Bicycle Playing Cards Black

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1. Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

It was made in the USA. The item is a single unit. This is a standard size professional black playing card with a green and blue digital pattern design on the front and gorgeous texture design on the back. Theme party games use stylish and atmospheric design. The decks of cards set is made of high-quality plastic material and exquisite craftsmanship, and is more durable and economical than ordinary paper playing cards, and do not need to be replaced frequently. The plastic playing cards are easy to shuffle and hold, which makes them ideal for family and friends to enjoy a game. These waterproof playing cards can be washed with water, as long as they are washed under running water, which is very convenient and practical. Cool playing cards are great gifts. If you are dissatisfied with their waterproof playing cards, you can contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Integear

👤I assumed I was getting 2 decks of cards. I got one. I would have liked two decks, the one I got seemed good and sturdy for cards. If that is the name of the cards, they should change it. More than one person would think they are getting two decks.

👤The cards are okay if you don't use them often. The back design is not like the one shown. The gold backing is not present. The front of the cards are dull and it is difficult to see them. The print has worn off after less than a week of use. If the room isn't lit well, it's difficult to use the cards.

👤These are solid cards. The paper is not paper, so no worries about it getting wet or separated. Awesome. There is a They are easy to use, and a little slippery, but all around wonderful to use. There is a The black background and dull color of the cards make them hard to use in low-light times. I purchased them to play with my mother who can't see as well in low-light. The lamps are bright, but the colors are dull.

👤The other deck was messed up. One of the cards was folded inside the box when it was shoved into it. I can't use that deck for a game because it's marked and the box fell apart when opened. Everything was perfect except for the box and card. The cards are good quality and beautiful. Not happy with the way it was packaged.

👤I love the cards, they are amazing and worth it. The colors were not bright so it makes it harder to see, and the blue blends in a little more easier, which makes it harder to see without some good lighting. They tend to slide when doing poker or shuffling so it can be a good thing or bad thing. The colors are nice, but I wish it was brighter and not blended in with the black.

👤The colors of the cards are not as vibrant as advertised. I bought them for a blacklight glow party, but they weren't at all reactive under the lights. I returned them.

👤I received an open deck. They were mixed together. I had to go through both decks to separate them. The club suited cards were in one of the decks. The rest had to be pulled from the 2nd deck. It was very annoying. Not sure if this was the norm. I was not happy. I separated them and made 2 complete decks.

👤I needed a new deck of cards and these were a great change from the old cards I had. They are fun, updated and more comfortable than the decks I had, and they look like they will last a long time. Thanks for the great product!

2. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling. The bicycle standard face is in this pack. The cards are being played. The material is double-weive. The country of origin is the United States. The package has dimensions of 5.43" L x 2.83" W x 1.54" H.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Ok. I was excited because I had watched some strategy videos on the internet and was looking forward to using my new skills when I played go fish with my friend. Especially card games. I was pretty sure I was going to kick his ass, but I'm not going to lie, this guy is good, I know a pair of hands when I see them, but seriously. I asked if he made a bunch of videos for go fish strategy. He said that. "No." Yeah, right. When I see a liar, I like to notice it. He wanted to use his deck, but I just got a new bicycle from Amazon, so I pulled rank on that argument. I admit, his deck was pretty good, but I get really triggered by him. He's amazing. It makes me sad. You know... I don't want to ruin it, but he dies. We're in the thick of it, asking for cards. I asked if he had any sixes. I was nice about it. Hostility doesn't get you far in a competition. Then he said no. I needed sixes. Bad times. That is life. I lost that round. I was going for sixes. I should have known. Get this. jared casually mentioned to me that my deck was missing the six of hearts after he won that round. I don't know where to start. How did he know that? He must be the guy on the video sharing website. I would not notice if it was a joke. I thought he was pulling a wizard on me. I realized that the six hearts were missing. I've been a loyal customer of both Amazon and Bounty cards for almost three months. Am I upset that I lost? Yes. Is it upset that I lost my trust in the full, complete decks of cards? Yes. I am not upset that he is dead. Yes, and a warning. He's dead. I hope you didn't read about him dying. If you are a potter fan and also didn't know that the wizard is dead, it's a big deal. That is why I said that. It's sad. I wouldn't buy this deck of bicycle cards if I were you, because you would be playing someone who is as good as Jared at go fish. You get it. Three stars. The blue pack was clean. I've never laid my hands on a better deck of cards. Three stars. I am sad. There is a There is aSpoiler alert.

👤So disappointed! I used to play w/Bicycle brand cards. The quality, weight, texture, and material were all things that I loved. Our home was destroyed by toxic mold and I missed my cards so my husband ordered this brand. I'm assuming that it's an attempt to make them slippery, but it doesn't help because the material is thin and feels like plastic. Old decks used to be more slippery than new ones. It's hard to shuffle them. Bicycle followed the same path as many other companies and chose cheaper materials. It makes me sad when people play with real cards for the feel and texture of them in their hands. I understand that it's cheaper materials that make more money. It's unfortunate with some where the feel is so important. I'm not happy with the bike.

3. Bicycle 1038264 House Blend

Bicycle 1038264 House Blend

Poker size is standard index. American made since 1885. The card backs were drawn with a hand. America's Coffee Obsession is celebrated.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I was hoping to get cheap cards to play with. The choice of style made these useless to me. The problem? The cards are brown and black. Why is this a problem? I'm red-green colorblind and it's hard for me to tell if the color is brown or black on the cards, because I like the design and idea behind it. I asked my family how they saw the cards, and they said it was hard to tell the difference. They are pretty cards, but not recommended for standard use. What do I want it to be? Maybe these cards weren't for me. I should've been more careful because I would confuse them if they were red and brown. This is the only problem I had with them, and I didn't realize it would be a big issue. I don't want to bring the rating down too much because they seem to hold well.

👤Love the coffee artwork. The faces of the cards carry the theme through. A nice deck is used in coffee houses. There is a subtle one-way back design. It's a neat hidden feature, but maybe not useful. I would have preferred a double back or black face, but it's not a big deal. The cards are good quality and a good value.

👤There are 3 stars representing good stock quality and beautiful back art on cards. The preview photos of the cards show a red color, but in reality it is not as red as it appears, and it is difficult to distinguish between the red and brown color of the pips. If you're not under direct light, you'll have to strain your eyes to see the difference between the red and brown cards. I would like to return this deck.

👤I've been a bicycle brand for a long time. The deck is perfect for card readings when a client isn't comfortable with the cards. The finish makes them feel good.

👤My brother loves coffee shops, he goes there to study and stay awake from the smell. He figured he could use a deck to pass the time, and it has become an every day carry ever since he got them.

👤I am learning to read playing cards for intuitive readings and like this deck for it's soft colors and cute coffee design. It is difficult to distinguish between the cards at a glance due to the soft red and brown colors of the "reds" and "blacks". I need the crisp black and red to help me remember because I see this impacting my ability to read.

👤I wish the red was brighter.

👤People are talking about the color. It is not a big deal when I am playing because of the difference between the red and black cards. Diamonds and hearts are red. Black is the color of spades and clubs. That is all you need to know. I like the design of the cards. They feel good. They don't feel like paper cards.

👤Great cards. Bicycle are the kings of playing cards, and this style is no exception.

4. Bicycle 1043632 Asteroid Playing Cards

Bicycle 1043632 Asteroid Playing Cards

Premium look with sculpted Embossed tuck. Premium Bicycle brand is printed on the card. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle makes wonderful cards and these are no exception. There is a There's a serious quality to the box. There is a You can see the colors in a dim room. There is a The spread is satisfying and they clean very well. I bought them for tricks, and they were so smooth, untill heavy wear happend-- tottaly my doing, that's what happens.

👤There isn't much to say about playing cards. The quality of this brand is always on point, and the cards are well made. I like to give them to my clients as a way to keep themselves busy and occupied when they are bored.

👤I love these cards. They have a great look and feel. Whenever we need cards for a game, I bring these cards out. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I don't know how they are a gift for an anonymous person.

👤I bought these cards for my girlfriend because we like to play when we go camping. They're gorgeous. It's great for science lovers.

👤My husband is a card collector. These are nice ones wrapped in cellophane, which is great for collector's items.

👤The cards are very cool. Very impressive!

👤The son loves them.

👤Fue para un regalo y le ha encantado. I am encantador y las recomiendo.

👤Excellent service.

👤I semi con lo sfondo nero comprate per fatte davvero.

👤No he comprobar su durabilidad.

5. Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

Cyberpunk Playing Cards Premium Standard

Cool playing cards are great gifts. If you are dissatisfied with their waterproof playing cards, you can contact them for a replacement. The next hand in style is with showstopping Cyberpunk-themed playing cards. The artwork shows a combination of the high tech and the dystopic industrial through street scenes and dark futuristic characters. The presentation box has brilliant foil highlights. Say goodbye to flimsy and boring standard playing cards in the casino grade. They finish their cards with a smooth, luxurious embossing so they feel and handle just as good as they look, beginning with A-grade card stock and world-class printing techniques. It is durably made to resist humidity and hold up through intense game nights. If you're going to perform your craziest tricks, you need a deck of cards that can keep up. The elephant playing card is made from a 310 GSM paper cut with laser-sharp precision for superior flourishing, shuffling, handling, and dealing. It was made in a standard poker card size. The Game Night E-Book covers 10 classic, fun card games with step by step text and video instructions. Rummy, Crazy 8's, and more can be learned. There are fun card games that both adults and kids can enjoy. The great gift deck. Their unique playing cards are a great gift for the players and collectors in your life. They are great for all cardistry and magic tricks. A great addition to someone's Cyberpunk collection.

Brand: Elephant Playing Cards

👤I don't know why these are rated 4.5 stars. Maybe the deck I received was fake. The gold deck was ordered by me. I expected the cards to be gold on the back, they are flat yellow and black. They don't show the back of the cards. The art is what you see in the pictures. The suits are not all that different from your standard pictures, they just have little cyberpunk touches such as the circles around their eyes in what looks like goggles. It is more of a steampunk feel than a cyberpunk feel. The circuit board look on the cards and face is the only "cyberpunk" about these. There are a lot of gears on the card backs. Cyberpunk is about augmentations. It would make more sense if the King of clubs was holding a katana and looked like a street samurai or the Jack had a pink mohawk. The quality of the card is back. The gloss is not great but it has a shine. It is not the quality that you would expect. They aren't as durable. They look like half the thickness of Bicycle cards. I pushed them together to see how much wear and tear they would tolerate, and they got beat up much more quickly than your standard Bicycle cards. There is a These were not worth much. They work 5 dollars a day.

👤These cards are not from the USPCC. They are printed in China. The card stock is very nice and the prints are usually good. The decks of Elephant playing cards I received have looked great despite the complaints I have seen. I think that the Chinese company has a lower standard of quality control than the US company, which results in less than perfect prints. If you are unhappy with the deck you receive, I would assume that the company would be willing to give you a new deck. If the seller stands by their product, I will buy it.

👤The photos and description are not accurate. The cards don't have the same look as the box and the card images try to portray it. The color is bland and not reflective. It's really sad that the box looks that way. The gold is a mustard yellow. Try the other colors, they don't have the reflective look. -_-

👤It's easy to think that the hearts and spades are the same when playing. All suits are the same color. I did not open the second pack I ordered. These cards will never be used by us.

👤What a shame! These cards are nice. The color choice for the hearts and diamonds is ugly. The A for the Heart and Diamond have been great, but the smaller Hearts and Diamonds were washed out in yellow. The yellow in the print was used as an accent but not on the individual traders, which takes this deck down a lot. What a Shame!

👤Why do I say that? The components shift as you shuffle the deck. It was made for steampunk fans. They function the same as an ordinary standard deck. Superb artwork as well. The edges are showing wear. I use them a lot. The box the cards came in is beginning to fall apart and I only gave it 4 stars.

6. Bicycle Playing Webbed Design Limited

Bicycle Playing Webbed Design Limited

When shopping for playing cards in bulk with Bedwina, you can be sure that your satisfaction is their top priority. They will do everything they can to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. There is a new deck of Bicycle playing cards. The United States Playing Card Company made it. There are 52 playing cards, 2 jokers and 2 information cards in each deck. The brand new playing card deck was made in the United States. The Premium Air Cushion Card Stock is of the highest quality. The Spider themed playing cards have a black, red, and white card back. There is more about the cards. The tuck case design was created to make the Spider design stand out. The Classic Air Cushion Finish is easy to shuffle. The printed material is non-toxic. It's perfect for game nights. Magicians, playing card lovers and hobby enthusiasts are popular with the card and collectibles alert. Specialty playing cards are a must for any collection and are only available for a limited time.

Brand: Bicycle

👤My husband is a fan of Spiderman and I had to get these cards for him. He loved them!

7. Bicycle Denim Playing Custom Limited

Bicycle Denim Playing Custom Limited

A gold foiled box. The bicycle rider back has faded markings.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Can't read red on denim front of cards.

👤These were never seen at the store. The deck is very cool.

👤Came in with smashed corners.

👤Another set from the USPCC.

8. EAY Waterproof Playing Plastic Gilding

EAY Waterproof Playing Plastic Gilding

The jubo index is a measure of the strength of the jubo. The community cards can be easily recognized from any position around the table. A solid, pure color is sustainable for long periods of use without fading, and a minimalist print layout will make your next poker night stylish and professional. The card has a deep emboss surface. Great for porker fans, porker collector, party game, camping, gift ideal. It's waterproof and flexible, and won't fade, making it perfect for camping, swimming, or the beach. The playing card is easy to clean and water resistant. You can use it again and again. It's easy to shuffle. A full set of playing cards. The balck box has hard plastic for preservation.

Brand: Eay

👤The gold is great print, $9... What's not to like? There is a These cards are great. Take a look at the pictures I uploaded. They're fun to play with. There is a If you want something a little more flashy, look no further. These are it! The Luck Lab black leather playing card case is a perfect touch to these great cards. The case is here:

👤I love the idea of waterproof cards, but they are so slippery that it is almost impossible to hold onto them. Definitely wouldn't recommend them just for that reason.

👤These cards are the strongest we've used. The garden variety cards from the box stores or the Ace Bee cards would bend, rip, and degrade. Take abuse well. They are a bit slippery and take a while to get used to. You should be prepared to spray them around the first couple of times.

👤I like the cards. They were slicker the first few times around the table. They became less slick as they were broken in. I like them.

👤The cards are beautiful. ... The surface is so slick that you can't hold onto them or shuffle them.

👤I put them on my bar cart.

👤I like these because they are unique. You are playing cribbage and I love it. Ordinary cards don't hold up.

9. Bicycle Poker Standard Playing Players

Bicycle Poker Standard Playing Players

Bicycle Standard playing cards have a historic rider back. The deck of playing cards in the Bicycle deck is 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jokers, and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, hearts, Blackjack, go fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards are okay, but beware of Amazon's bait and switch tactics. It's a "special" price when you order the first time. The price is higher if you try to reorder.

👤The cards are just regular Bicycle "Standard" poker cards that are sold for $3-4 a deck. There is a The first deck I opened was warped. I could not do a Faro shuffle with it. Will have to keep it in a porper clip for a while to see if it fixes the issue. There is a word of warning.

👤This is a review of Bicycle Playing cards. The item was sold by 'Bicycle' and was fulfilled through Amazon. There is a The box of card decks is fine after the shipping carton was smashed. I paid $16 for a set of cards. I took a single deck from the box and opened the tuck case, which had a sticker and a sticker on it. The box was top condition. The cards and box are brand new, and the tuck case is labelled a standard size. A huge improvement! The deck includes two promo cards. The people are riding bikes. They're standard playing cards. Nothing more to say. - The cards are smooth and flat. It was very easy to shuffle. The finish is similar to woven fabric. You can feel the weave if you run your finger over the card. I don't think I've seen that finish before. We will see how it wears. The box that holds the twelve pack can't be closed. Oh well! What are you expecting at this price? There is a The sticker that seals the tuck case is difficult to remove and leaves a sticky mark on the case. I have just opened the box and I can't speak to the durability. The ace of spades is labeled '808'. These could be the legendary 808's. I don't know what to say. The tuck case has an address in Kentucky. I'm not sure if we can conclude that they were made in Kentucky, but the tuck case lists a Kentucky address. The free app logo is on the back of the tuck case, which is in line with the design of the box.

👤The standard Bicycle brand cards are found in almost any store that sells cards. The slightly cheaper cards are not the higher quality casino level cards. These aren't up to the standard of the casinos in their cut, as they are cut so slightly off center, which is why these are the cards you find almost everywhere. This is the only law. The cards have the same high quality finish and printing as you would expect, on the same Bicycle 808 card stock. The backs of these can be made a one-way design by using the 'flaw'. You get 12 decks, six blue and six red. The current box design states Standard across the front and the history of the cards on the back, rather than just the back design. Many people prefer the original, clean box design with the Rider Back label over the cheap looking "Free App" Badge on the front. There is a You get a standard set of cards in each box, with a couple ad cards thrown in, and two original 808 cards. You get a good deal, 12 decks for $2 each, which is cheaper than 7-11, so you can't go wrong. I've bought decks that cost more.

10. Maverick Standard Playing Blackjack Pinochle

Maverick Standard Playing Blackjack Pinochle

Plastic-coated decks of cards are made from paper stock with blue core construction and are nearly Casino Grade. The standard deck of playing cards for each maverick is 52 traditional suited playing cards, two jewlery and two additional ad cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Plastic-coated playing cards are more durable.

Brand: Maverick

👤I haven't bought a card in a while. I have a blue pack from the 90s. Earlier. There is a I was told once that those are made in the USA. I suppose it's like Bicycle's Aviators. There is a I should have known that these new ones are made in China. There is a They do appear to have been made well. There is a I think it's a little bit thicker than my older Mavericks, but that's not based on science. There is a The older pack has a "linen' feeling now from use", compared to the new cards being slick. There is a The red and blue that I opened had clear printing. There is a They are worth it for the money. There is a The price is basically the same for Leaps and bounds above $1 store cards quality. I always thought these were designed well and had nice western "mustang" jokers. There is a If you play poker with both of them in the deck, you can establish a high-wild card. There is a It's nice to have finished cards in the case. There is a You need slick finishes sometimes. There is a These and the Aviators have that finish. I think these are a bit thicker than the Aviators. There is a These cards stink, so it is worth mentioning. axle grease or something. I've smelled something like this in the garage, but I can't put my finger on it. The new pack of cards smell clean. There is a The average joe is playing cards in the camper. A1 is what these are. These are quiet and behaving in a similar way to the Bees Aviators Hoyle Bicycles and Tally's.

👤These are a good purchase. I bought them on impulse and thought I could find them cheaper in a local dollar store. I'm a shooter. There is a Playing cards make excellent targets to zero my guns and bows. Given how bad I shoot, I'm not sure. I think that 624+ cards will give me a good idea of how to adjust my sights. The best I can do is tape these cards to my board. There is a Some of my "shooter" friends were taken aback by the target I showed them. The price point is great.

👤These cards are terrible. I buy the bicycle ones because of that. When I placed the order, I didn't notice the brands. The box that these came in was destroyed. I don't know who thinks it's okay to ship a product this way. Returning.

👤I remember these cards when I was in high school. The quality of these cards used to be comparable to the Bicycle and Bee cards. They feel much cheaper now. These cards look like cheap glossy laminate and are kind of oily when you look through them. I used to use these for magic tricks when I was a kid. They don't think you can do magic well with these cards. If you want to play simple card games like Rummy or Euchre, that's fine, but if you're used to Bicycle cards, it will take some getting used to. I won't be using them. I can't use these for magic, but I may give them away to some homeless people. The older man was playing cards. Quality was much better in the 90s.

11. Orange Rider Bicycle Playing Cards

Orange Rider Bicycle Playing Cards

The preferred brand of millions. There are 52 cards plus 1 and 3 Gaff cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I have a deck of cards. I have a card with both sides orange and red. I'm not sure how to contact the seller. I can't find a way to do it. Can someone help me? My son wants two cards.

👤I bought this for my dad. The school colors are orange and black. There is a It was a little pricey, but my dad is hard to buy for so that made it worth it.

👤I love these cards. You will not regret buying them.

👤The cards were in excellent condition when they were delivered. They were for a friend who enjoys playing with them.

👤Not sure why but only one of the two double back cards has a red back, and only one of the two completely blank cards has a blank card. What? I'm not sure why. I don't need 1 or 2.

👤Great addition to my collection.

👤Product arrived quickly. Good quality.


What is the best product for bicycle playing cards black?

Bicycle playing cards black products from Integear. In this article about bicycle playing cards black you can see why people choose the product. Bicycle and Elephant Playing Cards are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle playing cards black.

What are the best brands for bicycle playing cards black?

Integear, Bicycle and Elephant Playing Cards are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle playing cards black. Find the detail in this article.

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