Best Bicycle Playing Cards 4 Pack

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1. Bicycle Prestige Dura Flex Playing Colors

Bicycle Prestige Dura Flex Playing Colors

The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. Bicycle playing cards may vary in color. The playing card is 100 percent plastic. Maintaining a paper-like feel while doing so. The air cushion feels good. To move. Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, and Go Fish are all great card games. Baccarat and many more. The cards are in a premium paper case. A plastic card with a paper-like feel. It's perfect for a neighborhood game or a professional tournament.

Brand: Bicycle Prestige

👤One of my friends has a tendency to bend the cards she is dealt. After a few adult beverages, this tendency increases. Even after a bending moment, these always snap back to shape. I'm not sure how well they would hold up if you creased them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did well. One thing to note is that they are slimy. It takes a small amount of getting used to, but most people are keen to notice it. Once people figure it out, haven't had a lot of complaints. These are top notch cards. They have the right amount of snap. The slickness makes it easier to deal with a large table. People jamming the edges together instead of performing a musical instrument will stand up to abuse. Good paper cards will wear out. The edge profile and slickness of this material make shuffling easier. These are easier to use than paper cards. One thing that happens when we play a lot of Euchre is that half the deck wears out faster than the rest. I don't think this will be an issue soon since these are so durable. If you don't loose them, you will come out ahead, even though they cost as much as a few decks of normal cards. They will be in better shape the whole time and will probably last dozens of times.

👤The guarantee isn't honored. The corner of the card has fallen off. I have owned this deck for a while. Over the last 1+ years, it was used less than 10 times. The address is written on the joker. I sent the card and the ace of spades to the address that was listed. I was surprised to receive an envelope with a return to sender and "unable to forward" sticker. Either give a bad address or not keep it active in a short amount of time. There is a The United States Playing Card Company is located in Cincinnati.

👤I was impressed with the cards. Deal well and shuffle well. It takes a bit for slickness to wear off but it isn't an issue. I had a corner chip off when I played with these. This was disappointing. I contacted Amazon and was very appreciative of the replacement deck they gave me. The only concern I have so far is the durability. There is a There is an update. corners chipping after just a few games of Gin is what my second deck has had similar issues to my first deck. I originally rated them a 4 star but will be changing that to a 2 star review. Amazon replaced my first bad deck at no charge, the only good thing that came of these cards.

👤I have a good amount of decks, but don't bring them out with friends because they usually suck at shuffling causing cards to be marked, or just spill drinks on the decks ruining them. I like playing poker with good cards. I've had a set of KEM and Copag, but I don't like the back design. I have always been a fan of the bicycle art. There is a The cards are plastic, but the texture is matt so they are easy to shuffle and don't slip as much as some plastic cards. They're not going to fly off the table like plastic cards. It's easy to clean up spills if you get to them quickly. Exposure to elements will warp them. If you're into hand magic tricks, the deck is probably not the best, but it's perfect for poker or drunken card games.

2. Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards Piece

It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling. The bicycle standard face is in this pack. The cards are being played. The material is double-weive. The country of origin is the United States. The package has dimensions of 5.43" L x 2.83" W x 1.54" H.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Ok. I was excited because I had watched some strategy videos on the internet and was looking forward to using my new skills when I played go fish with my friend. Especially card games. I was pretty sure I was going to kick his ass, but I'm not going to lie, this guy is good, I know a pair of hands when I see them, but seriously. I asked if he made a bunch of videos for go fish strategy. He said that. "No." Yeah, right. When I see a liar, I like to notice it. He wanted to use his deck, but I just got a new bicycle from Amazon, so I pulled rank on that argument. I admit, his deck was pretty good, but I get really triggered by him. He's amazing. It makes me sad. You know... I don't want to ruin it, but he dies. We're in the thick of it, asking for cards. I asked if he had any sixes. I was nice about it. Hostility doesn't get you far in a competition. Then he said no. I needed sixes. Bad times. That is life. I lost that round. I was going for sixes. I should have known. Get this. jared casually mentioned to me that my deck was missing the six of hearts after he won that round. I don't know where to start. How did he know that? He must be the guy on the video sharing website. I would not notice if it was a joke. I thought he was pulling a wizard on me. I realized that the six hearts were missing. I've been a loyal customer of both Amazon and Bounty cards for almost three months. Am I upset that I lost? Yes. Is it upset that I lost my trust in the full, complete decks of cards? Yes. I am not upset that he is dead. Yes, and a warning. He's dead. I hope you didn't read about him dying. If you are a potter fan and also didn't know that the wizard is dead, it's a big deal. That is why I said that. It's sad. I wouldn't buy this deck of bicycle cards if I were you, because you would be playing someone who is as good as Jared at go fish. You get it. Three stars. The blue pack was clean. I've never laid my hands on a better deck of cards. Three stars. I am sad. There is a There is aSpoiler alert.

👤So disappointed! I used to play w/Bicycle brand cards. The quality, weight, texture, and material were all things that I loved. Our home was destroyed by toxic mold and I missed my cards so my husband ordered this brand. I'm assuming that it's an attempt to make them slippery, but it doesn't help because the material is thin and feels like plastic. Old decks used to be more slippery than new ones. It's hard to shuffle them. Bicycle followed the same path as many other companies and chose cheaper materials. It makes me sad when people play with real cards for the feel and texture of them in their hands. I understand that it's cheaper materials that make more money. It's unfortunate with some where the feel is so important. I'm not happy with the bike.

3. Bicycle Muralis Playing Cards White

Bicycle Muralis Playing Cards White

The classic air crumb finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table. Bicycle playing cards have a touch of luxury. A beautiful card back and specially designed court cards were utilized. The design of the deck of Bicycle Playing cards is fun and premium. It's suitable for any card game or as a decorative piece in your home. Bicycle Playing Cards has been trusted for 135 years for an exceptional playing card experience. Bicycle playing cards are perfect for many card games. The classic air crumb finish provides unparalleled performance in your hands and on the table.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards work well, but they didn't look like I expected them to.

👤I received a deck of playing cards, but they were purple, not teal. I ordered it.

👤Excellent quality and a good price. I was looking for a gift for my daughter's game collection.

👤It is very difficult to deal with. They flew across the table.

👤Touched a small drop of water and caused cards to warp.

4. Bicycle Poker Jumbo Index Playing

Bicycle Poker Jumbo Index Playing

Red and Blue are available. It's great for children's card games.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards are durable and we love playing with them.

👤The cards are very flexible from the beginning. They think they will last a long time. The jumbo size print is the main reason I chose these cards.

👤The set of cards is awesome. It's hard to find this style in stores.

5. Bicycle 1041133 Unicorn Playing Cards

Bicycle 1041133 Unicorn Playing Cards

The package width is 6.6 centimeters. Poker deck is standard. The card back is inspired by a vintage design. There is a custom ACE of spades and bright colored faces. It was printed on a bicycle brand.

Brand: Bicycle

👤These cards are excellent and a great value. My wife and I both like purple, and we both think Unicorns are cute. It was a no-brainer to buy her a deck. There is a The back design has a rainbow of colors, with a purple background and white four-leaf clovers. Very stylish! There is a The clubs are a dark purple. The colors of the hearts and diamonds are hot. There is a The court cards are indistinguishable from their suit colors. There is a The standard joker is a purple outline with splashes of other color, the same as the court cards. There is no guarantee of text on either one. The ace of spades has the same thing as the tuck case. A double-backed card is included that can be used as a spare joker. There is a The 56th card is used as a cheap marketing ploy. I think these will sell well once word gets around. There is a The United States Playing Card Company has the brains to keep printing these. I would like to see a version of these that is not for the international market. There is a The appearance of the design is taken away by the extra lettering required for French. There is a What are you waiting for? Today is the day to get yourself a deck. It's funny. This is not a recommendation. I don't get any compensation for posting this. All comments in this review are mine. I don't have an affiliation with the manufacturer or their distributors.

👤My child recently discovered the fun of playing card tricks on people, she had a sad deck that had gotten wet and warped. There is a You can't really believe that Bicycle made a deck like this. They are made with the same level of quality you would expect from Bicycle. There is a The entire deck is not themed with the Unicorn, but the back of the cards has the design. There is a The classic royal family are in all suits. The ace of spades has something on it. There is a The color deviation they decided to use for our classic spade/club, diamond/heart is something that is perfect for those Unicorn lovers out there. There is a The spades and clubs come in a deep purple color. I thought they were dark until I had them under proper lighting. There is a The dimaonds and hearts are almost neon pink, but still maintain a bit of red to keep them from being too pink. I look forward to seeing her future card tricks, a great deck for the little one.

👤These are good cards. Brand name, standard quality. It might be a little more expensive than I want. The box and the backs of the cards are pretty and mostly purple. The suit colors are pink and purple. There are no animals on the cards. The ace of spades is the only one with a unicorn on it. The face cards have no royalty images. Why not replace the royalty characters with something else? They could be made in Royal garb. Put the royal characters in clothing. A herald on the Jack or a pendant worn by the Queens. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more of them. It seems like a missed opportunity.

6. Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Hesslers Rider Back Playing Cards

Completely custom illustrations are not found anywhere else. Bicycle poker cards are genuine. The United States Playing Card Company made the cards. The deck has red hearts, blue spades, green clubs and yellow diamonds. The classic standard look is maintained by custom card faces. Blue and Red Standard Bicycle Rider Backs are available. A list of Texas Hold'em Poker Hands is included in dual purpose Joker cards.

Brand: Bicycle

👤Bicycle (USPCC) branded decks are the ones I collect playing cards from. The Hesslers deck is part of my collection. The tuck box design is the only one that many card designers work on. The faces of the cards are being looked at. This helps set their cards apart.

👤If that makes sense, this is a unique deck. The design is the same as the original blue deck. This deck is for people who want to increase their card game. The traditional 2 colors are red diamond and hearts-black spades, but it has 4 different colors. This makes game play more enjoyable. These cards have been used for spades and Rummy. It always makes a conversation. There is a It's a shade lighter than the regular blue bicycle deck, but it's pretty much the same. You have to add this to your list if you're a playing card collector. You never know when they will run out.

👤I picked my cards first on looks. The design is classic suits, and pips, but what makes it so delightful is a full-color courts, and suits in green, yellow, red, blue, shades of grey to compliment the black and white. The spades are blue, hearts are red, diamonds are yellow, and the clovers are green. The colored suits are within a black spade with a kneeling skeleton. There is an extra card with a quote on the side of the bike backs. There is a I want a good deck. These are air-cushioned and play very well. There is a I want a good price. This deck is the only one that can meet all three.

👤These cards are very nice. Nice colors, don't feel flimsy or rigid. It is visually interesting.

👤I like the different colors. It's a great addition to my collection.

👤The cards look better than the pictures.

👤I have recently gotten into playing cards and card games as a hobby. I picked up copag and desjgn plastic cards and realized I don't like them all. Good Bicycle paper cards are what I prefer. Some brands were tried. These are my favorite cards. The colors are striking. Absolutely gorgeous. The goodies are nice. It's the same bicycle you expect. I wish they had it in the bridge size. What are you going to do? The ace of hearts is ugly but that's my only complaint.

7. Bicycle Metalluxe Red Playing Cards

Bicycle Metalluxe Red Playing Cards

This tool is perfect for professional and personal relationship growth, and is the perfect gift for someone looking to grow relationships. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. Premium Bicycle brand is printed on the paper.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I bought this deck for myself. They were well received. I looked at my face and saw how beautiful they are. I can't see my face, but I'm pretty sure it was a look of delight and awe.

👤The metallic makes these cards pretty. Really enjoy the playing side as well. The face cards have a metallic look to them. The blue metallic cards are next to the grey/silver deck we own. You can see how pretty they are.

👤My husband is my husband. I ordered these to play rummy and they are everything. The cards are light and easy to play with, and the metallic color is unique. These are very recommended. The inside of the box is made of textured material. I think these would make a great gift.

👤The backs of the cards have a cut off center. As you go through the suits, the cut gets better, which means you can easily identify which suit someone's holding by looking at how badly the cards are cut. The back of any card has a 80-90% certainty rate, so I can identify the suit of any card.

👤The foil backing and blue-accented face cards are a nice touch to add some spice to your card game, without looking gaudy or un-intuitive to read. A nice deck of cards, can't go wrong with Bicycle.

👤For the price. It would be 10/10 if they came. Stock as expected... The USPCC can go wrong. If you can do well with bicycle stock, you don't have to worry.

👤The back of the cards are shiny and in a nice box. It is cool. I guess.

👤The foil cards are not worth the $7 to $8 premium over the regular bicycle playing cards. I'm an amateur card player.

👤It's perfect for family games, tricks, cardistry, and anything you can do with cards that are more expensive. It's really good for begginers because it's top quality and affordable. You can always buy new ones, so you aren't always scared that you will ruin them. I was really satisfied with them. Not to say that they're not cool, but they can look black at a certain angle.

👤The cards have a beautiful shine and brilliance when being manipulated. There are certain angles and lighting conditions which make the print look black. It's not optimal to have this one as your go-to-anywhere pack.

👤The bicycle is called Calidad. The dorso is ideal, it is brillante, ideal para aadir un toque mgico. El azules y las rojas metalluxe estn un precio. Las verdes y las doradas tienen ms del doble. No, no, no

👤Compre una baraja pensando. The tacto de los naipes is aceptable. esperaba, ms de calidad. hay mejores opciones

👤Me tiene un tacto genial. There is a Las tardes de invierno.

8. Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Bicycle Stargazer Elements Playing Bundle

Product dimensions are 3.5 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches. It was printed on a premium bicycle brand. The court cards are wearing fiery garments of reds and oranges as faces are reset on the classic. It is possible to use the Classic Air-Cushion Finish for ease of shuffling.

Brand: Bicycle

👤I like the one way back design of the Fire Deck. I could do without the demon theme elements. The Stargazer deck is not functional. It was hard to read the cards. The back design is very nice. There is a Two good decks by the USPCC. I would have liked to see a blank facer instead of a double backer. Product pairs. It doesn't make sense. The fire deck and ice deck should be combined.

👤They're pretty. Since they both have black edges on a white paper stock they will fade quickly if you use them for games. They can be used for cardistry and light solitaire, but not for normal play. There is a It's a good price for the 2 pack. They are worth the price.

👤The Stargazer set is a beautiful card deck. The Stargazer set requires you to take a closer look at your cards to distinguish the different suits, which is not something I like about it.

👤These cards look great. The stargazers feel durable and are more stunning than the other ones. They were playing a few games of rummy with them, and by the end they were starting to get a bit of a curve from the shuffling. I got a few cards wet and they warped, but still work. If the red cards were as complex as the stargazers, I would give them 5 stars.

👤I was hoping for more interesting designs on the face cards. I would hope for more variety.

👤I would have given it a lower rating. Each grandchild could have their own set of decks. The faces are not suited to play a card game because of their color. Shame on the bike.

👤My son loves playing cards. I ordered these because he uses our other Bicycke cards for stacking creations. These are the best cards we've ever owned. The are flexible, but still durable. I am very impressed.

👤My son got some playing cards. I was skeptical about how easy it was to read the stargazer cards. The black borders show if a corner is bent, which could be a problem if you are playing a card game. The normal bike was playing card pips, except for the jokers. This is a good deal, since he bought a playing card deck for $12 and these are $8 for two.

👤I'll be using the Stargazer cards. The fire cards work well, but the design of the cards themselves is not much different from the picture cards. I'll probably use them for card tricks, but don't think they're special like I do the Stargazer. It is nice to have these in my collection and they do have a nice feel to them, but they aren't as amazing as I had hoped they would be.

👤The setting is very pop because of the colorful cards. I use these for poker and my friends love them. You may want to wait until the cards go on sale because it's very expensive.

9. Bicycle Rider Poker Playing Cards

Bicycle Rider Poker Playing Cards

These are printed with non-toxic, plant-based ink to limit their environmental impact and ensure consumer safety. There are four decks, two red and two blue. Great for all card games. The patented air-cushion bicycle finish is found in bicycle decks. The complete with instruction and rule cards. The tuck on this deck resembles the bicycle standard deck.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The best cards. The best multi-deck price. Fast delivery.

👤The cards are the right ones for magic.

👤I received the six pack of Bicycle cards safely and they look great.

👤Bicycle is the only way to go for people who care about the experience of playing cards. Enjoy.

👤Exactly what my grandson wanted. Thank you.

👤The best cards for both tricks and just playing. I took one star off because the box is not the one in the picture, and the one I received has a small advertising on the box. I dislike it because I got these for magic tricks.

👤A qualidade de excelente, principalmente, existe um vermelho e outro azul.

👤O produto com o rpido.

👤Algunos naipes estan mal impresos, pero en general.

10. Bicycle Poker Jumbo Standard Playing

Bicycle Poker Jumbo Standard Playing

A deck of cards is red or blue. Great for all card games.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The cards were perfect for what I needed. I wanted to give my parents a little stocking stuffer gift. They play a card game. It was cheaper to get them in this pack of 4. Since they are a gift, I don't know about the quality yet, but they look like authentic Bicycle cards that we all know and love.

👤The product is good. It fits our requirements.

👤Red on cards was not a good color for seniors. It was difficult to tell the difference in color for those with vision problems.

👤I wanted these large cards. It's great for people with eye problems.

👤It's perfect for someone with limited vision.

👤A friend is in a nursing home. He likes that they are easy to read and handle. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I was making a board game for friends and it was a good size.

👤The men's bridge game was intended for these. Good quality stock has a nice big print on it. Excellent.

11. Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards Colors

Bicycle Pinochle Playing Cards Colors

The material name isAcrylic. The deck of Pinochle playing cards has different colors. The extra pips on the top of the cards help players keep track of their matched sets. The cards are made with the highest level of care.

Brand: Bicycle

👤When submerged in water, cards could be torn apart. A large map could be drawn on the inside surfaces and reassembled into a deck. POWs used these cards for escapes. The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC has at least one example of a deck on display. I found Pinochle on the Play App.

👤During the holidays, our family plays pinochle and sometimes we need two decks for 6 handed. It is easy to sort the blue and red back into two decks because they were shipped to us. They are easy to read. It comes with two blank cards so make sure you look through the deck after the initial instructions. We didn't find them until they were dealt with.

👤The quality of this brand is second to none. I bought a jumbo size print for my house because I am a novice pinochle player. A seasoned player complained that they couldn't see how they set their hand because of the large size. To each his own!

👤When I ordered two decks, I thought they would send one red and one blue. Not the case. There are two blue decks. It is easier to have one deck of each color for our partner Pinochle. Live and learn.

👤We had decks of cards that lasted for a long time. Getting new ones was necessitated by missing one card. I was under the impression that Bicycle was a quality company of playing cards. The cards became particularly difficult to deal with after a couple weeks. It is not pleasant to play with the cards that are stuck together because of this.

👤This deck is slick and good quality. I lost 10 pounds.

👤Bicycle cards are always great. I think we will always purchase them.

👤I bought 3 packs for myself, one for my puppy and one for our summer home in North Carolina. They are great.

👤Before buying these cards, I had never heard of pinochle. I know the bicycle brand. Pinochle is played with a deck of 48 cards. No use for a poker tournament. I know a lot of card games, so I can't fault the cards or the delivery service.

👤Is article attentes? Envoi rapide et soigné. Contact immediately. Je satisfaite. 2 cartes représenté. J'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai beaucoup, j'ai


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