Best Bicycle Pizza Cutter White

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1. SCHVUBENR Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

SCHVUBENR Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

The Tensile extension is 19.7/2.2 inch, the wheel spacing is Maxmal/Minimal, and the overall length is 9.8 inch. Are you still struggling to find a gift for men? A bicycle accessory is your best choice. It's a great gift for fathers day. Cute for kids parties. A gift for someone who loves bikes. CUTE KITCHEN GADGETS- The bicycle pizza cutter has a stand that is easy to display and store. The stand is small enough to keep it upright. It looks good as a small decoration in your kitchen, because it's an average size. The Quality Pizza cutter is a great gift because it is a great pizza cutter with double pizza wheels. A bike pizza cutter. It's easy to use and clean. It is made of two wheels. You can use the front or back wheel to cut pizzas. It's funnier, cut with double wheels, like riding a bike. It is easy to clean and safe to use. The bicycle pizza cutter is supported with a lifetime guarantee. If there are any issues with the bicycle pizza cutter, please contact them. Your bicycle pizza cutter is insured if you shop now.

Brand: Schvubenr

👤I had a Pizza Cutter bike, but I don't know where I got it. My nephew saw the Red one that I ordered and commented on how much he liked it, I ordered it for him, and he was completely blown away. It's best for kitchen decor because it does cut pizza and sandwiches. It's a great gift for anyone that loves to bike or just collects cute kitchen items. There is a It's strong. If you hold it right you can cut pizza, sandwiches or cake easily. It comes with a stand to hold it on.

👤When I saw this I knew I had to have it. The cute little pizza cutter is on my counter waiting to be used. It was so much fun to use, we didn't mind the fact that we had to press a bit hard and grab the handle bars. The pizza is cut with some pressure with the blades. The last thing I needed was more mess in my kitchen.

👤Cute and functional. It's very sharp, like what you want in a pizza, toast, or sandwich cutter. If you hold it by the middle bar and run both wheels through the pizza, it will work. My husband tried to balance it with one wheel. It was funny to watch. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher. A great gift for people who love bikes. It's perfect for an office gift exchange.

👤My dad received this as a Father's Day gift. He loves pizza and bicycling. It seems well made. He can display the piece in his kitchen when he isn't using it.

👤The idea is cute but it doesn't work and it's not sturdy.

👤Does not seem strong. If you put pressure on it, it will break. Does not cut in a straight line. The second blade cuts a thin slice. It's very cute. I got my old cutter after using it once.

👤I bought this for my husband. It did not cut the pizza. 8t is a decoration.

2. Fred PIZZA Circular Pizza Wheel

Fred PIZZA Circular Pizza Wheel

Pizza accessories can do more than just cut the pie. It can be used as a vegetable slicer, brownie cutter, herb chopper, and many other things. The Genuine Fred Pizza Boss 3000 is a pizza cutter that will blast through any type of pizza. Pizza Boss is a unique design that makes it look like a carpenter is cutting it. The Pizza Boss 3000 is made from tough engineering-grade plastics and a laser-etched, food-safe blade. The pizza cutter's blade is easy to clean because it has a shield. It is recommended that you wash your hand. The Pizza Boss 3000 is a great gift for a man. It is packed in a full color window box, which is perfect for gifts, birthdays, and more.

Brand: Genuine Fred

👤I got this for my dad as a gift, and it was a hit. My mom makes a lot of pizza. It works well for cutting a thin pizza. My family does not do pizza that way. I'm pretty sure we just pile the works on there and pray. There is a The space between the plate of the saw and the bottom of the saw isn't large enough for easy slicing. I'm not sure if it would do well on a simple meat lovers pizza from Papa Johns since it seems determined to catch on each and every lump and destroy the whole pizza. There is a If you're one of the people with the drawers that are overly stuffed, be advised that it will make it more difficult to open them. It doesn't take up that much room, it's just thick and awkward in the drawer, and suddenly you're rearranging all your spatulas so you can fit one little pizza cutter. You have to commit to putting it in the drawer like an adult and not just shove it in on top of stuff. It's pretty decent, as far as a standard slicer goes. I have found that many pizza cutter's require a second pass through the pizza just to make sure it gets through the crust. It's not a standard pizza cutter and there are some nooks and crannies for tomato sauce to find, so there is more cleaning involved. We pull this out for the company. They get a good laugh out of it. We laugh out of them trying to get it through their pizza. Aunt Carol, should've used less sausage.

👤It's an extremely annoying noise. The blade jingled when I tried to tighten the nut. It's a bit Meh. It's very duh. Cool idea. Poor execution. 2/09.

👤After the first wash it was ruined. My dying donkey was stolen.

👤It doesn't fit in our hands. Only thin pizzas like party pizzas will work on this.

👤We are remodeling our house and are eating a lot of pizza because it is cheap and easy when your kitchen has a lot of holes. Our life seems to be all about tools these days, so it was a perfect gift for my husband. It is on display for all to see and he loves it. The blade is sharp, but not sure how it would do for a really deep pizza. It's perfect for the cheaper pie because you are eating it while you work. It is easy for him to hold it.

👤I tried two. Both weren't sharp all the way around. Great idea. They need to improve their quality control. Returned and went with something else.

👤There isn't enough blade clearance for this idea. A deep-dish pizza is gummed up in the blade guard. There is a The design is more comfortable in the right hand than in the left.

👤I like to make pizza at home, toss my own dough, and make it with the right ratio of sauce, cheese, and topping and after using this on my thick crust, I have been impressed. The wood handle is made of plastic, so no worries about it snapping or splintering. If you have ever used a buzz saw, the blade will come naturally. It glided through my Sicilian crust like butter and would work well on thin crust as well.

3. Pizza Cutter Kitchenstar Stainless Slicer

Pizza Cutter Kitchenstar Stainless Slicer

100% money back guarantee assures your satisfaction. Customers used to find metal pizza pan peel paddle spatula, mezzaluna chopper, oven tools, dough docker, pizza lover gift. The best pizza cutter. The rocking pizza cutter slices through your pizza without putting your pizza topping in the freezer. A multi-functional slicing tool that is perfect for thin crust pizza and deep dish pizza, cheesecakes, brownies, chopping and dicing food and herbs. The pizza slicers are made from food grade steel and have sharp blades. The safe has an ergonomics design that provides maximum safety, a plastic protective cover for safer handling and easy storage, and a fully dishwasher safe. 100% money back guarantee assures your satisfaction. Customers used to find metal pizza pan peel paddle spatula, mezzaluna chopper, oven tools, dough docker, pizza lover gift.

Brand: Kitchenstar

👤The ringing sound made while I hefted the cutter up brought a huge smile to my face, and the water streaking down my cheeks due to the sheer beauty of 16” ofStainless steel power in my hands. Immediately, every pizza within a 10 mile area knew that it was doomed. My victim cried crocodile tears of tomato sauce knowing of the impending doom. No amount of begging was going to stop me from getting what I wanted. I quickly dispatched my foe into 8 evenly sliced pieces with medical precision. I removed my blade and looked at the sauce that was stained across its flawless surface, my reflection mirrored the terror that had ensued. As I wiped my blade clean of any remains, I was able to cut up my opponent so quickly that I was able to clean up in a few moments. I was able to spend more time enjoying the spoils of my victory because of the time saved. Well done KitchenStar.

👤It works perfectly. There is a My 14 year old son enjoys using the pizza cutter so much that all of our other pizza cutter are getting no work. I think the others must be dealing with depression because since this was delivered they just lay there. There is a The 14" pizza cutter slices through a frozen pizza, piece of toast, or even a sandwich in a single press. We have tried to find new ways to cut, but who can resist pizza? You might find yourself eating too much pizza so you can use the pizza knife. If this happens to you, there are many things you can do, including making calazones, submarine sandwiches, toast, pancakes, waffles, maple bars, bagles, and if you really want to use your 14" pizza cutter on something more health conscious, you can use it to There is a My son loves to use this pizza cutter to chop through a pizza pie in one quick crunch, like they do in a pizzeria. It makes him feel like a professional pizza cutter. I hope he grows up to have higher ambitions.

👤It comes with a hard plastic blade protectors. Other pizza cutter states in their description that theirs comes with a blade protectors but theirs is a joke, as their idea of a protectors is a thin sheet that tears easily. The sleeve that comes with this one is large and will last a long time. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I searched high and low for a 16" pizza cutter after buying a 16" pizza stone. No luck. I bought a 14" cutter and it is perfect. A 14" pizza is the largest pizza I'd slide onto the stone for. The cutter is easy to use. I just press it down through the middle of the pizza, then rock left and right to cut through to the edges. The protective cover is important because it is very sharp. It protects the blade from being dulled by other utensils in the drawer, and it also protects against getting cut when taking it out of storage. Buy it... You will love it!

4. Pastry Cutter Stainless Multi Round Divider

Pastry Cutter Stainless Multi Round Divider

Super sharp blade, high quality wheel and premium steel, keep staying sharp and never rust. Cut quickly and easily. It's convenient to have your favorite pizza, pies, cookie dough and waffles. The Rolling Dough Cutter needs to be upgraded. It's suitable for both professional and amateur use. The high quality pastry cutter's rocker. It is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL. TheSharp 5 wheel cutter can achieve the most diverse cutting options by adjusting the distance between each wheel. Precise cutting: The locking device on the expandable 5 wheel cutter is a result of the screw nut being tightened at the center of the arm. Saving your time To save time, slice brownies and chocolate bars evenly.

Brand: Juome

👤It's used to divide dough. It broke after a few weeks of work. I would expect it to last longer in a home kitchen.

👤Sin embargo la apertura es pequea. Los cortadores son pequeos. No lo estbamos utilizando, no tiene unos das lo tome para guardarlo.

👤I had to have one after seeing this used on "Girl Meets Farm". I can cut cakes straight, but my bars end up being all sizes. I enjoy this. The perfect size is not perfect. It isn't hard to clean and it's most certainly changeable. I'm glad I have it, but I might have lived without it.

👤If you only need them occasionally, you'll be fine. I had to apply a lot of force to get a bunch of the pasta to cut through. I had to bend the handles back every few passes while doing this.

👤My wife really wanted one of these after seeing them on a cooking show. I was amazed that there were so many models available. It arrived within a few days after I ordered it. I recommend it to people who want to cut cake squares for Pettiford.

👤This is a good cutter. It will be very difficult to cut a tougher item. You can use it to score them and then cut them with a knife. It will work as a cutter. The blades stay put once tightened.

👤The product was rated A+++. Well made and very sturdy. The expansion bars are easy to adjust. Solid cutting through and through with strong blades. There is a It's a must for any baker or pastry chef.

👤The middle two wheels don't touch the counter at the same pressure as the outer two. I had to cut them again with a knife, which almost completely defeated the purpose of the cutter.

👤Only one of the wheels cut, since they're aligned just slightly off.

👤One of the bolts disappeared when I washed it, so I'm very disappointed.

👤Everything about this product was good. It is a little hard to expand.

👤I bought them for my husband. He loves them. They make it easy for him to make sourdough crackers.

👤I found that the 5 blades were not sharp enough to cut the dough with precision. If they can make a sturdier one with sharper blades, it will be helpful. Thank you.

5. Cutter Bicycle Slicer Stainless Cutting

Cutter Bicycle Slicer Stainless Cutting

Pizza Rocker knife chop, slice, mince and scoop is a multi-functional slicing tool that is perfect for large and small pizzas. It is simple to use and easy to clean. It was easy to cut dual wheel without ruining the surface. The bicycle pizza cutter is made of high quality steel. You can display it in your home with the stand. It is a great pizza cutter and also a decoration for the bike lover. It is a great gift for friends or family. It's great for cutting pizza at birthday parties.

Brand: Feifuns

👤The bike seat is not as easy to use as you might think, and it broke off the first time I used it. I'm quite worried that it will cut me on accident, as there is no guard. It looks cool, but I need a good pizza cutter.

👤I was not happy with the quality of the design. The front blade is wobbly when you try to use it.

👤Cute but not functional. I understand. I bought it because of that. If you are into two wheels, a pizza cutter with open spokes is a good idea. I would buy it again for my daughter, who can't worry about cleaning it.

👤This looks great. It is fun. There is a It is difficult to use because the wheels flop around as you cut, and it is difficult to get the right leverage because there is not a handle.

👤Cute. The palm/wrist part of your hand hangs off the seat so be very careful. There is no cover over the wheel. It's easy to slice your hand.

👤Cute idea. It works well on thinner pizzas. Not as well on larger pizzas. A cute gift for a bike enthusiast.

👤I almost don't want to use it because it's so cute. It works well and looks great on display. I love it!

👤The product is cute, but it doesn't work for its purpose. When it did cut through the pizza, it was very difficult to use, because it hacked it all up.

👤I loved this! It arrived on time.

6. AKGUNDA Premium Stainless Chopper Suitable

AKGUNDA Premium Stainless Chopper Suitable

100% risk-free purchase. They are so confident that you will love this product that if you are not satisfied after 30 days, they will give you a full refund. The STAINLESS STEEL blade has a protective cover. You need a safety way to store it, because it's made from Anti-rust, Anti-deformation, Wearable and Food Safe Grade Stainless Steel with Super Sharp Blades. The wooden handle is a better solution for cutting pizzas, chopping meat or slicing vegetable and fruit in a simpler way. It's good to chop any type of vegetables, fruit, or even pizza with a premium quality cutter. There is a It's easy to get yourself cut when you cut something slipping or put the cutter into the cover. It's not only a pizza cutter. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It is easier to use features with a double wooden grip. To Chop any type of crustaceans. You feel right holding the cutter with both of your hands. That is the specialty of this item. It is very easy to use and very comfortable to hold. QUALITY GUARANTEE: SATISFACTION AND QUALITY. If there is an issue with The Pizza Cutter, you can contact them.

Brand: 通用

👤First time using a pizza cutter. Have used a wheel cutter before. I decided to try a rocker cutter at the pizza shop. I'm going back to the wheel cutter because it's safer. The blade is sharp. I cut one of my fingers with a hand washing cutter. Being 65, it is too risky to use. It will be given to a younger friend with better hand mobility. I wouldn't recommend for senior pizza makers.

👤I have been baking pizza for years. Absolutely love it. It's not a uni-Tasker to slice through the crispiest of crusts. I used it to slice and dice some semi-frozen thin steaks for stir fry, and it did the job perfectly.

👤The pizza cutter is awesome. I use it to cut homemade caramel. I don't have the strength in my hands and arms that a regular knife has, but the cut outs for your hands made it very secure to use. The caramel was cut with ease by the blade. Can't wait to use it on a pizza in the future

👤The cleaning blade with cheese is very sharp. Don't cut yourself! It's too bad that the instructions say not to put in the dishwasher. There is a It works better than wheel cutter. This is the way for pizza lovers to go.

👤I wanted to cut pizza. The box looked like it had been returned. It works the same as a pizza wheel that I have. I feel like I got what I paid for.

👤I have only used the pizza cutter 2 times, but it is so good that I am loving it. The wooden handles make hand washing it difficult.

👤I like this kitchen tool. I use it for more than cutting pizza.

👤The pizza cutter is very easy to use. It's difficult to keep the wheel cutter clean.

7. KitchenAid KE113OHOBA Classic Pizza Wheel

KitchenAid KE113OHOBA Classic Pizza Wheel

LIFETIME 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you don't like the KITCHY pizza cutter, they'll give you a full refund. Most customers buy more than one and give it to their friends and family. ICE PIZZA. Pizza restaurants use a roller cutter. The sharp blade makes a clean cut in any crust, unlike using a knife, which presses the crust and top together. A sharp blade. The wheel is made from a high-quality, premium 430 steel that will resist rust. It's perfect for slicing pizza, waffles, pies, or cookie dough. There is an ethnographic handle for fortifications. When slicing pizza out of the oven, the angle of the wheel allows for optimal comfort and performance. The finger guard protects your hands from both the heat and blade. The sleek design of the handle gives it a premium feel. The glossy handle has a debossed logo and chrome plated bolster. The dishwasher is safe. You don't have to worry about how to clean your pizza cutter. Place it in the dishwasher for a complete clean. LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: The pizza wheel has a lifetime limited and a one-year hassle-free replacement.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤It worked like a pizza slicer after being washed by hand. There is a After the first use, it was washed in the dishwasher, which had rust all over the cutter surface. The cutter wheel won't turn after inspection because the "axle" is bent. I think it's plastic and it must have melted in the dishwasher. It was a perfect waste of money.

👤The pizza cutter is cheap. The cutting wheel only has one side for the bevel. This simple step is cheap for a name brand manufacturer. There is a I am left handed, so this is useless as the bevel is on the wrong side of the wheel. Garbage. I found a double-sided one for half the price at my local store.

👤An old pizza cutter fell apart and I bought this to replace it. The reviews said this was sharp. It's not. It didn't cut properly when going over pizzas. I used a knife. The KitchenAid Pizza Wheel is a failure. After buying Dexter Russell pizza wheels, I kept reading the reviews. Replacement cutting wheels are available. The company makes knives and forks. There is a The Dexter Russell is a pizza cutter. I'm not going to keep the KA as a backup. It is going to Goodwill. If you like the KA wheel, that's great. Try Dexter Russell's.

👤I don't know how much it will cost me to get a pizza cutter, I use it every blue moon, but it's a non-essential item. The reviews made me curious to see what a nice pizza holder would be like, but this was only $10, not really a huge amount of money, and I usually pick up wobbly things at the dollar store. There is a This thing is nice. It's easy to cut and it's always sturdy. It's larger than other pizza holders I've owned, which is a benefit. It's hard to imagine finding this disappointing if you want to spend a few extra dollars on a high quality product. You can find a cheaper cutter that will work just as well.

👤I thought I liked it. I realize I don't like it as much as my other pizza cutter. It's the most expensive one. It doesn't do a good job of cutting. I thought it was because it was new, but it isn't improving. It doesn't have a protective cover. I know it sounds stupid. I think I would like a cover to store it in, but I ridiculed myself for thinking that many times. I loved that one had a cover. My pizza is usually not cut straight and this just doesn't seem worth it. I'm ignorant so I'll ask my husband if it's worth it, but I wish I'd bought a different one.

👤I bought this because my old pizza cutter got wobbly after 15 years of use. This was wobbly when it arrived. I didn't bother taking it out of the packaging, and bought a Dexter Russel, which was wobble-free upon arrival. I found a cheaper metal bearing pizza cutter at the local restaurant supply store. They know what's going on.

8. Mercer Culinary Millennia Pizza Cutter

Mercer Culinary Millennia Pizza Cutter

Features with plastic protective sheath for safer handling and easy storage. If you don't want to disassemble the pizza cutter, just rinse it under running water or put it in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The handle is ergonomics. Santoprene and polypropylene are used for comfort. Slip resistance, grip, and safety are provided by textured finger points. A finger guard. The high quality Japanese steel allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening. One-piece high-carbon, stain-free Japanese steel. There is a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Mercer Culinary

👤I like 1. A large pizza cutter. This thing is large. It is easy to cut through a thick pizza at home. 2. A high quality blade. It was very easy to clean. I've only used it 3 times so far, but I'm very impressed that the blade came clean. 3. The blade is very sharp. This blade can cut through kitchen towels and other paper in frozen pizza packages. How you clean the blade is important. It will cut! 4. The plastic handle makes it easy to use. No sliding off the handle. A great quality handle that fits a man's hands. 5. It is fairly cheap to buy. I think it was around 15. Cheap for a large cutter. 6. You can buy replacement blades if yours stops cutting. There is a Things. I didn't like it. I would have bought 2 of them.

👤If you love purple, it's a pretty cutter. The first wash rusted it. It can't be run in the dishwasher. I'm pretty sure if you washed it right after you use it, you'd be fine, but if you don't, it will be ruined. Will. There is Rust. The quality was not what I wanted. Kind of small.

👤I didn't use until after the window had closed. Rusted after use and hand washing. I pulled from the drying rack and was shocked to see this. I have had cheap cutters for a long time. Please contact me if the seller is reading this. I thought this was going to be the best pizza cutter I have ever owned. Is this made by a knife company?

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness of this cutter. I kept the packaging for storage to protect the edge and keep my fingers away from the utility drawer. I was worried that the nut and bolt configuration for blade replacement would get eaten by food but so far so good. A plastic edge protectors accessory would have been a welcome feature. This pizza cutter is very good.

👤This is a good cutter. The big wheel can easily handle thicker crusts. The wheel is sharp. I didn't know that pizza cutter were this sharp. I had to wear butterfly closures for four days because I slashed it so deep. You just need to be aware of that feature.

👤I'm a pizza fan and this thing is great, it's sturdy, and cuts through pizza like butter, which is hard to find these days, I would definitely recommend this to someone that loves pizza as much as me.

👤The small wheel pizza cutter was too small and I was tired of it. This one cuts with ease and is taller than the thickest pizza. The little wheel kitchen aid unit had parts that were not new.

👤It's probably bigger than I need, but I like Cuilnary's stuff. I haven't cut a pizza yet, but it looks good, and I'll come back and report if I'm disappointed.

👤The cheap pizza cutter that you can buy in the super market breaks when the old one does. We hope it stays that way for a long time.

9. Cutter Quality Stainless Slicer Handle

Cutter Quality Stainless Slicer Handle

Quality and professional pizza. The pizza wheel cutter is made to do the job without frills. It has a commercial grade roller circular blade pizza slicer that can cut through any crust large or small. The pizza cutter wheel can achieve more than 1000 times cutting, thanks to one-piece riveting process. The round and soft anti-slip handle is easy to use. The pizza cutter has a built-in finger and thumb guard to provide stability. You can use it for many things, including pizza, pies, waffles, lasagna, small sandwiches and dough cookies. A unique crust cutter that slices thick or crispy crusts is suitable for many types of food. You can use this pizza cutter in many different ways in your kitchen. No food will be stuck around the wheel, no need to disassemble the pizza cutter, just wash your pizza wheel with warm, soapy water or place it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. It's dishwasher safe. If there is an issue with the pizza cutter, you can contact them, they have a lifetime warranty, 100% high quality and money back guarantee.

Brand: Zooron

👤I am very impressed with how the pizza cutter looks and feels. It is very easy to handle because it has a thumb guard on it. The blade is very sharp and can cut pizza and quesadillas. I tried to cut a grilled cheese sandwich with it. This is a great pizza cutter.

👤I thought that my husband's pizza cutter might be bad because it's almost 2 decades old. I came here to give Bezos more of my money and I was not disappointed. The first time, this cutter does what it is supposed to. No more trying to cut a piece of cheese while developing my arms. My life is over!

👤The name brand pizza cutter was more than half the price of this version. I usually buy twice because of my rule of buy cheap. I felt this rule didn't apply to a pizza cutter. I have to cut my pie again because of the extra cheese I order. I had to make three passes before I could remove the slice. The blade rests against the handle, so it needs a hand wash. Food gets stuck. The blade of a quality cutter will sit a quarter inch away. Disappointed in the product. Returning.

👤The design is flawed. After the first wash, the water gushed out. Water sits in the handle unless you let it dry blade side down, tilted a bit with the logo side downwards. The water doesn't drain and when you pick up and hold it, the water that accumulated during the wash gushes out. Quite a bit of water too. It's a pain to dry correctly so it doesn't rot.

👤The handles are thick. They hold up well and are sharp. It would be great if the kids stopped leaving pizza boxes in the garbage.

👤I had an old pizza cutter that was hard to use at the dollar store, so I thought I would get a new one, but it's just as hard as the dollar store one.

👤The pizza cutter broke. This one has good reviews and a good price. Works well. I kept it in the bag so I could easily find it in the drawer. The handle is stylish and has a good grip.

👤The protective blade cover is a thin plastic that is easy to tear or slice through. I need a pizza cutter, but I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

10. Rösle Stainless Steel Round Handle Cutter

R%C3%B6sle Stainless Steel Round Handle Cutter

A pizza cutter neatly slices pizza. The handle is made of 18/10 steel. Sturdy, balanced, and comfortable in the hand. Comes with a lifetime warranty. It was made in China. Lifetime warranty offered by Rosle.

Brand: Rösle

👤The pizza wheel works well. The plastic hinge broke after only 7 weeks. I have an update on 9-20. There is another broken piece. This is not acceptable for a $30+ kitchen product. We make our own pizza twice a month. I expect to be reimbursed or shipped a new one. November 2020 is an update. The company contacted me to apologize. I appreciate that!

👤It would have been nice to review this cutter. A thin cutter that weighs less than 2 ounces. I gripped it for the first time. It was made from aluminum foil. This thing is not as durable as Ikea's. I'm sure the genuine cutter is great, but that's not what they're shipping.

👤When our old pizza cutter broke, I decided to get a sturdy pizza cutter that would last many years, so I got this Roselle pizza cutter. I am very pleased with it on the first five uses. I decided to get the Rosle pizza cutter even though it is expensive because I have a vegetable peeler that is very easy to use. I decided that you get what you pay for.

👤It was used one time and put in the dishwasher. It had RUST on it. There is a What kind of steel is this? Returned!

👤I'm surprised by how bad this item is. I was expecting more from a kitchen utensil with a high price tag. I don't think it has any high reviews. I don't want to trade my cheap pizza cutter for it. I haven't used it yet because of a few complaints. It seems flimsy and cheap to the untrained eye. I have yet to use it, but I washed it as I should. It got water when I washed it. The handle is made to cause water to get trapped and trickle down the blade. It isn't fast enough to be usable quickly after washing it. You should drain the water from the blade before using it. If you wash it and then cut your pizza, you're going to get a watery surprise as the water will ruin your pizza with about 3 ounces of water. I will update my review after I am impressed by it.

👤The blade is large and sharp, which I liked. There is a It is very comfortable to use. There is a The bad. The small diameter of the blade makes it hard to cut deeper pizzas. There is a You would have to open the food to clean it after each use. Food gets stuck in the grooves and it's hard to clean them. There is a The hinge at the back broke on the third attempt.

👤I think it's over priced, but still a decent product. I threw a pizza party so I could show it off. The cutter is very different from any other cutter out there. The blade is easy to open and clean. It is $10 more than it is worth. The handle is chrome metal, which would have been awesome. It felt cheap in your hands. Within 2 weeks, I lost the blade cover. It's easy to lose the nut that you use to open it and take out the blade. I don't think it's usable once that tiny piece is lost. Hopefully the company can give you one for a low price. It still does a good job, and loves it. I wish it was a metal handle.

11. Robe Factory LLC Star Trek

Robe Factory LLC Star Trek

CHOP CHOP! The latest design allows you to chop like a chef without the years of training. A special anti-slip handle is used for chopping and cutting. Kitchen essentials include the Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza cutter. This professional quality pizza slicer is a must have for your kitchen. The Interstellar Design is inspired by the Star Trek: The Original Series ship. The ship designation is laser-etched on the wheel of the blade. The Star Trek pizza cutter has a sleek finish and solid metal construction. The saucer section of the ship makes it easy to slice and handle. The ship measures approximately 9 inches. The Star Trek pizza cutter is a fan-centered kitchen utensil that allows Trekkies to show off their fandom. Purchase this Pizza cutter for yourself or give it to a Star Trek fan in your life and it will be a great gift. The ultimate pizza slicer is the perfect way to cut the perfect slice.

Brand: Ukonic

👤Very cool. The only one that can make time to set up the game for me is the pizza cutter, and it is a good thing for you and your mom, because you will get to see her at the big show on Friday.

👤The cutter looks high-quality and gorgeous to look at. The first time I used it to cut a homemade pizza, it didn't go all the way through the crust until I pressed it hard for about 5 times. I was replacing my dull cutter with this one. It got much sharper with a couple of turns through our knife sharpener.

👤The bad boy does work. It's perfect for Star Trek fans like my mother who wants Star Trek merchandise. The model is awesome and the blade is good.

👤I got this for my dad because he loves pizza and Star Trek. This is a really cool gift, and it is STURDY! I got it for the novelty and I was surprised how well it was made. It's a great way to start a conversation.

👤I got this for my brother and he said it was too nice to cut pizza with it. He wants to put it on his wall. I suppose it would do a great job if he wanted to cut pizza with it.

👤I keep it in the box because I don't want it to get scratched, it's heavy and I thought it would be lighter. It works great as a pizza cutter.

👤It is the best gift for a Trekkers.

👤My mom gave it to her and now she has a new pizza cutter. It seems like it is solid steel. It is easy to clean and cut.

👤It's perfect for Star Trek fans and fun. It is easy to use.

👤My Trekkie husband likes a good cutter. It's easy to clean.

👤Fatal fr das Produkt ist. Immerhin war. Is ist die richtige Fans.

👤The product looks great.

👤Cool. She likes the pizza to look pretty in the corner of the kitchen.


What is the best product for bicycle pizza cutter white?

Bicycle pizza cutter white products from Schvubenr. In this article about bicycle pizza cutter white you can see why people choose the product. Genuine Fred and Kitchenstar are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pizza cutter white.

What are the best brands for bicycle pizza cutter white?

Schvubenr, Genuine Fred and Kitchenstar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pizza cutter white. Find the detail in this article.

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