Best Bicycle Phone Holder Stem Mount

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1. Mountain Universal Ultra Lock Stand,MTB Handlebar

Mountain Universal Ultra Lock Stand%EF%BC%8CMTB Handlebar

The holder base is made from premium aluminum. It is strong. An additional locking of the case during extreme journeys is what the adult bike phone holder built to offer more security. Installation of the bicycle phone mount is easy. Attach/detach your phone with one hand. Don't miss calls or messages while cycling. The bike stem phone mount allows you to get a good view. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's a great solution for using a fitness app, playing music while you ride, and being visible to navigate. Their bike phone mount comes with 1 universal accessory. You can mount almost anything you want to your bike with the adapter. You can use your phone or speaker to listen to music. Universal Compatibility Perfectly fits for all of the following phones.

Brand: Sincetop

👤I was pleasantly surprised when I took a chance on buying something that hadn't been thoroughly reviewed. I tried this because I used to use a top tube bag with a clear top for my phone, but I had a few problems with it. I had to take my eyes off the road to look at my phone because the bag was too close to me. The bag doesn't look good, it's hard to access the power or volume buttons, and it's hard to find the power or volume buttons. The mount solved all of the problems. This is a really sleek and secure way to have access to your phone while biking. Your phone is mounted parallel to the wind. It is easier to access your phone from your hands. The mount fits perfectly under the headset cap. The phone clips into the mount, then you flip the lever to lock it. To dismount, flip the locking lever back and forth. This system is brilliant. There is a I would recommend this mount for most types of riding. It's pretty secure, and I think it would work out in the end. I wouldn't recommend it for any kind of serious riding with a risk of dumping the bike. Even if your phone doesn't come off the mount, it could still get damaged if your bike flips or crashes. The mount can be bent up or down to adjust the preferred angle of the phone. There is a small amount of rotation when the phone is locked to the mount. It seems very secure. Before installing the mount, it is important to note the Torque value of the headset bolt. If you don't have a driver, your local bike shop can install one for you. Attaching the mounting plate to a dedicated phone case is recommended by me. Make sure the back is smooth so the plate can adhere.

👤This is a rock solid phone mount. I've tried other mounts that hold the phone from the sides or the corners, but all of them restrict touch access to the edges of the screen. This is what I was looking for. There is a Since I didn't want the bike mount sticker on my case at all times, I stuck the phone mount sticker on my old case, which was yellow as it aged. I now swap phone cases when I want to ride, but this now works better than any phone mount that does not fit the phone.

👤It's easy to install the mount. None of the mounts I have tried last more than 2 days of riding. I crashed four times that day, one of which was pretty bad. My phone was always on. I cracked my screen when my bike landed upside-down. There is no damage to the mount. I have had it for 6 days now and can't be happier. My style of riding is usually 10 miles with small jumps and technical obstacles.

👤The roads are rough out where I like. I was worried about how this mount would work. It has not let me down. I opened the box and saw that it was a quality product. I have a stem mount that I use to raise my straightish style mountain bike bars up a bit. I mounted this mount to the star nut because I have a stem mount that holds the stem at almost a 90 degree angle straight up from the stem, and it has enough clearance to hold my phone. When my phone is mounted, it looks like it was made to be set up like that. I run an extended handle bar mounted for mounting addition items because it has a rise styled slightly bent bar that makes it less room for mounting options on the bars themselves. The less bar space for mounting things sucks because they point in akward directions, but this riser bend to the bar also helps with that putting weight on your arms issue. If you want to mount a display to the middle section of the bar, you have to find a head light that mounts to the bars but will point straight, because the only place you can mount the head light to this can be difficult. I give all the information I can to show you why I need this phone mount option and why it's perfect for my case because it might be a similar situation with many people.

2. Rokform Aircraft Aluminum Adjustable Magnetic

Rokform Aircraft Aluminum Adjustable Magnetic

Securing: The magnetic mount and dual retention lock keep your phone safe. It's adjusted to almost any angle for the best view of your phone. The lightweight aluminum construction adds a striking detail to your bike. It's easy to install and transfer between bikes.

Brand: Rokform

👤Someone asks me what mount I have when I ride. This is the best. The Whole Enchilada in Utah is a place that will rattle the teeth out of your skull and my phone never moves. I have fallen more times than I can count, and my phone never takes a hit. There is a This is the one to get if you're a mountain biker. It mounts easily to your headset, and has an angle you can adjust. If it gets bent, you can bend it back by hand on the trail.

👤I like this product a lot. It is perfect in every way, and my phone is very secure because of the lock feature and the strong magnet. It feels like the phone mount is one with my bike. It creates a cockpit on my bike that is very important for distance riding.

👤This is not a mtb or gravel bike mount. During the first 5 miles on the gravel road, the mount loosened and allowed my phone to flip back and forth. The pivot is bouncing my phone around front to back and side to side because the knurling is not enough. This will work for you if you never plan to hit a washboard. Not recommended for non paved roads. I have been happy with their phone case.

👤I love the Rockform system. I like the convenience of transferring from my hand to my bicycle. The connections are easy and the magnets are solid. They have the best bike mount I have ever tried. There is a The lanyard that was included with the bike mount does not last very long. It was purchased this past April. There were no drops or heavy scratches. It should have lasted longer than 6 months. There is a Rockform is the best multi-use system I have found that covers all my use cases. Would the lanyard last longer?

👤The piece is pricey but works well. I would highly recommend it. There is a It is easy to attach and remove my phone, even though it has been locked in place. It keeps your phone in front of you with enough flexibility for anyone to use it. There is a The rear of the phone case is more brittle than the surrounding areas and is prone to chipping, which is the only negative experience I have. If a large piece breaks off the case is useless.

👤This is expensive. Yes. The way it mounts and holds your phone is worth it. If you lose your phone on a ride, buy a cheap mount and spend more to replace it. I mounted this on my bike so I don't have to worry about my phone being lost.

👤Super fcil de instalar. Con el servicio, recomiendo a la compaa envo rpido.

👤The design is sturdy. It is easy to install. The company replaced my case after it broke.

👤I can't use it. The black screen on the phone is when I place it to RockForm Mount. I couldn't find the problem in the phone settings. I've tried this with 3 different phones and all of them have the same issue; black screen, unable to use any app or maps. I used the HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO and the MI10

3. CYCEARTH Rotatable Adjustable Handlebars Motorcycle

CYCEARTH Rotatable Adjustable Handlebars Motorcycle

The Squeeze Bar Mount is perfect for commuters, hikers, and anyone else who wants a strong, secure hold of their phone. It is easy to fit a phone with a 55-95mm width on a 25-33mm handlebar. It's suitable for almost any cell phone and bicycle. 4 claws with rubber pad will hold your phone firmly and prevent scratches. The viewing angle can be adjusted for comfortable use. The package includes a phone mount, spacers,Allen Key, andScrews. The product is 127* 85mm (5*3.3 inch) and has a weight of 90g.

Brand: Cycearth

👤I use this to hold my phone on my bike. It is easy to install and has the perfect viewing angle. The phone stays in place. I had to cut the pads on the one corner because they hit the volume down button. You will need to modify the phone with the mini. It was a good purchase.

👤This works great on my motorcycle.

👤I am happy with the product.

👤A small plastic piece broke on 9/30-21 and rendered it useless, after being bought on June 23, 2021. I wouldn't buy this product.

👤Sid setup. It was 3X as much as I have had. This is on my bike. It's in my otterbox case. It is definitely worth the price. Does not have any issues.

👤No plastic, all aluminum. There are rubber pads to protect your phone. super strong Doesn't move at all. The rubber grips on the phone prevent it from sliding out. The rest of the bike has bolts like the rest of the car. The mount doesn't interfere with the screen.

👤The mount looked great after installation. I mounted my phone and it worked. I barely bumped the door frame of my garage and snapped the phone holder off the mount. This product is not durable.

👤I am very picky. This is very loud. Good engineering, nice finishing and good work! It should have been all black, but the red anodize and laser etch branding make it pop. All knobs are tight, and the rubber fits perfectly on 1” bars. I could not be happier with the phone case I bought. Looks sick.

👤If you don't have your phone mounted, the rattles will be crazy. If you don't keep pressure on the arms with your phone, it's most likely going to break. Looks nice.

👤This product is the best for any phone. It can be moved in any direction. I bought two brands that were very expensive but did not work like this one. I don't usually write reviews. I would like to share this with everyone.

4. Delta Cycle Profile Holder Samsung

Delta Cycle Profile Holder Samsung

If you don't like your new bike phone mount, just contact them and they will make it right. The bike phone holder will fit any smart phone with any case. The web design stretches to hold your cell phone tightly. The stem phone mount is made from forged aluminum and weighs 50 grams. If you want to keep your phone or gps out of your handlebars, mount it. The most versatile bicycle phone holder is the XMount stem phone mount. A single mount has an all-in-one solution. The stem cap mounting brackets fit any headset stem cap. You can install it using your existing bicycle's stem cap. The bicycle phone holder stretch fit design makes it easy to access your device. Your phone will always be available for calls, navigation, and the perfect photo opportunity.

Brand: Delta Cycle & Home

👤I've tried a number of things to hold my phone. Simple straps to the popular Nite Ize handle bar strap. I like the Nite Ize, however, it's a bit bulky and undersized for my phone, which the review was filmed on. The phone holder was spotted by me while reading the magazine. The fact that it's off the handlebars allows the frame to flex before the phone's frame absorbs the sound. The phone holder's straps go around the corners as opposed to the Nite Ize's right across the phone face. There is a Positives include good construction, easy installation, and one tool. There are elements of improvement. The straps could be adjusted. The 9+ is large. There might be issues with a smaller phone. Say an old phone. I would like to see a metal back.

👤This item has been in my possession for less than a week. It has less than 100 miles on it. The central screw holding the device to the phone came loose this morning. I was travelling downhill on a busy road. The phone fell into traffic. I'm lucky that it wasn't run over. It didn't cause a bigger accident. I have a sturdy case on my phone and it wasn't damaged. The roads that I ride are not rough. There is a The overall design seemed to work well, I could access the screen and buttons, and the phone was firmly held in the straps. The screw needs to be secured better. This could have been a catastrophe. I was able to get the bolt back in, but it won't fully tighten and the unit will swing in circles. The rubber strap assembly is loose and won't stay on the base. I can't recommend this product because of the flaws.

👤I read a lot of reviews after I installed this item on my mountain bike. I had a great experience with my ride, though the reviews weren't good. I ride legitimate mountain bike trails at an intermediate level so I can experience a lot of rock vibrating and jumping. My phone did not move from the mount. I was very happy with the mount's performance today, even though the company may have made improvements. It seems like it will hold up over time.

👤The holder is made of metal and has a light that holds the phone securely. It's downfall is the plastic backing, it cracked the very first ride to work. If that component was made using the same material and thought as the rest of the pieces, this would be a 5-star product. I used loctite, which was advised by many of the reviews written, and I did not overtighten the machine screw.

👤I use this mount on 3 of my bikes a lot. No issues so far. I checked the single mounting screw on all 3 and they all have thread locker pre-applied to the threads. The manufacturer has updated that. There is a I don't see how some of the horror stories of the mount could happen unless the mount has been abused. I think this will last a long time. If you store your bike in a way that makes it easy to hit the mount at an odd angle, you could end up damaging it. I would check the underside of the mount for cracks often. If this thing gets cracked, it's going to fail and you'll lose your phone. Just be careful.

5. Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Adjustable Compatible

Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Adjustable Compatible

Powerful secure GRIP_RUBBERIZED CLIP & SILICON BELTS: The design of motorcycle phone mounts has been improved. The brand new bike phone mount could be adjusted to meet any direction you need. The new anti-shake design is improved for any road situation. The bicycle phone holder had a lock on it. There is unrestricted company mobility. Any phone up to 3.5” wide can be fit in the universal bike phone mount. The bike phone mount was made of metal and plastic, and it was easy to use.

Brand: Asunby

👤I bought this for my motorcycle, but didn't get to use it because my mom stole it. This is the first mount that fits and is rock solid, after weeks of searching. If I could, I would give 6 stars.

👤I have one of those bikes and I am very happy. It had no mount for your phone, and the Power Adapter was laid on the floor or in a drawer. Someone else bought this mount for use with the Peloton. It's easy to set up and can hold onto any tube surface. When I put my phone in it, I can use it to hold the power transformer safe away from the cats and dogs. #WinWin

👤I put this on the front light bar of my quad to hold my phone and use my gps for riding the trails. The video was to show the terrain I have taken. My phone was in place. The corner tab holders wouldn't fit over my phone, so I used the 2 side holders and they did the job very well. This purchase was very happy with.

👤The product is very functional. The rubber bands that are supposed to protect the phone are useless. I had to remove my protective cover to get them on. They slip off the phone corners after doing that. Even with the hard cover on, the two spring loaded bars on the sides do a good job of securing the phone. I've ridden many miles with just them securing the phone. People know how much a Harley shakes. The phone is secure. One suggestion to the manufacturer would be to put a small shelf at the bottom for extra security. There is a It is easy to mount and gyrate to many positions.

👤I have tried a lanyard and it doesn't work. Just used it after buying it. Works well. Very strong. I have to keep my phone in my back pocket or on the cart for it to fall through.

👤The thing was great at first. It's perfect for my commute and travel. After only a week of use, the whole thing to the bike started slipping. When I tighten the knob, it tightens and then free spins and loosens up. The threads have been removed. After a week! I liked it at first. It held the phone well for road biking. It wouldn't be a good idea to ride a mountain bike. I have to remove it first because they have been telling me to do so. There is a Don't buy from this company.

👤It does what it is supposed to do for me. It holds my phone while I drive. I end up doing a lot of things while I'm out. I used to have a suction cup arm that I used to attach to the window to hold my phone, but it was bulky and didn't always hold. I got this to do the job and it works great. It doesn't get in the way of cables because it grips from the sides. I don't use corner band things to hold my phone. I've never used this on a bike or in an active way.

6. Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike Motorcycle Phone Mount

You can mount a cell phone to any bike, motorcycle or ATV with tubular handlebars. There are no tools required for installation. The extra secure clip has silicone belts that grip the phone firmly. The phone will not fall if you make the most extreme ride. AJUSTABLE GRIP. Simply adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position that suits you, and enjoy the comfort of your ride! Full phone access includes screen, buttons and mic jack. You don't need to unmount your device. You should keep your hands on the handlebars. 100 to be safe! If you don't like your new bike phone mount, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤So far, so good. I was worried about phone holders after the last one broke and I had to catch my phone. I am starting to trust this one because it is metal. I am attaching a note to the holder. I can mount the phone in many different places. I mount it horizontally to be able to take video while riding at slow speeds, but feel confident in saying that video at higher speeds could be taken with the right phone case. It's at least good enough to get a liscence plate of a vehicle. The holder has an issue with the bottom clamp hitting the button on the note 8. I have a headset in my helmet. A short video of my first trip out with this holder was included. I need a new phone case and I need to change the holder. The plastic water proof cover is moving. The video would be shaky if the holder wasn't good.

👤The product is wonderful. It was exactly what I needed and it was better than I thought it would be. I don't want it to be any better. I always appreciate a good product, and this is one of them. The unit that holds my phone and the one that holds my handlebars are both made to hold my phone and handlebars securely. I use it for navigation on and off the road. Thanks again for the great product.

👤Great mount! Sturdy is made from steel and other rugged materials. It doesn't loosen itself even under continuous vibration. I replaced my shoddy McGuyver mount with my new Claw because it takes me about 90 minutes to cut my lawn. There is a safety warning. Do not do this. It is unsafe to use a power tool without proper training and your full attention, so obviously this is just for your rest breaks. There is a The elastic loops around the corners of the phone are holding it together, and the spring-loaded tension claws seem to hold well by themselves. If it works well on a dusty machine, it will be even better on a bike. There is a It has a simple, secure design and feels solid. I hate plastic from overseas markets, but burley is still sleek and functional.

👤I've had phone mounts for my vehicle. The mount pivot snapped because of 7 hours of constant vibration, but my last one remained attached. I came up with three criteria that needed to be met by my new phone mount, one of which was strong enough to not snap or break while holding a large phone. For 8 hours a day, stay fixed in position for navigation. It had to be able to mount onto a 1.7" roll bar to remain attached. I am happy to say that this mount accomplished all three with flying. There are colors. I spent 7 hours on a trail yesterday and we felt like we had spent the day riding a jack-hammer. The phone did not move. Any. Not the least bit. This is amazing, considering the large size of my Note 9. There is a The mount is sturdy. It has an extra pair of mounting bands. I was initially concerned about the stretch for my phone, but they worked well. Cawcar provides an extra pair that is stretchy and durable. I intend to use this mount for a long time, so I will add a few more sets.

7. Bracket Motorcycle Navigation 2002 2017 2006 2017

Bracket Motorcycle Navigation 2002 2017 2006 2017

Universal style. The mobile phone holder is suitable for a variety of mobile phones. For the iPhone 6/7/8. 6/7/8 Plus, S7 Edge, S9 so on. Fit for most motorcycles, for example, for the Yamaha YZF R1 2002-2017, for the BMW S1000RR HP4 2010- 2018? The NINJA ZX6RR was for the Kawasaki ZX600. Two ways to install a motorcycle fork stem mount and rear-view mirror poles are available, as well as a sealed design with a switch and waterproof cap to make riding in the rain easier. It's easy to install and it takes a few minutes. The Triple Tree Stem Yoke Center hole has a 1.5 cm-2 cm hole. The method of expansion was used.

Brand: Siminzich

👤Comes with two pieces. One is too small and won't fit when tightened all the way. The other one is too big for the smallest setting. Does not fit a GSXR. I had to use a mallet to get the larger fitting in place. It damaged my fork and was the whole way down. It won't come back out. It's going to fall off with my phone one day. Don't buy a piece of trash. How does it not fit in the middle of a standard sport bike? I have a road trip tomorrow and didn't have time to try another type so I had to force it. Awesome. Garbage.

👤It works great. I brought my Honda 650f 2016 to the dealer and they installed it and took it out for a long ride and I love it. I don't like the rubber strap, it doesn't seem to fit properly, and I feel like it's a must have. I had to force it. I feel like it will rip because of the constant pressure on it with how it is on and as soon as it gets weathered, I will have to replace it. There is a switch inside the port that will turn it off when the battery is not being used.

👤This doesn't fit Hayabusa! The metal sleeves are too large. I had to remove the metal sleeve and replace it with a plastic tube that was the same length. The holder has a play of about 15 degrees. I don't know what the point is. If you are willing to modify it, it is a solid mount. It can be connected to your battery, but it is not a wireless charging device.

👤This is a cheaper replica of the phone mount. It is easy to install and even has an alternate clip. The dual pivot allows you to adjust the height and angle with one screw. They send you four more because it has nice rubber grips at the end. It comes with a rubber cover that goes over the phone and around the four grips to help keep it secure. The cover is recommended by me. I lost my phone. I used the product for several weeks and it worked without any issues. My guess is that the phone vibrated off because I didn't set it far enough into the grips. I think an expensive lesson was learned. The mount is better suited for phones that don't have a case.

👤It works as it should. I like this one because it has a shut off switch so it doesn't drain your battery. I am not very tech savvy. I was able to install it myself. You can charge while you ride or while your bike is off. Great product.

👤There were a few different fitting on the mount. It would fit a Yamaha fork stem, but it didn't. I had to grind down the nut to get it to fit into the fork stem and then use a rubber mallet to hammer it in, but it has been ok up to now. It holds my phone in a secure position. It has worked every time I have used it, even though I haven't used it a lot. It is an ok mount, aside from the fitment issue. It does what it is supposed to do. I received one. Some are built better than others. You get what you pay for. I will admit for the money. Okay. If you can afford a better mount, go for it.

8. Universal Bicycle Handlebar Samsung Smartphone

Universal Bicycle Handlebar Samsung Smartphone

Touch ID andFACE ID are used. The phone holder is compatible with the Face ID sensor on the Apple phones. The Bike Stem Mount is designed to turn your phone into a professional cycling computer. Flexible silicone bands fit most phones and cases between 4 to 6.5 inches. Rugged cases might not fit larger phones. Soft-touch silicone material absorbs bumps and protects your devices and accessories. Buy with confidence with their 100% satisfaction policy. They can offer a replacement or refund for quality issues.

Brand: Bone

👤I was expecting this to work as well as it did. I mounted it on the stem of my bike after I used it with my S8 in an otterbox. Most of the 100 miles were on gravel roads and trails. The phone felt flimsy when I first put it in place. I rode it down the alley and it seemed to hold it in place. I kept it on for my tour. I was able to view my phone, which I used for navigation. When I went down a steep descent, my front wheel sank into the sand. The crash twisted my brake levers and put a big hole in my helmet, because I went flying over the bars. I was expecting to have to look for my phone after the impact, but it was completely undamaged.

👤I used it this morning on a 22 mile ride after buying it yesterday. The corner bands are so close to the edge of the phone that I was afraid it would go flying. Even when I reached around the back to use the fingerprints on my phone, it held up. I hit some substantial bumps as well as some repetitive vibrations and it held my V40 thinQ securely the whole time. I am happy with this case, it is better than my old one. There is a I have had this phone holder for about a year and a half. The corner bands just broke. The cycling season here is about 9 months long and I have probably ridden 7k miles since getting this phone holder. I feel like I got my money's worth even though it broke. I love the design of the one I am reordering. This one covers the finger print sensor on the back of my phone, so it works perfect for my phone. I can't switch to facial recognition because I have a bug shield on my bike helmet, which covers the top half of my face. I have a Pop Socket on the back of my phone case that fits on the holder without a problem. I am willing to pay a higher price for this one since it works better for my phone, even though I think it is overpriced.

👤I had a bar mount on my other bike. I have ridden about 100mi with this stem mount. It's great. It works great with my phone. It's easy to get the phone in and out, just practice. There is a The mount is quite secure, but the phone does move a little on the bumps. I like the new design of corners and can use a finger. This is a great bargain, works with any case, and seems like a far better solution than the "twist lock but you must use our case" option.

👤I have a mount on my phone that holds it perfectly, and I can use the tap and glance to open it, it's ready to go. The phone is held in the mount to the stem cap on my bike. I have taken a lot of bumps, drops and bunny hops.

9. Sincetop Mountain Universal Handlebar Compatible

Sincetop Mountain Universal Handlebar Compatible

The cellphone bike stem mount can be easily installed on any standard bicycle with the built standard M6 assemble screw hole and attached screw driver. The base is made from aluminum. It is more sturdy. You can use this smart phone mount to ride your bicycle. This adult bike phone holder is built with a "Connect Quickly" system to offer more security through an additional locking of the case during extreme sport journeys. You can attach the phone holder to the stem mount cap with a simple press, and then detach your phone in a second through a 90 degree rotation by one hand. Don't miss a call or message while cycling. The bike stem cap phone mount provides a perfect view angle. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's a great mount device to use for navigation, fitness, and to play music while riding. The universal adapter has a large paste area ( L 66mm x W51mm)( 2.6" x 2"). You can mount almost any electronic device to your bike. You can use your phone or speaker to listen to music. The universal adapter is strong for electronic devices, with a large paste area. It is compatible with most of the phone models and devices.

Brand: Fastand

10. RAM MOUNTS RAM B 176 Double Universal

RAM MOUNTS RAM B 176 Double Universal

Simply rad. Why don't they let their phones help change their cycling experience? They can use the data from the training apps to improve their training and racing. Give your fellow Zwift mate a ride on, smash that TrainerRoad interval, and then take your localKOM. The 'X' design with rubber caps has great holding power without hiding your phone, and it has an optional tether for peace of mind. The motorcycle fork stem base works with stems 12mm to 38mm in length and short length, B size RAM double sockets arm, and ball and sockets technology allows for near-infinite adjustability. Backed by a lifetime warranty. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Ram Mounts

👤I had to cut away at the rubber and shave it to fit into the center stem before I was able to install this unit. I used glue to glue the nut and plastic washer to the rubber to prevent it from slipping. After a few days the unit became loose and was not stable as the phone was sliding and not solid. I tried adjusting with a wrench. It became loose again after initially being stable. The rubber inside my center stem was destroyed by continuous Tighetning. The rest of the unit came out after the unit fell. There is a This must be done with people with better skills than mine. It didn't work for me and my bike. I am very disappointed. The rubber compound is not strong enough to maintain it's shape and the look is clean. The product could be better. I think I've thrown money at something that didn't work for me. The product didn't do its job. I didn't get to fire the product on my own, but the product quit on me.

👤The X-Grip is great. Excellent quality, sturdy, smart design. The stem mount can be difficult to install. I learned a few things from my 2002 Ninja ZX-12R, which is why I put the nut down and back it off a bit. The rubber plug on the pocket washer is a problem if the nut is hard to screw on. Don't choose the smallest nut pocket washer, the biggest one that will fit inside your stem will give you more "gripping" surface on the rubber plug, trust me. The hardware kit had super glue in it. Don't try to get the pocket washer to the rubber PLUG, it will get away. Hope that helps. The product looks great.

👤The stem mount is trash. You can't tighten it enough to keep the phone from rotating. The whole thing is useless if the rubber stem insert is tightened to much. This is a great idea in theory. Terrible execution! I don't think you should waste your money on this mount. At least the stem mount part. Everyone who has spent money on one should get their money back. The people who are saying this mount is awesome are probably RAM mount employees. Maybe they have enough money to buy a $1100+ phone. There is a We've installed three of these on three different bikes and not one of them works as described and all three do the same thing - rotate no matter how tight you tighten the screw and destroy the rubber insert. We found a way to keep the mounts from rotating. If you remove the metal washer from the system and let the bottom of the ball mount make contact with the rubber insert, you can keep the ball mount from rotating. Great idea, terrible execution on the mounts.

👤My motorcycle is called a hyosung. The steering stem nut is not a hollow nut. It had to be removed. The hollow replacement nut was a fine thread and Torqued to 74 foot pounds. If you get superglue in the package, be careful. The assembly order says to clean out the grease in the top 1 inch of the steering stem and the bottom pocket nut that holds the nylon locking nut won't hold the rubber shaft. The blue nylon on the locking nut needs to be removed to tighten it. I cut the bottom of the rubber shaft to make sure the pocket nut wouldn't move. The lock nut was tightened and the rubber shaft was expanded for a tight fit. There was no need for superglue. Totally removed.

11. Metal Motorcycle Mount Phone 360°Rotating

Metal Motorcycle Mount Phone 360%C2%B0Rotating

The GUB mobile phone holder is made of aluminum alloy and has a number of functions. The phone mount keeps your phone in place even when you're moving at 75 mph. The double universal ball can be switched between horizontal and vertical screens. The phone holder has retractable clips on the left and right sides, a claw hook on the top, and a strong spring to fix the phone if it falls, making it more stable, safe, and no worries. Handlebar diameter is 0.86-1.3" (22-33mm) suitable for various types of motorcycle, mountain bike, stroller, scooter, bike, golf cart and so on. It's possible to use a phone for Universal Studios. Universal motorcycle/bike cell phone holder is suitable for the following phones: iPhone 13 12 Pro Max Mini Xs XR X 8 Plus 7 6s 6, Note 9, and other.

Brand: Gub

👤My husband needed a phone mount to hold his phone. He is the foreman of a civil construction company and he makes and receives phone calls. He doesn't have to stop to screen the call with the phone mount. He has mounted it in his bulldozer so that he can see who is calling, answer the call, and talk handsfree. There is a He had a different one in the Amazon cart. We took a chance on this one and it was a good one. It seems very sturdy. He is being bounced around quite a bit, but he is not vibrating or wobbling as I have 888-276-5932 There is a We bought 2. My husband is fond of him. The other was for someone else. Both are very happy.

👤We needed a sturdy phone mount for my Co-Pilot's heavy phone. The mount is designed to articulate in many different directions so she can see her phone while I am driving, as well as being well designed and made. It mounted easily and securely to the illuminated grab handle by her seat in the RV, but with all the mounting options it could easily be mounted in other vehicles or heavy equipment.

👤I have it mounted on a golf cart. The golf cart has a round mounting system that mounts around the side rail. All the bumps on my course have been sturdy so far.

👤It's easy to install. Instructions need to be easy to understand. It takes a few seconds to put my phone in the holder, but it's worth it to have a secure and non shakey phone. Definitely recommend!

👤The phone holder is very strong. The whole thing is made of metal and is not likely to fall off easily. The phone is held in place by strong springs and will not be going anywhere I don't want it to.

👤A solid mount that is a bit bulky. Use all metal parts. It's easy to tighten and adjust. Highly recommended. It was worth it for the price.

👤I didn't think I had enough room. This was a perfect fit. I can charge my bike, watch morning news, and free up my pockets with theusb charging on it.

👤It's difficult to fit a phone. You need to hold the phone in your hands. I got the Quad Lock brand after returning it. It's more expensive. It's worth it.


What is the best product for bicycle phone holder stem mount?

Bicycle phone holder stem mount products from Sincetop. In this article about bicycle phone holder stem mount you can see why people choose the product. Rokform and Cycearth are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle phone holder stem mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle phone holder stem mount?

Sincetop, Rokform and Cycearth are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle phone holder stem mount. Find the detail in this article. Delta Cycle & Home, Asunby and Accessories are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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