Best Bicycle Phone Holder Mount

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1. TruActive Bike Phone Mount Holder Motorcycle Phone Mount

TruActive Bike Phone Mount Holder Motorcycle Phone Mount

Easy installation. The bike phone mount is easy to install. The extra 4 silicone pads make your phone fit better with the handlebar, you can add or remove the silicone pad according to the diameter of the handlebar. There are various types of bicycles, motorcycles, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill, indoor bike. The handlebar's diameter is 1.57" (15-40mm). The Bike and Motorcycle Phone Mount has a unique, custom fit with an anti-vibrating ring. Their lock grip and rubber secure straps hold your phone in place, so it won't slip around or scratch your handlebars. Other phone mounts for bikes were made with cheap parts that could be used. They wanted to create a motorcycle phone holder that was durable enough to hold up to the wear and tear of riding and INTUITIVE enough for everyday use. Their materials have been tested by engineers with years of road safety experience to make sure they are the best for a bicycle phone mount. Universal fit is for your phone case and bar size. Their bike and motorcycle cell phone mounts have maximum thickness of 0.71" and can be used with any device. Pro Max 11 is a Pro/XR/XS/XS MAX/X 8 Plus/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S. Their bike phone holder comes with two sizes for a tight fit on any handlebar with a 0.55”–1.26” diameter or circumference of 1.72” to 3.92”. You can use their ball joint to adjust your phone's orientation for any viewing angle. Use with anything with a handlebars. It's easy, it's tool-free. Easy to use instructions are included for installation of their bike cell phone holder. Their cell phone holder for bike comes with 6 different colored bands with a 4-CORNER GRIP to hold your phone in place, in Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange and Yellow. They are dedicated to creating a high-QUALITY BIKE PHONE HOLDER. They use it on their own bikes. Don't worry about your phone! They are here to help if you have any issues. They are dedicated to creating a high-QUALITY BIKE PHONE HOLDER. They use it on their own bikes. Don't worry about your phone! They are here to help if you have any issues.

Brand: Truactive

👤Awesome product! Two weeks after I bought this product, I had a car pull in front of me at a blind intersection. I was going to cross the street. The car was in front of me when I looked forward. I hit it with full force. I didn't get hurt very badly. My bike was totaled, my ear buds flew off, and my phone was undamaged. I put this product to the test and it was better than I expected. Be safe out there!

👤I use it on my motorcycle and road bike to keep my phone safe. The extra secure bands on the phone will keep it in place. The mount came with an extra long bolt. There is no movement at all. Great product!

👤The product is good. I rode it all week through Georgia and South Carolina, and it held up well. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the teeth that grab the phone when you push both sides closed. The fit of the otter box case is great but after a week of riding my teeh, the inner teeth get bent up and they are not grabbing the phone like when I pit the holder on the bike. I ride a vehicle. I was confident in the holder. The inner teeth need a better design because they bend up to easy. It's a great holder, other than that. I have told many people about it. I would continue to be a customer. I would like to see those teeth more durable.

👤I was skeptical because most of the phone holders I've used are wobbly, especially with my big iPhone 8 Plus. The TruActive mount is awesome. It's easy to install, adjust and hold my big phone without drama. I rode my bike a few miles over pavement, grass, gravel and dirt. Not a single adjustment or movement. The rubber gripping tool makes my phone easy to reach. There is a I can answer texts or get directions without drama.

👤I had a mount that didn't stay in one position and only held the phone in one place, but I never felt comfortable with it. The elastic band and grip on this Truactive holder are on both sides of the phone. The phone is in one place. The side grips hold the phone in place even if one corner slips off, unlike the prior holder. I feel very comfortable with my new phone. It's nice to have an easy to install phone mount that I don't have to worry about. Despite regular use, it is holding up well. I would recommend this mount.

👤We like to play Pokemon. We have a very bulky Note 8's case so it's hard to find anything that will fit the phone. The product fit perfectly and passed a number of tests. The phone was stable. It is easy to switch from bike to bike. We have full access to pokemon go because it doesn't obstruct the buttons or screen.

2. Tiakia Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

Tiakia Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

The new design of the phone holder will not obscure the screen of the phone. It's convenient to answer calls, play music and ride. It's a good partner for bicycles and motor travel. All your doubts can be solved by Tiakia's. Choose a holder! Peace of mind! The bike mount has a fixing screw that can lock the phone. You can use the free frame. The drop rate of the brackets is zero. It can make sure that your phone doesn't get lost under the most dangerous conditions. It's suitable for round handlebars with a diameter of 22-33mm. Enjoy the ride, let's free their hands. The traditional method of installation of the cell phone holder for bike saves 1/3 of the time, but it is tool-free. The process of fixing or removing the phone is very simple and takes 3 seconds. After 5,000 rotation tests, the metal rotating mechanism is still good. It's flexible to use, and it can be used without removing the Phone Mount. The motorcycle holder can be used as a holiday gift for couples, friends, and family, and is suitable for cell phones of up to 7.2" in width. The motorcycle phone mount is suitable for many phones. The MI A1/A2 is called the lite. The REDMI Note 6 Pro/6A/Note 5 Plus/S2 is one of them. The high-quality aluminum alloy makes it harder to break, and it extends the service life by 12 times. The bike holder is made from high quality materials, it's not easy to fade, and more beautiful, let's together become a stylish outdoor sportsman! The high-quality aluminum alloy makes it harder to break, and it extends the service life by 12 times. The bike holder is made from high quality materials, it's not easy to fade, and more beautiful, let's together become a stylish outdoor sportsman!

Brand: Tiakia

👤Installation of this phone holder was easy, I couldn't be happier with it. I got the orange and black and it matches my Duke.

👤To hold a phone, the side mounts are shallow. The phone wouldn't work with this holder. Too bad. It would have been great if it wasn't for the mistake.

👤cheap plastic was used to make the last phone cradle. When I dropped my bike, it broke into pieces. I said no more plastic. The cradle is made of solid aluminum. I would like to see improvement. The plastic liner is made of plastic. I said no more plastic because it doesn't do the job of keeping the cradle in place. I replaced it with a piece of rubber that prevents the metal tube from slipping around it. Please don't use plastic and replace it with a rubber piece. The cradle is solid other than the above. The phone stays put if you affix it well. I've had the phone on my bike for a while and it stayed put.

👤Add on for your bike. I love the way it looks. I stress that you use the strap that comes to make sure you have the sides secured. There is a It will handle anything if it can handle the Chicago streets.

👤It was easy enough. This is on a Honda CB 650 motorcycle. I chose it because it has a very narrow mounting point, because I didn't have enough room on my clip ons to mount it. It seems very sturdy. I tested it at speeds over 100 mph and it did not budge. There is a lot of adjustments to be made to make it fit like you want it to, because it has around 10 or so positions that it will click into. I used to use these types of phone holders for my mountain bikes only and would use the RAM mounts or quad lock on motorcycles, but I think this is just as good, just as secure at a fraction of the cost. It may take a few more seconds than the RAM mount to put the phone in and take out, but $25 is a deal. BH.

👤I have a otter box on my phone and it holds it right. It is difficult to get on this product, but it is not bouncing off when you ride. The rubber straps fit my 13 max. Right. If you do mountain biking and have a smaller phone, it is the must has holder. Your phone is on the ground. This is a light full aluminum. This thing is amazing. People notice the quality of the product when I ride with out the phone. This is not plastic, it is all aluminum. My phone has never fallen off and is very well designed. One thing I like about adjusting with Allen nuts is that they stay tight. You can't change or slip the size once you lock it. The plastic one in my car is always righted by me. This is a good buy. Your friends will want to know where you bought it, so keep one in your cart. If you use it for gps maps, you can rotation the holder vertically or horizontally.

3. Motorcycle Handlebar Bicycle Scooter 4 7 6 8inch

Motorcycle Handlebar Bicycle Scooter 4 7 6 8inch

Stable and safe. The bike phone mount has a locking button on the side and four wear-resisting silicone claws on the corners, all of which will prevent your phone from being scratched. This design can hold your phone. The bike phone mount guarantees stability even when the road is bumpy. The degree of rotation is: The bike phone mount has a joint ball which allows it to be adjusted at almost any angle. The phone mount can be adjusted according to your perfect viewing angle. It's very convenient to meet with all of your needs. It is a great companion for your cycling journey. It is easy to fix this motorcycle phone mount by hand. Attach the base to the holder mount and tighten the nut cap. It's suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, babycar, electric scooter, etc. The handlebar diameter is 30mm. There is wide comparativebility. The bike/motorcycle phone mount is able to hold all smart phones with screen sizes of up to 6.8 inches. The mini/12/12 Pro Max is the same as the mini/12/12 Pro Max. Pro Max 11 is a Pro/XR/XS/XS MAX/X 8 Plus/7 Plus/7/6S Plus/6S. The phone holder can fit phones up to 15mm in thickness. A multi function holder. Don't think it's just a bicycle phone holder, it's really cool! You can use it as a phone stand, switch game holder, or even as a bike phone mount, which will make your life more convenient.

Brand: Ltsumi

👤If you plan on using this mount on roads with bumps or potholes, steer clear. I used the mount on my electric scooter to hold my phone, but when I rode my phone suddenly popped out, and I was run over by 5 cars. The mount was installed properly and solid, but if your phone is heavy, it will cause it to unlatch. If you are actually using this on a bicycle, it is not a good idea to recommend this to anyone.

👤Even with a case, this mount works great. Your phone is locked up during riding. You can get it out with one hand once you unlocked it. Would buy again. I had one that used a plastic claw on each side of the phone and a rubber band on the bottom corners. That worked out well. I wondered if the rubber band would last in the sun and the elements and if it would break and send my phone flying. That won't be a problem with this mount.

👤My husband uses it on his road bike. His phone was put over a lot of things. My toddler knocked over the bike and the phone was stuck. We can see the map on an unfamiliar path with it.

👤This is a great phone holder for my phone even with my case. While riding a bike. The rubber inserts give a tighter fit around handle bars. Thank you for the great product.

👤I bought this one for the cheaper price, as there are other similar designs. It works for me. It seems a little awkward to install, maybe I need to practice. It holds the phone securely. No issues.

👤I use for my note. It's a tight fit with my phone case, but it's secure. It's easier to put the phone in the mount. A case-less Mote would be easier to use.

👤Huge disappointment. The plastic cap that holds the phone holder in place didn't thread when it arrived. After the first ride it wouldn't go on. After the second ride, the screw was coming off. I ride an electric scooter to work and the bike trail can get bumpy, but it was not functional from the beginning. Don't waste your money.

4. VUP Detachable Rotatable Motorcycle Cellphones

VUP Detachable Rotatable Motorcycle Cellphones

There is a bike phone holder. The upgrade bicycle phone mount allows you to remove the phone without having to disassemble the entire bike stand, making it easy to send and receive emails or texts, answer calls, take selfies, and more. The perfect companion for a bike ride. The phone holder is made of tough and stretchy silicone bands and can be stretched to fit all phones. Pro 12 Pro Max/12 mini, Pro 11 Pro Max/X/Xs/Xs Max/Xr, Pro 12 Pro Max/X/Xs/Xr, Pro 12 Pro Max/X/Xs/Xr, Pro 12 Pro Max/X/X The Universal Handlebar Phone Mount is suitable for all 20-45mm handlebars. The built-in Silicone Pad will firmly grip your handlebars, no matter what the terrain, and it's also easy to remove. Full Screen Friendly and rotation. The curved silicone bands that never block the face ID, light sensor, home button, and finger sensor are suitable for all screens. A cell phone holder that rotates allows you to see the phone at a different angle. VUP Bike Phone Stand 8000 stretching lifespans with high-quality silicone materials to secure the functional reliability of the phone mount for years. Please let them know if you have a problem with the product.

Brand: Vup

👤I didn't want to test this phone holder at the extremes, but after I was hit by a car on my bike, my phone was still in the holder and undamaged. I already did it for you, so don't test it in this way.

👤I bought this for my motorcycle because my handlebars didn't have enough room to hold the mount. I thought it would fit between the brake and the handlebars on my Harley because it had a thin rubber clasp with a twist drive to tighten. I rode to 1800 miles with this thing attached, it doesn't move, and the screen stays in place. If I had to take the phone with me on the bike, it was easy to push down and twist the phone's release. This product is very well built and inexpensive, would highly recommend it.

👤The pull through strap and knob tightener is easy to install. It's not easy to attach a phone holder to a mount, you have to get used to the way it works and make sure you line it up correctly. The strap system holds the phone in the holder. It is very secure because you have to pull the straps around the corners of the phone. There is a The ability to remove the phone holder from the phone and take a picture is a great feature. There is a The phone is held to the handlebars by this thing. I did some rough mountain trails and it worked out without a hitch. Highly recommended.

👤I use it to find trail maps on my mountain bike. There is a The ability to remove the phone from the holder was important. I wanted a way to quickly remove the phone from its holder without disrupting the setup. There is a You can set the snugness of the holder to the amount you need so the phone doesn't bounce around on bumps excessively, and is held securely, if you turn a knob. There is a The low profile of the holder keeps the phone from getting bumped. It's better than I thought it would be. It's a no-brainer for the price.

👤This is the phone mount to get if you don't want to pay $60 for the Quad Lock. When I ride over rocky terrain, I add a star because of theVersatility of this mount, but I subtract a star because of my 7plus phone rattles. I love that I can remove my phone while on the go. It will detach on its own.

👤I bought this because I was tired of fumbling for my phone while cycling. The product did a good job, but the elastic that held my phone wasn't great. The elastic snapped at the precise moment I rode over the speedbump. My phone fell down and cracked. There is a So would I recommend something? No. It's not worth the cost to fix my phone glass if it had broken.

👤The bike phone holder is five stars from me, although it was a little tricky to mount on the handle bar, the trick is to press as hard as possible to make the tip of the band sit just right. It works great for my road bike and I don't remove the case from my phone as it is slim enough and the rubber/Silicone holder grips it just right.

5. Tablet Mount Woleyi Elliptical Stationary

Tablet Mount Woleyi Elliptical Stationary

The universal adapter is strong for electronic devices, with a large paste area. It is compatible with most of the phone models and devices. The mount is an automotive grade material. The pole has a firmly attached clamp that won't rebound when you run like a madman. It can endure strenuous exercise. It's great for fitness enthusiasts. Thewoleyi gooseneck long arm tablet holder has a flexible bendable arm and a rotating ball joint that provide optimal viewing for you. The non-slip and shake-resistant base keeps your device secure and ensures a smooth exercise experience for you. The mount is suitable for most handlebars, poles, and tubes. You can safely hold the device on the indoor bike, elliptical machine, gym treadmill, golf cart, stroller, and wheelchair. The universal handle bar tablet holder is compatible with all 4 - 11 inch smartphones and tablets, such as the new iPad Pro 9.7 / 10.5 / 11 / 12.9, iPad Air 2, Air 3, Air 4, iPad Mini. The treadmill mount can keep the tablet at a certain distance from your eyes. The design gives you the best angle to watch fitness instruction video. It's great for following sports channels on your tablets while exercising on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Brand: Woleyi

👤The gooseneck is barely usable and shorter than expected. The biggest problem is that when the unit is tightened onto a round bar, the joint between the gooseneck and the clamp becomes loose, and the unit cannot stay in position. I had to place it on the top of my bike's main information screen in order to hold the device without it falling over. It vibrates when I ride, but stays in position now. I shouldn't have to make changes to the unit's position in order to hold a small device.

👤I was excited to get a better way of mounting my tablets on my bike. The bike is in use and the tablet swings wildly between the two points. I would expect some movement, but it's hard to see the tablets.

👤It is completely unstable. The base next to the mount can't be tightened because it is unstable. Not worth the price.

👤If you are prone to motion sickness, this is not for you. My iPad was all over the place when I started peddling. It's made well, but not for the purpose it was made for. I have a bike that is solid. It's better suited for an armrest.

👤It's nearly impossible to read anything on the ipad because of the large amount of vibration on it. Total waste of money!

👤I put this mount in my gym bag for days when there are no spin classes so I can get on the bike. It mounts neatly on the bar and feels like I'm doing Peleton without the expensive equipment. It fits my phone and iPad perfectly. There is a Even if the mount is snug, the bike handle can cause the screen to wobble. It's not a big deal, but it's noticeable. This is a great accessory if you want to watch TV or do a virtual workout.

👤I don't like to leave bad reviews. The mount was wobbly and didn't properly hold the grip on the spinning cycle. After one use, the connector broke and came out. This could have been a quality issue, or I was unlucky. If I had to throw in trash, I would have been happier. I had to drive 6 miles to get this broken one back.

👤This will hold my iPad and I am sure it will hold my grip. It is so strong that if you have a fancy thin iPad, I fear it. I use my old one in a case. It is easy to put together. My bike is on a indoor set up in the winter. The size description is spot on.

👤After a few months of use it became loose and snapped. There is a I attached an iPad Mini to a bicycle. I did not break my iPad when it fell, but I do not want it to hold my expensive electronics.

6. Aluminum Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Support

Aluminum Adjustable Bicycle Handlebar Support

Cyclists looking to minimize their bikes weight while maintaining their function must have this. It contains all the necessary components. Tools are not included. Solid and hardy. The bike phone holder is made of qualified aluminum alloy material, which is strong and durable, and ensures a long time service. Anti Fall. A great stability is provided by the aluminum alloy base mount. There is a shoddy proof. The bicycle cell phone holder has a cushion pad on the four corners to give it a better shockproof performance. The application is for something. The width can be adjusted between 1.9 and 3.9 inches, and can be assembled on the stem cover. Light weight: The bicycle phone brackets are lightweight and portable, and they won't add any burden to you bike.

Brand: Dioche

👤La posicion horizontal. The base of the vertical is desatornillar, por lo. No tienes girar la posicion. Esto tiene una soporte en general sea mucho mas resistente. Los materiales a pesar de ser robustos son ligeros y los acabados son buenos.

👤No tendras nunca nincun problema con el agarre, pero no trae gomas, asi, es el mejor soporte. O Podrias rayarlo. He tiene muchos.

👤Es un soporte fuerte y estable, tu celular va firmemente sujetado por las Cuatro "garras".

👤Ajusten el manillar de una moto, trae una tira transparente de Hule.

👤Los materiales son de calidad. No, I don't think so, las partes mviles tienen cierta movilidad.

7. Deerfun Detachable Motorcycle Adjustable Smartphones

Deerfun Detachable Motorcycle Adjustable Smartphones

The bike& motorcycle phone mount allows you to remove the cell phone without having to disassemble the entire phone holder, making it easy to send and receive emails or texts, answer calls, take selfies, and more. Installation of their bike cell phone holder is tool-free. The built-in Silicone Pad will firmly grip your handlebars, no matter what the terrain, and it's also easy to remove. The universal bike phone mount is made of tough and stretchy silicone bands and will fit almost any cell phone up to 4.0 inches wide. Holds the following phones: iPhone 12, 11, X, iPhone XR, 8 Plus, and 7 Plus. The S7 Edge, the S9 and the S9 Plus are all from the same company. The Universal Handlebar Phone Mount is suitable for all 18-35mm handlebars. No matter what the terrain is, the silicone buckle on the handlebars will hold you up. The cellphone can be adjusted to a horizontal or vertical screen. It's convenient to answer the phone, play music, and use the gps.

Brand: Deerfun

👤I've found a good bike phone holder. This is a winner for the price. It doesn't feel secure. I jumped off some things and took a few crashes, but my phone was still there. I enjoy music while I destroy the trails. Good purchase.

👤This fits the bill for me, it's simple to use and attach. I needed a simple way to attach the phone to the handlebars. The service was prompt and the sellers communicated with me before I received the product.

👤I bought a few different phone holders for my bikes. It was less expensive than the others and I like it.

👤Attaching the steering wheel to it. It was a challenge, but I was able to mount my device to it.

👤I just received this. The installation was easy. It holds firm on my scooter, so I can't rate it sturdiness. I'm looking forward to seeing how long the phone holder lasts. Looks strong. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It's easy to install. 90-degree twist. It's locked in. Very pleased with the first ride.

👤If you have a finger print reader on your phone, it works. I wouldn't put it on a ride that was bumpy. It should be okay on road bikes.

👤The screen on the s10e is hit by the holder.

👤It's easy to install on my e-bike.

👤Does the job, holds the phone securely and neatly.

👤The mount is very practical. There is a The handle bar is secured with an elastic strap that has a slot on top. There is a The mount is made of rubber and is thin enough to leave on. There is a There is a circle on the underside that will fit in the slot and lock when the phone is in a landscape position. There is a The junction is tight enough to keep the device from falling. The phone can be used for photos and calls with the mount on. - The mesh on my phone does not cover the lens, but it can be moved around a bit to adjust to different phones, and the side button is not obstruction. It is stable enough to ride. There is a The inclination of the phone depends on the inclination of the handes bar where you attach it. The device stays on the bar even if it is freely rotating. It is more likely to touch other devices attached to it because it is so close to the bar. It is a very cheap and useful mount. If one is worried that they might get pinched while leaving the bike unattended, they can remove it all in a very fast and painless manner.

👤I had to deal with a lot of issues with phone holders in the past, such as how bulky the unit was, the high number of components involved and the complex setup. When I was looking for a phone holder for my wife's pedal bike, I thought Deerfun was simple and straightforward enough on the product information page that I would give it a try. The photos and video show the stress test and installation of the bike. There is a There is an attachment for the phone in the box. Simple. The function of the phone is to be held safely and securely, but also to provide a clear vision of the phone, and this is not compromised by this simplicity. The phone was held securely over multiple rides and the phone was not damaged. The axis. The phone part can be attached to the handle with an audible click and can be used in portrait and landsae mode. I couldn't fit the phone on the handle part in the video. The rubber web does not give you a solid connection. I attached the phone part to the handle part and wrapped the web around it to overcome it. I would highly recommend this phone holder to anyone considering it, even though the cons listed above do not deter the holder from its intended purpose. There is a This review is helpful.

8. Bike Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

Bike Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount

We mean out and out universal, which means mount any phone to any bike or motorcycle with tubular handlebars. The holder can fit any device up to 3.7" wide and all handlebars from 0.6" to 1.4" in diameter. There are no tools required for installation. AJUSTABLE GRIP. You can adjust and secure your phone to any angle and position you please with the special ball and brackets. The clip has extra secure and soapyabsorbent that is firmly and securely held. The band wraps around four corners of a cellphone. Make your most extreme race to make the phone fall out, be sure it won't! While your device is mounted, you have full phone access. You can use your phone for music. You don't need to unmount your phone or ipod. You should keep your hands on the handlebars. 100 to be safe! If you don't love your new bike phone mount, just contact them and they will make it right.

Brand: Accessories

👤I was involved in a hit and run with a Semi Truck who was running a red light. I broke more than two dozen bones when my bike flipped and I believe the phone had no damage when I brought it to me. There is a I believe the device did its job. There is a He was carrying railroad ties.

👤If you're expecting RAM mount quality, you're going to be disappointed. I have a backup mount on my motorcycle. It works well. It's very easy to install. It's about 5 to $8 overpriced. For what you get, $20 seems a little high. I paid $60 for my RAM mount. When I put my phone in the RAM mount holder, I don't look down to make sure it's secure, like I do with this one. If you have more money, get the RAM mount.

👤I ride a hybrid bike for exercise and for fun. My wife wanted me to get a gps system that would let me know my location and she wanted me to press a button to alert the emergency services. I found this device that held my cell phone in place and only 2 feet away from my voice. I bought and rode in a field a few days later. I found the only hole and dumped the bike. A gash on my leg caused the dirt to be wiped off my ride. The phone never moved. This device is all they have to say. The cell is held firmly.

👤I used this mount to hold my phone while biking, it was only a year old. The terrain was mostly bike paths and roads. The mount broke off at the area where the stem connects with the base. The phone fell down and hit the spokes, causing the wheel to stop. If it weren't for my helmet, I could have suffered serious injuries when I was thrown from the bike. I had many injuries, including a few fractured bones. I thought the ball and brackets must have loosened, or something happened with the bar. The stem snapped away from the base of the clamp. The phone was not heavy and the straps were still intact. The stem snapped. The phone was seated correctly, the holder was installed correctly, and there was no human error involved. I am angry about this and would recommend you to consider my experience before purchasing. Again, my rides are not at all rugged or extreme, and there was nothing unusual or out of the ordinary with this particular ride. I was in the emergency room and I am thankful that it wasn't worse. I would give the product zero stars.

👤I bought this because I misplace my phone mount. When I am not actually looking for it, I expect to find an inexpensive replacement option. This mount works great. I don't know if I'll put my other mount back on. It is very sturdy. My phone did not vibrate very much in this mount, despite the fact that it vibrates with a Harley. I use a large protective case over the Note 5 and it has no issues fitting inside. The securing straps are a nice feature, but I don't think it would hold the phone well without them. It came with an extra set of straps in case they broke. They might get weaker with exposure to the sun. I would recommend this mount to anyone who is looking for an inexpensive mount. Well done!

9. Bone Bike Phone Holder Mounting

Bone Bike Phone Holder Mounting

The bike phone holder has an enlarged and non-slip base. Bike Tie Pro 4 is the most stable bike mount they have ever designed. Soft-touch Silicone material absorbs bumps and protects your devices and accessories from damages. It is designed for the needs of cyclists. Flexible Silicone bands fit most phones and cases. All of the above phones fit. Touch ID and Face ID are compatible with modern phones. The home buttons on the phone are not obstructions. If you have any questions, please contact Bone Customer Service.

Brand: Bone

👤If you don't look at your phone or move your bike, this mount is great. The phone works great in theory, but it doesn't work well in reality. Maybe that's cool for some, but I just found it annoying. Every time I looked down, I found myself trying to get the phone to work. I'm not paying attention to traffic because the phone keeps moving. I'm fortunate to have made it home in one piece. I decided to come back to my well being. I apologize for the bone bike.

👤There are four reasons I bought this holder. I want to be able to follow my backroad routes with a map, or hold the phone while riding, but I have to consult a map. I didn't want to have to remove my case to put my phone in the holder. I tried it in case the phone got loose. I don't think it will ever happen, but I did not want it to be the protection of the Otterbox. I wanted as much shock isolation as possible because of the rough country roads I ride. I wanted the phone on the stem of my bike because it was in the perfect viewing position, I have secondary cross brake levers on the drop handlebars, and there was no room for a bar-mounted holder. I've only ridden 20 miles with the phone in the holder so far, and over mostly smooth roads, but with some bumps and rough spots, and the phone has not only remained completely secure, but it has also remained in its original position as if it were part of the bike. I will leave a review after I ride some rough roads.

👤The product is very easy to attach to your bike. I would have rated it all five stars but the bands that secure your phone to the base assembly, my humble opinion, could have been made a bit thicker. I have had no issues yet. I'm not sure what the life expectancy of the material will be. Attaching the bands to the phone is important when securing it. The shock absorbing base is mounted to my Mountain bike and stays put.

👤This is the best phone holder I've ever purchased because it's attached to the stem. The IPOW Metal Bike & Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount doesn't work on a mountain bike because the phone is constantly tipping over the handlebars. I got the metal one instead of the plastic one because of the phone falling off, but it had the same problem of the phone tipping over constantly, no matter how much I tightened it, so I tried the Bone Bike Tie Pro 4. The phone is mounted on the stem of the bike and there is no post to break, which is why I will use this one on all my bikes. I have not had any problems with it on my mountain bike. None of the bike mounts I've purchased from IPOW and Vibrelli have worked well for me. The Bone Bike Tie Pro phone holder is the best so far.

10. Shaking Breaking LISEN Motorcycle Compatible

Shaking Breaking LISEN Motorcycle Compatible

We greatly improved their phone mount based on feedback from over 100,000 customers. The plastic parts that are easy to break and the parts that are prone to shaking are all upgraded by LISEN. Their bike/motorcycle phone mount is easy to install and use. This bicycle Phone holder is able to grasp the 4 corners of your phone. The side of the clip has a locking button. The mountain bike cell phone holder is able to protect your phone no matter how rugged the road conditions are. The heavy case has a lock on it. Their dirt bike accessories are compatible with larger bikes. The range is 0.6"-1.3" , compatible with phones of the same size. The phone holder for the motorcycle/bike of the handlebar clip screw is firmly locked to ensure that it won't loosen. AJUSTABLE PART NEVER DISCONNECT: The new phone holder for bike electric motorcycle accessories has a metal screw fixed rotating ball structure, which is exclusive in the market. It's easy to adjust the cellphone to a horizontal or vertical screen, then lock it to any angle, so you don't have to worry about it shaking while riding. military-GRADE anti-bacteria: Military-grade double-thickening and reinforcement design is used in the handlebar phone mount for motorcycle. It has upgraded the 3-layer structure and metal screw connection to fix the rotating ball, which is a problem for other bicycle iPhone mounts. 15000+ times of drop resistance tests are still intact after 1M height.

Brand: Lisen

👤Skyforce95 has a video review in HD on my YT channel, it's easy to install, extra gasket for narrower handle bars, and it's accessible to charging port.

👤The phone holder was in perfect condition. There were issues with the part that held the handlebars. I am near the center of the riser bar. The bar diameter is a very typical size of modern bars. The screw travels towards the opening as it is tightened. Attached is a pic. I tried with a thin rubber piece. The thick rubber spacer was also tried. Nothing helped. It looks like it may break because it keeps spreading apart. Will return it. I wish they used a simple mount like this one, it would be perfect.

👤I was trapped on my mountain bike. Working well so far! They give you a strip of rubber to make it fit most handlebars, so don't lose or discard it. I almost returned it, but I found that strip. It's important. I think some tape could do the job. It holds my phone and stays put. There is a small rattling sound while riding. The rattle on my friend's phone was a small complaint, but he was on the phone with me. It could be solved by using headphones. Or use it for something other than riding. It's an ACE product for viewing gps, navigation, and calories while riding. 4.5 stars!

👤It was very sturdy! It was kind thick and bulky. I like it more because it is thick and bulky. I think it will take a fall more than the phone will. It came with an accessory to help it fit any bike. It took me a while to install 4. If I needed one for my other bikes, I would buy this again.

👤The design was intuitive. There is an on/off switch to prevent the case from opening accidentally. This will do the job I need it to do.

👤It is easy to install and sturdy. The locking feature is great and the phone is held perfectly. ... But! The tabs that lock against the washer and wing nut aren't stiff enough to be tightened onto the handlebars. I had to add a larger washer to keep the mount tightly attached, and I'm worried that the tab will break off at some point. I'm not sure if it's due to me installing the mount on the bend of the handlebars or not. This issue could be avoided if the tabs were more stiff.

👤I bought this for my husband so he could use it while riding. My husband had to stop and take out his phone to look at the trail map because we are also avid ATV riders. I bought this right away to make it easier to see where we were on the map. If you want to explore different trails in different locations and different states, this is a must have.

👤I needed a new phone mount. It held my phone securely. I had to uninstall it from the phone and put it back in. There is a This mount is better than that. Since it has a small handle to twist, it's not a hex tool. It comes with pads that stick between the grip and bar for different sized handlebars. I didn't think my handlebar is that thin, but I had to use the thickest one for mine. The rotation is fine. The only problem I might have with this is that when biking the bumps cause my phone to look downward no matter how tight it is. I would. If you don't want your phone to move, maybe you should pay a little more. My phone barely fits in this.

11. Stainless Anti Shake Motorcycle Compatible Note20 4 5to

Stainless Anti Shake Motorcycle Compatible Note20 4 5to

The bicycle phone holder has 4 clips that can be stably fixed to the phone. 4 wear-resisting corner claws with inside non-slip PU pad effectively prevent your phone from scratches. The button in the middle can be locked with a single key and the phone wrapped tightly. The holder is double-protection and catches your phone firmly. Full access design allows complete access to phone screen control without blocking Face ID or fingerprints. You can record your video or easily open it. To release your phone, one hand must be held by the side arm. It's more convenient to take your phone with you on a bike. It can be charged at any time, listen to music, and ride. The bike phone mount has a rotation design that allows you to adjust the display to the most convenient location. The perfect bike and motorcycle phone holder gives you a good view of your navigation. ANVAVA bike phone mounts are designed for handlebars. There are various types of bicycles, motorcycles, stroller, shopping cart, electric scooter, indoor treadmill, spin bike. The handlebar diameter is 0.67 and it's 1.25". Universal bicycle mobile phone holder bicycle is compatible with all mobile phones of 4.5-7.3 inches. Smart phones with screen sizes from 4.5 to 7.3 are available.

Brand: Anvava

👤I'm on a trail. It doesn't shift.


What is the best product for bicycle phone holder mount?

Bicycle phone holder mount products from Truactive. In this article about bicycle phone holder mount you can see why people choose the product. Tiakia and Ltsumi are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle phone holder mount.

What are the best brands for bicycle phone holder mount?

Truactive, Tiakia and Ltsumi are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle phone holder mount. Find the detail in this article. Vup, Woleyi and Dioche are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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