Best Bicycle Phone Holder Handlebar Stem

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1. SUPERONE Designed Motorcycle Handlebar Compatible

SUPERONE Designed Motorcycle Handlebar Compatible

The adjustedROTATING BALL is a ball. The bike phone mount with rotating joint ball can be used for any angle, no worry for phone swaying or shaking while riding, because the ball is not loose. The bicycle phone mount comes with 4 Silicone corner claws and a full covered Silicone pad on the back panel, which will protect your phone against scratches and absorb impacts better. The lock switch prevents accidental opening of the phone holder. Your device is secured with their bike mount. The nylon handlebar Clamp is made with the most superior material. It's very easy to remove and reattach with no tools required. The diameter can be adjusted from 1.5 to 5. Full access and rotation are available. The bike phone mount with ball joint allows you to adjust the angle while riding. Touch ID, Face ID and Charging can be achieved with open-face design. Make your journey more comfortable. The universal bike cellphone mount is perfect for most phones, even if they are in a thick case. Pro Max/12/SE/12/ Pro Max/13/12 Pro Max/X/XS/XR/XS MAX 8 Plus/7 Plus/6S, S10 Plus/S9 Plus/S8 Plus/S9/S8/ Note 9 and note 8 are included. They are so confident in the quality of the bike phone mount that they are giving a 100% satisfaction and worry-free purchase. LIFETIME SUPPORT and 18-month warranty. If you have a problem with this phone holder for bike, please mail them and they will get to you in 12 hours. They are so confident in the quality of the bike phone mount that they are giving a 100% satisfaction and worry-free purchase. LIFETIME SUPPORT and 18-month warranty. If you have a problem with this phone holder for bike, please mail them and they will get to you in 12 hours.

Brand: Superone

👤I bought a second mount for my wife after I went on two rides and was impressed. The mount broke after the 8th ride. The picture is attached. The failure point is an engineering design issue. If you ride on glass roads, this mount may hold up. If you are a mountain biker, you should find a different mount. There is a During the 10th ride, the wife's mount broke off. There are two broken mounts, one in yellow and one in red, with a picture attached to them.

👤I don't write reviews often, but this product deserves one after trying other products that didn't work. Prior to this one, I had purchased other holders. None of them were easy to use or held my phone in a way that was convenient. They were not easy to stretch the bands to get the phone in and out, or the mechanism that locks the phone was too large to last long. This one is very easy. I love it! It barely fits my phone. I feel very confident that it fits and holds well, with good back support. It is very fast to put my phone in and out. The holder is easy to remove if I need to. I ride a lot. It has never fallen out. If your phone is larger than mine, you can always try. I searched and found nothing else that would work without being very expensive, and who would want to use their case instead of taking your otterbox off when you jump on your bike? I'm very happy with this product.

👤This phone mount is very nice. I had a few styles of the mesh, but they never held the phone still and the mesh just doesn't last. There is a The mount is simple to install and allows me to use my phone as my instrument panel while I scoot about town. The size is perfect for my phones, and it would work on any phone with a tablet style. The unit has a much more sturdy clamps than the ones I have gotten with other devices. There is a The only change I would make to this device is to put a small window for the cameras on the phone so it could be used as a ride/dash cam. This thing is perfect so far. I have only had it for a couple months so if it suddenly starts failing, I will update this review. Since it is a bike accessory that is quality some might be interested in it. I have a few water proof pouch style holders that have a clear window that allows touch screen use. They were all garbage. The window and screens don't always line up right, so you don't get a clean connection when typing, and they all have cheap plastic that fell apart quickly, which could allow your phone to fall out. The unit doesn't provide weather protection, but it does hold my phone in a protective case, which works better for me. I build a lot of bikes and alt vehicles and ride them a lot.

2. AONKEY Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

AONKEY Bike Phone Mount Motorcycle

The ball joint design can adjust the bicycle phone mount in different direction to provide optimal viewing angle even on bright day. Shrinkable arms and a rubber belt make it easy to take a phone off on the mountain road. It can fix the handlebar with an upgrade mount with an aluminum alloy bolt and soft rubber pad, it is suitable for bike, motorcycle, electric bike, shopping chart, scooter, stroller, treadmill. Simply screw the aluminum bolt to fix the handlebars, and press the button on the side to open the arms. The Aonkey motorcycle phone holder can give you full access to the phone screen. Their universal cell phone holder for bike is compatible with all sizes of phones.

Brand: Aonkey

👤I bought one because my phone was blocking the treadmill display. I could easily transfer the mount to my bike after my run. I ordered a second one because the cost was so reasonable. The mount for weight lifting is being relocated because of the adjustability for viewing angle. Someday it will leave the house for use in an environment where it is not a problem. It works great indoors. The lower flap works well as a backup to the side grips but it will interfere with the phone jack on the bottom center. Charge before or after the workout. One hand release button. This phone mount is very good.

👤The thing is very durable and awesome. I haven't purchased anything like this in a long time and I can't say enough about the quality of this phone holder. It is very easy to hold my phone in an otter box defender case. The tuff material is very strong. If you are looking for a phone holder for your motorcycle, bike or anything similar, I highly recommend this holder.

👤The mount is made from sturdy material. I have only used it inside to mount my phone, but I would use it outside if I needed to. For increased security, you can use the elastic bands to mount the phone in the arms. I use a rubber case for my phone.

👤The IC Life Fitness bikes that my gym uses for the Spin classes are perfect for this product. I have used it twice now and wondered how I had not had this mount before. I don't use the gel holder part since the bike is stationary, but it makes teaching spin class easier.

👤I use my upright bike to watch training and entertainment videos on my cellphone. There is a The fit and quality of the device are great. I am very satisfied.

👤It is easy to install and keep my phone in place. It's attached to my exercise machine and it makes it so much more fun to listen to music, watch my TV show, or check out websites on it.

👤It keeps my phone stable when I use it on my rides. Climbing and decending 3000+ feet on my local mountains has posed no problem for this phone holder. The claw grasp system is better than other options.

👤I have a pop sockets on my phone that I use every day, so my options were to find an open-backed phone mount. I was able to find a spot on the left handle bar that made it easy to use.

3. Nite Ize Rotating Smartphone Charcoal

Nite Ize Rotating Smartphone Charcoal

The bike bag can be put on the bike frame with ease, thanks to the 3 hook&loop straps. It's suitable for most bicycles. It's a great choice for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes and electric bikes. If you have any questions about this bag, please contact them. The costumer service team is always with you. The degree of rotation is calculated. You can view your phone in a variety of ways, from portrait to landscape, with this rotating universal mount. The screen visibility is EDGE to EDGE. The Silicone harness holds your phone securely, while also allowing you to see and access the entire screen for easy access to all your maps and apps. The mount is compatible with most handlebars, stroller handles, grocery carts, and more. The tool is tool free. The mounting strap is easy to attach and hold secure. Holds phone securely on or off the road with stretchy silicone harness.

Brand: Nite Ize

👤I didn't have to put it on my bike. I tried to put it in my phone but it snapped on the first corner. I don't have a large phone. I have a carabiner from Nite Ize that I like, but I wouldn't recommend this product from them.

👤The mount on the phone does not hold its place well and the silicone bands are good at keeping the phone from falling out. The mount slides so that the phone's face will eventually face the ground. If you use it on a center bar instead of a handlebar, it may work a bit better, but I would never use it on a very casual ride.

👤I like having it close to hand to access data about my ride and verify it's tracking properly, and I purchased this as I use Strava to track my rides. The mount was recommended by several reviewers and I liked the idea of being able to mount to a variety of bar sizes. I use this on my road bike and have had no issues with it moving around or the phone coming loose unless I want it to. I don't think having most of my handlebars wrapped left a lot of places to find this. I mounted it on the square stem because it didn't want to sit still on the round section. The mount is barely big enough to do this, but it hasn't moved in a month. Would recommend over more expensive solutions.

👤When I first got this, I was not impressed. Very basic. There are a few rubber staps for your phone and bike. I put my S7 in the otter box and mounted it on the stem. I went on a trail ride that was much harder than I anticipated. Uphill, downhill, ruts, tree roots, rocks, you name it. I forgot about my phone while I was focused on the ride. After a mile my ride app started giving me performance information. The phone was secure and nice. I road 4 miles on the dirt trail and another 3.5 on the sidewalks and roads and through all of the shocks it held fast. There is a It was easy to install, and it was very inexpensive, because it was easy to switch from bike to bike on a whim. If you buy a really good phone holder, this one is a good back up. There is a This is a great purchase if it's durable.

👤I like that this unit has a hard backing that keeps your phone stationary even when riding over bumps in the trail. Too much phone movement is allowed by some that lack a backing. I'm very happy with this product, but not with its large battery pack case, which is too big and bulky to fit into this holder.

👤It works great for what I use it for, and holds my phone. I mounted it on my stem so I could use the companion app. I've never used it outside, but it holds up well when I'm sprinting, and sometimes I'll hit my phone with my leg. I haven't knocked the phone out of the holder yet.

4. CYCEARTH Rotatable Adjustable Handlebars Motorcycle

CYCEARTH Rotatable Adjustable Handlebars Motorcycle

The Squeeze Bar Mount is perfect for commuters, hikers, and anyone else who wants a strong, secure hold of their phone. It is easy to fit a phone with a 55-95mm width on a 25-33mm handlebar. It's suitable for almost any cell phone and bicycle. 4 claws with rubber pad will hold your phone firmly and prevent scratches. The viewing angle can be adjusted for comfortable use. The package includes a phone mount, spacers,Allen Key, andScrews. The product is 127* 85mm (5*3.3 inch) and has a weight of 90g.

Brand: Cycearth

👤I use this to hold my phone on my bike. It is easy to install and has the perfect viewing angle. The phone stays in place. I had to cut the pads on the one corner because they hit the volume down button. You will need to modify the phone with the mini. It was a good purchase.

👤This works great on my motorcycle.

👤I am happy with the product.

👤A small plastic piece broke on 9/30-21 and rendered it useless, after being bought on June 23, 2021. I wouldn't buy this product.

👤Sid setup. It was 3X as much as I have had. This is on my bike. It's in my otterbox case. It is definitely worth the price. Does not have any issues.

👤No plastic, all aluminum. There are rubber pads to protect your phone. super strong Doesn't move at all. The rubber grips on the phone prevent it from sliding out. The rest of the bike has bolts like the rest of the car. The mount doesn't interfere with the screen.

👤The mount looked great after installation. I mounted my phone and it worked. I barely bumped the door frame of my garage and snapped the phone holder off the mount. This product is not durable.

👤I am very picky. This is very loud. Good engineering, nice finishing and good work! It should have been all black, but the red anodize and laser etch branding make it pop. All knobs are tight, and the rubber fits perfectly on 1” bars. I could not be happier with the phone case I bought. Looks sick.

👤If you don't have your phone mounted, the rattles will be crazy. If you don't keep pressure on the arms with your phone, it's most likely going to break. Looks nice.

👤This product is the best for any phone. It can be moved in any direction. I bought two brands that were very expensive but did not work like this one. I don't usually write reviews. I would like to share this with everyone.

5. Aluminum Universal Adapter Mountain Handlebar

Aluminum Universal Adapter Mountain Handlebar

2021 SECURITY UPGRADED DESIGN. The motorcycle phone holder has a mechansim and ultra-lock system to offer more security. It comes with a universal accessory. The large paste area and curved surface design can be strongly pasted on most phone cases. DURABLE & STURDY. The base for the bike mount is made from premium aluminum. The rubber washers in the handlebar clip enhance the grip on the handlebars and protect your bike from scratches. There is a single-hand operation. Push your phone onto the bike phone mount. Remove your phone with one hand. It makes it easy to access your devices. PEFECT The cell phone holder for bike allows you to see the landscape and portrait at the same time. It's a great solution for using a fitness app, playing music while you ride, and being visible to navigate. There is unrestricted companybility. It's designed to fit the phone. The Max/12Mini, Pro/11, Pro/X/XS, etc. The stem of a mountain bike can be as large as 35mm, and the clamp is suitable for that.

Brand: Sincetop

👤I'm using this with a Note. It works well! I am able to get the phone out quickly when I need it because I don't worry about the phone falling out. The locking mechanism was more inconvenient than I expected because the release lever was underneath the phone. The locking mechanism can be achieved by twisting the phone into position, instead of using a lever.

👤I have this to hold my phone while I ride. It's nice to not have to carry a bag and put the phone in front. It holds perfectly and is easy to lock. I put the mount on the plastic case and it worked great. Turn it and it will come out. A generic phone mount is a great choice.

👤I mounted my phone on my mountain bike. I wasn't sure if it would work out, but it has a lock that you can use to lock it in place, and it holds on tight. I went over the handlebars and it stayed on. I was surprised that my wireless charge worked on the case.

👤I can't praise the company enough. It's a must-have for all my bikes that I can easily mount and release my phone. I own 3 versions of the quick-mount system and I'm not going to look for another one. Buy it!

👤The product was received in mail immediately and I was very happy with it.

👤I feel like a winner. It works! It's easy to install. The cellphone attachment is very strong. The phone is on the road. Don't look any further, this is it! The price is amazing. I am very happy with my purchase. Don't pay attention to the critics.

👤I am able to explore more of the SF Bay Area now that I have an e-bike. It is nice to be able to flip it to a landscape. The attachment on the phone is quite strange. I don't notice it when it's in my pocket.

👤10 out of 10, good product, fast shipping, and quality.

👤Excellent phone mount that is easy to install.

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👤There is a dem das. Im Smartphone ist die fest von dem Mechanismus fr die Halterung. Im Universal-Teil ist das Klebe-Pad. Was a Quatsch. There is a Erstens viel, damit. Man diesen Adapter in dem Telefon kleben, und das hlt, und den ganzen Rest der Zeit. In der Hosentasche liegt das damit, in der auto liegt. Ihren direkt zumck ist geht.

👤The Halterung is super. 300 km is the war damit. Cross Country ist leicht, bin super. Den Abzug ist das es, das es insgesamt, insgesam

👤I hat die erster. It is called Halterung vom. Gelst und das lag is a good thing. Doppelklebeband gelst proplem.

6. VICSEED Motorcycle Protection Stable Bicycle

VICSEED Motorcycle Protection Stable Bicycle

Make sure your phone doesn't fall off even if it shakes violently, because the bike phone mount Wrap each corner tightly. It won't break like other bicycle phone mounts. If your phone is in a bike phone holder, you will get 200% security. The largest handlebar clamp has the strongest grip power to hold the bike cell phone mount firmly. The phone mount for bicycle is made of high-density Silicone that can absorb all shocks to protect your phone from scratch and bring excellent friction to grip your phone and vibrate firmly. Use and install a bicycle phone holder. The arm will tighten your phone. It's easy to take out your phone. You can take pictures of the scenery whenever and wherever you please. The one-piece screw-type handlebar clip is easy to install. Attach the nut to the handlebars with no tools. The nut has two ears, which makes it easier to open the bottle cap. The bike phone mount allows you to adjust your phone to a horizontal or vertical position. You can use your phone to enjoy riding. The open-face design makes it possible to pick up the call, view the gps device and monitor your average speed while riding. The largest handlebar clip has a wide compatibility bike cell phone holder. The handlebar is 1.57" (15-40mm) in diameter. It can be mounted to your bike, scooter, mountain bike, e-bicycle, dirt bike, spin bike, stationary bike, strollers. The bike phone mount holder can fit all phones with thickness up to 15mm. The bike phone holder passed the military-grade sturdiness test, built-in STAINLESS steel, and covers with sturdy PVC. It will not damage like other phone bike mounts if it is open 100 times a day. Within 24 Hours, the Victorian bike cell phone holder will fix any issue.

Brand: Vicseed

👤I have a glaxy note. If you're looking for a hilder for your bike, this is the one for you. It holds my phone great and in place on my rides around town.

👤The Multistrada has a smart phone compartment. To use the high tech stuff on the bike, you need to have an app on the phone and connected to the bike. Fancy apps on a phone need to work, but the compartment on the phone that is warm on warm days can cause the app to freeze and stop navigation. It wasn't very helpful. I decided to get this mount because I liked the way it was designed to secure the phone and the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism to secure the phone is easy to attach to the handlebars, and the opening on the bottom mount makes it easy to connect the phone to the bike. I've been on some rough roads and the mount worked well. I had an X mount on another bike that I didn't like and it made me worry about losing my phone since the X didn't lock.

👤I have been biking further and further distances. I would have to constantly reach for my phone to navigate my way on bad roads. Despite the price, I decided to give this product a try because I had previously purchased a gps phone holder from this company for my car and it was strong and stable. I was not disappointed. I was able to navigate my way despite the fact that it held my heavy phone.

👤The bike holder is very strong. I had to remove the plastic from the phone to get it to fit. There is a Kary was quick to find the best product for my needs, and he worked with me to find a fix for my S20 phone. She wanted to keep me as a customer and gave me a free phone holder. The holder was easy to install. There is a I'm thankful for the support team at Vicseed, they went above and beyond my expectations. Thanks Kary!

👤This has changed my life. I have had to put my phone in my pocket or close by to listen to music. It's like putting my phone in the holder at the gym. It stays in place when I move on the machine. Excellent holder.

👤Vicseed surpasses my expectations again. I have a bike mount that makes it easy to put a phone in and out.

👤The unit is rugged. It gives me confidence that my phone will hold up over rough terrain. I have ridden with it on 5 rides over 30 miles and have been pleased. I am not a mountain biker. My experience has been limited to the town. I would buy it again.

👤I was surprised at the quality of this product when it arrived, I ordered it for my 2 deuce. I will tell my friends about it if I buy it again. Great product!

7. Bike Phone Mount Holder Handlebars

Bike Phone Mount Holder Handlebars

You don't need to find new accessories every time you get a new phone. The bike phone holder is compatible with phones that have a screen between 4 and 7 inches. Don't worry about whether this will fit your bike when it arrives. The phone holder for bike has a grip that will lock onto the handlebars of any bike model. It can be put on the handle of a stroller. This phone bike mount will hold on to your cell phone and won't let go if you are coasting on concrete, bumpy mountainside crags or launching off the ramps of an obstacle course. It's easy. There are no tools or complicated instructions to install bicycle accessories. The phone mount for the bicycle is not a place where you can wrestle a device. It only takes a few seconds to secure the handlebars and make your phone safe. Do you want to find the right song? Do you enjoy seeing a map in landscape view? These mountain bike accessories allow you to do both without risk of injury.

Brand: E Tronic Edge

👤I wrote "Goodbye Fatness, Hello gorgeous!" I lost 125 pounds and am always changing my exercise routine. One way is bicycling. It makes life easier with this phone holder. I don't have to worry about the phone falling out of my pocket. I tried a necklace phone case, but it was too heavy for me. I can keep my phone on my bike for emergencies now that the phone is secure. The product is well made and can hold any mobile phone. Highly recommended for the casual rider or bike enthusiast. Loving it!

👤Two of the phone mounts broke on me. The first time my phone survived, the second shattered it. The phone mount will break and break your phone. It is made with plastic. The phone mount I bought was more expensive than the others and it was made for bumpy roads and rugged trails. I just bought a new phone. I wanted a mount that would protect them. The phone mount broke on the 5th ride. I used the phone mount on a road bike, but never on bumpy roads or rugged trails. The mount broke off of my bike while I was riding at 25 miles per hour. It destroyed my $50 phone case, but it didn't break my phone. I wouldn't buy this product as it's no higher quality than the cheaper mounts that don't claim to be built for rugged roads. If you buy this phone mount, make sure to have a case on your phone because you never know when it will break.

👤This is a great kit for the money. It uses four heavy rubber straps at the corners of your phone, and two spring loaded clamps on the long sides of your phone, to hold it securely on the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle. Everything is kept safe. I've used in on a scooter and a motorcycle, and when your phone is on your handlebars, neither this mount nor your phone is going anywhere. It's easy to swap from one machine to the other, just screw the clamp down by hand, and you're good to go. There are three comments. The rubber retaining straps are very tight on a larger phone or smaller phone. It holds the phone securely. I wouldn't want my phone in and out all the time. I wouldn't trust the side-holders alone without also using the rubber retraining straps. The rubber retaining straps on your phone are vulnerable to breaking. These rubber bands are stout and eventually wear out. It's time to replace the rubber as it starts to show signs of age. Make sure your phone is in a tough case if the worst happens. This is a great item for the price, but it won't last forever like a RAM mount.

👤A person holds a phone. The bands are difficult to pull over the corners on a larger phone. I found the Note 8 is well held even on dirt roads with the phone clamp. If you use the bands, they are very securely held. If you use finger prints to unlocks your phone, the bands can interfere with finger placement. I like the large thumb screw. A secure tightness to the handlebars can be created with no tools needed.

8. 360°Rotation Removable Universal Motorcycle Handlebar

360%C2%B0Rotation Removable Universal Motorcycle Handlebar

The design of the bike phone mounts allows you to adjust your phone to any angle that suits you. Easy to Attach - no need for a tool, easy to attach and detach your items. Silicone can absorb some vibration, which is different from plastic mount. The bicycle phone holder can hold a phone. The phone holder is compatible with the following phones: Apple's iPhone X/XS/XS MAX/XR/8P/7/7 P/6/6P,Samsung's S10/S9 P/S8/S8 P/S7 Edge, and Google's Pixel. The flexible phone cradle is made of premium silicone and absorbs shocks as well as avoiding phone surface scratches. The soft silicone holder won't cause any damage to your cellphone.

Brand: Cayoumi

👤It didn't seem secure with my small phone, so I wasn't sure about it. The phone stays put after a few rides, and it has no intention of flying loose. The phone does bob around a lot over bumps which I didn't like at first as I'm used to old school computers that are hard mounted and don't move at all but with a larger, heavier smart phone, the bobbing is probably needed to absorb roadIrregularity. It's easy to mount and remove, but it takes time. It's too early to tell about longevity of the product. I'm not sure if the rigid aluminum style is better or the Silicone style. I know that this works, it's cheap, lightweight and holds the phone securely. I use this on a road bike in the city and it doesn't experience a lot of bumps, but it does experience a fair amount of jabbing due to the roads. I don't have experience on the road. I will leave that to others. It worked well and then fell apart. The CaYoumi Bike Phone Mount only had a few uses. My phone began to rip and break in several places as seen in other's reviews. This makes it useless. I didn't stretch it. The smallest phone you can have these days is the iPhone SE. I bought this two weeks ago. There is a I'm about to do something so save your money and time and find another mount. It's easy to return an Amazon item, but not sure if all the mounts will do the same thing.

👤Recommended with some minor issues. I bought this to use on my hybrid bike, which I'm using on an indoor smart trainer. This holds my phone in the webbing with no problem. I don't think it will fall out of the holder. I have an issue with it rotating up and down when I tap on the phone. I don't know how this would hold up on a trail inside, but it's not a big deal. The top and bottom of the phone are covered by the webbing, which makes it difficult to interact with the phone. This is not a flaw of the holder, but more of an annoyance that I would have thought before buying it. There is a It does what I need it to do and it is a good value for the price.

👤A simple case is used with it. It seems to work on a bumpy road.

👤The mount is very secure and I have been riding on paved bike trails. I was worried that the elastic bands on my phone wouldn't hold it securely. It's still doing a good job of securing the phone, I've used it about 30 times. The mounting screw should be checked before every ride to make sure it is still snug. Try to leave enough space between the phone brackets and the bars. If you have other items attached to handle bars, you want to have space. You don't want to knock the phone out of the mount if you reach for your water bottle. I did this before.

9. Gub Handlebar Anodized Furnishing Flashlight

Gub Handlebar Anodized Furnishing Flashlight

It was constructed by aluminum alloy, CNC machined and anodized. It was structured for easy and firm mount. Wide range use is allowed at various mountain bike stems. There are gifts. A bike flashlight holder.

Brand: Gub

👤This is a good design for mounting accessories to the bike. I rigged it up with a low profile Bontrager mount to allow for a center mounted headlight. I've spent a lot of time researching and buying. A series of bicycle components to allow for the most limited amount of accessories in the most streamlined way possible. This was an excellent option for the aforementioned, however the included tubes are over double the length for my bike's stem cap. I understand they provide a general length to accommodate for all bikes, but it would be nice if they included a variety of spacer size (they're cheap aluminum...a fraction of a penny for the manufacturer to include), but after taking a hacksaw and cutting one in half it brought the assembly If you really want to grab some properly sized washers to create the desired spacing, you could use a grinder, but I didn't feel like spending more money on a small component and having some good old COVID-19 time on my hands. Even though I have no problem with the price, I had to save the extra loot to make sure it was perfect.

👤I've been looking for it for a long time. The most reasonable price for the Perfect Mount. I have spent about 80 dollars on various things. It took a while. I found it. I just wanted my light to be clean. I don't need my phone on my cockpit because I crash a bit, so I'm happy with this.

👤The product is worth the price. It's difficult to mount a GoPro because I have oddly shaped handle bars. There is a The mount fits the GoPro, it is easy to install and doesn't crowd the handle bars. I end up taking my camera out of the case and putting it in the camera itself because it doesn't fit in my protection case.

👤I bought one for my wife's bike and the second one for my own bike because it worked out great. My handlebars are fastened with M6 bolts, which means that it does not fit my bike. I think it would make a mess if I tried to drill out the slots a bit wider. The M5 bolts wouldn't work with the provided spacers. There is a I recommend checking that you have M5 bolts on your bike before you order it.

👤The mount gives a pretty cool POV. You must check the screw that holds the arm to the mount after every ride. The screw can come undone easily. I am lucky that I have a screen protectors. The screw became undone while I was riding, and my camera was bouncing and hitting my stem.

👤The mount on my gopro 10 is not a good fit for the finger joint. The camera can be moved to different angles with the help of the screw for the finger joint. The camera stops moving when you crank down the tightening screw. It's not clear if you can keep the camera on the road. I may need to adjust the fingers on the mount with some tape.

10. Universal Bicycle Handlebar Samsung Smartphone

Universal Bicycle Handlebar Samsung Smartphone

The bicycle is the perfect place to mount your phone. Universal design can be used for different types of phones. It's easy to setup a baby stroller with a variety of handlebar sizes. Silicone has dirt-resistance and is easy to clean. They have a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty.

Brand: Bone

👤Holds your phone to your bike. The phone wouldn't fall off while I was riding. You can put it on the frame's top bar. Thanks for a great design. It's very easy to uninstall the bike. I have been using this product for a while. I have reached speeds of 30 to 40 mph and never have to worry about my phone being lost. My older Windows phone is in this picture. The holder is only designed for 6 inches, so I use my V20 in it, which is at the very limit. I don't worry about losing my phone as I ride.

👤I needed a stem mount cell phone holder and this looked like it would do it. "Soft Silicone Material never scratch or damage your expensive devices" was advertised. I had a broken phone on my first bike ride. I ride a Trek road bike. I was on a ride that went down a hill with no speed bumps and the bounce destroyed my phone. The little bounce on the phone holder broke the phone. The pic was taken about 3 hours after my ride. I have no choice but to buy a new phone. I will be buying a better Stem phone holder. Think about how much your phone is worth. I have learned this the hard way. I hope this will encourage others to get a better phone holder. There isn't much to it, so I fault myself for not thinking through the design.

👤I have used on two rides and have no issues. There is no problem with the phone fit in the holder because it is a protective case.

👤I gained more confidence in the mount after a few months. I keep the bands from twisting when I put the phone in. In 650 miles of riding, I have not had any bands come loose. I think it's a good idea. Orig. I've used the phone mount on several rides. I do have proof that it did secure the phone in a fall, but I'm not completely confident that it will hold the S9. I am a little harsh in my criticism as I have proof that it did what it was intended to do, but I fell not being able to release from my pedals soon enough. There is a If the round bands on the corners of the phone have any twist, they will roll off the corner of the phone, and I had a feeling that only a small strap was keeping me from that. The phone was held by three straps. My concerns are not about a failure.

👤Love the mount. I would only use it for road biking. I did a number of rides with no problems. I only had a short 1 mile off road trail. It was bumpy the whole time. It's probably better to go with a locking mount. I put my phone over the car. The phone was still playing my music. I landed on my feet and the bike wasn't damaged. Good product.

11. Universal Aluminum Motorcycle Handlebar Adjustable

Universal Aluminum Motorcycle Handlebar Adjustable

It is the strongest and most secure phone mount on the market. The Four Edges are made with Eagle Claws, which make your phone much better protected. The structure is cross-shaped and it fits the pedestal perfectly. It's compatible with any phone with aGPS of between 2.17" and 3.94". Cushioning a patch for a phone can reduce the amount of phone scratches. The phone mount can be fixed in a horizontal or vertical position, just turn the cradle 90 degree to adjust the display to your best viewing angle, allowing safe hands-free phone access on the road. It's easy to mount to a bicycle handlebar with a tool-free installation. You need to install an accessory if the bar is too small.

Brand: Gub

👤After the install, I rode my BMW s1000r for a few hours listening to music, but suddenly the music stopped and I saw something black fly past me. I knew it was my phone. The screen was shattered to a thousand pieces. The price of this holder was not $13,000 but $1100.00, which is how much it would cost to replace my phone. There is a Buy it at your own risk. There is a I don't think it's a good product.

👤Wow. A good piece of gear to hold my cellphone, it is very durable and a good price. It arrived in two days. The east coast. I'm going to use an old phone as a bike computer. I like how it mounts. The stem is only 23mm in length. The version that allows the phone to rotate has a longer stem. If you have carbon bars, you have to be careful with the mounting of the brackets. You should tighten it to 6Nm. The std diameter of bars for a road bike is 31.8mm. There is also a way to mount on a smaller bar. It only weighs 3.5oz. My phone is 4.2 ounces. There is a Four of the rubber pads are used to affix the little feet that hold the phone to the package. Two are extra. There's a longer screw to mount it on the bike stem. I don't know if that screw will fit my headset, but I'd rather have my phone farther forward anyways. There is a I don't have to pay $250 for a bike computer. The total weight gain is related to the fact that I always want to take a phone with me. There is a The review will be updated after a few rides.

👤The quality on the first impression was very good. It looks like it is aluminum. It is a little difficult to install because of the handlebar. I was able to fit it over the smallest part of the handlebars. I could be responsible for not reading the instructions. For a tight fit, there are plenty of sleeves. The version I bought looked like it wouldn't stick out from the bar. I could put my phone in a landscape view. The screws can be tightened with Allen keys. You can't change the orientation without an Allen key. There is an update. I would love to give this another star. I skidded into the pavement after my bike flipped after I went over a bump wrong while riding my bike. The mount held the phone. The corner of my case was roughed up.

👤Not impressed with the mount. The screw that is needed to use the mount with the clamp was not usable because metal was covering the shape where you insert the allen key. It's annoying when you are waiting for days for an accessory and are confronted with it. Does anyone really need to go to a hardware store to find a suitable fastening for a product that is advertised? You would be forgiven for thinking that it's possible on the fly if they show you that the mount can be rotation on the clamp. You will need to loosen the screw holding it to the index in 90 degrees to make it work. If you have a nice headset, you will end up with a mount that protrudes out the back of your stem/headset cover. If your stem/headset cover is domed, you may fare better with mounting. It doesn't look like a well thought out solution. There is a The claws are short, will work well with a bare/naked phone, but one with any case on it, there is less confidence that the mount can do it's job unless you don't mind squeezing down on the clamp for peace of mind. The mechanism for the screw is flimsy. If you don't have a phone mounted, you should tighten down all the way closed. The adjustment screw tends to loosen when riding, so I would have expected a more firm feel with it.


What is the best product for bicycle phone holder handlebar stem?

Bicycle phone holder handlebar stem products from Superone. In this article about bicycle phone holder handlebar stem you can see why people choose the product. Aonkey and Nite Ize are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle phone holder handlebar stem.

What are the best brands for bicycle phone holder handlebar stem?

Superone, Aonkey and Nite Ize are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle phone holder handlebar stem. Find the detail in this article. Cycearth, Sincetop and Vicseed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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