Best Bicycle Pedals with Clips

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1. Venzo Function Fitness Exercise Compatible

Venzo Function Fitness Exercise Compatible

Installation is easy. The identification marks on the mountain bike pedals allow you to distinguish the left and right pedals. Bike pedals pins and other accessories are included. Within a year, that after-sales service will be promised. There are three functions: TRIPLE FUNCTION. It is amazing! All in one, you can ride with Look Delta road cleats style shoes or the normal sports shoes with toe clips. This is a good option to replace the Peloton pedals. The package includes cleats and toe clips compatible with Look Delta and Shimano SPD. The pedals are great for spin bikes. The dia-cast aluminum body is heavy duty and has a 9/16" Axle. It's a good reminder to not use other pedals on spin bikes. There is a full comparable. It is compatible with the Look Delta pedals system. You can use the cleats on the pedals if you want to. There is an adjusted groom position. There is only one spin bike pedal that has a toe clip position. The max range is 15mm. It will always give the riders the best riding position. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. The weight of the pedals with cleats is 578g. The weight of the toe clips is 350g. The warranty is for 2 years. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤Everything worked perfectly on my Peloton. I didn't want to buy cycle shoes for all of my kids because I have a 7 member family. The components fit my shoes and the cage works great for them.

👤It's easy to install using a ParkTool. Guests can use my existing outdoor cycling shoes and I can use my street shoes with the cage that clicks into the Delta side. This upgrade is very versatile and I wish the price was lower.

👤I was able to wear regular shoes. The shoes are too small for me.

👤The Nordic Track S22i bike only came with cages, so I needed new 2 in 1 pedals. I was looking for the best pedals with great reviews. The Venzo 3 -in-1 did not fail me. The video on Amazon made it easier for me to understand the written instructions. I was shown how to lower the tension on the clip assembly. You tighten the tension to make sure the cage is in place. The pedals work great now that they are in place. My husband and I love the clip and my daughter can use the toe cage. I would recommend them for spinners since they get a better workout.

👤I got the pedals for my peloton to allow me to use both my Delta and SPD cycle shoes, and the cages to use street shoes as well. They do what they are expected to do. They get scratched pretty easily. The only issue I have with these pedals is that the cleats seem to stick in tightly leaving you with a lot of wiggle. I loosened the tension on my outdoor bike and the issue still persists, but it's not an issue I have with my high quality pedals. This issue is not a deal breaker but something to be aware of.

👤I bought these for the gym because we had a lot of different people wanting to use the bike. Some already had compatible shoes and others didn't. We have had no issues with it so far. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤We have been using the stock IC4 pedals for four months and they have a noticeable grind as they spin. We upgraded to the Venzo pedals to make our mornings a little more pleasurable on the bike. The ability to add back in straps as needed was a bonus and we could have sufficed with a 2-in-1. It's easy to install, I just dipped the threads in a bit of red automotive grease and threaded them in with a final tighten by wrench. No more sensation for us!

2. Shimano PD M520L Sport Pedals Cleats

Shimano PD M520L Sport Pedals Cleats

You can adjust the entry and release tension settings to make it easier or harder to clip in and out. The PD-M520L is a bicycle. The sport pedals have cleats.

Brand: Shimano

👤I've read and watched reviews. The pedal system is highly recommended. It's important that I have the ability to clip on both sides. Just remember to adjust both sides of the pedal. Practice and find a safe place. I fell in my garage twice in the first few minutes. I gained all of the respect for them after kissing the cement floor. I've been aware of that since. My left foot is my rest foot. The system works well and you will notice a better power transfer. You'll drive harder if you know your feet won't slip. I've increased the clip release force on two rides. I ride my hybrid bike on paved trails. Attach a thread lock to your cleat screws. They work loose.

👤I bought these pedals because I thought they would break my skull in half the first time I used them. It will happen, but that didn't happen. Let me tell you something to back up my review. I started with normal platform pedals on my bikes. There was never a feeling of efficientcy very rotation of the crank. I tried out the straps on the platform pedals and they were a good option for me because I have a wide foot. I almost got run over several times because it was difficult to put my foot into the strap. I really like the toeclips and have nothing bad to say about them after trying them out with different avenir pedals. Some of my friends are rich and ride full carbon track bikes. They told me I should try out Clipless pedals. I took the advice and looked for inexpensive clipless pedals and had many decisions. I picked these pedals and have had a lot of luck. The pedals are easy to clip in. I have a 3mm Allen key bolt that I use to adjust whether you want a high or low tension to clip in. I don't ever regret buying these pedals because they are great. Hope that helps you decide, they look really nice on my gear.

👤For the love of god, don't be an idiot like me and try attaching my shoe to this before hooking them up to the bike, and then putting them on the wrong pedal. I took 45 minutes to get them off. If you don't secure the clips TIGHTLY to your shoes, they won't come off for another 45 minutes. People can learn from my mistakes. Excellent quality and what I was looking for.

👤I bought these for my bike. They have been using them for a week. So far, so good. I have never experienced clipless pedals of any kind, but they seem adequate. They came with cleats for my shoes so I didn't have to guess which one would fit. I put those on my shoes as well. I'm very happy.

👤Stop biking if you don't have these. You will be doing yourself a favor. I nearly doubled my distance when I switched to these pedals. Even if you don't realize it, it makes pedaling more efficient. The default unclip pressure works well for me, but it can be adjusted if needed. I like this model because it has a larger platform which allows me to pedal with normal tennis shoes on if I am biking around campus and don't want to put my bike shoes on. The pedal will last many more years of use from me.

3. NAMUCUO SPD Pedals Suitable Exercise

NAMUCUO SPD Pedals Suitable Exercise

The sealed cup and cone bearings are easy to maintain. You can choose the normal ride or remove the clip and strap on the other side, you can do that in 30 seconds. The pedals for 3 uses are affordable and practical. Their pedal is the same size as all the other 9/16 pedals. The screw is 22 steel, the surface is nickel plated, the buckle is spring steel, and the Ontology is made of aluminum alloy. The pedal is suitable for the system. Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top will keep your feet positioned just right on the pedals. There are specific provisions for palsy. The pedal is 90*90*23mm and has a clip of 135*90*23mm. 6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Ybeki

👤These worked well for my bike. I wanted to use my shoes on my trainer, but I couldn't because I was doing a poor mans version of the peloton. I have a pair of shoes with no adjustments. It's easy to install and allows my husband to ride with the pedal/strap side. Happy!

👤The bike pedals are very high quality. I was looking for the highest quality pedals and they were exactly what I was looking for. There is a The only problem I have with these is that the screw extends too far out the other side, so it hits the plastic on the side of my bike. I think I need the "short" spindle, because I bought the "long" one.

👤I bought these for my bike so I could use my shoes with the clips. One pedal seems to be excessively loud and clicks, and pops the ride. I have tried using something on them. And it is not use. For a bike that is stealthily quiet, the pedals sound like they are rattling a bag of nuts and bolts. I paid for them. I am getting that type of value. I never thought they would be so loud. Is it possible to spend more to get that silence back?

👤I bought my wife a bike for Christmas. My wife does not have spinning shoes so I decided to find a good pair on Amazon instead of going to the store. These fit perfectly. Went on easy and worked well. My wife has yet to use them, but I think they will work out. The toe basket seems a little flimsy, but I'm not an expert. Otherwise, built strong. Anyone looking for a replacement pedal should look no further.

👤My wife and I share an exercise bike, so I have to find a double sided pedal to use it. The pedals are hard to adjust to. Your feet are unable to release the float, or there's entirely too much float. I've tried to work with them. The adjustments are not very good. It would be a lot simpler to get a decent pair of bike pedals. I still might. I would love to return these...

👤I purchased this pedals to replace the standard pedals on my JOROTO X2 and I love the extra power I get. The cage works well for my daughter. It's easy to clip in and out. I needed a longer spindle and it was what I got.

👤We didn't want to switch to Look clips since we already had SPD clips on our shoes, so we bought these. You get what you pay for. The pedals were cheap and had a knocking sensation. We thought it was the bike and went through the whole process of having it serviced and replaced, but we discovered that it was the pedals that were causing the problem. We were outside of the return window for the pedals. If you care about having a smooth pedal stroke, save your money and invest in a quality set of pedals.

4. XEWEA Platform Compatible Mountain Lightweight

XEWEA Platform Compatible Mountain Lightweight

There is value and warranty. The weight of the body is only 358 g/pair compared to the double price of the PD-M540. They can offer a 2 year warranty on the pedals, except for the cleats. One side of the XEWEA pedal has a traditional platform for use with shoes, and the other side has a step-in design for use with shoes. The cleats are included. The flat platform has a fixed traction pin, which can provide excellent grip and control, even in wet conditions. The stability and reliability of the pedals can be ensured with the help of 3 sealed bearings. Let's enjoy cycling, these dust and dust will cause problems. It's widely used for BMX, Mountain Bike, Spin bike, Peloton Bike, Folding Bike, Touring, Urban Bike, etc. 490g/1.86 lbs/pair, 4.14 x 4 x . The Big pedal weight is light and comfortable to ride. If you have any problems, please contact them.

Brand: Xewea

👤The metal shaft sheared off while I was using the pedal on the indoor bike. If I were going downhill on a mountain bike, I would imagine. This is very dangerous. I have only used them 40 times.

👤Before one of the pedals sheared off this morning, I wrote a review. I saw that they added a warning not to buy if you're over 195 pounds. I'm a normal size 200 pound individual and the fact a pedal can't hold out for that is ridiculous. The pedals have been good for what I wanted. I didn't give 5 stars because I would have preferred the ability to tighten the pedals via a tool. The only thing that allows finger tightening is the design.

👤The grease seems to be more of a glue. They were difficult to get out of the box. I replaced the grease on the pedals with good grease and they spin better. There is a The box did not include a set of cleats. There was an amendment to take place on 12/2021. I only had the chance to use them a couple of times. I would have raised my rating from 2 stars to 3 stars but the company reached out to me and asked if I'd like to have my review deleted in exchange for a refund, which is quite deceptive. I would raise for customer service, but they wanted me to destroy. I noticed that they have a weight limit on the pedals, which I have never seen before. I am a roadie and spend most of my budget over there, where I have R8000 ultegra pedals. There will be occasional solo rides and slow rides with my family. I didn't want to spend a lot because I wasn't expecting long high wattage output.

👤I have not installed the pedals yet, so I will have to update my review later. This is an initial impressions and review. There is a The packaging is perfect. They were packaged in a custom molded foam block in an aluminum tin, which seems to be the rage on Amazon lately. I ordered 4 washers that were delivered in a ridiculous display case. This wasn't just thrown in a bag. It was delivered in a cardboard box. Enough to protect the pedals. There is a The next part is crazy. There is a I expected the free cleats to be a poor pair, just good enough to fulfill the "included cleats" requirement. I received the original packaging for Genuine SHIMANO. I don't know if this was a one-off situation, but they ran out of the cleats they normally include, but WOW! The cost of the cleats on Amazon is fifteen dollars. There is a The pedals are in good shape. It's not a fine example of German Engineering, but it's worth the cost if they actually work. The grease used on the pedal internals is thick and sticky, it's like turning something with paste inside. I will probably replace the grease after installing them.

5. Venzo Shimano Compatible Mountain Sealed

Venzo Shimano Compatible Mountain Sealed

The weight is 368 g/pr. There is a full comparable. It's compatible with all the bike pedals. You can use the cleats on the bike pedals. Quality: Excellent. The pedal's cleat cage is made of high quality steel. The cleats are compatible with SM-SH51 single direction release. This makes it very easy to click in and release. Practice before riding. The video is in the listing. LSL bearings are sealed and have a dual-sided cr-Mo. It was very smooth. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The tension can be adjusted up to 140 km/h. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. There is value and warranty. The weight of the body is only 358 g/pair compared to the double price of the PD-M540. They can offer a 2 year warranty on the pedals, except for the cleats.

Brand: Venzo

👤After 6 months of using the pedals, they snapped off in the middle of a class. The metal part between the pedal and the part that screws into my bike snapped as the pedal snapped off. My leg was cut when it snapped off. I couldn't remove it from my shoes. I was able to catch myself on the handle bars.

👤The tensioning screws on the pedals have been a problem since day 1. The screw on these is free turning, which is different from the Shimanos which have click stops to prevent the tensioning screw from backing out. I lost the ability to clip in on the side of the bike that one of the screws vibrated/backed out on. I switched my spin bike to my gravel bike and put the SPDs on it as soon as I got home after flipping over to the other side. I used lock tite on the screws, but the pedal was good.

👤I bought these pedals after doing extensive reviews and looking for a descent price. I have a spin bike and recently had to change my pedals as well. I was overwhelmed by the number of options. I found these and they were easy to change out from my other pedals. The tension is right to clip in and out and they were easy to change from the box. My shoes are Tiem and this is an indoor spin bike. I used a video on YouTube to change out the pedals. I gave all 5 stars because of the great value.

👤I'm not much of a bike rider, but recently I've been going on some longer trips and decided that it might be worth my time to invest in some clip in pedals. After reading about the two main types of clipless systems, I decided the SPD-style pedals would fit my budget and I wanted to stay around $100 with shoes. Installation was easy, once I got my heavy old regular rectangle pedals off, Venzo brand pedals slipped right into place. I have not had any issues with the tension of the clipping mechanism after three solid rides, but I did have a bolt fall out of my shoe, which caused the shoe to get stuck into the pedal, but I released the tension all the way to get the shoe out. There is a I haven't had any issues with the pedals, they fit nicely on the shoes I bought, and there were some embarrassing falls and awkwardness getting in and out of the pedals. If you're a beginning cyclist like me, you'll love these because they're affordable. I have taken shorter trips with regular non clip-in shoes and they are fine.

👤I've been using the pedal for 25 years. Love it. I'll never know why these things are more expensive. I use it for my mountain bike, road bike and rec/fitness spinning. There is a The pedals are adjusted to enter and release. The price is better because I put these on my bikes. I don't want to spend a lot of money on special pedals or shoes for every bike. I would like to have the depth to wear my shoes on my bikes. This pedal helps keep the cost down.

6. Candy Clip Bike Pedals Customizable

Candy Clip Bike Pedals Customizable

The weight per pair is about 400g. The forged scum is chromyl steel. The body is made of aluminum. The wing material is 17-4PH. The release angle is 15 degrees and 20 degrees.

Brand: Crankbrothers

👤I have used CB Candy pedals for over 20 years. Why would anyone use something else? The set is lighter than some of the more expensive models. I have a pair of Candy C pedals that work well. The easiest pedals to clip in to and unclip from are CB Candy pedals. When I need to stay clipped in, I never come unclipped. If your brain is able to process that unclipping is a process of twisting your foot away from the bike while simultaneously stepping out and down, you cannot go wrong. You are going down if you try to slide your foot sideways. I have been riding with these for a long time. It is second nature. Any rider can use these. They do it year after year.

👤I bought these for a new bike after 7 years of riding Eggbeaters. I like the four-sided entry that Crankbrothers has and I appreciate the extra platform that the candy's have over the eggbeaters. The lightest pedal in that line is the Candy 1. The platform is large and has already been hit several times. I have no doubt that it will last a long time. I can get a new set for $50. There is a There is no way to adjust the spring tension. My 7 year old eggbeaters need to be sent back to their crankbrothers to be fixed. There is a bonus feature. The pedals fit perfectly into my receiver and hold the bike up while I get the rest of my gear together.

👤This review is for candy. I have been using Candys for years on gravel bikes. The cleats were shipped in the wrong box and I only gave 3 stars. The cleats are supposed to allow you to choose the release angle from 15 degrees to 20 degrees. The cleats that were included have a fixed 10 degree release. I can live with this because I don't use the pedals on a mountain bike or competitive racing where I would prefer a wider angle. I have always received those cleats. The description should say that the Candy 1s only come with 10 degree release. There is a The cleats are supposed to come with 2 spacers, but only one was included.

👤I use the candy 1s on my commuter and cross/gravel bikes. The bearings are the same across the product line, so this is the most budget version. There are no external spring tension adjustments that need to be fiddled with in these. It also means less maintenance for people who like to fine tune their pedals. This means mud can't get stuck in those adjustment points. The cleats are brass and wear faster than others. The rebuild kit for these pedals and new cleats costs the same as buying a new set of candy 1s. It is easy to rebuild them as they are less wasteful. If you plan on keeping the candy 3s for a long time, it may be a good idea to buy a new pedal if you compare it to the cost of a new pedal. They are on par with comparable welgo and Shimano pedals, and there are different cleat options to get the float dialed in. My commuter pair has over 2k miles on them and are still new to me. I expect to have to change the bearings in the next thousand miles, but I am okay with that because I am exposed to all 4 seasons.

7. HEPINGJIANGENBO Cycling Platform Compatible M181 5BC9

HEPINGJIANGENBO Cycling Platform Compatible M181 5BC9

It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. The weight of the pedals with cleats is 578g. The weight of the toe clips is 350g. The warranty is for 2 years. It was made in Taiwan. The design is dual platform. The platform tread surface is suitable for ordinary sports shoes, but the yellow strapped pedals are not supported. Effective energy transmission and comfortable riding experience can be achieved regardless of the riding method used. The bike has a dedicated pedal. The pedal can be used for Spin Bike, Exercise Bikes and All Indoor Bike, which can make it easier to enjoy cycling. Strong materials include cast aluminum, which is durable, safe and reliable. The bearing is made of non-boron steel. The shaft design is more durable. Excellent service life and stability are guaranteed by the solid shaft material. The large body size is130mm. The weight is 27oz. The cage isAdjustable It has a strong cage, nylon strap, and can be adjusted freely so that you can get excellent control on the bicycle. It can always provide a comfortable and reliable riding experience even if the rider's feet are small. Possibility: The 9/16" size is suitable for any mountain bike, road bike, exercise bike. The cleats are universal. The bike pedals are compatible. Before ordering, please check the required size. Packaging and quality A set of cleats and pedals. The product has a two-year warranty. The service plan will be formulated according to the situation of the customer.

Brand: Hepingjiangenbo

👤The spd clips were easy to install. It's worth it if you're trying to hack a bike.

👤The metal on the pedal was cracked and broken. I decided to return them because I was hoping it was a good sign. I was made to question the durability. It should not break in the first place unless you crash or have been using it for a long time.

👤The standard pedal on my bike is not compatible with these. I had to change the clips in my shoes. The pedals have clips with them. It was a good purchase.

👤This item works. The right pedal clip feels loose but I haven't slipped off. It works well. Very happy with it.

👤If I was riding a bike other than a stationary bike, I would probably fall on my face because the clips don't release well. The clips are not well made and this was not a good purchase.

👤The pedals work well. It's easy to install.

👤I was able to swap out my old pedals for these. I have been using them for a couple weeks.

👤I wanted to replace the pedal on my spin bike with something that I could clip in to and have a strap on for those in my family that don't have spin shoes. The pedals have not had any problems so far.



It is durable and low maintenance. The chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearing are not maintenance-free. The genuine part is from Shimano. Three hole road cleat. The rubber tips allow normal walking. 40g is the weight. They are a pair. Hard wearing tips and inserts for clip ins. A pair with 6 bolts and 6 washers.

Brand: Shimano

👤Buy the real thing. A ruined ride and the waste of money for the knock off is heartbreaking. Don't make the wrong decision. From my mistake, learn. I bought the junk knock offs and one cleat only lasted 30 miles. I should have bought them before. I'm cheap. I am not feeling good about myself. I hope that I can save others from feeling that way. Anyway... My knees are much better if you go in yellow. I bought a pair of expensive shoes that were second hand and had red cleats, so I read to try yellow. I did better.

👤I used to wear two bolt mountain cleats. I decided to buy new shoes and pedals because of the hot spots. It's expensive! The 3 bolt system is much more comfortable when riding and I am glad I made the switch. There are trade-offs. The 3 bolt cleats are not as forgiving of mud and ice as the 2 bolt cleats. The 2 bolt cleats are easy to walk in, while the 3 bolt cleats are terrible to walk in. The cleat covers make it possible to walk and slow down the wear on them. I went through 2 sets of these before finding the covers. The 2 bolt system is metal. On the bike, these are nearly perfect, but walking, weather, and wear may drive you nuts.

👤The cleat is red, yellow, and blue. The yellow cleats are the most forgiving on the knees, and after a long ride your body will thank you. If you were to put 100% of your power down, you wouldn't be as efficient as you would be. Do you think you're putting out numbers like that? I wouldn't recommend any of the other colors unless you've been professionally fit, it's far too much of a risk to cause some real damage to your joints.

👤Excellent quality. These were used for a long time. I've only used cleats. I can't compare other brands. They are more expensive than other brands. If you have to walk around with your cycling shoes on, I would recommend cleat covers. It's quieter with the covers. When I had a mechanical issue, I had to walk a few miles to the car. If you have to walk, the cleats hold up well.

👤I tried cleats that were made by a third party. The dimensions were a little off, so it was hard to dismount the cleat from the pedal. I feel like I'm used to these cleats feeling like I'm dismounting. Even though I paid more, they're worth it to avoid a potential safety issue from not being able to get your shoes off the pedals quick enough.

👤These cleats are good for punishment. Thousands of miles later and few dozen miles of walking in these cleats over grass, concrete, asphalt, wood, gravel, salt and ice, and they still clip in without hesitation. Good value.

👤This is not the first time I've purchased these cleats from Amazon, but it is the first time I've experienced a great experience, and it came up in a box, the box was intact, and the product was great.

9. SHIMANO Clipless Pedals Pedal PDM324

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals Pedal PDM324

Hard wearing tips and inserts for clip ins. A pair with 6 bolts and 6 washers. The combination clip/clipless pedals are ideal. There is a fully featured clip interface on the side of the pedals. Standard platform for use with street shoes is on the other side. The aluminum body has a barrel finish. The pedals weigh 1.17 pounds and include a pair of 2-bolt cleats.

Brand: Shimano

👤It's perfect for touring. If your cleats break or your shoes are worn to the bone, just wear regular shoes. The dual platform makes it so that you can stop easily without having to use your clips. Don't buy Cleopatras because they come with them. Like I did or youre just went, they have a lot of extra frills.

👤I use these pedals for my all weather commute. The shop recommended the pedals when I first bought the bike. After 8 years of service, they were a little worse for wear so I replaced them with flip flop pedals. What garbage! I dealt with them for 6 months. I bought the other flip flop pedals. These were an improvement when clipped, but the unclipped side was rubbish. For about a year, deal with that. There is a I decided to return to the pedals that I had left. I missed your embrace. I wanted your firm grip on my unclipped feet, and the trust I gained from docking with your clipped side. You are rotating very smoothly. You look great. You take me places. I'm back. This time, for good. There is a In all seriousness. These pedals are very dangerous. I don't know about weight... These pedals are not for that. These are for the commuter who doesn't want fancy shoes for lunch or a hot date, but clips in for the ride to work. They worked for 8 years without a problem. I drop my bike on it's side because I'm too cool. For a kickstand. I ride in the rain because I am tough. I rode the pedals through the flooded paths. There were no issues. There is a They are not rebuildable. Cmon. Give me replacements for my bearings. Whatever. I will buy them.

👤I have a type of clip pedals that are specific to the SPD on my trail bike and on my road bike. Two pairs of bike shoes and the Look shoes were difficult to walk in when not on the bike. There is a The dual platform pedals were easy to install on my road bike. I put grease on the threads to make it easier to remove. There is a The aluminum body is strong. The clips on the shoes are easy to use and the shoes pop out with a quick twist of the foot. Even though I usually use my bike shoes on my road bike, I like having the option of taking a spin in regular shoes if necessary. I do a lot of riding in cities, and sometimes in traffic, because the shoes clip in and out easily. It is easier to not clip in. I still have a solid platform when clipped in. Smaller, lighter clip pedals are not the same as larger ones. These pedals are very good. It was a pleasure to throw away my old shoes.

👤cleats included. These pedals are very good. They are not super light but they are versatile and can take a beating. They're the perfect set for people who want to ride without cleats. I highly recommend. Happy riding!

10. NAMUCUO Exercise Outdoor Bicycles Warranty

NAMUCUO Exercise Outdoor Bicycles Warranty

You can get one pair of exercise bike pedal straps, you can share them with your family and friends, they are good bicycle necessities. The high quality material used for bike pedals with clips and straps is considered safe and a gift. PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS The pedals are 9/16 inch. It is suitable for all 9/16 bikes, including indoor exercise bikes and spinning bikes. The pedal is 9.5 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, and 13 cm long. The aluminum alloy body and Sturdy Resin Cage are safe to use. If you choose to put your foot in the non-cage side of the pedal, you run the risk of the cage hitting the ground, so you must be familiar with the pedals before use to ensure safety. Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top will keep your feet positioned just right on the pedals. The YBEKI bike pedals give you an excellent control over your bike. 6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Ybeki

👤The product is good. The average person will need a pedal wrench to get the old off. They should tell you that.

👤These are high quality racing pedals. They are good for the price. The clips fit. I have large feet and they don't pinch. I liked the packaging. They were too good for a cheap set of bike pedals. A nice touch.

👤These were ideal for my road bike once I learned how to slip my foot in and out. They were a bit stiff at first, but they worked out quickly. Very happy.

👤I was able to install these pedals as a replacement for the snap-in because they are a lot stronger than I thought they would be. If you replace the standard pedals or seat, the warranty is voided, but I can easily get on and off the bike without having to deal with the annoying cleat pedals. I would rather take the chance, as I hated the cleat/pedals and seat that comes standard with the product, and I do not expect any problems with the Peloton bike, as that thing is build like a tank.

👤It feels great. No problems, smooth.

👤These are very sturdy and work well. I used them today for the first time and was very happy with my purchase.

👤My kids were able to use clip ins because of the quality product. The product was nicely packaged and easy to attach.

👤No complaints at all. I need a solution to my problem. I can't wear clip in shoes because of my bunions.

👤The pedals rotation is flawed and should be sold for less than 25 dollars. I have to return them. The same model is available for under 30$. I took this one because I thought they were all "metal" except for the toe clips. This is plastic sleeve bearings, and it's not worth the price.

👤It was made of high quality steel. The product is amazing, but I wish it came with some product information, like how to install any warranty information, or a nice thank you.

11. Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Pedals

Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Pedals

The sealed unit is durable and user-friendly. The pedals are great for spin bikes. Smooth-riding: sealed bearings; strong material: Die-cast aluminum body. It's a good reminder to not use other pedals on spin bikes. There is a dual function. More efficient energy transfer can be achieved with clipless shoes. The large body is 105 x 78mm. It makes riding stable. There is a full comparable. It's compatible with all of the pedals systems. You can use the cleats on the pedals or the pedals with the cleats. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be used to adjust the cleat's tension. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. One set of pedals with cleats and toe clips. The total weight was 744g. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤These pedals were what I was looking for. There is a cage on one side and a clip on the other. I got them for my spin bike so that I could work out with cleats, but my family could still use the bike to work out using the cages with regular shoes.

👤My wife can wear regular shoes and I can wear clip ins if I switch the original pedals. They are easy to install, but the people of Peloton wouldn't install them.

👤These were easy to install on my bike. I wanted my kids to be able to use the spin bike without having to buy shoes for them until they show me they are serious about using the bike, because I wanted pedals with both a cage and spd compatible. The pedals make a difference compared to the cage. There is a They have cleats. I had already purchased cleats from Echelon that did not fit my bike, so I bought a new one. I will save the cleats later. I like that they are spd because they are easier to find.

👤We didn't want to use Look-Delta, so we bought flat pedals with cages from Peloton so we could use our normal shoes with our new bike. I found these pedals after a lot of research. We still have the flexibility for users without cycle shoes to use our Peloton even though I can use my SPD shoes. The pedals are larger than the flat pedals you get from Peloton, giving you a bigger base for more power. I would buy the flat pedal from Peloton instead.

👤The NordicTrack S15i exercise bike had pedals that I needed to replace. I wanted the pedals to work with the clip-in. I did a lot of research to find the pedals that would match my needs. I bought them because they seemed to fill the bill. I have only been with them for a week, but I am satisfied with them. I have to get used to it. I used to use Look's clip-in system when I was riding a road bike, but I think I will pick it up soon. If my wife doesn't want to ride the bike, I will probably remove the toe clips and straps. The pedals seem to work well. I can't address durability as they are new. The pedals come with the clip so I don't have to buy them separately. I would recommend them for use on an exercise bike.

👤I love these pedals. I use them on my stationary bike. My wife uses platforms when mountain biking. I had to make the bike work until I found these. The install was easy and the pedals worked great. The clip in is the same as the one on my mtb, and the cage is bigger and holds better. They are sturdy and can take abuse. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend these to everyone.

👤My husband doesn't like wearing shoes. This was a good option for our new car. I didn't like Delta/SPD but the gym we use at our vacation home has a bike with SPD clips. I went with this pedal so he could use his normal shoes and I could use my cycling shoes with clips. They were easy to install and feel secure.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals with clips?

Bicycle pedals with clips products from Venzo. In this article about bicycle pedals with clips you can see why people choose the product. Shimano and Ybeki are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pedals with clips.

What are the best brands for bicycle pedals with clips?

Venzo, Shimano and Ybeki are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pedals with clips. Find the detail in this article. Xewea, Crankbrothers and Hepingjiangenbo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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