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1. ROCKBROS Mountain Platform Compatible Function

ROCKBROS Mountain Platform Compatible Function

Universal bike pedals. The Standard 9/16" is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 There is a definite function. The other side of the bike pedals are normal aluminum pedals with cleats, perfect for road, mountain, and trekking bikes. The bike pegs are high quality. The Mountian bike pedals are more durable. You can enjoy cycling wherever you want with no worries, because sealed bearing biking pedals protect the spindles from water and dust. TheIDEPLATFORM & SUPER GRIPPY: The aluminum body is large. It makes riding stable. The good grip is provided by the spikes on the mountain bike pedals. The pedals on the left and right have different signs on them. MOOTH BEARINGS: It is smooth and durable. The noise of the bike pedals is mitigated by the Gasket design. The outer surface of the bearing in the middle is protected by aluminum alloy. Most bikes have a standard 9/16 inch screw thread. Lifetime warranty. Rock Bros makes sure you don't have to worry about a risk-free purchase. They will give you a full money back if you have any questions. If their product doesn't live up to your expectations, you can get your money back. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Rockbros

👤I used this pedal on my new Marin to see if I would like flats or clips better. I appreciated the stability once clipped in, I guess they served their purpose. It was a trick to get clipped in. I think there are some design flaws in the pedals that were made with my shoes in mind. The design of my shoes made finding the clips difficult. I put washers between my shoes and clips to make it easier to fit them out further, but it made me walk on the clips a lot. These pedals require a lot of force to clip in. I believe the spacing on the pedal is too tight. See the photo. There is a They never felt like they wanted to be clipped. I believe that part of this is my poor technique. Knowing what side of the pedal I was on was one of my biggest problems. It was difficult to set off because both sides of the pedal are black, and your shoe covers most of it. I put silver tape on one side to make sure I was on the right side. There is a I hit them on a few rocks and the flat has a good amount of grip. I wouldn't recommend them except for a short time to help with the transition to clips. It is a challenge to clip in. You can clip into anything if you can clip into these.

👤I want to be a great mountain bike rider. These didn't do anything for my skill level. I have to replace my shorts after I ride a trail, and my friends wait 45 minutes for me. I'm only doing one run. I joke with my friends that if I'm not bleeding at the end it's not a good ride. There is a The pedals are pretty good. I get good grip with the reverse side of the pedals when I wear my clip ins, they lock andunlock easily when I wear my regular shoes. It's not the best of both worlds. The clips on the pedals feel weird when wearing normal shoes. It's not a deal breaker, and if I kept my feet on the pedals, it wouldn't be an issue at all. Maybe I'm over thinking it when I'm on my bike. There is a They've done a good job. They've been smashed into rocks, trees, metal poles, stumps, roots, telephone poles, and a very dead armadillo with no issues. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to try clip ins but isn't ready for egg beaters.

👤I was looking for a cheap set of pedals. Several other members of my riding group have enjoyed using the Rockbros pedals. I was excited to try them. The platform side is fine. They have a good size and grip. There is a The clip side is not good. I don't like unclipping because it's too easy. I've fallen out of them because I shifted my weight outward to maintain balance. The only adjustment I have made is up and down the range. I slip out if I adjust them to where I can clip in easily. I think these are not designed well. I am comparing these to a set of pedals I own. The platform side of my mountain bike has no grip on it, which is the main reason for not installing these. They are not appropriate for a mountain bike. The clips are infinitely better. I feel secure while riding and the clip in is smooth. I have given them about 3 weeks of riding to see if I can find the right setting for them to work. I think I can't return them. I would look at a different brand.

2. Venzo Function Fitness Exercise Compatible

Venzo Function Fitness Exercise Compatible

Installation is easy. The identification marks on the mountain bike pedals allow you to distinguish the left and right pedals. Bike pedals pins and other accessories are included. Within a year, that after-sales service will be promised. There are three functions: TRIPLE FUNCTION. It is amazing! All in one, you can ride with Look Delta road cleats style shoes or the normal sports shoes with toe clips. This is a good option to replace the Peloton pedals. The package includes cleats and toe clips compatible with Look Delta and Shimano SPD. The pedals are great for spin bikes. The dia-cast aluminum body is heavy duty and has a 9/16" Axle. It's a good reminder to not use other pedals on spin bikes. There is a full comparable. It is compatible with the Look Delta pedals system. You can use the cleats on the pedals if you want to. There is an adjusted groom position. There is only one spin bike pedal that has a toe clip position. The max range is 15mm. It will always give the riders the best riding position. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. The weight of the pedals with cleats is 578g. The weight of the toe clips is 350g. The warranty is for 2 years. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤Everything worked perfectly on my Peloton. I didn't want to buy cycle shoes for all of my kids because I have a 7 member family. The components fit my shoes and the cage works great for them.

👤It's easy to install using a ParkTool. Guests can use my existing outdoor cycling shoes and I can use my street shoes with the cage that clicks into the Delta side. This upgrade is very versatile and I wish the price was lower.

👤I was able to wear regular shoes. The shoes are too small for me.

👤The Nordic Track S22i bike only came with cages, so I needed new 2 in 1 pedals. I was looking for the best pedals with great reviews. The Venzo 3 -in-1 did not fail me. The video on Amazon made it easier for me to understand the written instructions. I was shown how to lower the tension on the clip assembly. You tighten the tension to make sure the cage is in place. The pedals work great now that they are in place. My husband and I love the clip and my daughter can use the toe cage. I would recommend them for spinners since they get a better workout.

👤I got the pedals for my peloton to allow me to use both my Delta and SPD cycle shoes, and the cages to use street shoes as well. They do what they are expected to do. They get scratched pretty easily. The only issue I have with these pedals is that the cleats seem to stick in tightly leaving you with a lot of wiggle. I loosened the tension on my outdoor bike and the issue still persists, but it's not an issue I have with my high quality pedals. This issue is not a deal breaker but something to be aware of.

👤I bought these for the gym because we had a lot of different people wanting to use the bike. Some already had compatible shoes and others didn't. We have had no issues with it so far. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤We have been using the stock IC4 pedals for four months and they have a noticeable grind as they spin. We upgraded to the Venzo pedals to make our mornings a little more pleasurable on the bike. The ability to add back in straps as needed was a bonus and we could have sufficed with a 2-in-1. It's easy to install, I just dipped the threads in a bit of red automotive grease and threaded them in with a final tighten by wrench. No more sensation for us!

3. Kemimoto Mountain Bicycle Aluminum Downhill

Kemimoto Mountain Bicycle Aluminum Downhill

Attaching to almost any bicycle. The material is durable. The MTB pedals made of aluminum alloy have been strengthened and upgraded to achieve high quality and aging resistance. Each bike pedal has anti-slip pins. The cleats will not damage the soles. Smooth sealed bearings. A better riding experience is brought about by sealed bearings. The thrill of cycling can be enhanced by well-made bicycle pedals. Dust and rain can damage the sealed bearings and the water/dust proof cap can prevent that. Easy installation. There is a clear mark on the bicycle pedals. "L" is for the left pedal and "R" is for the right pedal. Being unable to distinguish the direction of pedals is no longer an issue. Universal. Most 9/16'' bikes have the bike pedals. There are many types of bikes, including mountain bikes, BMX, road bikes, kids' bikes, junior bikes, city bikes, etc.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤I think you get what you pay for. That is the reason for the score. I don't think they could claim they are sealed because the ball bearings are clearly visible. The pins don't give me much grip on my shoes. greasing the pedals before installing got me a burr on one of them. I will beat them up until the break for fifteen dollars, that won't need to be long.

👤The width of the pedals makes them good candidates for people like me with wider running style shoes, and the studs offer just enough grip that they are functional, without impaling your sole. It will take a minute before they start rotating easy, and if you don't have your foot centered, you should be careful. There is a It takes a second to break in both yourself and the pedals, but they're great new pedals for a good price. There is a If you don't notice them or think about them, they're doing a perfect job.

👤The pedals on my mountain bike were not smooth. I ordered these and I could see that they have better grips, better bearings, and are lightweight. I installed them and am impressed. The purchase was a great price.

👤Don't let flats get away from your feet, I like flats with a good grip.

👤The pedals are large for adults who pedal with the center of their foot. If you use the ball of your foot to pedal, the center shaft digs into your sole and makes it very uncomfortable, as if there were no pedals at all. My feet were sore after a 16 mile ride on the mountain.

👤Not a good platform for riding on. Even when it's dry, it's slippery. If your feet get wet, forget it. Gum sole shoes were not helpful.

👤The platform is fairly inexpensive. Don't get them wet because they don't have bearing seals. The finish wears off quickly.

👤The feal on my shoe does not slip off. It's easy to install. The lite weight looks great. Quality for price is great for me. Have bought a new pair for another bike.

4. Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Pedals

Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Pedals

The sealed unit is durable and user-friendly. The pedals are great for spin bikes. Smooth-riding: sealed bearings; strong material: Die-cast aluminum body. It's a good reminder to not use other pedals on spin bikes. There is a dual function. More efficient energy transfer can be achieved with clipless shoes. The large body is 105 x 78mm. It makes riding stable. There is a full comparable. It's compatible with all of the pedals systems. You can use the cleats on the pedals or the pedals with the cleats. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be used to adjust the cleat's tension. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. One set of pedals with cleats and toe clips. The total weight was 744g. ORDER NOW, WORRY-FREE! They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Venzo

👤These pedals were what I was looking for. There is a cage on one side and a clip on the other. I got them for my spin bike so that I could work out with cleats, but my family could still use the bike to work out using the cages with regular shoes.

👤My wife can wear regular shoes and I can wear clip ins if I switch the original pedals. They are easy to install, but the people of Peloton wouldn't install them.

👤These were easy to install on my bike. I wanted my kids to be able to use the spin bike without having to buy shoes for them until they show me they are serious about using the bike, because I wanted pedals with both a cage and spd compatible. The pedals make a difference compared to the cage. There is a They have cleats. I had already purchased cleats from Echelon that did not fit my bike, so I bought a new one. I will save the cleats later. I like that they are spd because they are easier to find.

👤We didn't want to use Look-Delta, so we bought flat pedals with cages from Peloton so we could use our normal shoes with our new bike. I found these pedals after a lot of research. We still have the flexibility for users without cycle shoes to use our Peloton even though I can use my SPD shoes. The pedals are larger than the flat pedals you get from Peloton, giving you a bigger base for more power. I would buy the flat pedal from Peloton instead.

👤The NordicTrack S15i exercise bike had pedals that I needed to replace. I wanted the pedals to work with the clip-in. I did a lot of research to find the pedals that would match my needs. I bought them because they seemed to fill the bill. I have only been with them for a week, but I am satisfied with them. I have to get used to it. I used to use Look's clip-in system when I was riding a road bike, but I think I will pick it up soon. If my wife doesn't want to ride the bike, I will probably remove the toe clips and straps. The pedals seem to work well. I can't address durability as they are new. The pedals come with the clip so I don't have to buy them separately. I would recommend them for use on an exercise bike.

👤I love these pedals. I use them on my stationary bike. My wife uses platforms when mountain biking. I had to make the bike work until I found these. The install was easy and the pedals worked great. The clip in is the same as the one on my mtb, and the cage is bigger and holds better. They are sturdy and can take abuse. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend these to everyone.

👤My husband doesn't like wearing shoes. This was a good option for our new car. I didn't like Delta/SPD but the gym we use at our vacation home has a bike with SPD clips. I went with this pedal so he could use his normal shoes and I could use my cycling shoes with clips. They were easy to install and feel secure.

5. Shimano Unisexs PDEH500 Standard Inches

Shimano Unisexs PDEH500 Standard Inches

The pedals are from Shimano.

Brand: Shimano

👤I wish they were weighted differently so that the side that was up was the SPD side. The platform side is up. It makes it more difficult to start. I'll keep them, but not sure if I'd buy them again.

👤Excellent set of pedals. My gravel bike is for sport touring. It's great to have the flat pedal for quick rides with regular shoes or in tight start town rides in bike shoes not clipped in. These are perfect for entering and exiting towns. There is a They're light and smooth for a dual pedal type. The clips are a little better than the ones before them. They look like road pedals.

👤When the grease was no longer in the bearings and needed a repack, the right pedal would free spin like my M545s. The pedal on the left was fine. I let the right pedal be and on the second ride, I noticed a slight feel in my foot, like I was wearing cleats. I noticed that the right pedal was leaking grease. I'm going to try another pair. Will update. There is a I was worried that I wouldn't have the foot stability I'm used to on the SPD side because of the huge pedal surface. The two rides are not bad. I can stand on them and not feel like I'm floating. I am using my old cleats. I haven't installed the grip studs yet. I don't know if I will, since they look like can tear you up on a slip off situation.

👤They are convenient and not bad. The multi-release cleats were loose from the box. This may be a benefit for some, with loose clips and cleats, a quick tug in any direction. One can stay clipped in once I adjust the clips down a bit.

👤I use regular sneakers when I want, but I also clip on when I want, so I have them on 2 of my road bikes.

👤Don't try to get a regular mtb pedal and get clips. It doesn't work. You'll kill yourself off trail trying to get the pedal to spin so you can grip it with your non-SPD shoes. I pulled these off my bike. I will sell them.

👤It's nice to be able to hop on the bike with any shoe, and be able to clip in for more serious riding. It is very easy to use a pedal. The cheaper version is much lighter in weight.

👤The pedals are what I needed. The packaging was not good. The little spikes for the flat side were loose in the box, and I found most of them scattered around the enclosing box. I never found all of them.

👤Ich hatte den Vorgnger. Im Einsatz ist die Problem. Den Pins macht besseres Pedal geschaffen. Im Gravel Bike bin ist das Einsatz. There is a Fr den Kompromiss aus Plattform + Shimanos "SPD" Click in a Pedal. It's Produkt fr. Alltagstauglichkeit is an ambitioniertere Fahrten. There is a Besonders ist das gute Preis-/Leistungsverhltnis. dunkles Anthrazitgrau, leicht matt. Passt leider 100% in den oftmals schwarzen Kurbeln aus dem Hause Shimano.

6. Venzo Shimano Compatible Mountain Sealed

Venzo Shimano Compatible Mountain Sealed

The weight is 368 g/pr. There is a full comparable. It's compatible with all the bike pedals. You can use the cleats on the bike pedals. Quality: Excellent. The pedal's cleat cage is made of high quality steel. The cleats are compatible with SM-SH51 single direction release. This makes it very easy to click in and release. Practice before riding. The video is in the listing. LSL bearings are sealed and have a dual-sided cr-Mo. It was very smooth. It is possible to adjust the solvency. The tension can be adjusted up to 140 km/h. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. There is value and warranty. The weight of the body is only 358 g/pair compared to the double price of the PD-M540. They can offer a 2 year warranty on the pedals, except for the cleats.

Brand: Venzo

👤After 6 months of using the pedals, they snapped off in the middle of a class. The metal part between the pedal and the part that screws into my bike snapped as the pedal snapped off. My leg was cut when it snapped off. I couldn't remove it from my shoes. I was able to catch myself on the handle bars.

👤The tensioning screws on the pedals have been a problem since day 1. The screw on these is free turning, which is different from the Shimanos which have click stops to prevent the tensioning screw from backing out. I lost the ability to clip in on the side of the bike that one of the screws vibrated/backed out on. I switched my spin bike to my gravel bike and put the SPDs on it as soon as I got home after flipping over to the other side. I used lock tite on the screws, but the pedal was good.

👤I bought these pedals after doing extensive reviews and looking for a descent price. I have a spin bike and recently had to change my pedals as well. I was overwhelmed by the number of options. I found these and they were easy to change out from my other pedals. The tension is right to clip in and out and they were easy to change from the box. My shoes are Tiem and this is an indoor spin bike. I used a video on YouTube to change out the pedals. I gave all 5 stars because of the great value.

👤I'm not much of a bike rider, but recently I've been going on some longer trips and decided that it might be worth my time to invest in some clip in pedals. After reading about the two main types of clipless systems, I decided the SPD-style pedals would fit my budget and I wanted to stay around $100 with shoes. Installation was easy, once I got my heavy old regular rectangle pedals off, Venzo brand pedals slipped right into place. I have not had any issues with the tension of the clipping mechanism after three solid rides, but I did have a bolt fall out of my shoe, which caused the shoe to get stuck into the pedal, but I released the tension all the way to get the shoe out. There is a I haven't had any issues with the pedals, they fit nicely on the shoes I bought, and there were some embarrassing falls and awkwardness getting in and out of the pedals. If you're a beginning cyclist like me, you'll love these because they're affordable. I have taken shorter trips with regular non clip-in shoes and they are fine.

👤I've been using the pedal for 25 years. Love it. I'll never know why these things are more expensive. I use it for my mountain bike, road bike and rec/fitness spinning. There is a The pedals are adjusted to enter and release. The price is better because I put these on my bikes. I don't want to spend a lot of money on special pedals or shoes for every bike. I would like to have the depth to wear my shoes on my bikes. This pedal helps keep the cost down.

7. Mountain Clipless Compatible Included Multi Great

Mountain Clipless Compatible Included Multi Great

You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2-year warranty because they're so confident in their product quality. It was made in Taiwan. These bike pedals are strong and lightweight. The pedal can be damaged by a crash. chrome steel is lightweight. Not recommended for installation on indoor bikes. ZP-109S has a clip compatible with cleats on one side. The flat is the other side. The tension can be adjusted. The cleats have a floating degree. Say cilp in and clip it out. The zerayType is compatible with the SM-SH51 cleats. The bike pedals are maintenance-free and can be used for 9/16-inch bike crank. The bike pedals have a sealed mechanism. Dust and rain can enter the spindle. The type of pedal installation wrench is 8mm. The package has a pair of pedal and a pair of cleat. There are 4 screws and 2 washers.

Brand: Hepingjiangenbo

👤I have only had these pedals for a month, so I can't speak to longevity. I have put about 200 miles on them. I had a pair of flats on my bike, but I've always been curious about clipless pedals. I wanted to be able to hop on my bike and go to the store without having to worry about my shoes. The combo pedals were a solution. I wanted to try the combo pedals, but they were too small. I decided to try these because I didn't want to spend a lot on something I might not like. I prefer the hex over a pedal wrench because it is easy to install. They feel good while riding. I have had no issues with slipping with my tennis shoes. They are taller than most flat pedals, so they feel stable. It is very easy to clip in and out after you adjust the tension. It's easy to find the correct side once you get used to the pedals. When I need to stop, I don't have to worry about it. I took a star off as the clips started to fall apart, but it doesn't seem to have hurt them yet. I'm happy with these for the price, but time will tell if they last. It's perfect for anyone who wants to try clipless without committing a lot of money. --Change-- The longevity question has been answered. After writing this, the left pedal developed a click during every rotation, along with increased resistance. I tried taking the pedals apart and re packing them with grease. The resistance and click came back after that. A more thorough cleaning had the same result. I ordered 888-282-0465 I didn't want to risk getting stranded because these hadn't failed completely on me.

👤Many of the reviews written are written by people who don't understand basic bike maintenance, mechanical components, or how a bike pedal is supposed to perform. The pedals have poor materials, improper retention, and a cleat that slips out dangerously in out-of-seat sprinting. They are not terrible pedals. They're not very good. They should be better for the price.

👤The pedals that do not have one side as a flat, but both sides have the spd clip in, are the subject of this review. I mounted them on my road bike and took a short ride, so I can't comment on their longevity. The clipless mechanism is light and works well. The description says that the bearings are self-lubricating, which means they areimpregnated with oil. These should last a long time if the quality is good. If they are mounted on a road bike, it will make the pedal compact. Unless you ride greenways and buff trails, their lifespan may be limited on a mountain bike. Rock strikes on the more challenging trails can do a number on the mechanism. The price is correct. This is a good way to try clipless.

8. SHIMANO PD M520L Clipless Bike Pedals

SHIMANO PD M520L Clipless Bike Pedals

It works with most 12 - 16” youth bicycles, and is compatible with any bicycle with a 1/2” crank. The PD-M520 is an ideal pedal for road cyclists. Compact body design with open binding is well tested and trustworthy. The binding mechanism design sheds mud and debris for reliable engagement and release. Tension settings for smooth and confident clipping in and out are customizable. It is durable and low maintenance. The chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearing are not maintenance-free.

Brand: Shimano

👤My wife only had shoes with road shoe clips, and I have a Peloton. Since we both had shoes with the word "sPD" in them, we could easily share the bike. I am very disappointed that the seal on one pedal went bad in less than a month, and the pedal started clicking like crazy, because this is a stationary bike. I was starting to see a grease leak on the other. We did around 200 miles on the pedals before they started to go bad. Being a mountain bike pedal, I would have expected more wear and tear. My wife and I use LOOK pedals. We are 5 months in and there are no issues.

👤As a new cyclist, I wanted to switch from running shoes and a "plain" pedal to a cleat system. I watched a lot of videos and reviews and ordered the cleat set and bike pedals. There is a pair of shoes that accept cleats. Everything was installed for $10 at the local bike shop. It was easy to clip in and out. The pedals should be set to the low force setting. The system adds a lot of power to the bike. Highly recommended.

👤This was the first review I have ever written and it was terrible. I don't know what kind of bike "SHIMANO BIKE" is, but they have low standards for customer service. This could be an error on the part of the warehouse. I usually don't have issues with Amazon products. I ordered the White SPD pedals last week and they were $10 more expensive than the black or silver ones. The package arrived quickly via Prime, but the pedals were cheaper than the one marked on the box. They sent me another set of black pedals in a bag labeled white after I returned and reordered. There is a The pedals are great. I have used them before and had no issues for many years. It might be a little heavy. They are low profile and affordable, and they hold up. I wanted to change up the bike's color scheme, so I ordered another set, but I was willing to spend the extra money to do it. I am very disappointed with the seller and the experience on the website. I will not be buying from Shimano Bike again. Poor quality control resulted in a big waste of time. Will look for another set of white m520's. If you aren't an ultra light rider, it's a great pedal.

👤Solid and easy to install. These fit perfectly with my bike. There are cleats included.

👤I use the "mountain" pedals on all my bikes, whether road, cross or off-road. I like that my cleats slip into the pedals quickly on either top or bottom, because they've been solid performers in all kinds of weather. Both are the same. The single release SH51's are riskier than the SH56's because they release in all directions.

👤I bought a pair of these pedals for my road bike. It's easy to snap into and easy to break out of. It took about five minutes to install them and have been using them for a couple of months. It is definitely an enhancement because it allows me to use my road shoes as I wasn't a fan of the clips or shoes they were offering. Would definitely recommend.

9. SHIMANO PD RS500 SPD SL Without Reflector

SHIMANO PD RS500 SPD SL Without Reflector

No straps are required for the 1 size only. The SPD/SL is single-sided. The pedal is made of chromoly steel.

Brand: Shimano

👤It's easy to install. Good product. Quality. There is a You won't be disappointed in the box.

👤I bought this as an alternative to my Peloton. Assembly and adjustment are very easy. They work well with a stationary bike, unlike my Dura-ace on my road bike. Would purchase again.

👤I bought these for my new bike. It was a bit of a mental adjustment to use them for the first time. I wore them with some Pearl Izumi shoes. I watched a few videos on how to measure my feet. I am wondering what the other cleat options will feel like. There are two other options that reduce the amount of movement. The colors are blue and red. There is a I was happy with the results after a quick 11 mile ride. I didn't purchase my commuter bike these years ago.

👤I bought them to use on our cycle. The LOOK system clip-ins have been used to ship all of the bike's from Peloton. I know this is standard for in-person studios, but it would've forced us to spend a lot of money on shoes. Since we already have clip-in shoes for cycling, we decided to go the cost-effective route of buying a new set of pedals. They have worked out well in a couple weeks of multiple time per week sessions. Since we already own pairs of the pedals on our road bikes, we think they will work for many years to come.

👤I don't know why other pedals are more expensive than these, but they work perfectly for me. I tried a pedal that used a cleat. I hated it when I had to clip in to those. I decided to try these and I love them. It's so easy to accidentally clip it in. The larger cleats are easier to use on my feet than the other style.

👤The cleats that came with the pedals made me think that this isn't an Amazon listing for authentic Shimano. My cleat broke on my first ride.

👤I decided on the ShimanoPD-RS500 after researching for a set of clip-on pedals. The pedals were installed at the shop. The yellow float just disintegrated when I walked to my bike after installing cleats to my SIDI Mega's. I was disappointed with the product since I was about to ride on Monday. Here I come.

👤Great pedals. My first video. I went with the rp1 shoes and they seem to match perfectly.

👤Excellent service and easy to use. These are easy to clip in and out of on my daily road bike. If you haven't used clip ins pedals before, make sure the adjustment on the pedal is at its weakest and try clip in and out on the flat. Practice before you go for a ride. I use them on my road bike.

👤You can remove the pedal and allen key with a pedal spanner, which is a great advantage. The allen key is the only option for the pedals higher up the series. You can't use enough force to remove seized pedals with only the allen key attachment.

10. Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Shimano

Venzo Fitness Exercise Compatible Shimano

The package has a pair of pedal and a pair of cleat. There are 4 screws and 2 washers. The pedals are great for spin bikes. The dia-cast aluminum body is heavy duty and has a 9/16" Axle. It's a good reminder to not use other pedals on spin bikes. There is a dual function. Look Delta road cleats style shoes are available. This is a good option to replace the Peloton pedals. The cleats are included in the package. There is a full comparable. It is compatible with the Look Delta pedals system. You can use the cleats on the pedals if you want to. It is possible to modify the quotient. The screw on the side of the pedal could be adjusted. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. The weight is 578g. The size is 87 x 90mm. The package includes 1 pair of pedals and 1 pair of cleats.

Brand: Venzo

👤I bought these pedals to make sure that both Delta and SPD shoes work with Peloton. I can use my regular outdoor cycling shoes with the Peloton bike and no need to get Delta ones because of the replacement. The pedals look exactly like the ones that came with the bike. Recommended!

👤It's perfect for my car. It is easy to clip in and out. A video on how to install was followed. I have been using them for a while now and have not had any issues with my bike. The peloton comes with a correct sized wrench to change out the pedals. One pedal is a normal thread. The reverse thread tightens to the left.

👤The Local Delta cleat is on the Peloton bike. My family bought these pedals to switch cleats. The bike was damaged by the new pedal. The pedal didn't meet the requirements. Buy these and destroy your bike. A piece of trash. Don't buy. I want a refund on the pedals and a new bike for my family because they were ruined by this garbage product.

👤I have a car. I need a bigger toe box. The shoes make my toes numb. I have pedals on my bikes. This is what I needed. My wife can use her shoes that come with Look Delta compatible cleats and I can use my shoes that come with SPD compatible cleats. Life is wonderful. I will note that they needed lubrication. They made noise on the first ride. There are a couple of sprays of T-9 on the springs. The shoes and pedals of the Peloton will be easier to get out of. You'll figure it out quickly if you get into the SPDs. I have never heard of Venzo. I would have preferred to buy a brand other than Shimano. They seem to be good quality. I have used them five times and I am happy. If there is a change in the review, I will update it. Installation tip - Hey noOB! Yes. You should read this. The pedals are left and right. The threads are moving in opposite directions. Don't ruin them when you screw them in. Do you know what I did there? Someone said that these stripped the treads in their crank and ruined their bike. OUCH! The pedals weren't to blame. Someone installed them. I think the only way that could happen is if these were cross-threaded. The finish on the threads was superb. I was able to thread them most of the way by using my fingers and a wrench. There is a For the love of God, what are you doing? Put those away! The space between the pedal and crank is too small for a wrench. You will need a 15mm open wrench if you don't have a 15mm pedal wrench.

👤Most of the major brands don't carry dual sided pedals anymore, but I've been looking for them for a long time. I finally found these, and they are perfect. The price is reasonable, they seem to be of good quality, and they were easy to install on my Peloton. My sister and I can both use our shoes interchangeably, and if anyone is visiting, they can bring their own shoes without worrying about which cleats they need.

11. Shimano PD T8000 Trekking Bicycle Clipless

Shimano PD T8000 Trekking Bicycle Clipless

The package includes 1 pair of pedals and 1 pair of cleats. Flexibility and performance in one pedal is what the Shimano XTPD-T8000 is for. There is a platform pedal on one side and a pedal on the other. The entry and release tension settings can be adjusted to suit your riding style. The platform side has high-grip pins. The sealed cup and cone bearings are easy to maintain.

Brand: Shimano

👤The platform side is large enough for shoes. I like the small spikes on the platform side, they give you a lot of grip when you don't use cleats. The side with cleats is perfect. When you miss the cleat, the platform side can easily deal with it and give you the right grip for a few wheels turns. If you miss the platform side, you can use the cleat side until you have time to adjust.

👤I use a Speedplay pedal. I bought a gravel e-bike to commute to work and to aid in my recovery from two broken legs. I can wear regular shoes to work because the Speedplay brand does not make a platform-style pedal. There is a The pedal system is amazing. It made a huge difference in my stance on my bike. I have never used the system before. I went on a thirty-mile ride with no issues after just a few seconds of adapting to SPD. I didn't bother to adjust the preset of the pedals. I will buy this for my wife because she doesn't like the eggbeaters from Crank Brothers. The pedal is a little heavier than smaller systems. You're probably not riding in the Tour de France. For comfort and function, buy these.

👤The petals were great. They are light, balanced and easy to clip in and out. It's great to have a non-clip side when you travel on a road. Even with cleats on the bottom of your shoes, they seat comfortably on the non-clip side because there is a large area that accommodates the cleat. There is a After only 2 months and 500 miles, the right petal began to make a creaking sound that turned into a grinding noise by the end of the ride. Only the right petals and under load are what it is. I read some reviews that said the issues with some of the bearings had been solved. It is concerning because I expected them to be more durable and I have to go on a bike trip.

👤I am happy to have found this pedal since I only have one do-it-all bike. I have tried the stock platforms and dual-sided clipless "nubs", but they were not working for me and I was constantly changing them out. The PD-T8000's are big and sturdy. I have been very impressed with them. There is a The platform allows me to quickly power my way from a standstill at a stoplight or stop sign without having to worry about getting stuck. I can concentrate on the vehicles around me. I have found that my footing is secure no matter which side pops up. This is true if I am wearing flipflops or clipless shoes. I can worry about flipping the pedal once I'm settled. I like the fact that the pedal has a reflector in it. I need every bit of visibility when I head to work because it's often still dark out. The best way to get the attention of drivers coming up from behind is to use a reflectors on pedals. I have this extra peace of mind if my rear light ever goes out.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals spd?

Bicycle pedals spd products from Rockbros. In this article about bicycle pedals spd you can see why people choose the product. Venzo and Kemimoto are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pedals spd.

What are the best brands for bicycle pedals spd?

Rockbros, Venzo and Kemimoto are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pedals spd. Find the detail in this article. Shimano, Hepingjiangenbo and Shimano are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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