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1. Shimano PD R8000 Pro Level Road Pedal

Shimano PD R8000 Pro Level Road Pedal

The package width is 1 Inches. The PD-R8000 is a professional-level road bike pedal. The carbon and steel body plates create a lightweight and hard-wearing pedal. The extra-wide platform and wide bearing placement of the Superior Power Transfer are important. The technology is trickle-down. Features from the top of the line Dura-Ace pedals. You can adjust the entry and release tension settings to make it easier or harder to clip in and out.

Brand: Shimano

👤I worked as a shop mechanic for 3 years and raced Cat 3/2 in college and rode the early Look pedals in the 80's. These pedals are now on. I noticed the pedal body was wobbling as I threaded it in. The spindles are either bent or not made. Same thing, ordered a replacement pair. The two options are either poor quality or fakes. If someone can give a reasonable explanation, I am open minded. I have a 35 year old Look pedals in a box, I bet I spin them in with no wobble.

👤The pedals don't move when you start from a stop sign. clip in is easy if they stop at the correct position. No more being dropped because you can't find the clip.

👤After a decade of riding with the same old pair of Look pedals, I decided it was time to upgrade my pedals with my new bike. I already owned Time pedals and Speedplay pedals, so I was looking at the new looks with the Keo cleat or the SPD-SL pedals. It seemed like weight,Durability, and stack height were the same. Look has 9 degrees of float, whereas the Shimano has 6 degrees of float. I was annoyed by the side-to-side wobble on the Keo cleat, so I went with the company that did the best reviews. It was only $20 more than 105 pedals, so I decided on Ultegra. The improvement was worth it over the course of a decade or so. I have put a couple of hundred miles on these and am very satisfied. Losing 3 degrees of float doesn't bother me at all. I have not had any knee issues. I like that there is no wobble. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an upper-range pedal to do so.

👤I thought the move to the SL style would be little improvement over the SPD style. I was wrong. These shoes feel stable and connected on the road. The pedals are easy to clip back in when you unclip them. Walking with the cleats is better than walking with the cleats. I should have tried them a long time ago, I was happy with the quality. The new design has a lower stack height and lighter weight. The best pedal on the market.

👤The Ultegra pedals that I have on my road bike have been reliable, perform well and just do what they're supposed to do, so I bought a second set. I put a lot of stress on these guys, I do a few races a month, and I put about 12 hours a week on a bike. Great product.

👤After 12 years with older Shimano 105's, I upgraded to Shinano Ultegra PD-R8000 pedals. I really like this upgrade. These are about 50% lighter than my other pair from a decade ago. The pedals shafts were a bit stiff for the first few rides. I think I worked them out a bit. These pedals are very good. There is no place for a pedal wrench to be used. I think this is a way to save weight. I used my Torque wrench to install the 10Nm tightness. No issues after several rides.

2. MEETLOCKS Aluminum Machined Spindle Bearing

MEETLOCKS Aluminum Machined Spindle Bearing

No need to worry about the pedals breaking because the DU bearings are wear-resistant. The pedals are much lighter and stronger than the other aluminum injection ones. The Cave is a platform shape suit with a good skid resistance design for a long ride. Why the function is so smooth is a question. The elements are kept out and contribute to the smooth rolling pedals. Good anti-slip performance can be seen in the 12pcs anti-slip pins surface, which has the qualities of comfort and good anti-slip performance. There are two things that affect theDIMENSION and PACKING of products. Each pair is packed by a strong box, not including the spindle. The weight is 196g/pc.

Brand: Meetlocks

👤Kids jumping BMX bikes and how the pedals wear are shown in other reviews. These are not for mountain biking, road biking or heavy off road use. If you want to go ride without dressing, it's best for when you're over clip in pedals and road bike pants. I have a set on all my road bikes, Cannondale, Cinelli, Lightspeed, and the big platform give you many comfortable locations. For a shorter leg or damaged muscles, the fore and aft are important. You catch an edge more easily if you ride harder in hard banking. My large body has not destroyed them in 1000 miles. They are great value and quality and I recommend them to everyone.

👤Meetlocks has poor workmanship and customer service. After 2 rides, the left pedal had 7 loose pins. The pins were loose because of stripped thread holes and the factory applied too much Torque when they screwed on them. Contacted by email. They requested photos that I sent and things went quiet from there. I have to return the items to because Meetlocks did not reply after that. I wouldn't buy this product because of poor customer service from Meetlocks and poor workmanship from the factory.

👤I've been using them for touring and they have worked well. They had no issues after 7 months. I think they're good for a year or two. You need to use a bigger wrench than other peddles. I own a bike multi tool attachment that is too small to fall off and be lost.

👤These things are great. I've had many pedal strikes and they haven't broken in any way. I hit the small metal pegs on the rocks very hard and they haven't splintered or broken off. The bearings allow these things to spin quickly. They are very wide, which is great. My old pedals were too small and threw me off balance. I get much more stability from these pedals. I have had them for a year and they are new. This product is very good and I recommend it to others.

👤These were the best investment I've ever made to improve my comfort. My feet stay put, no need for straps or strappless pedals. Some early reviews stated quality issues, but I don't see any of them. Have put a lot of mileage on them. I go 250 lbs. Would recommend if you have bad pedals. The claw tooth type on my other bike is not as good.

👤Installation can be difficult if your bike's crank arms are old. Installation will be easy if the holes and threads are good. The reverse threads on one side are normal so that each pedal wants to tighten as you ride. I bought these for myself and my wife. We're both happy with this.

👤You feel like you're in a relationship with these pedals. They are fun to ride. I wish I'd switched to flat pedals a long time ago as I would have been able to prevent damage to my bike from falls. The product is well made and you can tell it has been machine meticulously made. I am really happy with this purchase.

3. Hikenture Mountain Lightweight Aluminum Colorful

Hikenture Mountain Lightweight Aluminum Colorful

There are two things that affect theDIMENSION and PACKING of products. Each pair is packed by a strong box, not including the spindle. The weight is 196g/pc. L for left and R for right are easy to install. You need the 9/16 inch screw thread for BMX, MTB, Road Bike, hybrid bike, Old School, Cruiser, Commuter Bike, Dirt Jumper, Folding Bike, City Bike- Touring, Track Bike, Unicycle and Urban Bike. Hikenture mountain bike pedals are almost as lightweight as normal nylon pedals, and they are made of metal. Their biking pedals are made of high strength aluminum alloy and weigh only 0.68 lbs. The wide platform with 12 anti-skid pins makes it easy to keep your feet locked in. The spikes on their bike pedals allow them to grip your shoes nicely and prevent your feet from dropping even when you ride at a fast pace. SMOOTH RIDING: ADVANCED SEALING. Their road bike pedals are designed with sealed bearings that protect the spindles from water and dust, so you can enjoy cycling whenever you want. Add more style to your bike rides. Their bmx pedals are stylish and will light up your bike. Their platform bike pedals are designed with anodic oxidation and unique colorful paint on the surface, which adds to its wear-resistance and will catch more eyes.

Brand: Hikenture

👤I bought these pedals to give my bike a better platform, grip and style. They have 6mm allen keys to help install them. I added a video about this. I like that they don't spin very quickly, which is fine for me, I prefer that, regardless of efficiency losses. I like that they have metal pins, but I don't think I'll replace them soon. I'm happy with the quality of them. The engraving and finish look good. This is advertised as a mountain pedal, which I don't agree with. The OneUp pedals have twice the number of pins and are wider. These pedals are not like that. They will be perfect for my commute. The pins won't ruin my shoes. Can't wait to get more biking time on them.

👤Nice pedals. I wanted them to look like my 1970s Schwinn. They look cool. There is a lot of detail, including graphics that are etched into the metal. The colors look nice from far away. These are a decent platform for my foot. I am a size 10 1/2. These are fine. The color and graphics are the best feature.

👤So far, I'm really impressed, they look amazing. I believe the same pair of bikes is owned by FITBIKECO. It sells for over $60. I would buy as many of these pedals as possible and sell them for a profit if I had more money. I like working on bikes. I've been focusing on my bike lately. A bike race in 2016 "oil slick" or "jet fuel" is the color I was attracted to. 2 issues were caused by this. The bikes stock color was not a good match. The issue was solved. I painted the bike. The parts that come in Oil Slick are very expensive. I've been able to get a few items because they are on sale. I was able to get these at a discounted price. I'm very happy that I killed them.

👤Better than expected. These exceeded our expectations, not that we were expecting a low quality pedal. My wife is not comfortable running clipless pedals while building a Gravel bike. All of our bikes are built to be light and efficient. My wife noticed on the first spin that the pedals were very lightweight, easy to install, and had a good grip. I have already recommended these to a few mountain bikers and gravel riders. Excellent value!

👤The pedals fit my bike perfectly. If you're used to installing pedals with a pedal wrench, these aren't for you. The spindles are round so they use a key. The only issue I have found is that the spikes are not as good as other mountain bike style pedals, you have to shift your feet a little to get the spikes to stay on. The rainbow oil slick look is what I love.

👤The pedals look great with my bike. They are wide enough to pedal. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

👤Grease was yellow and dried up, regreased with synthetic park tool grease, no improvement in spinning freely. This is the highest friction pedal I have ever used, sealed bearings will not spin fast like loose ball bearings. They look nice, but you pay for it.

4. SHIMANO Clipless Pedals Pedal PDM324

SHIMANO Clipless Pedals Pedal PDM324

Hard wearing tips and inserts for clip ins. A pair with 6 bolts and 6 washers. The combination clip/clipless pedals are ideal. There is a fully featured clip interface on the side of the pedals. Standard platform for use with street shoes is on the other side. The aluminum body has a barrel finish. The pedals weigh 1.17 pounds and include a pair of 2-bolt cleats.

Brand: Shimano

👤It's perfect for touring. If your cleats break or your shoes are worn to the bone, just wear regular shoes. The dual platform makes it so that you can stop easily without having to use your clips. Don't buy Cleopatras because they come with them. Like I did or youre just went, they have a lot of extra frills.

👤I use these pedals for my all weather commute. The shop recommended the pedals when I first bought the bike. After 8 years of service, they were a little worse for wear so I replaced them with flip flop pedals. What garbage! I dealt with them for 6 months. I bought the other flip flop pedals. These were an improvement when clipped, but the unclipped side was rubbish. For about a year, deal with that. There is a I decided to return to the pedals that I had left. I missed your embrace. I wanted your firm grip on my unclipped feet, and the trust I gained from docking with your clipped side. You are rotating very smoothly. You look great. You take me places. I'm back. This time, for good. There is a In all seriousness. These pedals are very dangerous. I don't know about weight... These pedals are not for that. These are for the commuter who doesn't want fancy shoes for lunch or a hot date, but clips in for the ride to work. They worked for 8 years without a problem. I drop my bike on it's side because I'm too cool. For a kickstand. I ride in the rain because I am tough. I rode the pedals through the flooded paths. There were no issues. There is a They are not rebuildable. Cmon. Give me replacements for my bearings. Whatever. I will buy them.

👤I have a type of clip pedals that are specific to the SPD on my trail bike and on my road bike. Two pairs of bike shoes and the Look shoes were difficult to walk in when not on the bike. There is a The dual platform pedals were easy to install on my road bike. I put grease on the threads to make it easier to remove. There is a The aluminum body is strong. The clips on the shoes are easy to use and the shoes pop out with a quick twist of the foot. Even though I usually use my bike shoes on my road bike, I like having the option of taking a spin in regular shoes if necessary. I do a lot of riding in cities, and sometimes in traffic, because the shoes clip in and out easily. It is easier to not clip in. I still have a solid platform when clipped in. Smaller, lighter clip pedals are not the same as larger ones. These pedals are very good. It was a pleasure to throw away my old shoes.

👤cleats included. These pedals are very good. They are not super light but they are versatile and can take a beating. They're the perfect set for people who want to ride without cleats. I highly recommend. Happy riding!

5. Boruizhen Platform Lightweight Cycling Bicycle

Boruizhen Platform Lightweight Cycling Bicycle

The standard is 9/16" for BMX, MTB, Mountain Bike, hybrid bike, Old School, Cruiser, Cyclocross Bike, Dirt Jumper, Folding Bike, Road Bike- Touring, Track Bike, Unicycle, Urban Bike. The road bike pedals have 16 anti-skid nails on them. Long rides maintain comfort and pedaling efficiency. Only 450g/pair is lightweight. The material is wear resistant. The standard screw thread is 9/16 inch. The platform pedals have a size of 81 to 20mm. Fit for: road bicycles, mountain bicycles, BMX pedals, exercise bike pedals, junior bicycle, city bicycle,folding bike pedals etc.

Brand: Boruizhen

👤When I received these, I immediately noticed a bad hang up while spinning one of the pedals. I reached out to the seller for a return after I didn't bother installing the pedals. I had to pay for return shipping even though the product was faulty. It's not worth the time and effort to return them. Very disappointed with the quality. Staying away from these is what I would recommend.

👤The pedals almost ripped the thread from my cranks after two rides. I bought them so I could have better grip and straps, but they only lasted 20 miles. If you are a peddler, I would not recommend you to get these. These would be good for a child or teenager. I weigh about 230 lbs. On average, I push my bike at 15mph. The left pedal lost all of its color and began ripping into the thread of my crank, as shown in the image I have attached. They were put in the right way as you can see from the label, and they were on the right side. That was just for the moment. If you want to use pedals in a way that will give them wear and tear, you may want to invest a bit more.

👤I can't rate them too low because they are cheap. They are functional. I'm worried that I might remove the cranks. They haven't so far after 40 hours of use. I don't expect much longevity out of the cheap bearings. Since I can't use clipless for a few months, I needed some platform pedals to keep riding. The nubbin things aren't very "grippy" into your shoes, they are a little slippery.

👤The pedal broke off in the middle of the intersection. Started bending an hour earlier. The installation took 2 months.

👤The things are a joke. The paint was terrible. The bearings leave the box. The brand was made with a stamp. Returned them right away.

👤The pedals came off when the bearings came loose. I had to use one full pedal and one little pedal-shaft to get to where I wanted to go, because the shaft of the pedal is still attached to my bike. There is a The broke after only 2 months of use.

👤I like these. The color is correct and the grippers don't cut you like some pedals that use sharp screws. My hope is that the coating doesn't get damaged.

👤I rebuilt my 7 year-old's BMX bike with these. I didn't realize I needed 1/2 shafts instead of 9/16". The first time I did a 180 on them, they bent badly and I put them on my dirt bike. They are light-duty and would be fine for a cruiser or any bike that won't get any abuse.

👤I don't like white things, but these work with a small patch of white color blocking on my frame.

6. NAMUCUO Exercise Outdoor Bicycles Warranty

NAMUCUO Exercise Outdoor Bicycles Warranty

You can get one pair of exercise bike pedal straps, you can share them with your family and friends, they are good bicycle necessities. The high quality material used for bike pedals with clips and straps is considered safe and a gift. PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS The pedals are 9/16 inch. It is suitable for all 9/16 bikes, including indoor exercise bikes and spinning bikes. The pedal is 9.5 cm long, 6.4 cm wide, and 13 cm long. The aluminum alloy body and Sturdy Resin Cage are safe to use. If you choose to put your foot in the non-cage side of the pedal, you run the risk of the cage hitting the ground, so you must be familiar with the pedals before use to ensure safety. Good metal grips on the bottom and nylon type straps on the top will keep your feet positioned just right on the pedals. The YBEKI bike pedals give you an excellent control over your bike. 6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Ybeki

👤The product is good. The average person will need a pedal wrench to get the old off. They should tell you that.

👤These are high quality racing pedals. They are good for the price. The clips fit. I have large feet and they don't pinch. I liked the packaging. They were too good for a cheap set of bike pedals. A nice touch.

👤These were ideal for my road bike once I learned how to slip my foot in and out. They were a bit stiff at first, but they worked out quickly. Very happy.

👤I was able to install these pedals as a replacement for the snap-in because they are a lot stronger than I thought they would be. If you replace the standard pedals or seat, the warranty is voided, but I can easily get on and off the bike without having to deal with the annoying cleat pedals. I would rather take the chance, as I hated the cleat/pedals and seat that comes standard with the product, and I do not expect any problems with the Peloton bike, as that thing is build like a tank.

👤It feels great. No problems, smooth.

👤These are very sturdy and work well. I used them today for the first time and was very happy with my purchase.

👤My kids were able to use clip ins because of the quality product. The product was nicely packaged and easy to attach.

👤No complaints at all. I need a solution to my problem. I can't wear clip in shoes because of my bunions.

👤The pedals rotation is flawed and should be sold for less than 25 dollars. I have to return them. The same model is available for under 30$. I took this one because I thought they were all "metal" except for the toe clips. This is plastic sleeve bearings, and it's not worth the price.

👤It was made of high quality steel. The product is amazing, but I wish it came with some product information, like how to install any warranty information, or a nice thank you.

7. ROCKBROS Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Bearing

ROCKBROS Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Bearing

100% money back guarantee. There is a quality guarantee for 12 months. They will take care of you if you are not completely satisfied with your bike pedals. The chrome-molybdenum steel material is stronger than ordinary steel and has better load-bearing performance. Flat bike pedals are more durable and anti-corrosion because of the sealed bearings. The wide platform pedals weights only 308g and 104mm wide pedals supports the foot more evenly. The seal design prevents the water,dust or sand from entering the pedals. The anti-skid pins on the road bike pedals give you great grip. If you place your feet in a certain position, the pins on your shoes will stay on. The extra pins and tool are for your use. The bike flat pedals were made with aluminum alloy material, which is suitable for city bike, recreational bike, and commute bike. The butterfly shape design inside is simple and elegant. Their design is perfect for keeping your tread locked into place, and the hollow design reduces bike pedal weight and reduces wind resistance during riding.

Brand: Rockbros

👤Quality depends on how you ride. These are lightweight and look great. The pros are those. There is a The spikes are too short and the bulge is higher than the pedal surface, so you can feel it under your foot. The grip is not great because of that. There is a These are good if you ride around town in hikers or athletic shoes. I don't think flats will work for you if you ride trails or downhill.

👤Agree with the reviewer who stated the following. Quality depends on how you ride. These are lightweight and look great. The pros are those. There is a The spikes are too short and the bulge is higher than the pedal surface, so you can feel it under your foot. The grip is not great because of that. There is a These are good if you ride around town in hikers or athletic shoes. I don't think wearing flats will work for you if you ride trails or downhill. The solution is to back-off/unscrew every spike with the included tool and apply super glue to the treads to increase the spike height. The spikes would contact much sooner than the middle axle with this solution. Remove each spike with the included tool, and add one or two small washers to each spike and screw them back in. The weight of the pedal will increase the height of the spikes. Solution-1 would be better for those who want a minimum total weight for their bike. If the spikes were longer or higher, the pedal would have been 5 stars.

👤The pedal is solid. I have a great grip on my shoes. I have used the pedals on about 10 rides and have not had any problems. I took a bad fall last week. Launching off sideways and landing sideways. The first thing to do was hit the pedal. I was bruised but not seriously hurt because of my protective gear. The dirt was compact and hard, but the pedal handled it well. It was still usable despite being bent. I will use a shop vise. I already ordered a new pair and will leave these as backups.

👤The stock pedals on my new Trek were not compatible with these. The red finish of my bike matches the aluminum red. The pegs on each side will give you decent grip on a shoe that has tread. I use a pair of running shoes. Since the pegs are smooth and not like a threaded stud, I think a shoe without much tread could have issues staying put. I have taken it for a long ride and they have worked well. They are easy to install and look really nice. I use these for a hybrid bike that I mostly keep on paved paths, but I can't say for sure if they will last long. I think they would last a while since I'm not putting excessive force on them. Would definitely recommend.

👤The pedals were good for 4 months. These pedals were not up to the task of running in the desert with lots of big rocks. The design was not favorable for the amount of rock bashing they experienced. Four months is the longest life span I've experienced.

8. Kemimoto Mountain Bicycle Aluminum Downhill

Kemimoto Mountain Bicycle Aluminum Downhill

Attaching to almost any bicycle. The material is durable. The MTB pedals made of aluminum alloy have been strengthened and upgraded to achieve high quality and aging resistance. Each bike pedal has anti-slip pins. The cleats will not damage the soles. Smooth sealed bearings. A better riding experience is brought about by sealed bearings. The thrill of cycling can be enhanced by well-made bicycle pedals. Dust and rain can damage the sealed bearings and the water/dust proof cap can prevent that. Easy installation. There is a clear mark on the bicycle pedals. "L" is for the left pedal and "R" is for the right pedal. Being unable to distinguish the direction of pedals is no longer an issue. Universal. Most 9/16'' bikes have the bike pedals. There are many types of bikes, including mountain bikes, BMX, road bikes, kids' bikes, junior bikes, city bikes, etc.

Brand: Kemimoto

👤I think you get what you pay for. That is the reason for the score. I don't think they could claim they are sealed because the ball bearings are clearly visible. The pins don't give me much grip on my shoes. greasing the pedals before installing got me a burr on one of them. I will beat them up until the break for fifteen dollars, that won't need to be long.

👤The width of the pedals makes them good candidates for people like me with wider running style shoes, and the studs offer just enough grip that they are functional, without impaling your sole. It will take a minute before they start rotating easy, and if you don't have your foot centered, you should be careful. There is a It takes a second to break in both yourself and the pedals, but they're great new pedals for a good price. There is a If you don't notice them or think about them, they're doing a perfect job.

👤The pedals on my mountain bike were not smooth. I ordered these and I could see that they have better grips, better bearings, and are lightweight. I installed them and am impressed. The purchase was a great price.

👤Don't let flats get away from your feet, I like flats with a good grip.

👤The pedals are large for adults who pedal with the center of their foot. If you use the ball of your foot to pedal, the center shaft digs into your sole and makes it very uncomfortable, as if there were no pedals at all. My feet were sore after a 16 mile ride on the mountain.

👤Not a good platform for riding on. Even when it's dry, it's slippery. If your feet get wet, forget it. Gum sole shoes were not helpful.

👤The platform is fairly inexpensive. Don't get them wet because they don't have bearing seals. The finish wears off quickly.

👤The feal on my shoe does not slip off. It's easy to install. The lite weight looks great. Quality for price is great for me. Have bought a new pair for another bike.

9. Puroma Mountain Non Slip Bicycle Platform

Puroma Mountain Non Slip Bicycle Platform

The Q-Factor technology has narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child's hips, allowing for easier peddling and handling. The wide platform pedals have an optimal surface area for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency. The bicycle pedals are sealed to keep them out of water and dust. The traction pins are replaceable and offer more bite for increased grip and control. The install is easy, with a L for left pedal and a R for right pedal. Most bikes have a standard 9/16” sturdy Chromoly steel axle bearing. It's suitable for commute, recreational riding, BMX, cruiser bicycle, kids' bikes, road, bicycles, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle, etc.

Brand: Puroma

👤The product does its job. On my first ride with a new pedal, I got caught in the pedal as I walked next to the bike. I was cut pretty deep. Be careful! I keep it, but would never install it on my kids bike.

👤I've been a bike mechanic for 25 years and have used many different types of pedals. I've become accustomed to the idea that pedals are paid for and that the adage "you get what you pay for" applies to them. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this set, so I put it on a spinning bike. I was surprised that I only paid 18 bucks. The $100+ set is nicer. I work on my daily commute. They are lightweight, sturdy, and well-built, and my anecdotal take on the bearings is that they are very good. It seems that something has changed and cheaper pedals are getting better. These are among the better options available. Don't hesitate. I am getting a new set of these to put on my Rivendell.

👤These are on a road bike. There was a lot of rain and mud. A heavy rider and lots of rough riding. The pedals have held up well. There is a I took one apart because it was creaking. It seems to be a sleeve bearing with one small bearing at the end of the spindle. Put it back together and it seems fine. They are going to keep running until they wear out.

👤These pedals are great, I have a city type Trek bike that I ride for exercise 5 days a week, and they are just fantastic, they never slip. The stock pedals that come with my new Trek bike were a joke made of slippery plastic, I had to get new pedals asap, which I did via Amazon. The great pedals should be listed for all bikes, as focusing only on BMX bikes doesn't give them the credit they need. If I get a flat on my bike, I wear running shoes and walk 1 to 2 miles to a safe tire repair location, because I have worn all of my shoes on my bike. I will be getting a second pair of them for my other bike.

👤The pedal is lightweight and simple to install. It has held up well in climbing uphill trails and roads, despite only 3 hours of riding on it. There is a The bolts it uses for grip work well, but do not hurt you. You will bleed if you lose skin. I would recommend this to someone who is used to riding a bike.

👤There are a lot of the same pedals for sale. I have installed and ridden about 15 times. The pedals work well, but I adjusted some of the spike screws lower. Spike screws fell off during a ride. Cut the screws shorter or leave them long. The screw ends can cut your leg, so modify the screws. The black ring on the bearing makes it difficult for the wrench to fit on the pedal axle.

10. ROCKBROS Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Bearing

ROCKBROS Mountain Bicycle Lightweight Bearing

The butterfly shape design inside is simple and elegant. Their design is perfect for keeping your tread locked into place, and the hollow design reduces bike pedal weight and reduces wind resistance during riding. Bike pedals are kept smooth without noise with sealed bearings. The 9/16 standard spindles on the pedal body feature better load-bearing performance. Strong grips are provided by 6 threaded traction pins per side. This will make cycling safer by increasing the contact area with shoes. There is a wide form and light weight. The platform bike pedals are only 334g. The wide pedals surface supports feet more evenly, it's suitable for mountain pedals, road bike pedals, leisure bike pedals, etc. STURDY STRUCTURE: The mountain bike pedals are made of high strength aluminum. It's anti-oxidation technology prevents oxidation and protects it from damage. It's easy to install: L for left and R for right. The standard 9/16'' sturdy spindle is built to last. It's for mountain bike, hybrid bike, cruiser, cycle cross bike, dirt jumper, folding bike, road bike- touring, Trek Bike, Unicycle and other outdoor cycling.

Brand: Rockbros

👤After many years with clipless on my road bikes, I decided to try platform pedals. There is a These are very sturdy and light weight. I have not lost my speed or ability to climb. It is easy to position the pins on the pedal. The soles are stiff but have enough flexibility to walk in. I like platform pedals. Jan 4, 2022. These pedals have been in use for over a year. There are a lot of placement options for long rides on these. The finish has held up well. There is no problem with the pins or the bearings. My wife has a road bike as well.

👤Amazon's excellent delivery system allowed for the delivery of pedals in one day. The pedals seem to be of excellent quality and the bearings turn smoothly. The Loctite type sealant appears to have been used to attach the torx style studs. I'm amazed at the quality for price factor. The pedals are great and would be great for anyone looking for a cheap upgrade. I ordered a different style set of ROCKBROS for my mountain bike that I'm very pleased with and will follow up with a review of those. Highly recommended!

👤It can be risky to get cheap products from Amazon. I feel that the pedals are of the right quality and that I was looking for. There is some grease in the bearings, which tells me that there is a rattly free spinning bearing. I was looking for a pedal that didn't have sharp pins. The six nubs on each side are slightly rounded, which makes it perfect for cruising around town and doesn't rip up my shoes like some of my more aggressive pedals.

👤Once you have verified which was the left and which was the right, install east. I didn't realize they were different until I put them on backwards and noticed the "L" and the "R" on them. I have never changed my bicycle pedals in my life. I learned something from these pedals. They fit well and had a big difference in the ride. Highly recommended and would purchase them again. Live in the colors.

👤The paddles are very nice. They ride well and are low profile. The reason I don't give them five stars is because the pedal platform is on the smaller side. I don't recommend them for a larger shoe size because of the pedal platform size. The pedal is well made and after a number of rides all remains well.

👤Great pedals. They look great and feel great. The grip is great. Will definitely do it again.

👤The end cap fell off making it useless. There is a They sent me a new set of pedals. I was given the option of a full refund. Highly recommended!

👤It's a good deal and they look good. There are no grip studs on the center bar/ platform, so if you slip your foot off it, you'll be out of luck. I adjusted the way my foot lays on the pedal.

11. Pedals Carbon Cleats Compatible BlACK 284g

Pedals Carbon Cleats Compatible BlACK 284g

Your money back is guaranteed. The road bike pedal is a carbon lightweight. The carbon body is made of 30% short carbon fiber and 70% PA6. The pedal's steel component is chromoly. It's suitable for daily training and sports. The road bike pedal self-lubricating bearings are free of maintenance. The tension can be adjusted according to riding habits. The rider should be able to clip off the lock quickly. The large pedaling area makes the pedaling power efficient. ZERAYType is compatible with Look keo. These pedals don't work with Look Delta cleats. The package of road bike pedals does not include tools. If you need them, please purchase them separately. Tension adjustment: 3mm key; pedal installation: 8mm key; cleat installation: 4mm key. The package contains 1 set of pedals, 1 pair of cleats, 6 screws, 6 washers and instructions for use. They offer a 1-year warranty, free return and exchange. It is important to note that. Commercial warranty does not apply to purchased used goods. )

Brand: Hepingjiangenbo

👤I've been a "foot loop" pedal, mountain bike guy, so these were my first experience with clip in's on a road bike. I've been using carbon fiber for a long time and the price is great. 2 weeks ago, I started to hear a "clunk" on one of the pedals. The rotation is at the same spot. I found other people on Amazon who had the same issue. I found 2 small allen screws on the front part of the pedal that I think tightens the spindle. Took is for a spin after I tightened both. Problem solved! There is no more noise. I'm back in business. I attached pictures showing where the little allen screws are located.

👤I liked these at first. The spindals are bent after a week of use. I didn't fall on the pedals. Still look new. The right side has to click in every time. I really liked them. I have been cycling for over 20 years. There were many pedals in my past. Bummer...

👤I received these in time to screw in my new spin bike, and I was so excited to jump on it. I tried to clip in my cleats, but they didn't accept my look, they just didn't accept the screw in. I should have known something was up when I opened the box and found a set of cleats and screws. Their own cleats that come with the pedals are smaller than regular LOOK cleats. It was a disappointment. It's a hassle to return immediately during the Pandemic.

👤The pedals are very good for the price. If you're planning on riding a bike, I'd invest in name brand pedals. These pedals have held up to the hard work I've put in. The riders were heavier than the reviewers thought, so the pedals bending reviews were bad. The pedals can take abuse if you are under 200 lbs. The quality is perfect. Highly recommend.

👤It lasted about 3 days. After getting for Christmas, they just installed them. They were installed with the correct recommended Torque. The left pedal came out of the shaft as I was riding. I almost broke my ankle when I lost balance and went to the ground. It would not be a good idea. I got a second set of pedals through Amazon, but they broke after a short time of use. I won't be buying pedals from here again. Don't belured by the low cost.

👤I ride about 80 miles a week with a lot of climbing and need good pedals. The package presentation is very good. It's easy to install and you don't have to replace your cleats. You can't ask for a better price for a better look. It looks strong and clean.

👤I didn't want to mess with my shoes or bike fit so I wanted something cheap and quick that was compatible with my cleats. So far, so good! Retention and release feel the same with my Keo cleats. The threads are well made. They don't spin as freely as higher end pedals. Fit and finish are fine. I think they look better than the base. They are my go-to for indoor trainer use so I can save my Vectors from the extra wear.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals road bike?

Bicycle pedals road bike products from Shimano. In this article about bicycle pedals road bike you can see why people choose the product. Meetlocks and Hikenture are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pedals road bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle pedals road bike?

Shimano, Meetlocks and Hikenture are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pedals road bike. Find the detail in this article. Shimano, Boruizhen and Ybeki are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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