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1. KOOTU Mountain Folding Universal Aluminum

KOOTU Mountain Folding Universal Aluminum

Packaging and quality A set of cleats and pedals. The product has a two-year warranty. The service plan will be formulated according to the situation of the customer. You don't have to worry about your feet slipping off the pedal, even on muddy, rugged roads, because the anti-skid nails on both sides of the pedals hold your feet on the pedal. It doesn't make you feel weak when climbing. It is stress-free to ride outdoors. The bicycle platform flat pedal is foldable, which saves space and is convenient for storage and use. It is suitable for traveling and commute. The bicycle pedal body is made of aluminum alloy material, which is more durable. There is no need to worry about pedal breakage with high-light bearings. The bicycle pedals are sealed to prevent water and dust from accumulating on the spindle. Each pair of bicycle pedals has a size of 0.78 inch. The wide pedals make riding more comfortable. Both sides of the pedal are designed with classic reflectors, which are beautiful and practical. The thread is suitable for most of the bikes mentioned. There are bicycles stored in small spaces.

Brand: Kootu

👤The plastic, folding pedals I've used before are not as good as these pedals. They look better. After 100 or so miles they spin freely, even though they had a bit of rotational friction out of the box. There are no instructions in the box or the folding release, it was not obvious how to fold the pedals. I got these because it's easier to put the bike in the back of the SUV. The pedals are too loose on the spindle because of the badly worn bearings. I can't see how to adjust them. I will be buying new pedals from another brand because they feel floppy when I pedal. They are not of good quality.

👤The cheap plastic pedals on my fat folding ebike broke one day without warning. After searching for a decent replacement, I found these pedals to be a great improvement over what I had before. I slip off the pedals less frequently now, so I don't have to worry about hitting the pedal on my leg. These fold to be 888-282-0465, which makes it easier to get my bike out of the trunk of my car. I don't worry about the pedals breaking, they are very sturdy, and I don't feel any give when using them. There is a I lost the black cap which protects the internal ball bearings, but after contacting the seller I received a full replacement. If I hadn't received this, I would buy these again and glue the cap in place as no other design seems to match this price point and feature set.

👤I have over 6000 miles on my ebike. These are the best folding pedals I've tried. The bearings don't loosen up. It looks like they will go the long way. Good surface that gives footing. Love them.

👤The plastic pedals on the folding ebike were worn out. I grabbed the same amount of money. I hunted non folding peddles. Not folding for transport height was painful. The folding was better than expected. There is a Glue was the first thing I did. Goop or Silicone avoids that negative thing. There is a I like the fact that the finger pincher release is easier than the etal wiggle in and out, palm pop plastic bits that come with it. There is a If you have plastic folding pedals, you should work them now to avoid down time later. Cheap upgrade.

2. FOOKER Composite Mountain High Strength Bikesflat

FOOKER Composite Mountain High Strength Bikesflat

490g/1.86 lbs/pair, 4.14 x 4 x . The Big pedal weight is light and comfortable to ride. If you have any problems, please contact them. It isdurable: The nylon fiber surface has shock-proof and abrasion resistance. The big tread bicycle pedals provide a more comfortable ride experience. CR-L is for left and CR-R is for right. The bicycle pedals are sealed to protect them from water and dust which can cause noise and other problems. The anti-skid nail is strong. The anti-skid nails on each side give you more security on the pedals. Even if they are covered in mud after a muddy ride, you don't worry about your feet slipping off the pedals. The standard is 9/16" for BMX, MTB, Mountain Bike, hybrid bike, Old School, Cruiser, Cyclocross Bike, Dirt Jumper, Folding Bike, Road Bike- Touring, Track Bike, Unicycle, Urban Bike.

Brand: Fooker

👤The pedals are a perfect copy of RaceFace's Chester pedals, with the logo molded into the plastic of the pedal itself, which has been poorly and only slightly modified to read "KP". The quality of these pedals appears to be good. There is a The design of the pedals is blatantly stolen from RaceFace by a Chinese company that is able to compete with RaceFace due to cheap overseas labor.

👤I rode clipless for 15 years. I like the way clipless allows me to use my legs to pull the pedals up with one leg. Horsepower. I can pop my cleat out of a clipless pedal as fast as I can move my shoe off a flat pedal. There is a Why change? I bought a mountain bike to train on in the morning. I rode with the pedals that came with it. The platform was nice. Control is really nice. I wanted to give them a try, so I ordered some for my mountain bike. I chose these Fookers because they were similar to RaceFace Chesters and had lots of reviews with a 4.5 star average. I opened the box and exclaimed "WOW!" when they arrived. They are very, very good looking and have an excellent heft. Tier 1 quality. There is a I took her for a 4 1/2 hour off-road evaluation after removing my SPD's. I rode down the most intimidating slope of my life yesterday, a slope that I would never have thought of riding clipless on. These pedals have lots of steep descents, fast switchbacks, damp trails and zero errors. Purchase a set of these if you are a clipless rider. You will love them, and I mean I M E D. I am. Take them to your favorite trails and get busy. You will be sore the next day. I was sore in my quad and rib cage from the lack of action in my hamstrings. The rib cage and quads were sore because I had to use them more to pull my bike around with my hamstrings, and the extra 1 1/2 hour I spent in the saddle probably made the rib cage and quads sore. There is a That's cool. You will love the control of my quads. My feet never fell off a pedal. When I needed to get my foot on a pedal quickly, the power can be applied instantly because you won't have to search for a grip. All you have to do is place your foot on the pedal. You have something. There is a There is a great pedal by Fooker, wonderful transition and top notch quality, with spare studs and a spare washer. The old was removed and the new installed in 60 seconds. 30 seconds is all it takes to put grease on the threads. I used a 2 or 3mm allen wrench to tighten every stud. I wanted some snug+, but all were snug. Love the pedals. Buy the needle bearings. Most pedals have spherical bearings. Needle bearings give better service. The Dark Side is a song by Jerry Davis.

3. MOHEGIA Non Slip Aluminum Replacement Mountain

MOHEGIA Non Slip Aluminum Replacement Mountain

Lifetime warranty. Rock Bros makes sure you don't have to worry about a risk-free purchase. They will give you a full money back if you have any questions. If their product doesn't live up to your expectations, you can get your money back. Their priority is your satisfaction. The anti-slip design uses shoe spike type design to make the feet have enough elasticity. The pedals of mountain bikes are made of high- strength aluminum alloy material which is lighter in weight, strong in load capacity, and excellent in wear resistance and durability. It's easy to install, L is used for the left pedal, R is used for the right pedal. The standard 9/16 inch sturdy chrome steel axle bearings are suitable for most bicycles. There are BMX bicycles, MTB bicycles, cruisers city bicycles, etc. The package size is 4.5" x 2.55" and the bearing is DoubleDU.

Brand: Mohegia

👤The assembly has a standard 9/16ths thread, but the plastic pedals seem to fit the less common 5/16ths wrench. I used needle-nose vice grips to tighten them up at the end. There is a You can tell right away that this is a premium pedal. The plastic pedals that came with my bikes were lighter in weight. It is very unlikely to crack or split after a few years, unlike plastic. The rotating action is smooth. I can feel the difference in the rotation of my pedals. There is more power with every crank. Impressive. Excellent grip as well. The pedals made me feel more confident. There is a These are smaller than the plastic ones that come with many bikes in the US. I found that with large, wide-sized shoes, this could cause fatigue. Big-footed people coming from a pedal with a larger surface area will be pedaling more with the inner balls of their feet. I found myself trying to keep my legs close to the bike, which puts some strain on the inner calf, since the pedal is slightly closer to the crank. I could imagine people with chain guards finding it more annoying. I didn't notice until about 15 miles because I was getting more power overall by pedaling this way, but it's just a minor gripe. Happy trails!

👤The platform pedals on my ebike could not hold the top clips. I've been using toe clips on my bikes for a long time. They allow me to pull up on the bottom pedal when I come to a stop so I can start again. The lower pedal wants to be all the way at the bottom of the stroke, which makes it hard to start. The pedals accept the toeclips. One of the bearings seemed a bit tight, but they seem sturdy enough. It didn't affect the pedaling at all, but it may affect the longevity. I am happy with the pedals.

👤I bought these to accommodate a set of strapless toe clips I bought to put on my Priority Onyx Continuum since the pedals on that bike are big plastic block pedals that won't accommodate toe clips. They are perfect for my purposes.

👤My wife does not like the clips on her pedals. I wanted to replace the damaged set. They are made from metal and feel strong. The pedals are thinner than those used for mountain biking. I got a great product after taking a chance.

👤I was worried that the pedal would be cheap and not strong enough, but it works well. I recommend a basic metal medal for a bike. It is not bad. It is easy to operate.

👤The dimensions listed in the pictures are not accurate. The pedals are not as large as the seller has posted.

👤I was looking for a light weight pedal for my single speed bike. I just got what I needed. If needed, I would purchase again. Thanks.

👤The pedals are sturdy. Wellgo is a good brand and the ones I received were from it.

4. CXWXC Road MTB Bike Pedals

CXWXC Road MTB Bike Pedals

The manufacturer's warranty is 1 years. Anti-Skid and Great Grips The lightweight, durable flat pedals are built around an aluminum frame and offer top contact to your bike with their 8 pins per pedal side and a slightly concave surface. You will be able to stand on large flat pedals without a binding. Sturdy and durable. Even under the toughest conditions, the hardened and tempered Cr-Mo axle and the sealed cartridge bearings of the CNC pedal body guarantee a long lasting durability. It's easy to install. This model pedal is suitable for most mountain bike, road bike, etc. The platform is wide. It is a bigger pedal, 4.13 LB, and only 0.4 LB in size. 100% money back guarantee. There is a quality guarantee for 12 months. They will take care of you if you are not completely satisfied with your bike pedals.

Brand: Cxwxc

👤I decided that I didn't want to use clipless pedals anymore, and these pedals are working great. I rode a 27 mile ride today and had no problems with my feet slipping.

👤I replaced the pedals on the new Trek Verve 2. The Men's 9 are a bit wider so they don't go down towards the outside of the pedal. They are strong and strong. The Bearings are quiet and smooth. The tread on my trail sneakers are very comfortable with less foot adjustment. The color matches my bike. What's not to like? Make sure you have a set of Allen tools.

👤The Schwinn AXUM was installed with the CXWXC Road/MTB Bike Pedals. The swap was done in less than 5 minutes. I can now plant my size 11 boots on pedals that allow me a little more personal choice in my foot positioning. The pedals are well made, smooth acting, and the platform is beneficial to me. The bearings were properly adjusted out of the box, even though it is only a 2 bearing pedal. With minimal decrease in downward pressure, the foot can be moved and gripped again. I feel my runs are more enjoyable now that my pedaling effort has decreased. I highly recommend people to look at the pedals. I think they're great.

👤These were bought to replace a pair of pedals. The old ones had sharp edges on the screws and pegs. Multiple injuries and minor infections were caused by stopping on a hill to drink. There is a need for these pedals. They have a pin type interface with your shoes but don't tend to cut your legs. They are large enough to support the foot. I am happy with them so far. There is a Installation was not an issue. To tighten them, you have to use a large key. Not a chore at all. I like the pedal wrench type better. There is a On the whole decent pedals. They work well so far.

👤I wanted metal pedals. I don't like the way the plastic ones flex. Most of the options don't have a reflector built in. Since the bike is mostly written in the street, I wanted petals with a reflector. These are not only metal, but they have a reflector. Over 50 miles on them. So far, they still look like new.

👤I have been cycling for 20 years and have never experienced this before. The pedal is stuck on my crank. I put it on for 3 rides with my son. I soaked it in oil. The only thing happening is that I am slowly stripping the pedal. The bike shop wants to try it out. I can only attribute this to the new pedal I have been using for the past several months. Otherwise, they were very good. The rivet came off after a few more rides. I got a tool that I could use to remove them. Fortunately, my cranks were not damaged. The pedals were returned by me.

5. BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals Cycling Bearing

BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals Cycling Bearing

It is possible to adjust the solvency. The screw on the side of the pedal could be used to adjust the cleats tension. It allows riders to have perfect feelings. The sealed bearing performs well on the road or the trail. The bike pedals are made from high strength aluminum alloy material, which gives them more durability. The oxidizer on the surface reduces scratches. This pair of bicycle pedals are wide and weigh 0.43lb each. The platform weighs 0.43lb each and provides a more comfortable riding experience. The platform provides a more comfortable ride. The bolts for the anti-skid pins are replaceable. The non-slip platform maximizes your efficiency. International standard 9/16 inch screw thread is suitable for most of the road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, urban bikes, travel bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, fixed gear bikes, unicycles, e- bikes.

Brand: Bonmixc

👤I had thought for a while that my pedals got a little bent. I went to Amazon and looked at all of them. I am glad I chose these pedals. I don't know if the old pedals were bent or not, but I enjoy a leisurely ride between 8 and 10 MPH. I'm still amazed at how my riding has changed. I was going 10 to 12 mph with less effort. I checked my pedals and didn't realize they were tight. These pedals have made me a happier senior rider. Have a blessed day to all of you reading my review. Bobby Blue is a fictional character.

👤This was a great purchase. I commute on my bike frequently and go everywhere with it. I was hit by an SUV last month. My left pedal was hit, which stripped out my crank. I used these as an economical replacement since I had to replace the crank as well. They are better than I thought. The bearings are sturdy and have smooth action. My feet are not moving. They are slightly heavier than my old pedals, but have no effect on my weight. A bike. I hit these bad boys on a curb with a bang, and though they bent a bit, they held up well. You are getting a lot of bang for your buck here. Use grease and a plan on using a pedal wrench as the slot to tighten the pedal is enclosed. Remember to look both ways. September 15th, 2020 is an update. There is a The pedals still look great. I've had 2 people buy these for their cars from me. Despite the rain, mud, extreme humidity, and abuse associated with being used on a commuter bike, there's no change in their performance. These get 5 stars.

👤I bought a bike that was sold without pedals. I don't know anything about bikes, so I'm not surprised that I bought one without pedals. How else do you learn life lessons? The pedals matched the colors of the bike, so I took a chance on them. I am very happy with this product. The pedals have a great grip. They are lightweight even though they are a medal. It was easy to install and would purchase again. It is highly recommended for anyone who purchases a used bike. If you buy a bike without pedals, you might be a worse shopper than I am, but I'd still recommend these.

👤If I was buying again, I would appreciate it if I wrote a review. There is a The pedals are cool looking and pull my bike together. The aluminum looks really nice. When you first get them, they feel like a normal plastic pedal, and they don't weigh much more than a normal plastic pedal. I really liked them in the first few weeks. They started clanking when I put my foot on them, and I felt weird. I looked at my hand for the boy. Do they play towards the crank arm? I decided to take them apart and see if it was fixable, so I took off the nice aluminum dust cap. There was a nut on the end of the pedal axel. The nut was not loose. I took off the nut and the bearing was good. I pulled the pedal off of the axel and found that there was only one true bearing beyond that close to the crank. It seems ok. There is still play in both pedals when I tighten the nut. They only have about 200 miles on them.

6. Alston Bicycle Aluminum Powerful Bearings

Alston Bicycle Aluminum Powerful Bearings

Fixie clips are compatible with standard pedal mounting holes and fit a range of bike styles. setup is hassle-free with hardware and customer support. The Pedals are made of high strength material. It's suitable for mountain bikes, hybrid vehicles, old school, cruiser, off-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, folding bikes, road bikes, track and field bikes, unicycles, city bikes. The design of three bearing structure features stable and smooth. The platform pedal supports your feet more evenly, which makes riding more comfortable. The bicycle pedal protects the shaft from water and dust. It was easy to install and engraved with L and R. They have a variety of colors for your needs. Friends, team and family are the best choices. Feel free to contact if you have any questions. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Alston

👤My daughter is 100 lbs. She's put a lot of miles on them. The set nut at the end of the axle was unthreaded and the pedal slipped off the axle. If that had happened on a trail she would have been in serious trouble. There was no locktite on the threads. I don't recommend this pedal, spend the extra $20 and get the Chesters, don't risk injury to save $20, teeth are way more expensive than that. I contacted the seller to inquire about a replacement, but he didn't reply.

👤The screw cap on the end of the petals fell off on my first ride after installing them. The platform of the bike is not stable without this part. I have considered buying new petals because they are almost brand new for me. If there were instructions in the packaging that told me to tighten the aluminum caps, I wouldn't be stuck with a useless petal. I put the petals on my bike as they came in the box and made sure to tighten the caps on the end for future buyers.

👤I was impressed by the platform, balance, and felt solid, but these didn't hold up. The bearing on the right pedal started to give way after 3 months of moderate riding. They failed, but there is significant play. I am not sure if it is a design flaw or workmanship. I have bad luck looking at most reviews. They are history. They will be fine if you are a casual rider. If you plan to get more than 500 miles out of them, they might not be the best.

👤The unit has a smooth rotation of the Bearings, as I intended to wear boots on my ride to work, they do not slip. If you don't check the threads, you'll ruin my cranks, as I found a small dent on the side of the threads on one pedal. If you want to install Steel in aluminum, you need to get a die with the 9/16-20 thread pitch. The local bike shop or other resource may be able to help you if you're not so sure.

👤I bought this pedal less than 3 months ago. The pin at the end of my bike came out without me knowing it. I wouldn't recommend this pedal because the entire pedal broke before I could fix it.

👤I was impressed with the quality of these. The packaging was good for the price. These are pedals, I didn't buy packaging. The other pedals in this price range are made of bricks, but their height profile is pretty good. The weight of aluminum in this size and shape was the right weight to instill confidence and not slow you down. The finish of these is very good, and they look very slick. I hit about ten miles of riding after putting them on my bike. They hold something fierce. They took them through a variety of terrain. I'll update the review if these fall apart, but I don't think that will ever happen. These pedals are very strong and cost very little.

7. Alston Bearings Mountain Platform Non Slip

Alston Bearings Mountain Platform Non Slip

100% money back guarantee. There is a quality guarantee for 12 months. They will take care of you if you are not completely satisfied with your bike pedals. There are three sealed bearings with a 100% cr-Mo spindle 9/16 threading. Ride with high configuration. Light weight and hollow design of aluminum alloy material makes it strong and long lasting. 30% of the driving power can be saved by weight and size. The triangular design of the bike pedals strengthen them with more stability and more strength. You'll feel safer and more comfortable on a mountain road. There are great grips. Each side of the pedal has replaceable skid-proof pins. They make the cycling safer with strong grips. The International Standard Thread is 9/16" in diameter. Installation and removal of 8mm hexagons. It is suitable for most of the mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, urban bikes, travel bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, fixed gear bikes, unicycles, scooters, e-bike and etc.

Brand: Alston

👤I went from a Raceface Chester to a Alston pedal on my Yeti. The fit and finish on the pedals are perfect. The bearings in the pedals are better than they have ever been. I put 700 miles on my RFC and lubed it. The A's cleat bolts don't stick up as far as the RFC does. The A's are slicker than the RFC because they are aluminum. The bears don't roll easily, but I have no issues with the RFC. I noticed that my bearings felt better on my rides. They don't bother with the A PEdals. The A's are great pedals, but not as sticky as the RFC. I have put about 21 miles on the A's without slipping off so I don't think it will be a problem, but I might buy some longer screws for the A Pedals. I will buy another set of the Alston pedals as a backup and not hesitate to purchase another set. The RaceFace Chester's are a fewmm wider than the Alston's. The pedals are great, but the cost of the pedals is $25.00. You can't beat that. The RaceFace Chesters cost $40.00. The Alston are as good as any $100+ pedal. I will try to add more rides. I can't figure out how to add photos.

👤I've been using these for over a month and I would recommend them. I don't have a scale, but they are fairly light and I don't think bikers are looking at them because they are not obsessive about weight. The finish seems to be of good quality, the machining is top notch, and I don't see any risidual marks in any light. I like the fact that they are installed with an allen key through the back of the crank, instead of the old pedal wrench. They spin without load and have no resistance. The 9 pins per side per pedal is great for keeping your feet on the pedals, as well as for both flat pedal shoes, as well as Van's. I wish there were more parts I used in the titanium gray, red asthetic so it would match better. Other posts not matching the lovely colors have no cons to report.

👤These are 9/16 bolts, which are measured to the outside of the threads. There is a After 40 years in the machining trades, these are very nice and well constructed, I had doubts from the picture, but they are very nice. There is a These replaced the platform peddles on the Specialized Crossroads. It's bad with wet shoes. You will need an Allen and an open end. To loosen, the left goes counter clockwise, prop the rh peddle against something and apply some Torque, be careful of your fingers. The tricky part is to find the right peddle on the left side of the bike. To get it started, use a little grease on the threads and your fingers, then use the 8mm Allen to get it snug, again block the other peddle the opposite way to get it as snug as you can. You will go clockwise to loosen the other side. There is a The original peddles felt like they were full of grit and my foot slipped when wet. The new peddles feel beautiful and spin freely. The new ones hold my sneakers well. I'm a casual rider but I need good equipment. Enjoy.

8. Zonkie Mountain Bicycles Pedals Resin

Zonkie Mountain Bicycles Pedals Resin

There is a note. The vertical height from the ground will be different due to the different bike frame structure. Measure the vertical height from the installation point to the ground to make sure it fits your bike. Please make sure that the stand fits the bike. The body is one piece. Steel/Boron/Cr-Mo.

Brand: Zonkie

👤It seems to work well. Installation was not an issue. Getting my old peddles out was more difficult. I'm happy I got these. I'm not sure what the purple things are for. Does anyone know?

👤When I am not using binding, I wanted a flat pedal for my road bike. I don't want a metal one since it hurts when a metal pedal hits my leg. The metal pedals for mountain bikes are too big for my taste. I didn't want to spend a lot on backup pedals. The Schwinn pedals are the default for road bikes, but I didn't like the fact that you have to use the included adapters to use them with the standard road bike. I got these pedals. Schwinn pedals seem to have a longer tooth for anti-slipping, which I like. I am happy. When they hit my legs, they don't hurt me. They are light. The build quality looks good. They don't really spin. Either there is no bearing or the quality is bad. I am happy with the price. I hope they actually last for a while.

👤I decided to commute to work on my bike as part of my weight loss journey. I bought these about six weeks ago and have been riding about 25 miles a week and they get a lot of pressure. They have held up well so far.

👤The platform pedals that came with my road bike, which I never slipped off of, are the reason I bought these. The pedals are made of heavy aluminum and steel. The pedals are lighter than mine and feel great. I decided to go back to platform pedals to save weight. They're better on the knees and more practical than road clip-ins. I'm taking these zonkies on a tour. I think they will hold up.

👤The nut holding the pedal to the axle tightened so much that the ball bearings were binding. It wouldn't free-spin. I loosened the nuts and it would spin around. The ball bearings are free-spun many times after I washed them. I oiled the bearings, tightened the nuts, and now they work as they should. I have yet to ride them, so I don't know how long they will last.

👤We took the pedals off to let him transition and use the strider he'd been using before, when he was learning to ride his big bike. We lost the pedals. The ones we bought worked perfectly. They made the original one show up a few weeks later.

👤My 12 year old son accidentally knocked his bike off the kickstand and broke his pedal while he was on his mountain bike for less than 2 days. I know these are plastic. The pedals on his old mountain bike that he used to ride a few years ago took a real beating over the course of 3 years and never broke like these did with a simple tip-over.

👤What do you want when you buy these? They're cheap plastic pedals, and they don't make any pretense of being great pedals. They are functional and decent made, which is more than a lot of pedals on Amazon can claim. They're fine if you just want some basic pedals.

9. VIEWALL Bike Pedals Cages Multi Purpose

VIEWALL Bike Pedals Cages Multi Purpose

The package includes a pair of pedals. Please check your bike size before buying. The road bike pedals are heavy duty. The cage clip is 5.8" and the pedal surface is 3.8". The wide toe clip pedals and larger cover with high-speed DU bearings give users a comfortable riding experience. The pedals are designed for all 9/16" bikes. You can use the clips and straps for mountain bike pedals if you remove them. The straps and clips are pre-installed. Bike pedals protect you from slipping in a rapid spin. The pedal surface has a non-slip design and a strap that keeps shoes in the pedal. You can control your bike with Viewall bike pedals. The aluminum alloy body with high- strength cage is an excellent replacement for the bike pedals. Excellent solid bearing is strong, wear-resistant, and does not rust, and it has an excellent service life and stability of the pedal. You can support up to 330 lbs. The package includes a pair of bike pedals. If you have a product issue, please contact them and they will help with the pedals. All messages will be responded to within 24 hours.

Brand: Viewall

👤The pedals that came with my bike were too small. I like to use toe clips in my shoes, as opposed to clipless pedals. I can jump on my bike without changing shoes. The balls of my feet are not right over the pedals because most toe clips don't allow my big feet to go all the way in. There is a The bigger pedals are more comfortable for my big feet. There is a The toe clips work just as well if I'm wearing a pair of narrow shoes. My bike shoes fit perfectly into the clip, as they measure about 10 cm across the ball of my foot. My feet hang up about an inch from the end when I wear my walking shoes. My toes are over the pedals. The problem is that my shoes are 13 cm wide. They are also about a cm taller. The problem is not the fault of the pedals. I found a small block of plastic that I could use as a spacer so I could mount the clip further away from the pedal. This allows my feet to go further in and the balls to be positioned over the pedals. There is a There are pros and cons. The pedals don't move very fast. They feel sluggish as if they used heavy grease. I don't know if this will bother me or not, it's different than my previous pedals. There is a The pedals are a bit heavier than before. They're a bit bigger so no surprise there. There is a I like them so far and I'm happy with them.

👤I bought these on my wife's account. I ride a vehicle. The pedals were easy to install. They hold your foot and I can feel a difference in your legs when you are on a pedal. They pinched my toes after the first ride. I thought it might be necessary to be broken in. They hurt my toes after a dozen rides and became numb. This is a 10 mile ride and I have stopped riding and taken feet out. I've moved their feet. I don't recommend them. I will be looking at other cages and shoes.

👤I convert my road bike to a stationary bike for workouts all year long. It allows me to push down on the pedals for a better workout.

👤As described. It appears to be good quality. Time will tell. Happy so far.

10. Mzyrh Mountain Pedals Non Slip Bearing

Mzyrh Mountain Pedals Non Slip Bearing

The International Standard Thread is 9/16" in diameter. Installation and removal of 8mm hexagons. It is suitable for most of the mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, folding bikes, urban bikes, travel bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, fixed gear bikes, unicycles, scooters, e-bike and etc. The pedal body is made of aluminum alloy and is suitable for most of the bikes. The ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT is 2. Each pair has a unique hollow design, only 0.71lb. There are great grips. The new style of reverse installation anti-skid nails, each side of pedal with 16 pins, provide a strong grips and they gift extra nails to replace, make the cycling safer. 3 sealed bearings are excellent for long distance riding. Installation is easy. L is for left pedal and R is for right pedal.

Brand: Mzyrh

👤The build quality on these is excellent. The design caused me to remove them and give them away. The outer perimeter is so thin and the shaft bulges in the middle that it feels like my foot is over a big hump, high centered in the middle, and causes my shoes to slip off the pedal. I wore the same shoes each time I rode them. It's similar to taping a ball to the bottom of a shoe. They look great and are built well, but I am very disappointed in them.

👤Picked up some for a bike build. I borrowed the pedals for the weekend after I got a downhill bike. Race Face atlas pedals cost $175 and I run them. They're amazing pedals. Are these just as good? There is a lot of grip. It feels great and stable. I'm blown away! There is a The person who complained about the raised middle has no clue. A person trying to pedal in tennis shoes. The feel of the 510s is just like any other thin metal pedal from any other brand. I've only been on them for a short time, so I can't comment on longevity yet. I'll update this if they act up. They're still kicking butt if you don't see any updates.

👤It's nice that they match with my frame, it's darker than the others. The bearings are butter smooth but not free sliding so they spin like a top for function. The build quality and smoothness of these are the same as that of a much more expensive petal. If you have worn off the Allen key insert, you can get them with the through hole pins. It is repairable as well. The Alum has held up well after taking a few hard hits. They are in the same class as Heavier Chester's from Raceface. The thin profile will give them more clearance than a thicker poly petal. I ride 100 miles of Road/Fire road and 70 miles of DH trail. There was no major damage.

👤They are an upgrade from stock pedals. I'm a new rider, so I only have a small amount of experience, but these pedals have good grip and are lighter than stock pedals. I don't know how they'll hold up over time, but so far it's been good. I was a little worried that they were smaller than my stock pedals, but they are actually larger. Not a lot, but some. These pedals are good.

👤It was in great condition. They are thin and light. 330 grams is the total for both pedals. The shoes are well griped. The plastic cap on the threads seems to have worked. They were easy to thread on. There was a set of pedal washers in the box. I used an 8mm wrench. It is easy to find a T20 torx bit for the studs. The color looks good to me. The Profile BMX stem is a tad darker than the pedals. I'm happy with the color.

11. Hirate Mountain Antiskid Bearings Aluminum

Hirate Mountain Antiskid Bearings Aluminum

The butterfly shape design inside is simple and elegant. Their design is perfect for keeping your tread locked into place, and the hollow design reduces bike pedal weight and reduces wind resistance during riding. The platform pedals are made of sealed smooth bearings that protect them from the noise caused by water or dust, so you can enjoy cycling in raining or climbing all the time. Hirate bike pedals are made of high strength aluminum alloy and have shock-proof, abrasion and greatly extend the lifespan of the pedals, the anodised surface prevents oxidation and corrosion resistance, very sturdy and durable for usage than other normal. The bike pedals have 12 pins per pedal and are anti-skid. It saves you time and energy. CR-L for left pedal and CR-R for right pedal are easy to install. The weight and size are 4.1in x 3.58in x 1.0in. Universal bike pedals. The Standard 9/16" is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465 is 888-282-0465

Brand: Hirate

👤I tried a few different pedals on my new bike. I have a cage on one side of my pedals and clips on the other. I decided to replace my son's bike with a wider mtb pedal because the Shimano are narrow. I liked the width and feel of the red pedals, but I didn't like the color. I put those on my son's bike. I like the color but I also like riding my bike and feel great. I mostly ride to work but I will try and get some longer rides in as well. I will probably put those on for a long time. I'm going to keep these on because they feel just fine and are much wider. There is a The studs are the only thing I'm worried about. The pedals that my son bought for me are not as sharp as I would have liked but they are still sharp. There was no blood. I could see a bad fall. I'm pretty sure this is the same as other mtb pedals. I have had the Shimano for a long time and they seem to work well for the width and grip.

👤That doesn't mean anything unless they deliver on function. Smooth operation. The pedals are easily grasped by shoes. I like the larger surface area of my pedals. It's on my Schwinn Traveler road bike. I was very happy with the purchase. After using the pedals for a while. Still working well. When I first installed, I noticed that the pedals were not spinning freely. I thought it might be because of grease needing to work in a bit, but the pedals still don't spin very freely. It is not something you will notice when you are riding, but it may not be the best if you are looking for the most efficient free-spinning pedals.

👤The description states that these are for road, mountain biking and BMX. They would fit a BMX bike, but it seems that bikes with a BMX style need only 1/2''. I'm sad because these pedals are top quality. There are 3 bearings and solid aluminum. I thought about keeping them for my bike, but don't really need them. Is it possible that this company makes them in 1/2? If you plan on using these for 1/2 thread cranks, you'll need to pay a fee of $20.00 to extend them out about 1/3 of an inch. I am sending them back because of that. The pedals are nice. They do not fit.

👤The nylon/plastic pedals that came on my bike were replaced with these. They are easy to install. They provide excellent grip for a variety of shoes. I don't clip in anymore and these allow for that flexibility. It doesn't matter. Prompt delivery, good product, great price.

👤The pedals were bought for the width and length. They are wide and have good grip. The pedals are made of metal and have a nice color pattern. It's easy to install, just figure out which is right and left. Excellent pedals for a good price.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals mountain bike?

Bicycle pedals mountain bike products from Kootu. In this article about bicycle pedals mountain bike you can see why people choose the product. Fooker and Mohegia are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pedals mountain bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle pedals mountain bike?

Kootu, Fooker and Mohegia are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pedals mountain bike. Find the detail in this article. Cxwxc, Bonmixc and Alston are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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