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1. SANMERSEN Bicycle Footrest Handrail Accessories

SANMERSEN Bicycle Footrest Handrail Accessories

Customer satisfaction is important to them. If you are unhappy with their gel bicycle seat cushion, they will give you a money-back assurance. The wide padded seat and backrest make it safe and comfortable to ride. The armrest handrail and footrest made sure your children were safe. Please note. Double check the screws for children over 5 years old. The material isdurable. A wooden board on a cushion and a strong steel armrest are included. The sponge is thick and can be cleaned more easily. It's the same size for most. The cushion is about 13.4 x 6.2 x 1.9inch and the arm is about 7.87 inch. FeetrestE is about 4.26 x 2.36inch/ 11.2 x 6 cm. The seat cushion is held onto a bike rack by straps, not included. The weight limit is the limit of the rack. It's easy to start. A bike rack is needed to mount it. It's easy to change a bike rack. It can be used on a standard back seat. A great child's food for bullocks. It is possible to make your child safety by matching a classic black bicycle. Don't worry about the risk of kids falling while sitting in the back seat of the bicycles, it's a neat appearance that makes travel full of fun.

Brand: Samyoung

👤This seat is great. If you have a good bike racket, you should not have any problems. I put the footrests on the rack so my son could reach them. I put a toolbelt under the seat to make him feel more secure.

👤My husband and son rode their bikes to the park after a quick ride around the neighborhood. Our son and daughter were not stuck in the bike trailer. The seat of my husband's bike seat is close to the handle bars. We put ours on a Acomfort rack. It was dropped to a one star due to poor craftsmanship and cheap materials. The seat broke in the area where the back support was attached. My husband and son feel unsafe. We tried to reach someone about this issue. A full refund was offered for the faulty item. We love the seat. There was something wrong with the one we received.

👤We loved it when it was installed and we drove it around the neighborhood. We made a picnic basket and headed for a family day out. My son fractured his ankle when he got stuck in between the wheel bars. This is a really dangerous product, that should come with add on equipment to close off the wheel portion where child's foots gonna sit, because small children can miss the foot rest, and their foot get stuck like our sons.

👤Loving this seat. Strudy. It was slick. It was thought to be too heavy. Really nice. I didn't know how it would fit on my bike. It's sturdy enough to use with a regular bike rack. My son might switch to a cargo rack when he gets a little heavier. It's perfect. My seven year old can't wait to ride.

👤My ebike build is a game-changer. My 6 year old daughter rides to school. She likes it. I was able to put a bar on the seat tube of my old bike, with the bar coming up between my seat stays. This allows me to adjust my seat post. It's important to mount it to the strongest rear rack you can find. I have mounted my bike frame with little M5 bolts. The bolts that come out of the bottom of the seat are the only complaint. I had to hold 2 of them with vice grips as I tightened them down, which made the threads foul. I give it 5 stars for the money.

👤There are no issues with the seat. I like the back rest and the foot rests that fold up. It doesn't come with instructions or a way to attach it to the bike, so just a few words of caution. It isn't really made for a cruiser as the handle bar won't fit behind my seat. I still use it with modifications.

👤I was expecting more than that. The RAD Runner Plus is here. Kids were terrified to ride the runner with the seat on it. It was difficult to ride the bike because they held me tight around my waist. That made me afraid. This worked out the trick. Our kids love it.

2. Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Pedals Bicycle

Imrider Lightweight Polyamide Pedals Bicycle

There is a 2-year warranty. The GOMO is made with safe plastic finishes for less damage to the bike. Choose the one that they think is the most cool. The GOMO has a 2-year manufacturing warranty. Strong grips on the bicycle are produced by hard spindles to help prevent sudden disconnection. The antiskid nail surface made it an advantage. A big platform for long rides. The material is made of high quality polyamide. The standard is 9/16" x 125mm. X 18. There are millimetres. It's suitable for: BMX, cruiser bicycle, kids' bikes, road bicycles, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle, etc.

Brand: Imrider

👤Over the past 10 years, I've ridden cross county and all-mountain on everything from Cannondale to Specialized. I decided to give these a try because they are inexpensive and we will review them. They were slapped on my full suspension. The Commencal Meta trail was not disappointing. They are light, well built, and bulletproof so far. I've been riding with them for a few weeks and they've taken a few hits in some rock gardens with no damage at all. It's great for climbing and has enough grip for technical descents. I'm very happy with them so far, they preform as well or better than pedals that cost 4x as much. Grab a pair and you will be happy.

👤I wanted to wait until I had 500 miles on these pedals. I installed these on my road bike because I don't like the clipless toe clamps that came with it. I thought buying a bike pedal would be easy, but I read 1000s of reviews about the different models and made pedals. I was confused by cheap, pricey, different sized, different models, different materials, and different purposed pedals but not as much as the differing good to bad reviews of each. Who wrote these reviews? Are they talking about the same thing? I decided to try the less expensive pedals because I didn't have much money tied up if they didn't work out. They're very workable. I love them. They were cheap, didn't spin freely, lost studs, and cut your leg when you stood next to them. Wrong on all accounts. I weigh over 200 lbs. I put a lot of pressure on these when climbing a hill. They spin well. I have not lost any studs either, as some people complained about, and they even sent extras in case I did. They haven't torn my shoe soles as I wear gym shoes. It's perfect for my size 13 feet. The studs on my bike's platform pedals help secure my foot to the pedal, which makes pedaling a little easier. I can't prove that last statement. I seem to pedal more efficiently. I have no complaints. I would buy these again if the need arose for a road, mountain, hybrid, etc bike I owned.

👤I bought these pedals a few months back and they worked well. The right pedal snapped off when I was riding. This caused me to crash and I needed medical attention. I damaged my laptop because of the crash. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. If you are on the fence, you should get a more reliable pedal.

👤The pedals are great. They don't give you an excuse to do technical riding without good pedals. The threaded steel studs on these make a night and day difference in grip. These are the best platform pedals I've ever ridden. Unless you lose contact with the pedal, your feet won't slip. I found that these made me much more secure on technical terrain, as they improved my maximum cadence and made me use good riding technique, keeping my heels low on downhills. The plastic didn't show any damage beyond scratches from the time I used it. I sold my rigid to a friend and got a nicer bike, and I plan on getting another set of these to use on the new bike. There is a The only issues I have with these pedals are that they aren't the lightest out there, and you need a pedal wrench to install them on your bike. The pedal only completes one or two revolutions if you spin it on your own. The pedals are lighter than some of the other ones, but they will probably be more expensive. A narrow wrench is required to remove the pedals from the platform. I scratched some cranks while doing a swap on some similar pedals, but only with an adjusted wrench. The pro-grade wrench is about $10 and I'm sure there are cheaper options. There is a The studs on these pedals are sharp. If you use poor riding technique or careless, they will cut your legs. These might not be the best pedal for casual cruising. These are the pedals that you want if you want an economical pedal.

3. Trail Gator Childrens Trailer Tow Black

Trail Gator Childrens Trailer Tow Black

Hitch, tow arm and safety flag are included in Ready To Bike. The harness system has five points. A full internal aluminum roll cage is needed for protection. Wheel guards are used to protect against unforeseen obstacles. Passive suspension is provided by the hammock style seat. The seat fabric is water resistant and the cover is water resistant. The Tow Bar converts an ordinary child's bike into a safe, towable bike trailer. The child's bike can be attached or disconnected without tools once the bar is installed. Adult must weigh at least twice as much as the child rider for children with a maximum weight of 70.5 pounds. The tire size for children's bikes is 12- to 20-inch. There are accessories available.

Brand: Trail-gator

👤When it arrived, mine was missing hardware. I purchased the quick release pin and a few other parts separately, and Amazon gave me a discount, so I will not let that affect my review, but it's worth noting that installation takes for ever. I'm a competent weekend warrior mechanic, but this took me a couple hours to get the Torque specs right. Common sense eventually becomes coherent if you use it. There is a The idea behind the product is brilliant. One of the few that will allow your child to ride his/her bike and then connect them when they get tired is this one. I didn't want a Follow-Me product because they couldn't ride their own. Love the idea, but it's a little flimsy and cheap. The part that connects the child's bike frame to it was the subject of a lot of complaints. I stuck the rubber pieces under and Torqued them to spec with a Torque wrench. Many complain about the leaning issue, but I have it. If you change the seat post connection piece's rotation, you should be able to eliminate the lean. I have had little luck after changing jobs. I'll give it a try again, but I think it's just a matter of fact. My 3 year old and 5 year old boys love riding behind me. They had a blast taking this on the Peddlers' Jamboree in Iowa. The lean makes steering a little awkward for the parent. I hit the gravel because my kids were leaning back and forth. They didn't complain about it being uncomfortable. The lighter child is less pronounced. It's easy to switch from towing to riding. You can switch in 2 min flat if you unbutton a few quick release pins. No problem. I'm impressed with how easy it is and how well it stays on my bike when not in use. We're keeping it. It's not the best, but fun and works well.

👤My daughter is not ready to ride a bike yet, so I purchased this product to bridge the gap. We would only use the tandem for a short period of time and have to get rid of it. It works well if the child can balance themselves on their own, but if they are still training wheel dependent, it is very dangerous. The whole system sways when they lean to one side or the other. If you're trying to ride on the street. If your child is capable of riding a bike but you don't want them going on rides with you in the city, this might be a good option. It is possible if you are riding on an isolated bike trail. I wouldn't recommend it if cars were present, because the child wouldn't be able to ride on their own.

👤This review is only for people who want to tow another bike. I was searching high and low for something that would allow me to take my daughter's bike to school, so I don't have to leave the bike at school. This is the only thing that allows me to do that, and it does it perfectly. I have used this several times a week for 2 years on 2 different bikes. There is a The packaging was not good. The box was destroyed and pieces were missing that I had to replace from the hardware store. The reason for the 1-star deduction is this. There is a It's been great once I got over that. It's everything I wanted.

4. Puroma Mountain Non Slip Bicycle Platform

Puroma Mountain Non Slip Bicycle Platform

The Q-Factor technology has narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child's hips, allowing for easier peddling and handling. The wide platform pedals have an optimal surface area for long ride comfort and pedaling efficiency. The bicycle pedals are sealed to keep them out of water and dust. The traction pins are replaceable and offer more bite for increased grip and control. The install is easy, with a L for left pedal and a R for right pedal. Most bikes have a standard 9/16” sturdy Chromoly steel axle bearing. It's suitable for commute, recreational riding, BMX, cruiser bicycle, kids' bikes, road, bicycles, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle, etc.

Brand: Puroma

👤The product does its job. On my first ride with a new pedal, I got caught in the pedal as I walked next to the bike. I was cut pretty deep. Be careful! I keep it, but would never install it on my kids bike.

👤I've been a bike mechanic for 25 years and have used many different types of pedals. I've become accustomed to the idea that pedals are paid for and that the adage "you get what you pay for" applies to them. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on this set, so I put it on a spinning bike. I was surprised that I only paid 18 bucks. The $100+ set is nicer. I work on my daily commute. They are lightweight, sturdy, and well-built, and my anecdotal take on the bearings is that they are very good. It seems that something has changed and cheaper pedals are getting better. These are among the better options available. Don't hesitate. I am getting a new set of these to put on my Rivendell.

👤These are on a road bike. There was a lot of rain and mud. A heavy rider and lots of rough riding. The pedals have held up well. There is a I took one apart because it was creaking. It seems to be a sleeve bearing with one small bearing at the end of the spindle. Put it back together and it seems fine. They are going to keep running until they wear out.

👤These pedals are great, I have a city type Trek bike that I ride for exercise 5 days a week, and they are just fantastic, they never slip. The stock pedals that come with my new Trek bike were a joke made of slippery plastic, I had to get new pedals asap, which I did via Amazon. The great pedals should be listed for all bikes, as focusing only on BMX bikes doesn't give them the credit they need. If I get a flat on my bike, I wear running shoes and walk 1 to 2 miles to a safe tire repair location, because I have worn all of my shoes on my bike. I will be getting a second pair of them for my other bike.

👤The pedal is lightweight and simple to install. It has held up well in climbing uphill trails and roads, despite only 3 hours of riding on it. There is a The bolts it uses for grip work well, but do not hurt you. You will bleed if you lose skin. I would recommend this to someone who is used to riding a bike.

👤There are a lot of the same pedals for sale. I have installed and ridden about 15 times. The pedals work well, but I adjusted some of the spike screws lower. Spike screws fell off during a ride. Cut the screws shorter or leave them long. The screw ends can cut your leg, so modify the screws. The black ring on the bearing makes it difficult for the wrench to fit on the pedal axle.

5. Blue Balance Bike Special Needs

Blue Balance Bike Special Needs

The seat post makes it easy to adjust the height. It is the best way to learn to cycle. A balance bike is a fun way to learn to ride. A no pedal bike allows children to master balance and steering first so moving to pedal bike is easy. A big balance bike is a great bike. It was designed for every child. This is a bike for children up to 9 years old. A balancing bike is great for kids who have challenges and experienced riders who love testing their limits. There are pink, green, or blue balance bikes. Girls and boys balance bikes. It's safe and durable. Children need to be safe on balance bikes. The kids balance bike has been tested with the weight of larger children and it is amazing. Both wheels are equipped with safety washers. There is no need for kids to set up balance bikes. The bike is partially assembled. The wheels are ready to ride. Attach the seat and handlebars to your child with the wrench provided. Please let them know if you're not happy with the bike or the results. If you don't like your balance bike, they will buy it back from you. They can fix or replace parts.

Brand: Bixe

👤This bike is very special to me. I have a 7 year old son with a condition that makes it hard for him to ride a bicycle. He wasn't having fun learning and his parents were frustrated. He was understanding how to balance but didn't have the confidence to do it. He wasn't understanding the need to keep pedaling and he was afraid of letting go of the bike. He would jump off the bike or put his foot down when we let him go. I bought a bike. He loves it! We don't have to follow him closely because he keeps asking to ride his bike. We had it a week ago. I'm happy to see that he's happy in riding. There is a video in our driveway. He drags his feet to stop so he doesn't go into the street. He glided down a steep hill without stopping at a campground this weekend. He can rest his feet on the bar. He rode the hill many times. It was safe on the bottom of the hill. I love this bike. He will be able to transition to a bike with pedals if he has the confidence to balance. This bike is very good. I wish we would have gotten this for him sooner.

👤I rely on longer reviews by others to make buying decisions, and this is going to be a bit long. We tried a pedal bike with training wheels first because my 4-year-old is tall for his age, and we needed a larger balance bike. He loved training wheels so much that it was clear he would never give them up. He's not very athletic and tends to learn new physical skills slowly. His height, late start at balancing, and lack of athletic ability all suggest he's going to be on a balance bike for a while. There is a So. The Bixe and the 14x Sport were ordered by us. The bike is built better. There's no way around it. If you have multiple kids and plan to give the bike to them a few times, it would be a good choice. The higher sticker price is negotiable. The Sport has small tires and footrests that make it look like a little kid bike, so I would not be surprised if my child starts asking for a big kid bike when it's finally time to put the pedals on. When I was looking at bikes, I thought the footrest on the Strider would be important, but my child never rests his feet on either bike anyway. When he wants to coast, he lifts his feet up. The Bixe is less expensive than the Strider. I don't know how to tell the difference between the two, the metal the Bixe is made of seems slightly less heavy-duty and when you're assembling the front steering wheel things fit together more easily. The Bixe doesn't have the ability to adjust the seat height without tools. It's easy to change the seat height on the strider when we are out riding. The Bixe's seat needs to be adjusted with the allen wrench. My child has never asked for the Bixe seat to be adjusted, even though he has done it a few times. If I hadn't compared the bikes, I wouldn't have noticed the differences. We kept the bikes so one could stay at the grandparents. The Bixe can handle anything a kid could throw at it. It will hold up until my kid is ready to upgrade to pedals and will likely be in good enough shape to pass on to another family. My kid likes the Bixe because it looks grown up. He's too young to tell you how they feel on a ride. He looks forward to riding it when he goes to his grandparents' house. My kid is thrilled with this bike and I am happy with the price compared to the Strider. Customer service. The Bixe bike I received had a problem that made it hard to put it together. Bixe customer service went above and beyond to address the issue. They resolved the issue way beyond what I expected. You don't have to pay $250 for a bike. You and your kid will be happy with the Bixe. If you're still reading, please take the time to read this review.

6. BW Youth Bicycle Pedals Spindle

BW Youth Bicycle Pedals Spindle

The bike pedals were marked " L " for left side crank and " R" for right side crank. Money-back guarantee for 90 days. They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. Choose between 11 youth themed colors to match or compliment your child's bicycle. A quality construction is made with a steel spindle, DU bearings and a plastic body. The platform is appropriate for larger kids bikes. It works with most 12 - 16” youth bicycles, and is compatible with any bicycle with a 1/2” crank.

Brand: Bw

👤The 1/2 inch is the size of the shaft that screws into the bike. The pedals are better than the originals. They are the right size for smaller feet. The shipment was received a week before the promise date.

👤The pedals look ok. The pedal doesn't spin freely. It takes a bit of force to get the pedals to move. I would have to disassemble the pedals to make them spin better. These were bought for a young child to learn how to ride. This will make pedaling harder on the tiny legs.

👤I swapped these for the stuff that came on my kids bike and they are amazing. The cheap ones that came with the bike are also thicker. There were no issues with thread or size. They are the same size in the right places.

👤I needed a bigger one. I should have measured the kid cranks more carefully as this was my fault. The seller took care of it. The quality of these looks good.

👤A kid's Giant bike had a broken stock pedal. The color options look cool and should last for a long time on normal bikes.

👤They fit my son's Huffy Rock-it perfectly. The most affordable option was to upgrade his bike with new stuff and change the color theme to black and green. They feel very well made and look great. I'm more excited to finish this build than he is.

👤The panel is not as smooth as it could be. Maybe this is the design for the kids not to ride fast.

👤I bought these for my son's birthday. He is very rough on his bike. After you get the other pedals off the bike, these are easy to install. The bike is perfect and the color is vibrant.

7. JOYSTAR Vintage Bicycle Basket Training

JOYSTAR Vintage Bicycle Basket Training

The JOYSTAR Vintage Girl's bike with 12-inch wheels is the best gift for girls who are between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. This bicycle has a good fit and low gear for easy pedalling. The Vintage is a great choice for riding to the park or riding on the sidewalk. Sturdy Design - The Hi-Ten steel frame and fork provide great impact resistance when riding over rocky and bumpy terrain, which makes it easy to ride a bicycle. The amazing ride comes ready to rock with resilient wheels, wrapped in rubber off-road tires for outstanding grip and stability in any weather conditions. The coaster brake is a great option for young riders because it is easy to provide stopping power when needed. The enclosed chain guard is for your kids. She's going to have to balance on her own until she's able to point in the right direction. It is easy for her to learn and feel comfortable behind the wheel with the singlespeed drivetrain and soft leather grips. The bicycles come with a basket and stickers that make it more fun for your child to ride. You don't have to worry about damage or maintenance with JOYSTAR's durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires. The kid bike comes with 85% assembled body and the basic assembly tools, perfect customer service and Lifetime Warranty on manufacturing defects for all metal frames, rigid forks, stems, and handlebars.

Brand: Joystar

👤I was hesitant at the price because Walmart bikes are cheaper, but this bike is bigger than those and my 3.5 year old can't ride it. She rides it in the house every single day and it hasn't made it outside yet. I felt the instructions made it harder for me to put it together. I just went with it and threw out the instructions. I love the neutral colors and can't help but brag about it. My daughter put a Z on the bike because it came with stickers. She didn't have enough stickers to put her whole name on. The cushion hand pads on the handle bars are something I like. It was important for me to get a bike that had a slanted bar so that she wouldn't hurt herself when she got off the bike. I am very happy with this bike.

👤This bike looks great. We were excited to assemble. Instructions for a 16inch bike were included in the bike we ordered. It is vastly different. The bike is too small for our 4 YO. It is very heavy. How can a child control a bike? Can you tell me about the pre schooler who is frustrated? Two stars for looks. That is it.

👤My girls love riding the second bike, it looks as good as the first one, and I got a second one. My 6 and 4 year olds have no problem reaching the pedals on the lowest setting, and my 4 year old has no problem reaching the pedals on the highest setting. My daughter loves her bike. The 16” is a good size for a 5 year old, it will last her a few years. It's pretty sturdy. It is good for a little kid to have weight so they can't move it themselves and not light up. It's easy to ensamble.

👤I know how a bike works but assembly instructions are not very good. One of the nuts on the bike is rusty and shows little quality control. If a kid leans too hard on one side getting off the bike, it will flip over, so the training wheels should reach out a little further. We returned a Huffy we bought at Walmart because it was garbage. For double the price, this one is better. The leather grips and seat are nice, but the plastic grips that hold them on fell off before the first ride. 3 stars because its just average for what you pay and average these days One day, I will find a product that is worth the price from a company that puts forth some effort. Until then, typical mediocrity.

👤My granddaughter is 4, tall and thin and loves her bike. It looks like it will grow well with her. I hope the materials hold up. The leather handbar grips are softer than rubber grips and are more friendly for kids. These are deceptive because they are vinyl. I hope they don't split like vinyl often does. I am worried that the tread on the training wheels will not last until she is ready for her two wheel launch. They are very thin and that is a concern. "Miss Pink" is kept away from the elements. There is a The bike is cute and retro. The basket is made of plastic.

8. Royalbaby Freestyle Inch Kids Brakes

Royalbaby Freestyle Inch Kids Brakes

The frame is built to last and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The bike comes with a bell, a water bottle, training wheels, and a kickstand. It is easy to adjust the height of the seat with the quick release seat post. It is easy to put together. Only the training wheels, handlebars and saddle are required for the bike to be assembled. Assembly tools are included. The seat has a high back. Also features a sturdy steel frame, a one-piece crank, ball bearing drive shaft, a full chain guard and steel wheels with pneumatic rubber 2.4" wide knobby tires. There are many options for learning to stop with the combination of a front and rear band brake. The training wheels have extra rubber to reduce noise.

Brand: Royalbaby

👤I was surprised by the number of reviews. The bike is too heavy for a young rider. I was worried that my 4-year-old would get hurt if the bike landed on him while he was learning to ride, because it was 75% of his weight. It was difficult for him to get the bike going because of the weight. We can buy a high-quality aluminum frame bike at our local bike store for just a little bit more, since it is a sturdy and nice-looking bike.

👤The bikes for our four year old twins are very nice. The transition from smaller bikes to training wheels was an immediate success. The bikes look good and come in two colors that are pleasing to both boys. Assembly was easy. Our family enjoys using bikes and scooters together. When researching bikes for kids near this age, I noticed that some articles suggested doing away with training wheels. I don't know what the logic is behind that, our kids appreciate having them for support, and when the time is right, we'll remove the extra wheels. Immediate fun and no tears.

👤My son loves his bike. The bike was easy to assemble. The bike looks exactly like the picture and when the training wheels come off they have provided a kickstand in addition to all the other cool features. The price wasn't bad either. He likes this bike the best because it's faster and more smooth than his first bike.

👤This thing is 30 lbs. My daughter is 30 lbs and can push this thing up a hill. This is a sturdy bike, but maybe too much. It became apparent that this was not going to work because it was too heavy. I bought a Nice brand bike with mistranslated stickers and sent it back, but it broke at 35 days after I bought it. I finally paid for the guardian bike. It matters. The 14 inch guardian bike is 16 lbs.

👤The bike was not damaged. It is easy to assemble. It was the perfect size for my toddler. The tools are provided by them. He loves the bike and bell. There is a The price was over-priced. I didn't get this bike because it was out of stock, but it's $200+ and nothing special. The instructions are garbage. I had trouble attaching the left pedal and thought I was getting two right pedals. I had to twist left to tighten. My main issue is the pedals. The pedals aren't your breaks, so instead they are pushed backwards, which means they won't move the bike. Probably should have had pedal breaks. My son will push the pedals backwards all day. The tires seem to be deflated. The bike is large for a toddler. It matters when it falls on them. There is a The bike was overpriced. It's easy to assemble. My son likes it. We need to work a bit more to break. Be sure to tighten everything as much as possible. My son's seat started twisting when he sat on it so I could adjust it. I had to go back in and tighten it up. Will update if there are any issues.

9. Eilsorrn Balance Training Bicycle Toddler

Eilsorrn Balance Training Bicycle Toddler

Please check the size. The 12'' bike is designed for children 1 - 4 years old, the 14'' bike is for children 3 - 5 years old, and the 16'' bike is for children 4 - 8 years old. The design of the 4 in 1 Kids Training Bike makes it easy to switch between bikes. The buttons on the Handlebar, pedals, and training wheels can be removed with a quick push. The saddle height can be adjusted from 13 to 15.7 inch. It's perfect for growing kids. A bike is loaded with more than 100 lbs. A great gift for a young child. The bike is made of carbon steel and puncture proof tires. It is strong and durable to fit on any surface. If you have any questions, please contact them as soon as possible, they will try their best to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply.

Brand: Eilsorrn

👤My 4 year old refuses to use pedals and I can't find a bike with optional pedals that also had training wheels. I found this bike. It takes 10 minutes to assemble. The wheels are not hard plastic and don't make noise. Same with training wheels. The quick release for training wheels is a great idea. I will be able to add pedals easily when my little one is ready. I would like it to come in more colors.

👤This little bike is perfect for my two year old. He has a blast in it. It is great for both indoors and outdoors. It is perfectly comfortable and convenient.

👤My boy was 3 years old. He likes this bike. He rides every day.

👤My three-year-old helped assemble the bike for me.

👤It's easy to snap on and off. Stable!

👤My son loves it.

👤The bike is not very well made. It looks like it is cheap plastic. I don't think my grandson would be able to ride outside.

👤The Eilsorrn Balance Bike for kids is pretty good, but I suggest only considering it for 3 of the configurations. There is a The balance bike is a transformer. You can use it in four different configurations. The first three are viable options, but it is difficult for young kids to use it without training wheels. There is a It's easy to assemble and reconfigure the bike. You can put pieces on and off with tension tabs. I liked the design feature. I never had to adjust the handlebar piece after it clicked in, because it was difficult to get it to snap in. You can tighten the seat with an attached clamp if you put the post into the body tube. As your child grows, it will allow you to adjust the seat. There is a The bike is light and heavy. The kids should be able to handle it, and they can move it around once they are 4. The tires are the weakest part of the bike. They are not made of rubber. They are lightweight and have some rigidity. I don't know if the long term durability of the tires is something that will last, but I think that would be the first thing to fail on the bike. After a couple weeks of use, the foamy-plastic has little micro-dents. I'm not sure what it will look like after two summers of use. The configurations work as expected. The bike becomes a tricycle when you put the pedals on it and kids have enough leg strength to pedal. If you leave the pedals on, it's hard for little kids to have enough strength to pedal and keep moving, since they can't balance a regular bike at a young age. I wouldn't buy this thing for your kid to use as a bike, even if they could pull it off. They can use it as a balance bike and occasionally pedal, but they are not going to continuously pedal around the block like that. There is a I think this is a 4-star bike. You can use it as a fake tricycle and then get a balance bike. The convenience of being able to pop pedals and training wheels on and off is appealing if you get two good summers out of it.

10. Balance Months Adjustable Birthday Toddler Bicycle

Balance Months Adjustable Birthday Toddler Bicycle

It's perfect for use on bikes that are too large for a child. The Jollito baby balance bike suit is for babies who are learning to walk or ride. It helps to develop babies' balance, steering, coordination, and confidence at an early age. The balance bike is the top gift for boys and girls. It's safe and safe and safe. No pedal design, a sturdy carbon steel frame, fully and wide enclosed wheels, and a supportive soft seat ensure baby feet safety. Parents need to be with your baby during the ride. For 1-2 years old, the first bike. Boys and girls. The baby bike seat heights and handle angle can be adjusted. The handlebar angle can be adjusted and locked. The height floor to seat can be adjusted. The design will meet the baby of different heights. Their feet could easily touch the floor. As the child grows, your baby could still enjoy riding. The baby bike is easy to install and can be done in just a few minutes. It's convenient to disassemble or install at any time. Bring the experience indoors to your baby. There are after-sales. The greatest mission of Jollito is the satisfaction of babies and parents. If you have any suggestions about the quality of the baby balance bike. They will help you solve the problem if you contact them.

Brand: Jollito

👤The front wheel fell off on my grandsons first ride after we received the first bike. The only way to contact Jollito was via email. I didn't hear back. Emailed again, no response. I haven't heard back yet. I returned the bike to Amazon, and they sent me another bike. My grandson loves it. I am very thankful I bought the bike through Amazon. I'm not sure if I would have gotten a new bike.

👤My baby is 14 months old and he is learning to ride a bike. The bike is very easy to assemble. The size is right for my baby. He can easily ride this bike. The bike is light and can move around. I am very pleased with the product.

👤He loves this trike. It makes him happy and makes him laugh. The trike has a tendency to drift because it is light in the back. He crashes. His mama kisses his boo all the better and he goes to the races again. Really great trike! The adventures continue.

👤The baby won't get off of it. I can't adjust the seat because the tool wasn't included. The wheels won't stay on so the back axel is kissing something. I would give it 5 stars if it was not faulty.

👤I was completely surprised by the quality of this - sturdy metal frame, real bike seat, wheels worked so smoothly! We had to return it because my daughter is too tall and heavy for her age. I will definitely buy one for baby #2, but I would recommend a friend.

👤Our little one is not yet ready to ride it, even though I have read many reviews. It was the perfect gift for when it was ready. It is easy to assemble. The design of the single back wheel was best for the little one to notentangle their feet when moving fast. I will try to update later.

👤The bike is perfect. He pushed it around for 3 months after I bought it. He's 15 months old and he's trying to get on it himself. He will be able to use the bike. It's cute!

👤The seat was damaged. One pole was scratched up. The wheels were dirty. Overall, it seems like it's not worth $50+.

👤El pequeo triciclo est ahora. porque las ruedas.

👤Muy bonito, pero es chiquito. Menores de ao.

👤No se ha dado, pero producto demoro y poco la entrega.

11. 67i Tricycles Toddler Tricycle Trikes

67i Tricycles Toddler Tricycle Trikes

It's suitable for: BMX, cruiser bicycle, kids' bikes, road bicycles, mountain bicycles, junior bicycle, city bicycle, etc. There are three ways to ride a perfect tricycle for kids, 2 wheels mode of balance bike mode, 3 wheels mode of push bike trike mode and 3 wheels mode of kids tricycle mode. You can switch between a 3-wheel mode and a 2-wheel mode in a few seconds. Adaptable seat and handlebars. The seat can be adjusted to fit your child from 1 to 3 years of age. The handlebars can be adjusted according to the kids riding posture. It was designed for safety. The 1 year old tricycle is made of sturdy carbon steel frame, supportive soft seat, fully wide ride wheels, and 60 degree steering to avoid kids side falling. It's easy to assemble, just 3 steps. The toddler tricycles have a stable triangle structure design that protects them from tipping over, a carbon steel frame and fully enclosed EVA foam wheels that make them safe to play with. Purchase with confidence. If you have a question, please contact them as soon as possible, they will try to solve your problem and give you a satisfactory reply.

Brand: 67i

👤The pictures are not real. When my son received this for a present, he was almost too big for it already, and he is not a large child either. He was already touching the handlebars when the seat was not adjusted. Do yourself a favor and save your money, you will not like this purchase. I was looking forward to this bike and I am very disappointed. Definitely not a grow as I grow item.

👤My sun loves his trike. He fits on it perfectly. He will get taller when the seat goes up and down. I thought the handle bars did the same thing. It doesn't need to, which is fine. The bars do mine in and out. I am happy because he is happy.

👤When I bought this tricycle, I didn't realize how hard it was to setup. I spent an hour putting together the front of the bike, but I couldn't get on the seat because it was faulty. Wouldn't recommend.

👤My 3 year old has trouble peddling because of her small legs. I don't think the size of the bike is appropriate for a 3 year old because my daughter is very small. I couldn't return it because I bought it before Christmas and the return window was closed before the holiday.

👤I bought this for a Christmas gift for a toddler. When it arrived, the box was small and compact. I read some comments about the size being small and the seat being knee knockers for larger children. The box, toddler, and size of the child were all reviewed and it appeared that it wouldn't work for this child. The idea of the back wheels being able to move from a tri to a bi-cycle configuration is brilliant. I hope it is made to fit and grow with larger framed one and two-year-olds.

👤This thing is very easy to assemble. I think it took 10 minutes. I was confused about the handlebar piece because the screw is already in it. It is perfect for my 3-year old. He has a 13-inch inseam and can touch the ground with the seat. There is room for him to grow. It has the option to change into a balance bike, which is what I was looking for. We are keeping it as a trike because my son is not ready to balance himself.

👤There are lots of trike options, including balance bike and pedal bike. My granddaughter took it immediately. She is tall for her age and can easily reach the floor with her feet. She will probably not work in another year as she gets taller. It seems sturdy but not heavy. When it arrived, I was worried it was too small.

👤He was not easy to push the pedal on the tricycles. The bike didn't go any further. There is a I took the pedal off, he wasn't enjoying it. The information said it fits for 2 years old, so I need more time for less than 3 years old. Hope he will play well with it.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals kids bike?

Bicycle pedals kids bike products from Samyoung. In this article about bicycle pedals kids bike you can see why people choose the product. Imrider and Trail-gator are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pedals kids bike.

What are the best brands for bicycle pedals kids bike?

Samyoung, Imrider and Trail-gator are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pedals kids bike. Find the detail in this article. Puroma, Bixe and Bw are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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