Best Bicycle Pedals 1/2 Inch

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1. MZYRH Mountain Lightweight Bicycle Platform

MZYRH Mountain Lightweight Bicycle Platform

Fit for: road bicycles, mountain bicycles, BMX pedals, exercise bike pedals, junior bicycle, city bicycle,folding bike pedals etc. DURABLE & ULTRA SMOOTH BEARINGS. The nylon fiber surface of the bike pedals is shock-proof. The sealed bearing design will protect the spindles from water and dust, so you can enjoy cycling in raining or climbing. This mountain bike pedals have a wide platform and a light weight design, which could make them more comfortable for long rides. They have divided the pedals into CR-L for left and CR-R for right to make it easy to install. The platform pedals have Anti-skid nails on each side to hold your feet in place. Even if they are covered with a thick layer of mud after a muddy ride, you don't worry about your feet slipping off the pedals. You can enjoy cycling wherever you please. The standard 9/16" is 888-282-0465 for BMX, Mountain Bike, hybrid bike, Old School, cruiser, Cyclocross Bike, Dirt Jumper, Folding Bike, Road Bike - Touring, Track Bike, Unicycle, Urban Bike - Fixed gear. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Quality Guarantee, LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you're not happy with your bike pedal, send them a message and they'll help you get it fixed as soon as possible.

Brand: Mzyrh

👤The pedal is nice, but not 3 bearings. There is a red X through the single inner bushing in the listing. I took them apart because they developed play after 100 miles.

👤These are great in many ways. There is a They are not like a lot of stupid bike equipment. I can fit my size 10 1/2 on the pedal. The platform is 4 1/2 inches wide. There is a There are two colors! These fit basic straps. I have lightening quick exit for my feet if I remove the studs on one side. The platform length of the straps should be 4 1/2 inches. I have a powerful upstroke and am only riding at half power. There is a See above for theremovable studs. The side without straps is studded and works with my boots. There is a It is not overly complicated or complex which invites failure. There is a You don't really need the washers because of the beautifulmachining on the seat. Do use silver antiseize. There is a I mentioned colors. The pricing is affordable. Thank you MZYRH! I will be getting rid of the rat trap and other pedals on my bikes and replacing them with MZYRH pedals. There is a Every pedal has been a compromise. I did a 30 mile e-bike ride in the mountains today and never missed getting my foot into the straps on the first try.

👤These seem nice, but I can't comment on theDurability. The ones I got did indeed have 3 bearings, even though another reviewer said they didn't. You can use a 6mm allen to remove a dust cap and a spacer, and then a 8mm sockets to remove a single nut, and the pedal will pull off so you can verify. The pedal is threaded into the cranks. If you choose the option that isn't 3 bearing, you might think you're just choosing a color, as it's potentially unclear.

👤These are obviously ripoffs of the Raceface Chesters, but that is a bad thing if you have doubts about that. They are cheap and work well. When I started using the WTB pedals, I realized that I had to think about where my feet were because they grab my shoes so well. There is a If you need to replace them over time, they come with a few extra pins. My wife loves them so much that she bought another set for her bike. They have held up well so far, but time will tell if they will last long, but I do not see anything that would make me think they won't last a long time.

👤They look good opening the box. The'resin' was solid and real. The threading and finishing of the spindle is very good. I de-brand, debur, clean out, and re-polish or re-paint every part I buy. The left ped had a runout. The inside looked as finished as the outside. The grease is good for milage. Very cool. There is a The pair comes with 40 mounted and 2 spare spikes or cleats. When I found the pedal washers I stocked them for my descendants. They look good opening the box. The'resin' was solid and real. The threading and finishing of the spindle is very good. I de-brand, debur, clean out, and re-polish or re-paint every part I buy. The left ped had a runout. The inside looked as finished as the outside. The grease is good for milage. Very cool. There is a The pair comes with 40 mounted and 2 spare spikes or cleats. When I found the pedal washers I stocked them for my descendants. They look good opening the box. The'resin' was solid and real. The threading and finishing of the spindle is very good. I de-brand, debur, clean out, and re-polish or re-paint every part I buy. The left ped had a runout. The inside looked as finished as the outside. The grease is good for milage. Very cool. There is a The pair comes with 40 mounted and 2 spare spikes or cleats. When I found the pedal washers I stocked them for my descendants. You get washers. One week ago. It was so smooth. Equal or better than pedals. The spikes are made of allen bolts and nuts. They are also rusty. I pulled all, hit em with acid- dried then doused with zinc. It barely flash dry so loctite isn't needed. I had the pedals on. The bearings were repacked with French teflon grease. ... Two days in a row? For about $25 for the pedals, and an hour to tighten up the product, you can get bombproof Perfection underfoot. Thank you MZYRH.

2. Bell 7025227 Kicks Universal Nylon

Bell 7025227 Kicks Universal Nylon

A limited one-year manufacturer's warranty is included. Both common sizes work with a single pedal. The nylon body is durable.

Brand: Bell

👤My ride is nothing fancy and I bike nearly every day. My bike is parked near the ocean. When I break a pedal, I'll usually order a 5/8". Not anymore. This product is both good and bad. At a moment's notice, I can fix a pedal on mine or my wife's. Many reviewers don't know that the left side pedal is reverse threaded and that there are two diameters. My guess is that they are trying to put the wrong diameter on the wrong thread. I have been using one of these on the right side for a month now and it doesn't get loose, the threads are fine, and it's on the right side. The lock-tite is what seals it for me. This is a great product at a great price.

👤Other reviewers have noted the same problems that I had. They were back on the truck before 5pm after arriving on Monday. There is a They were able to install the new pedals on the correct side of the bike. The pedals loosened up mid-ride. We knew they were going back after the second time the right pedal dropped. The threads were not fit for purpose when we reinstalled it, because of the pedal force on the loosened bolt. I had to thread the pedal with a pair of pliers so we could limp my 8 year olds bike home. The other pedal was almost loose with two miles left. I caught it before it got out of the bike. The pedals were installed to the correct side of the bike. The pedal was not connected to the kit. They applied a blue thread locker to make up for the sloppy thread cuts. The pedals didn't spin fast enough around the shaft, which caused some of the pedal force to be active. Bell products will be avoided in the future.

👤It works well and has two sizes for the thread size. The instructions for installing the adapters on the pedals are easy to follow. The "R" and "L" pedals have the same "R" and "L" pedals. You will need to make sure the pedals are locked up. You will need two tools to do this. The blue thread locker is on each of the threaded ends. It helps to make sure that the pedal doesn't loosen once it's tightened. The pedals should be screwed to the bike, right to the right side and left to the left side. The reverse thread on the left side is different to the rhyme for tightening. The left pedal is the opposite of the right pedal. There is a The quality of the pedals is good and they are well made.

👤The pedals are very lightweight. They supply two sets of'mating plugs', to either 1/2 or 9/16", whichever you require. Make sure to use locktite to affix the accessory to the pedal. Well made, and feels very solid! It's better than plastic pedals. * There is an update at 1-week. After only one week... 35-miles on them... Both pedals are off. I thought the threads were going to come out of the cranks, but they didn't, the pedals are a fine machine thread. The 2-stars were removed for this.

3. RockBros Advanved Bearings Mountain Platform

RockBros Advanved Bearings Mountain Platform

The max length is 13 inches and the width is 2.3 inches. SMOOTH AND NON-SLIP. The anti-skid nails have an advanced 4 lubricated sealed bearing. The aluminum alloy material and the cr-Mo spindle have durable pedals. Easy installation. R for right pedal and L for left pedal. The platform pedal for long ride is 9/16 inch. Light weight improves your riding experience, it's suitable for old school, cycle cross bike, dirt jumper, folding bike, mountain bike, road bike, touring, track bike, unicycle, urban bike, fixed gear.

Brand: Rockbros

👤These are a good product for a good price. The pedals shifted slightly in the plane. The platform slides on the shaft. When I installed a pair, I found that the pedals' shafts were cut undersized and that they wobbled in all planes until they were fully tightened. I have had many pedals over the past 6 decades, but none were as sloppy as these. I was concerned that I would have to remove my crank arms, or have them loosen, at some point. The shoulder of the pedals is the only thing holding them to the crank arms. The threads feel like they're barely holding on. There is a The little wrench they give to tighten the studs is junk. The wrench was barely able to grab the flats of the studs. I found that about 20% of the studs were loose on arrival and would likely fall out soon if I hadn't tightened them first. I am keeping the pair I used. I feel the need to check their tightness often. I don't have confidence in them. I will return the other pair since they are unused. Really disappointing.

👤The rounded pegs on the Rockbros pedals make them easy to install and prevent shoe slip. I have instant foot release. I wish there were two flats on the pedal axles for a 15mm pedal wrench. The only thing I like about the remove/replace system is that you can't get a lot of Torque on the wrench and wrench. There is a When the pedals arrive, I strongly advise you to check every stud. There are 32 of them and 6 of them are loose. I gave them a blue thread locker after taking every one out. You will lose a lot of pegs if you don't do that. The wrench is junk. I had a 3/16 wrench that I used. There is a The pedals are much wider than my standard pedals. I clipped the ground on a turn and launched myself off the bike. I am going back to narrower pedals. Hope that helps!

👤Order these if you want a pedal that looks great. There is a The pedal is poorly designed. The center hump of the pedal is higher than the sides, which causes your foot to ride on the center and not distribute the weight. Even for short distances, it's very uncomfortable. There is a I am returning my pedal. There is a They are sold together.

👤The stock pedals that came with my bike were not as good as the ones I purchased. I decided to look for something better because I have never been happy with the stock pedals. I chose these for their size and price, because they were all metal. I went to my local bike shop to have the pedals put on and the people at the shop were interested in where I got them. After a week of riding, I am very satisfied with the pedals. The pedals are bigger, it feels like I have a very stable platform to place my feet on, I don't have to be precise in my foot placement to feel secure when I am biking. The traction pegs give me a positive grip on the pedals. Not even a hint of a slip when the pedals are wet. It feels like my shoes are stuck to the pedals. These are platform pedals. I have used a variety of footwear to test the traction and feel of the pedals. I am not a fan of Mountain bike riding. I am not afraid to ride my bike down the local streets, or hit the muddy forest trails, because I am a 50 year old guy. I am very satisfied with this product and I will recommend it to others.

4. NAMUCUO Exercise Stationary Spindle Warranty

NAMUCUO Exercise Stationary Spindle Warranty

Widen platform pedals and 0.44 LB lightweight pedals are designed for long cycling comfort and improve pedaling efficiency. The pedals use a standard thread. It's a perfect fit for most bikes like BMX Bike, MTB Bike, Diamondback Bicycles, Folding Bike, Road Bike, Track Bike Unicycle, Urban Bike and so on. The pedals come with a pair of rubber straps that allow you to modify the length of your shoe. The high quality strap is easy to use. Before use, make sure the pedal and strap fit your position. This pedal has a 1/2 spin. You need to know the correct model before you place your order. PEDAL SPECIFICATIONS Their pedals are 1/2 inch in diameter. It's suitable for all 1/2 spindle bikes. The pedals are 14 cm long, 12 cm wide, and the straps are 32 cm long. The pedals are clearly marked left and right, so it's easy to install. The bike pedals come with a 1/2 inch Spindle, so check your need and choose the right size. Excellent control. The rubber straps on the top of the pedal surface protect you from sudden slips. Enjoy the pedaling. The YBEKI bicycle pedal gives you excellent control over your bike. 6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Ybeki

👤Works for bikes. It is more comfortable than the default clip in pedals. The 9/16” model is what I got. It would be difficult to install but the Peloton has a thin wrench that works well.

👤The old pedals that came with my exercise bike were not comfortable in bare feet or even socks, so I bought this to replace them. These are very comfortable and have a strap to hold your foot in. I would buy it again.

👤Replacement pedals for this model can be found for as much as 80 dollars per pedal. The 9/16 thread size is for the GX2.0 model. To remove and replace, use a 15mm wrench. The left pedal does not have left hand threads. The blue compound on the threads acts as a thread lock compound, making it unlikely that the pedals will break. There are five One strap has a backwards bend, and the straps may be folded together. Don't worry, just put it back to where it came from. Important: To affix the straps to the tabs on either side of the pedal, it's best to determine the size you need before you use it, so the strap won't weaken when flexed over the tap in a cold or more. Great purchase!

👤Double-check that you order the right size for the fastest results. The Schwinn 126 exercise bike took 9/16". There is a I have been riding my exercise bike for a while now and I'm now up to a one-hour daily cross-training ride at one of the higher resistance levels. I bought my Schwinn 126 exercise bike off of the internet in the summer of 2014, but I think it was at least two or three years old at the time. When I rode it, it had become increasingly loud and grinding. I started shopping for a new bike because it got so bad that it would jar my knees. I investigated the problem a bit further, and found that it might be coming from the pedals, not the flywheel. Online research showed that magnetic eddy systems rarely fail in this way. There is a I ordered the pedals. The new pedals went right on easily, and the left pedal screws in counter-clockwise, so it's "righty-loosey, lefty-tighty" for that one. There is a It was like my old bike had been refurbished. It was quiet suddenly. The old pedals were to blame for all the noise. It drowned out my puffing and wheezing, but it was a miss. There is a The pedals tend to move upside-down when unloaded. It takes me a while to get each foot situated. I'm looking at a bike and the pedals are upside down. My left foot is not coordinated and I can just tap the pedal and slip in. More practice for me! I wear 10 4E shoes and the tarsal straps only have one more adjustment slot to go to the largest setting. If you have normal feet, you'll probably be fine with these straps; if you're paddle-footed like I am, you'll still probably be okay; if you're shirless or like to ride in work boots, then maybe these'll be more I'm not rating the pedals on their longevity because I just installed them. I check them before every ride to make sure they don't loosen, they have so far been rock solid, but you never know. Before you ride, make sure you check your fit, because that's how you prevent injury.

5. Mongoose Adult Mountain Bike Pedals

Mongoose Adult Mountain Bike Pedals

If you want to change your riding stance, you can use Pe Sandy bike pedal extenders. They will do just as well on long journeys. The reflective strips on the sides of the pedal help you stay visible. There are 1/2 and 9/16" adapters included. The pedal is lightweight and durable. Attaching to almost any bicycle.

Brand: Mongoose

👤One pedal was smooth and the other had rough bearings. I liked the look of the pedals. My bike is made of polished aluminum. I sent them back to see if I could get lucky with both pedals. They won't last long if they are out of the box. I'm not the only one who's discovered this issue. Let's see what happens with the replacement set. The replacement pedals were received today. The bearing was not perfect but I can live with them. I really like the red finish on this pedal, it's one of the few that I can modify to use my toe clips. If the pedal fails, I will replace the bearings. I can live with it even though it isn't perfect. The ratings are being upgraded to 2 stars instead of the initial one star rating.

👤They need to go back after getting these. They look great from the start. The quality of the product is not apparent until the beginning when the bearings are rough. They do not move. If they made the bearings like golf balls, it would feel like that. I added some lube to see if they break in. They have to go back if not. I don't understand why a company with such nice pedals would allow them to sell with terrible bearings. This is a weakness that can lead to early wear and failure.

👤The pedals are light and flat. They seem to have good bearings. I like them a lot. You need a narrow wrench to remove the old pedals. I use an inexpensive wrench that I ground down to reach. It works well for other things as well. There is a These might not be the ones for you if you like a lot of gripping surface on your pedals. They have small cast nubs that provide traction around town, but not for tough off-road riding. There is a The price was great. They are doing well for me. I would buy them again.

👤If you needed a basic pedal to beat up, the pedal would be fine. The pedal won't spin freely after unpackaging them because of the rough bearings on the lugs. I wanted to put toe cages on the front. The way the pedals are designed will not allow that. If you want to place toe cages there, the orange reflectors will not allow you to because the pedal metal protrudes beneath them.

👤These pedals are made of metal. These are a good replacement for the plastic pedals that my mongoose came with. I put these on after my plastic pedals broke and they seem to be holding up. I can't understand why they don't include these pedals on their bikes. The colored plastic Pedals don't hold up.

👤The mongoose fat tire bike had the 9/16” adapters.

👤These are great. If you want to upgrade the pedals on your mongoose bike, they have a good weight and feel strong. The other reviews put them in a bad light.

6. Surepromise Thread Exercise Adjustable Bicycle

Surepromise Thread Exercise Adjustable Bicycle

If the Exercise Bike Pedal arrives damaged or missing parts, they will do their best to protect your rights and make you happy. The screw shaft has a 9/16" diameter. The straps are: 31 * 4.8 * 0.4 CM. The screw shaft has a diameter of 9/16". Weighted and self-presented complete with rubber straps. Feet slipping is prevented by the rugged grip design. The plastic pedal has a ball bearing insert. The pedals come with straps. The package includes a pair of pedals. Please check your bike size before buying.

Brand: Hamimelon

👤A great replacement for a stationary bike, with shoes or sneakers. When you stop using them, the bottoms are weighted so that they right themselves. Re inserted. There is a The straps are thick and comfortable. There is a These are not for a normal bicycle if you are a weight training and punishment enthusiast. It's fine for exercise machines.

👤There is nothing to dislike. I buy things on Amazon. I needed a pair of large bike pedals with a mounting shaft and straps. The opposing thread shaft was what I was looking for. It works perfectly. There were no complaints. Would definitely recommend.

👤The mini bike had a near pedal, but the wide pedal is 1000x better. I understand that the company was trying to accommodate the consumer with a pedal that they could use with their hands and feet. My feet and calves are strained by pedaling with a smaller pedal. My legs are much more relaxed today.

👤The fit of these was perfect for my bike. The weight distribution is closer to the back of the ball of my feet. They are easy to attach and comfortable on my ankle. The combination works very well after I purchased extenders previously.

👤I love these! It was better than the ones that came on Proform.

👤The Nordic-Trac is a perfect match for my bike. It was easy to install and fit.

👤The thread on my bike was too big. Couldn't use them.

👤It was easy to install and solve the problem.

7. Exercise Straps Widened Spinning Bicycle

Exercise Straps Widened Spinning Bicycle

Attaching to almost any bicycle. It is made from rubber and has good wear resistance. The left and right are clearly marked. You can adjust the pedal strap according to your needs. Their pedal strap is larger and thicker to make you feel more comfortable. The max length is 13 inches and the width is 2.3 inches.

Brand: Zsflzs

👤There is an update. I wrote a bad review because I thought one of the pedal straps had broken. It was my mistake. I could see it had slipped off the peg after I looked at it with my glasses on. I bought this pedal strap because it was the only one that I could find in a 13 inch. The straps were too small for my shoe size. I apologize for the bad review. These work well.

👤I ordered the straps so that a family member could use the Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Mini Exercise Bike. There is a The straps seem to be of good quality and should last a long time, but they are a bit longer than the ones that came with the unit. A good recommendation.

👤My 28 year old exercise bike has these straps on it.

👤I ordered both because I was curious if the wider strap would be better than the standard straps. I like these because they hold the foot in place better than the uniform width straps. They are easy to put in place and the same material.

👤These fit my SportsArt C53r Recumbent Bike without an issue, and feel more comfortable than the original straps that came with it. I can't say for sure if they will last, but I can say that they seem like decent straps with a decent build quality. The material is thick enough to last, and flexible enough to fit onto the pedal. I've been using them for several days now, and am happy with this as a replacement.

👤The description and photo were not enough for me to know if this would fit my bike. I was very pleased with the result and I was willing to take a chance. It fits my bike perfectly, and there is plenty of room for adjustment. I've only been using it for a few hours, but it seems sturdy and well-made, so I think it will hold up.

👤I have an exercise bike. The straps fit well on the pedals and saved money.

👤The straps are a little longer. If you need more than one extra notch, these may not work for you. I wear size 11 women's shoes and I prefer running shoes with a lot of cushion and these strap, on there largest settings, were enough, but it was close.

8. DRBIKE Pedals Thread Bicycle Repalcement

DRBIKE Pedals Thread Bicycle Repalcement

The pedals are small enough for a younger rider. The universal fit comes with a 1/2 axle. The pedal is 3.3 inches in diameter. SturDY PEDAL is a nylon body. Sturdy for kids to ride their bikes. The pedal comes with two pieces of safety fencing. The bike pedals were marked " L " for left side crank and " R" for right side crank.

Brand: Dr Bike

👤I think they will be the last pair for this bike. I don't like how big they are, but I expected them to be a little smaller since they said kids bike. There is no doubt in my mind that these will hold up to the abuse that broke the pedals. They have good bearings and are easy to turn on. They are not very aggressive on the stubs. I think it's important for kids bikes. I think a little less grip is worth it because pedals seem to hit shins and calves a lot with little ones.

👤The product arrived quickly, but it did not include the pedal that was described in the title. The pedals were advertised as a pair.

👤These were perfect. We took the pedals and training wheels off my 4 year old's 12 inch bicycle so she could use it as a balance bike. We lost them some time between then and now. She wanted pedals on her bike. Within 30 minutes, I had a happy little girl riding her bike down the street with no training wheels, and I only took a couple minutes to put them on.

👤My son's pedals broke when he dropped his bike, so I bought a pair of these. These were installed quickly. The quality seems to be better than the ones that came on the bike. No issues or flaws. The bearings seem to work well so far.

👤Change on a bike is easy. I was not sure if they would be small enough for kids. They were just as good as the originals. It feels sturdy enough to hold up against kids dripping the big on it's side. There is a There's not a lot of "grip" in these to keep wet feet from slipping. As the weather gets rainy, we will see how it goes.

👤I received 2 right side pedals when I received this. I contacted the seller about the issue and they sent out a replacement. There is a My son has a bike that is larger than these, but they fit perfectly. Kiddo was able to ride his bike again without a broken pedal. Thank you!

👤I ordered these for my daughter's bike and they arrived quickly. We were sent two left pedals when we went to install them. The same thing happened when I returned them for a new pair. They look to be packaged in the warehouse. I am sure that I am not the only one who had this happen to them. Do not recommend if you only need left pedals.

👤I double checked the description after seeing that the pair was ordered as if a pair. It was really frustrating that it arrived with one pedal. The toddler was very disappointed as well. Send two pedals if you need to fix your description.

👤The pedal is ve de calidad. La publicacin es engaosa, ya solo envan un pedal. Para identificarlos, con L o R. Sean honestos, en mi caso llego L, para Mi mala suerte llego R, también fue.

9. Boruizhen Platform Lightweight Cycling Bicycle

Boruizhen Platform Lightweight Cycling Bicycle

The road bike pedals have 16 anti-skid nails on them. Long rides maintain comfort and pedaling efficiency. Only 450g/pair is lightweight. The material is wear resistant. The standard screw thread is 9/16 inch. The platform pedals have a size of 81 to 20mm. Fit for: road bicycles, mountain bicycles, BMX pedals, exercise bike pedals, junior bicycle, city bicycle,folding bike pedals etc.

Brand: Boruizhen

👤When I received these, I immediately noticed a bad hang up while spinning one of the pedals. I reached out to the seller for a return after I didn't bother installing the pedals. I had to pay for return shipping even though the product was faulty. It's not worth the time and effort to return them. Very disappointed with the quality. Staying away from these is what I would recommend.

👤The pedals almost ripped the thread from my cranks after two rides. I bought them so I could have better grip and straps, but they only lasted 20 miles. If you are a peddler, I would not recommend you to get these. These would be good for a child or teenager. I weigh about 230 lbs. On average, I push my bike at 15mph. The left pedal lost all of its color and began ripping into the thread of my crank, as shown in the image I have attached. They were put in the right way as you can see from the label, and they were on the right side. That was just for the moment. If you want to use pedals in a way that will give them wear and tear, you may want to invest a bit more.

👤I can't rate them too low because they are cheap. They are functional. I'm worried that I might remove the cranks. They haven't so far after 40 hours of use. I don't expect much longevity out of the cheap bearings. Since I can't use clipless for a few months, I needed some platform pedals to keep riding. The nubbin things aren't very "grippy" into your shoes, they are a little slippery.

👤The pedal broke off in the middle of the intersection. Started bending an hour earlier. The installation took 2 months.

👤The things are a joke. The paint was terrible. The bearings leave the box. The brand was made with a stamp. Returned them right away.

👤The pedals came off when the bearings came loose. I had to use one full pedal and one little pedal-shaft to get to where I wanted to go, because the shaft of the pedal is still attached to my bike. There is a The broke after only 2 months of use.

👤I like these. The color is correct and the grippers don't cut you like some pedals that use sharp screws. My hope is that the coating doesn't get damaged.

👤I rebuilt my 7 year-old's BMX bike with these. I didn't realize I needed 1/2 shafts instead of 9/16". The first time I did a 180 on them, they bent badly and I put them on my dirt bike. They are light-duty and would be fine for a cruiser or any bike that won't get any abuse.

👤I don't like white things, but these work with a small patch of white color blocking on my frame.

10. BW Youth Bicycle Pedals Spindle

BW Youth Bicycle Pedals Spindle

The bike pedals were marked " L " for left side crank and " R" for right side crank. Money-back guarantee for 90 days. They offer a 90-Day Money- Back Guarantee to make sure you are happy with your purchase. If you want to stop using the product, they will give you a refund. Choose between 11 youth themed colors to match or compliment your child's bicycle. A quality construction is made with a steel spindle, DU bearings and a plastic body. The platform is appropriate for larger kids bikes. It works with most 12 - 16” youth bicycles, and is compatible with any bicycle with a 1/2” crank.

Brand: Bw

👤The 1/2 inch is the size of the shaft that screws into the bike. The pedals are better than the originals. They are the right size for smaller feet. The shipment was received a week before the promise date.

👤The pedals look ok. The pedal doesn't spin freely. It takes a bit of force to get the pedals to move. I would have to disassemble the pedals to make them spin better. These were bought for a young child to learn how to ride. This will make pedaling harder on the tiny legs.

👤I swapped these for the stuff that came on my kids bike and they are amazing. The cheap ones that came with the bike are also thicker. There were no issues with thread or size. They are the same size in the right places.

👤I needed a bigger one. I should have measured the kid cranks more carefully as this was my fault. The seller took care of it. The quality of these looks good.

👤A kid's Giant bike had a broken stock pedal. The color options look cool and should last for a long time on normal bikes.

👤They fit my son's Huffy Rock-it perfectly. The most affordable option was to upgrade his bike with new stuff and change the color theme to black and green. They feel very well made and look great. I'm more excited to finish this build than he is.

👤The panel is not as smooth as it could be. Maybe this is the design for the kids not to ride fast.

👤I bought these for my son's birthday. He is very rough on his bike. After you get the other pedals off the bike, these are easy to install. The bike is perfect and the color is vibrant.

11. Mongoose Mountain Bike Pedal Pedals

Mongoose Mountain Bike Pedal Pedals

100% Money Back Guarantee: Quality Guarantee, LIFETIME WARRANTY. If you're not happy with your bike pedal, send them a message and they'll help you get it fixed as soon as possible. The pedal is lightweight and durable. There are 1/2 and 9/16" adapters included. The reflective strips on the sides of the pedal help you stay visible. Attaching to almost any bicycle.

Brand: Mongoose

👤I used these on a new ladies bicycle with a 3-speed rear hub and coaster brake. They made the platform easier to use. They were resistant to turning and never loosened up. I put grease on the pedal threads in hopes they wouldn't rust. After months of weekly use, a pedal came off and the rider lost their balance and fell to the ground. The rider was wearing a helmet but still had facial injuries. The pedals are threaded for dedicated sides so they don't loosen when pedaling. The coaster brake does not allow the crank to turn back as it can on my mountain bike. I don't understand how this could happen, but my advice is to buy better pedals that allow the pedals to spin freely. Although pro bike shops use a touch of grease to install pedals, I highly recommend using a thread-lock product or even a little enamel on clean dry pedal threads. Buy better pedals and wear a helmet after a serious accident.

👤I wear US men's 8 (EU 41), and my road cycling shoes can't hold these, there are no posts in the middle of the pedal. It was hard to keep my legs spread wide enough because they kept creeping inward as I rode, so I had to use the adapters. They could work for larger feet, and were not expensive. I'm keeping them for now since I wouldn't have pedals that fit the smaller diameter holes and I'm going to have to replace one of my cranks soon.

👤The pedals were purchased to fix the plastic pedals on the bike. There are two categories for 1/2" pedals; cheap and plastic or expensive and alloy. The cheap and alloy pedals combine well. These are replacements for the one-piece 'Ashtabula' cranks found on older bikes and dept store bikes. You can improve on the $14 pedals, but they won't give you the performance you want. There is a The plastic or alloy bearing preload is often too tight, and will not spin freely. This can be adjusted for better performance. If you or your mechanic are capable of doing such work, I don't take responsibility for you or your mechanics actions. Remove the plastic end cap, remove the small lock nut, remove the crush washer, and loosen the second preload nut. There is a As per the factory, reassemble. There is a The pedal should spin freely. Make sure the lock nut is installed correctly. If adjustment is loose, re-test until pedal rotates smoothly. There is a The pedals will be installed onto the cranks wrench. After 100 miles, check for safe/correct operation. There is a The pedal axles must be wrench tight before riding. There is a It's called TL;DR. Good price for good alloy pedals that can be adjusted for smooth rotation. There is a I would suggest looking at the proper 9/16" pedals if you need them. The pedals are really old school and use a loose ball bearing type.

👤Couldn't be happier for the price. The bearings were in their original packaging. The pedals give me the extra space I was looking for. The shipping speed was very fast. If you want to upgrade from your stock pedals, I recommend these pedals.


What is the best product for bicycle pedals 1/2 inch?

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What are the best brands for bicycle pedals 1/2 inch?

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