Best Bicycle Pants Men Padded Short

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1. Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Lixada Cycling Quick Dry Clothing 175 180cm

Breathable killing. Their cycling clothes use high-quality fabric for maximum heat transfer, which helps cool air in and keeps you dry. The cycling shirt has 3 generous rear pockets to hold your mobile phone, wallet and energy bar, and is equipped with reflective strips to improve the visibility and safety of night riding. Cyclists shorts have a thick foam pad inside and are very elastic. The high-stretch shorts can stretch the legs freely, and the 3D cushion has a large number of ventilation holes, which can provide great comfort for long-term riding. 3D Thickened Protection Pad is designed with gel padding inside and 3D foam padding to fit nicely around your hips. Compression shorts and bib shorts are perfect for cycling. The bicycle clothing set has a Silicone hem stop.

Brand: Lixada

👤I'm 5'9" and 148 pounds, and ordered a small size. I wear small size shirts and larger size pants. The small set was perfect for me. The material is of good quality. It feels comfortable, not tight, and not loose. There is plenty of padding at the crotch area. I will post more updates.

👤A nice cycling suite. The padding is a little uncomfortable, but it's good for most of the time. I think it will get used to it since it is the first time I have worn it. It protects your butt from hurting so that is a plus. The shirt is great, it holds my phone, keys, and water bottles, and they don't fall out, which is amazing. I love it.

👤The build quality of the set for the price is good, but the size of the shorts is a real issue for me. The jersey is a bit snug. I think I should get a big one. The shorts fit well around my legs, but the waist is loose and they fall down. There is a It seems odd that a jersey would be snug but also have shorts that are larger than the jersey. I'll probably get a jersey that fits but shorts that are even bigger around my waist than the one I have, if I order an XL. If you have a large waist but are skinny from the waist up, I would recommend these on build quality for the price. It's a great value if you have the right body for them. I think it's worth it for most of us to just buy our shorts and jerseys separately.

👤Can't believe the quality for the price. I weigh 205 lbs. I would like to say that I am big boned, but that is not the case. I'm just fat and want to lose some weight on my bike. The combo looks great. I got the big one. The shorts padding makes me feel better in my tired rear end. Will definitely by more.

👤This kit is amazing. Went for a 2 hour ride after getting this yesterday. The fit on this is good. The large works for me at 160 lbs. I was worried that the shorts were too long, but it worked out just fine. The shirt fabric is very comfortable and feels good. The zip ties look and feel good. The back pockets are large and deep. I wasn't worried about anything falling out. The cushion is good for long rides. I can't believe the value of this. This is the best for the price and quality.

👤Since everyone always seems to have issues with figuring out size, I think the size 888-666-1846 I'm 5'9 and weigh around 180-185 lbs. I ordered large and it fit well. There is a The bibs and jersey set were ordered by me. The bibs are comfortable. They disappear while riding. This only applies to the material. There is a The comfort for longer rides is important. A ride that lasts at least an hour is for me. The chamois feel very dense when you use your hands and fingers to sample. It was different sitting on it. I haven't used them outside yet, but I used them on my trainer. There is less movement on the bike when using the trainer. I fold a hand towel into quarters and pad my saddle with bins when I ride the trainer because it seems to help. There is a After about 30 minutes, it began to feel uncomfortable. I started to feel numb in my groin area after cutting off circulation to the nerve endings. The padding for the sit bones is adequate, but the padding in the middle and front areas is not. My bag is kind of straddle the pad because it is thinner in the middle and at the front. It doesn't go far enough in the front. The pad is too thin in the front and doesn't reach far enough forward. This set is great. Will try again outside. There is a I think it's worth what I paid for it, but who knows when it will start to degrade? For people who do shorter rides, I would recommend a first bibs/jersey set.

2. Pearl IZUMi Escape Cycling Shorts

Pearl IZUMi Escape Cycling Shorts

The design: The padded cycling shorts for men with a 9.5" inseam and 6-panel anatomic design offer performance and comfort so you can get the most out of your rides, whether it's in the gym, on the road, or through the mountain trail. PERFORMANCE: The benchmark for compression and moisture transfer is set by the men's bike shorts with SELECT Transfer Dry fabric. COMFORT: The Escape 1:1 Chamois is smooth on the skin. Bicycle shorts with quick-drying, highly breathable blend of materials help you perform your best for longer. There is safety. Excellent road cycling with BioViz reflective elements.

Brand: Pearl Izumi

👤The shorts used to have an excellent chamois, but now they are made of a new material. The old product will be reflected in the wonderful reviews from before and after. The new fabric is not nice. It's soft but not conforming. It looks like you are wearing a diaper. The riding performance is worse. They slip down because of the poor fit. You have to pull them up. You will catch them on the seat whenever you sit down. These shorts should not be worn until PI brings back the proper scuplture.

👤August 15, 2018) is an update. The rating was lowered to one star. They start getting very uncomfortable after 15 miles on a ride. I said in my original review that I have 2 pairs of shoes that have at least 1,500 miles on them. This new version is more comfortable than those. Don't waste your money. I have two pair of the old version and it's not the same. The material is not as comfortable against the skin as the padding would suggest. I do a 30 mile ride every other day, and I have three pairs that I ride in. Even though the other two have thousands of miles on them, this new pair feels uncomfortable.

👤I am familiar with the pearl Izumi. I had several shorts that were good. This style has different padding. They look like the padding is inside. Not comfortable, little padding affects.

👤I know this is the economy tier. These are AWFUL. I have several of these shorts from a few years ago. They changed the design and ruined them. These shorts do not hold up. The hem is losing. The hem is much wider on newer versions. I don't have sprinter legs but I have never worn shorts from a manufacturer that doesn't grip. Terrible. CHAMOIS: There is a giant 2D pile of foam. You will feel like you have adult incontinence products on. There was no thought to the human body. They will rub on your legs. This is a recent example of inconsistency with PI. They don't seem to make their products with the same attention to detail that they used to.

👤Every generation of Pearl iZU Mi is cheaper. The elastic around the legs disappeared first. The padding in the bottom is not the same as it was before. It's a piece of foam. It was very rough riding.

3. Przewalski Basics Padded Shorts Negro

Przewalski Basics Padded Shorts Negro

The fabrics have high water repellencies. It does not stick to the skin and is comfortable due to its capillary action. Even though it is wet, the dry touch can be maintained. Excellent breathability can be improved by the back mucus collapse. The Coolmax Pad has a design for crotch padding. The foam inserts absorb shock and reduce skin irritation. The perforated layer design reduces the humid and uncomfortable feeling. It keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. High-Elastic & ComfortableCycling bib shorts are designed with durable and four way stretch fabric that allows you to enjoy a great freedom of movement. 3D molded construction, multi-panel and 4 needles flat-seam stitching design provide maximum comfort. For different body types. Silicone leg grippers are gentle on the skin and work perfectly to keep the wear from rolling up with the muscle flex during bicycle riding. Muliti-Functions The men's cycling bib shorts are made for cyclists who love to ride. It is suitable for all indoor and outdoor cycling activities.

Brand: Przewalski

👤I bought the Przewalski Men's 3D Padded cycling bike bib shorts in the spring of last year. I wasn't using padded shorts before. I thought these were great. The only time I felt any pain was at the end of the ride. Would a more expensive pair be more comfortable? I bought a pair of Bontrager bib shorts. I took them back because they weren't as comfortable. I continued to use them. I decided to purchase a pair of $180.00 Specialized RBX Pro bib shorts, even though I know it's embarrassing, but I like to be comfy and if the less expensive Przewalskis were good. The RBX's are nice, but the Przewalskis are not. Check out the picture. The Przewalskis have a green insert while the Specialized has a red insert. The Przewalskis have a 3 D insert. They have the best padding on the seat bone area. They are not too heavy. The panels on the rest of the bib shorts make them fit very well. The stitching on the RBX is a tad soft which causes some itching. There is a You are getting a higher-end short. The price was much more comfortable. I'll let you take it. There is a There are some things to say. I bought a second pair of Przewalski Men's 3D Padded cycling bike bib shorts.

👤I am not sure what to expect. I gambled and got a large because they seemed big. It does not fall down my leg, but it did rub on my leg on the ride. I like them a lot. So far. It was very comfortable. This was at the beginning. Don't buy them! There is a The fabric lifts off. The outer stitching on my first pair came undone. The chafe is very strange. The front stich feels like a cheese grater. There is a You should not get these. Customer service is amazing. These are pain on top of pain. Do not buy these!

👤I'm not Elizabeth but my partner James, he's 6'2" with a long torso and large muscular thighs. I ride a bike for 120 miles a week on the road and mountain. My first ride in these bibs was a 31 mile ride with a temperature of 80 degrees. The bibs were relatively comfortable, but the shoulder straps are a bit short and tight, and the leg openings are a bit tight, after about 15-20 miles. After a break-in period, this may improve. The short shoulder straps caused a pulling sensation on my shoulders and made me tired sooner than normal. The shoulder straps will most likely not be an issue for you if you are evenly proportioned. I read all the reviews and they all said to order a larger size than normal. I ordered 2XL according to the guide. The shoulder straps would be perfect if they were 1 inch longer and the leg openings were a bit larger. The material seems to be of good quality. I had an issue with one of the multi-layer stitching on my right thigh. I'm not sure if it's structural in nature or not. The most convenient Chamois is the DuPont one. I have felt it. The sore spots were not a problem on the ride. They would be comfortable on a 100 mile ride. I would recommend these bibs to anyone who is looking for a good quality and comfortable chamois at a good price. I only rated these bibs 4 stars because of the tight fitting leg openings and short shoulder straps.

4. Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle (Reflective Print Black

Eco Daily Cycling Bicycle %EF%BC%88Reflective Print Black

It is possible to make compost and compostable. The bike shorts men with padding are made of nylon and spandex that have good air permeability and sweat releasing properties. It can prevent you from feeling uncomfortable during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce chaffing. The bicycle shorts for men are very stretchy and give you freedom of movement with your body like a second skin. 14-Panel anatomic design helps to reduce fatigue by supporting the movement of the flesh and increasing blood flow to the muscles during workouts. Flatlock seams reduce irritation. 6 layers of high impact foam offer comfort and high protection from injuries during long-distance cycling. A four-way stretch and laser-cut rounded edges make the design very smooth and comfortable. The surface of the pad is ultra-perforated, which makes it lightweight and helps to prevent saddle sores. Great feature. The mens cycling shorts are very durable. The mesh panels on both sides of the thighs and on the waist provide excellent cooling. The 4.5 - 8.5 cm width anti-slip silicone fabric leg bands won't leave marks on your legs. Night riding and low- sight can be dangerous. No risk purchase. They are a manufacturer of cycling supplies and have a professional design team and independent design of product appearance. If you have any questions about their biking shorts or service, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Brand: Eco-daily

👤I will give you a direct comparison to my Zoics. There is a You should order a size up from your normal underwear size. I wear a medium boxer brief. The large in these is the same size. I think they were a tad bigger than the zoics through the hips and waist. It's still a good fit. Initial quality was great. The material was a bit thin but did not show any signs of tearing. Seams were solid and there were no big issues with loose threads. The edge of the legs were a nice feature. The flatter area is what I appreciate. The 'encased' one here functions just fine, even though I would have preferred a proper elastic waistband. The overall pad is the same size and thickness as the zoics and others I have, only the butt section was twice as thick as the zoics. I would not call it super excessive if it were turned off by the thickness, but only in the 2 sections. The main part of the pad between the legs is the same thickness and width as the diaper part. There is a I'm very happy with my purchase and feel good about the money I spent. I don't see that as a negative as I cycle through the underliners every time, and I think they will wear out a tad faster based on their material choice. The fit is described as a loose jammer with a diaper complex.

👤They're inexpensive even if you grab them on an Amazon lightning deal. These shorts are some of my most comfortable cycling shorts to wear because of the soft, thin, stretchy material. After a long ride, large, wide leg grippers don't leave marks in my skin. The lack of a waist drawstring is not a problem. It makes them more comfortable. I think I'm done wearing bib- shorts. I'm 5'8", 136 lbs, with a 30" waist, and the size small fits well. If I were a little bigger, it would fit. There is a The interior pad material is very comfortable. I dinged them 1 star down because the pad is small on the sit-bone and has minimal density. It was reduced to very little. If you're a regular cyclist, you probably don't need a lot of thick padding. If you ride a lot and get hurt after, you might want to look for a gel pad. This one is not. I only have a few rides on them so far, but so far they have been good.

5. Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

Mountain Bicycle Loose Fit Lightweight Cycling

The mtb shorts have a lightweight material that helps draw sweat away from the skin and allow you to stay cool. The shock absorbent sponge padded liner in the ideal place is adequately sized and thick enough to effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Baggy exteriors are very useful for mountain bike rides. The legs are very soft to wear. You are protected from UV rays. The cycling shorts have a reflective design with 6 pockets and 4 big and deep side pockets. The reflective strips help keep you safe when hiking in the early morning or late evening. The bicycle shorts are made for most outdoor activities and sports. You can make them your daily attire.

Brand: Vayager

👤The outer shell has six pockets, two of which are zip up. The inner liner is too loose of a fit so it doesn't ensure that the padded area stays where it belongs. Isn't the whole point of buying padded bike shorts? The string is not very strong and it is inside the waistband. I don't think it will last very long. I wouldn't recommend this brand. Another review recommended a brand with a tighter inner liner. I also bought those and they were better than this product. It is much more comfortable. Draw string is on the outside. Padding stays where it is supposed to be.

👤These shorts are great. The shorts are soft, but have good padding. There are pockets that are thought out. I'm a bigger person. I wanted them to be too big, but would rather they be too small. I have a large waist. I would get a medium if I were to get another pair, but it would be a close call. Overall, very happy. The inconsistency of size was awful when I tried the EZRun shorts. The first pair was great. I couldn't get them high enough to be decent in public.

👤I've been on rides for a long time and have been in pain. I was told to check out these shorts and I am very happy that I did. Double pockets on both sides, good quality, and not cheap. The waste band is made of good quality material and can stay put even when sweeting. The padding is very comfortable for long rides. I am very happy with this purchase and will be buying more of it.

👤The review is on black shorts. They were very uncomfortable. They are too big for the size. Second. The elastic around the leg of the shorts doesn't stop them from riding up. They ride up while you are riding and make for a very uncomfortable ride. The padding is very thin and not comfortable. I was feeling sore with only 10 miles in and it didn't protect me. The grey ones are amazing. And on point! They should make another color besides grey. I bought these black ones because of that. Don't waste your money. I will file for a refund.

👤I wore these on a 21 mile ride yesterday and they were great comfort, good fit, and didn't have the drawstring waist. The legs are loose and need some positioning. If you put your wallet or something heavy in the cargo pockets, they will weight them down and the object will droop down along the back of your thigh. The smaller slash pockets are better for keeping items on your leg. Good zippers so far.

6. Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

Baleaf Cycling Bicycle Pockets Quick Dry

80% nylon, 20% spandex. The fabric of the cycling shorts is high quality and suitable for sensitive skin. Two big side pockets can hold a mobile phone. The bicycle shorts have reflective elements. 3D Pad3D padding is adequately sized and thick enough to provide decent protection on your bike saddle while middle-distance riding. The padded bike shorts for men are held in a Silicone leg particle gripper. Whether you are riding a road bike, mountain bike, commuter bike, spinning or motorcycle, you'll love this long half bike shorts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm a very fit man, 6'3"/190lb, and have been a cyclist for 20 years. The pant size is 33w/34l. I ride 3-4 times a week in the foothills and mountains of East Tennessee. I decided to try 3 new pairs of shorts this week. I bought a pair of BALEAF at $26.89 and I am reviewing them. I read comments on each pair to figure out what size to order. I have other reviews for the other 2 pairs. I have worn high end and low end shorts for many years and have good and bad results. You have to sort the usable from the bs when reading reviews. It was enough to try, at $27 with good reviews. These are the most expensive of the 3 pairs I am reviewing. There is a This review will have additions as I continue to use these shorts and I will update as I feel it is appropriate, so check back. The initial fit is *. I rely on customer feedback so I can always find a better fit without being able to try it on in person. Most shorts manufacturers in Asia don't do a good job with sizing charts, so if you want to return for a different size, read reviews and take time here. This pair fits nicely around the legs and crotch, with decent padding and stitching in the right places, thanks to the reviews of people of similar size and build. The feel is very similar throughout the coverage areas. The fabric stretches well. We will see if they can take a long ride because I like the feel and fit. I think these shorts are the best of the 3 pairs I am trying, but that doesn't always hold up when used regularly. Good for $27. As I continue to use, I will adjust the review rating. Stay informed. Took these out for a 50 mile ride. I was surprised by comments about fit and cut. I received a pair that was perfect. I have several pairs of cycling shorts that are 3x more expensive and I found them to be outstanding for the price. I have changed my review to 5-stars. If you don't get your size correct, you will be unhappy with any pair of cycling shorts. The shorts were snug after 50 miles. It feels like it's on the bottom of the shorts, with no sliding or riding up. I will order another pair after paying what I paid.

7. Sponeed Cycling Clothes Padding Bicycle

Sponeed Cycling Clothes Padding Bicycle

The long bike bottoms are made of high quality fabric. The padded cycling pants are very good for cycling in the spring and autumn. Their men cycle leggings can absorb sweat from the skin in a matter of minutes. The ankle zipper and Silicone Gripper are made of Silicone. The special zip design can make the pant more fits your leg, and the silicone anti slip band on the bottom of bike pants can ensure your riding safety, for it can fix the biking tights leg opening, prevent pant legs from getting caught in the bike while cycling. ThePersonalization design: 4D Silicone Gel Pad with multi cooling hole, keep drying and provide a comfortable and healthy riding experience. Hip pain can be alleviated with it. The bike pants have a high elastic waist band, which makes them more comfortable to ride in. The full length style is adorable and can be used in a variety of outdoor activities not just biking. A pair of tights keep your muscles warm. The cycling pants have a soft thermal lined fleece interior to reduce heat loss. They can provide top level quality and good design, and they also accept your special customized, such as club uniforms, gloves cycling helmet etc. They will try their best to help you if you have a problem with the mens cycle sports pants.

Brand: Sponeed

👤My original review of the bike pants was below. The gel padding on these pants was not thick enough because I have little padding over my sit bones. I think most users would find the padding more than adequate. As you can see, I contacted them after they responded to my initial review. Tyler from customer service asked for my height, weight, inseam, and waist measurements and offered to have the factory make a custom pair of bike tights for me. No charges! I have always received great customer service from Amazon. I have never experienced anything like the customer service provided by Sponeed. Just incredible! The bike garments are an awesome value. Any customer will be happy with the quality of materials and construction. BRAVO, sponeed! There is a I am a big fan of the products. The cycling family has purchased 6 pairs of bike shorts and they are a great value. I was disappointed to find out that the padding in their cycling leggings was not as good as in their shorts. I rely on my cycling gear to give me a comfortable ride because I don't have a lot of natural padding in my butt. I would like to see a pair of leggings with more padding. That would be a better product for me. I feel bad giving this product 3 stars. The fleece lining kept me warm on my first ride and the stitching was excellent. The padding is a real dealbreaker for me.

👤I am very happy with these. It was well made. I have used them for rides that began in the morning in the high 30s and finished in the high 60s, with little chilly start until the body warmed up, not too hot once the sun came up. It's a sweet spot when it's between 45 and 55. The seller was very helpful. I am 6 feet tall. 195 lbs. The padding stays in the right place without need for any adjustments while riding, and I originally got the L but swapped for the M, which was a bit tight but not uncomfortable. Length. The fit in the waist and seat made it necessary to go with the M. The pants have something at the bottom of them. The pant leg can get wind at times. The wind doesn't really affect the temperature. I usually have a shoe cover that extends over the ankle and the bottom of the pant leg at lower temperatures.

8. Souke Sports Bicycle Breathable Leggings

Souke Sports Bicycle Breathable Leggings

The high acuity and resilience are related. Their elastic cycling pants mimic the elasticity of your skin, allowing full range of motion when you exercise. The fabric keeps you dry. Instead of using gel as a cushion for their bike pants, they use high density sponge to fit nicely around your hips and keep your hipbone from injuries during long-distance cycling. The skin is light and highly absorbent, keeping it away from sweat and sensitive areas. The biking pants for men are very valuable. The mesh panels in the upper part of the pants keep you dry and comfortable. Large areas of reflective strips improve visibility in night riding or low- sight condition. Silicone leg grippers keep shorts from riding up when you're stretching. There is a hidden pocket for essentials.

Brand: Souke Sports

👤The Souke Bicycle pants version is reviewed. The Souke sports men's bicycle shorts version is very good. The shorts fit in the large size for me. My waist is 36. I will buy the shorts version again. I tried the pant version and went on a 14 mile cycle. The fit is large and it felt great on the legs. The only downside to the pant version is that when you sit on a road bike, the padding shifts forward, as you have no cushion on your butt/seat contact, and all the padding seems to shift forward under your soft tissue sack. When you look down, the padding that would appear to be more logically intended for your butt is now below your soft tissue sack, and what should be under your belly button area is shifting. I would stop and make sure the pant wound was lifted up to my waist line, and again once seated, the padding felt more towards the front end of your sack, and your butt on the bikes saddle, with no cushion support from the pants. I felt like I had put the pants on backwards, but the pant inner tags proved I had the pants on. The padding shape looked right if this pant was manual and the tags were backwards. The low star review is about the padding issue. The quality of material used and the comfort of the pant is great. I will stick with the shorts version for this brand.

👤Good for biking, but not great. They are not sure how long they will last. There is a hole in the front after wearing 3 times. I can't return/replace because I'm 6 days past the return window. The shorts are great.

👤Fantastic. Recently started riding on cold sunny days and needed something to sit under. I initially felt like my bike seat had tilted upward, but after a few minutes I was used to the feel of the padding. The shorts have small clips that clasp the lycra to the exterior shell, but I wish these pants had that, as they never rode up or down. There is a I'm about 5'9" and has a 33 inch waist. I don't have an NBA future for me, but I think I have a good fit for the XL. The ones with the gray/black pattern at the knees are brighter in real life than the photo, but not offensive or distraction. I ordered a second pair of laundry cycles and I'm happy with them. The length of the ankles is perfect for me, it doesn't affect my skin or make me feel bad, and the zip at the ankles makes it easy to fit junk in there. There is a My first big boy bike pants, so I don't have much to compare them with, but so far, so good and they have opened up another season of riding for me.

9. SANTIC Cycling Shorts Bicycle COOLMAX

SANTIC Cycling Shorts Bicycle COOLMAX

Silicone leg grippers keep shorts in place with a 12-panel anatomic design. There is a reflective logo on both sides. The mesh design on the sides of the waistband is breathable. The 4D Coolmax Pad is comfortable. The size for this short is Asian and you should wear one size up.

Brand: Santic

👤Some people need 2 sizes up, while others need 1 size up. Why? The leg band is not as stretchy as the waist. It's important to measure the thigh size too, because most people know their waist size. Take out your tape and measure the leg band above the knee cap. My experience with the 2 sizes I bought is what inspired my modified chart. The lower limit is what will fit snug without flapping, and the higher limit is not tight.

👤I added a picture of the bike shorts inside out to show the seat pad. I think I would get a bigger size, but they still work well. There is a I got these when my padded bike shorts gave out. I'm 5'9", 160 lbs, 32" waist, and got the Large in these. I am glad I upsized. The shorts have a lot of spandex in them, so they work well when you are riding. The seat pad is thick and prominent when you are walking around, but once you get on a bike, it feels comfortable and provides good padding. When pedaling, the legs are tight and don't ride up at all. It was a good purchase. White panels on the sides of the flat seams are nice. I wish the pad was a little less bulky.

👤I have found that they are really comfortable even on rides of 2 hours or so, and I am sure they would still be comfortable after 3 hours of riding. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 175 lbs. The shorts do not have a draw string, but they do well with staying up. I use these on my commute and they work great. The pad is small enough to be comfortable on rough Pennsylvania roads, but not big enough to be awkward. If you are looking for shorts that will work for you day in and day out, these shorts are a great value.

👤I love these shorts. 35 miles on the roads was the only time they have ridden with them. They have exceeded my expectations. I washed them in the HE washer and dried them. There is a I ordered the large because of previous reviews and it fit me perfectly. There is a You should order one size up. A 55 year old male is in the midwest.

👤It has been about 3 years. I'm not sure if they've changed the size, as the chart looks different now than it did when I ordered it. I'm not sure if a medium fits a medium frame now, but I'm thinking of ordering another pair. There is a My point is that the shorts have lasted a long time. Well. The first day I used them, they were the same as now. They are my trainer shorts, so don't get used as much as my outdoor kit, but they have been solid. I would buy again. Just need to figure out the correct size. The original review is here. I was going to say I wasn't going to update to 5 stars just because they feel cheap, but then I realized... They are cheap, so really no reason to not. So 5 stars now. Cheers. There is a The first time I ordered, I ordered the large. I'm a 33" waste, with large thighs. The thighs were my concern as they measured the max size. The waste band was tight enough that it wasn't that tight. Even though I held onto the larger pair, I ordered a smaller one from the same company and assumed if they didn't fit, I would just send them back and not order another pair. There is a I don't have any issues with my circulation, and the LG are tighter on the thigh. The waste band is tighter so they don't get lost on rides as easily as the XL. There is a Chamois: The chammy is fine so far. It doesn't feel all that flattering when you're walking around in them, as it is stiff and sticks out from your buttocks, as it feels like a diaper. It feels good on the bike. It's not as good as high performance spandex, but it seems a little better than the low end models from big manufacturers. I'm not sure how the chamois will hold up over time, which makes me hesitant to order another pair. The price is hard to beat, and really great. I work in a bike shop and spandex costs me more than these. Premium models are not a straight comparison. Giving some context. I'll be ready to order more if the chamois lasts a year. I think the shorts get a 4 star rating, but for value, I would say 5 star. I'll hand over a 4 and adjust to a 5 if the chamois holds up.

10. BALEAF Cycling Bicycle Leggings Pockets

BALEAF Cycling Bicycle Leggings Pockets

The bike pants are made of high quality fabric with aMoisture-wicking management and an Air-hole design to keep your skin dry and comfortable even in hot summer weather. Chamois in an ideal place will give a good amount of extra protection around the crotch area, which will reduce the chafing from long distance rides significantly. There are three utility pockets. There are two side pockets for mobile phones in these bike pants. One back pocket is great for storing your essentials. Silicone ankle grippers keep pants from rolling up while riding, and ankle Zippers allow easy on and off over bike shoes. Visibility is improved in low-light conditions by reflective elements. The elastic Waistband and Silicone Gripper keeps pants in position and provides the right amount of flexibility for a better fit. Silicone Leg Grippers avoid rolling up.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I wore these pants for the first time and they held up well, but they have been worse ever since. Went on a ride for two hours and then threw them in the garbage. I have a pair of pearl izumi that are the same price, but they are much more dense and have held up. Don't waste your money.

👤There are air holes at the knees, even in 60 degree weather. I like to ride but am stocky. It's hard to find riding pants that fit. Most of the brands assume that if you have a 40" waist you must be at least 6'4". This is one of the few riding pants that fit me. Are we supposed to enjoy riding? I try to ride 10 miles a day. I'm glad these are close to a good fit. The side pockets are very deep, which is reassuring, and the padding helps, a lot. The tights seem to slip at the waist a lot. There is a This is one of two pairs I've found that fit, and I've had to send back 2 others. I'm happy to have that!

👤My experience is that these run small. I've never bought riding pants and shorts that don't fit me. I wear 36 X 32 jeans. I ordered the correct length and they are snug. There is a There are different fabric pieces sewn together in the construction of these. The result is that these stay in place and do not bind my quads. This is a very comfortable ride. I live in the mountains of Arizona. I have ridden these down into the 50s with windchill and they have done the job. I will be wearing these under my fleece riding pants when the temperature is 40 degrees. My legs are the last to get cold, so my other coverups will allow me to ride down to high 20's. High 20's and lower bring significant windchill. I anticipate shorter rides or no rides at that point. There is a I ride an average of 12 miles per ride. I am almost 70 years old and still ride well. I expect two years of use out of these. I was confused by the reviews. I suspect that the multi fabric design may have been sewn or otherwise defects on the reviewed items. They are perfect. I think that a bad experience with these can be fixed by the seller. I anticipate buying them again in the future.

11. BALEAF Padded Cycling Bicycle Leggings

BALEAF Padded Cycling Bicycle Leggings

The elastic Waistband has a high stretchy waistband that prevents tights from sliding down and is comfortable. Side pockets are available for mobile phones of 4 to 5 inches. Enhancing visibility in low-light conditions with reflective elements. Breathable fabric has aMoisture management which keeps you dry and comfortable. The leg is not riding up. 4D Padded Protection is multi-density gel inserts that provide decent protection on your bike saddle while long-distance riding. It's perfect for mountain biking. Spring fall cycling has a good halfway house between shorts and tights, a warm knees without the weight and restriction of tights, and perfect legwear for morning bike rides.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm 5 ft 11 in and according to the charts, I'm a size X. I am 155 lbs. I am 33 years old. I am M, 37. The size is not normal. Looks like the rows have been skewed. This is going to be the second return. There is a The crotch area is well padded and the construction seems good. The odd size of the pants makes them stick out in the back. The shorts can get caught in the saddle nose. I bought a pair of Santee brand Large shorts. There is a I wonder if the pants will become too short if I order M. There is a Points are padded, pockets are white, and there is a pant hose. That is theory.

👤These pants are great for riding on cool days. I haven't used them on a cold day. The seat pad moves around because they are bigger than expected. I am 5'8" and have muscular legs and butt. I might order the medium to see if I can squeeze it into them. I am satisfied with the pants and the brand.

👤I have done about 10 rides with them. The ride lengths were in the 40s and the 60s. There is a They are just capris with padding. The phone holders are nice. The padding seems decent for the rides I have done but I will stick to my big name brand bike padded liner/ shorts for longer rides. I wouldn't call them cold weather, but they seem to be ok to the low-mid 50s on their own. For rides in the 40s, I put a pair of shorts over them. I haven't ridden in warm weather. I think they are too warm for me above 70-75F. I think it was the best choice. I usually wear a 33in pant and bought a Med. They are a snug fit when standing, sitting or walking. Once on a bike. There is a The back at the waist needs to be a little taller because once bent over in a road bike position they ride down almost to showing butt crack. The front of the pants are too far from the pad. My butt bones are almost off the back of the padding. I feel like I pull up on the back of the pants when I ride because of these items. The pants are neat. They are comfortable but won't be used as much as I thought they would because of the items noted above.


What is the best product for bicycle pants men padded short?

Bicycle pants men padded short products from Lixada. In this article about bicycle pants men padded short you can see why people choose the product. Pearl Izumi and Przewalski are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pants men padded short.

What are the best brands for bicycle pants men padded short?

Lixada, Pearl Izumi and Przewalski are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pants men padded short. Find the detail in this article. Eco-daily, Vayager and Baleaf are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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