Best Bicycle Pants Men Padded Long

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1. INBIKE Cycling Running Windproof Straight

INBIKE Cycling Running Windproof Straight

The quick-dry fleece pant is made of 100% polyester and is soft and comfortable to wear. Warm and thermal locking. This winter warm trousers are waterproof and can keep you warm in the cold weather. A high elastic waist band. The band at the waist part is wide and elastic, no worries about it being too tight or loose to your body. There is a reflective detail. Windbreaker pants have reflective stripes and a reflective logo to increase visibility in low light. This long thermal pant has a patch design.

Brand: Inbike

👤I'd like to say hello to all. I'm 205 lbs and I'm athletic. I bought a large to use for running in cold weather. L was the right size for me because I needed the length. If you're a 32-32, you should consider a M. These pants are cut for cycling, not running, with extra room in the hips and knees. If you're a hardcore runner, the cut is not optimal. They're perfect for me. I think most people. They have a bit of a "diaper butt" look, but after I wore them for a while, I came to like the extra room for movement. They're soft and comfortable, and the styling is pretty cool. The material and stitching are high quality. Water beads are on the surface. I only mention that they have pockets, but no zippers, because of the debate in other comments. I think they're a great deal. It's a good idea to recommend it. There is a Spelling error.

👤I am an avid year-round Minnesota cyclocommuter and feel compelled to review this product. We finished the year with the second-coldest week of December in the history of Minnesota. I biked every day to work in the cold. These pants worked well. I didn't feel cold after the ride but my thighs felt a little cold. This is a product that works with 45NRTH gear. I am very pleased that it holds up over the next few years. It is definitely recommended for the cold-weather cyclocommuters.

👤In December, you can get these during the Spartan Ultra. The product stayed warm for the entire 24 hour cycle. I wore this top angle bottom through two Spartan 24 hour ultra races. Over 7000 ft of climbing up and down mountain slopes is done through 60 miles. In 20 degree weather and 60 mph midline wind. I stayed safe in the rain, snow and sleet. Thank you!

👤I bought these for the purpose of taking the dog out on cold mornings. I wasn't expecting the quality to be close to what was delivered, they were so cheap. There is a Quality is one of the Pros. The quality is close to that of some major manufacturers. No pilling or loose threads look more expensive than they are. I thought value was where I was most impressed. I thought that they performed unbelievably well, and reminded me of some more expensive companies. The style and comfort are related. I own some of the more comfortable pants. The elastic waist and pre-articulated knees make you feel like you're wearing something built for you. My girlfriend liked the fit and it complemented her backside. There is a The weather is cold. They do well on cold mornings, and have held up for their purchases. The fabric is blocking the wind. It feels like Gore Windstopper. It did well for the price. If I wear them inside, they get pretty hot. I didn't buy them to do that. There is a There are pros and cons. If you're a person with a bit more curves, this may not be the best product for you.

2. BALEAF Cycling Bicycle Leggings Pockets

BALEAF Cycling Bicycle Leggings Pockets

The bike pants are made of high quality fabric with aMoisture-wicking management and an Air-hole design to keep your skin dry and comfortable even in hot summer weather. Chamois in an ideal place will give a good amount of extra protection around the crotch area, which will reduce the chafing from long distance rides significantly. There are three utility pockets. There are two side pockets for mobile phones in these bike pants. One back pocket is great for storing your essentials. Silicone ankle grippers keep pants from rolling up while riding, and ankle Zippers allow easy on and off over bike shoes. Visibility is improved in low-light conditions by reflective elements. The elastic Waistband and Silicone Gripper keeps pants in position and provides the right amount of flexibility for a better fit. Silicone Leg Grippers avoid rolling up.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I wore these pants for the first time and they held up well, but they have been worse ever since. Went on a ride for two hours and then threw them in the garbage. I have a pair of pearl izumi that are the same price, but they are much more dense and have held up. Don't waste your money.

👤There are air holes at the knees, even in 60 degree weather. I like to ride but am stocky. It's hard to find riding pants that fit. Most of the brands assume that if you have a 40" waist you must be at least 6'4". This is one of the few riding pants that fit me. Are we supposed to enjoy riding? I try to ride 10 miles a day. I'm glad these are close to a good fit. The side pockets are very deep, which is reassuring, and the padding helps, a lot. The tights seem to slip at the waist a lot. There is a This is one of two pairs I've found that fit, and I've had to send back 2 others. I'm happy to have that!

👤My experience is that these run small. I've never bought riding pants and shorts that don't fit me. I wear 36 X 32 jeans. I ordered the correct length and they are snug. There is a There are different fabric pieces sewn together in the construction of these. The result is that these stay in place and do not bind my quads. This is a very comfortable ride. I live in the mountains of Arizona. I have ridden these down into the 50s with windchill and they have done the job. I will be wearing these under my fleece riding pants when the temperature is 40 degrees. My legs are the last to get cold, so my other coverups will allow me to ride down to high 20's. High 20's and lower bring significant windchill. I anticipate shorter rides or no rides at that point. There is a I ride an average of 12 miles per ride. I am almost 70 years old and still ride well. I expect two years of use out of these. I was confused by the reviews. I suspect that the multi fabric design may have been sewn or otherwise defects on the reviewed items. They are perfect. I think that a bad experience with these can be fixed by the seller. I anticipate buying them again in the future.

3. Cycling Legging Pockets Outdoor Bicycle

Cycling Legging Pockets Outdoor Bicycle

The fabric is comfortable. The bike pants for men are made of high-quality fabrics. It's not easy to pilling with the soft, stretchy, wear-resistant technology. You will stay dry and comfortable on a long-distance cycling trip, the long pants will not stick to your skin, and you will fit like a second skin. TheBreathable 4D Silicone Pad isBreathable. The butterfly-shaped pad is made of high density foam mixed with Silicone gel and is sufficiently thick to effectively reduce the amount of vibration on long rides. Their cycling long leggings have anti-pressure functions that protect the hip and genital system from injury. It is convenient and safe. Their mountain bike pants for men have two large capacity pockets on both sides, which can hold large-screen mobile phones and various belongings, and a zip pocket behind the padded biker tights to keep your important items safe. The legging pant can be worn over bike shoes, and it is easier to fall out of the ankle than it is to ride it up. Silicone ankle gripper keeps the compression tights in place, and it is easier to fall out of the ankle than it is to ride it up. The reflective strips on the ankle help you see in low-light conditions. The comfort fit is adjusted. The elastic and wide waistband of the men's mountain bicycle is shaped for ideal coverage in riding position. Flatlock seams are used to avoid skin irritation. It works well for road cycling, mountain biking, motorcycle driving, horse riding, indoor spinning and other outdoor sports activities.

Brand: Nicewin

👤I wanted to like these tights, I was hoping they would be what they looked like from the description and the reviews. Too bad. I took off a star because they are not very warm and are more similar to regular tights than thermal tights. I took off a star because they don't reach my ankle and the leg at the ankle is twice as big as my ankle. The legs are climbing up while I ride. I took off a star because the padding is not very thick and it is placed a little to low to be comfortable. I will stop buying Chinese made tights since they seem to be made for weird shaped people.

👤The pants work. The legs and torso are a little long. I have shorte3r legs so that part is expected. The torso is long. They are above my stomach. To sit around my waist, I have to fold them down. I have a 36 waist. I had to fit the larger pair. They are not like jeans. You can't pick the wasit and inseam size. I like them and would recommend them to others.

👤Nicewin is becoming one of my favorite cycling brands. I have a lot of shorts and pants. They are very comfortable. I wore a pair of shorts for a century. The thermal pants I wore today were almost too warm. They will be great during those 30-40 degree days. The large fits me well.

👤These pants are inexpensive. Men's cycling pants are padded on a road bike. gging The tights with 3-Pockets for outdoor were on sale for $20 I ride a lot. I've ridden them three times. These are more of a light weight thermal, but not a full on sub 32F/0C type of warmth, which is perfect for my climate. I like the pockets on both sides that are on the right side of my body to keep my phone out of the way. The reflective bits on the legs are a nice touch.

👤I have another brand that fits bigger than mine. Significantly longer but can roll up without any problems. When not riding, the largness in the seat area makes it less comfortable. I don't notice on my bike. The small pocket in the back is very helpful for keys and ID. I will try to get one smaller size. It is just as warm as my fleece lined workout pants. Good quality, other than size.

4. Qualidyne Cycling Compression Excellent Performance

Qualidyne Cycling Compression Excellent Performance

The fabric of the cycling bib tights is high elastic, which can help to keep the skin dry, and bring you a different cycling experience. The fabrics have high water repellencies. It does not stick to the skin and is comfortable due to its capillary action. Even though it is wet, the dry touch can be maintained. The Coolmax Pad has a 3D design for crotch padding. The foam inserts absorb shock and reduce skin irritation. The perforated layer design reduces the humid and uncomfortable feeling. It keeps you dry and fresh on long road rides. 3D molded construction, multi-panel and 4 needles flat-seam stitching design provide comfort. Qualidyne guarantees a 100% satisfaction within 30 days. If you're not completely satisfied with a replacement or refund, please contact them.

Brand: Qualidyne

👤I couldn't decide if I should order a medium or large after reading the reviews. I usually wear medium, so I decided on that. They fit, but they are tight. Everything is outlined in detail. I am talking about every curve, line, and bulge. It is a skin suit. We are all adults, right? It shouldn't be something to be embarrassed about. If you are trying to be more modest, I would recommend the larger size. There is a If you like public nudity while not being nude, consider the smallest size available. 10/10 would buy again.

👤It keeps you warm and fits well. I think you may need a base layer for riding in 30's. I ordered the 2XL because I am 258 lbs.

👤I decided to try the tights out even though I had reservations about them and thought they were too cheap to be good. I am very happy to say that they are very comfortable and warm. I'm 165 lbs and have a size L. They fit well and the zippers at the back of the calves work well. The liner is very warm. It's a great value for riding in cold weather.

👤I bought a small bib pants. They aren't insulated. I weigh 150 lbs. They fit me like a glove and the most amazing thing is that the padding stays put in the location and does not slide anywhere. If they are taken care of, they will last a long time. I air dry them after washing them in cold water.

👤I was considering getting a bib style or just pant/legging style tights. I am glad I went with the bibs because they stay in place better. These seem well made, and are on the lighter side of fabric thickness/weight, which is what I wanted. I used them this morning when it was 43 degrees and they were on the cooler side of comfortable, which was fine for me. The seat padding was adequate, but less than my biking shorts. I wish they weren't as slick in the seat, but they weren't bad. There is a There is no pocket on these bibs. I have to wear an exercise belt or something similar to keep my phone or house key with me, which is a nuisance. I bought a medium size, which was just right for me at 5 ft 11 inches tall and 150 lbs. I would give these 5 stars if they had a pocket.

5. RockBros Cycling Ergonomics Windproof Bicycling

RockBros Cycling Ergonomics Windproof Bicycling

The material is 98% Polyester, 8% Spandex. ROCK BROS winter cycling pants keep you warm in the cold weather. 3 layers of recycle thermal system provide a water-resitant film which can keep cold wind out. If you like loose ones, please choose 1or2 size up. There are volcanos in 3D. Tailor has high technology stitching and elastic fabric on the knees to release the pressure on the knees. It's perfect for outdoor sports. The corset is made of elastic waist and dram strings that are comfortable during cycling sports. Night visibility can be improved with high reflective strips around the pants. Leg opening convenience can be adjusted with adjusted pants straps. The work is of real quality. A waterproof and water-resisitant cycling jacket with multi-pockets around the front and back to store goods more convenient. Short distance sports such as cycling, running, hiking will meet your needs.

Brand: Rockbros

👤It's hard to size winter cycling pants, regardless of who makes them. I am in good shape, but I am a big rider. Not a typical cyclist build, but the cold doesn't scare me off winter rides. The largest sizes were enough for me to try these pants. It's frustrating when I can't fit into a size 38. The cycling pants are too tight for a waist pant. Some cyclists are 5'8" and weigh 150 pounds.

👤These are not Pearl Izumi, Pactimo, or any of the other ones. For the money, they are pretty good, but lack an overall fit and quality that the big names have. They keep the legs warm on cold days, but the material doesn't move with you as well as clothing from the big guys. There is a They keep the legs warm. My legs were almost too warm after a 25 minute commute on a 50 degree day. The legs were comfortable on the same commute after 40 degrees the next day. The pants should be good when the weather gets cold. There is a They do not breathe well and they do not move with their legs. I have not found a way to let out perspiration so that it stays close to the legs, and that it doesn't get cold next to the legs, which could make it uncomfortable on those cold days. There is a They are pretty decent and should be good on cold days with a base layer tight under these to keep the wind out and the elements warm.

👤The important aspects of these pants are discussed. Quality, size, warmth, and so on. I have a short athletic build with a large butt and thighs. Even though I wear medium, I went with a size L. They are perfect if I put on weight. If you're taller, there's more length, but you'll have to use the ankle strap to keep the length at bay. They still look good, because they don't bunch up too much. Next, warmth. I rode for the first time in 30F today and it was very warm. There is some air in these pants, but a lot of the heat stays in and the cold doesn't come out. The sweat stays in. The sweat will stay in the lining for a long time. When I put my pants back on, they are still moist from my sweat, because I bike to work. I'll take it. They haven't been tested in the rain. There is a Quality is the last one. They are pretty solid and well put together, but haven't put enough miles in to test longevity. There are 2 pockets on the left and right sides. The zippers are sub par. If your pockets are too full, they will bust open. These pants are legit cold weather biking pants. It's comfortable while riding, and stylish too.

6. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Outdoor L Gangsuo

4ucycling Windproof Athletic Outdoor L Gangsuo

The fleece lining provides warmth and comfort. The synthetic material on the surface can stop cold wind and water, so you don't have to worry about cold air during outdoor sports. There are easy-to-adjust leg openings and sturdy zippers on both sides. It gives much-needed flexibility. In low-light conditions, reflective signs can improve visibility. The most professional choice for cycling is 4ucycling cycling pants. ipper pockets The front pockets are made with the same material as the back, which makes it easy to store bank cards, mobile phones and other items. You can choose the most comfortable place with the elastic waistband. Every cyclist loves winter biking pants. Their pants are the best gift for fathers, husbands and boyfriends who like outdoor sports. Customer First4ucycling is a professional cycling company that serves outdoor sports enthusiasts. They will give a 6-month package return service if you don't like it. Their purpose is to serve every customer well.

Brand: 4ucycling

👤These pants are very nice. I've been shopping for similar shops. These are nicer than what I found anywhere and at a fraction of the price. The average price for a cold weather spandex/ soft-shell pants is $150. I bought these for less than $35 shipped. I think they look cool, they have nice quality soft-shell throughout, with ankle cuffs, two zip closer pockets, and a drawstring in the waist. There is a The only problem I had was selecting the correct size. You have to convert or "up-size" 1 or 2 sizes because they are smaller than US sizes. I was able to find the right size because of the free returns the seller offers. Without free returns, I wouldn't have taken the risk. There is a I'm a male, 5'11", 165 pounds, with an athletic build, and I found the medium to fit me best. I'm ok with the way they are, even though the length for me could be 1" longer. The medium is said to fit a 120lb - 140lb person. They fit, but not me. I would suggest ordering two pairs, one size up and one size down. If you want them in three different sizes, then you should. I don't think it's a good idea to use the sizing chart. Good luck.

👤Believe the hype. These are great. I live in the state of Minnesota. When you are active, these will keep you warm. These are not for sitting outside at a football game or standing in the yard making snowmen. If you live in a cold area, you will need a one step warmer, but these will take care of everything else. There is a There is a size. You probably have read the messed up size. My dimensions are here. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall and weigh 220 lbs. I haven't seen any reviews for guys who are built like linebackers. I wear jeans. I purchased a 3XL. The thighs would have been a problem if I went 2XL. It's pretty good as a 3XL. The crotch should be addressed whenever pants have weird sizes. There were no issues there. Specific dimensions will not be addressed.

👤These fit perfectly. I'm about 190 lbs the perfect size. There is enough room for base layers. There is a The length is perfect. Time will tell how well they do. I'm impressed so far! There is a They are comfortable and look great. There is a If these hold up, I'll buy another pair. It's going to be strong for four years.

7. BALEAF Padded Cycling Bicycle Leggings

BALEAF Padded Cycling Bicycle Leggings

The elastic Waistband has a high stretchy waistband that prevents tights from sliding down and is comfortable. Side pockets are available for mobile phones of 4 to 5 inches. Enhancing visibility in low-light conditions with reflective elements. Breathable fabric has aMoisture management which keeps you dry and comfortable. The leg is not riding up. 4D Padded Protection is multi-density gel inserts that provide decent protection on your bike saddle while long-distance riding. It's perfect for mountain biking. Spring fall cycling has a good halfway house between shorts and tights, a warm knees without the weight and restriction of tights, and perfect legwear for morning bike rides.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I'm 5 ft 11 in and according to the charts, I'm a size X. I am 155 lbs. I am 33 years old. I am M, 37. The size is not normal. Looks like the rows have been skewed. This is going to be the second return. There is a The crotch area is well padded and the construction seems good. The odd size of the pants makes them stick out in the back. The shorts can get caught in the saddle nose. I bought a pair of Santee brand Large shorts. There is a I wonder if the pants will become too short if I order M. There is a Points are padded, pockets are white, and there is a pant hose. That is theory.

👤These pants are great for riding on cool days. I haven't used them on a cold day. The seat pad moves around because they are bigger than expected. I am 5'8" and have muscular legs and butt. I might order the medium to see if I can squeeze it into them. I am satisfied with the pants and the brand.

👤I have done about 10 rides with them. The ride lengths were in the 40s and the 60s. There is a They are just capris with padding. The phone holders are nice. The padding seems decent for the rides I have done but I will stick to my big name brand bike padded liner/ shorts for longer rides. I wouldn't call them cold weather, but they seem to be ok to the low-mid 50s on their own. For rides in the 40s, I put a pair of shorts over them. I haven't ridden in warm weather. I think they are too warm for me above 70-75F. I think it was the best choice. I usually wear a 33in pant and bought a Med. They are a snug fit when standing, sitting or walking. Once on a bike. There is a The back at the waist needs to be a little taller because once bent over in a road bike position they ride down almost to showing butt crack. The front of the pants are too far from the pad. My butt bones are almost off the back of the padding. I feel like I pull up on the back of the pants when I ride because of these items. The pants are neat. They are comfortable but won't be used as much as I thought they would because of the items noted above.

8. ROCK BROS Windproof Thermal Athletic

ROCK BROS Windproof Thermal Athletic

The ROCK BROS cycling pants use a unique design and thermal fleece material on the front of the pants to provide a strong protection of your leg. There is a professional for cycling and running. The pants get wet of sweat when cycling and running. The elastic fabric and material as the pants back provides a great performance. 100% satisfactory. There is a wide elastic material on the knee. The cycling and running lover should get the best experience. Anti-involving the chainsaw. The bottom of a pant leg has a zip which can prevent the pants from getting caught in the chain. The reflective sign design around the pants provides a safe night riding. Change clothes size for free is also provided.

Brand: Rock Bros

👤These look nice and have features you only get from cycling specific gear but fit is what distinguishes these from a really nice pair of cycling pants that you love and will be your go to gear for years to come. You are likely to pay more for a good cycling pants. I think the difference between a big box store bike and a local bike shop bike would be a good comparison. The big box bike will fit better if you have never ridden a good bike. Same with these. I am not a gear snob. I try not to pay full price for my gear. I'll never pay the prices that I consider to be "poser" range. I use my stuff, run it hard, trash it and use it again. I need a good fit and good quality. The boxes are clicked on. They aren't cut for cycling. They are cut for the rounder build, like off the shelf. You can't have a baggy crotch with cycling pants if you throw your leg over a bike. They go all the way to your chest when you hike them up. A good fit is higher in the back and lower in the front. These are high in the front and seem to droop in the back. They are warm and comfortable, but they don't fit like you would expect from a good cycling pants, and they don't have that fit you love. I'll wear these all winter, but I'll be looking for a good pair that I love to wear. These will probably never see the light of day. I'm trying to like them but they fit... I can't get used to it.

👤I wore them on top of other pants and they are so flexible that you forget you are wearing them. It's perfect to keep the dirt out of your pants. They add an extra layer when you ride in the winter. The reflective patches on the back help with visibility. These are well suited for cycling and are made of a wwindproof material. The back of the pants is made of a lighter material.

👤I'm 190 lbs with a 33-34 waist and 31-32 pant length. The light base layer is perfect for the XL size. Only one ride with them. 24 miles. It was very comfortable and warm. The pockets and knee flex are just right. There is a The ankle zippers are helpful, but they are not wide enough to fit over a mountain bike shoe. There is a It seems like construction is doing well. I highly recommend these.

9. Baleaf Padded Thermal Stirrup Cycling

Baleaf Padded Thermal Stirrup Cycling

The material is 10% spandex. The thermal liner is perfect for cold rides. The fabric with thermal fleece lined inside keeps you warm and dry for about 8 hours on a road ride. The Pro Chamois is multi level high density foam. It is alleviates on long rides. The mesh bib uppers have elastic mesh stirrup bands. The reflective elements are perfect for cycling bike, spinning, road bike or indoor outdoor bicycle enthusiasts. The multi-panel design is perfect for the body. The Waist Size Chart is for S, M, L, and XL.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I bought these to help prolong my season. I wear these on at least 25 rides and like them a lot. There are gel inserts on the sit bones. I have ridden them in the cold. If the temperature is less than 30 degrees, you should wear athletic underwear to keep your junk warmer. There are minimal seams where you sit. My legs feel cold until I get my blood pumping and then I am fine. It's probably too warm for 50's for me. The micro fleece lining keeps you warm. I would like to have capris for 50's. There are no signs of premature wear for me. Nothing good to say. I'm medium-sized with a height of 165. They fit snug, as they should. There is an update. I wear these often and they are doing well almost a year after my review. No issues with stitching, seams, or premature wear. I love them and recommend them.

👤I really like these, they are my first long bibs, and I've ridden in them twice in 2 days. They've kept me warm on 2 rides in the 40's to 30's with no need for a base layer under or an extra pair of short or warmers over. The wind can make you feel cooler. I never felt cold. I think these would work by themselves. shammy is good for 40 milers and is soft and comfy. There is a The quality of stitching is not high, but for the price, they are pretty good. If you put a base layer under the straps, they are fine. The legs and stirrups are a little long for a large person. I'm 5'11, 205 lbs, the fit is good in the waist but the legs are small, I never wear a medium. I think medium might get too small up top, so I will stick with these. I put the stirrup over my shoe to stretch them out a bit, since they feel a little bulky inside, since they aren't tight under my foot. I try to pull the leg slack up so it's around my knees. There is a wind gap between the part of my leg that is exposed and the part of my shoe that is showing. I would recommend them for the price.

👤The price is reasonable, but the material is thinner than mine. I was skeptical about whether or not these tights would protect me from the cold. The outline or definition of all the features will be shown in these. The ride was 30 miles in 45 degree weather. The tights kept me warm. The padding on these is not as generous as other bibs, but it seems adequate. I did not think about my tights during my ride. They weren't binding or limiting in any way. I will need to test them out. They may not be as effective in maintaining warmth when the temperature is below 35-40 degrees. Will update when I test them out. Went for a 25 miler with a temp of 37 degrees outdoors. I was comfortable.

10. Santic Compression Leggings Breathable Trousers

Santic Compression Leggings Breathable Trousers

You can save 5% when you purchase 1 or more of the mens cycling pants. High quality fabric. It has nylon and spandex. It is made of high strength fibre weaving, which is abrasion resistant. 3D Shape Stereoscopic protects the hip and genital system, it's more fit and helps keep you healthy. There is a small back pocket to put small items in, and mesh panels behind the knees provide excellent breathability. Their elastic cycling pants are stretch for active use. Wrap your muscles, highlight muscle lines, and show the charm of men with a high elastic can. Light, soft and cool. SMOOTH ANKLE ZIPPER HAS BENEFITS. The special zip design can make the pant fit better, and reflective can make you safer at night riding. The visibility of the athlete can be improved.

Brand: Santic

👤The Santic Men's Cycling 4D Padded Long Compression Tights seem to be well made, especially for the price. The US Medium/Asian XL fit me perfectly. There is plenty of length in the legs. The padding is in the correct place for me. I wore these on a 100 minute ride and they were very comfortable. The easy pants are made to be put on and removed with the help of the zippers on the legs. The reflective strips help being seen. There is a small pocket in the back of the pants. This is large enough for a small cell phone and a key or two. There are no other pockets. These pants are not fleece lined, but will keep you warm in cooler temperatures as long as you are active. These are not for cold rides. If you don't like the look of tights, you could wear a pair of loose shorts. There is a These bike pants are really nice. I will be ordering more in the future. I hope you found the review helpful.

👤These pants are my go-to when the weather gets worse in Seattle. I wear these when the temperature drops below 55, and it's comfortable all the way down into the high 30's, although I tend to stop biking when it drops below 40. These pants fit the bill really well, they're warm and insulated, have some mild water resistance light rain seems to roll off it, and they still breathe, even though I don't get over it. The padding is more durable than I have seen in name-brand Pearl Izumi pants. There is a They're not joking when they say that you need a size up. I have a 33-34" waist and I'm about 160 lbs. I'm a medium in most clothing, but for this I ordered a large and it fit perfectly in my waist. I'd probably be more comfortable in an XL, but the legs would be too long.

👤I am writing a detailed and personal review to help people navigate the sizes of these pants. I was confused when I read that people had recommended M, L, and XL for the same body size. There is a I think it's important for people to give their complete body specifications and preference for others to make sense of their recommendations since the plants are designed to STRETCH. Here are my height, weight, waist, hips, upper thigh, calf, and inseam. I don't like wearing tight clothes. I bought the L based on the reviews and the size tables. I bought 2 different styles in size large for comparison because I didn't like the fit. Hope the below helps others decide which is best for them. I like this design, but they all look nice. The fit is tight in the buttocks and thighs, and you can see some slack in the calves and ankles, but it's still close to the skin. The more I wore them the less bothered me. This one does not have a leg. There were no pockets. Black and red is the second color. I can't tell the difference in the pictures I took, but can I feel it? These were the most comfortable for me. The legs are closed so they slide on easier. The small pocket in the back is not very deep and could hold a few small items. Black and silver are the fourth color. This one is made of a lighter material than the other two. The seat padding is thinner and less noticeable. The fit is a bit tighter in some areas than in the other design, especially the calves, where there is more sagging. There were no pockets. There was no zippers. The fit of the black and red pants is the best. After a wash, they will probably fit a cleaner. I washed the black ones in order to see if they would feel better after being washed, but they did not. I cannot imagine anyone with my body size wearing a size M or 888-282-0465 unless they have smaller thighs and waste. There is a Hope that helps.

11. BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Leggings Waistband

BALEAF Cycling Mountain Bicycle Leggings Waistband

The material is 10% Spandex. Women's bike pants use stretchy fabric that keeps you comfortable while you ride. Chamois in the ideal place gives a good amount of extra protection around the crotch area, pad stays put without being bulky, which provides great comfort on long rides. The high-quality high waistband avoids the bike pants ride-up and adds great comfort. Excellent for windy days and winter biking, reflective elements for visibility in low light. The leg zip up is easier to remove. The women biking pants are perfect for cycling, spinning, road bike or indoor outdoor bicycle enthusiasts.

Brand: Baleaf

👤I figured I would be able to wear these alone when I start riding this summer. I was wrong. They are see through without stretching the fabric. I wore the large because I am a 10 in jeans. I don't want to be bent forward on the bike with all of the traffic watching me. There is a They were loose in the ankle and not tight through the leg. It is safe to say they will be returned.

👤I have nothing to compare these to. I checked out tights at the bike shop for three times the price and nothing in my size, so I ordered these. When I started, it was 65 degrees, but it was 70 at the end. These tights fit like a second skin. They didn't feel restrictive, they didn't sweat, they didn't get cold, and they didn't get hot. Exactly what I was hoping for. I can buy three pairs of these for the same price as a bigger brand name, so I think I will be all right.

👤Just received the pants. I got a Peleton for Christmas and wanted some padding. I like to cycle for a long time. Without these padded pants, cycling hurt like hell. My bike ride was pain free with these pants on. I did not hurt once. These pants are great. I ordered a second pair. I think I will end up with a lot more pairs. The padding is thick on the butt area. Yes. This pants are definitely recommended. The bottom of the pants leg has a zip that makes it easy to get in and out of them. I ordered a medium because I am usually a medium. They were tight around the waist but not tight on the legs. I ordered a large pair. I don't think they run small like some reviewers said. I think I need to lose a little weight.

👤These were not very high. I ordered three different brands and thought they were the safest since I own the cycling capris. They stopped above my pubis bone after being pulled up. I thought they were technically fit. They wouldn't stay for a ride. The 90s low rise of cycling pants were here. I don't want that in a pair of bike pants.

👤I decided to buy the same brand of shorts in long pants because I was happy with the Baleaf shorts I had been wearing all summer. I am currently overweight for my small, boy-shaped figure at 135 lbs. I don't have a large bust or rear and have skinny legs. I have excess weight in my belly. I ordered a medium because I don't like my pants to feel like they're cutting me in half at the waist. I expected these pants to fit snug, but not tight, at the waist, and a little loose in the legs. That's what I got. This size does not fit me. They are baggy at the knees and fall just below the ankle. All of that is okay with me because they feel comfortable, allow my knees to bend without restriction, and cover my legs to protect them from the elements, all of which are things I like to do. It will be easy to put another pair of pants over them on cold days. If you are about my height but have a small figure, you might find a small better fit. I might order a small if I can get under 120 lbs. The medium is ideal for taller women.


What is the best product for bicycle pants men padded long?

Bicycle pants men padded long products from Inbike. In this article about bicycle pants men padded long you can see why people choose the product. Baleaf and Nicewin are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle pants men padded long.

What are the best brands for bicycle pants men padded long?

Inbike, Baleaf and Nicewin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle pants men padded long. Find the detail in this article. Qualidyne, Rockbros and 4ucycling are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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