Best Bicycle Oil Pen

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1. White Lightning Bike Lubricant Degreaser

White Lightning Bike Lubricant Degreaser

Not affected by riding conditions, small carbon footprint. 2-in-1 lubricates and degreases your chain and gears in one easy step. 2-in-1 leaves behind a premium lubrication when it works. Extra protection to bicycle components is provided. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: White Lightning

👤It's messy to apply but if you do it on a piece of large box or something, then it doesn't matter. I got a good amount on the floor after I left my kitchen. It is easy to clean. The resistance was improved immediately during pedaling. I'm a casual rider and I own a trek that I bought with a rusty chain. It was fixed up with the first use. Easy to navigate.

👤I ride my bike in the winter. Even in near zero weather, the chain works smooth. I will buy again.

👤The product made my bike chain black and it was hard to clean it off.

2. Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil

Waterless auto-off allows you to enjoy a good night's sleep without worry. Once the water runs out, the diffuser will shut off. The 400 liter capacity of the complete bundle is used to atomize essential oils for ultimate health. There are 7 light modes and two intensity settings for the light combinations. It has an auto shutoff feature for low water levels. The printed wood grain design on the side of the plastic is beautiful. Their essential oils are made from plants from all over the world, including lavender from France and Tea Tree from Australia. The therapeutic properties of the plant oils are intended by nature to be atomized by modern Ultrasonic waves instead of burning them with heat. Their Top 10 essential oils include lavender, tea tree, orange, peppermint, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint oils. All oils come in amber jars to protect them from the sun. No cheap Additives or Fillers are used in creating their oils. Local harvest takes longer but is better for the environment and creates a better essential oil. Depending on the plant, they use a variety of processes.

Brand: Pure Daily Care

👤The light wood grain looks great. This product is well designed. I bought it to help balance out the dry air in my bedroom. The product was packed with 10 oils and the smell was very natural. The scent spreads across the room, I have used several types of essential oils in it. My wife is fond of lavender and jasmine. It is a good price for a diffuser with so many oils. The auto turn-off feature works when there is no water inside. My family always forgot to check the water level, so I was happy to have this feature. I like to start the 6 hour timer before bed to get the oils started in the bedroom. It goes off in the middle of the night.

👤I was told by a friend that this product helped her save her sleep schedule by reducing her husband's snoring. As my boyfriend snores so loud, I purchased immediately. I noticed a big change after the first use. I use lavender, mint oils, and a little of whatever looks good before I go to sleep. I have been able to sleep. It hasn't completely cured his snoring, but it has helped. I am very happy I bought it. There is a It stopped working after 8 months. When we turned it on, it made a weird noise, but now it doesn't steam.

👤I have had many of them in my life and this one is my favorite. It does a good job of releasing the essential oils. It is a nice neutral color. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know the quality of oils, but I've been very happy with it so far. Everyone in the office likes to stop by my desk because of the diffuser. I paid a lot for this and all the oils, but I got this one for free. That is not common in the stores. 12 essential oils can be as high as $75 and the price of a Diffuser varies from $20-50. Definitely a great purchase!

👤There were not many reviews about the oils. There were a couple questionable reviews of the diffuser. I have a wholesale account with other big oil manufacturers, and I use essential oils everyday. I smelled each bottle and it was lovely. I am certain they will be good quality, but I haven't used them yet. If you're not sure which ones to buy, you're on the fence. They have a great variety of oils, and another one is a bonus. Great price! Jasmine was put in my living room. It smelled great.

👤I thought it would be small, but it was the perfect size for my stand. I like how it doesn't smoke up my small room. I was initially worried that the smoke would cause my fire alarm to sound, but it doesn't get high enough to reach the ceiling. The lavender oil smells great and the item is very easy to operate and clean. It makes any room feel a little more peaceful. I wish I'd known about it a long time ago. I'm going to buy more of these for my house.

3. White Lightning Conditions Bicycle Squeeze

White Lightning Conditions Bicycle Squeeze

The kit makes bleed brakes easy to use. The perfect choice for riders who want the performance of a wet-style lubricant. The non-petroleum based synthetic oils are formulated to provide long haul durability without the excessive grime build-up. It works great on chains and on a lot of things. Even in coastal salt-air conditions, it protects your bike's drive train.

Brand: White Lightning

👤My bike chain is easy to maintain with the White Lightning ride all conditions spray lube. I drive a Trek dual sport 3 on and off the road and like all bikes, the chain accumulates dirt. I degrease and lubricate the chain about once a week. I use mineral spirits on a paper towel as a degreaser to get the heavy junk off the chain and it shines. The rollers need to be cleaned. This is the most important part of maintaining a bike chain and what I really like about this product is the spray version of White Epic Lightning Ride lube. I use it to loosen and wash away the dirt that gets under the rollers and the outside of the chain, so that the chain is very clean and lubricated. I let the lube go for about an hour and then wiped the excess with a paper towel. After the ride, I want the excess lube to be set up. It's about 24 hours before my next ride. This product loosens, and washes away the dirt that I can't access. We all know our bikes need lubrication. If you spray across the chain horizontally, it will blow lube all over the place. Instead, I hold the tip over the chain and use the thin plastic straw in the nozzle to gently squirt the lube downward over the rollers as I slowly crank the pedals backwards. I can see that the rollers are being washed and the dirt is being lifted. I need to make a single pass and let it set. My bike has a disc brake and if oil gets on the brakes, I can hose them up. I don't blast this stuff on my bike because I want to make sure it doesn't get on the disc brakes. I place a sheet of thin cardboard between the chain and the wheel to keep it from being sprayed. I hold paper towels under the chain to catch drips. I put some rags under the bike. I wanted to give you some ideas on how to use this product. I don't recommend blasting the stuff all over the cassette because of the danger of spatter and over spray. I recommend it to anyone interested in good bike chain maintenance because it is a great product, does a great job for me, and is a great gift. Enjoy and be safe.

👤I have tried a lot of different lubes. Clean Ride, Rock n' Roll, ProGold, Finish Line, Dumond Tech, Squirt, and White Lightning are all on top of my head. They are all good in one aspect but not in others. The ride seems to have a good balance. I have done a few double centuries after applying this product, and no one sings of chain noise at the end of each ride. I usually just apply fresh lube and wipe off the excess, no special cleaning like some other lubes require, and clean my chain once every few hundred miles. I don't see a lot of heavy rain in Northern California, but I had no problem riding 100 miles in light but constant rain with this product.

4. Dynalion Multifunctional Motorcycle Cleaning Roulette

Dynalion Multifunctional Motorcycle Cleaning Roulette

Will not absorb or attract excessive dirt. It can clean and maintain the chains of motorcycles and bicycles. It's suitable for most systems. The extended handle can help you avoid contact. There are three different tools for bicycles. A wide range of uses can be done with a motorcycle. The chain or gear can be cleaned easily. The three-side cleaning brush can be used to clean a chain. The gear cleaning kit can easily clean gears, cranks, transmissions and other difficult to clean gaps. A set of high-quality materials include a brush and two gear cleaners. They will give you a 30-day quality money back guarantee.

Brand: Dynalion

👤The product worked as described. I've only used it once so far, so I can't speak to its durability.

👤It's a great way to keep bicycle chain, sprockets and derailleurs clean. It's lightweight and flexible, so if you are packing a bike it's worth it.

👤I used the blue chain brush to get the dirt off my chain so that I could get some clean oil on it. The narrow brush was able to get into the spaces between the sprockets on my mountain bike after a decade and a half of cleaning them. The curved scraper tool was more suited for that build up. I ground a lot of the teeth after snapping the end off. There is a I would suggest that the tool be constructed out of stronger material. It worked and I got my bike clean, but I probably can't use that more than a few times. Killing the tools will not be a problem if I clean my bike more frequently.

👤I need the Dynalion bike brush set to keep my bike running. I don't ride on dirt so this light weight and flexible set works well for me as I don't need to remove dried dirt. The tools work well for oily dirt on the chain. The chain brush is large enough to clean two sides of a chain at the same time. It does get the job done despite being a bit larger than I wanted.

👤The bristle of the chain brush is a bit softer than that of the other brush. The chain brush is too large for a bike chain. I think it may fit for a motorcycle, but it is too large for a bike and will only clean one side at a time. You would have to push against the other side of the chain to clean. A decent brush is needed to get dirt off your chain and gears.

5. InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Ultrasonic Humidifier

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Ultrasonic Humidifier

This palm sized aromatherapy diffuser is small enough to fit on your desk, countertop, or carry-on while you're on the go. You can either set the deffusor to intermittent mist that lasts 8 hours or continuous mist that lasts 3-4 hours. The Cool Mist and PP Material are used to create a comfortable stream of room-temperature mist, which is ideal for small or medium sized rooms. The Romantic Mood Light is Romantic. The light can switch from dim to bright with the 8 soothing colors of the essential oil diffuser. It's great for creating atmosphere, meditation, or using as a night light. Waterless auto-off allows you to enjoy a good night's sleep without worry. Once the water runs out, the diffuser will shut off.

Brand: Innogear

👤I bought this a year ago. For my bedroom. I liked it. It was always thirsty. A bigger one would be better. I used it during the winter. It was brought out for the winter. I filled it with some drops of water and fragrance oil. I left the room. 30 minutes later I looked at it. It was a disaster. The water came out of the bottom. My expensive side table was ruined. The wood was not straight. There is a I bought another one. Lesson learned! Put a towel under it, or put it on a cheap item. The seller noticed my review and went above and beyond customer service. They were concerned. Everything was taken care of. The bigger unit was what I ended up with. I am very happy with it. Thank you for that. There was an update on 8/6-19. There is a I don't want anything from this company. The company gave me 3 units. All failed in a year. Drenching everything below it. I don't want another one for free. A better quality diffuser can be produced.

👤I bought this because I was having a hard time sleeping because of the cold. I broke down the day after ordering it and bought it from WalMart to get through. I regretted it. The Sunbean was bulky, hard to fill, and leaked water during refilling, and it only lasted about 6 hours. I was disappointed that I waited so long for this. When I checked the mail yesterday, there was only a small box. I didn't know the humidifier was so small. After my two days with the Sunbeam, I thought there was no way that this thing would produce continuous mist for 9 or more hours. I plugged it in and it went off. Yes, small and compact. mist is cool to the touch It lasts for 9 hours on a small amount of water. Well played.

👤This is fine with me. It is hard to remove the cover because of my arthritis. I made a mistake by taking the cover off while running. I think I might have missed pink, because the pictures show the colors which change every couple of seconds. I don't like the changing colors so I prefer having it off. The scent it gives off is pretty good. The mist diffuses the scent of whatever you're using in the air. I live in a building where people smoke. I can't handle it because it causes me headaches. It works well to mask the smell for me. I only use bottled water when using this. I know minerals can cause problems. There is a marker on the side that tells you where to stop. It only lasts for 6 hours, then it turns off. I would like to run mine all the time. Please press the helpful button if this review helps you. I don't get any free or discounted prices. I like to know that I've helped people. Thanks!

👤Very disappointed! It worked well. We liked it in the beginning, but it no longer works right. We clean it weekly and use it almost every night. The motor is loud. It was purchased less than 3 months ago. * Customer service contacted me immediately after my review and sent me a new one. The new one is working well. The customer service dept has been great. I can contact them directly if this one doesn't work out, because the new one came with warrantee info. This info was not included in the first one I received.

6. Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

A set of high-quality materials include a brush and two gear cleaners. They will give you a 30-day quality money back guarantee. All climate libertarian solutions. The lubricant is designed to protect your chain against tough challenges from the environment. Strong performance and lubrication are offered by the addition of the NANO Boron Nitride. No matter how hard you pedal, it offers lubrication to drive-train. Quiet rides and excellent smoothness are provided. It protects the community from the race. Enhance lubrication EFFICIENCY is the reduction of friction from mechanical work. You should be able to cycle longer. They love nature as much as they love cycling. The compound is free from acids, CFC's and solvents. You can also help protect their environment.

Brand: Skwi: Ki

👤The packaging allowed me to apply the lubricant quickly. I have no experience comparing my bicycle chain to others. I have worked with lube oils in other applications.

👤It stays on the chain.

7. ARES 70004 Precision Applicator Lubricants

ARES 70004 Precision Applicator Lubricants

Their convenient cuticle oil brush pen can make application of cuticle oil onto your nails very easy. Their cuticle oil pen allows for accurate and efficient application of the oil to the base of your nails without any waste. SPECIFICATIONS: Their pen is made of aluminum and has a 15ml refill. A screw on the cover prevents leaks and the O-Rings on the cover provide a tight seal on your lubricant. The pocket clip is convenient. When you push the button, a brass plug in the tip of the needle extends outward, allowing oil to flow past. The button stops the oil flow. The oil can flow freely if the top is removed every ten drops. There are common uses. The pen is perfect for cleaning and lubricating firearms, brake pedal pivots, foot speed controls, door hinges, sewing machines, bike derailers, knife hinges and penetrating oils. LIABLE, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT: ARES is a quality tool. You are protected by the Performance Assurance Lifetime Warranty. If you have a problem with the ARES Precision Oiler Pen, you can contact customer service for help. The business angel is from the ASPCA. They are proud to be part of the program. If you have a pet, you realize they are more than a pet, they are part of the family. They are proud to help this organization. The business angel is from the ASPCA. They are proud to be part of the program. If you have a pet, you realize they are more than a pet, they are part of the family. They are proud to help this organization.

Brand: Ares

👤It works like it's supposed to, but it doesn't. This is a waste of money if you have oil that is thin. I bought this to use Starrett Precision Tool Oil, which is a really common oil used in my field, and it leaks right out of the push button's sides. The seller told me to buy the oil. I use an average thickness oil to oil my instruments because it's tried and true and doesn't gum up the mechanical parts. If it comes to light, I will update my review, but have yet to receive a response beyond the previous quote.

👤The oiler in my tool box has leaked the full contents onto the felt liner twice since I wrote this review. I can't figure out why that is happening, as there are O rings that should seal it. You have it. I wouldn't go for this one. There is a The concept of the oiler is excellent. I don't think it's a good idea to call it "precision" because it delivers way too much lubricant. I have oilers that are plastic tubes that you squeeze and deliver a small amount of oil for threading. The oil drop is large and makes it a mess.

👤It works great and looks well constructed. I had a burr on the threading for the needle tip cap that would have made small cuts on the O ring, which would have caused it to wear out early. The burr was removed by a little file. Hit the top button if you filled it with WD-40. A tiny drop of oil is released for a sealed bearing or a dirty potentiometer. The push button started leaking around an hour after filling. If it has to be dumped out to keep oil from going everywhere between uses, it won't be much use.

👤The thing is made of solid aluminum. It is small enough for me to oil the pivots of my knives. I use a brand called Super Lube. I highly recommend it. It is a clean silicone oil. The oiler pen does not leak, despite what some other reviews say. I use it every day. I have to press the pen button multiple times to release my oil because it is thick. This gives me the ability to apply a small amount of oil. I only have to press the button once or twice. The pictures and descriptions are correct. It is a great addition to my tool box. I will recommend this to a friend.

👤If you are working within its limitations, you are a great little oiler. The pointed stem in the middle of the needle is used to seal the flow of blood through the needle in the closed position and when the button is pressed. This unit is a gravity feed unit so you have to use thin oil and it won't work upside down or sideways. If you want to force oil out or into areas that need lubrication, you need a different type of sprayer. I use this to oil my old sewing machine. It would be great for oiling the internals of a firearm or any other mechanism where you need to apply a drop of oil. When left horizontal, mine leaks as others comment around the button. I haven't seen any leaking through the needle. I guess this is to be expected, but it's less than optimal.

8. Rock 135816 Chain Lubricant 4 Ounce

Rock 135816 Chain Lubricant 4 Ounce

A patented, fully waterproof lubricant can be used in all cycling disciplines. It's all-purpose lube for mountain or road bikes. Cleans and lubricates at the same time. The smoothness and quietness of this lube just went to a new level. It looks like drive-trains just came out of the box.

Brand: Rock N Roll It!

👤I've tried different lubes on my bike. I ride in dry conditions. I tried spray chain wax and it didn't work for me. I've tried Rock & Roll Gold, Finish Line Dry Lube, and ProGold ProLink. There is a The 3 products are okay for lubricating the chain. Rock & Roll Gold wants you to use a lot of their product to saturate the chain. You have to use a lot of Rock & Roll Gold. The Finish Line Dry Lube seems to leave clumps of white material as the bottle gets closer to empty. There is a It seems to me that it lubricates, but it attracts a lot of road dirt to the chain. The chain seems to be left clean over time. It is less messy than the other two because you only apply 1 tiny drop per link. There is a They all seem to attract a fair amount of road dirt, so you have to reapply more often than you would like. I think ProGold ProLink is better at not attracting as much road gunk. There is a Kim.

👤There are two types of chain lube, wax and liquid. Waxy ones have a wax and a liquid carrier in the bottle so that the wax comes out of the bottle and into the chain. Once it's in place and you've spun the chain a few times, the liquid leaves a film of wax. If you will, you can take the dirt with you as the wax gets dirty. Great idea in theory. Liquid oils are not oils at all. They keep the chain quiet because they stay liquid and stick to the chain. It acts as a cushion when metal bits are touched. Dirt gets encased in the oil and that's why it turns black with age. There is a The chain lube is dry. It works well for a short time. The chain will need servicing again. When they're dry, it gets noisy like chains. In the winter, the chain will start to squeak like a rusty old bike after 50-75 miles. This is great if you stay on top of your maintenance, but I prefer the other type of lubricant. Check out ProGold ProLink.

👤Rock N Roll Gold is not a good lubricant. In Orange County, CA, I mountain bike in mostly dusty/dry conditions. If I get 20 miles out of an application before my cassette starts crunching, I'm lucky. I bring the bottle with me on rides because I know I will have to re-lube at some point. I have been told by many long time users of Rock N' Roll that it used to be very good, but it seems like the formula has changed recently and it is no good. When looking at older reviews, keep that in mind. I think it is very good at keeping the chain clean. The chain is clean after a ride. I am going to use the remaining half bottle as a chain cleaner before applying Dumonde, which has never let me down.

9. Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle

Bliss Kiss Simply Pure Cuticle

Repairs peeling, brittle nails in 3 days, and eliminates hangnails within 5 days. All natural ingredients are safe. It prevents cracking of nail enhancements. Convenient brush pen.

Brand: Bliss Kiss

👤My nails were thin as paper, my tips were curling up and breaking, and I was getting gel polish done once. The photo titled "After removing Polish" was taken. I had been trying to cover them up with more and more polish, but it didn't solve the problem. There is a I left my nails nude for a month. The photo is "1mo naked." There is a I tried using the Bliss Kiss oil and it was very convenient to use. I noticed a slight improvement in the skin around my nails, but not much. The nail oil ran out very quickly. I smelled the crisp scent. It was boring but it smelled good and cheap. I noticed an improvement immediately when I started using Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. It leaves my nails shiny and strong. I decided to try Hard as Hoof Nail cream after the Bliss Kiss Cuticle oil ran out. My nails are as strong as they have ever been. I like the smell of the cream. It smells like coconut. The photo is three months later.

👤I used this oil for about a month. The smell is beautiful and I used it for a few days. I bought the flavor. The scent is not sweet in the traditional sense. I love the smell of it. I was not a fan. I had to apply this oil a lot. I had to apply every 30 minutes. I would rub the coat in and leave. 30 minutes later, I would look at my nails to see if they were dry. I don't have the desire to spend time or money applying this in order to see results, even though the company suggests it in order to see results. I would pick and bite at my nails. It was terrible. I keep a close eye on my nails to make sure they don't get damaged further. I can not have any dry skin around my nails because I will pick and bite at them. It is a terrible habit I have. I would have liked this product to have worked for me. I was looking for something that would keep the skin around the nail moist, but I didn't find it. I will return to solar oil. I like the way the brush is applied.

👤I am an anxious person. As long as I can remember, I have chewed and scratched at my nails. I chewed my thumb nail off while watching a horror movie. Nothing had been done. Not anymore. I have been trying to be more careful about taking care of my nails because they are really gross. I stopped. I wanted these babies to grow long and strong so I replaced the obsessive picking and nail chewing with self-care. It's natural, cuticle oil. This stuff makes my nails look great. I can take the pen with me to class and not pick at my nails because I have replaced picking with oiling. If you had told me six months ago that my nails were long and pretty, I would have thought you were crazy. I had to cut my nails because they were long. I can't remember the last time that was a problem. There is a Anyway. I use the cuticle oil from Bliss Kiss and it has helped my nails grow and look great.

10. Microneedle Derma Roller Microneedling Microdermabrasion

Microneedle Derma Roller Microneedling Microdermabrasion

The face needle roller will give you a smooth, youthfully glowing complexion in just a few minutes. For increased absorption, pair with your favorite serum. The micro derma roller tool is great for helping to lighten the appearance of dull-looking skin for overall facial rejuvenation. It'sTILE: The 0.25mm derma roller kit is simple to use and can be used as a face roller, as well as a beard roller to help grow hair and beards. Microneedling sessions can cost thousands. You can have professional results from the comfort of your home with their microderm roller. This is the cheapest looking good that I can remember. There are skin care gifts. If you are shopping for a partner, a friend, or yourself, their derma rollers are the perfect gift.

Brand: Sdara Skincare

👤I have never left a review on Amazon. I had to buy this product. I will start with my skin history. I had scars on my face from sun damage. I had a bad flare-up of my skin problems when I was 17 years old. It was so bad that I had to take a drug. I was obsessed with tanning. I tan every day. My actions made it worse, so this wouldn't NECESSARILY be bad for my skin. I used to pick at my skin, pop zits before they were ready, and over treat my skin problems. My lack of sunscreen was my other mistake. I lay there without a towel on my face or sunscreen thinking it would help my skin and heal my wounds. The sun did something after doing all this, it stopped the healing process and made the scars worse. Deepen the atrophic scars. I didn't know how much damage the tan did to my skin until it faded, and I saw that my bad habit and sun exposure had left behind. After waiting a couple of years, the discoloration faded completely. It came with time. There were still marks on my face. I tried to get rid of the sunken scars for almost 3 years. Alpha hydrox helped a bit. AMBI cream was not able to do much. There is no progress with vitamins E, C, and Bio Oil. Nothing was being done to get the job done. And then I find this. I was hesitant to try the rollers. I am thankful that I faced that fear. The first time I used it, I didn't use it well. I did not use enough pressure to make a difference. The second time I tried it, I was more ambitious. After I put on the Vitamin C, I went to sleep. I woke up the next day and cried. My skin looked different to me. 70% of my sunken scars were gone. I had seen more progress than I had in the previous three years. This is a miracle. I can not believe it. The texture of my skin was so even that it was smooth. I am happy. This is your Holy GRAIL, people with scars and indentations.

👤Within two weeks, I could see the results. I use every other day, even though it suggests once a week. I use a roller and a light moisturizer. I drink 100 ounces of water a day.

👤I've been trying to speed up the healing from a devastating outbreak of cystic acne. It's dairy. If you're having a bad case of adult hormonal cysts, try not to eat dairy for a month. It's difficult to give up cheese, but it's better than having a painful outbreak and spending hundreds on products that do jack all. My skin takes a long time to heal, it's brutal. It's awesome, I bought it on a whim. I'm alternating with my retinol gel since they can't be used together. I have very sensitive skin and this hasn't made it worse. One reviewer mentioned to clean before and after with rubbing alcohol. I have been applying a combination of rosehip oil and tamanu oil to my face, androllering it. My impulse buy has sped up my healing process. Dark spots are lightening up, indentations are filling in, and raised patches are flattening out. Get your self care done! Get products that are simple, natural and help you get your life back if you find out which foods are destroying your life. Good luck, B.

11. Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Their treadmill lube has a 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with it. They will give you a full refund. There are sheds with dirt, mud and abrasives. Repels humidity and reduces oxidation. Desperses water and resists wash-off. Will not get tacky. Cleans and lubricates as you ride.

Brand: Progold

👤It's a thin lube, but it's great. You want to clean your chain and apply new lube every third or fourth ride. Me? I like to "drop on every link". You might be a Squirty McSquirt and just squeeze the bottle and piss your wife off. You should stop getting lube on your bike. Like me, be a Droppy McDropperton. You're welcome.

👤I decided to try something else after being raised on TriFlow. I was pleasantly surprised to see the bike mechanic use this stuff at the shop. The bottle is a little stiff and you have to remove the top half to put it on. The chain was wiped off after being run backwards ten turns. I wouldn't say my chain is silent, but it is very quiet. The first time I applied it, some went on the rim because it was a low viscosity oil. Be careful. There is a The rag is often dirty after applying and wiping this oil. I apply this stuff a lot. It didn't seem to fix my squeaking issue or make it worse, so I tried it inside a cable housing. 3 months is an update. This stuff is crazy. I wipe my chain down with a dry rag to get rid of dirt, and my chain still looks brand new six months after I bought the bike. It's amazing. My other bike with TriFlow has a black chain in a week despite being wiped. This is amazing. It smells good too. If you will, I would suggest you get the small bottle as an applicator and the big bottle to refill it. Who would use the sprayer nozzle?

👤I bought this and a week later, I won a race in my division and received a box of their products as a prize. I have 2 bottles of these and some other things. This oil works well for chains. The key to using this is to apply along the chain's entire length, work in by backpedal spinning, and then use a rag to wipe off the excess. Unless I run into water or excessive mud, I will use it every 2nd or 3rd ride. The product helps with chain wear. I can get a few more miles out of my chain before I hit 8 thousand of an inch stretch, which means I have time to install a new chain. The grease, bike wash, and degreaser are very nice products. I can tell you that this company has a good product line.

👤Excellent product. I used teflon 'dry lube' for a few months and had terrible rusting with any small amount of humidity. I switched back to the pro gold lube. I ran the chain through a cloth to remove the rust, then coated it again. I haven't had any rusting problems for the past few months, I re- apply a few drops every 2 weeks or so. The entire top sometimes starts to twist open when twisting to open the applicator. The solution is to use a second hand. I think it's relevant to people who want to be able to open with one hand.


What is the best product for bicycle oil pen?

Bicycle oil pen products from White Lightning. In this article about bicycle oil pen you can see why people choose the product. Pure Daily Care and Dynalion are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle oil pen.

What are the best brands for bicycle oil pen?

White Lightning, Pure Daily Care and Dynalion are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle oil pen. Find the detail in this article. Innogear, Skwi: Ki and Ares are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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