Best Bicycle Oil Kit

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1. CYCOBYCO Shimano Hydraulic Mineral Stopper

CYCOBYCO Shimano Hydraulic Mineral Stopper

6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund. It's compatible with all the brake systems. 60ml Mineral Oil, a plug, tube, port,gloves,bleed block, and a funnel are included. Any structure of the brake handle can be responded to by a high-quality oil funnel. The conversion between mountain bikes and road bikes is achieved through the transfer between the connector. The kit makes bleed brakes easy to use.

Brand: Cycobyco

👤Ich ist das Set gekauft. l befllen mute. There is a Es war alles, die Anleitung war gut verstehen. Sonst mal bei. Da ist anleitungen. There is a Ich war alles dabei, was I gebruacht. Einstze genoutzt, das Set ist fr all. Okay. l ist die reichen, aber das man separat kaufen, je. The Set is also fr kaufen-nutzen-wegschmeien-neukaufen. Ich ist das set. Preis und leitungs.

👤Instrucciones claras y faciles. No me, no me, no me, no me, no me, no me, no me, no me, no me. Todos los accessorios. Lastima de la rosca de aceite residual. A la minima, ya no se reutilizar. There is a 60ml de aceite fue justo. Easy and clear instructions. I didn't need any more information from the video. All of the fittings fit. I won't be able to reuse the waste oil tank thread because it broke easily. There is a It comes with 60ml of oil.

👤The Set ist macht. Im Anleitung empfinde die klein gedruckt und damit. Allerdings ist bei Youtube, um das fr den Laien verstndlich. There is a Ihren entsprechenden Teilen lsst die Shimano Bremse. Man ist die Fahrradhndler, wente man beispielsweise anstellt. There is a The fall is a klere Kaufempfehlung. There is a Alle drei Fahrrder ist.

👤There is a fitting for my TEKtro auriga break lever. The purge worked for me.

👤In der Handhabung ist das Set. Fr den Ausgleichsbehlter lie. Ich ist die Bremsleitung problemlos. Ihren Video im Netz ist fr die Anleitung.

2. CYCOBYCO Bicycle Hydraulic Mineral Standard

CYCOBYCO Bicycle Hydraulic Mineral Standard

If you are used to the opposited left-right combination, you can exchange the tubes. They will help you with your questions within 24 hours. The Brake Bleed Kit is compatible with all models. The conversion between mountain bikes and road bikes is achieved through the transfer between the connector. Any structure of the all brake handle can be responded to by a high-quality oil funnel. The English user guider makes it easy to operate the Universal all Bike Hydraulic Brake Bleed Kit.

Brand: Cycobyco

👤I was able to bleed the brakes on my bike. It got the job done despite the fact that everything is a little leaking. I would buy again.

👤This worked well for what we needed. Would buy again.

👤It works, but it used a different needle. It wasn't so great. I used it to bleed the brakes.

👤I was able to match my bikes brakes with lots of TRP fittings.

👤I used this kit and DOT 5.1 brake fluid to bleed my front brake after I accidentally pumped the front brake lever multiple times, wondering what was happening. A small pool of brake fluid ended up on the basement floor when one of the pistons popped out. I wasn't able to use the front brake after putting the piston back in place. I used the GCN Tech video on how to bleed the disc brakes. It was my first time bleeding disc brakes. Everything was in the kit. To get the air bubbles worked out, make sure to push and pull the syringes. By the end of it, I was able to pull the brake lever, which in turn pushed out the pistons to make the brake pads fit. There is a It's made of plastic which isn't as durable as the SRAM bleed kit. It's good for the odd time use for home bike mechanics.

👤The adaptation de nombreux vélos is permettant. There is a Personnellement j'ai un vélo trial. A permis de renouveler mon liquide de frein sur 2 vélos.

👤The kit is for the purger des freins Shimano. The formula ishuile. Ce kit is fourni, it's not only the notice and 2 paires de gants. There is a Pour tre sr de mon coup, j'ai choisi le kit pro. J'ai pu faire mes two types of purge, one for the embouts and the other for the base. Je recommande ce kit qui fera le job pour tous.

👤The set is in Ordnung. There is a Is immer.

👤A fonctionne nickel pour purger.

3. Oumers Cleaning Bicycle Mountain Practical

Oumers Cleaning Bicycle Mountain Practical

Two cylinders for multiple use. bristles are sturdy enough to clean in between cassettes, derailleur areas that are difficult to get into to clear the mud and dirt, perfect for most of your drive-train cleaning struggles. The bicycle clean brush set includes: bike clean mitt, 2pcs gear clean sprocket scraper, 2pcs gear clean sprocket brush, 2pcs tarpered detail brush, tire scrubber, and 3-sided bristle cloth. Attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn it. The bicycle has to be elevated or flipped over in order to work. Their bicycle cleaning tools can be used as a daily household cleaning tool and can even do basic maintenance work on your bike. The bicycle cleaning brushes are made of plastic and corals and are easy to carry.

Brand: Oumers

👤It is inexpensive to clean our dirt bikes after a ride. The kids are taught to take care of their toys. Our CRF450X, CRF150F, CRF70F and CRF50F have never looked so clean. If you want to prevent dirt from sticking to your next ride, spray the bike all down with Shout Stain remover before you ride, and after you ride, if you want to avoid grips, seat, and disc brakes.

👤This isn't a professional cleaning kit. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, it's a good purchase. I bought it for the multi-direction brush to clean the sprockets, space around the bearings, and the chain. It's possible to buy something more stiff to clean up built up debris. There is a If you do any type of consistent riding then you need a cleaning kit. You should get some oil and alcohol and learn which items need lubrication.

👤The cleaning tools are too flimsy to remove gunk. I'm trying to think of a use for the brushes that I could toss out. The brushes are very soft. It's not enough to remove chain or gunk. A wet rag with mineral spirits works better than a dry rag. The shining or washing glove hand piece is useful. A rag was also better. A better cleaning kit is a good idea. I did.

👤The tools are not intended for cleaning a bicycle, but for a motorcycle. Will they work? They can be made to work, but they are not good for use. Park or Finish Line is the best place to get bicycle tools.

👤There is a great set of items to clean your bike. You have a variety of brushes to clean the chain, tires, brake-pad areas and other tough to reach areas.

👤There are nice items to clean a bike. Well made and good value for money. If you need it for cleaning bikes, buy it!

👤Cleaning tools for bicycles are very good.

👤It is good for what it is. Gets bike clean.

👤It's cheap to throw away a bike that gets too oily. There is a My first kit was my second.

👤The brushes could be a bit stiff. But okay.

👤It was kind of useless. karcher is 100 times better than narrow brushers at removing dust and mud from the kog. Maybe you can use it when you are on the road. The brush for the chain is pointless. Glove-sponge is cool, but you can buy it in your regular store for a euro.

👤Hallo die Brsten ist es bestellt, so das die Brste. The angepasst ist. I was aber in war. Htte, jede andere gerade Brste. Sie ist das Bild gendert. I am mal. So hin. I am aber etwas gergert.

👤Unos euros ahorrados en limpieza de bici. La bici esté perfecta.

4. Mountain Hydraulic Mineral Normally Combination

Mountain Hydraulic Mineral Normally Combination

The domain Totem fork is for HYGIA USAGI. Rockshox fork/seatpost; Promax oil dish. The bike brake bleed kit is compatible with most brake systems. 10 pieces apply for the following: Formula, Fox, DTSWISS, Rockshox, Bengal, Quad, Echo,Giant Brake System and Fork. DOT and Minerial Oil are not compatible with the same cylinder. The English user guider makes it easy to operate the professional bleed block.

Brand: Fireyouracing

👤There is a total piece of junk. If you work on your own bikes, you should spend a few extra dollars and get a better kit. Any kit would be better. I've worked on a lot of things. I know how to get around the equipment. There were no threads in the end of the needle. It's not possible to use it other than to shove the hose into the end and hope it doesn't come out under pressure. It comes out under pressure. The fittings are not marked so have fun figuring it out. There is a The funnel has threads on the bottom, but not the adapter that goes into the lever. There are 2 things I like about this kit. The bottle has a hook to hang it on the bars. I would give this zero stars, but Amazon wouldn't let me.

👤I was expecting this to be a cheap piece of junk that you would throw away. It's very well made, and everything worked as expected. It's better than the Shimano bleed kit. It's easier to use and the quality is better. If you use the QR code, there are videos to help you through the process. The drain bottle is a great addition. It makes it easier to bleed. There is a My brake bleed was quick, easy, and I was able to clean it up with a quick soap and rince.

👤All the parts are working. I was not in the picture. The instructions are ok but parts don't match them. I filed one of the connections to work for the company. Blocks were missing to put in the breaks. I needed 18...

👤I made a mistake by not reading the reviews of this set. Every negative person has a lot of truth to it. There is a It was so much time that was wasted. It was a huge mess. Too much anger. You should spend a bit more and get the right kit. There is a The instructions were horrible. The catch comes off and spills. I would return immediately if I could. I ordered a different kit. Maybe it will work for you. Not for my car.

👤Some people say that some parts are missing. There is a In my case, the most important one was missing. There were a few missing parts in the kit I ordered. If you are lucky and receive what you need, this might work, since I stopped buying the cheapest quality of the syringe.

👤There are no instructions with this product. The translation is so bad that it is hard to follow. The videos about this product are difficult to follow and are in Chinese. Not a good product for a reason, you should go to a professional.

👤It would have been simpler if there were two needles instead of one. They give a cup that works okay, but the instructions on the internet assume you have two needles.

👤This kit works. If you can figure out how to use it on your own, it will work well for bleeding your brakes. If I could go back, I would spend more on a better brand, but this product works after some trial and error.

5. Bicycle Hydraulic Mineral Shimano MAGURA

Bicycle Hydraulic Mineral Shimano MAGURA

The performance was satisfactory. Even when pushing a high consistency shock absorber without decay, a low resistivity injector can provide an objective. The plastic steel oiler has a chemical stability that exceeds the standards. The disc brake oil change tool kit is all round. All-round disc brake oil change tool kit. You can view the brake oil video by using the mobile phone. Even when pushing a high consistency shock absorber without decay, a low resistivity injector can provide an objective smoothness. Two types of oil storage can be used, the filling cylinder and the funnel. Can be used to collect waste oil.

Brand: Ranjaner

👤I used this kit to bleed the brakes on my Trek Marlin 5. It was the first time I had serviced a brake, but I think it went off without a hitch. Don't wait until you're sitting there with instructions in hand to learn how to do a bleed job, that's the advice I'd give to first-timers. There are a lot of videos on the topic on YouTube, and there are some that deal with your particular brake model. If you try to learn the procedure from the instructions, you will have a bad time. You can watch some videos and get familiar with the process. When you have your kit, make sure to check the fitting for your brakes. There are many things included. Put the others aside and find the ones that work. The pictures in the instructions are helpful in setting things up, but I wouldn't get bogged down in reading them. Make sure you have a plan of attack and rig up what you need. The metal joints kit is a tad pricier than the plastic joints kit, but still reasonably priced. The kit has a lot of options for how to perform the bleed. The kit is adequate for the occasional do-it-yourselfer, but not strong enough to be used in a bike shop. The fittings don't seem to be super rugged, so exercise caution when figuring out which ones will mate up to your brake levers. Overall, it's a good kit for the money.

👤I used the kit to bleed my levers. It has everything needed to bleed brakes, since the parts are reuse and the fittings are metal. It does not have any brake fluid, but it has a variety of parts which are thought out. There is a bleed bottle with a metal hook that hangs near the lever and two brake bleed blocks. This is important because other kits come with single use plastic needles but this one disassembles for cleaning and comes with an extra seal. The instructions have helpful images but the text is hard to understand. Users should look up instructional videos online and use them to help them rather than relying on the instructions. This is an excellent value kit that can be used to perform a full, proper bleed, which will save a lot of money, and will be done at a bike shop.

👤If I already knew how to bleed my brakes, this would have gone better, but for a beginner, it was not clear. Lots of parts are not labeled. And the instructions... I don't know much about these companies, but you'd think they make enough money to pay for an english translation. Why bother? There is a The quality is decent. It's not great, but if you only bleed brakes once or twice a year, this is adequate.

👤The kit was advertised as compatible with the brakes, but it didn't work for me. The bleed connectors and the piston blocks were not compatible. I should have stuck to the brand name. Live and learn.

6. Jagwire Bicycle Mineral Compatible Formula

Jagwire Bicycle Mineral Compatible Formula

The professional mechanic is in mind when it comes to the premium components of the Elite bleed kits. Compatibility with disc brakes can be achieved with the use of adapter fittings. The quarter-turn valves make it easy to open and close the bleed system. There is a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Proof of purchase is required for the warranty to apply to the original owner.

Brand: Jagwire

👤I bought a $30 kit on Amazon last year and it only lasted a few uses before everything fell apart and made the job more difficult. The seals on the plungers failed, and the hoses started slipping off the end of the syringe. I spent a lot of time and mineral oil on the last few jobs I did. I was looking for a kit that was similar to the one they use in a bike shop. The cut-off valves on the hoses are great because they are easy to open and close, and the screws on the connections are tight and secure. I changed the fluid in my car's brake system in under 10 minutes, without spilling any oil. Good tools have made a job very simple. It feels well made. I think it will last a while. I'm glad I bought it instead of the Park tool kit.

👤One avid adapter missing an o-ring, good quality. I had problems with some of the convenience features. The wire fitting for the caliper syringe is not right so the syringe is free to move. The compression at the fitting seems to allow air in, even though it doesn't leak fluid. Air bubbles can get back into the caliper when the syringe is not in use.

👤The included block is too small for the dual-piston calipers. It allows the pistons to twist in the bore, jamming them and ruining the caliper. The rest of the kit is good, but even fully inserted and pinned with the retainer bolt, the block only goes halfway across the large piston and when bleeding, pressure from the levers is enough to push the ceramic piston out of alignment. You might be able to get it back if you are lucky. I was not. $250 goes down the drain. I'm keeping it. There will be bad juju in my heart every time I use it.

👤I like this kit. The box it comes in is perfect for keeping things safe. After watching a video on the proper bleeding, these tools were able to get my brakes to work as well as they can. This is not the cheapest bleeding kit, but you get what you pay for, and this is a professional grade set, and I will use it for years.

👤I had to return because the kit didn't come with a fitting for the lever port on my brakes.

7. CYCEARTH Bleed Elixir Carbon Formula

CYCEARTH Bleed Elixir Carbon Formula

Two types of oil storage can be used, the filling cylinder and the funnel. Can be used to collect waste oil. The kit is for the all avid series. Code R/Code 5,XO,XX is an example. The bleeding kit for the disc brakes is free of drips. For example Sram Guide R,RSC,Level T TL,DB1,DB3,DB5,Bleeding Edge Tool,Guide T/Ultimate/Level ULT/TLM/TL RED eTap HRD. Formula (All Series) R1, RX, K18, ORO, The One, and My10 are included. Please remove the screw from the inside of the caliper before using the yellow accessory, as shown in the photos. You should include everything to bleed your bike brake.

Brand: Cycearth

👤The system was able to put oil into a disk brake assembly. There are a few issues that are not covered by the instructions in the Amazon listing. I didn't feel the need to use force because it seals the gap. The pictures are too fuzzy to tell if there is a gap or not. You may need to warm up the clear tube to make it fit on the metal accessory. A hair blower is working. Warm it up, don't melt it. The hand brake mechanism has air in it. I tried to push more oil through the system, but there was no bubbles. You can get online instructions to release the handbrake after you put the oil in. I assume this is to make sure there is no air in the hand brake. There are four The instructions tell you to use the hand brake side to get the last bit of air out of the tube. If you push too hard on the plunger, you can cause the clear tube to pop off, but I don't think this does anything. There are five When you remove the metal from the bleed holes, make sure the o-rings aren't left behind.

👤The hoses are very stiff making it difficult to install onto the barbs and the use of the clamps is more difficult than needed. They need to be stiff enough to handle vacuum pressure, but they seem a little stiff. There is a The plastic nipples that are thread into the syringes don't leak at all, though they don't thread in all the way. Overall I'm happy with this purchase, and it enabled me to get my brakes flushed and bled, and I figure I'll get a couple of seasons out of these at least so while some minor improvements to the kit would be good, overall I'm pleased.

👤I thought I could get by with this kit since I only had to bleed one lever. I found that plastic hoses were too short, and that they came loose, and that I had to buy a new pair of F & R's. I can't recommend this kit.

👤This kit does not work on newer Bleeding Edge calipers. It is reasonable quality.

👤There are lots of videos on the internet to get the hang of it. The end of the red pinch was rounded off so it wouldn't catch. I had to use vise grips to hold it in place. I haven't seen any other similar complaints like that, so I'm pretty sure it was a defect on mine. It does what it is supposed to.

👤This was used to bleed brakes. I paid a shop to do the work three years ago. This is the kit I bought. It worked out great. The single finger operation was restored in ten minutes.

👤It said it would, but it didn't fit the brakes. When I needed to fill the brakes with fluid, the hardware didn't fit the brake.

👤Works without any problems, but had to watch a dozen times to memorize the process.

8. 3 ONE 10038 Multi Purpose Pack

3 ONE 10038 Multi Purpose Pack

No-WAX FORMULA. Chain life for your bike can be extended with the help of the All Conditions Chain Lube. The formula won't build up inside the chain links or the drivetrain. You can ride in both dry and wet conditions with chains. This multi-purpose oil has been used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers for over a century. Lubricates are used to protect against rust. Its updated packaging has a fill level indicator strip that shows you when you're running low, and it offers precise application with no overspray or splatter. Great for wheels, caster, sliding doors, chains, power tools and external parts of small motor, hinges, nuts and bolts, bicycles, wheels, fans and many other moving parts. Control over the amount of lubricant is offered by the squeeze bottle design. It's ideal for automotive, marine, home, and shop use. Marksman Twist Spout makes it easy to apply a product.

Brand: 3-in-one

👤Don't cut the tip off if you want a pour, instead use a thumbtack to poke it.

👤A+ Smart Home Savings has applied a fake paper barcode label to their product. The label shows it is a 3oz size. Look at photos. Fantastic!

👤The 3-in1 oil is useful to lubricate small metal parts. I use it on my pocket knives. A small amount goes a long way. This bottle will last a long time. I can offer some advice to those who don't like how quickly the spout releases oil. A small pin can be used to puncture a small hole in the bottle tip. The cap will still snap on if it is only a drop at a time.

👤The cheap plastic container and even cheaper nozzle design are just horrible. You have to yank the little cap off with such force that the whole unit gets ripped off and the oil spills all over the place. I have ruined clothing with this container. Uncapping the oil is the worst experience ever. I would think about buying another oil or looking for a different type of container because of the horrible container. You just wait if you think I sound like a stickler. A bruised elbow, an oily mess and a completely ruined set of pants are all possible consequences of oiling a few hinges.

👤I'm used to the old-school metal packaging, but this plastic one doesn't fit the bill. You have to open the tip first. You can never cut it small enough. As soon as you tilt over the bottle, oil stars come out. The metal bottles used to need a little squeeze to get something out, but now it's like a flood of oil.

👤The new packaging is not good. The oil pours out of the spout instead of being applied. The hole would be the smallest it could be if I had not cut off the tip. As you tip the bottle, oil pours out of the hole. The old bottle and spout should be brought back.

👤The small can of oil was ideal. The plastic bottle is horrible. I tried to oil a door hinge after cutting the tip. I barely tipped the bottle and it gushed out a lot of oil. It dripped from the door to the deck. It left a stain on the deck. We will not get that stain out. We have 2 huge bottles of the stuff left. Unless we can find a container that has a small tip opening, it is virtually useless. I am not happy with the packaging of this oil because the spout is larger than it should be, unless you want to pour it into a car engine or something. A drop or two is not a reality.

👤What can you say? It's 3-in-one oil. My mom used it on her sewing machine and my dad used it on his tools. I used it on my bicycle in the 1960s. I use it tosharpen my stone. I hesitated before giving it five stars. It has not changed my life or solved a problem for me. It's always been there, on the shelf in the garage, with the mayonnaise jar full of stray nuts and bolts, the old lawn mower blades, and the oily rags. There is a I realized that any product that's been around since the 1800s, such as keeping sewing machines rust free for the school clothes of America's children, cleaning tools so dads can fix things, lubricating bikes so kids can be kids, and so forth, probably helped American win the Cold I bet someone had a can of it when the Berlin wall came down. Maybe on the moon. Who knows? I don't know what it does. It's 3-in-one. It's always there when you need it.

9. Park Tool CG 2 4 Bicycle Cleaning

Park Tool CG 2 4 Bicycle Cleaning

Sturdy triangle base with rubber feet will hold bikes steady and won't scratch the floor. Bike chains, rear cogs, and chainrings can be cleaned with a complete cleaning solution. Includes degreaser, gear brush, and chain scrubber. The chain scrubber cleans chains quickly and effectively. Dirt collects between gears and other places where the brush reaches deep. ChainBrite Chain and Component Cleaning fluid is plant-based and will not harm plastic, rubber or carbon fiber.

Brand: Park Tool

👤I ordered extra bottles of the cleaning solution because the one that comes with the kit will only last about 3 cleanings. I was able to hold the cleaning tool in my left hand while spinning my pedal backwards to run the chain through it. I use the brush to scrub my cassette. It cleans everything. Thanks to this tool, I will be obsessed with having a clean chain. I wear medical exam gloves to keep my hands clean, wipe the chain with a microfiber rag, and then apply a little lube to the chain, and let it air dry over night. It is easy to rinse out the cleaning tool with clean water. All of them were very pleased with this kit.

👤I bought this to clean the chain and gears after 3 years of use. My review is here. There is a The chain and gears are much cleaner than before. It works! The liquid degreaser works well. The tool works, but there are some things to be aware of. The supplied brush works well for the gears. There is a If you are going to use the tool you need, you should use a bike stand, a place to hang your bike or another person to help you do the cleaning. Lift the bike so the wheel isn't on the ground and hold the cleaning tool, that's what it's called. I think that works if you have 3 hands. Some of the bad reviews are due to this. It can get messy if you don't have rags and towels handy. The degreaser turned black when I had 3 years of dirt on my chain. The black degreaser was spilling out of the tool onto my floor when my bike wasn't level. The degreaser would flick out of the back of the tool if I was pedaling backwards or forwards. I had to put towels on the bike. I wish I knew that before the end of the world. The black greasy mess that was on your bike chain needs to be cleaned. Taking the tool apart wasn't that bad. There is a It's a good tool if you keep the caveat mentioned above in mind.

👤The cleaning solution that comes with the chain tool seems to be overpriced if purchased separately. Simple Green and dish washing detergent are recommended. There are alternate cleaning suggestions in the videos. Hopefully Park Tool will look at their reviews and lower the price and come out with larger containers that will bring a better value to their chain cleaning chemical. There is a Park Tool has excellent products, excellent videos, and an excellent customer service team.

👤The chain cleaner works well, but the solvent runs out quickly. You should buy a can of the bike degreaser for $7 instead of buying a new bottle of solvent. Since it sprays foam, it will last you longer and save you money. You can spray the degreaser on your chain. In my tests, the same amount of grease was removed with the WD-40 and it was much more cost-effective.

10. Walfront Professional Universal Hydraulic Bicycle

Walfront Professional Universal Hydraulic Bicycle

There are bicycle chain cleaner, tire cleaner, fine seam cleaning brush, wheel brush, sprocket scraper, and bicycle cleaning gloves in the package. Function: The bicycle bleed tool kit can be used to change oil for all brakes. There are two types of oil storage for the bike bleed kit, filling cylinder and funnel, which can deal with the brake handle of any structure. When the bottle is linked to the caliper, it can be used to collect waste oil. A multi-purpose connection is available, which can be linked to either the filling bottle or the syringe. There is about advice. It is recommended to use a bottle of oil for a brake because the purity of the oil circuit is more important than emptying. It takes at least 1-2 times the amount of each brake to clean the oil circuit. The performance was satisfactory. Even when pushing a high consistency shock absorber without decay, a low resistivity injector can provide an objective. The performance was satisfactory. Even when pushing a high consistency shock absorber without decay, a low resistivity injector can provide an objective.

Brand: Walfront

👤I was having trouble finding a bleed kit that had what I wanted. I was surprised by this one. I am concerned that the threads are cut out of plastic and there is one accidental cross thread or over-tighten done for. That is a possible point of failure, so be careful. The syringe is made out of thick-walled acrylic and the fittings seal. There is more than you need. The kit can be used to do brake bleeds. If the bucket doesn't work for you, you can connect the bleed bottle to the levers and apply the brakes and bleed out from the caliper like you would on a car. This kit only gives you two options, but only for some models, so you can't attach different bleed screws to the cup/reservoir. It's sad that there is only one thread pitch. It would be amazing if it allowed the user to attach thread to it. Other than that, great kit for the money and me, as well as any other MTB friends, will be getting their fair share of use with this.

👤Don't buy this. The kit is made from China and has terrible quality materials. Instructions are not easy to read. Within 5 minutes of use, parts broke. Other parts wouldn't let the brake fluid flow correctly.

👤Don't deal with a mess if you're careful with the connections.

👤It worked well for bleeding my brakes.

👤It worked great for bleeding my Magura MT trail disk brakes.

👤I saw it being used in a bike store work-shop and bought it. They bought it to deal with the extra volume. There is a The real heavy duty full metal/alloy bleed kit is much more expensive, but they said it works great and is very cheap. This kit has everything you need, if you treat it with respect and don't reef on the threads, it's perfect for you. Get the oil. Learning to bleed brakes is easy, and as essential as knowing how to change a tire.

👤I ordered this kit a couple months ago and just used it for the first time today, but the funnel plug was missing from my kit, so it's useless to me unless the seller is nice enough to send me the missing funnel. There is a Since there's not many reviews on this product, I thought I'd write one and warn you to open it and make sure it has all the parts you need, so you don't end up like me. The kit is good quality and comes with everything you'd ever need to bleed your bike brakes.

👤Quality is actually quite good. The instructions were so bad that they were worse than useless. The manufacturer should include instructions that are not written in a written form. Even though I'm familiar with it, I couldn't make sense of what was written. The instructions weren't necessary. I had to modify one of the fitting to make it compatible with my Hayes 9 brakes, but it works. If the elves stole the kit, I would buy it again.

11. IDMAX Degreaser Lubricant Lube 100ml Degreaser 300ml

IDMAX Degreaser Lubricant Lube 100ml Degreaser 300ml

2x chain brush cleaning. The Sprocket brush is 3x. The bike clean mitt is 1x. The degreaser is non-corrosive. Oil and dust will accumulate over time on a bicycle. The wear of components will increase. The chain cleaner can remove dirt without corroding the bicycle. The use of bike chain oil can make pedaling easier, and it can also help preserve the wear and consumption of the transmission system. The chain cleaner brush tools are included in the bike cleaning kit. Use a tooth cleaner to clean the wheel. The dirt can be removed with a brush. The nylon bristles clean the components. This bicycle chain lube can be used for rust prevention and lubrication of daily necessities, not only bicycle chains. The bike chain cleaner kit includes Bicycle Chain Fluid 300ml x1, Lubricant 100ml,Chain scrubber, and a gear brush. There is a button on the nozzle. The cleaning agent can be sprayed when the side with "on" is pressed down. You can't use it after pressing "off".

Brand: Idmax

👤Everything is neatly organized in the kit. I've never cleaned my bike, so this was a nice find. The chain area was cleaned up nicely. Overall, very impressed and will continue to use!

👤The product did not fail to impress. I can clean my own bike chain after I return from a trail ride with all the necessary tools.

👤This is a versatile tool that can be used to clean and oil the bike chain. I would buy it.

👤I commute by bike in the sand. I clean my chain every weekend. It's a mess. The bike cleaner set is lacking. I don't think it's a good idea. The tank based chain scrubber is what I recommend. There is a The degreaser in this kit is very effective. It needs a water rinse. If you just spray it, it is useless. You need to use the scrubbing brush. There are areas inside the chain that are still dirty and full of grease, even though contact has taken place. There was a -1 for ineffective cleaning. There is a The brush is wide. It's much wider than the chain on my bicycle. I had to twist it or push it up or down on the chain to use the three sides. The bristles are black. A poor choice of size for a chain brush. The packaging on this kit is wasteful. It's waterjet cut foam is good for protecting a cell phone or computer screen. It is wasted on a few plastic brushes and bottles. The bottles should be wrapped in plastic bags to prevent spills. The packaging is probably an eco-crime. There is a Basic oil is the lubricant. There is no indication of what riding conditions it supports. I think it's a non-detergent oil. The chain gets black and dirty in the same amount of time as using basic motor oil. I like the White Lightning ride. It's much better than the kit. For bad lubrication. The kit is overpriced at $30. The premium packaging is behind the price, but in the end you have about $10 of product that isn't very good. The price is 1 star.

👤In my younger days, I rode over 2000 miles per year on my bike. Spending time maintaining and tuning my bikes meant I was keeping them race ready. The most important task next to tire maintenance was drivetrain cleaning and lubrication. I became a fan of the cleaning methods. There is a The kit gave a bad impression. The inside of the box is overpacked and the outside is silly. The packing doesn't make sense because the two cleaners were hiding underneath. The box and foam went to the trash. There is a I gave this kit a try because my bike needed a cleaning. Again, no. The kit is not how to clean a chain. The chain brushes are too wide for bicycle chains. Motorcycle chain cleaners are sold separately. I had to make several passes using the front and back brush to use this. These brushes can't reach down into the links the way a proper chain cleaning machine can, but they did work in that the chain's top, front, and rear were cleaner than before. The geared brushes that wrap around the chain sections and scrub the chain while you turn the crank can be found in such machines for $7-$20. There is a The two bottles of noname chemicals are questionable at best. I prefer brand-name chemicals that I can test and replace when empty, because I have no idea what they are. The cleaner did a mediocre job when combined with scrubbing. The oil may be an engine oil, but it is not like any of the Teflon blends I have been using. The front of the box has an oil splash like a Castrol commercial for a set of machine gears that are not from a bicycle. The package design shows that the team unfamiliar with bicycles designed the kit. There is a The only thing I like about the kit is the narrow brush. The rest of the kit will be thrown away and replaced with proper gear from Park Tool.


What is the best product for bicycle oil kit?

Bicycle oil kit products from Cycobyco. In this article about bicycle oil kit you can see why people choose the product. Cycobyco and Oumers are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle oil kit.

What are the best brands for bicycle oil kit?

Cycobyco, Cycobyco and Oumers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle oil kit. Find the detail in this article. Fireyouracing, Ranjaner and Jagwire are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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