Best Bicycle Oil Chain Lubricant Spray

Lubricant 8 Feb 2023 10+ Comments Open

1. RocRide Performance Bike Lubes All Purpose

RocRide Performance Bike Lubes All Purpose

100% risk free purchase. The primary goal is to provide you with the friendliest customer service. They offer a money back guarantee if this premium bicycle lubricant doesn't live up to your expectations. The RocRide ECO-X is a renewable resource based product and is a blend of the highest quality vegetable oils available. TREATED with the most effective anti-OXIDANTS for anti-wear and corrosion will help reduce wear on your drive-train. It is an excellent choice for all types of riding conditions. A perfect divider for a wide variety of cycling component applications.

Brand: Rocride

👤It's so good with it. My bicycle is stored in my office during the day and in my studio apartment overnight because it has a very stinky burnt-plastic smell. Both places smell horrible. I have to burn candles at home because people have stopped coming into my office. If your bike is stored in a garage, you should not have any problems. I gave the bottle away to someone else because I was 5 feet away from my bike for most of the day.

👤Three bikes with the same setup. Each is ridden 10 miles per day by the same person. They have experienced a wide range of weather. Every 70 miles they were cleaned and lubed. I wiped the excess oil off after cleaning. I wiped the excess oil off before they were ridden. I rubbed my fingers together and ran my finger over each chain to get a feel for the amount of damage. I don't see a noticeable improvement in wear or grit. I can measure wear with an 8 inch caliper. It is a good lube, it is a little harder for me to apply, and it is more expensive than what I currently use.

👤I used the ECO-X Bio-Based Lube after cleaning my chain. I applied and did not have a problem. It is easy to apply on the chain. I didn't use it on any other components because I wanted to see how it works on the drive-train. The ride was 40 miles in the hills and flats. The drive-train was pretty quiet and I listened to see if there was any noise. I will try it again on the next ride.

👤The product is a bicycle chain Lub. The product was on its way. If I had issues, it gave me a link to contact. That's the way to go. The product is good. I put my chain on my bike. It held up well. I rode my bike on a dry, crushed-stone trail for 2.5 hours and on a wet, paved trail for 2.5 hours. The bike got dirty, but the chain is still clean. There is a The lub could have been thinner. It could have been placed in a bag and not in the box. Is it a good idea to buy it again? Yes.

👤There is a strong smell of burning rubber.

👤This is good. Highly recommended. After a few rides, I use a small amount on the chains of my bikes. I clean the chain to make sure the oil doesn't stick to the chain. This product is easy to use.

👤This is great. It's hot and humid here, and this stuff still powers through. Even though my bike is basic and a bit worn, this helps make the ride a lot smoother and keep me from having to maintain the bike so much.

👤The Bike Lube is green. Cyclists want the environment we live in to stay that way. This product is a great value and less toxic than traditional lubes. I would buy again.

2. White Lightning Bike Lubricant Degreaser

White Lightning Bike Lubricant Degreaser

Not affected by riding conditions, small carbon footprint. 2-in-1 lubricates and degreases your chain and gears in one easy step. 2-in-1 leaves behind a premium lubrication when it works. Extra protection to bicycle components is provided. Universal Fit is the type of fit.

Brand: White Lightning

👤It's messy to apply but if you do it on a piece of large box or something, then it doesn't matter. I got a good amount on the floor after I left my kitchen. It is easy to clean. The resistance was improved immediately during pedaling. I'm a casual rider and I own a trek that I bought with a rusty chain. It was fixed up with the first use. Easy to navigate.

👤I ride my bike in the winter. Even in near zero weather, the chain works smooth. I will buy again.

👤The product made my bike chain black and it was hard to clean it off.

3. Finish Line Bicycle Aerosol 8 Ounce

Finish Line Bicycle Aerosol 8 Ounce

Lubricates moving parts such as hinges, wheels, pulleys, rollers, chains, and gears. Their most versatile bicycle chain lubricant. Synthetic Oils with Teflon are great for long lasting performance. A dry-style lube that goes on wet but then sets up dry in a paste-like consistency resists attracting and absorbing dirt. Their choice is the best for maximum performance. Will not absorb or attract excessive dirt.

Brand: Finish Line

👤Great car. I use it all the time. It's easy to apply. There is a The picture doesn't match the description. The picture is of a spray. I contacted both the seller and Amazon. We will see what happens.

👤The valve broke after one application. The response from Amazon was very slow. I had to send a follow up email. I like the product when it works.

👤This was great when I had to lubricate my bike. I wiped it off and it was as new as new can be.

👤I am no pro after buying a typewriter. I think it did a good job.

👤The aerosol seems to have the same Drive property as the liquid type, but it is the first time I have used it to type. The number one best dry lube for bicycle enthusiasts is Finish line dry Teflon. It picks up only a small amount of dirt, and it will keep your speed play petals moving better. The green bottle wet lube is great for my customers who don't like to use a lot of lube.

👤The product worked well, but after 10 months it was no longer working. I sprayed my bike chain and it came out, but nothing else. I haven't been able to use it. I had to throw it. I would recommend the same brand of dry lube.

👤It works as expected. The price is currently $10 for an 8oz bottle.

👤It's fine in the mud for metal applications. The dry stuff is cleaner. You can spray it wherever you want, it doesn't have to be on non-metallic moving parts.

👤It's handy in spray form.

👤I bought this lube to try out on my Escape 3 and it's not great. It causes my chain to make more noise than a similar lube that uses all natural plant based substances. I wouldn't purchase this again for my specific bike combination, but that could be different for you.

4. Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

Skwiki Drive Chain Extraordinary Declination Environments

A set of high-quality materials include a brush and two gear cleaners. They will give you a 30-day quality money back guarantee. All climate libertarian solutions. The lubricant is designed to protect your chain against tough challenges from the environment. Strong performance and lubrication are offered by the addition of the NANO Boron Nitride. No matter how hard you pedal, it offers lubrication to drive-train. Quiet rides and excellent smoothness are provided. It protects the community from the race. Enhance lubrication EFFICIENCY is the reduction of friction from mechanical work. You should be able to cycle longer. They love nature as much as they love cycling. The compound is free from acids, CFC's and solvents. You can also help protect their environment.

Brand: Skwi: Ki

👤The packaging allowed me to apply the lubricant quickly. I have no experience comparing my bicycle chain to others. I have worked with lube oils in other applications.

👤It stays on the chain.

5. Finish Line Lubricant 8 Ounce Aerosol

Finish Line Lubricant 8 Ounce Aerosol

A perfect divider for a wide variety of cycling component applications. A synthetic film that is dry andwax-like is used to keep your chain clean. Their most versatile bicycle chain lubricant. It's a perfect choice for road and off-road cyclists. Synthetic Oils with Teflon are great for long lasting performance. Their choice is the best for maximum performance.

Brand: Finish Line

👤I've tried different lubes on my bike. I ride in dry conditions. I tried spray chain wax and it didn't work for me. I've tried Rock & Roll Gold, Finish Line Dry Lube, and ProGold ProLink. There is a The 3 products are okay for lubricating the chain. Rock & Roll Gold wants you to use a lot of their product to saturate the chain. You have to use a lot of Rock & Roll Gold. The Finish Line Dry Lube seems to leave clumps of white material as the bottle gets closer to empty. There is a It seems to me that it lubricates, but it attracts a lot of road dirt to the chain. The chain seems to be left clean over time. It is less messy than the other two because you only apply 1 tiny drop per link. There is a They all seem to attract a fair amount of road dirt, so you have to reapply more often than you would like. I think ProGold ProLink is better at not attracting as much road gunk. There is a Kim.

👤I am not an expert on this. It seems to work well. There is a It is important to use a lint-free cloth to wipe off excess after applying, I didn't learn that until I was a long-distance biker. The excess attracts and holds dust and dirt and debris which is bad for your chain and your cogset. I would have known that right away. When you are getting into a new hobby, the first purchase is often information overload. I would have read it in reviews if I had the chance.

👤I like how this product works and I assume it is lubricating my bike chains. I don't mind spending more for a top rated product because I cycle several hundred miles a week. I used the can a lot in June. The can was only half empty at the end of September. I think it was a problem. I ordered a second can in October. I only used it for two weeks. The same thing happened today. The can is almost full but it won't spray. I was using the red straw attachment on the cans, but neither could spray even after I removed the red straw. The return of the second can was a great experience for Amazon. I wasted more than half of my purchase because the aerosol cans don't work after a while. I think I will use a wet lubricant. Again, Amazon was quick to give me my money back. I don't understand why I have had bad luck with two cans in a row, most of the reviews are positive.

👤This stuff works well. I have been using this on my bike for a couple years and did not appreciate it until I applied it in another application. I bought my wife a Precor elliptical trainer and made a mistake by cleaning the rails that the roller glide on. They started to make noise so loud that you couldn't hear the TV or music. I tried everything you could think of. Nothing lasted more than a few minutes before being squeegeed away with the rubber wheels. I thought I would give it a try when I was tuning my bike. Not a single squeak over 6 months. This is a testament to how well this stuff works.

6. Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain

Their treadmill lube has a 100% money back guarantee. Let them know if you're not happy with it. They will give you a full refund. There are sheds with dirt, mud and abrasives. Repels humidity and reduces oxidation. Desperses water and resists wash-off. Will not get tacky. Cleans and lubricates as you ride.

Brand: Progold

👤It's a thin lube, but it's great. You want to clean your chain and apply new lube every third or fourth ride. Me? I like to "drop on every link". You might be a Squirty McSquirt and just squeeze the bottle and piss your wife off. You should stop getting lube on your bike. Like me, be a Droppy McDropperton. You're welcome.

👤I decided to try something else after being raised on TriFlow. I was pleasantly surprised to see the bike mechanic use this stuff at the shop. The bottle is a little stiff and you have to remove the top half to put it on. The chain was wiped off after being run backwards ten turns. I wouldn't say my chain is silent, but it is very quiet. The first time I applied it, some went on the rim because it was a low viscosity oil. Be careful. There is a The rag is often dirty after applying and wiping this oil. I apply this stuff a lot. It didn't seem to fix my squeaking issue or make it worse, so I tried it inside a cable housing. 3 months is an update. This stuff is crazy. I wipe my chain down with a dry rag to get rid of dirt, and my chain still looks brand new six months after I bought the bike. It's amazing. My other bike with TriFlow has a black chain in a week despite being wiped. This is amazing. It smells good too. If you will, I would suggest you get the small bottle as an applicator and the big bottle to refill it. Who would use the sprayer nozzle?

👤I bought this and a week later, I won a race in my division and received a box of their products as a prize. I have 2 bottles of these and some other things. This oil works well for chains. The key to using this is to apply along the chain's entire length, work in by backpedal spinning, and then use a rag to wipe off the excess. Unless I run into water or excessive mud, I will use it every 2nd or 3rd ride. The product helps with chain wear. I can get a few more miles out of my chain before I hit 8 thousand of an inch stretch, which means I have time to install a new chain. The grease, bike wash, and degreaser are very nice products. I can tell you that this company has a good product line.

👤Excellent product. I used teflon 'dry lube' for a few months and had terrible rusting with any small amount of humidity. I switched back to the pro gold lube. I ran the chain through a cloth to remove the rust, then coated it again. I haven't had any rusting problems for the past few months, I re- apply a few drops every 2 weeks or so. The entire top sometimes starts to twist open when twisting to open the applicator. The solution is to use a second hand. I think it's relevant to people who want to be able to open with one hand.

7. Anndason Precision Cleaning Including Scrubber

Anndason Precision Cleaning Including Scrubber

The bicycle cleaning brush tool has 8 pieces. Attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn it. The bicycle has to be elevated or flipped over in order to work. Different brush fits for different parts of the bike, it can remove dirt from hard to reach areas. The chain cleaning process is very simple. Put the chain scrubber under the bike chain, hold the chain scrubber with the left hand, and turn the pedal in the counterclockwise direction for cleaning. The cleaning kit can be used as a daily household cleaning tool.

Brand: Anndason

👤The bicycle chain cleaner is the only item I don't like. The internal parts fell out when I opened it. It worked when I reassembled it, but I would probably buy one from a park tool store.

👤The tools in this kit are pretty good, but they are hit or miss. I can get my tires looking brand new with some soapy water and the tire brush is excellent. The chain cleaner is very small compared to the Park Tool model, but it seems to be doing a good job. The cassette cleaners work well, but the Park Tool or Muc Off cleaners seem to be better for the body. The microfiber mitt, brushes, and pipe cleaner are what you can expect from the price. They are good, but over time they lose their structure, and the mitt has begun to fall from the inside out. Many of the items are great and exceed my expectations. If you are looking for a decent cleaning kit for your bike, I would recommend it to you.

👤The kit contains a lot of tools to clean your bike. The bike chain cleaning tool was the main reason I got it. It did not have instructions on how to assemble. I was able to figure it out but it kept falling apart and I didn't get the chain clean I wanted it to. There is a tool to clean every part of your bike.

👤I wanted to get a new set of brushes, but thought it would be better to get the kit instead of the one with only brushes, since it was only a couple bucks more. I'm happy I did because it works so well so far. The tire brush is something I like to use, I spin my bike on my maintenance stand and hold the brush against it. There is a The other brushes seem to last at this price point. There is a The thin tool used to clean leaves and debris from the cassette is very helpful for me to get stuck in there. I might try to thin it out by rubbing it on a sheet of sand paper. There is a The chain washer doesn't retain the inner mechanisms when you open it. If you need to clean gunk out of it, it's good, but it would have been nicer if they had some sort of deterrent to keep them. I wish the arrow pointing to which way the top sides off was larger and more prominent, but now that I know it is there, I know to look for it and see which way it slides off. There is a If a few simple gears that are easy to put back in don't scare you off from the gear washer, this kit is a great value. I'll report back if my views change, but I think I'll get my money's worth out of these tools before I break them.

👤I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the tools I bought, even though I was hoping the chain cleaner would be effective. The nylon brushes in the kit proved to be effective, as the tools in the kit are made of hard plastic. The microfiber hand cloth is nice. The chain cleaner worked well. There is a If you bought these pieces separately, you will find them three times the cost. A kit to clean your bike. I don't usually write reviews, but this kit needed to be applauded.

8. White Lightning Conditions Bicycle Squeeze

White Lightning Conditions Bicycle Squeeze

The kit makes bleed brakes easy to use. The perfect choice for riders who want the performance of a wet-style lubricant. The non-petroleum based synthetic oils are formulated to provide long haul durability without the excessive grime build-up. It works great on chains and on a lot of things. Even in coastal salt-air conditions, it protects your bike's drive train.

Brand: White Lightning

👤My bike chain is easy to maintain with the White Lightning ride all conditions spray lube. I drive a Trek dual sport 3 on and off the road and like all bikes, the chain accumulates dirt. I degrease and lubricate the chain about once a week. I use mineral spirits on a paper towel as a degreaser to get the heavy junk off the chain and it shines. The rollers need to be cleaned. This is the most important part of maintaining a bike chain and what I really like about this product is the spray version of White Epic Lightning Ride lube. I use it to loosen and wash away the dirt that gets under the rollers and the outside of the chain, so that the chain is very clean and lubricated. I let the lube go for about an hour and then wiped the excess with a paper towel. After the ride, I want the excess lube to be set up. It's about 24 hours before my next ride. This product loosens, and washes away the dirt that I can't access. We all know our bikes need lubrication. If you spray across the chain horizontally, it will blow lube all over the place. Instead, I hold the tip over the chain and use the thin plastic straw in the nozzle to gently squirt the lube downward over the rollers as I slowly crank the pedals backwards. I can see that the rollers are being washed and the dirt is being lifted. I need to make a single pass and let it set. My bike has a disc brake and if oil gets on the brakes, I can hose them up. I don't blast this stuff on my bike because I want to make sure it doesn't get on the disc brakes. I place a sheet of thin cardboard between the chain and the wheel to keep it from being sprayed. I hold paper towels under the chain to catch drips. I put some rags under the bike. I wanted to give you some ideas on how to use this product. I don't recommend blasting the stuff all over the cassette because of the danger of spatter and over spray. I recommend it to anyone interested in good bike chain maintenance because it is a great product, does a great job for me, and is a great gift. Enjoy and be safe.

👤I have tried a lot of different lubes. Clean Ride, Rock n' Roll, ProGold, Finish Line, Dumond Tech, Squirt, and White Lightning are all on top of my head. They are all good in one aspect but not in others. The ride seems to have a good balance. I have done a few double centuries after applying this product, and no one sings of chain noise at the end of each ride. I usually just apply fresh lube and wipe off the excess, no special cleaning like some other lubes require, and clean my chain once every few hundred miles. I don't see a lot of heavy rain in Northern California, but I had no problem riding 100 miles in light but constant rain with this product.

9. Dynalion Multifunctional Motorcycle Cleaning Roulette

Dynalion Multifunctional Motorcycle Cleaning Roulette

Will not absorb or attract excessive dirt. It can clean and maintain the chains of motorcycles and bicycles. It's suitable for most systems. The extended handle can help you avoid contact. There are three different tools for bicycles. A wide range of uses can be done with a motorcycle. The chain or gear can be cleaned easily. The three-side cleaning brush can be used to clean a chain. The gear cleaning kit can easily clean gears, cranks, transmissions and other difficult to clean gaps. A set of high-quality materials include a brush and two gear cleaners. They will give you a 30-day quality money back guarantee.

Brand: Dynalion

👤The product worked as described. I've only used it once so far, so I can't speak to its durability.

👤It's a great way to keep bicycle chain, sprockets and derailleurs clean. It's lightweight and flexible, so if you are packing a bike it's worth it.

👤I used the blue chain brush to get the dirt off my chain so that I could get some clean oil on it. The narrow brush was able to get into the spaces between the sprockets on my mountain bike after a decade and a half of cleaning them. The curved scraper tool was more suited for that build up. I ground a lot of the teeth after snapping the end off. There is a I would suggest that the tool be constructed out of stronger material. It worked and I got my bike clean, but I probably can't use that more than a few times. Killing the tools will not be a problem if I clean my bike more frequently.

👤I need the Dynalion bike brush set to keep my bike running. I don't ride on dirt so this light weight and flexible set works well for me as I don't need to remove dried dirt. The tools work well for oily dirt on the chain. The chain brush is large enough to clean two sides of a chain at the same time. It does get the job done despite being a bit larger than I wanted.

👤The bristle of the chain brush is a bit softer than that of the other brush. The chain brush is too large for a bike chain. I think it may fit for a motorcycle, but it is too large for a bike and will only clean one side at a time. You would have to push against the other side of the chain to clean. A decent brush is needed to get dirt off your chain and gears.

10. Boeshield Bicycle Chain Lube Liquid

Boeshield Bicycle Chain Lube Liquid

Universal Fit is the type of fit. Cyclists rely on one product to clean, lubricate and protect, and Boeshield T-9 does it all. Their all-in-one formula Lubricate your bike chain, waterproof cables, and prevent rust. It's safe on paints, metal surfaces, plastic and vinyls. T-9 cleans out dirt and lubricates moving parts. It clings to metal for months. The Boeing company developed lubrication and protection of aircraft components. It's great for use in marine, bicycles, automotive, tools, RV's, and aviation.

Brand: Boeshield

👤I used it on my bike. Great stuff. It will get a little dirty, but it won't turn your chain black like some of the heavy oil lubes. I commute by bike almost every day. If it's not set overnight, all the lube will fly off and cause a big mess. It creates a thin layer of oil after it dries. You don't have to apply another coat if you keep it on for a long time. It doesn't gum up with dust and dirt after a while. The key is to allow it to set curfew.

👤If you want to clean a chain quickly, start with a clean chain and use generous amounts of a solvent and some towels to throw away. Put one drop of t9 per link and run the chain through all the gears. After sleeping, wipe down the chain with a towel. Depending on the conditions, your chain is good for up to 100 miles. You won't have much stick to the chain if you wipe away the excess. Excellent product, will buy again.

👤Don't be fooled by bad reviews of the product. It's the best lube on the market. After each ride, I apply it. I apply some of the lube after wiping down my chain, and then call it good. It should be left to dry. It will attract dirt if you apply it and ride immediately. It gives you time to dry it after you apply it. The bike's drivetrain has a lot of moving parts. Would you run your car without oil? Your drivetrain should last much longer if you lightly and often lubricate it. It takes less than a minute.

👤This is my favorite chain lube. I tried many different brands but didn't like this one. It lasts a long time. If I get my chain wet, I always apply it. Even after a couple hundred miles, it performs well. There is a You can't just put the lube on before riding. It will attract dirt and become filthy. You need to follow the instructions. Apply at least two hours before riding your bike. The reason is that the lube needs to dry first and then the thin dry coating protects the chain. I usually clean after I apply. I apply lube to each link. It is easier to clean and more economical to do it this way. There is a The new bottle has a drawbacks. In the past, the nozzle was separate from the cap. The top part of the cap has a new nozzle. Applying to each link became more difficult with the new nozzle. It is possible but not precise. If you want to avoid oil on your fingers, you need to clean the cap.

👤This is the best chain lube I have ever used. I have mostly used chain lubes with occasional ventures into wax based products without much success. I bought a tube of dry lube from England and it worked better than most but the build up on the pulleys and chain was excessive. The most recent one was made by a famous USA company and it was very messy and hard to clean up. The chain doesn't get messy because of the clean lube. Follow the instructions and let it dry before you ride.

11. PJ1 13oz Label Motorcycle Chain

PJ1 13oz Label Motorcycle Chain

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations in the owner's manual for the best performance. PJ1 Blue Label O-Ring Chain Lube is easy to apply and protects O-rings. Reduces chain wear and adjustments by reducing chain shock. It repels and protects against rust. A cushion effect between the rollers and the sprocket is what protects the O-Ring chain life. It was designed to create minimal rolling resistance. It was designed to create minimal rolling resistance.

Brand: Pj1

👤I bought a small can at the motorcycle store. I like the look of invisible chain lube, but the last type I bought seemed to work, but the stuff slung all over my back wheel and tire. This stuff goes on wet and drips, so you have to use a piece of cardboard behind the chain to hold it together, but it dries quickly and doesn't fall off. I applied it to a very clean chain and sprockets about a week and 300 miles ago, and it still looks clean and the chain is still coated with it. I thought it would start picking up dirt, but it doesn't look like it. I bought this larger can from Amazon because I like to keep my chain drive clean. This was more convenient because the motorcycle store had it for the same price.

👤Use on my KLR 650. Holds up well and doesn't let go. Regular old gear oil has been shown to have the same amount of protection. You can either get an oil can and some gear oil which is the same price as a can of this and will probably last the life of your bike, or you can buy this because it's got propellant and an applicator tip. The larger can is more expensive than the smaller ones I have gotten.

👤I love lubricating my motorcycle chain. This is my go to lube for the rest of my life. When I received my package, I was bothered. The chain lube cap was missing. It looked like the lube sprayed on the box after it was received. The carrier is not to blame as he is trying to get it from point A to point. Someone who processed or fulfilled it probably thought that the cap was missing or that it popped off and that it should be safe to transport anyway. Guess what? There is a reason aerosol cans have caps. It was enough for a strong smell when opening the package, even though it wasn't a lot to have lube from the box. How hard is it to put a cap on this thing and send it off? What if the can was upside down and the nozzle was pressed until the can was empty? The small things can turn into big issues. I lost a small amount for something I bought that was supposed to be brand new.

👤I have used chain lube for a long time on my motorcycles and vehicles, but it is not great for locks as it gets pretty thick and sticky. This is the best chain lube I have found for motorcycle use. It goes on thin enough to reach into the rollers of an O-Ring type motorcycle chain and then it gets thicker and remains in place. It's good for door and hood latches on vehicles. Although I buy this in small cans, it will last me a long time and I use it on a lot of my vehicles, so it is efficient and doesn't take up much space in my supplies and chemicals.


What is the best product for bicycle oil chain lubricant spray?

Bicycle oil chain lubricant spray products from Rocride. In this article about bicycle oil chain lubricant spray you can see why people choose the product. White Lightning and Finish Line are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle oil chain lubricant spray.

What are the best brands for bicycle oil chain lubricant spray?

Rocride, White Lightning and Finish Line are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle oil chain lubricant spray. Find the detail in this article. Skwi: Ki, Progold and Anndason are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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