Best Bicycle Nuts and Dcrews

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1. Bicycle Installation Spare Special Screw

Bicycle Installation Spare Special Screw

The M10 is made of chrome plated steel and has high strength. The threadless headset system has a star nut driver that is high quality. The star nut can be inserted stably with precision control. The star nut setting tool is a great portable tool. They can provide a life time warranty for their product. If you need help, you can contact their customer service.

Brand: Aikesiway

👤I bought this to install a star fangled nut in a fork steer tube. I looked at other brands and they were not as popular as the Park Tools. The reviews were great and the price was good, when this one popped up in the search results. I don't want to invest a lot of money, so I think this will be used a few times in my lifetime. I was very pleased with the performance of this one. There is little to no room for error in the instructions. I used a dead blow hammer and didn't have any issues tapping the nut into its perfect spot. This tool is very good. It does what it promises with ease and accuracy and at a great price.

👤The earlier Park tool was bought by me. It was difficult to keep straight. I ruined 2 star nuts and tried to remove the tube from my forks. The tool works well. They advise you not to use a metal hammer. My hammer wouldn't drive it in. I'm happy with the tool and I'll use it as much as I need it.

👤The tool is easy to use. The star nut goes in straight.

👤It worked well for my fork upgrade. This tool was used to install the star nut after cutting the fork down. The three week wait saved me time and money.

👤It was very easy to install the star nut. It's a great value for one time use. You have to tap the top harder than I thought. The connection will be very sturdy because of the star nut grip, rather than the tool.

👤The item is marked by AMAZON as it is delivered today. The last thing I needed to do was set up the new forks. I have one now after working great.

👤It's a good idea to put everything up perfectly and then put it down to the perfect depth. The mallet or hammer must be used.

👤It's a pretty good tool. Does the job. I wonder if I will ever use it again. It's very easy to install the nut.

2. Xmomx Aluminum Bicycle Chromed Replacement

Xmomx Aluminum Bicycle Chromed Replacement

The color of the nut is silver. The package includes a bike wheel hub. 7075 aluminum is the material. The international thread has a size of M10 The package includes 2 nuts.

Brand: Xmomx

👤I only ordered one pair of nuts, and I ordered a second pair after I realized they fit both sets of axles. The nuts that came with my mountain bike were very soft and delicate, and I had to upgrade them to a harder pair of nuts. These fit the bill. If you run M-10's, I highly recommend giving them a try, as they are some tuff nuts.

👤Couldn't even get a full rotation after ordering a 10M.

👤They work. I haven't noticed them coming loose yet, but will update the review if that becomes an issue.

👤It appears to be good quality.

3. Yiotfandoll Bicycle Fastener Washer Accessories

Yiotfandoll Bicycle Fastener Washer Accessories

Can be used to repair your mountain bike quickly. It is the best choice for cyclists. The bicycle hub drum has nuts for it. A non-spinning washer can be found at one end of a wide nut. This serves to distribute the pressure of the nut over the part being secured, reducing the chance of damage to the part and making it less likely to loosen as a result of an odd fastening surface. It is suitable for bike hub drum rear axle shaft rod thread. The M10 is made of chrome plated steel and has high strength. The M10 is made of chrome plated steel and has high strength.

Brand: Yiotfandoll

👤The bike had bolts on it. Thankfully, where was not an accident. Poor quality and unsafe.

👤If you have a 12mm shaft, don't buy this.

👤These are great! What else can I say?

👤The size is right. The product is shown.

👤What I was looking for. It was easy to install to my Schwinn Midway cruiser.

👤Exactly what I wanted. It is simple and functional. It's perfect for my tires.

4. Glarks 510Pcs Socket Screws Assortment

Glarks 510Pcs Socket Screws Assortment

You can use it to fix your mountain bike. It's the best choice for cyclists. 1. The product is high precision black cap bolts screws. 2. The product is made of 12.9 grade alloy steel, which is strong and durable. 3. The package includes different sizes of screws and nuts in a clear box, which are easy to use and install. It is not easy to slip a threaded cap screw with an internal drive in it, and it has a cap head with an internal drive for installing in areas with limited side clearance. 5. Application: It's perfect for interior renovation, mechanical installation communication and ship assembly. 5. Application: It's perfect for interior renovation, mechanical installation communication and ship assembly.

Brand: Glarks

👤Be careful. The screws/bolts are made with weak metal. I broke 5 of them in a night. I depend on these screws for my life because I build electric skateboard as a hobby. I don't think these screws are reliable.

👤I used a screw gauge and measured before I bought this package of screws. I didn't think that the kits thread count would be vastly different from what I needed. The kit has m4 screws with 0.7 thread count. These will not work because I needed the ones with a small thread count. You would think that the seller would put the thread count in their advertising when it can change.

👤I was shocked when I went to the local hardware store to buy some metric machine screws, they were selling them in individual plastic bags for 96 US dollars. I needed 20 screws because I couldn't believe the price. 20 tiny M3 screws for $20 US after tax. I found this company and seller and purchased a set of over 500 pieces for $5 US less. I am happy that a hardware store could get away with 1000% markup on something that should cost a fraction of a penny. The parts would not mix because the product was in an organized plastic holder. The note from the manufacturer said that if the parts got mixed or the holder was damaged, they would replace the whole thing. Accountability and anticipating the customer's needs is what I like about a company. There is a I would not hesitate to buy from this company and recommend others to buy from this seller, even though I have more metric screws than I will probably need in the foreseeable future.

👤An assortment in a divided case is to be kept organized. The case is designed in such a way that the nuts and bolts will work their way under the dividers, meaning you will end up with a huge mess of bolts if you try to separate them.

👤I bought this to have a lot of spare parts for my car. This is a great case. The latch system is really secure. Not a single piece of hardware is supposed to be in that section. It seems that there is a slightly greater tolerance in the sockets on my cars compared to the factory ones. You will want to make sure you're using good tools and not stripping them out. I used this as I needed to add more bolts in different lengths than I had.

👤Are they counter sunk? Yes. Will the screws be separate? No way in hell. There is a I've found a design that will keep the divider from shifting when you open the case. You can pick through a nice mix of m3m5 screws if the dividers move up. I would have spent more money to not have to do A and B, and print a case that actually keeps the screws apart. There is a I can't give 0 stars because I can't give 1 star because the product is trash and Glarks products are a no-go.

5. Hilitchi 510pcs Stainless Socket Assortment

Hilitchi 510pcs Stainless Socket Assortment

If you go for a heavy duty off road ride, you should use aluminum spacers other than carbon, due to automatic cutting, smooth edge, and fit most of the road bicycles. High quality steel is used in the kit. Different size: M3 / 4 / 5. The set is organized in a transparent case for quick access and protection.

Brand: Hilitchi

👤I was expecting an assortment of bolts and nuts that were 80% trash and 20% usable. I have not seen a single piece that is not usable. I've used more bolts than nuts. I don't think it's a bad idea to use these in applications where the bolt will be visible because the cap of the bolt isn't perfect. The fact that I'm obsessive about this detail may be the only reason I noticed. My rating is four stars because the plastic container is trash. If I had the option, I would have rated it 4.5 stars. The bolts and nuts were no longer separated after it cracked. I used it for a week or two and the condition worsened, with most of the smaller units mixing better than they would have if I'd tried to mix them together by hand. I rearranged everything and put them in other containers that I already had on hand. I would rather they just shipped everything in a cardboard box, and I could have recycled it. There is a I am not using these outdoors, on vehicles, or on the farm. I'm using them for indoor science projects. I have had no issues with these applications.

👤The nuts/bolts are made of steel. There are many of them in the sizes that I use most. The box is made of plastic. The plastic grid in the box that separates all 63 trillion nuts/bolts is easy to lift, which is the reason it loses 2 stars. Lifting it slightly allows pieces to slip under the grid so that it won't seat to the bottom and the lid won't close. The only solution is to remove everything, glue down the grid, and then put things back.

👤I suppose that the bolts are okay. Someone thought it was ok to use a storage box with loose dividers for small parts. You can't touch this without the dividers popping up and allowing the parts to roll underneath, preventing them from going back down. All the bins are linked so you can get a part from them. The box cannot be closed again. If you don't get a part soon, you will have to do about an hour of work to fix it. All parts must be removed and placed back. After divvying up all the parts, close the box to keep them out of sight. I need to take a break to write a review because I'm angry about the wasted time.

👤I use a screw on my printers. The screws are strong and finished. Almost all my needs were met by the assortment. The weak point is the container. Some nuts and screws fell out of the shipping envelope after my box was broken at one corner. The vendor immediately sent replacements for the missing screws and a new box after I contacted them. I hot glue the partition in place as they tend to lift up and let the hardware mix. I would do it again.

👤The cost of the cap screws is high. They are used in my model boats to resist the corrosive elements. When I ordered them, I thought about the screws. These may last a while. Wrong. There is a lot of screws. 30 of the smaller sizes have nuts. The M5 size has 15 of them. These are great for my purpose and come with a nice organizer. I don't know if it's a lifetime supply, but they will last me a while.

6. Bolts Nuts Washer Assortment Pieces

Bolts Nuts Washer Assortment Pieces

5. Application: It's perfect for interior renovation, mechanical installation communication and ship assembly. It is used for fastening metal, wood and plastic. The bolt has a round head. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. There is a handy Plastic organizer case that has size compartments for easy storage. Click here to see more product details for the complete list.

Brand: Qualihome

👤I had to carry my walker the rest of the way home after the left front wheel collapsed because I couldn't find a bolt to replace it. After looking at all the sites, I found that Amazon had the bolt I needed. It worked. The various nuts and bolts seem sturdy enough for everyday use, and the value for my money seems wonderful. I'm glad to know that this kind of thing is readily available on Amazon. I would like to thank you for the opportunity.

👤I had to fix a couple of hinges. I couldn't find the right bolts for the old desk. I looked at the bolts and noticed they looked similar. I bought this assortment kit because I took a chance. I had been looking for a while and I didn't really have much hope. The bots fit perfectly. I use that old secretary desk daily.

👤I can't go to a hardware store where I could get the same thing for less. The set was a little more expensive than I wanted, but they were good quality and had no defects. There were many different sizes to accommodate multiple projects.

👤The assortment was perfect for use. I was not sure of the size of the bolt, nuts and washes, but the assortment worked out perfectly for my needs, it was everything I needed in one place.

👤The order was to replenish a supply which had turned chaotic, bolts without nuts, nuts without bolts, and hardly any washers except a few that were too large or too small. I now have a normal supply, which is all I ask.

👤My husband found a couple of bolts in this set which he had been looking for and he was very pleased with the assortment. He said the quality was good for the price and would find uses for most of the others.

👤Needed a couple bolts, but wasn't sure of the size. This assortment gave me what I needed for the reassembling of a daybed. Good product and good service.

👤Exactly what I needed. It's easy to put the bolts together with the right nuts and washers because the sizes are in separate compartments. It was in perfect condition when it arrived.

👤The mezcla de alto calidad de pernos was a success.

7. Comdox 500Pcs Stainless Button Assortment

Comdox 500Pcs Stainless Button Assortment

The application is for something. The majority of the bike is compatible with the axles. The material is high. Quality bolts and nuts. The sockets cap screws are made from a high quality 304 steel that is known for its rigidity and resistance to rust. This type of steel is able to endure extreme weather and temperature changes. These qualities make the screws and nuts virtually impossible to break. 500pcs is a better quantity assortment. M3 and M4 are included. All of the screws nuts will be packed in a sturdy convenient case, which can be used for a storage box. The kit will save you. The kit has fifteen different sizes, which can meet the maximum requirement for you. M3 M4 M5 screws and nuts are made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL, which is mercury-free and toxic-free. There are no toxic substances that will endanger you in the process of using. This kit can be used in a wide range of industries, including precision machinery, classified instruments, instruments, electronic products, household appliances, communication products, locks, lamps, lights, toys, etc. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll take it back and offer a replacement or a full refund. No questions, no delays, and no hassles! They are so confident in their products. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll take it back and offer a replacement or a full refund. No questions, no delays, and no hassles! They are so confident in their products.

Brand: Comdox

👤The price is great compared to hardware stores. Please read it. The head was easy to remove and I got 3 stars. The company reached out to me and offered me a replacement or a full refund. I told them I would rather have a replacement. They shipped out a new box in 2 days. There is a This set is better than before. The first set's sockets were semi rounded in the corners, so the Allen wrench could remove it if the screw got too tight. The new ones are sharper. I put the new one in place of one of the others that stripped out and put some real pressure on it, and it held up. The company cares about the quality of their product. It is a rare trait. You should order from them.

👤The selection in this case fills many of the blanks I run into when searching for a small bolt. I don't use them often, but when they are needed they are a pain to find. If the case and selection were bigger, you could target the range and type needed.

👤It was very well made and arrived quickly.

👤I only needed a few metric screws for one project, so I bought this kit. I have been using these button-head screws in electronics projects since that time. When you want screws that look nicer than round-head screws from big box hardware stores, this is a very handy kit.

👤Come on people, tell the truth. I like using metric for more tamper proof applications. I could cut them with my teeth. Makes me question the whole process. The reviewers seem to think that price is more important than quality in these reviews. It is now apparent to me that the cheaper the item, the more stars it gets, ignoring any sort of quality metric. caveat emptor on this one Absolutely complete and utter. If you need to but don't have better bolts, screws, and toothpicks, this assortment of china's finest are easy to tap. Right off the bat. When it came time to unfasten a light switch, it was stripped like butter and found in a very tight space. They're worth their weight in the mystery scrap alloy they came from. Someone forgot to add steel to this hot dog mystery metal. Yes, are pretty. I wouldn't trust them in any application where strength or security are your criteria, nor will they be able to be removed without stripping at the very lowest of Torques. I had to cut my hands up because I accidentally stripped the screws while carefully removing them. These are not all magnetic and that's why. They handle it like lead. That is an honest review.

👤It's always nice to have spare parts for projects. I can use them outdoors as well. A good value.

👤The bolts that had filled in the heads were unuseable.

👤You have a great kit to mess with.

👤I was surprised by the small container for the nuts and bolts. I ordered the "flat" head bolts, but they were sent "round" heads, so I decided it was too much of a hassle to exchange them for what I wanted.

8. ONIPAX M5x20mm Tapered Stainless Screws

ONIPAX M5x20mm Tapered Stainless Screws

304stainless steel is a high quality material. It is made of high strength, sturdy and durable. You can prevent scratching your stem with the Washer. Installation and removal is easy with a 4mm head. About 3.85g/ is the weight. Piece. Good quality made in Taiwan.

Brand: Onipax

👤These are not stated. It's made in Taiwan and ungraded, which doesn't really matter for this application. The bolts are finished and the threads are cut. I was happy to swap the rusted ones on my bike for these.

👤I needed a few of these to fix the rusted bolts on the bike. For that reason, these are fine.

👤When I bought them, I thought there was a chance they would be a different color. I was surprised when I gave them the test. Look to be good quality and have a clean finish.

👤The stem was fitted well after it was arrived earlier than expected.

👤Good quality bolts. They are fine for my stem. I'm glad these exist, because in a world of $3 each titanium hardware, I'm glad they exist.

👤Los cambiĆ© porque no era.

👤It was used to replace rusted handle bar braxket.

9. Glarks 560 Pieces Phillips Stainless Assortment

Glarks 560 Pieces Phillips Stainless Assortment

We offer a 30-day replacement or money-back guarantee for their products. If you need help, you can contact their customer service. The m2 screws and m3 screws have nut and washers. Assoertment set. The package includes pan head bolts, nuts and washers. There is a package quantity of 888-276-5932 888-276-5932s. 304stainless steel is a high quality material.

Brand: Glarks

👤If you are like me and have no idea what size you are supposed to be getting, this picture will help. I went by the picture they showed, not the actual measurements. My mistake. I have no broken toys that need to be fixed.

👤I was very happy that this assortment had the correct length and size of the screw I needed. I was not sure what size I needed before they arrived. They arrived the next day. The tiny screw I needed was hard to see, but I found a small slot screw driver that worked. I have an assortment of nuts and screws in case I need them in the future. There is a Thanks. Thank you.

👤The nuts and screws are small. One package has nuts and screws larger than eye glass screws. I don't think I have the tools to work with them.

👤I'm using these for several Amp boxes I'm building but several were smaller than expected and if you order these they are small other than that the shipping was fast and product was packaged well. Thank you.

👤The sizes are much smaller than I anticipated.

👤Product looks larger with photos. The quality is great, but it's way small for me.

👤The hardware in my a8 clone was replaced with these. The washers are nice, have no burrs, the lock washers are ok, and the screws are well formed in the head and thread area. It worked well.

10. JSM Bicycle Flanged Safety Washer

JSM Bicycle Flanged Safety Washer

The package includes 2 nuts. It is made of high strength steel. 6 sets of safety washers and 3-size flange nuts are suitable for most bicycle replacements. The NUT WM FRT 5/16x26 FLANGED (2 sets), NUT WM FRT 3/8x26FLANGED (2 sets), and Metric NUT FLANGED M10*1(2 sets) are all Spec.

Brand: Jsm

👤I was expecting two sets of nuts. I think a bike uses two sets of nuts. There are two sets of two for the front and two for the rear. There are 4 nuts. The wording is poor. You need to place two orders if you need nuts for your wheel.

👤They sent the wrong kit after I ordered from a different vendor. The second attempt worked out great. I wanted to mount her bike to a stand without damaging the threads.

👤They were bought for a kid's bike. They fit.

👤I would have preferred to buy a set of nuts. I was able to fix the bike wheel.

11. ONIPAX Lightweight Headset Aluminum Screw

ONIPAX Lightweight Headset Aluminum Screw

We can provide a life time warranty for their product. If you need help, you can contact their customer service. It fits stems and forks. It was made in Taiwan. Good quality.

Brand: Onipax

👤My order was filled by Amazon and took one day to arrive. I don't know what to do after the job is done, so I didn't order the setting tool. I put the screw, cap, and fangled star nut together, and then I put the assembly down the steerer tube. Make sure the cap is in the assembly if you pound too hard. The fangle nut was in the steer tube. The headset was tightened after it put on the steerer spacers. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes to complete.

👤It worked out as intended. I was thrown when it didn't fit right out of the box, but I think it's normal to make sure the fit is tight. I bent the first star so that I could hammer it in with a hammer. Quality threading and aluminum. There were no issues with it being tightened up. The bike shop would have charged a lot.

👤You don't need to spend more money when you can buy a set like this. It can be difficult to line it up perfectly with a star nut tool.

👤No problems, it works like it should. I've got no complaints because it looks as good as any I've seen. I think that it could be made a little bit more shallow because I had to add a spacer.

👤I liked it but had to get a different screw because the one it comes with is aluminum.

👤I only needed the flat bolt for the flat top cap, but this whole set was 2 dollars cheaper than the bolt. Extra parts are always good.

👤It was a perfect fit. I have an extra star nut because I fit my old star nut threads. It looks good. If you need this part, it's perfect.

👤A bit expensive but works well. Fast delivery.


What is the best product for bicycle nuts and dcrews?

Bicycle nuts and dcrews products from Aikesiway. In this article about bicycle nuts and dcrews you can see why people choose the product. Xmomx and Yiotfandoll are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle nuts and dcrews.

What are the best brands for bicycle nuts and dcrews?

Aikesiway, Xmomx and Yiotfandoll are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle nuts and dcrews. Find the detail in this article. Glarks, Hilitchi and Qualihome are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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