Best Bicycle Neck Extension

Neck 6 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Bicycle Cross Bar Adjustable Adapter Storage

Bicycle Cross Bar Adjustable Adapter Storage

100% guaranteed! Their product is guaranteed for years of use, unlike other traction devices that use cheap materials, lightweight stitching, fake photoshopped images, and thin plastic shut off valves to save money. They use the softest flannel and heavy duty stitching for long lasting use with a valve to make sure there is no leaks. Their traction collar is the #1 choice for Amazon buyers. Durability and safety: Anti- rotation inserts and oversized diameter tubing protects your bike's finish. Sturdy Steel With Black Powder Coat Finish. It was designed to be used for mounting your bike to a car rack or home storage unit. A bike with a hitch. The home bike storage rack has a spare wheel. It is easy to use. Attaches To Your Seat Post And Handlebar Stem Post, Keeps Your Bike Mounted Solidly, And Adopts A Wide Range Of Bikes For Transport. Push to operate pin and interlocking gate. The bike capacity is 1 bike weighing up to 33 lbs and is great for kids. There are dual suspension mountain bikes. If the seatpost is less than 58 cm from the handlebar post, it won't fit. Order now, and you will be able to pay free. If you have any product issues, they're very happy. Either you get a refund or a replacement for your purchase. If you have any questions, please get in touch with them. They will be glad to help.

Brand: Venzo

👤This is too long and large. It doesn't fit my kids bikes. They both have bikes that don't fit my bike. I own a road bike. It is too long. My husband's Trek Navigator 300 is the only bike it fits on. His bike is very large. The manufacturer needs to be more specific about the length of the item. The bar will not fit if the distance from your seat post to your handlebars is less than 22 inches. It does not hug your bike posts and is a loose fitting accessory. The built in extension is not needed on my husband's bike. It stays on because it is pushed against your seat on one end and against the base of your handlebars on the other end. If your seat post is not securely attached to your bike, it could fall off while you are driving. I think there needs to be a better fitting universal adapter out there despite the fact that this item is very durable. I will return this.

👤When we purchased a bike for my wife, I didn't consider needing a bike rack because I've used it before with male-style bikes. I settled on this one after a lot of research and haven't been disappointed. The bike is held firmly in place by it. We've used it a number of times since we bought it. The push buttons work well, the jaws lock in place, and the bar is easy to use. I would highly recommend this accessory for anyone who wants to securely hand a female-style bicycle on a hanging bike rack.

👤The no name Top Tube cross bar works. It is made and designed well. The seat post and head tube levers are secured by a pop up mechanism. The cross bar is strong. The expanding shock cord that holds both bars together is not relevant to cross bar deployment as some posters seem to misunderstand - once the cross bar is deployed and on the bike rack, it is secure. I was about to buy a hitch style bike rack for my bike, but I decided to keep it. I decided to save the money because I trust this bar. If you go to a marketplace or a website, you can get an arm style rack and buy a Top Tube. It works, it's reliable, and you'll save a lot of money.

👤I put this on my wife's Roll and it fit. I was a little worried that the cross bar would fit under her bike basket, but it did. She will be able to mount her bike on our rack. We won't be mounting the bike on the RV for a while but it looks like it will work out. No instructions at all. There is a sticker on the cross bar that might be gibberish. Tie a strap on the bike and carrier to make sure the lock buttons are locked. If you can't use the cross bar adapter to help you get the bike to the carrier, what is it for?

2. Trusted Registered Alignment Inflatable Stretcher

Trusted Registered Alignment Inflatable Stretcher

U S Company is family owned and operated. Help is on the way! Whether you suffer from pinched nerve, herniated disks, regular arthritis in neck, compressed disks, arthritis, spasms, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc, and more. Remarkable results! Do you work behind a desk all day long and have trouble sleeping, or do you just stare at the computer all day long? You have found a solution to your problem. Their easy to use neck support cervic traction pillows help relieve stress, migraines and stiff tension headaches by shortening neck muscles. One of a kind! - The problem with other traction devices is that they don't fit everyone. The air support pillow solved that problem. How? They listened to everyone's complaints. They extended their straps over 50% longer than everyone else. They increased the surface of the velcro to give you a secure hold. The longer straps and velcro give you a larger surface to adhere to, which means you don't have to worry about it ripping open while in use. It's practice! Their product is portable, lightweight and easy to use, so you will be able to use it while watching tv, working, or walking around your house. This is great because you won't have to sit in a chair and look at a door while doing a stretch. If the family is giving you migraines, take it on business travel or on vacations. 100% guaranteed! Their product is guaranteed for years of use, unlike other traction devices that use cheap materials, lightweight stitching, fake photoshopped images, and thin plastic shut off valves to save money. They use the softest flannel and heavy duty stitching for long lasting use with a valve to make sure there is no leaks. Their traction collar is the #1 choice for Amazon buyers.

Brand: Trusted Medical Solutions

👤I have been using this item off and on for the past few months and decided it was time to give my opinion on the device. This is one of the more pleasant reliving devices I have used. I can sit, stand, and even lay with it for longer periods than I anticipated. The device is holding its air. It is easy to put on and use, and it is very comfortable, which is a plus. The customer service I received from the seller was one of the best things. The first item worked well. There was a white thread that looked like a factory repair. I contacted the seller and they were surprised to hear that the item is completely black. The seller did not make up excuses but only worked to satisfy the buyer after the package arrived with a new unit. Hats off to you Trusted Solutions! Customer support and fast response. Your company is an honorable one. I hope that this review helps. If you are happy with my information, please click the like button. I feel it was due to the outstanding service provided that I never asked to give a feedback. Thanks again!

👤A physical therapist costs $30 a week after insurance. I have a limited budget. This does the same thing. You people are making me laugh. Blow it up in small amounts until you feel the relief pull. Some of you need to fight back. The nation is becoming a bunch of people. You won't get any relief from doing nothing. Slowly increase and start loose several times a day. I can't tell you how many times I have felt relieved and sleepy.

👤The product works. The pictures imply that the product is made in the USA, but it is actually made in China. I would have bought it regardless of where it was from. I don't like being lied to.

👤It worked for 3 months, but it won't stay inflated. It was promoted as great for traveling and we are doing that right now. I can't find a way to contact the seller because it is past the return date. I found the seller feedback page. They were anxious to make us happy. The items were out of stock and they didn't know if they would be back in stock. The seller contacted us via email and I have the new item. It has a great warranty. Thank you for your support. I changed my rating. My husband relies on this when he is traveling to get relief of his neck pain.

👤I have had disc disease for 18 years. I don't want to stare at a wall when I treat, so my doctor prescribed the over door unit. I like the idea of moving around. A friend told me about something. I was skeptical at first, but it works and provides relief. I chose this one because of the one size fits all, storage bag and warranty. My only caution is to be careful on the road. I fell asleep for an hour on my couch when I used it for the second time. I set a timer.

3. Boenoea Extender Aluminium Handlebar Mountain

Boenoea Extender Aluminium Handlebar Mountain

It's suitable for most bike with threadless headset. SPECIFICATIONS: The maximum height extension is 115mm ( 4.5 inch). It is easy to connect the original bicycle fork stem. The material is forged by aluminum. The lightest weight is 157g(0.346 lbs).

Brand: Boenoea

👤This extension is great. Sturdy, light, looks good, and gives the best hight found. My wife cannot ride a road bike because she has a bad neck and is made for a hunched position. I was thinking about a number of ways to make her more upright when riding, but I found the perfect solution which required the least modification or cost using the same rigging and handlebars. The break cables on the Specialized E5 road sport bike are so tailored to have no slack through the frame guides that they are pulled pretty tight. The extension does what it is intended for and looks great doing it. Would recommend for anyone who wants to ride more upright.

👤I like not having to bend over on my bike as much since I am not using this to race and more comfortable sitting up. I still lean forward even with the maximum extension, so it's not like riding a typical commuter in Europe. The steering tube has an angle to it which brings the handlebars back a bit. It was very easy to install. The cap on top of the bars is held in with a longer bolt and does not require much tightening. I knew the brake cables would be too short so I ordered a kit. The shift cables on my bike are barely long enough to hold the cables in one direction, but they strain during a sharp turn, not one you would make riding, but turning the handlebars full stop will bind the cables in one direction. This was definitely needed and I would like a longer extension.

👤My neck and shoulder pain are over. My ride is more comfortable now that I sit upright on my bike. I was not able to use the full length because my cables didn't reach it. It's close. The installation took less than 10 minutes.

👤The height difference can be seen. I turned my handlebars around because I have shorter arms. The extension worked well. I sit on the mountain bike. I feel good on my back. It's easy to install. I think buying is a good idea.

👤I have installed a lot of stems. There are a lot of risers. This thing is much bigger than you think. I know we don't use metric but I would like to know what 210mm is. It was loose when I got it mounted. I took it to my local shop and the guys tried it too. They recommended against my install because of its play. Look elsewhere.

👤I was able to get it installed. It makes riding my bike easier for an old man who doesn't bend as well.

👤I have lower back problems so I have to set upright on my fat tire e bike. I checked my cable length before ordering and got the 7 in riser. It was very easy to install with the Allen wrench.

👤The head of the fork is connected to the allen rod. The screw holding the extender to the fork was bent to the point where I couldn't install it. A lesser experienced person may have messed up the threads on their fork by forcing the rod down and cross threading it onto the fork. The rest of the pieces are fine. I can't speak to the comfort, but given the bent allen screw, I'm not too impressed with the quality.

4. Bicycle Handlebar Threadless Aluminum Mountain

Bicycle Handlebar Threadless Aluminum Mountain

There are 4 sizes of bike handlebar spacers in this package. Each size provides a combination to adjust the height of the handlebars to fit your riding style. Bicycle headset spacers threadless are made of black anodized aluminum alloy material with smooth surface and exquisite workmanship, eco-friendly, sturdy and durable to use. Stem spacers road bike inner diameter is 28.6mm, 1-1/8" headset set, compatible with 28.6mm front stem fork of mountain bike, road bike etc. There is a feature. The aluminum headset spacer is more sturdy and resistant to damage than carbon fiber headset spacers, and it's 888-282-0465. If you go for a heavy duty off road ride, you should use aluminum spacers other than carbon, due to automatic cutting, smooth edge, and fit most of the road bicycles.

Brand: Gooday

👤The stems on the two bikes I changed had 3 x 10mm spacers on them. I didn't know how I would position the spacers, and I didn't know the exact measurement of the bike's bar height. The kit was perfect. I used this product above the stem to place 20mm below and 7mm above. The other placee is 20mm + 4mm. These are an excellent value, and work exactly as I had homes. If I make changes again to this bike or others, I am set.

👤These work well, but they aren't as thick as the factory spacers on my or my son's bikes. It's a good value for the price and the selection of spacers. It's very easy to get the correct rise to allow for the 3mm gap between the steerer tube and the cap.

👤The image in the listing does not match what is in the description. There are three different types of spacers in the photo. The spacers they ship are 2, 3, and 10mm. When they arrive, you will be disappointed if you go off the photo.

👤The new handle bar was what I needed. I didn't think about needing spacers when I ordered the bike stem. I ordered this set and it arrived very quickly. It was nice to have different types of spacers.

👤These seem to work well and match the other ones on my Trek. I have had one of the spacers on my bike for a month and so far no issues. Will keep you updated if something changes.

👤The spacers were smooth with no burs and consistent sizes. There are 12 different sizes of the bag. You could buy a couple at the store. These are nice to have around.

👤There are 12 pieces for the price of 2. Good quality. I like aluminum more than carbon fiber. These mountain bikes will not fail because I can be hard on them. The handle bar height can be a problem if you don't have a good selection of sizes. For the next project, spare.

👤It worked out as planned. Good quality. There were no problems. Take accurate measurements.

👤This is a good set. The set has enough pieces to adjust more than one bike. They are lightweight and durable. The price was good and the shipping was fast, which was a plus.

👤Needed to install a new bike stem. There are lots of different sizes of Qurans.

👤There were different sizes of spacers. Excellent quality. They do what they're supposed to do. The product was good and the seller did a good job with it.

👤Good quality work.

5. LERWAY Bicycle Bike Stem Riser

LERWAY Bicycle Bike Stem Riser

There is a satisfactory guarantee. When you order today, your purchase is protected. They will get you back within 24 hours if you don't like their products. The stem riser is perfect for most bikes. The mountain bike stem extender can help your bike do more. The bicycle stem riser offers up to 85mm stem height increase, you can modify your riser stem height to fit your riding needs. You can adjust the height of the riser stem with the help of 4 spacers. It's easy to install, just slide the stem extender onto the steerer tube. The bike stem extender is easy to fit. The steerer tube extender is made from forged 6061 aluminum alloy. A bike handlebar riser provides a more comfortable riding experience.

Brand: Lerway

👤I bought a bike that I didn't keep for a while, and then bought another bike. The parts all look decent. They are easy to install, and do what it says. There is a Your bike's steering is crucial. It can't happen suddenly. The two screws that attach the riser to the stem are the most important part. They have to hold on. There is a I sold my first bike after I put it on one time and didn't adjust it again. I took the bike off for a month after I used it for a while, to make adjustments. One of the screws was stripped when I put it back on. I had not yet gotten them tight. This is serious. You wouldn't have steering if it wasn't holding tight, and hitting a bump could loosen the other screw. I noticed the stripped screw before it happened, but you can see that it has happened to a few people in the 1-star reviews. It's worth a few extra dollars to get better.

👤I installed this on my Trek DS4 and it made my back feel better. In one family trip, we came across a little kid's small course with ups and downs, hills and turns, and in one small hill with a sharp left turn, my handle bars went the opposite way. I fell. If you are riding on a smooth surface and not doing any mountain or rough terrain, you should be fine. I wouldn't trust it.

👤I wanted to raise my handlebars because my palms were hurting. I was able to raise them by 3 inches which made me more upright. Everything feels strong. The kit came with the required Allen Wrenches. After watching a video, the installation was straight forward. Check your cable lengths to make sure they are long enough to raise your handlebars. I knew some of my kit would be too short. I had to replace the cables to fit the extra height.

👤I am not sure about the perfomance. I had a hard time installing it. I needed to replace the original spacers because they were too short. I had to put the spacers on a collar with a logo on it because it was in the video. I thought the bolt was too long because it wouldn't tighten. I tried to put the bolt in without the cap. I held up the cap to the top of the bolt. The play in the stem was not removed because the bolt wouldn't tighten enough. The play in the stem disappeared when I tightened the bolt. It is hard to believe that this type of precision was overlooked.

👤Thank you. I enjoy riding my bike to work but noticed my wrist started to hurt over time. I adjusted the seat and tried to get myself on a bike that was 29 inches larger than my 26. This item saved me money and made me more comfortable for long weekend journeys. It was easy to install my bike. After looking at my bike manual, I was back on track after the fork separated and pieces dropped when I opened the package. Installation is easy and takes 5 min.

6. BLOOKE Extender Handlebar Adjustable Aluminium

BLOOKE Extender Handlebar Adjustable Aluminium

It's easy to install, just connect the original fork stem, keep two bolts in the right position, and choose the right diameter. It is possible to adjust the height. You can change the height of your riser stem with the help of the 4 spacers. It's widely comparable. The stem riser is suitable for most bikes. The mountain bike stem extender can help your bike do more. The steerer tube extender is made from forged 6061 aluminum alloy. A bike handlebar riser provides a more comfortable riding experience. Easy installation. You can connect the original front fork stem extender. Light weight and flexibility make it easier to force when climbing. It is hard to loose the handlebar extender. Work on mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX, and more.

Brand: Blooke

👤I wanted to raise my bars on my mountain bike in the winter. I had a shoulder replacement recently and shouldn't put a lot of weight on it. I will remove in the spring. We have snow all winter in Idaho.

👤Still have to put a few miles on it. I don't see any issues.

👤_____ Installation is easy and straightforward. The handlebar is 3.5 inches high. Sturdy and light build quality. Good fit and finish. There is a _____ There are no cons. I've used stem extenders before on several bikes and I've always found them to be very useful and reliable when you need a few more inches of height to increase riding comfort for your back and wrists. I ordered the extender from Blooke because my daughter wanted a more upright sitting position. She's much happier after we extended the height to about 2%. The process was easy to follow, having done these installations before. If you have the right sized keys, you shouldn't have any problems. The part is cheap at just$15.99.

7. AMYIPO Extender Handlebar Aluminium Suitable

AMYIPO Extender Handlebar Aluminium Suitable

You can have the extension brackets installed in a minute with the Allen Key Wrench. The bike handlebar riser is made of high strength aluminum alloy. Very strong and resistant to rust. The height of the product can be increased by up to 85mm with the use of 4 gaskets. The gasket can be adjusted to fit your needs, reducing the pressure of your waist. Don't worry about it won't fit your bike. The fork rod extender is suitable for most bicycles. Mountain bike, road bike, BMX, etc. Simply connect the original fork stem extender. Lighter weight, easier climbing force. More flexible handling, light weight, easier climbing force, comfortable operation, convenient bicycle fork extender are some of the things that make cycling comfortable.

Brand: Amyipo

👤I bought these for my kids' bikes. They were able to match their frames. There is a The seat stems are long enough to raise but not the handlebars. I was able to install the two different sizes of allen wrench in about 5 minutes. There were no problems with stripping or anything like that.

👤Simple and inexpensive. I have been using the stem extender for a month. It's been great.

👤I bought this to raise the handlebars when using my cyclo cross bike on a trainer. The normal riding position is great for IRL, but the trainer makes my shoulders hurt. It only takes a few minutes to get those handlebars up for winter training. I had to unwound bar tape to get the slack in my cable.

👤I should have installed this on my bike a long time ago. I had never experienced that level of comfort on this bike. It was easy to install and a good value.

👤I put it on her bike. She upgraded to a 24" bike a year ago and was already complaining that her handlebars were too low. They grow fast. She will get at least another year out of it now that she put this on.

👤A lot of bikes have handlebars that are too low. It's easier to ride the bike now that it's raised. Thaks.

👤The extender was easy to install. It provided a more upright sitting position.

👤It makes a huge improvement in the level of comfort. The neck and shoulder pain that would normally happen would not happen.

8. Azarxis Extender Handlebar Extension Aluminium

Azarxis Extender Handlebar Extension Aluminium

The materials are MATERIALS. 20% lighter than ordinary aluminum alloy is the refined 6061 aluminum alloy. Sturdy, rust-free, high toughness, no deformation. If there are any quality issues with their products, please contact them. They offer a 20 month seller guarantee. If you have doubts about shipping, exchange or return, please contact Amazon Customer Service. FunctionAL GASKETS: The height of the bicycle neck extender is increased by 4 x 2 cm. It is possible to modify it. The height of the extender can be adjusted by adjusting the number and type of spacers. Take the pain away from your back, neck, and wrist. The bicycle fork extender is easy to operate and high in strength. After T4 heat treatment + T6 heat treatment, the handlebar extender is stronger, more resistant to oxidation and corrosion, not easy to loose, and safer to use. Easy installation and wide compatible. The installation can be completed by connecting the original front fork. Their bicycle fork stem extenders can be used on road bikes and mountain bikes. CYCLING COMFORTABLY: Handling more flexible, much easier to force when climbing, lighter weight, comfortable and convenient to operate, effective bicycle fork extender.

Brand: Azarxis

👤The extender is the perfect size, material and color for my bike and I wanted to like it. I noticed the handlebars started to twist after I took my bike for a short ride. The top screw appeared to have come loose after closer inspection. I decided to ride home to tighten it because I was not far from home. The handlebars gave way as I rode up the driveway. I fell. I inspected everything and followed the steps again after I told myself that I might not have installed the extender correctly. I tightened the top screw tightly. I took it for a ride this morning. It happened again a few minutes into it. The handlebars were not fastened. I can't imagine what would happen if I were on a busy street. It's dangerous.

👤This makes it bigger and harder. There is a You can see that it got bigger when you look down. Adding 4 more inches would make a huge difference. There is a It wasn't long before my wife noticed the extension, but now she's very happy I got it. There is a When it was short, I would have to bend down and my back would hurt, but I could plow through with this extension.

👤The handle bars on the cargo bike were too far forward. I'm too old to ride in this position. The handle bar could be replaced with a cruiser bike style. It is doable. I would have to replace cables and housing. The second option was to try the stem extension. It was a great choice. There is a It arrived in 2 days and was easy to mount. It does not look cheap or retro. It came with different sizes of spacers and a new longer top screw. The price made a huge difference in my riding comfort, without sacrificing looks or performance. The cables were long enough. The result was higher bar closer to the seat Win Win because my stem is tilted toward the seat. The center of gravity was shifted back toward the rear tire, which made the ride more stable. The small wheel in the front made me feel like going over the handle bar when hitting bumps. There is a The older style handlebar stems are different. The wedge at the bottom of the stem would be loosened if you loosened the top screw. You could change the height of the stem. The exposed top of the stem is bolted to the handle bar clamp, which is fixed in this type of stem. The video is titled "watch?" How to video. He's British.

👤The two screws to the stem are not as large as the original stem bolts, so some reviewers said the screws were stripped. There is less cross sectional material in the stem attachment. I see potential stress risers that could lead to failure. It's not possible to tell if the material was heat treated or not because the unit was drilled by the clamp area. Some stems extensions are made of forged alloy.

9. BlueSunshine Handlebar Bicycle Extender Aluminum

BlueSunshine Handlebar Bicycle Extender Aluminum

The package has a dimensions of 5.84 L x 5.84 W x 8.13 H. The forged aluminum material is solid, secure and durable. There are multi colors available: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, and Golden. It's compatible with most bikes and has a threadless headset. The metal gasket Adjusters are more flexible for you to raise the fork stem. The maximum height extension is 70mm and includes 4 metal adjusters.

Brand: Bluesunshine

👤It arrived overnight. The piece is easy to build and comes with all the required parts. The two M6 bolts are too short to clear the end, so toss them and get the ones that clear the end. I had 25 and 30mm M6 bolts on hand. These were secured nicely. There is a There are no instructions with it. If you haven't taken a stem apart, it may come apart and pieces will scatter, leaving you no idea where they go. The stem of the fork needs to be locked up between the bottom bearing at the bottom of the fork and the top of the fork using the handlebar top piece or some other securing ring. When you remove the top stem piece that takes the handlebars, the entire fork system will fall out, leaving you confused. I dismount the tire, set the front fork down on the concrete, remove the stem top piece, use rings to set the height of the extender piece, and make sure the tightening bolts on the extender are over the top of the fork stem. You may not need all of the rings if it is positioned with the combination of rings that works. If you need to lift the fork stem, you can use the bolts on the extender. I used the remaining rings between the top of the extension and the bottom of the handle bar top piece to make it doubly secure, but it's not necessary; the bottom of the extender secured the top bearing in the neck. The low priced one is fine, no need to spend a lot of money. My game is on the 1.0 Gravity MTB. It was made more comfortable. I trail ride, no timber bashing, so a higher CG is fine for me. Hope this helps!

👤I am 48 and my mountain bike is not as comfortable as it was when I was 30. I was getting pins and neddles on rides. This thing went on for a while and felt more comfortable. I don't use this bike anymore for hard core riding because I hang with my boy. This provides comfort if you are looking at this.

👤I have to sit high on my bicycle so my whole body leans on the handle, it hurts my hand. It feels better when I ride my bicycle after raising my handle bar. It's so comfortable now.

👤The stem riser was on my bike. The riser is cheap aluminum like most of this stuff. The bolt that was supplied with the kit snapped off when I tightened it. It wasn't over tightened. It's a really cheap bolt. I had to have a new Star Bolt installed after I took the fork off. The stem riser is not neutral. Will it work? Probably. Is it good? No. Just cheap quality aluminum and a junky bolt. Just be careful, you can use it. I don't have a long enough bolt so I didn't install it.

👤After realizing my bike frame didn't allow the adjustment I needed to take, I considered replacing the straight handlebars or adding a stem riser. It is hard to get a new bar. I would have to change the cables and brakes. It seemed like a riser was the easiest change. I was careful not to over tighten it because one review stripped the center bolt. The adjustment has made me feel better. The new cable position has changed the shifters a bit, so I will have to re-index them.

10. ZUKKA Handlebar Adjustable Aluminium Adapter1 1

ZUKKA Handlebar Adjustable Aluminium Adapter1 1

It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc. The stem is only suitable for 25.4mm handlebars. It is adjusted. The product equip with 5 gaskets can increase the height up to 100mm, it can adjust the gasket to fit your need freely, reducing the pressure of waist effectively. The bike handlebar riser is made of aluminum and has a polished finish. It's widely comparable. Don't worry about buying a bike accessory that isn't compatible with your bike. Their bike fork stem extension is suitable for most bikes. Easy installation. You can connect the original front fork stem extender. Light weight and flexibility make it easier to force when climbing. It is hard to loose the handlebar extender. Work on mountain bikes, road bikes, and BMX.

Brand: Zukka

👤The handlebars of my bike were lower than my bike seat. If I rode the bike as a road bike, I would have hybrid tires for off-road biking. The Zukka extender was easy to install, using up all 5 included rings and the 3 that came with my bike. All fit perfectly. Make sure you use an Allen key to tighten things up. The perfect ride resulted in no back pain from straining my arms and upper body.

👤I can sit upright on my bike. Solid construction. The pinch bolts of the riser and stem need to be snug to be able to move. Align everything and hold while you tighten the top bolt to eliminate any play in the headset bearings. The inside of the riser has bottomed out on the top of the steering tube, so if you find it is taking excessive Torque to eliminate this play, it's because the inside of the riser has bottomed out on the top of the steering tube. Put a short spacer under the riser.

👤I'm a big guy with 220 lbs and found myself hunched over when riding. The stem extender brought my handle bars up so I can ride in a better position and it looks great.

👤The expectations were met. Good length. If you don't use the full length, the excess will stick up from the handlebars, which is a possible safety issue. First you have to figure out what riser length you need, then you have to buy it.

👤It was a noticeable difference on the first day. I had groin, back, and next pain after riding so far forward. A guy with a bike. I also want to give up my bike. Win! It's easy to install. Looks great! I'm hoping this less than$15 item will make me happy after biking days. The game is changing now! Simple concept is great.

👤I was able to ride my new mountain bike with less pressure on my hands and wrists, because the handlebars were raised with this extender. LA gave a tip on excessive play in the front fork from the riser extender bottoming out on the top of the steering tube after its initial installation. LA's tip was to place a second spacer on the steering tube below the riser extender to raise it slightly and then tighten it down to eliminate the play in the front fork.

👤The bike handle was made higher by this extender. I'm happy my husband found it. We ordered one for our daughter's bike as well. It was easy to install. It's much more comfortable to ride a bike now. You'll be fine ordering this extender.

👤Lifted my handlebars. I'm really pleased with this purchase because I was sitting for a long time. Sturdy metal, and fit my bike well. The bikes brand is Specialized.

11. MAGARROW Extender Handlebar Adaptor Aluminium

MAGARROW Extender Handlebar Adaptor Aluminium

It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, and BMX. The front fork stem diameter is 28.6mm and the handlebar diameter is 31.8mm. Before you buy it, please confirm the diameter of your handlebars. It is possible to change it. 70mm is the maximum height extension. 2 inches. The gasket can be adjusted to fit your height. 3 10mm includes 4 Gaskets. Approx. 1 5mm. There is a 3/16 inch and a 115mm screw. 4 inches It's suitable for most bikes with threadless headsets. Mountain Bike, Road Bike, and so on.

Brand: Magarrow

👤I have a bicycle that is attached to a smart-trainer. I had to raise my bars for a while because of my hip injury. This extension is great for that purpose. Good luck finding a pack of headset spacers for the price of this extension. It comes with a bunch of things. This is a good value for a trainer. There is a This is a flimsy piece of junk. The headset's top cap bolt is not heat-treated. The threading is not done well. You need to be careful when applying Torque because the bolts are fine metric threads. The bolts were not oiled. I wouldn't use this on a bicycle that rolled out of my driveway. Not a good item.

👤It works as expected. It comes with a sufficient amount of spacers and uses 4mm pinch bolts. I had to use a mallet to get the stem on. I think the coating they used is too thick, so I had to use elbow grease to get my stem on and off. I did not have to hit it very hard with the mallet. A rubber mallet is a must for the installation. There is a I would tighten the stem cap bolt after you take your first ride. I've only ridden about 20 miles with the extender on, but so far it's been great. It was the best $6 ever spent.

👤To raise the handlebars on my 20 inch redline mx20 bike, I used a good fit. I have my seat up high because I am taller. I was leaning forward when peddling. The center bolt was bent. I had to use the original plastic cap instead of the one from the kit. Got it to tighten up after that.

👤I put a stem riser on my bike. It fits. It makes riding much more comfortable as I am in a more upright position. It feels the same as before. I think it will hold up.

👤The product installation was easy and what it was designed to do was done.

👤A simple yet effective addition increases comfort.

👤The riser makes my bike rides more enjoyable. I don't have to hunch over the handlebars anymore. Very pleased!

👤It's easy to enstall and it looks great. Gave me a better riding position.


What is the best product for bicycle neck extension?

Bicycle neck extension products from Venzo. In this article about bicycle neck extension you can see why people choose the product. Trusted Medical Solutions and Boenoea are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle neck extension.

What are the best brands for bicycle neck extension?

Venzo, Trusted Medical Solutions and Boenoea are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle neck extension. Find the detail in this article. Gooday, Lerway and Blooke are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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