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1. FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

FOMTOR Bicycle Handlebar Suitable Mountain

A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. The front fork stem has a diameter of 1-1/8" and a length of 70mm. The angle is 35 degree. Light and durable. The weight is 140g. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc.

Brand: Fomtor

👤It was lightweight and perfect. The functional length of a 70mm stem with a riser is less than 70 degrees. You need to use a geometry calculator to figure it out. The center of the bars/tube are points, and the hypotenuse is 70mm. The functional stem length is 57mm and the rise angle is 35 degrees.

👤I used this on a spare-parts build I've been working on. There is a While most people seem to be buying this is a 35-degree riser stem, it appears to be a -35 drop. The reason for this is that all of the figures on this stem are upside down when used in the upright position. The main "UNO" logo is upside down, but the thin outline is right side up. It's a decent looking stem. The finish quality seems to be good, and it's about as lightweight as you could expect for the price. I bought this after buying a similar stem that weighed almost 100g more and was ugly. If you're shopping for stems on Amazon, you're probably not a weight weenie, but consider that the difference is almost a pound, I paid no more for this lighter one.

👤It's perfect for old guys with sore backs.

👤The stem was easy to install and did what I needed it to. If your bearing is tight between the down tube and the fork, you should rock the front of the bike. If the stem is loose, crank the top bolt to snug it up. Then use a Torque wrench to tighten the stem bolts.

👤I bought a 70mm stem to shorten the reach on a Lauf Weekend Warrior. A gravel bike. Sometimes stems I buy are a little off on size or have poor finish, and I have purchased inexpensive stems before. This one did not have any of those issues. It looks good and is precisely sized. It was a simple install. There is a picture of the original stem and Fomtor. Highly recommended.

👤The stem was a replacement for a Felt stem. The stem was not stable enough for continued use and it was good for my position, but not perfect. The correct position was found in the Uno 31.8 35 degree. The finish is very nice. Everything fit right. The noise that I had with the stem is gone. The solution is very tight and stable.

👤I have been riding a lot on dirt roads and rail pathways on my Trek X-caliber 9 mountain bike. I have been riding in the saddle most of the time, and as a result my neck and lower back have been bothering me, so I thought I would give this stem a try. The stem is finished perfectly and looks very well made. After 2 rides, I am feeling better and my neck is no longer bothering me. I would recommend this stem to anyone looking for a little more comfort on their cross country ride, it just puts the bars in a much better position for me, I might go back to the stock Bontrager stem when I start doing single track, but for now I am loving this stem

2. Bicycle Handlebar Threadless Aluminum Mountain

Bicycle Handlebar Threadless Aluminum Mountain

There are 4 sizes of bike handlebar spacers in this package. Each size provides a combination to adjust the height of the handlebars to fit your riding style. Bicycle headset spacers threadless are made of black anodized aluminum alloy material with smooth surface and exquisite workmanship, eco-friendly, sturdy and durable to use. Stem spacers road bike inner diameter is 28.6mm, 1-1/8" headset set, compatible with 28.6mm front stem fork of mountain bike, road bike etc. There is a feature. The aluminum headset spacer is more sturdy and resistant to damage than carbon fiber headset spacers, and it's 888-282-0465. If you go for a heavy duty off road ride, you should use aluminum spacers other than carbon, due to automatic cutting, smooth edge, and fit most of the road bicycles.

Brand: Gooday

👤The stems on the two bikes I changed had 3 x 10mm spacers on them. I didn't know how I would position the spacers, and I didn't know the exact measurement of the bike's bar height. The kit was perfect. I used this product above the stem to place 20mm below and 7mm above. The other placee is 20mm + 4mm. These are an excellent value, and work exactly as I had homes. If I make changes again to this bike or others, I am set.

👤These work well, but they aren't as thick as the factory spacers on my or my son's bikes. It's a good value for the price and the selection of spacers. It's very easy to get the correct rise to allow for the 3mm gap between the steerer tube and the cap.

👤The image in the listing does not match what is in the description. There are three different types of spacers in the photo. The spacers they ship are 2, 3, and 10mm. When they arrive, you will be disappointed if you go off the photo.

👤The new handle bar was what I needed. I didn't think about needing spacers when I ordered the bike stem. I ordered this set and it arrived very quickly. It was nice to have different types of spacers.

👤These seem to work well and match the other ones on my Trek. I have had one of the spacers on my bike for a month and so far no issues. Will keep you updated if something changes.

👤The spacers were smooth with no burs and consistent sizes. There are 12 different sizes of the bag. You could buy a couple at the store. These are nice to have around.

👤There are 12 pieces for the price of 2. Good quality. I like aluminum more than carbon fiber. These mountain bikes will not fail because I can be hard on them. The handle bar height can be a problem if you don't have a good selection of sizes. For the next project, spare.

👤It worked out as planned. Good quality. There were no problems. Take accurate measurements.

👤This is a good set. The set has enough pieces to adjust more than one bike. They are lightweight and durable. The price was good and the shipping was fast, which was a plus.

👤Needed to install a new bike stem. There are lots of different sizes of Qurans.

👤There were different sizes of spacers. Excellent quality. They do what they're supposed to do. The product was good and the seller did a good job with it.

👤Good quality work.

3. ONIPAX M5x20mm Tapered Stainless Screws

ONIPAX M5x20mm Tapered Stainless Screws

304stainless steel is a high quality material. It is made of high strength, sturdy and durable. You can prevent scratching your stem with the Washer. Installation and removal is easy with a 4mm head. About 3.85g/ is the weight. Piece. Good quality made in Taiwan.

Brand: Onipax

👤These are not stated. It's made in Taiwan and ungraded, which doesn't really matter for this application. The bolts are finished and the threads are cut. I was happy to swap the rusted ones on my bike for these.

👤I needed a few of these to fix the rusted bolts on the bike. For that reason, these are fine.

👤When I bought them, I thought there was a chance they would be a different color. I was surprised when I gave them the test. Look to be good quality and have a clean finish.

👤The stem was fitted well after it was arrived earlier than expected.

👤Good quality bolts. They are fine for my stem. I'm glad these exist, because in a world of $3 each titanium hardware, I'm glad they exist.

👤Los cambiĆ© porque no era.

👤It was used to replace rusted handle bar braxket.

4. Comdox 500Pcs Stainless Button Assortment

Comdox 500Pcs Stainless Button Assortment

The application is for something. The majority of the bike is compatible with the axles. The material is high. Quality bolts and nuts. The sockets cap screws are made from a high quality 304 steel that is known for its rigidity and resistance to rust. This type of steel is able to endure extreme weather and temperature changes. These qualities make the screws and nuts virtually impossible to break. 500pcs is a better quantity assortment. M3 and M4 are included. All of the screws nuts will be packed in a sturdy convenient case, which can be used for a storage box. The kit will save you. The kit has fifteen different sizes, which can meet the maximum requirement for you. M3 M4 M5 screws and nuts are made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL, which is mercury-free and toxic-free. There are no toxic substances that will endanger you in the process of using. This kit can be used in a wide range of industries, including precision machinery, classified instruments, instruments, electronic products, household appliances, communication products, locks, lamps, lights, toys, etc. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll take it back and offer a replacement or a full refund. No questions, no delays, and no hassles! They are so confident in their products. If you're not completely satisfied, they'll take it back and offer a replacement or a full refund. No questions, no delays, and no hassles! They are so confident in their products.

Brand: Comdox

👤The price is great compared to hardware stores. Please read it. The head was easy to remove and I got 3 stars. The company reached out to me and offered me a replacement or a full refund. I told them I would rather have a replacement. They shipped out a new box in 2 days. There is a This set is better than before. The first set's sockets were semi rounded in the corners, so the Allen wrench could remove it if the screw got too tight. The new ones are sharper. I put the new one in place of one of the others that stripped out and put some real pressure on it, and it held up. The company cares about the quality of their product. It is a rare trait. You should order from them.

👤The selection in this case fills many of the blanks I run into when searching for a small bolt. I don't use them often, but when they are needed they are a pain to find. If the case and selection were bigger, you could target the range and type needed.

👤It was very well made and arrived quickly.

👤I only needed a few metric screws for one project, so I bought this kit. I have been using these button-head screws in electronics projects since that time. When you want screws that look nicer than round-head screws from big box hardware stores, this is a very handy kit.

👤Come on people, tell the truth. I like using metric for more tamper proof applications. I could cut them with my teeth. Makes me question the whole process. The reviewers seem to think that price is more important than quality in these reviews. It is now apparent to me that the cheaper the item, the more stars it gets, ignoring any sort of quality metric. caveat emptor on this one Absolutely complete and utter. If you need to but don't have better bolts, screws, and toothpicks, this assortment of china's finest are easy to tap. Right off the bat. When it came time to unfasten a light switch, it was stripped like butter and found in a very tight space. They're worth their weight in the mystery scrap alloy they came from. Someone forgot to add steel to this hot dog mystery metal. Yes, are pretty. I wouldn't trust them in any application where strength or security are your criteria, nor will they be able to be removed without stripping at the very lowest of Torques. I had to cut my hands up because I accidentally stripped the screws while carefully removing them. These are not all magnetic and that's why. They handle it like lead. That is an honest review.

👤It's always nice to have spare parts for projects. I can use them outdoors as well. A good value.

👤The bolts that had filled in the heads were unuseable.

👤You have a great kit to mess with.

👤I was surprised by the small container for the nuts and bolts. I ordered the "flat" head bolts, but they were sent "round" heads, so I decided it was too much of a hassle to exchange them for what I wanted.

5. Wake Extender Handlebar Aluminium Adjustable

Wake Extender Handlebar Aluminium Adjustable

The set is organized in a transparent case for quick access and protection. The maximum height extension is 70mm. There are 4 gaskets, 1 x 10mm, and 3 x 5mm. You can adjust the gasket to fit your height. Simply connect the original front fork stem to the new one. The forged aluminum material has a polished anodized finish. It is suitable for most bike with threadless headset. Handling more flexible, light weight is easier to do.

Brand: Wake

👤I read reviews of similar items where buyers complained of screws stripping. It happened to me with this item. Some people thought the threads were not tapped properly. I thought it was a problem at first, but I realized it was. There is a The bike stems are split all the way, top to bottom, in order to allow enough force on the steerer tube. The upper screw can only be operated with the extender split far enough. It feels like the upper screw can't go farther when it's tightened. The cheap alloy has to be tightened a little. I wanted to make it work so that I could use it on a trainer. I opened the flat to make room for the larger M6 screw head, extended the slot with a Dremel, and installed it. It works for my trainer. I wouldn't use this on a bike that was being ridden on a road. It could lead to an unsafe condition.

👤I have been able to raise the handlebars on my older road bike with the help of the Wake fork stem extender. I have found that a more upright riding position is more comfortable as I get older. The geometry of my road bikes is very close to that of the gravel bikes I use. The Wake stem extender blends in with the black stem on my 2003 Trek. The quality of the extender is very good and it took less than 20 minutes to install.

👤The handle bar on my Cannondale was raised due to the aggressive geometry of the bike and my back issues. It makes riding more comfortable. There were some issues fitting the extender to the carbon fork. The extender wouldn't slide onto the fork if the two fastening screws were completely removed. I had to use a mallet to get the extender on the fork. There is a I didn't know much about the different types of compression plugs before purchasing this extender. The long screw provided with the extender is not compatible with the compression plug that my Cannondale was fitted with. I had to purchase a hollow compression plug. The long screw can be fastened to the hollow bolt with this. I found the alternative compression plug on Amazon and can't wait to take the bike for a ride up and around the South Bay.

👤Installation was easy. I would take off half a star. This item came with no instructions. You would be correct if you said "come on its common sense installation". A piece of paper with Torque specifications based on forks being aluminum or carbon would be nice, and if you see a lot of complaints about this, it's due to stripping the bolts. I have 44 miles on this and had to tighten the cap. I don't think this item is a good one for BMX or MTB.

👤There were four individual spacers that could be removed or added. The one I received had 2 of the 10mm spacers fused to the riser. I couldn't remove them. I needed to use the stem riser without the spacers. The current version of the product is shown on the Wake website. The photo is old. The price was right, so it was too bad. The product looked good. My application is for a Comp.

6. Wake Adjustable Mountain Handlebar Lightweight

Wake Adjustable Mountain Handlebar Lightweight

CYCLING COMFORTABLY: Handling more flexible, much easier to force when climbing, lighter weight, comfortable and convenient to operate, effective bicycle fork extender. The diameter of the tube is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), the handlebar is 31.8mm (1-1/4"), and the length is 90mm. It is adjusted. Light weight, hollow design. Please make sure you confirm your size before purchasing. The four bolt bar is in position. Simply connect the original fork stem to the new one. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes.

Brand: Wake

👤I have an issue with my own and I am subtracting one star. I was impressed with the quality of the unit. I tightened the locking screw after adjusting to the desired angle and noticed there was still movement at the joint. I tried to tighten the screw but it wouldn't tighten and the joint was still loose. When the screw is tightened, the joints have teeth that mesh, but in my case they were not fully meshing. I noticed the problem after removing the screw completely. When you loosen the screw, the spring inside pushes the joint ends apart. The spring in mine was too long and was being fully compressed when the screw was tightened. I used a pair of diagonal cutters to cut off the spring length. The joint is locked solid with no movement even with only moderate tightening of the screw. I noticed that people who had this issue broke the unit or stripped the screw trying to tighten the joint not realizing it was the spring inside the joint causing the problem. I hope this will help other people. There is a The bike is much more comfortable to ride after this was installed on my bike, and I like it because I can adjust the handlebars up to a better position.

👤I am a tall person, as stated in my review. I bought a new bicycle to replace a bicycle that was 10 years old. The seat of the bicycle will be extended significantly if I need a XXL bicycle. I was putting a lot of weight on my hands because the handlebars were low. My hands became numb after a few miles. I reversed the bicycle stem to point upward because the store installed it for aggressive riding. This made a difference. Most of the bicycle stems I looked for were fixed. When I saw that it had positive teeth engagement, I found this one. I decided to try it. I tried a 30 degree adjustment and ended up at the 60 degree adjustment. I like this better than an extension because it doesn't increase the moment and stresses in the bicycle stem. I can now ride 20 miles with no hands going numb.

👤I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Wake MTB varaiable stem. I was a little worried about the quality for the price. I'm happy to report that these feel just as good as any big name brand stem. The variable geometry will be useful on my hybrid road conversion project. I was worried if one could get the pivot bolt tight enough to keep the stem from moving. When you hit something. This was a non-issue. The inner part of the linkage is called a rosette surface. A bunch of "V's". It doesn't budge once it's tightened down. * 5 Stars: Works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect when purchasing this type of product, and it is a good value, 4 Stars: Works exactly as advertised, fit/finish are what you'd expect when purchasing this type of product, and it is I'd change a few things, 2 Stars: Barely works but can be made useful if you try, and 1 Star: Useless, does not perform it's intended function, and is generally a waste of money.

7. Black Ops Alloy 21 1mm Silver

Black Ops Alloy 21 1mm Silver

A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. The bar force is spread by the 4-bolt top clamp. For lightweight applications, there is an alloy top clamp. 21.2mm dia. Most 1" steerer tubes are compatible with the quill.

Brand: Black Ops

👤Great find! I should have checked the stem size for my bike. It was a cruiser bike with ape hangers. The piece from the original stem was used for a snug fit. The size is stamped at the base of your stem when you remove it. 21.2 but needed 22.2.

👤Mi son abuses his bike. He loves to pop willies. This has held up so far. I refuse to buy a whole new bike.

👤I fully customized the kids bike that was given to me, and replaced some of the bad parts. I picked this up because I lost one of the parts I lost during the break down of the bike. This is an excellent quality, fit perfect, and looks great on the bike. It's very easy to install. I have never put together a BMX bike before. I am very happy with the purchase so far and would definitely recommend this slick looking Quill to anyone looking to upgrade their BMX bike look.

👤This is a well built building. This is the replacement for a diamondback gooseneck that failed. It looks like it belongs on the bike.

👤I use the stem for the money and it's great. There is a The handlebars are kept from moving while curb hoping and jumping. There is a Also, note: The stem was advertised as 1 inch. Not correct. The actual size of the quill is 21.2mm. The size of the clamping is. To self. The handlebars are 22.2mm in diameter and 7/8" in diameter. There is a The stem is too large to fit a one inch handlebar.

👤This was added to my car. It holds my ape handle bars well. It was easy to install.

👤Looks ok and the price is good. The cheap gooseneck kept slipping. Would be happy to get another.

👤I was a little disappointed that the center bolt is a hex. The cap would have been better looking. Pot metal squeezes up into the sleeve inside the post. It should have been a bit stronger. It's a good looking addition.

👤It works well as a replacement for my kids bike.

8. Sunlite Adjustable Quill 180mm Black

Sunlite Adjustable Quill 180mm Black

The stem is black and has a rating of 0-60 degrees. For 1-inch fork steerers, the shaft diameter is 22.2mm. 180mm quill shaft. The handlebars have a diameter of 25.4mm.

Brand: Sunlite

👤I like this stem. I was looking for a way to convert to a more upright riding position and this is what I found. Let me clear up the confusion about the dimensions. The stem is 1 inch in diameter or 25.4mm. The pivot point is described by the length of the part that has the handle bar. The 60 degrees they refer to is 1/3rds of the distance from the lower portion to the upper portion, which is not doable. The thickest point of the handlebar is measured in the middle. You can choose between the 90mm portion or the 110mm portion. I chose the 90mm one because it's maximum 60 degree extension would not allow it to be as far forward as the longer one. It looks professional, unlike the original which had welds. See photos of the setting.

👤The low profile of the handlebars gave me lower back pain when cruising, even though I loved my bike with dropbars. So... I might be the first ever cruise racer. When I want to dig in, I can grab the lower part of the bar and kick it. Exactly what I needed. I recommend this stem for anyone who needs to adjust the bar's height.

👤I picked up a free Trek 700 in 1997 or 1998. The steering was not high enough for my liking and I found a stem that fit like a glove. If you're worried about it being too high, just get this one and lower it if you need to, and adjust the handle bars closer to you. You have a lot of adjusting to do. If I wanted, I could go higher, but I would need longer cables. I like it a lot. There is a The only negative is that you can't check the tightness of the main bolt once the stem is up. I don't think it's a big deal. I check all this stuff once or twice a year so it will be a little more work, but it's fine. I'm not sure if you can loosen the horizontal bolt, it's just a black cap. It feels like metal, not sure if it comes off. I will have to look into it more. There is a If you press hard from one side to the other, it seems to have a little wobble. This is fine for most bikes. I like a tight handlebar. The horizontal pivot area is just a large pin. It seems strong.

👤Most bikes in big box stores are of an old design styled for road racing or BMX racing. Unless you go to an old style single speed or three speed, there wasn't much alternative. I'm starting to wonder how I could raise my handlebars and move them back to improve my posture and take the weight off my hands. This is very sturdy and I was able to take the other one out. The top knuckle is adjusted.

👤I bought this stem to solve a problem. The stem on the bike was labeled "Ride Right Comfort System." The tilt angle is held in place by an internal plastic/rubber bushing. This might have been a shock absorbing system for the handlebar, but after many years, the bushing dries out and the handlebar falls forward easily if given pressure. Replacing the stem is the only solution since parts are no longer available. The position of the handlebars was the same, even though this Sunlite stem looked a bit longer. It is a "pop top" so that you don't have to remove a grip, shifter and brake lever in order to install it. The old stem did not have this feature, so I used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut through the mount on the old stem, then popped it off. This is the best way to get one of the tight rubber grips off of the handlebars. The handlebar stays in place when mounted and tightened up.

9. Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

Wake Mountain Handlebar Bicycle Aluminum

What you will get. The length is 115mm or 180mm. There are 6 gaskets, 2 x 20mm, 3 x 10mm, and 1 x 5mm. 2. There are 2 gaskets, 1 x 10mm, and 1 x 5mm. You can adjust the gasket to fit your own height. The diameter of the tube is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), the handlebar is 31.8mm (1-1/4"), and the length is 90mm. Light weight design. The four bolt bar is in position. Simply connect the original fork stem to the new one. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes.

Brand: Wake

👤It weighs 7.68 ounces and is definitely not T6 aluminum. It's not sure what it's made of. It could just snap in two with enough stress. Seeing that this is being used as a mountain bike part, it will be easy to see how much is needed to snap it. I will be asking for a full refund and throwing this in the trash. I am used to a certain level of testing and certification for products like this to make sure I am safe on the trail. This is concerning to me. "There is no consumer protection when products are sold on Amazon". Consumer protection also covers my safety and yours as well. I don't know if Amazon cares.

👤This is not a 90mm stem. I attached a diagram of how stems are measured, and it measures 105mm in that dimensions. It has a 45 degree angle. The measurement center is 74mm. I replaced a 70mm 7-degree steam and it increased the Reach just 2mm. Keeping Reach is important since moving the handlebars further away makes you lean over more, even if the handlebars are higher, and too little reach can lead to instability or twitchy steering. The part that is used to hold the steerer rube is over 2 feet tall. This is taller than many other stems, which is a good thing since it will reduce strain on the steerer tube. It means you'll probably need a lower space stack height because you don't want the top of the stem too far above the steerer tube. My handlebars were raised 35mm while I changed the reach to just 2mm. It should be perfect. The other stem on Amazon looks to be the same, but it comes in both 45 and 40 degree angles. This one is the same price as the other one. That one appears to have the same mistake. There is a If you want a brand for safety, the best one I could find is this Ritchey: It's only 30 degrees, but comes in various lengths. The "comp" version is only 80mm in length. There is a If the Wake stem is marked as 3D forged, it would be a good sign of strength. It's hard to believe that the weight and price are so high.

👤I wanted a more upright riding position on my trail bike in order to see what was going on around me. I thought moving my hands back and up around 50mm would do the trick. I was looking for a set of handlebars that would give me the rise and sweep I was looking for. Some handlebar sellers don't give specific dimensions for the bars they sell. I thought about replacing the stem because of the cost and the quality of bars. The Wake stem is 90mm long with a 45 degree rise, which is the same length as the old stem. My hands are now about 2 1/2 inches further back and about 2 inches higher than before, because I used the same flat bar on the bike. It was perfect for what I wanted and a better posture for trails. The product is well made and finished, with thicker tube walls and a taller steering tube collar than the stem it replaced. Only marginally heavier, and beefier. It is easier to swap out a stem than it is to swap out a bar. The low end bars are $30-50. It's easier to determine how the new product will affect your ergonomics.

10. Mountain Handlebar Suitable Aluminum Adjustable

Mountain Handlebar Suitable Aluminum Adjustable

100% money-back guarantee, and no questions asked, is what you'll get with their hardware assortment kit. The handlebar diameter is 31.8mm (1-1/4"), the tube diameter is 28.6mm (1-1/8"), and the length is 45mm. A universal short handle bar stem is suitable for most bikes. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. Simply connect the original fork stem to the new one. The four bolt bar is in position. The bike can be upgraded. Downhill, Chongshan, climbing, are very comfortable.

Brand: Wake

👤I'm hoping that I just received a factory second or faulty unit. The bolts held the handlebar in place. Steering tube and bolt sockets would not be held by bolts if they were stripped while trying to tighten. I bought higher quality bolts after getting out the stripped bolts. The tube steering could not be tightened enough. The bolts cracked in the threads. There is a A typical ten minute job cost me a couple hours trying to get this thing to work. There is a I was attempting to mount this on a 1 1/8 tube. There is a The stem had a circular cut out of the tube. I don't know if they are all that way, or if mine was a defect and its lack of function was a result of that. This product is very tiring.

👤This stem has made me think. For the price, I thought this might be a death wish and cause me harm. The stem has been great, based on some reviews. I put this on a stumpjumper. I accidentally stripped out one of the screws because I over Torqued my factory stem. It worked great when I got this stem. I loved the feel of it and the quality. I've taken the stem on many different types of trials and rides. I have had no issues with the stem. I forgot that it wasn't as expensive as it used to be. It's a good thing! If you're looking for a replacement stem if you broke it, or if you're just looking to upgrade to a shorter stem, I would recommend this.

👤Very happy with the purchase. I ride a Large Frame GT Aggressor Pro. I want to sit upright and improve my posture while riding. This helped decrease the amount of leaning I have to do. If you are tall and have a little pain, please make this purchase. You will appreciate the change this bike stem will make to your biking experience. The shipping was well packed.

👤This is a great stem for money. I had no issues with the Allen bolts stripping. The part of the stem that mounts to the steer tube is thin, so there is a good chance that you will have to add a headset or cut the steer tube down. I mounted this on my trail bike, which I ride aggressively, including some large drops and jumps. I have had it on my bike for about four months and I don't think it's an issue.

👤I have had this on my bike for about a week now and I have been on 50 miles of trail. I ordered this with the wake bars and they are fantastic so far. There is a I have done little riding with them, but they seem strong and sturdy. For only 10 dollars? You can not beat that. You will need to buy some stem spacers if you have more than one steer tube. I had to use a lot of force to get the stem locked down because I have too much exposed steer tube. Don't remove the bolts that hold your neck together. When you tighten, be patient and you won't have any problems. I have had no issues with the bolts. Everything is very tight and solid. I would buy another one of these stems.

11. FOMTOR 110mm Degree Handlebar Mountain

FOMTOR 110mm Degree Handlebar Mountain

It's easy to connect up the original fork stem. The four bolt bar is in position. The front fork stem diameter is not suitable, the Handlebar diameter is not suitable, and the length is not right. The angle is 35 degree. Light and durable. The weight is 106g. It is made of high-strength T6 aluminum alloy. It's suitable for most road bike, mountain bike, track bike, BMX, etc. The stem is only suitable for 25.4mm handlebars.

Brand: Fomtor

👤I got this stem to give me some support on my hybrid bike. I had a 7 degree stem and it wasn't working. The frame size was perfect, but I kept sliding forward on my seat and it was killing me. I adjusted my seat. I needed to change the distance I was leaning forward. I got a stem with a 55 degree angle which made a big difference by bringing the handlebars up and closer to me. I wasn't sliding forward on my seat, and I was more comfortable. The new setup didn't change how the gears or brakes work, which was nice because I have read that if you change the cables frequently, they can come loose. It was a great purchase and worth every penny. Please mark helpful if this review helped you make a decision.

👤The cheapest change for better bike fit is moving the handlebars. Imagine moving the bars so they are right where they want to be. What change in the stem riser will make that happen, or will you have to wait? There is a The note to buyer is important. The rise connects to the handlebars in two different ways. You should get the one that fits your handlebars. There are different lengths and angles on the stem riser. You are usually going up because you can get it down, and you are getting older and less flexible, not younger and more acrobatic. Wide handlebars further in front give you more stability, and narrower handlebars further back give you more responsiveness. You want your hands to be where they need to be to extend your rides and manage your bike. Your bike frame and body geometry are hard to change. Pick or embrace your real bike frame, then modify it with handlebars, risers, and seat posts to get the best fit. The cheapest are the risers.

👤I needed to reduce the reach on my gravel bike and wanted to try this size stem with a cheaper option before committing to a $50-100 stem. The fit and finish is not as good as the brand name stuff, but it looks good once installed. It seems sturdy enough for a mountain bike. I rode a rough single track on a gravel bike and sent a few drops, but it didn't budge. I don't see why I should upgrade to something more expensive. The bolts should be black to match the rest of the cockpit. I was able to use black bolts from a spare stem.

👤I wanted to raise my handlebars a little bit to make it easier for me to use my hands. It didn't resolve the hand pain completely, but it's an inexpensive way to get a little extra height without having to buy new handlebars.

👤This replacement part appeared to be well made and fit the requirements, but only time will tell. The bike I was converting to a two piece system was a vintage custom steel bike. My local shop refitted me and gave me some new numbers to set up my bike for more riding comfort after I had an surgery to repair my Achilles. My hope is that this product will add more years to my cycling health. I need to go on a few test rides and check the overall durability of the product, but out of the box and now on the bike, all appears to be in good order at a reasonable price.


What is the best product for bicycle neck bolt?

Bicycle neck bolt products from Fomtor. In this article about bicycle neck bolt you can see why people choose the product. Gooday and Onipax are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle neck bolt.

What are the best brands for bicycle neck bolt?

Fomtor, Gooday and Onipax are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle neck bolt. Find the detail in this article. Comdox, Wake and Black Ops are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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