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1. Topeak Hexus X Multi Tool

Topeak Hexus X Multi Tool

A chain tool, a spoke wrench, a screwdriver, a tire lever, and a core tool are included. The size is 9x4x 2.5 cm.

Brand: Topeak

👤If you own a bike, this is a must-have. There is a I broke my chain while riding my bike. I didn't know how to fix it. I'm glad it happened close to my house because I'm prepared to fix it with this tool. I was in the market for a chain tool, but I'm so glad I didn't buy one, because I would have bought this multi-tool instead. There is a The chain tool was used to remove my damaged chain and to size up my new replacements. This is all you need. I don't think those dedicated ones are worth it. It's a steal with all the tools on it. There is a The design and engineering is thought out. I'm very impressed. There is a There is a lever on the side with the "Topeak" logo. It can be used to replace tire tubes. There is a Well designed multi-tool works great! Made in Taiwan, I feel better than in China. Price Cons: -Compact - Great easy-to-read instructions. I have no regrets about buying this and carrying it on my bike rides. It's a quality product and the other positive reviews are no surprise.

👤I upgraded to a svelte tool from the Alien II. I spent a lot of time researching multitools from every manufacturer I could find, even the unheard of Chinese names and the ultra lux European manufacturers, before buying the Hexus X. My new bike has a lot of different bolts, and it was nearly impossible to find a tool with one of the many different ones. This is the only tool that I have in existence with every tool I need for my bike, except for the things you can't get in a multitool. I've had 5 mechanicals and multiple friends have also used it, and everyone has been satisfied. I was surprised to find that the tire irons are better than the Granite Talon. The design of the bead hook means it's nearly impossible to pinch your tube when mounting a tire, and they're not the most ergonomics. It seems like everything is strong enough for a multitool. I can't recommend the Hexus X enough. It's small, sturdy, and well appointed, and I think I need it on the road or trail. I'll probably just buy another if it does, I haven't let down yet.

👤The levers are weak. I used this tool for the first time to repair a tire lever. Knocked off a star. It meets my needs other than that. I have all the tools I need, and it is well built. Take it easy with the flimsy levers.

👤I had a tool kit for a while. I haven't used all the features yet, but the ones I have are okay. There is a The kit is tight. It is difficult to open. It's almost impossible to pull it apart if you don't have hard nails. I can't give it a 5 star because of its "operation", but I would buy it again.

2. Topeak 60101303 Universal Chain Tool

Topeak 60101303 Universal Chain Tool

The bicycle saddle bag with reflective strips on both sides can be hung at the rear to make night trip safer. A basic chain tool is an excellent value. There are extra chain pins inside the tool handle. The head fits comfortably in the hand. A chain hook holds links. A chain pinbreaker. The hollow handle of the chain tool can be slipped over an Allen wrench to provide extra leverage.

Brand: Topeak

👤The chain breaker is a good tool, but it doesn't work well with the narrow chains used in 12-speed MTBs. In the photos, you can see how the little prongs that keep the chain in place prevent it from sitting against the backplate. I didn't like to see my chain being pushed at an angle, so I filed the prongs until the chain was perfectly flat against the backplate. There is a The tool that is advertised for 12-speed chains should not require any modifications since it has been working well ever since.

👤I keep this in my saddle bag to be ready when the time comes to change my chain. It's only 3 inches long, but it's heavy at 3 ounces. It feels strong and is well made. It could be a good sign that it's made from better metal if it comes from Taiwan. I considered the mini chain tool, but it seemed like it was easier to use and had chain pin storage, which was a plus. You can't change the tool's pin out, so hopefully that's not an issue. Loctite would fix the handle if needed. If I ever have to use this on a ride, I'll update if it leaves me walking or fails when I need to change the chain, but it should do the job.

👤I broke a KMC 9 speed chain when I pulled this out of the packaging. I broke the Ultega 10 and 11 speed chains multiple times. In less than 10 minutes, all of this happened. The breaker broke each chain with little to no effort. It breaks chains almost as easily as a Parkbreaker. That's a big deal for a small breaker. There is a This is a must have for your saddle bag or full time break. There is a Cheers.

👤I'm going to have to buy another one from someone else. The picture is still in the package. If it can bend this easily during transit, then it's not that sturdy and you should move on. I tried to bend it back with pliers. I was not able to bend it completely back. It still works, so I gave it two stars. I was able to cut the chain, but it was a bit jank as the chain didn't sit right. If it happened to me, it could happen to you, because I want to like this product, but it just sucks that there was a quality check done. This feature is included in a multi tool.

👤I needed a good tool to break a bunch of chains down into little bits for my project. I realized that there had to be something better after working with a cheap $5 big box store tool for 15 minutes. This was it. Sturdy construction, good leverage, and a push pin that stays inline with the chain pin while you're turning the handle. I don't know how many links I separated at this point, but I can't wait to reassemble them! The tool has been put to use. If I ever break it or wear it out, I will happily buy another one and keep using it. The quality was definitely good. I've used this tool to separate nearly 1000 individual links, which is less fun than it may seem. It's a good thing. It's still working well even though it is starting to exhibit some wear. It's tough enough to hold up to anything a more normal person could throw at it, even if it was not designed with this amount of constant use in mind. I'm giving this tool a 6th star for thriving in terrible working conditions.

3. Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Black

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Black

150 g is 5.28 ounces. Everything you need to fix and adjust your bike can be found in the Topeak Ratchet Rocket lite NTX+. It has a fine tooth ratchet mechanism with a reverse lever and thumb wheel for ease and accuracy in tight spots. 2 - 6 Nm Allen bits are the Torque TorqBit. T10 / T15 / T25 #2Phillips screw driver and a steel chain tool are included. There are 888-270-6611 The weight is 236 g / 8.46 oz. 13 x 6.5 x 3.3 cm is the size.

Brand: Topeak

👤There were items in the picture that did not show up. They are not telling the truth.

👤Why is this better than a multitool? 1. The second game in the series, Ratchet 2. The Torque wrench is 3. I've already used this in the field and found it to be superior to a multi tool. The first thing I did was adjust the brake on my car. The bolt I had to tighten is below the rack and difficult to reach with a multi tool. The bolt was tightened even in the confined space I had to work in. There is a My son-in-law's elbow rest was too low. I tightened the bolt after adjusting it. I like to have a wrench on the road. There is a The tool has an extension bar that can be used to extend the handle, provide more leverage, or reach awkward bolts. The chain breaker uses it. You attach the wrench to the chain breaker with a 5mm bit, use the extension bar as a handle, and you have a chain breaker that's much easier to use than my standard Park Tools chain breaker. There is a It's not cheap but it's an excellent tool for randonneuring. Take a look at the images to see what they have in store.

👤I got the product over a month ago, since it is an item that you don't use on a daily basis, and I haven't had to use it. I had to remove my front tire. The part of the bike that was stripped and started clicking was very low in Torque, and it wouldn't turn even a screw in my brake lever. It was an expensive piece of scrap metal and I can't get anyone to replace it. If I can't get this replaced, I'll never buy anything from topeak again.

👤This multi-tool is small, sturdy, and versatile, and it has a Torque wrench. It is amazing. It can be used with standard driver bits. Everything is replaceable if I lose any bits. The special parts are the ratcheting arm and the Torque bit. It is very expensive for that. I think you would pay less if you paid for just those two and the rest separately. The added chain breaker is nice, but I would rather get it separately. I can not live without it now. I will replace it if I ever lose it. If you have nuts on your bike, you could add sockets to your bag.

4. Topeak TT2543 Survival Gear Box

Topeak TT2543 Survival Gear Box

It's a perfect gift for domestic appliances, furniture, automotive, industrial use, computers, electronics repair, hobbies, toys and crafts. The bits are compatible with the extension bit holder for power tools. The Carom chain tool is compatible with all single speed and most multi-speed chains. The incredible kit includes tire levers and glue patches. The mini take along toolbox has virtually every tool needed to repair a road or mountain bike. Chain pins and links are in the compartment. Links and chain pins are not included. The chain hook is used during the assembly of the chain pin breaker. The T25 and T15 are compatible with the M7 and the 2Phillips screw driver is also compatible.

Brand: Topeak

👤The exterior is 2x3 1/2x1 inches. The metal box is designed to hold the box from accidentally opening. The push button on the lock is the real one. The box will not open if the button is not pushed. There is a I bought the whole set for 20 bucks. That is close to the price of a Park Tool compact chain breaker. I only need the chain breaker, but when it came, it replaced all of the tools I carry on the road and trail. The coated Allen tools give enough leverage. The tire levers are strong enough to take off my tires. I am not sure if I would use them. The patch kit and sandpaper are a plus. The compartment for chain pins and links is what I like the most. It holds them in place. The chain breaker tool was better than expected. I don't like using it as a mini hammer, but breaking and replacing 5 chains was enough to get my vote. There are single speed chains. The turn handle is used with the #5 Allen key. The chain holder is very useful when connecting your chains. There is a The box is strong enough for rough rides. There was extra room for my presta to shrader. A diagram on the back of the box will make it easy to put everything back the way it was. There is a The mount is good. There are only 2 options for my bike. This thing mounts to my Thomson Elite. It has 2 plastic expandable collars that hold to anything round and an elastic strap in the middle. If you mount this to a seat post that is wider, it will eventually stretch these 2 collars, making it difficult to mount thinner later. Even if the 1 of the collars broke, I wouldn't worry. It will hold. There is a The box needs to be mounted. It would take a little bit of wiggle to take it out without mounting it on. I don't believe there's a way for this box to leave its mount. I think you'll lose your suspension before you lose this puppy because you have to be bouncing on hard rocks. There is a It's well thought out in terms of design and function. If there is an issue, I will update later. I would like to thank you for reading my 2 cents.

5. Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Black

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite Black

The water bottle Boss Mount is not in use. #2 Philips is the most popular screwdrivers. The fine-toothed wrench has a reverse lever and thumb wheel. The other tools include a steel chain tool and two levers. The nylon has a magnetic bit holder.

Brand: Topeak

👤These tools are made with high quality materials. The bits on my old rocket are new. I bought the set for my other bike. I'm very pleased with the mini chain tool. The extension makes it much easier to reach into tight spaces with the chain tool. The chain tool has been designed to be turned by a 5mm bit, which is a great way to save space and weight. I have a bigger and heavier mini chain tool that is the best I have seen. There is a The tire levers are the only downside. The first time I used them, they broke because the plastic was too thin. The rest of this kit is so good that I'm not deducting a star for that. If you want dependability, you should bring along beefier tire levers.

👤I have to use it for my bike. Very pleased with the purchase.

6. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Multitool

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Multitool

Tools must be locked into place during use and unlocked manually for safe storage. The Seventeen tool is built to last and uses a lightweight aluminum body and precision steel tool bits. The pocket companion is perfect for the open road. The tool is lightweight at only 4.0oz. Great small tool companion. It's easy to pack or carry a flat body. A pocket workshop has tools such as the Allen/Hex key, Star shaped/Hex tool, and thePhillips Head 2 cross drive. The tool bit is moving. The bag is discreet and stylish to protect the bike tool. Fix any on-ride accidents with this pocket workshop. Most of the repairs and adjustments you need to make are covered by the range of functions. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement. If you have a product issue, they are happy to give you a Refunds or a Replacement.

Brand: Pro Bike Tool

👤I ordered the pro bike tool 17-in-1 tools to add to my saddlebag and the one from Crank Brothers 19-in-1 to add to my wife's. What a difference! The pro bike tool is cheap. If you push too much, it will break. The tools are short because they alleviate how fragile it is. The end of each tool is not "precise", but with a cheaply made shape that ends up being loose in the holes they go into. It's a very uncomfortable tool to use because it's short. The CrankBrother tool is so small that it's sturdy. It doesn't make a difference. When you hold it in your hand, it feels very solid and you feel very confident to use it. The chain tool is more precise and has assisting pins. The ends of the tools are very well made. The ProTool comes with a very fragile imitation leather plastic pouch, whereas the CrankBrother tool comes with an extremely sturdy and fashionable metal case. There is a There is no reason to spend more on a lesser quality tool. I highly recommend that you go for the Crank Brothers or ParkTool.

👤I need to be able to carry a tube, CO2, and a multi tool with me on rides, but I don't like using a huge saddle bag. I was trying to find a multi tool that would fit in my road bike bag. I used the chain breaker when I got it. I think taking a link out of an old chain will test the strength of these. It fits in my palm bag. Definitely recommend.

👤I accidentally ordered a second one for my son, who is a cyclist, after ordering this for him. I almost sent the second one back, but I'm happy that I didn't. My son is fond of him. Despite its small size, it's well made, durable and easy to use. My husband is a medical field service engineer and I gave him the second one. He loves his tool case so much that he immediately added it to his collection.

👤The Great Allegheny Passage trail is a 150 mile bike ride. The tool was small and light. I can justify taking it on most bike rides because of the small size and weight. There is a During my 150 mile ride, I used this tool to make a variety of small adjustments and even repairs on the trail. It exceeded my expectations during the field test. It seems to be able to tighten/loosen almost every head on my bike. I use it for my uses and it seems durable. I recommend this to my friends.

👤I went directly into my seat bag for the repairs. It works really well in there. There is a It looks like it will never rust. It's easy to get in a seat bag. Everything you need, except tire levers. Some of the drivers may not be able to get in hard to reach places.

👤It is a great tool to have with you on a bike ride. During an urban ride, I used it to adjust my chains. It's great in a pinch, but screw drivers and allen wrenches can be difficult to use. The chain tool is sturdy. I give it a 10 for quality, but a 4 for ease of use. It is too wide for tight spaces. I have told my family about it.

7. Topeak Alien 31 Function Bicycle Tool

Topeak Alien 31 Function Bicycle Tool

Both professional and amateur riders use it.

Brand: Topeak

👤I bought the Alien II because I'm getting back into biking after 15 years. I used to carry the Alien with me when I rode. The Alien II seemed great when I received it, but the first time I needed it, I had to use it on my children's bikes because the metal piece shattered from low Torque. You would expect a tool like this to use a high quality metal. I'm not sure on the relative strength of the rest of the tool as I only have need of the one tool so far. Hopefully they will last a bit longer. If you try to find information about replacement parts on the Topeak site, you'll be directed to the Todson Inc site, which is where you'll find the information you're looking for.

👤The variety of tools is excellent, they are clearly labeled, and the tools themselves are strong. Carrying around some small Pedro's levers is better than the lousy tire levers. It's so easy because of the spoke hooks. There is a The problem for me was the weight, poor quality attachment for the two sides, and the size, and I returned it. For half the price, you can get the, and get the useful tools included in multis without paying for added weight and tools you won't use. There is a Multitool features like the tire levers and wrench sizes not seen on bike parts are not included in the Crank. This results in a package that is 888-282-0465, but it is over 100g lighter than it says. The box on Topeak's website says 290g. There is a The Topeak crank is 19 dollars to 33 dollars, but unless you need a bottle opener or mini-pedal wrench, it's not worth it. The mini pedal wrench's strength is limited. Don't attempt to remove pedals from crank with a mini pedal wrench. There is a The customer service of these two companies is different. Crank Brothers is considered the best service in the industry for being accessible and standing by their warranty. Good luck if you can get Topeak on the phone. There is a The decision is whether or not the mini pedal wrench and bottle opener are worth nearly doubling the price and weight and missing out on some warranty peace of mind. I would look at the Crank for someone with very limited space in their saddle pack but lots of empty space in their wallet, because they wouldn't mind spending the extra money and have plenty of space in their bag.

👤The cheap plastic tire levers snapped the first time I used them. The plastic is not very good. It was past the 30 day period. I asked Topeak to give me a refund. They refused. They won't accept their products. If I could, I would give it 0 stars.

👤I think I bought one in the 1990s. I'm not sure, I had it long enough. It was clunky and awkward, but it worked and nothing went wrong with it. The inherent limitations of a compact multitool made its limitations seem more limited. Would you rather have a good set of keys? Yes. It would be more bulk, or small pieces you could lose. I didn't think there was an obvious flaw with the Alien II, just that its designers had made reasonable and necessary tradeoffs and everything worked as expected. I was happy to see my old bike multitool pop up in my Amazon search results for a new bike. I just wanted to replace the tool I had, I didn't want something new and improved. I don't need to think about the decisions I make. I ordered one that was indistinguishable from the old one.

8. CRANKBROTHERs Crank Brothers Bicycle 17 Function

CRANKBROTHERs Crank Brothers Bicycle 17 Function

This is a great gift for any biker, outdoor enthusiast, handyman, or anyone else who wants to be prepared for anything life throws at them. Disc-Brake-Rotor-Friendly T-25 Wrench There are seven different wrench sizes. A universal chain tool. Four spoke wrench sizes.

Brand: Crankbrothers

👤This is the perfect tool for trailside repairs. This tool is perfect in a pinch and does not replace any of the ones you would typically use back at home for more thorough repairs. There is a Some reviewers have noted that some people have complained about the tool's longevity. The tool should last a long time if used correctly and at a correct angle. I was amazed by how light the weight was. You would think that it weighed more than a few pounds. I would say it weighs what it should for something that is both durable and functional. There is a It's small, it's handy, it's durable, and it's perfect for what it's used for. Make sure that the bolts on the side are kept tight and don't let it get wet or rusty. It will take care of you for a long time if you take care of it.

👤The initial look of the tool did not last long. It is like there is no tomorrow. The first time it rusted, I wiped it down and used a rust removal product. I let it sit until it was dry. The bag that I lived in for 2 more months was more rusted than it was the first time. There is a If you carry it, it will rust and make a mess. I don't think you should buy this again and I can't recommend you to buy it either.

👤I've owned this for a long time. I have been waiting for the chance to put it to a real test and review it. I think the regular maintenance I do on my bikes pays off. I have never had to use this on a ride. Never. I've ridden with riders who needed to borrow it to service their bikes. Everyone that has used it has asked where they can get one, it's been a solid tool. I don't know what the competing brands are anymore because it's been so long since I purchased this. I can't tell you if this is the most current version. Several people have used this tool and it has worked well. I never leave it behind.

👤The chainbreaker failed me on the ride when my chain broke. The only repair option was a chain tool. Couldn't break the chain. Went home. There is a After I got home, I tried out my collection of chain tools on a scrap chain. I could get the Crank Brothers to work under ideal conditions. The design of the Crank Brothers was not as good as other mini tools, and it was not as comfortable. There is a The Crank Brothers tools were the most difficult to use in my tests. There is a The Park bench tool won hands down, as did the Lezyne multi-tool and the ParkCT-5 mini brute. There are recommendations for field chain repair. Get a discarded chain from your local bike shop to practice on before using an emergency chain tool. Don't go cheap on emergency chain tools, carry a separate dedicated chain tool and use Crank Brothers otherwise very nice multi-tool without chain tool. If you are happy with the performance of Park, Topeak, Lezyne, Pedros, or Crank Brothers, then you should be happy with it. Low cost tools seem to be poorly designed and less likely to perform well when you need them the most.

9. Topeak Nano TorqBar Black Size

Topeak Nano TorqBar Black Size

Bike maintenance is recommended. The material is steel, aluminum, hardened steel, and handle aluminum. Other tools include handle, TorqBit, and t20. Bike maintenange is recommended use.

Brand: Topeak

👤This is the most useful tool in my bag. I have carbon parts, which require specific Torque, and even on the plain steel and aluminum parts, one should use adequate Torque and not wrenching down on every bolt. It's great in the field and also in the store. This will suffice if you don't need specific Torques above 6nm. This is a spring-based wrench and it doesn't click when you reach your desired Torque.

👤I have been using this wrench on my bikes for about six months. I am very happy with the design and quality.

👤The product is good. I returned it because it did not meet my expectations. There was nothing bad about the product.

👤The tems were incomplete. There is a part that is lost.

👤Gd product. Can be used to verify my bikes.

10. Topeak Mini Pro Tool Black

Topeak Mini Pro Tool Black

The hollow handle of the chain tool can be slipped over an Allen wrench to provide extra leverage. Tools 20 total. The size is 7.6 x 4.2 x 1.8 cm. 150 g is 5.28 ounces.

Brand: Topeak

👤The first time I used the tool, the head of the torx bit snapped off. I am in the woods and need to make a quick fix. If you like being stranded, then buy this. They want me to pay to send it back for an inspection. They sold me a tool that left me stranded, and they didn't care to make it right.

👤I used to have the Alien, which was too heavy and bulky for everyday rides, but I had this multitool since last year. Likes: the size, the sleeve and strength, capable chain breaker with a hook and spoke wrench, dislike: the unnecessary thing that looks like a tire lever. The chain tool's screw holding it to the multitool keeps loosening, and I used a narrow strip of electrical tape to hold it to the chain tool. It's difficult to pull up the allen drivers when you're wearing gloves. I'll be using these on every ride with my Leatherman Signal because it's Pros rather than it's Cons.

👤You can feel the quality of the tool. It's 1.5 inches wide and just under 3 inches long, making it 888-282-0465, which is 888-282-0465. The weight is about 5 ounces. I always carry a multi tool when I ride, I cleaned my bike and put it back together using my little tool. It has 8 tools and is really old. This one has 20 tools, including a chain tool, and is only a few grams heavier than my old one. I didn't think I needed a chain tool until I was on a group ride in the country and one of the group had a chain break. He was back on the road in no time at all after fixing his chain. There is a I haven't used the chain tool on the road yet, but the guys at my LBS gave me an old piece of chain to play with. I wish I had a longer piece to hold on to for more leverage, but I feel confident that I can repair my chain on the road if it should break. There is a The tire lever is a useless addition to this tool, it's heavy, and could damage a rim, so I can't figure it out. Plastic levers are better than metal ones.

👤Smaller, lighter and better designed than others I've had. I can confirm that the allen keys and chain tool are good, even though I haven't used them yet. I like the bag. When I first saw it, I thought it was useless, but it actually helps me pack my under-saddle bag tighter because I can wrap the tool inside my spare tube and not worry about getting the rubber on metal. This tool feels very light compared to others I've had. I heard about it from a roadie who likes all carbon, so I assume the weight is attractive for anyone. I bought a second one for our tandem. The best multi-tool I've ever had. I will buy the same model again if I lose one of these.

11. Topeak TT2524 Ratchet Rocket Lite

Topeak TT2524 Ratchet Rocket Lite

150 g is 5.28 ounces. The mechanism has a reverse lever and thumb wheel. There are two tire levers, T10,T25, and T25 Torx. The magnetic bit holder and patch compartment were added.

Brand: Topeak

👤It is pretty good. I am not giving it 5 starts because it is small. I like the fact that it is small. The body is very thin and round. It's hard to get a good grip on it. I like the fact that you can use the included extension to make a screwdriver. It will fit inside a tin. There is a You pay a premium price for the quality. There are also other 1/4 hex ratchets that are thicker and easier to hold. To see how they compare, look at the photos. -Steve

👤This is a great little wrench. It's small but it does the job. A better case would make it 5-stars. The bits are engraved with sizes and can be used like a screwdriver, or in the end, in a variety of ways. I added a Mininch wrenchit and a HexFlex to my mobile kit and made my own case from an old inner tube.

👤Since purchasing the Topeak Ratchet Rocket lite, I carry it on my main bike. On a long solo ride into remote areas, I would carry a couple of other basic tools, but this is good for most of my rides. The spare tube is in a side pocket on my commuter bike. It is very easy to take out bits that you don't need, and swap them for something else. I bought a flat screw driver bit from my hardware store. I took out the smallest allen wrench because it's not something I need on my bike. There is a If you are counting grams, you could ditch the case and carry it in a bag. In the regular holder, mine weighs 155 grams.

👤If you can find under $27, you will get this. It is priced right. It's well made. They don't sell the ratchet individually. A multi tool pack for the bike is what it is. It's not the go to tool for off the bike or at home. The same manufacturer ATMO has a larger prestacycle version in the picture.

👤I challenge any reviewer to remove the smaller bits from the magnetic adapter and handle without pliers because the tool is brilliant and potentially incredi-handy. My son, who is an accomplished craftsman with a strong grip, couldn't pull them out by hand and proposed etching thumb nicks into the bits. I thought I'd found a trick by sliding my thumb and forefinger down the shaft and onto the bit, but that idea lasted only once or twice. Good luck in the rain or cold with this kit. I swapped bits from another set and they worked. You should buy the case separately and then use your own bits. The above is a fatal flaw and I don't want to low-rate this tool. I will return it.

👤I know that this was intended for on-the-fly repairs of bicycles, however, I love this thing for carrying in a small kit. This fits in my Maxpedition Fatty and takes up very little space. This would be able to handle small jobs. It's compatible with many other items to add to the flexibility of this ratchet. A set of Leatherman bits is a great addition to the Ratchet Rocket as it will provide all the useful bits one might need. I ordered a Victorinox extension to go with this one. The mechanism on this thing is very good. The bits are changed by pushing the bit out of the ratchet. The metal on the tool is very good and the small size of the tool is not a problem. This would not be used for screws that are very heavy. It is more than capable of doing what it was designed to do. I bought mine for under $20 two months ago. The price has gone up to around $27. I might have bought it at that price. I like it better at the $20 price point.


What is the best product for bicycle multitool topeak?

Bicycle multitool topeak products from Topeak. In this article about bicycle multitool topeak you can see why people choose the product. Pro Bike Tool and Crankbrothers are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle multitool topeak.

What are the best brands for bicycle multitool topeak?

Topeak, Pro Bike Tool and Crankbrothers are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle multitool topeak. Find the detail in this article.

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