Best Bicycle Multitool Titanium

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1. Topeak TT2524 Ratchet Rocket Lite

Topeak TT2524 Ratchet Rocket Lite

150 g is 5.28 ounces. The mechanism has a reverse lever and thumb wheel. There are two tire levers, T10,T25, and T25 Torx. The magnetic bit holder and patch compartment were added.

Brand: Topeak

👤It is pretty good. I am not giving it 5 starts because it is small. I like the fact that it is small. The body is very thin and round. It's hard to get a good grip on it. I like the fact that you can use the included extension to make a screwdriver. It will fit inside a tin. There is a You pay a premium price for the quality. There are also other 1/4 hex ratchets that are thicker and easier to hold. To see how they compare, look at the photos. -Steve

👤This is a great little wrench. It's small but it does the job. A better case would make it 5-stars. The bits are engraved with sizes and can be used like a screwdriver, or in the end, in a variety of ways. I added a Mininch wrenchit and a HexFlex to my mobile kit and made my own case from an old inner tube.

👤Since purchasing the Topeak Ratchet Rocket lite, I carry it on my main bike. On a long solo ride into remote areas, I would carry a couple of other basic tools, but this is good for most of my rides. The spare tube is in a side pocket on my commuter bike. It is very easy to take out bits that you don't need, and swap them for something else. I bought a flat screw driver bit from my hardware store. I took out the smallest allen wrench because it's not something I need on my bike. There is a If you are counting grams, you could ditch the case and carry it in a bag. In the regular holder, mine weighs 155 grams.

👤If you can find under $27, you will get this. It is priced right. It's well made. They don't sell the ratchet individually. A multi tool pack for the bike is what it is. It's not the go to tool for off the bike or at home. The same manufacturer ATMO has a larger prestacycle version in the picture.

👤I challenge any reviewer to remove the smaller bits from the magnetic adapter and handle without pliers because the tool is brilliant and potentially incredi-handy. My son, who is an accomplished craftsman with a strong grip, couldn't pull them out by hand and proposed etching thumb nicks into the bits. I thought I'd found a trick by sliding my thumb and forefinger down the shaft and onto the bit, but that idea lasted only once or twice. Good luck in the rain or cold with this kit. I swapped bits from another set and they worked. You should buy the case separately and then use your own bits. The above is a fatal flaw and I don't want to low-rate this tool. I will return it.

👤I know that this was intended for on-the-fly repairs of bicycles, however, I love this thing for carrying in a small kit. This fits in my Maxpedition Fatty and takes up very little space. This would be able to handle small jobs. It's compatible with many other items to add to the flexibility of this ratchet. A set of Leatherman bits is a great addition to the Ratchet Rocket as it will provide all the useful bits one might need. I ordered a Victorinox extension to go with this one. The mechanism on this thing is very good. The bits are changed by pushing the bit out of the ratchet. The metal on the tool is very good and the small size of the tool is not a problem. This would not be used for screws that are very heavy. It is more than capable of doing what it was designed to do. I bought mine for under $20 two months ago. The price has gone up to around $27. I might have bought it at that price. I like it better at the $20 price point.

2. LEZYNE Tubeless Handlebar Multi Tool Compact

LEZYNE Tubeless Handlebar Multi Tool Compact

If you're looking for a great gift for a special person in your life who loves to go exploring, hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, backpacking, their multitool is the perfect gift. Tubeless Tire Repair Kit Bar End Plugs. Includes a tire repair tool and repair strips. It's like a bar plug. Most mountain bikes and flat bars are compatible. It is made of machined aluminum.

Brand: Lezyne

👤It works well. I had to change a few of the o rings that came with it, but it fits well and is made. It is not cheap but it has a good weight. I haven't used it yet.

👤It's not possible to fit so in an alloy bar. It will be put in a seat roll.

👤Fit well inside my Raceface bars. I tried it in most of the aluminum flat bars. You have to do a bit more finessing to get perfect.

👤I put this inside my carbon bars. I had to use the very thin rubber bands supplied with the tool to fit inside the bar end. The Wolftooth design requires you to trim the rubber grommets via a tedious trial and error method while hoping you don't slip up and slice your finger. I didn't measure the inside of my bars, but I wish Lezyne had supplied another set of smaller rubber bands so that I could install the tire plug tool and the rachet tool in the other bar end. The bars were too thick in the other sizes.

👤It is difficult to thread through the rubber.

3. Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19

Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool V19

A black bike tool bag is a gift. A black bike tool bag is a must have for bike repair. You can carry all the maintenance tools with this bike bag. It can be used as a traveling tool kit to help fix bikes when you are outside. How convenient. There are 19 precision tools, including a Universal Chain Breaker tool, open wrench, and flat screwdriver. It is easy to take anywhere with Slimline Profile, it is 3” wide, 2” deep and weighs just 6.5oz. This bike tool is military grade and can take a beating. It was made from high-tensile steel. A lifetime manufacturer's warranty is offered by the vibrelli multitools. Cyclists designed the building to last.

Brand: Vibrelli

👤I got the Crank Bros m19 instead of returning it, and I'm very happy with that choice. You need a PIA to open the flask/case thingy that comes with the Crank Bros tool. This comes with a small pouch and a small tin filled with tire patches that you can slide into the loop on the back of the pouch. It's the same as the Crank Bros tool. Don't pay more for less, get this one.

👤I want minimalist tools for biking. I put together an emergency kit. It was heavy in my jersey and still lacked a chain tool, glueless patches, and quick link. This multitool kit is mostly for me. My goal is to get to my house. I have a lot of tools and parts. I did a quick trial and it works well. It covers all of my wrench sizes. I made a modification to add a small loop. I use it to hold the patch kit. I cinched it to my jersey pocket. To strap it under my saddle. The case for the patch kit could have had a pocket placed on it. I would deduct a star, but I can't because it was a nice bonus and the tin can be refilled or the patches swapped to another brand in the future. You're set if you slip a quick link and tire boot in the case. I was on the Topeak multitool 20 until I read the reviews. There is a I improved my strap configuration. I fed a second through the belt loop after keeping the original. My last two pictures have it in the position of my last one. It's very secure, the tool can be accessed, and it has worked great on my test rides.

👤I was looking for a multi tool that I could carry with me. I was looking at crank bros. I think about 7 dollars more. I found this one. The reviews were good so I gave it a try. It is built to last and has everything you need to get home after a ride. If you bring a spare tube, tire lever and small pump, you'll never get stranded. The chain breaker tool is a 5 stars, but it flops around when you try to tighten or loosen it. I've used almost every tool on this site, from chain breaker to spoke wrench, and everything works great. I loosened my pedals with a hammer at the end of the tool and it didn't cause any damage to the tool. I lost it on a ride. I bought another one because I liked it so much. You can't go wrong buying this product.

👤I have been using a phone mount on my mountain bike. It's easy to get the phone out of it and it has never failed me. I decided to try their multi-tool since I had a lot of success with it. The pieces that are critical are Allen wrench, chain tool, screw drivers and even open wrench. There is a I like the slim design, it's easy to fit in my saddle bag with a tube, a couple of CO2 and tire irons, but it doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. There is a The chain tool is strong enough to break the chain link and you can use the entire tool to get the Torque you need. They built a spoke tightener and open wrench set into the chain tool to keep weight and size down. There is a case with a belt look option. I love it!

4. Topeak Alien 31 Function Bicycle Tool

Topeak Alien 31 Function Bicycle Tool

Both professional and amateur riders use it.

Brand: Topeak

👤I bought the Alien II because I'm getting back into biking after 15 years. I used to carry the Alien with me when I rode. The Alien II seemed great when I received it, but the first time I needed it, I had to use it on my children's bikes because the metal piece shattered from low Torque. You would expect a tool like this to use a high quality metal. I'm not sure on the relative strength of the rest of the tool as I only have need of the one tool so far. Hopefully they will last a bit longer. If you try to find information about replacement parts on the Topeak site, you'll be directed to the Todson Inc site, which is where you'll find the information you're looking for.

👤The variety of tools is excellent, they are clearly labeled, and the tools themselves are strong. Carrying around some small Pedro's levers is better than the lousy tire levers. It's so easy because of the spoke hooks. There is a The problem for me was the weight, poor quality attachment for the two sides, and the size, and I returned it. For half the price, you can get the, and get the useful tools included in multis without paying for added weight and tools you won't use. There is a Multitool features like the tire levers and wrench sizes not seen on bike parts are not included in the Crank. This results in a package that is 888-282-0465, but it is over 100g lighter than it says. The box on Topeak's website says 290g. There is a The Topeak crank is 19 dollars to 33 dollars, but unless you need a bottle opener or mini-pedal wrench, it's not worth it. The mini pedal wrench's strength is limited. Don't attempt to remove pedals from crank with a mini pedal wrench. There is a The customer service of these two companies is different. Crank Brothers is considered the best service in the industry for being accessible and standing by their warranty. Good luck if you can get Topeak on the phone. There is a The decision is whether or not the mini pedal wrench and bottle opener are worth nearly doubling the price and weight and missing out on some warranty peace of mind. I would look at the Crank for someone with very limited space in their saddle pack but lots of empty space in their wallet, because they wouldn't mind spending the extra money and have plenty of space in their bag.

👤The cheap plastic tire levers snapped the first time I used them. The plastic is not very good. It was past the 30 day period. I asked Topeak to give me a refund. They refused. They won't accept their products. If I could, I would give it 0 stars.

👤I think I bought one in the 1990s. I'm not sure, I had it long enough. It was clunky and awkward, but it worked and nothing went wrong with it. The inherent limitations of a compact multitool made its limitations seem more limited. Would you rather have a good set of keys? Yes. It would be more bulk, or small pieces you could lose. I didn't think there was an obvious flaw with the Alien II, just that its designers had made reasonable and necessary tradeoffs and everything worked as expected. I was happy to see my old bike multitool pop up in my Amazon search results for a new bike. I just wanted to replace the tool I had, I didn't want something new and improved. I don't need to think about the decisions I make. I ordered one that was indistinguishable from the old one.

5. NAMUCUO Bike Repair Tool Kits

NAMUCUO Bike Repair Tool Kits

We are so confident in the quality of their products that if you have any product issues, they are very happy to either provide aRefund or aReplacement! The tool is a high strength 10-in-1 tool. The bike repair tool kits are made of high-quality carbon steel. Fine and professional workmanship, fashion design, durable, stronger and more. It is effective,include. The universal wrench has an Allen key, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm, Flat Head Screwdriver,Philips Screwdriver and a bicycle chain separator. Dedicated tote bag. The aerodynamic wedge shape seat tail pouch has an inside main pocket and auxiliary mesh pocket that can hold small items. The seat bag has a quick-release mounting system. It is easy to carry and has a waterproof function. The 3-in-1 improved terrier version is available. The fish-type crowbars are bigger, more sturdy and not easy to break, The frustration can be dismounted and installed on the crowbar more convenient. It can be disassembled and stored when not in use. There is a multi functional butler. It is easy to carry and has 10 models. The self-adhesive tire patches can be used to repair a punctured tire, just apply the rasp to burnish the tire and then paste the patch firmly onto the punctured area. The tire patch is located between the tire levers. 6 month warranty on quality guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase you have made, do not hesitate to email them, they will make sure to solve any problems for you as soon as possible. You can return the product for a full refund.

Brand: Ybeki

👤I used the tool from the box to build my bike. It got the job done, but I think it would be easier with another tool. It was difficult to use the tool because there were no attachments that stayed in place and allowed you to use a specific one. The bag and other tools that came with it make this an ok purchase, but the multi tool was the main thing I was looking for.

👤This was a complete kit, and it was a good price, since my old tool was either lost or stolen. The multi-took has a lot of things in a single item, except for the nut wrench, which is more convenient in cases where you need to use both tools. The case is sturdy and easy to remove from the bike.

👤The tools are high quality. You will need all the tools. A nice bike bag.

👤The tool box is sturdy enough to fit under my seat. The tools seem to be good enough, but I haven't needed to use it yet.

👤My grandson likes how complete the repair kit is. I bought a tiny air pump.

👤Every bike should have a repair garage.

👤The bag and tool kit are great. It works with a spair tube as well.

👤He knew this would work because he is an avid biker.

6. LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool Stainless Steel

LEATHERMAN Wingman Multitool Stainless Steel

There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole. The Wingman is one of their best tools, it is a classic, designed and assembled with premium materials. There are 14 tools in one, which include a knife, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, scissors, a package opener, bottle and can openers, a file and a ruler. Their guarantee. They offer a 25-year warranty on their Leatherman, so you can be confident that it will last a lifetime. One-hand opening allows you to open all the tools with one hand, even the ones that aren't accessible from the outside. The Wingman is always ready to work with its lightweight design and pocket clip.

Brand: Leatherman

👤The knife blade is sharp, the packaging tool is nice, and the assembly seems strong, but that's about all it's got going for it. To get the spring on the scissors' arm, you need to press down on them. It was weeks before I stumbled into the solution, but you will feel it click into place, now that you know it should. It's just the beginning of stupid design issues. You need to open your arms to get at the other tools, except for the knife and scissors, so it becomes pretty award to use, and you're more likely to get your actual screw driver rather than futz around with the ones here. The clip placement is one of the more annoying design issues. The heaviest part of the tool is the jaws and they are the ones that make it easier to slip off your belt or pocket. I tried to move the clip to the other end. It's a no-go. Adding a saw edge to the knife utility is a problem. It takes a long time to cut through an apple and make a mess. A separate saw tool and a knife would be more useful. I can't recommend this item because of the price point. It'll probably work as a tool in my tackle box, but then again, a folding knife and a pair of forceps would cost considerably less.

👤It can be hard to find a good deal on the Leatherman Wingman and Rebar because there are so many other models. Leatherman calls a number of models, and I hope to help in the choice of economical "Full-size" multitools. The full size line of tools are 100mm long when folded, and include the Charge TTi, New Wave, Rebar, and the Wingman. The Rebar and Wingman are more expensive than the other two. There are blade-in and blade-out designs. In the former, you need to open the tool to get the knife blade, and in the latter, you can get the knife blade in a pocket knife. The Wingman is blade-out and the Rebar is blade-in. The Wingman is more convenient if you use it for cutting with the knife blade. There is a The Rebar has replaceable blades. The Wingman has a wire cutter. Both work, but the Rebar works better. There is a The Wingman has a single blade, but it is instantly available because of the blade-out design. There is a The Rebar has a double-sided file that can be used as a hack saw. Wingman has a single-sided, half length file. I think it's worthless. There is a The Wingman has no wood saw, while the Rebar has one. There is a The Wingman has the best scissor in the entire line, while the Rebar has no. There is a The Wingman's pliers are spring loaded. Only the knife and scissor of the Wingman lock have the blades. The lock-release levers protrude enough to catch if you carry it in your pocket. There is a The Wingman has a pocket clip, but the Rebar has a nylon sheath. The Wingman has a rounded shape at the end which makes it better suited for carrying in a pocket. The Rebar's screw driver is better than Wingman's. The Wingman has no awl. The Wingman is the best value at around 22 dollars. Which to buy? If you want a multitool small enough to carry in your pocket, one that you will keep in your desk or kitchen junk drawer, if you will mostly use the knife, and find a scissor handy, I'd recommend the Wingman. If you want a more competent multitool that can compare well with the Wave and Charge, you can choose the Rebar. What if price is not an object? I would recommend the Rebar. The New Wave is 3mm less in breadth and thickness than it is, and it is noticeably lighter. The Wave and Charge are too large for pocket use. The multitools mentioned in this review are of the highest quality and will last a long time. A review here compares the Rebar with the Supertool, as some reviewers have said that Leathermans are not made like they used to be. The Supertool is considerably bigger than the similar design. I have an "old Supertool", made when they still forged "USA" into the pliers, and I can see no difference in quality. The wire cutter of the Rebar is better. They are still made in the USA, but a stupid California law prevents them from putting it on the tool. There is a They are all good if you just buy one or several. I have one in each car, pack, kitchen tool drawer, backpack, etc. I don't think you can have too many Lethermen.

7. ATECH Multifunction Keychain Carabiner Survival

ATECH Multifunction Keychain Carabiner Survival

There are six built-in keys, including 5mm, 4mm, 3mm, and 2. 5mm, 2mm), (2) tire extraction levers, a screwdriver, a chain hook, a spoke wrench, and an 8mm sockets wrench. Going outdoors with a multi-tool? This multi-tool is perfect for you. A carabiner, box cutter, Philips driver, flathead driver, keychain, hex wrench, wire cutter, ruler, bottle opener and bicycle tools are all bundled in a compact size that is ideal for carrying. The construction is made with durable steel that can be used for a long time. It is portable and can be carried in a pocket or as a key chain. It was made to be suitable for travel uses. The Atech 10-in-1 Multi-tool is compliant with the Transportation Security Administration. The 10-in-1 carabiner from Atech makes it easy to bring your tools with you. The multi-tool is lightweight and high-quality, making it ideal for travelling. Looking for a perfect gift for a loved one? The multi-tool will meet your standards. It was made to deliver maximumFunctionality that can survive a rugged environment. The multi-tool is easy to carry and has a reliable performance. It comes with a reinforced grip that is comfortable to hold and hardened steel that makes it more durable. The multi-tool will give you the most satisfaction. The multi-tool is easy to carry and has a reliable performance. It comes with a reinforced grip that is comfortable to hold and hardened steel that makes it more durable. The multi-tool will give you the most satisfaction.

Brand: Atech

👤It does all the things it says it does. I got a second one at the same time that I preferred the feel of pocket, so I would give this all 5s.

👤This is a great tool to have. It's small but versatile. The clip function makes it easy to attach to belt loops or keys. I use a lot of the tools, they are things I would use in the military. You don't have a multi tool on you, so it's a good stand.

👤I did not use them. I gave 3 gifts. The people were excited about the usefulness.

👤I love it! I wear it on my belt when I need a tool. It is very strong. I love it!

👤It's great to be able to pop it out to open packages, or even allow my child to, without me having to worry. It's been used as a carabiner for my hair ties, but not much else.

👤It has a place on my bag.

👤My brother loves it. He finds himself using it more often than he thought. A great gift for people who enjoy the outdoors.

8. Topeak Mini Folding Tool 1 1x0 7 Inch

Topeak Mini Folding Tool 1 1x0 7 Inch

Both professional and amateur riders use it. Made using high quality materials. Quality andDurability are tested. The Allen Wrenches are 1/3/4/5mm. The screw drivers are called thePhillips. Hardened steel is used in the tool material.

Brand: Topeak

👤Topeak makes the best multitool and I've found it by purchasing many on Amazon. They are solid. The mini 6 is a bit difficult because it is the same size as the mini 9 and there are 3 more tools on the 9. I'm hesitant to say anything about the size difference. Take a look at my pictures. You're probably shaving off more than 2mm. That is all. The tools have the same weight. I could not tell a difference from just holding them. You can get 3 more wrench in the same size multitool for only a few dollars more. This is a solid tool, and I plan on keeping it. I was looking for a small multitool. I thought the 6 would be smaller than the 9. Not really. Go with the 9 and be happy.

👤The product I ordered last time was much lighter. The product is almost twice as large as it used to be. I don't think this tool is a mini tool anymore. The last one I ordered was shown in the picture attached. This tool works. Well. I'm not happy with its size.

👤You're not having a good ride if you have to use a multitool. No tool will make the event better. The Topeak Mini 6 is light, small, and all the tools you'll need. It doesn't have tire levers or a chain tool, but they are not really needed. I don't see why I need a bigger tool to have something I won't use during a ride. The tire levers are used for small tools. Those will damage your rim. The small plastic tire levers are easy to break. The Mini 6 has regular Park tire levers. The materials are not resistant tocorrosion. The bolts that hold the Mini 6 tools together end up being rusty. The frame and tools are fine. Maybe they should make it 888-282-0465 to make it 888-282-0465.

👤I tried not to buy it. It would be easy to carry a few Allen keys in my pack. I'm glad I didn't resist the shiny new shiny thing. There is a You get a small, subtle pleasure from things that are well made. I feel that way when I hold this. It's got every size I need and none I don't. I don't know how to fix a chain myself and I don't ride that hard. I tested it out by adjusting my brakes, which were the most different sizes, and everything was covered. It's small enough to fit into most spaces and tight on the handle so you can get good Torque. It doesn't come with a case, but I found one lying around. The only bad thing about this is trying to resist the urge to use it around the house and not save it for the trail. Do you need this? If you have other Allen keys, they will do the job in a less well-made package. If you're looking for an easy way to carry these tools on the bike, then this is a good option.

9. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool 30 001501

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool 30 001501

The frame is made of aluminum, the tools are high quality, and the carrying case is made of steel. The airline is lightweight and safe. The titanium nitride coating is used for resistance tocorrosion. It's perfect for carrying on a Keychain. There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole. There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I've owned several knives and machetes from the company and recommend their products. The review that recommended the Shard over the other product was the reason I chose it. It does not live up to tradition of quality and utility. There is a The bottle opener can be used if you want to spend the time and effort on it. I used the good bottle opener on the 2nd bottle and gave up on the first bottle. The little pry bar is too small to be effective, but it is included in the safety warnings sheet, which tells you not to use it to pry things. One look at thePhillips screwdriver head will tell you it's not going to work. I threw it in the junk drawer after pulling it off my keyring. If you want a decent pocket multi-tool, I don't think the Gerber Shard is the one you want. This is not a good brand of Gerber.

👤I received this item in November and I absolutely love it. I received 4 knock offs after reordering 4 more. The phillips head screw point is useless, you can't strip a wire with it, and they are very clearly a poorly made knock-offs. Amazon said that the "seller" had changed, but I ordered directly from my previous orders page. It seemed to me that it was a very clear bait and switch. There is a You should get a genuine Shard. The ones that are real are great. The knock-offs are useless.

👤5 years ago. I need to review this. It is the best. One of the best things you can buy is a key-chain. The shape is perfect and there have been many times where I needed to cut or puncture something and the Shard came through. Beer bottles are opened. For the last five years, I have never had to worry about those things. There are times when something needs to be ajar. There is a My Swiss army knife was taken away from me at the airport at least once or twice. You can't do much about it. Unless you want to make a big deal. There is a This thing has passed through 888-349-8884 The point is not sharp enough to be dangerous but it is sharp enough to be useful. This item is a Buy It For Life item. It hasn't worn down since I got it. The sharp edge is still sharp, it has gone through the minimum of wear and tear. Everything you get out there is pretty useless. This simple piece of metal is not.

👤I like to use tools. That is the reality. I have to tell a story first before I write a review. When I was a child, I used to have to open a game console in order to start it. I wanted to open it to see if I could fix it. I didn't have a proper driver to remove the screws from the case. At that age, I had no tools, but a few screwdrivers and one pliers, and I have never seen a head screw. I tried to remove the screws with the pliers, but they wouldn't budge. I went to a service shop and was shown how to remove oxidation that had formed between the start button and the metal contact, a 5-minute fix. I promised myself that I would work to provide myself with every possible tool that I could, because I was so frustrated that I could not do the job. I became an engineer after many years, and even though I don't have every tool that I need, I have a good bunch of them. It's a good thing. The Gerber Shard is a must have for a tool lover. The Cybertool M is my everyday companion, but it is not as versatile as a swiss army knife, but it is light and portable, and comes in handy when the army is far away. It's permanently attached to my key chain. I don't want to insult a tool fan by saying what the uses are for this tool. We all find our own uses when necessity arises. I had the black color version of this tool, but I thought I lost it in the parking lot. The silver version looks even better. I found my black one in a bag one day after I received the silver version. I now own two Shards.

10. Topeak Mini 9 Function Bicycle Tool

Topeak Mini 9 Function Bicycle Tool

A lifetime manufacturer's warranty is offered by the vibrelli multitools. Cyclists designed the building to last. Both professional and amateur riders use it. Made using high quality materials. Quality andDurability are tested. One piece super light tool. The weight is 92 g / 0.20 lbs. The material is Hardened Steel and Extruded aluminum. Includes a bag.

Brand: Topeak

👤High quality materials throughout. It was included and so happy that it was a must. You can lighten this by pulling the 8mm and 6mm together. I don't ride with spare brake pads and that's the only thing that needs a 2mm wrench, so I had no use for either. I used a bit of aluminum tubing as a spacer and moved the 5mm over to the 6mm position to take advantage of the grooves in the bar. I think I saved 20 grams by doing this, more than enough to offset the weight of my tire.

👤Normally I won't write a review for a product until I have had it for a while, but I got this last night and liked it so much I decided to write the review now. I was going to order the Mini 6 because I had an Allen head bolt on my bike that I didn't have a wrench for, but I saw that the mini 9 was only about $1 more and I got this instead. The first thing I noticed is how small it is. The thing is small, but still gets the job done. The case has a belt loop on the back. I used this to tighten every bolt and screw on my Escape 2 and it was high quality. I will keep this tool in my panniers in case something happens while I ride. I would recommend this to anyone who is riding a bike.

👤This is a great tool to have in your kit. Everything you need to make adjustments or light repairs on the trail is here. It doesn't take up a lot of space. You can ditch the carrying case and make it fit even better. The whole thing is really well made and each tool feels sturdy and secure. I recommend this for cheap insurance when you need to tighten up your seat post or handlebars when you're from anywhere.

👤The tool is too small according to some reviews. Some people don't understand that this is a mini-tool. The tool was created for people like me, who use their bike to commute to work, or, like me, have had heavier "real" tools stolen that were kept on the bike while locked up at the train station. I was looking for the ability to tighten crank arms and carry a light weight with me on the train. The left arm loosens occasionally after I replaced it. The tool is perfect for the need to tighten that arm.

👤It is not as good as the proper tools, but it is nice. It will be great to have it once in a while. I have all of the tools I need to fix my bike, three that don't need, a t25 if I ever need to remove a bent brake rotor, and aPhillips head for adjusting the bike lights.

👤I'm a beginner with a bike. I had my bike built by a sporting goods store for free, so I can't complain about a few out of spec alignments. I needed to make a simple adjustment because the derailleur was skidding against the crank covering. I used to own a set of cheap wrenches that I could pick and choose from. I found it hard to use a basic allen key with my bikes. I would have to remove and reinsert the wrench many times in tight spaces. The Topeak mini 9-function Bicycle tool has the right sizes and a pivot point that makes turning in tight spaces much easier. There are many times when you need to remove and reinsert at the beginning position to loosen/tighten the bike frame because you can only turn a bolt half way before hitting the bike frame. You don't have to reinsert with Topeak tool. When you can't turn anymore, simply flip around 180 degrees. Or use it as a straight tool. I attach my front bike bag to the belt attachment of the nylon holster that comes with it. This is more versatile than a bike tool. I needed a separate allen key to loosen the tools hinges in order to use the allen keys.

11. RAK Hammer Multi Tool Multi Functional Boyfriend

RAK Hammer Multi Tool Multi Functional Boyfriend

Both professional and amateur riders use it. A nylon carrying case with belt holster holds 12 tools in one. It's great for your car, boat, office, and trips. It's a great gift for people who love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and backpacking, as well as handymen, carpenters, and DIYers. The Multitool Hammer feels great in your hands without the heavy weight of more expensive tools. Tools must be locked into place during use and unlocked manually for safe storage. Tools must be locked into place during use and unlocked manually for safe storage.

Brand: Rak

👤It was cheap and poorly made. I snapped the plastic back by using the screw driver to screw in a small screw. It is no longer eligible for a return because I have used it 3 times in the month and a half I have had it. If you need it quick, fast and in a hurry, it's not a piece of equipment I would recommend. Save your money and buy a quality product.

👤When buying a pocket tool, one can only wonder about the expectations that people have. This isn't a real hammer for use on a construction site, that is neither its intention nor purpose. The purpose of a tool like this is to be small and light so that it can be carried on a hiking or camping trip. The question is whether having a pocket tool is worth the risk of not having a tool at hand to remove rusty nails from wood or the like. There is a This works well and is a lot better than having to use a pocket knife or fingernails, which can lead to injuries. Is it as good as a high quality hammer? No way. Is it worth the price to carry around where the former would be inconvenient? Absolutely.

👤I took a chance on this gem because I was looking for a multi tool to find around the house. I used the RAK to hammer in a dry wall in the garage. I was surprised to see how strong the material was. This is the next level multitool and I used it to go camping as a combat medic for the army and it was very useful. I will be keeping this in my unit as soldiers ask me about it. The combat medic has been approved.

👤This is a spare multi-tool that I bought for my extra EDC. The locking mechanism on the smaller tools makes the knife nearly as strong as a fixed blade. The wire cutter is not as good as a leatherman. The side or back of a multi-tool can be used with the hammer.

👤This is a great tool to have in your car. 1. It's small but strong. Doesn't occupy a lot of space. 2. It's very sturdy. It's nicely placed into your hand. 3. A multi-purpose tool. It works like a hammer, plier, wire cutter, bottle opener, knife and many more. 4. A safe pouch for storage. 5. There are multiple safety locks.

👤My husband and I were surprised at how well made, powerful, durable and functional this thing is. This tool is proof that size doesn't always matter.

👤My wife gave this as a gift. I already used it to cut wires and patch a small hole, so I didn't think I'd use it much. A great gift.

👤I ordered this tool because it had the best reviews, but the big plus for me is its locking abilities on the blades and pliers, which is what most others don't have. The blades are sharp and hold a edge when sharpened properly. This tool is not meant to rebuild a 350 engine with but it is very useful for small projects. A good person like myself knows that there is a tool for every job, and that it comes with a nice carrying case.


What is the best product for bicycle multitool titanium?

Bicycle multitool titanium products from Topeak. In this article about bicycle multitool titanium you can see why people choose the product. Lezyne and Vibrelli are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle multitool titanium.

What are the best brands for bicycle multitool titanium?

Topeak, Lezyne and Vibrelli are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle multitool titanium. Find the detail in this article. Ybeki, Leatherman and Atech are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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