Best Bicycle Motor Kit 80cc 4 Stroke

80cc 20 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CDHPOWER Pedal One Piece Stroke Motorized

CDHPOWER Pedal One Piece Stroke Motorized

Before assembling a cylinder, make sure the transfer ports are clear and the cylinder is screwed to the end bottom so the drill doesn't get through the end bottom. The wide pedal crank kit has compatible pedals. The length of the arm is 888-405-7720 The pedal crank arms have a distance between them of about 185mm. The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem.

Brand: Cdhpower

👤I have a crank handle and gear for fifty dollars, but my package was missing some parts, so I bought an extra cup with the bearings and locking nut. I hope it all fits, the dents on the crank wheel look ok. If not all stuff will be sent as advertised, it needs a lower price.

👤The solid crank one piece is a better product than the three piece one piece because it works better and is more sturdy.

👤This was needed to clear the exhaust pipe. It fit perfectly on my bike. The pedals are smooth. Quality is good.

2. DONSP1986 Stroke Pk80 Motor Only

DONSP1986 Stroke Pk80 Motor Only

5. The tool is for single chain bikes and motorcycles. The top end cylinder set and bottom end Crank Set are better adjusted before riding. The top end Cylinder Set and bottom end Crank Set have a connecting rod. Allen bolts on the motor; high hole Piston and Long connecting rod; wide front mount; 8mm bolts to front and rear bolts. Parts only, not a motor. 40mm alum intake stud spacing; Slant head; manual expelling; and a kit for the engine. Before assembling a cylinder, make sure the transfer ports are clear and the cylinder is screwed to the end bottom so the drill doesn't get through the end bottom.

Brand: Donsp1986

👤I bought this motor because I thought my last 66cc would not last very long. This motor was purchased based on reviews for other motor packages that were for sale from this seller. The motor is a solid deal. It was not well packed, and part of the motor had busted through the cardboard. The packaged seemed undamaged. There is a The transfer ports are open and the casting is cleaner than my last motor. The intake port is clean and the exhaust port is close to a stock pipe, which is nice. The chrome lining on the cylinder looks good, but I'll have to see how it wears after a while. The cylinder head looks to have a low volume. The area between the headbolt holes and half of the combustion chamber appears to have been turned. I had to adjust my engine's three wire magneto as the gaps were not even. There is a The hardware that is installed on the exterior of the building appears to be of good quality. The head studs are the only caveat. These are like someone threaded a steel rod. The cylinder can't fit over them easily. My old motor was the source of the hardware I replaced them with. The provided head gasket got bent up when I tried to fit it over the provided studs. The other gaskets were of good quality. There is a I was lucky to spot a loose lock washer in one of the transfer port recesses before installing the cylinder, which was the biggest concern with the motor. I would have been a disaster if I hadn't spotted it. Always look for new hardware. There is a The mounting hardware provided was adequate and I upgraded from my last motor, M8 The front mount is made to fit a larger tube in the front, so the span of the bolts is wider. This may be standard fare for these machines, but it was new to me. The clutch arm is longer than my older unit, so it's easier to use, and it's nice that the arm is bent. I mounted it and wired it up, making sure all the bolts were tight. I installed a high comp head, copper gasket, and a previously tuning Dellorto clone car. The bike has a 32t sprocket. The motor is easy to start, and it has a responsive mid range. I haven't taken it over 6000rpm yet, but it's pretty good. It feels similar to my old, windowed cylinder/reed valved motor with stock pipe. I am happy with the motor so far.

3. CDHPOWER Intake Manifold Bicycle Motorized

CDHPOWER Intake Manifold Bicycle Motorized

The CDH has a gas frame of 2.5L and 3.75L. CDHPOWER has two air manifolds, one for each of the 32mm and 40mm intake ports for most 2-stroke engines. 100% made with high quality aluminum, compatible with cylinders with stud spacing 32mm and 40mm. The advance design with O-Ring seals and eliminates leaks that may cause poor performance. Adding up the efficiency is what you should do to improve the performance. The length of the neck is 28mm, the out dia is 19mm and the inner dia is 15mm. This product comes with a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you with the problem until you are satisfied.

Brand: Cdhpower

👤It's a good quality piece. It doesn't come with the o-ring. If you have 40mm spacing, you don't have much meat on it to seal your gasket. There isn't much gasket between the intake and the screw hole spacing. If you have a 40mm stud spacing you're better off getting the berry version for that spacing as it will be much more likely to develop air leaks with this one and with no real benefit.

👤It fits on my yd 100. I almost lost the opening package as it is not on the intake. The air leak developed a week later.

👤This is an excellent intake manifold. The edges and holes were clean. It works for both 32mm and 40mm bolt spacing. My black rubber o-ring was missing, making me fight for myself. The seller should change the listing to not include the rubber seal because it is an outstanding piece. I would buy it again.

👤It is hard to fitERRY on a motor with an NT Carb because it does not come with the o ring. I'm still looking for a good motor.

👤Don't waste your money. There was no oring on the manifolds. Doesn't fit the stock car. I don't know if it will fit with the oring.

👤There was missing oring. You have to buy more stuff that you already paid for because it doesn't seal. You think they would have fixed it now. It is a great product.

👤As a product, cDPower is always a great one.

4. Electric Brushless Complete Controller Motorcycle

Electric Brushless Complete Controller Motorcycle

The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem. The Kunray MY1020 Brushless Motor has an Electric Brushless DC Motor, a Full Copper coil, and a high quality more long life. The motor type is a brushless DC high speed motor. 48V 2000W 15 Mosfet 33A Brushless Motor Speed Controller has a Hall Sensor, E-Brake, 3 speed, reverse, and power lock functions. The function of the LCD Handlear Twist is 48V battery powered, with a screen that has aThrottle Twist, and a 3 in 1 Handlebar. The application includes: electric scooter, motorcycle, ebike bicycle, go karts, e-bike, motorcycle, E Tricycle,mid drive motor kit, complete set, and more. What you get is a motor, controler, and manual.

Brand: Kun Ray

👤I received the motor/controller and am in the process of installing it, but it will take me a while to review it because it is in my own design. I thought I would do a review on what I know. There is a The motor and controller were wrapped in foam and shipped. The product description states that there are nicks and scratches on the motor. These are not going to affect the performance. A simple buffing can resolve the problem. I would have liked to have seen mating connectors for everything. I will have to cut the ends of the cables and make a note of the cables for my project because these are not STD. It's possible to prevent that by having mating connections. There is a Once my project is done, I will probably help supply a schematic that people will use. The indicator light and brake light both show 48V output. I'm curious to see if I can find lights that are 12V or if I can step that down. If the SM 48V/60V wire is connected, it's not clear if that changes to 60V. There is a There is a reversing signal pigtail. I assume a simple NO connection will do the trick. The motor/controller was as expected, but I will change this post as I find out more. 2 photos and a video were added. I am building an electric mower. Some will say it is not powered up. I will show that most electric conversions have been over powered. You don't really need that much. The original mower had a Twin Cylinder engine that I got after a son drained the oil, but there was no replacement oil. Dad came home and the engine was on fire. The Chassis is in great shape. There is a A test spin with no load is shown in the video. It was running at a slow pace. I did not run it fast because the chain was loose. I am working on a chain tension system. This was only a test. There is a The third picture shows where I made a mistake by only using the bottom mounts, when I put the wheels on the ground, the motor and mount bent. It's fixable. There are some points on my setup. I am running my mower on batteries that are connected in a series. I will build a more appropriate battery stack once I get the motor mounted and wired. 2. It's a reversal. The flip switch needs to be wired into the connector. When flipped, you can reverse it. It is very simple. That is all for now. The next step is to look into the brakes and lights. Since there are no opposing connections, I have to change all of the connections. There is a Someone asked if the graph was working. It does. You have to give over 42V. The battery symbol and bottom bar of power will be displayed if not. The battery is dead. If anyone is interested, I will provide a complete set of plans on how to use this motor for a conversion.

5. Dolphin1986 Stainless Muffler Motorized Bicycle

Dolphin1986 Stainless Muffler Motorized Bicycle

The package contains a mechanical bike 160mm front and back brake disc kit. The gas motor kit has a flexible muffler. 48cc/66cc/80cc It is compatible with all brand 2 stroke and 4 stroke kit. Stud mounting size is 40mm. 39" around. There are accessories to install mufler on the motor. There are accessories to install mufler on the motor.

Brand: Donsp1986

👤I own a engine. I thought this would be a great replacement for the stock muffler. It looks good on the bike and does a good job of smoothing out performance in the low RPM range. It doesn't make up for the serious performance hit. The stock muffler was getting 55kph. I'm lucky to reach 35kph. This is not a good idea for a 66CC engine or bigGER. If you buy this, you will be disappointed.

👤The flex tubing is long. It might be a better part if it came off the jug. I couldn't keep up with friends where I was in the lead because my bike ran slower due to the length of flexible tubing and the design of the muffler. I came back from the ride with what I had. I was with the group for the rest of the day. It's ridiculous.

👤Absolutely love this pipe. The bike looks great. The shipping was quicker than expected. I am happy.

👤It's not as quiet as I wanted it to be, but it's easy to mount and keeps the exhaust gasses away from you. If you use high gauge wire, it will help hold the flex pipe down without it moving.

👤It is what it says it is. A flexible exhaust. It could be snaked around your frame.

👤I wanted to order this for 2 years. There is a For 300 miles on a stock engine with an HP jet and aaffle chopped stock pipe. This pipe is perfect for custom routed pipes. If it was the same decibel level, it wouldn't be too loud. I like the sound of it being less 2 strokey. There is a There was a slight performance increase at the top end. It's a perfect exhaust for those who want a little more style and performance.

👤The factory black or chrome mufflers that ship with a 50cc 4stroke are not as good as the Muffler. The first few inches where the muffler is attached to the motor is not as flexible as the rest of the piping due to the welds.

👤Very bad welds. It was spray painted.

6. Bikehand Bicycle Repair Torque Wrench

Bikehand Bicycle Repair Torque Wrench

The package does not include the starter cup. The newest bicycle tool kit has a Torque Wrench. The kit contains everything the home mechanic would need to fix their bike. The tool kit has a very high quality standard and contains 23 items. It will help you to keep your bike in tip top shape. The set has a Torque wrench that allows parts to be fit to the manufacturer's recommended settings. The kit is going to save you money. Tough heat treated steel.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤I only write reviews about products I think are deserving. I can honestly say that I'm more impressed than I thought I would be after using the Bikehand repair tool kit. I've used every single tool that I've had the pleasure of using. It's even better to think I only paid $170 for it. If I spent $170 on Park Tools, I would be short at least 1/2, but up to 1/3 of the kit. I can't believe they included all the tools they did into the kit, and still have it retain the quality it does, and that is to include the case as well. There is a It would be a mistake to leave out the case quality, because every tool I've taken out has snapped back into place. Bikehand nailed the quality and didn't undermine a major component in which they easily could have done. I can confidently say that this kit delivers confidence. Every time you whip it out, you can be sure that you have the tool you need. The tool you pick up will be quality. Do yourself a favor and stop researching. This kit is for sale. For the record, I did not buy off or reimburse anything for this review. It is my honest review.

👤The case is banded in one corner, so I gave this tool 4 stars. It looks like it was dropped in the warehouse, but the tools are perfect. Since I don't care about that banded corner, I will keep it, but I would expect better packaging and handling. There is a The tools I tried to tune my bike with were awesome. You can get almost everything you need to fix or tune your bike at home for less money than Park Tools. I just tightened the seat post to 5 nm with the Torque wrench, it is not as precise as the more expensive ones, but it is still usable. It clicked perfectly. The brake calipers were secured to the carbon fork and it was safe for carbon. The cassette removal tools work as expected. There is a Do yourself a favor and get this set for 199$. It will make you happy!

👤The tools are well made and should last a long time. I completely changed my speed. The tools were useful, but I still needed other tools to complete the job, so I got four stars. I bought spa 1 and 2 from park tools as I was not sure which I needed but I am a tool junkie anyway. The kits fault was not the fact that the cassette removal didn't fit, it was the fact that the proper remover is no longer made. The local bike shop had one in their tool collection but wouldn't sell it. The kit is sufficient for those with newer bikes. I believe in the quality of the tools and would purchase it again.

👤The metal rod pierced the screwdriver handle after the first use. Do you think this will be from a $200 set? I was not.

7. Ignition Solenoid Voltage Regulator TOPEMAI

Ignition Solenoid Voltage Regulator TOPEMAI

All of the original parts are backed by a 180 day return. The package contains: Ignition coil, 5 PINS CDI module, 4-pin Voltage Regulator Rectifier, Solenoid Relay, and 3 electrode spark plug. The item is for 50cc. 90cc. The horizontal engine is not for the GY6 or CG engine. The box is for Chinese made 50cc 70cc. 90cc-110cc 125cc 4-stroke. The ATV goes karts and the bike is a pit bike. 50cc 70cc 90cc has a 12V Regulator Rectifier. 125cc. Quad 4 Wheelers were Moped. Dune Taotao. The Buggy Sunl Jonway was driven by the woman. 50cc 70cc-110cc 150cc 250cc starter Solenoid Relay. The Sunl Baja is named after TaoTao Roketa. The kinroad ATV is owned by Kazuma Sunl. If you have a problem, you can contact them by email. If you have a problem, you can contact them by email.

Brand: Topemai

👤The mini quad had a very weak and intermittent spark. I suspected the components when the stator gave off good voltage. It ran like a champ after it was replaced with one pull. The price is great.

👤I had to redo my wiring on my go-kart, and one of the things I had to do was add a spark plug boot.

👤Don't waste your money if you swap out the same parts. I have a mid 80s kx65 and I said that this kit will work. It doesn't. I wouldn't have bought this if I had known the wiring wasn't there. There was no install instructions. I am not going to try to wire this up with braille. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew what wasn't included.

👤The connecting fittings for my hammer head engine were not correct. I will have to cut off the old one.

👤The coil did not work on our setup, but everything else worked great.

👤If you want horn, lights, turn signals, etc, you should consider the model specific item. I am working on a project.

👤It was 15 minutes of riding time. The coil pictured was very cheaply made. Do not buy.

👤Everything was installed easily, and my moped started and ran without any issues.

8. Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool

Bikehand Bike Bicycle Repair Tool

This product is produced for experience, it is the most convenient bicycle indoor and outdoor tire repair. The chain rivet extractor, Dust cap wrench, chainring nut wrench, and tire lever are included. A set of 2 pieces, including an 8mm key wrench and a pedal wrench. The spoke wrench was 0.130'''. The B.B. tool is in a container. The patch kit has a Torque wrench. T10 T25 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 8 PH2 are included. You can order now and pay free. They can provide a 2 years warranty for their product. It was made in Taiwan.

Brand: Bike Hand

👤These are not high quality tools. A couple is not good. The lock ring remover has rough edges. The thing couldn't fit and left my cassette lockrings mostly shredded. It's useless on the front rotor because it's not made to fit over 20mm. There is a I had to use a lockring with the teeth on the outside of it, which had chips and peeling paint, and a wrench, which was slightly larger than the lockring, to fix the front rotor. I'm throwing the levers. They are useless without a spoke hook. My 30 year old tire levers do a better job. I found the chain rivet extractor to be the most useful of the bunch, even though the surface of the pin was removed every time I used it. It comes with an extra pin. There is a The others are adequate for a lot of people. These tools are not made with precision. They are likely stamped or molded by automated machines, so they have sharp edges. If you want high quality tools, pay more.

👤My husband and I bought bikes for ourselves so that we could get out of the house and get some fresh air. We did it ourselves at home because we couldn't go to the store to have them assemble our bikes. I first saw a bicycle repair kit on another website and after talking to my husband, we decided to look for one that would fit our needs and not break the bank. There is a The day after his bike came, we received this kit. We were able to figure out which tool to use. The wrench felt stripped when we used it for my bike, and it felt like it was a one-use only tool. This could be an operator malfunction and not the tool. There is a tool in the kit that worked better than we needed. I had to cut the cover so that I could save the pictures and tools in the case. The paper insert is used for See's candy boxes. We did okay putting our bikes together. We rode a bike around the neighborhood for 45 minutes and everything stayed the same. Win for us! This is a good tool kit for the money. It suited my husband and I. For us, it didn't have to be.

👤The kit is great for the price. It is exactly what I was hoping for, just got mine today. When buying a bicycle repair kit, I was concerned that 75% of it would be tools I already own. I own a few of the tools in the kit, but most of them are specific to bikes that I don't. Quality is almost exactly what I expected. You're not getting Park/Snap-on quality, because this is an under $50 kit. These are high quality and will last a long time.

👤The kit gave me everything I needed to maintain my hubs and rear sprocket. I need a crescent wrench, but you should probably have one of those as well. The tools in this set are of good quality. The case is better quality than you would expect for a tool kit of this price. The reason I dinged 1 star was because the screw drivers are poor quality and should probably be avoided. The torx wrench is of good quality, but it doesn't fit in my discs very well.

9. Anbull Bicycle Engine Motorized Fuel Efficient

Anbull Bicycle Engine Motorized Fuel Efficient

The center to center spacing between the pins is approximately 7/16" wide. The engine is the 100CC. They used a generic version of the user manual for 80CC/100CC because they look similar. It comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation. Heavy duty metal engine body. The max.speed was 48 km/h. Fuel type : 90#; N.W: 11 kilogram; G.W: 12 kilogram. It's for most 26" and 28" bikes. The frame should have clearance between the bottom brackets and the top bar of 9-11mm, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-28mm. 50mm bore single piece cylinder, an upgraded CDI, Performance Speed Carburetor and more, high performance Speed Carburetor, silver anti-corrosion coating, high performance CDI with Yamaha components, improved magneto, high end allen bolts, improved gas cap. The mixing ratio for fuel and oil is good for the first 300-500 miles, but it is not good in the summer because of the hot weather. Please limit the riding time to a maximum of 1 hour for the first few rides to avoid any problems with the motor. If you have a question or are not satisfied with the product, please contact them. You can find the order by going to your account at Amazon. Click the seller name to enter the store page. Click "Ask a question".

Brand: Anbull

👤The bt 100 engine kit is uncommon to fine one of these engines. There are a few issues with the bt 100 engine kit. The magnet seems to be weak on one side. If I am able to find a replacement, I will have to.

👤It was a great way to get back and forth from work. It was amazing to feel that kind of power on a light frame bicycle. I added a 36 tooth sprocket and it definitely increased speed. It went from 30 mph to 35. I added a air filter and rubber motor mounts to make the motor less vibrate. All in a great product. It is very easy to put together.

👤The motor kit is great and there have been no issues so far. It's worth $200, but not if the exhaust isn't able to upgrade or change, my buddy built it for me and you can contact him on his Facebook page called - New motor bike builders.

👤They changed the engines. Either that or they have a few different ones. I have no issues with the motor. The chain was changed to a two bolt because I didn't use them enough. There is a great engine with lots of power.

👤I built and bought many engines because I use them for my food delivery job for two years now. The engine and accessories are the best yet. The bigger and better design of the carb makes it non-standard. If you buy a 100cc engine from bike berry, they will send the other ones. If you tighten the studs all the way in, they are not long enough to put bolts on. The other accessories were all of the same quality, and it looked like this guy took the time to package them. One thing I like about it is that the head came assembled, everyone else started making the customer do it, which is a pain in the ass. I just connected it to the bike. I learned that you have to be careful with the journal bearings, there is only a small film for them to ride on, and 3cc of oil in the crankcase, on my last 100cc from bike berry. Don't accelerate down hills when the engine is not running. I'll never find a 2 cycle engine that will get more than 5000 dollars worth of food deliveries done, but I will update when this engine takes a bad turn. It was an edited version. The motor took a bad hit on me. It has been 3 or 4 months of hard work delivering food. This engine has made me more money than any other. It was probably my fault since I forgot to put oil in my car before I left the gas station. It can happen in a few seconds if the circumstances add up. My mind is against me, and it's been so long since my back tire or my engine had ruined my day that it had to intervine! What an ass! I watched the destruction of the engines. I bought an extra one, I will be much more cautious and get an accurate picture of how much better this engine is than the rest.

10. CDHPOWER Stroke Engine Motor Piston

CDHPOWER Stroke Engine Motor Piston

Fast delivery and free shipping on high quality products from the USA warehouse. CncMOTOK give a return that is easy to return. The set includes 1 Piston 47mm, 2 Piston rings, 1 Piston pin, and 2 clips for your new cylinder build or replacements. This set only fits on long connecting rod cranks. The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem.

Brand: Cdhpower

👤It worked out great. It arrived in perfect condition. I didn't care for the fact that the rings were already installed and I needed to cut a window so there was a high risk of breaking one if I took them off and put them back on. I wanted to make sure there wasn't any aluminum caught up under the ring. I wrapped the top part of the piston in masking tape and it kept it clean. I can get a really nice cylinder for almost the same price and I think the price is too much. It wasn't a bad deal, and I got exactly what I ordered. I wouldn't give a whole star for those small gripes, maybe 4 and a half would be a fair rating.

👤The rings were cheap. They ruined my engine when they blew off. I heard a few pops and lost all power when they were installed. The sleeve and the piston were killed when I got it pedaled home. I'll probably have to pull everything apart. Just throw it away. I cleaned out my engine and ordered a new one. The bike has about 80 or 90 miles on it, no issues with the engine so far. The first one I received had a lot of rings.

👤The cylinder's pistons go up and down. There is a The fuel air mixture above it goes woosh bang woosh. There is a The expansion chamber has pop crack. Thanks to this piece of equipment. It fit my high pin perfectly after I had a failure. Would buy again in a heartbeat.

👤They gave a better price description for this product and I was very confident in ordering it. When I ordered the glass one, it said it was for 80 mL, but it wasn't the right one, so I was very confident that it was the right one.

👤This seems to be a good one. I've generally been pleased with the parts I've ordered. I wish the rings were packed separately, as mine arrived broken. If you order this, you should have extra rings on hand.

👤The quality of this product was very nice. It works well. Something coming out of China. I like to get inferior products. There are sellers from China who care about their products.

👤Not bad at all! The shipping was fast and the quality was good. 5 star seller. This got my bike running again. I needed the cylinder and the piston from CDHpower after the wristpin broke off.

👤burrs had to take a fine file and knock the edges down because they were a little rough. It's okay.

👤It is too expensive for what it is. The price might be worth it if they included the wrist pin bearing. Unless it has the bearing, it's not a full kit. It is what it is.

👤The replacement for my old brazed piston worked well.

11. FVRITO Tensioner Engines Motorized Bicycle

FVRITO Tensioner Engines Motorized Bicycle

The product has a 12 months warranty. Please contact them first if you have any questions. They can help you solve the problem. The chain is heavy duty. Fitment for 2 stroke 49cc. 60cc 66cc 80cc. Bikes with engines. Almost all of the bike brands from China, such as NST, BMX, and Buyang, are imports from China. The package contains a chain, Master Link, and Guide Roller. The center to center spacing between the pins is approximately 7/16" wide. The center to center spacing between the pins is approximately 7/16" wide.

Brand: Fvrito

👤This is not a chain. The roller diameter is too large and will not fit in the sprocket pockets. This was verified by the known chain and other sprockets. It was also poorly made. Some pins are tight. Some rollers are way too large and others are just too small. Garbage and waste customers can be sold time by another company.

👤The original smaller chain is under the cleaner chain.

👤You never know when you might need a new one, so I wanted to have an extra on hand.

👤It is a good deal, you get master links and an extra idler wheel.

👤My brother's motor bike chain broke in several pieces. I am glad he did not get hurt.

👤The product is a great price.

👤The side walls of the links are too thin and similar to a stock chain so it's probably not a heavy duty chain. The weight on the scale is not heavier than it should be. You can get a Podoy H chain here.


What is the best product for bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke?

Bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke products from Cdhpower. In this article about bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke you can see why people choose the product. Donsp1986 and Cdhpower are also good brands to look for when you are finding bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke.

What are the best brands for bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke?

Cdhpower, Donsp1986 and Cdhpower are some of the best brands that chosen by people for bicycle motor kit 80cc 4 stroke. Find the detail in this article. Kun Ray, Donsp1986 and Bike Hand are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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